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tv   League of Women Voters  SFGTV  November 5, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> i'm [inaudible] chung i am rung for city college board. as a child of chinese refugees born approximate san front i know the communities this city college serves. at city college my parents learned english and took classes and my siblings and i earned credits forker bachelor. since returning to pursue public health in 2017, upon wing at a variety of opportunity resource and retention centers i realized that city college plays a role in addressing health desparities this predate covid-19. i was elected to the board as a student trustee to fight unsound community health compromising instructional plan and budgets down size our college.
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are put our educators out of work and robbery blk and brown communities of access to social economic opportunity. as trustee i will champion investing unspent soon to expire funding from the american rescue plan on registration and infrastructure that our trauma and accessible for community of color. committed to organizes to reverse policy this is under fund public education. >> combat racist policy this is seek to down size our college. as an sprjsed community organizer, i have a plan to restore fiscal and community health to the college and our city. visit chung for college board to learn more and join the san francisco log of women voter s and vote vishg chung on or before november 8.
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hi i help to earn your vote for municipality college boofrmd ccsf suffered i decade of serious financial mismanagement and incompetent oversight with strong responsiblesed guidance can regain financial stability, resteb reputation and endure as an important educational and economic engine this serves our community. i bring the perspective of 24 years of leadership. including 9 years on the [inaudible] my familiarity with the effective governors and funds raising and academic snougzs including twoft top university in thes westerlied cereal when is needed successful
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low over come the many challenge the. failure is a crisis for all of san francisco. electing the same type of canidates, approximately tigzs behold annual to stake holders over and over will yield the same out come. i hope you chos to row more me i'm independent reclinedal offers of consideration for endorsement to focus on dog had is right for ccsf i have board experience where i also piloted i curriculum. only candidate raised 42 million dollars and will bring creative funding ideas and opportunities. i will not add parcel taxes to hide mismanagement. final low i'm the only chaired the audit and finance of a fiscally fit within 50 million dollars gentleman organization.
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i'm an 8 generation san francisco approximationate about the trans formative power of sxejz i believe ccsf is a gem that must be preserved. il being you were independent and responsiblesed voice on the board. thank you so much. >> i'm danielle land row a candidate for trustee board of city college. as a native of san front growing up i went to public schools and lived in low income houses facing poverty and dealing with quality of life,. it was difficult it focus on education as a teen without proper resources and support which is necessary and important on your journey toward higher learnings a youth.
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working in san front for 29 years and believe education is a human right and protected in addition, some of my past experience include wing as an assistant teacher for the san front educational service in 95. helping to craft prop f fordable housing for bay vow in 2008 and a member of the restoration board to the nest in 2009. i'm the executive director of san francisco cats academy and the human right's commission task force committee. if elected my priors to support stounts and teacher need, mandate fitsical over site for budget of minnin that and expand tuition fro enroll am program and ensure ccsf keeps accreditation restore lost class and faculty competence bringing back credit and nun credit courses for students. i believe if we want to stroll
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line enroll am. we must stop politic dps elect the peep not [inaudible] i will be honored serve and i respectful low ask for your vote on november 8 of 22. thank you. clear clear >> hi i'm am [inaudible] running for reelection for trustee of city college of sudden front. i am prutd to have been the president and city college had we implemented free stele and increase the enrollment by 25%. we hoired a permanent chancellor who is cpa and have balancedor
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budget for the first time in i language time. hai want to do moving forward is make sure this we keep that balanced budget and get reacredited. i was here 7 years ago when credited i will make sure we get it again. i want to grow enroll am. i'm a marketing out reach and communication professional. i want to use those skill its make sure we grow our students and lost 30% of enroll am during covid and with the grouth we grow our program and grow faculty and staff. i want to continue to work on our transit pass. we other only higher education institution in know fran without one. i'm working with students, leaders when are working the transit tome to get a pass for communal college. we gotten a private developer to give us 400 thousand dollars to w on that come pain and i have been part of the tome this got
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100 plus units of husband to diversify the faculty endorsed by scott wiener by cohen, lieutenant governor and matt hane upon hene and all of trustees i serve you in and 6 different supervisors i would be honored get your vote this november. thank you. >> 30 years ago i earned my degree at city collegeful left year i earned my recent degree in middle eastern.
