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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  November 2, 2022 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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>> good afternoon, everyone. happy monday! that was funny. i'm san francisco mayor london breed. it's great to be here with each and every one of you to talk about exciting programs that we plan to launch today. i know there are a lot of people here. people from our ambassador community, folks from various companies and entities and i had a lot of meetings over the last couple of months. after coming out of this global pandemic and what i've been hearing especially from many employers and employees who make san francisco so vibrant and great is that they want us to do more to improve safety. they want to make sure that when people are catching bart or munithat when they move around e
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city, they feel safe. another thing i hear from folks in the community and people who visit san francisco is how great at the feel when they're down downtown when they run into a nem an orange jacket and when they're in the tenderloin and help someone find the right path of travel. this is a challenging city. we know it's a major city and a city that so many people want to be in. when people catch bart from the airport, they get off here and go up the escalators with their suitcases to go to check into their hotels. people who visit and come visit san francisco for conventions, that's a big part of our economic engine. that's a big part of how we're able to afford to pay for the city services in the first place. today when we talked about safety, we talked about a desire
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to have people return to work in the downtown area can. we talked about how people who work in the downtown area in general want to feel safe and secure. so today, wa we want to announce is a significant investment in our ambassador program that will change not just what happens downtown, but will change and support communities all over san francisco that we know are in desperate need of it. [applause] you know, i'm proud of this city because safety we know is not just about our police force even though we have a need for police officers. we are looking at ways in which we can have alternatives for what exactly we're talking about specifically downtown, having eyes and ears on the streets and those who welcome visitors and
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even folks who live and work here with a smile on their face. we're going from an ambassador program that includes attendance at the bart station -- love you too. and our downtown ambassadors, union scare ambassadors, we're going from 200 ambassadors and adding on top of that a whole additional 150 ambassadors that will not only support this downtown area, but will support important communities like thelma, like the mission and other places where we know they are so desperately needed. this is just one step forward in hoping to address our public safety challenges in san francisco. we know it's complicated and we know we have a lot of work do, but what i appreciate about today -- today is about
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community, today is about people who work here. today is about business, today is about our city workforce. today is about bart. it's about our partnership and working together to make san francisco a safer place for awful us. safer place for all of us. so many things happy as a result of the pandemic. now the pandemic is almost preempty much behind us. how do we roll up our sleeves in order though move the city forward? how do we roll up our sleeves to make san francisco the place we know and love? i hear people talk about san francisco and how it's such a beautiful city. we know it's a beautiful city but how do we keep it that way? we fight for it. we keep it that way by making the appropriate investments. keep it that way by working together. today is a testament to that. i mentioned the need for additional officers. and i want to thank members of
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the board of supervisors including the budget chair, hillary ronan and mike dorsey and supervisor mandelman because we wouldn't be able to just get our additional resource toses backfill positions in our police department, but the work we feed to do for ambassadors and our crisis response team and wellness team and all of those things go hand in hand in making our city a safer more vibrant place and i wouldn't have been able to do that without their help and support throughout account budget process and the work we do here today. i want to thank fem for joining us heerd today as well as staff members and people are various communities, it takes a village, but we won't give up on the city because it's too magical. the city is a place of opportunity. people come to san francisco for
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opportunity. let's make sure as people come here for opportunity or to work or visit, that they have a great experience that they walk away and tell their friends and family how amazing san francisco is. we're going it fight for this city every day and i hope you'll join news that fight to make san francisco a safer city for every person who is a part of it. with that, i want to introduce our chief of police, bill scott. >> thank you mayor breed and good morning, everybody. i'm going to start off with just a little quick history of it program. and when mayor breed sat with me in her office and this vision was being inspired, i saw the gloom in the mayor's eye that it's something not only that they wanted do but wanted it
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right now. this was over two years ago. and about a week or two after that meeting with the mayor, we were at a luncheon being hosted by the union square bid and the mayor announced that the the amr program. and i knew she wanted to get it done. it was just a vision at that time. we took that back with our team and made it happen. and here is the result of that vision by our mayor. the program started as a pilot about two years ago. this was during the global pandemic when we were constructing the program and doing everything we had to do. we had to get the support of all these wonderful elected officials behind me to get it
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funded. but within pretty quick amount of time, we started with 10 ambassadors assigned to union square right where the mayor made that announcement. so she delivered and we driferred on that -- delivered on that promise. the goal was to hire a retired police officers not to replace but support our 50 officers in the union street area. we were intentional with piloting this program in union square. i'm happy to say that we met those expectations of the mayor and i firmly believe we metropolitan the expectation of everybody in that room when the mayor made that announcement. today we have 50 ambassadors. and we have a list of retirees who want to be an ambassador. in addition to union square, we have ambassadors in chinatown,
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fisherman's wharf and haight. mainly what they do is help us reduce harm to our community. the harms we see day in and day out. the harms that we get complaints about,mthe harms we get demanded to do something about. the harms that we as a city can make boater. better. they increase visibility and presence. they are an arm of the san francisco police department and free up personnel so they can focus on policing. ambassadors have police radios. they know how to communicate cuss.
