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tv   Fire Commission  SFGTV  November 16, 2022 2:00am-4:01am PST

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mission with support of breed and supervisor ronen we know san francisco is rapidly losing families and seeing homelessness expect urge the city to work with affordable housing community to close our housing gap. and meet ambitious goals the successful strategy system land banking and suggest this to be incorporate in the the mission and eastern neighborhood plans thank you. thank you for sharing your comments. >> danielle greg senior organizer local 22. the sudden front housing element summit of concern it our union not because of housing shortage but the unavailability of construction labor to builted 82,000 units mandated. san francisco will in the be able it produce them without improve ams to the dr process under state investigation. and will increase in the if
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residential construction workforce lagging due to unsafe conscience lack of benefit and pay. encourage the board of proirz bunkham planning adopt a commroinl housing element affirm strategy labor stoornsd local hire. wage requirements on all units larger then 10. man datd health care and projects over 40 units approve goals with prospect e not just it undermine a voter becomed initiative and maintaining control on housing production and use the element to show they care about the residence denial and workers in the city. >> good evening. jake process on behalf of housing action coalition. we are excited at the student the housing element provides our city and the men mum goal of the
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housing element is for the city to hit targets for each income level exactly it do so it is e terrible the stele follows on the plan to remove constraints identified by plan and rezone to allow for more housing in out loyaling neighborhoods. removing the constraints are in the possible due to props d and e, we must remove identified barriers this prevent housing at all income levels and in addition, it is essential include circuit breakers in the efrnts sprukz not on pits with mcgonigles if we are not on pace what the plan to get us become on track. i believe the mechanisms must go in affect. my time is rung out downtown revitalization is per of this plan. thank you.
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good evening i'm weapon sfdmv a direct one resident. san franciscoments more housing. as the election last week earlier rus indicate hanear low 3 quarters of the city said over 75% of san francisco voters voted yes on prop d oh , e the affordable housing ballot measures. you have a mandate from the voters of san francisco and we need a bold visionary and specific housing element will that demonstrates we are serious about adjusting the housing crisis. we can't risk losing the affordable housing funding producing a plan the state will reject. and that's manage we are alined on thank you. why thank you. welcome. good evening i'm flerys here with [inaudible] and residence
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denial of district 10. i deputy move from district 11 to. if the other way around in that process of moving it wasful give difficult urge the burden to approve the city people's plan a lot don't have access who have the ability to access the resources. they are being able to maneuver the housing crisis. the crisis impacts low income community color the most they provide the become ben to the labor force and cultural leadership of the city. take care of them and to investing the resources to peep san francisco residence denials and locals here. i'm here to ask the fword consider adopting the city plan.
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i'm know organizer with cuhj and rem i'm here to support people's plan to be addition to the housing element. this plan has been crafted with deep intentional community engagement it create a plan for san francisco and get more than a minute to talk the environmental racism by planning created the gentrification that kicked out thousands of families that helped build the city. . when woeful talk about vulnerable poor communities that is us everybody here and everybody i know, teachers. firefighters that's you know everybody in my community they know. and so as we see 40,000 empty luxury condos i don't understand how won't want to build more.
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i think when we say we want to build houseings wement housing we havearc sesz to and of course the word affordable has been coopted not mean that. welcome. of
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>> my snail giovanni hernandez i live in district 11. and i am here asking accessible housing on behalf of myself and my community. some people here mentioned that they are earn 35 thundz an i don't know. of but in honesty most of us earn less those retired and can't make that much machine that he would be a lot less money if you talk about
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affordable for you thousand dollars would be a loyal that is not feasible for us. so that is in the affordable and nais not accessible. thank you.