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i am city college. with my candidacy for i seat on the board of trustees for city college my history speaks. as a student, counciling intern and councillor before i retired as chair. in 2021, working parliament time at city college i have served as a councillor at san francisco state university working with transfer students. as a former student and chair of city college for 20 years i understand the workings of the school from the perspective of a stun to low are management. my experience at city college provided mo with knowledge required to be an effective board member to address issues that city college has endured the last 10 years beginning with the credit crisis and the
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financial predicament. i would bring in thor perspective to the board while making decisions with policies and dj budget decision this is make city college a strategy and are sought after educational institution. keeping it a commune college. my platform consists of rehiring instructors, adding more classes, grow being programs such as nursing and bring back the airport program. while. keeping the commune in our colleges of san francisco. i'm jill yooe i have experience at city college as a 10 year
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faculty department chair approximate know academic deanful city college is facing 2 over arching problems. one it must balance the budget and learn to live within its means. 2, it must address the declining enroll am. 3ing more machiney at a problem is in the the a. it enables the unrealistic expectation that the college will always be rescued by taxpayers. from the self inflicted wound. more money for more classes to hire more teachers does not magically produce more students. but tell funds more low enrolled classes to cope upon nerve place. it is build and than i will come approach was tried and failed. resulting in deficit pending
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this caused the layoffs of last semester. my plan is it rebuild the college strategically in the blind low fun everything. the college needs to cultivate other funneling strolls by one, aggressively pursuing grant funding. 2, would stronger business and community partnerships. and foible low doubling down on vocational program this is will be a pipe line to living wage jobs. i know i have the deep institutional knowledge needed to move the college forward. voters have a choice. either to continue bailing out the college or final low hold it accountable and stand on its own 2 feet. >> thank you.
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>> everyone has a right to own body and fir chance at [inaudible]. our country restrives for equity men get left behind. i believe city college will be fro for all of an fran. because gives everyone a chance to fight. no merit their become ground, age or history. removing barriers to education is the way to help people out of the poverty electronic. to accomplish this city college needs to meet diligence it is in the a destination it is a step to the rest of your life. investments of academic and students service are key and support staff such as advisor. many people don't have an idea
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had they want. having machine to guide them willrous the time spent there and more on enjoying a life after. i intend to keep city college free for san francisco forever and also. stroll line requirements 99. professional low i'm a data engineer i hold a bachelors in mechanics from beshg low and [inaudible] i republican for san francisco board in 2015. since then i travelled the counsel row and returned hem in 2021. through faith i responsiblesed poverty during the pandemic living helpful a year out of my car it is difficult to comp henldz that the tools are in the there for people to fight out. you can look yourself behind the mc donalds counter or stay homeless. education is a third option.
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>> hello i'm maurice i'm running for office of of district attorney in san francisco. i'm a local product. i went it hik here. i graduated from college here. and i attended law school in the bay area. a resident of this city. and i witnessed over the years the gradual deterioration of the state of the city. crimes and violence. i have been a victim of a crime. however, if you lect mow on november 8, 20 too i will end
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crime as you know it in san front. i will do that. by simple low aggressively prosecuting crimes. charging both probation violations as well as new crimes. i will make sure well is compliance. i will aggressively pursue new crimes and if crimes are committed, and they are serious i plan to seek maximum sentences without any hesitation. i'm asking actual vote for me on november 8 to protect the citizens to protect the property, to protect the jobs and to protect the local economy. please vote for me on november eighth, 2022. i promise you i will make the city safer for all. thank you.