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wust. they are a force multiplier in a time when our staffing has been reduced to critical lows. i'm going to read to you an example of this ambassador's program. this was an e-mail sent to me by a man who doesn't live in san francisco. my wife and i along with close friends tasselled to your city this past weekend for a vacation. we spent the first day traveling through the city in a cable car. we got off in china down towrn and metropolitan by two ambassadors. after retirement they were hired by ambassadors. they explained their job to us. this is an outstanding program and i hope it helps. they were professional and courteous. they made our time in chinatown more pleasant.
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i spent 48 years as a first responder in the fir service and a part time police officer. i retired from both but i miss the job. i would definitely work as an ambassador in our city if i had the opportunity to do so. this is an outstanding program and you have two outstanding officers working this assignment. i'm sure this program helps keep things a little safer. thank you. this story can be repeated over and over again. this is not the only message of thanks that we get from our ambassador program. with you that typifies what this is about. people visiting our city having a better experience and feeling safer. that is what they do. and that is why the mayor's vision was so important. in closing, i want to say a few more things connecting people and need to services.
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our ambassadors do that very well. again, i can tell story after story where that has been done. they're trained in first aid and deescalation and they have a direct line to our on-duty officers which means faster response times which equates to better service. in addition to the ambassadors, pair breed is asking for additional police service aid with the same kept to free up the very, very critical under-staffed police department so officers can do more critical work. and i support at that whole heartedly. i know that her vision to do that will work like her vision to implement this ambassador program. there is more work do. we can't make up 500 officers that we're short, but we are era darned sure to be innovative and
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creative to make things better and that's what this ambassador program has done. again, i want to tharchght mayor for leadership and guidance and thank supervisor dorsey and roan and mandelman and the entire board. i want to thank kate and her team. i can go on and on. fire chief, this is a all a partnership. if you don't hear anything else, i want you to hear this. this city is a family. just like any family, when we face hard times, we kol together and make it happen. with the leadership of the mayor, that's what we'll do. this is a bigger issue than the latest new thing. what we're building here is capacity to reenvision and change policing in our city. by being creative. thank you, mayor and board and thank you. [applause]
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>> good afternoon. i'm bob powers and i'm the general manager at bart. nice to be here. first, let me turn to my left and thank the mayor for her leadership on this prioritizing this initiative with including public transit. there is nothing more powerful in the bart system if you're taking bart to work or taking your family into the city or out, to see two ambassadors in the train walking through the train or on the platform to see two ambassadors walking by, it means a lot. when i'm in the system, that's what i hear first and foremost. madam mayor, thank you for your leadership. we know at bart, nothing goes further than having ambassadors in folks like crisis intervention specialists in the system. i'm joined here as the bart general manager by two bart
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directors. billion a year ago bart -- maybe longer -- bart embarked on a placing bureau. really it is so complementary to the vision that the mayor has right now. it has ambassadors in attendance and crisis intervention specialists partnered with sworn officers. i can attest about the concept of a force multiplier. that is what is happening in the bart system right now. and expanding this madam mayor, is going to be transformative. not only to the city and county of san francisco, but all of the bay area. so i compliment your leadership on this and i have numbers here. we just started our elevator -- restroom attendance.
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since march when we started adding restroom attendance right here, there is an attendant right here. we had over a hundred thousand forecloses using the restrooms and not one call for a sworn officer at those restrooms. talk about a force multiplier, it's very, very powerful. [applause] and our elevator attendance. you want to take the elevator from the street to the bart platform, there is an attendant if there. families coming and folks with mobility challenges. there is somebody in that he elevator, it's safe and clean and convenient. again, i look forward to the partnership, madam mayor, and i think we're on to something here. thank you for your leadership. with that, i'm going to introduce district 6 supervisor matt dorsey. >> thank you so much.
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i want to thank you. mayor breed, thank you for your leadership. chief scott, my former boss and i remember being part of the announcement of the program. i was moved when the chief talked about the e-mail he got from a retiree. it reminded me, 20 years ago i went to work for the city attorney's office in san francisco. there is a program where retirees come back. as i get closer to retirement eaj myself, just because premier done with their public service careers doesn't mean they're done giving back. that's one of the things i love about this community program. that is why people respond to positively to it. this is something that's going to add 150 new ambassadors ask attendants all around town town, tenderloin and tourist areas and high twrask areas.