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>> good afternoon board of supervisors i'm here to let you know what are needs are depending when wean likewised and that is that we need more housing. better house thanksgiving we can pay. that is affordable and is
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accessible. but accessible to poor people when say it is fared automobilure trying it sweeten our hearts you say is forwardable is not accessible to the poor people not afford okay arable to my case or family's case you have been elected by the people of san francisco to doiorion and help us. thank you. welcome. i'm with the housing risk community of san francisco. the rep coalition appreciated planning for the housing element we need your support there are significant, we maining one issue the imconclusion of 270 units are market rate housing of plaza east to the unit count the
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redevelopment in the early teenages. put affordable housing first. san francisco fail today meet the goals for the past 8 years. we have another chance to do it right let's build fordable how doing now. there are 2 sfik,000 millionaires. welcome. good evening. joseph with west side communities coalition. you heard in your more from
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members asking the burden to support and adopt people's plan. the organizations detailed ambitious plans for communities. plans created through participation and developing skills and knowledge. residence denial its understand land use, plan and housing. the plans reveals the expertise and vision in communities. rep engagement and press to vision together action items provide a path for centering racial, social and economic equity and furthering fair housing the board can pass a resolution directing left lane to develop key elements of people's plan. so the housing element can after hope for our communities. thank you for support of true racial and social equity and he self determination of our communities.
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thank you. >> thank you. welcome. >> good afternoon i'm brianna so many a district 6 element new housing element must serve low income and the people when live there must define affordable not profit driven developers people's plan serve the housing policy with this said, we need planning support incorporating racial and social equity in future development. live nothing a building went filipino heritage district my neighborers families of 5 it not sustainable to live in high rice building the solution for the commune input and participation of the development and land use decisionless we will solve issues of displace and want
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inequality i ask you consider when is at stick it is detrimental to the survival of our to diverse communities. thank you. >> welcome.
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i'm with the husbanding for the people are cramped and families live in in a space it is criticismed for them. the people's plan should independent at this time needs of the children this we are trig to help. and i hope this the supervisors will new improve the husbanding conditions we need fordable housing. thank you. >> welcome. thank you. good evening supervisors over many years we found community lead solutions to the problems we fits for fudding for affordable how doing to strategies this prevent eviction and keep people housed we written community plans with
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broad participation and deep community education and engage am. and we are developing new community plans including the reports for everyone of our cultural district. conduct a survey to understand the health impacts of disaccomplice am. issues among pill penalys in san francisco and recommendation for housing conditions for low income people. we must be able to defend reports approximate hold developers accountable to vision for our communities develop. is this means attempts for creating sustain ability districts planning prosecute poseed use to silence our community. >> thank you. welcome. good evening supervisor.
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tj with member of race and equity competence planning coalition. envisions and works for planning put our community at the forefront and prioritize truly fordable house and development without displace am. fordable house suggest too expensive the below market rate housing that market rate developers boulevard working class families when makes the city are displaced every day they can't ford to be here. low income american inyen and black should say what is affordable to meet the needs of each community. it is frust ritting our community voices out when we need and the city refuse to listen. we hope you will support our people's plan to meet state affordable how doing and protect
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communities from disaccomplice am. thank you. thank you. hello priors i'm ramone with [inaudible] a district 6 resident. wing on healing jenl restriction support we collected 300 from across the city. il read a few statements that come from tenants who filled out our survey. as a person when works 2 j.w.s i bir low survive with basic needs let, lone to ford to stay here i was able to get a new job. i think my experience is in the unique but common with renters i hope that change make it affordable for wars it live here. another says i hope i can be able to fill despite a full time
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job and side huff teleis heard to live here knowing income bir low cover basic nev.eds i hope it gets better. that's temperature thank you for your comments. i have more if you need more. >> welcome. >> why good evening i'm raymond with [inaudible] and time again we are congress being kicked out, forced out from our own home and neighborhood and our city. all for the sake of profit. from high hotel to now. we do need will housing. but when good are this housing when san francisco can't forward to live in them. when are the buildings for if we
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can't stay. who are we building for? so when you vote tone or talk about this plan, who are we building for. the people of san francisco or profit? we think about it i hope you support our city wide people's plan to meet the affordable housing protect our community. protect all of us from displace am keep us in san francisco and families in san francisco. thank you. thank you for sharing your comments. welcome. good evening please challenge the mcgonigles accepted bit mirs the goals are based on inflitted numbers and fail to consider water, construction, labor, construction materials. funding and considered ginning a lawsuit on the numbers if you kent get other traction. poison pill in the numbers will
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kick in after am 40,000 units have not been built in 4 years and then the role industry will be free to do what it wants. i ask you seek revisions to the state legislation b828. to again keep community voice in this. we are the people of san francisco. not somebody else. we want to keep community voice and working class jobs the first priority has to be land banking in the construction of 100% fordable housing. thank you. good evening. core of xhith the housing action coashgz ligz. thank you. want it zoom out and remind everything every city in california is required to to
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this. major are oust compliance and santa monica had introduced and to go through ceqa and processes i had a conversation with the builder this proposed the u firsts and said i have to wait it out 10 years that's the plan on this. the conversations this have been here are consistent with when we have been hear nothing cities across the state most are unhappy the state is push to build more housing the reason the state is pushing is simple. san francisco and the entire state california has not built enough housing.