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>> i'm john and i'm run to be the next district attorney of san francisco. i seek refuge from injustice this exist in many of the everpers of country. childhood defined by 18 asian bully med the person i am today. i watched as corruption and back room deals made a mechanicary of justice in san francisco. most importantly made us less safe. ierned the race after i completely lost faith in the da's ability to put the people first. san francisco deserves an independent who answers to the people of san francisco. someone who will bring justice to those selling fenlts until in the tenderloin and influence in
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city hall. public safety will be nile priority. but safety cannot exist without justice. more justice means everyone ash counselable equal low raurdless of waling or status. i will take an approach to violence intervening early to prevent crime when we invest in smart programs including mental healing and substance abuse. job train and helping young people stay in school these reduce crime not prosecute after. i bring a decade experience as a litigator in the criminal and civil courts. served 4 years on the police commission i helped lead 2 domestic violence working groups. career defined by searchs presidency of asian american bar association and the barster's club and prosecute boneo, political activist and
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alternatives to put police response to unhosed niches. i'm asking for combrour support of my campaign for san francisco district attorney. hi i'm district attorney brook jenkins thank you for the opportunity to talk with you to credit a safer san francisco. i live in the mission bay neighborhood with my husband and 2 children. i served a practice curator in the san francisco da's office for 7 years hate crimes sexual assaults and homicide cases fighting for victims. since my appointment, we hit the grounds rung making progress on the issues facing our city. paramount mission of the office is to promote public safety for
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all of san francisco. as you should da i'm work to restore account at and consequences to the system here and vangs person reforms. we are taking back our streets by holding those who sell fentanyl and deadly drugs and w to end open air drug dealing. violent oshg ends iffers no longer allowed victimize without consequence we are working with the mrept to stop property crimes burglars and car break in's. we are address being and w to stop attacks on our asian elders and all communal. our a ap i communities should not have to live in fear of hate and violence. holding offenders a counselable does nopreclude us impelementing vital crib justice reforms as a black and well tino woman it is not theoretical federal mow i seen and felt impacts first
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hand. criminal justice reform is necessary and a parking lot of why i do this work. as we are making progress on the issues, i'm running for election to continue to veterans my vision for safer san francisco i appreciate in opportunity and ask for your support. thank you. >> i'm joe of [inaudible] and running for san francisco district attorney better than and raised in san francisco. i used to walk the streetings like my son walks today. we all deserve the best version of san francisco our leader bring us. as your da i make this promise
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you i will bring the san francisco you deserve. we have a choice on november 8. that choice is wlo we are going to elect a da that will fight the crimes and terrorizing our asian community. we have a choice to elect a da that will fight the property crimes that are terrorizing our tourists and neighbors and ourselves. when we walk the streets on november 8 we will have a choice as to whether we will continue to step over the homeless crisis that is occurring. whether or not we will continue to step over the addiction crisis. whoa we are going to continue to step over the menial health crisis this is terrorizing our streets. on november 8 you will have a choice. your choice should be to lect middle east as da i was police commissioner for for you year
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under gavin new some and criminal justice for 7 year appointed by the senate. i was a police officer in san francisco for 3 years special the last 22 years i have been a civil right's attorney in san francisco. on november 8 you will should a voice that choice is whether or not you will accept san francisco in the continue it is today or whether or not you will elect a da that will give you the best version of san francisco you deserve. >> i'm joel, i believe san francisco best days are ahead. i know it hen frustrating living
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had things are in the wrong direction i'm in the giving up i'm offering a change. time to replace the status quo. we deserve to live in a city this works. first, step is getting the basics right. safer streets. better schools. more housing and small businesses. i moved here 20 year ago to tick i job as a journallingist employmented advocate for people. i was raise boy a single misdemeanor. she cleaned houses for a living did not have much money but taught mow to get things done with resources we have my husband grew up in poverty still a software engineer we lived the san francisco dream. i know our city is worth fixing. san francisco can realize the full potential. if we listen to when residence denials sill they need. nots why i lead the school board
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recall. they needed school it is reopened not named. i lead the group's crime sf support criminal justice reform. people must feel safe and victims couldn't be ignored my inlaws are afrid it visit san francisco. there is a lot to fix and can feel daunting i see a lot of joy in our city and natural beauty people and amazing food. >> the joy i'm a forward thinking dem credit that means i embrace ino vague. focussed on result and common sense solutions i'm sdwroel i will be humanored. create our best sudden fran. san francisco.
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it is has been a privilege representatives district 4 i'm running as a second term. i fought for wing people over big koepgzs. if you for nishgd over downtown interest. fought for fair share in services and i want it keep fighting for you. i'm proud of had i prished working with the sunset district community on top issues of concern. we worked keep our neighborhood safe creating the sunset 5 point safety plan. we worked to support our schools. securing 8 million dollars in new fund for example college and career ready think program for hik and science tech untiling and math guarantee its district 4 schools. worked on the housing afford housing and wed preserve and
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enhance our quality of life creating the ouster sunset farmer's market. i republican for supervisor because i want my daughter to ford to live in the city and the neighborhood show is growing up inspect with clean and safe streets and good quality of life. i'm rung gwen on condition that work the character of our neighborhood a place where wing class people can bee a home and raise a family can be protected. sunset deserved a supervisor uncomp moiz nothing fighting for our neighborhood. in the sunset deserves a voice in city hall that lives in the sunset. has are thes and referred of accomplishments for our neighborhood. i'm proud to be that voice and all we accomplished together.
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good morning and welcome at this time retirement board meeting held in hybrid format in person and live on sfgovtv before we begin i like to reminds all attending the mote nothing person today all health and safety protocols must be adhereed all times.