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it's going to combine a combination of safety ambassadors, welcome ambassadors and the psas or public service aids that free up staff. i want to give a special shout out. i live in mid market maibd e neighborhood and i think the most popular public servants in the neighborhood is urban alchemy. i say it like -- it's good to have you here. it's not just eyes on the street, it's the welcoming smile and a feeling of safety. only complaint i hear about urban alchemy is we want more of you and 24 hours a day. we are requesting to do everything to empower you and get more of you for longer hours. thank you to everybody for program we are announcing as the
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force multiplier of giving back to our city. with that, i'll hand is it off to supervisor mandelman. >> i want to thank the mayor and the chief and each of their teams and all the other folks who w[ñ$/q to make this happen. we foe we have a significant challenge in san francisco in terms of the chief staffing. we're short more than 500 officers. that number is not static. it's growing as officers retire. i think that's one of the biggest challenges that the mayor and board of supervisors have to address in the coming years. the mayor has begun to in the last year's budget. in the meantime, we have public safety challenges now. what i appreciate about the announcement today is that we are not waiting years to recruit new officers, we're figuring out how to use the offices that are we have now most effectively and how to find other people who maying able to do those jobs and get them out. if your home is broken into, bet
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getting someone who is not a sworn officer to take the report more quickly so the officer can be on the street in the castro or mission or soma and addressing the needs ever constituents and making residents and tourists feel safer is all for the good. this is smart. glad to be here and express my support and thanks. i'm going to introduce a colleague who i know works every day with her office on some of the challenges that have emerged in the last few years around illegal vending, drug dealing, drug use on the street. awful the challenges that we hope this announcement and drug use -- that we hope this announcement is going to try to kreas. to address. i want to call up supervisor ronan from district 9. [applause] >> thank you so much. i want to say right now as we
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speak conditions on the street in the mission district are unacceptable. i want to shout out and thank a couple of people, ryan is here from mission merchant soargs. the small business commission they have been working with us and we have been working with the mayor's office to change that fact. i want to thank urban alchemy -- give them another hand. providing a model along with the mayor that we want to replicate in the mission. we want to return the vibrancy, the beauty, the healthy feeling of the streets of the mission. but we want to do that without criminalizing poverty. without making it more difficult for people that are poor to survive in the most expensive
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city in the world. we believe the community ambassador program is the way to do that. bringing people from the community to walk the streets and make sure that the communities are safe, clean, healthy and vibrant is exactly the right strategy. thank you, madam mayor for creating the strategy and investing in more and adding the mission to this important effort. ask thank you urban alchemy and all the incredible workers doing that work successfully every single day. thank you. [applause] now it's my pleasure to introduce orlando white from lincoln. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm orlando white and i head up community development. at linked in our vision is trade economic opportunity. for us to reach this ambitious vision we work alongside the
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community organizations to demonstrate that we're living this vision locally in our own neighborhoods. we've been proud to work alongside mayor breed to support programs for the opportunities that connects young people for employment and job opportunities to learn. we're proud to be a part of this community. the feedback that we have received from our employees is that they love the energy, the vibrancy and atmosphere of this city. they want to have a safe and efficient commute into san francisco. we appreciate mayor breed's commitment today to expand the city ambassador programs. these are a key presence in the city and are an invaluable asset for our employees who live and work here. they're city-owned that this city cares and wants to ensure safe commutes for all of us. i know that we ats at linked-in
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are are not o lone in our commitment to the city. we hear from other businesses that they're excited. we're proud to be a part of this great city's future. thank you so much. >> as i said, this is definitely a collaborative effort. it's us coming together to try to address some of the most challenging issues facing our city. but i also want to say what i especially appreciate most with urban alchemy and the downtown ambassadors and union square ambassadors and attendance in bart and retired police officers, from my own personal observation, seeing how they engage with the public and try to be so helpful whether it's
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giving someone's direction ors restaurant recommendations or helping someone foo treatment and sadly in some cases helping to reverse their overdose using narcan. these ambassadors are the eyes and ears of the streets, the guardians of the city, they're here to support and protect the public, whatever that means and it it involves a variety of things whatever necessary to keep people safe in san francisco. i'm excited about the opportunity not only to expand it in the downtown and tenderloin but neighborhoods like the mission and west porten and other communities that need it. we ever a great city and a lot of people that want to be a part of it. nothing makes me feel better than when i see one of our ambassadors with love for san francisco talking to someone else and that smile on their
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face about telling them about their favorite restaurants or favorite places to go in san francisco. that's the kind of city we're trying to create after coming out of a challenging time of a global pandemic. i want us by wrapping it up, to remember who we are as san franciscans. we've been through challenging times. we are a resilient city. we're at a point where we're getting to zero new h.i.v. infections in san francisco. we've seen freeways collapse and turned them into neighborhoods on the waterfront and community. this is o no different after coming out of a global pandemic. we have an opportunity here to transform our city to make sure that it is clean, that it is safe and that it is vibrant and thriving for everyone who wants to be a part of it. safety has to be at the forefront of the work we do to
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get there and i'm so excited and proud to be working with all of the people here joining us today to make that commitment, to make san francisco what we know it can be. thank you all so much for being here today. applause plaza. [applause] ♪♪
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good morning the meeting will come to order the thursday october 27, 2022 meeting of public safety and neighborhood service. supervisor mar the chair and i'm joined by stefani and melgar and joined by supervisor mandelman this morning. thank you to stefani cabrera for staffing this meet and like to thank matthew from sfgovtv for staffing as well. madam clerk do you have announcements. >> thank you