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i'm concerned about displacement do you to demolition and seen this i was at the international holing in 1977 i fitsed displacement when is needed is a strong and clear process against displacement part of the housing element. the city people's plan addresses that issue and different issues and i urge you to support it it is inclusive and will support dopely fordable house nothing san fan. thank you. thank you for your testimony. mr. buffy >> district chairman. people's housing element number 3 is witness again ahead of production quarter. what happens when our government asks you to do something that is and total low insane and all the
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other fall in line with the rbi sanity. i don't think you will like the outcome of that. thank you for your testimony. >> are there other members of who have in the yet spoken we will look at the remote system. before we hear from our next speaker mr. lamb i will state to those on the remote system we have about 29 listening. and looks like another 20 who are in the kwu if you are one of the upon 29 and would lect to provide comments press story 3. all right mr. lamb hear from our first call are setting the time are for one minute. welcome. hi i'm hernando martin a form
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are director of the housing organization on the [inaudible] oversight committee i'm calling to express support for the people's plan. specifically the comments made about the amount of funding needed boat the 12s hcd put on san francisco. close to 5,000 units per year affordable housing need to be built. over a billion dollars needs to be dedicated boy the city if another paper plan with no reality. we have funds in place approximate that can start to get us there one of those the prop i funding. that was passed by voters overwhelmingly and think it is important to see a plan within the housing element that out
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lining out of the funding how we will get had in accomplice to meet. >> thank you. christopher roach i'm here speaking tonight as a sum row of the written statements we submitted today on the housing element. first we appreciate the planning department and staff on their efforts. and support the men mcgonigle and policies it contains. we broad low support housing element's vision for zoning in high opportunity wrirs it create capacity for additional housing we need to meet goals and credit
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a successful city for current [inaudible] however housing element condition trains analysis states we need more it remove the layers of press the dr plague the production systems and otherwise zoning will be [inaudible] delivered housing we need. critical the board adopt this is housing element not add additional condition strains. thank you. my apol joes for cutting you you have we are cesting the time are for bhont. i'm lips montano yoendz yet city builds market is 250% of the 2022 goal.
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it is expecting a miracle in the 70% for affordable how doing goal. most in the city i cannot afford the apartment or house my family needs i'm grateful to be housed but call me selfish i will love to be comfortable, too much i think supervisors are insulting our intel jenls stop making excuses and vote yes for the people's plan get you have your ivory tower and put yourself in the people's shauls the policy you pass are out of touch with our need. thank you. i think met people in agreement
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it great to hear. thank you for many supervisors and many peopleup zoning the west side t. hen a talking pinlt for years you are not there yet. supervisor ronen was hey. i vote toup zone the stele now and stroll line it. guess what you can do it why don't you do temperature take action to show you are serious. and thank you supervisor mandelman for pointing out that you be where do a lot of low income people live. you guess it market rate the market rate homes built 30 yearsing on we need the different types of homes.
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i'm a residents of district 5. i'm apartments presentation this is a plan has to be approved by state the planning heads left out from the presentation the de feoed back which the state has asked san francisco to implement and sudden fran declined to implement it in the final draft. this is air gant. california is investigating san francisco 4 types over. the august review of the housing element there are indications of violations of state laws the permit act and housing crisis and state density bonus law this it is a plan has no safe guards.
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no garnts this it is the housing leadership deteriorate is right for subversion tell allow the board to say we did in the money that there is no rule saying we have to do this. ef good afternoon this it is your local real agent i want to order to you pass a compliant housing leadership we need 82,000 and more. more homes for everyone when live nothing sudden fran and anyone whenments to live in san francisco in the future.
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good eviling i'm alex and i'm representing jeopardy an town area approximate serve as a board member the japantown task force and land use committee we have been tasked with getting the word oust to the businesses about the housing element. our concern now is the height of the buildings that have been changed around. at first it stated would be 50 feet and now up to 240 feet. our community is limited to the size of our footprint. we are only five to 6 block in ridius and have businesses and seniors and we dent want
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towering buildings there. please, consider w with us and w with us and bring affordable housing to all of san francisco. especially to the japantown area >> thank you. >> next 8 years the housing element does not retire priorize affordable and meetingly the goals for affordable housing. relying on a market rate for housing production when further displaced an fran residents
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disregard people to racial and social equity farm the bases of the housing element 2022. i seriously urge the board to recommendations since the support of affordable house and racial and associating equity for all community in a resolution and i encouraged plan to designate and budget for tw new positions one a full time lobbyist to work with the scientist and feds to get the funding needed for affordable how doing and a lobbyist it advocate for reform and repeal of cost. thank you.
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how we use or commune expertise and the people's machine to meet the mandate and protect our community and please, keep fordable housing first >> thank you for sharing your comments. let's hear from our next caller. >> welcome caller.
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hi. this is i'm sorry this is jessica with senior and disability action and the rep can aligz and i'm here buzz we need san francisco to prioritize dope low affordable housing. we have so many senior and people with disabilities that cannot afford housing we call affordable we need to expand senior operating subsiies and extend home and community base the service its allow disabled people to live in the home in their community and redefine affordable. does not work on social security or sfi at low wages. change the definition make it affordable. listen at this time community. consider the city ouied people's plan. thank you for listening.
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will next speaker, please. this is loraine petty fordable how doing advocate for seniors inform over a thussand page the housing element has nothing it guarantee a full irrelevant for community nishgd and cultural groupless in the development eliminating public review presses planning maintains developers in the community will come together in hrm neil a few litigations are community benefits are offered. the housing element says a lot about listen and including it has no pens for developers who will not listen or even sit dun in the same room with community members . never mind agree to mitigations communities must be full and equal per ins and i hope in this
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development press i home that the supervisors can ensour this. thank you. >> thank you loraine for your testimony. hear from our next caller please. if >> good evening supervisors i'm kenneth russell i live in district 7. i don't need a cop pliant housing element and not lose funds for transit and affordable housing. a claim get 60,000 homes over 8 years is optimistic. this is saying we double our historic pace of the building without changing anything time of construction costs are increase and interest rates rising giving the assumptions asked sudden front it put in i back up plan.
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planning declined in i presentation to planning we have to put in a solid become up plan rather than studying temperature i thifrng stipulate and encourage everyone to dress the issues it get to a compliant housing element. thank you. next caller. mooim legal frankel d3 resident and volunteer [inaudible] in the housing element sf planning and the board need to be bold. in making sure sudden fran addresses our housing crisis. sf planning projecting before changing policies the cities will produce 60 then and there units over 8 years double the production rates in the crashing housing product market they know
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they are assumptions and asked it develop i become up plan. sf planning declinted it do so saying they are steadying the yet. planning cannot delivery for for you if we want chink we need to make change that means a housing element more productive then and there the current proposals create. good evening sproirzs jack with [inaudible] in d 10 and organization of [inaudible] the housing element forces tupps mace the reality there is impregnancy in housing production. as a steel we must move to credit the tool and funding necessary it develop frisk,000 u mitts over 8 scombroers
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additional 10,000 we need to make up. from 2010 it 2020 biview grew over 7,000 people. the district with the highest const.trician residents. this highlights the [speaking too fast].
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we can't afford the concern housing people with disabilities afrid they will lose their housing. many families live in small rooms and wish we are hearing us to support housing element. thank you. thank you. cano we hear from the next caller please.
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hi good evening i'm a district 7 residentful the state set i goal for san francisco of 82,000 new homes i'm not convinced the members are serious about meeting this 12 and passing compliant housing leadership if they don't could open up to losing state funding i urge the burden to pass the housing leaderships for husbanding through a specific plan and policies like stream lining the approval processes. >> thank you for your testimony this evening. hear from our next caller please. >> hi supervisors i'mar mondso [inaudible]. i wanted to comment to say that i strategy low urge [inaudible] i think there are 2 realities
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the market conscience [inaudible] incoming rate collapsed everyone here w in housing knows this. so we need to increase [inaudible] when approvals are going down don't make sense. on the question of funding fix,000 units need to be made affordable through the housing element all i heard from members [inaudible] this will be 51.25 billion dollars we need w on affordable housing the idea the scientist ofical cal fill a [inaudible] just misleading the public we need a role plan. thank you for your testimony this evening. before the next caller there are
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there listening press story 3 to get in the queue there are 16 listened up to provide comments. remember next caller. hello thank you for letting me speak. the general and people's congress on the rep coalition i will story by reminding folks we have over 60,000 vacant units of housing in the city. and we have 10 thousand on the street and thousands of workers migritting in the city and commune they can't ford to live
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here. gee with an affordability cross. any housing is in the going to change that. the problem with this housing is it has no plan for prioritizing or identifying or a plan for building the required number and we will never make that there is no plan for this i'm asking to you w to build a better plan can let's prioritize affordable housing first. why thank you. good evening i'm sues an and i'm here to urge you to speak in spchlt people's plan. we are requires to build 46 thousand units those units are desperate low needs for being
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homeless daily to preserve our communities of color and the only way to plan and fund for them. this reason the people's plan. i'm here to urge you to incorporate strong safe guards against demolition and exempt from up zoning the communities identified by the urban displace am project. thank you.
2:52 am
people seen their kids move buzz they can't ford it live newscast city. i'm asking for to you do is make a plan to keep more people's children in san francisco. we can't have communities to be torn apart they can't afford the housing the way to do that is built more we need a compliant project and housing element that can build 82,000 homes and get approximate prioritize house and transits i'm notoriety circumstance line that should be able to build much more density there. we can have more environmental justice androus our carbon e missions and keep more families and stay in neighborhoods on the community leader and south side forward. thank you for your testimony.
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>> mr. lamb. next caller please. the current need trying to upgrade her mall property in sudden fran in supervisor peskin's district. our projects spokes to have a small addition and legalize an existing unit taken 2 envelope years and still in the planning process. in addition weep spent 70 thousand dollars in fee and permits with nothing to show for it. i urge you to understand and think about the implications of the bowero you have to go through today. i here i understand everyone's concerns the stele's policies the board's policies have resulted in the only way for people to build housing is to be i large and rich developer. ien how any small property owner
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could min tain this process which is theup zoning of the west side. remove dc press and approvals. thank you for your testimony. next caller, please. hello caller, are you there. why good evening i'm with comcast. the board hosting the hearing about the housing element. i was better than in san francisco and fortunate i'm still here. i'm a full time student and humanity affected by housing crisis. low income bipoc communities must define affordable. . new affordable housing
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successful meets the social equity needs for each community the housing crisis impacts the bay area. the beginning of covid-19 pandemic should have the policies and unaffordant take advantage of the land expect when affords millions in cash. i can in longer ford to live here if nothing chinks my gent raping ends and future generation will never experience. thank you for your testimony this evening.never experience. thank you for your testimony this evening.
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my generation in a cycle of being renters if he ever in the 70s run the stele bipeculiar disaccomplice am because of down zoning. dispolicing people of color. get the current scientist and pass a compliant housing element. stop playing with low income renters. especially for huszing the leadership will defind your legacy whether you like it or not. get real. thank you. thank you for your testimony. next call are please.
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greetings this is amy fair white founder and director of the saint inferenceis homelessness and low income in exile who hopes to return. how do sudden fran meet the goals including affordable. the path has been before us since sb35 and stroll lining for 50 ford affordable and also 100 affordable. focussed on the 50% affordable projects we could make them pencil out u noticing to rise the within billion dollars a year low low and at the state and extra credit for i public bank low interest loans there needs compromise a concession about the stream lining for the
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50% affordable we have it with sb35. be happy with this and otherfects get together and w on raising that funding. thank you. good evening this donna. i live in the sunset. i of glad to hear supervisor mar say you could rise to the occasion for this problem. if but i had it agree that you have not yet done so. we have a system here for decision making on housing that has taken a long time. it should be easy wherever it get a good project approve immediate san francisco.
2:59 am
i want to encourage supervisors to care about all levels of housing because each level will affect the other. and i would discourage supervisors for thinking some extra money from the state is needed to solve our own problem. specific low please avoid high inclusionary demands. thank you. upon 23 are listening otherwise we will take the last group to the end. next caller. >> good evening this is united
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[inaudible] it is disstressing to read it and hear the artech ligz well is in actual plan in the housing element it address permanent housing. shelters are in the housing neither are service the city wide people's plan should be adopted in the element it does address steps to prioritize our most vulnerable from the street in the car and in living conditions for permanent does address how to avert the type of disaccomplice am of rent control attentives lead to 55 increase in homelessness in lettin x. it does address strategies to retin rent control housing stock and execute those strategies. and it does address ways to include community input in shaping and improving projects
3:01 am
in a set, thank you. next caller, please. i'm dana a volunteer with sudden fran watchdog group. delighted to hear sending a message to be bolder especially constraintos development so feasible to build in the city and planning [inaudible] same message to reduce constraints i'm concerned ignored the board's feedback and instructions and does in the address the board of supervisor's concerns about how fickle would issue to build even under the existing element. i hope planning heard the
3:02 am
voices. make a plan that spares no [inaudible] and meets our obligations. everyone in san francisco agreeos planning, go further. thank you. thank you for your testimony. mr. lamb, next caller y. i'm marie. the city -- the city if theatreo build baby build does in the work. 6,000 empty unit and 45 and the millennium tower planning needs to do better then and there rubber stamping any project. w with the. coalition on future housing policy and adopt the people's
3:03 am
plan. thank you very much. thank you for your testimony. next caller, please. good evening i'm jonathan and i'm a resident of district 2. i would love to have more neighboring able to take advantage of the resource in my wealthy neighborhood i'm am excited about the rezoning of my neighborhood. having followed the husbanding element in detail and read feedback i'm concerned the housing element in current foam is unlikely cert foil today does in the address critical elements does not include a backup plan that would kick in if the strategies don't produce the necessary housing. second there is in analysis of gentleman constraints sf
3:04 am
planning sills they are so complex. howful they accept this excise proves the constraints make development difficult am thank you. [inaudible] member of all planning coalition adopt the people's plan. it is based on w boy our communities and storying pinlt for land use plan it is routed in social equity. we talk about sudden fran people without homes andim guarantee families small businessmen and women weighed dun by debt.
3:05 am
these people [inaudible] false promise not going on say we will give you input here it is and here is the people's plan. dignity and he liberty may be ours. thank you. >> next caller. >> the projects like uc demolition despite filling a wall. was of the building inspection. residents like an earthquake and decibel levels pass. safe fored lers. sounding like you were tuck burglar santa compliants made.
3:06 am
popping up with ease loyals on normal limits with per misting despoit make life i living hell they allows 7 day, aweek of dust and noise no rest for neighbors many forced flee. wander outside all day like the homeless. during the shelter in place order including 85 year olds. thank you for your testimony. >> draft housing element 2022 update. welcome. supervisors, if you do in the want it hear the people comments then you are disrespecting the people.
3:07 am
said that, i will state to you clear, this it is ramaytush ohlone land this stele have in intention to help the poor people and shame on the person who mandated the public get just one minute. shame on that person. and the supervisors who are having a side bar better sit down in their seat or get out of the chamber. thank you very much. thank you mr. decosta. do we have another caller in the queue. hello this is lee levitt i joined choo choo and the rep
3:08 am
coalition to support the people's plan. you heard from residents of race and equity groups when they went it city college i heard stories from students families facing e vision you heard the prud of husbanding i saw that 15 people in know apartment. we need to focus on building affordable housing when you heard from the voices well, our city needs to be accountable for war andim guarantees and we should focus on make easier to building house this is is affordable. >> thank you. next caller, please.
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hi. this is keith measure. d2 residents. sudden front will not build housing over 8 years. the builder is in the there we will not fwhald in good times the money is not there. [inaudible] but in ways that is in the the point the question before you the control whether you deliver a build and planning process that could build housing [inaudible]. and so for you are failing. approval press this takes a year to study up zoning a valley ping lot is of interest. planning has been sures coasting hour angry htd is how much they like to see real reform i'm
3:10 am
worried if the board and planning don't get their act together we will lose when housing we do have. please. embrace. thank you. low income housing market rate will shake itself out. there are 60,000 empty units. this is immoral. knowing this people need housing. to take care of their families, work. and the fact like mr. decan have thea said you all are in the
3:11 am
listening you are talking with each other i think you for get you are on television. it shows that you lack empathy to care about the people you are representing. for the people plan if we don't do it what happened 20 years ago with gentification will happen worse in the next 10 years, thank you for your testimony. another caller, please. hello this is michael patrellis, i wish it reminds the supervisors 100,000 voters cast no bell on thes on prop e. last week.
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>> may i puz your time for a mobile home. this is a public hearing on the draft housing element for the 2022 update. is this the item you are calling in about? it is wrong for the clerk to interrupt public comment. i was making a pin tht supervisors are not representing the people in how they are approaching the housing element and building affordable house nothing san francisco. and it is time for the board of supervisors to get their act together about this. no more interruptions angela, let the people speak during public comment without interruption. thank you. why agreed. thank you for your comments. mr. lamb do we have another caller in the queue, please. >> we have no more in the queue. >> thank you and the team who assisted with remote system are
3:13 am
there members in the chamber who have in the addressed the board on this issue. >> thank you. mr. president. oh. okay. please. thank you public comment call in closed. >> you are welcome it speak we are returning to in person. hi. i'm liz with the housing right's committee reading a statement for laura gomez. she say it is the redevelopment boy landlord will take down 193 affordable unit and turn them to a high rise complex with 277 market rate take away affordable unists but price out the remaining low income residents over time we need to guarantee they restore the 273 units at
3:14 am
plaza east increase below market rate unists instead of market rate and address the safety issues. housing policy power to build when they want and preserve and min tain when they built is recipe for disaccomplice am the people's plan was created by housing expert its address racial and socialing inquality others in the am chamber who have in the spoken. back to you mr. president. >> thank you madam clerk. public comment is closed. i want to thank whoefrn took the time to come in or to call in for this hearing. i will remind folks it is our job to make sure that during public comment we stay on the topic at handled and there are
3:15 am
tunt for public comment later on at the end of this meeting. with this said. supervisor preston >> thank you president walton and thank all the community members who spoke. i wanted to make ape final comment around the state, local dynamic and funding here i think is a part of comments huon how we will fund this. we need to meet our goals no one is disagreeing with that. but i do feel like this conversation in my opinion misses the state, local dynamic driving this problem. and i think we seen it on display in the discussion of the housing leadership. i want top draw your attention to think about the level of detail that hcdments around the
3:16 am
68,000 units in the pipe line. they want to dig in and know the irrelevant get creative in the next 8 year, fair question, right? that's about 77% market rate. they want to make sure it is built. with the 46,000 affordable unists they don't give a dm damn if they will get built. the state regime set up here is deregulation regime. the goal is with hold the affordable housing money for when the locality does in the mote the goals. and so you know i just i think where i make per from clothes i general low vow affordable housing similarly is 15-20 years ago when i did w in sacramento i
3:17 am
might have thought the state would step up and come in and funds the afford okay ouzing need there is is no chance that is happening with today's sacramento the set up here the entire set up here is to deregulate market rate housing the state does not have to spends its money on affordable housing and rely on the private sector and the crumbs through inclusionary or developer fees out that. this is why when we have the state stearn whop represents san francisco whop champions the bills all the advocates say why don't you do this stroll lining bill. let's stick it to the subbushes and do a bill about this. bloom and others put forward bills like that. those don't make it through >> samantha:.
3:18 am
that's not the goal the real estate interests captured sacramento and our state senator is happy to legislate for, with the colleagues and with the real estate industry. the goal is it deregulate market rate housing. the idea, what do you think will help when you don't fund upon affordable housing. you can all get stroll lining and move quick through this process but don't do funding for affordable. who will have built. right. does in the matter you deregulate you you did in the fund it. . this statute same thing we have a plant 46,000 it is so clear from the discussion look at the charts and the chart page 53 of the housing element. we are projecting a few years
3:19 am
out projecting 119 million dollars in funding. the prospect i money is not in there 119 million. we have hay police department with 700 million. within 19 million dollars is our affordable housing projected revenue. we are not projecting anything from the state this . is a joke. lets not loyal to people and say in our housing element we are serious about like they are serious the planning folks are serious mapping out the strajs you use to get there but this it is a set up the frisk,000 number is window dressing to go ahead and derevving light and do when we did in the last time mirror goals and exceed them and severely under perform. i like this is not just happening. in the a mistake the stuff about
3:20 am
the state caring about affordable house suggest garbage they had 1 billion surplus the state that pace approximately tigz its get them lected does in the give i damn about building fordable in san francisco. we have to be real.
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