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tv   Building Inspection Commission  SFGTV  November 18, 2022 11:10am-1:01pm PST

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>> thank you. chair chan. thank you to director hines for your work on updating the mou. and the having clear. updated and clear of the roll of lafco in on going work and looking ahead. topics identified and appreciate the questions and discussions from the commissioners. i did want to make a few points one i think that the additional issue area of financing studies on financing you know the clean power sf is listed at is
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important. and given the report this was released by uc beshg low showing that estimated cost of getting to net zer over emissions. will require significant public subsidy just to get hawork going. jump started building the decarbonization and vehicle electrification. so -- uc berkeley the story released came from an add back that at the board of supervisors added to the budget last year that allowd that to happen. we had to scrape together and at the board of supervisor's funding support the climate action plan and implementation. there is a significant increase in this year avenue budget to
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the add back process the board supervisors. but we need you know a real financing strategy and to start seeing that in the budget. in our capitol plan as well. thereupon is also the -- the role and state funds available. that can be tapped now. so00 eye thank you is an urgent high priority issue and would like to see that added. grown it is possible. as an issue area. and -- i agree i know director hines you say 800 thousand dollars is what the puc feels like is available and appropriate now. but -- yea. i think if we can i would support increasing the amount to
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1.2 million dollars and if possible financing clean power sf as a priority on issue area. for life landfall to conduct really important strategic studies on. to add. over the last few years my office worked with the climate emergency coalition and grass-roots environmental justice groups and on -- revenue strategies for building decarbonization. developed a proposal for tax on building e missions from large commercial buildings. but it was not we did not feel like it was viable. we held off on that. that was included in uc beshg low report that was released
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this one possible revenue strategy. i think we have to scram scombel put together that plan for the carbon tax on large building e missions. i think lafco can play a role in helping to do a more comprehensive yea. financing and revenue plan for the resurface that we need to move forward with the climate action plan. and -- request or i put it out there. if possible to add financing clean power sf as a fifth issue area. and increase the budget from 800 thousand to 1.2 million dollars? >> i'm going to let director
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hines to answer this. but officer pollock feel free to add to the contract the conversation we have. and commissioners this is why this is being brought before you. so you give us the feedback. i have conversation with general manager as well and kinds of t. is a high level we left details to director hoins and officer pollock and limitation of budget, not just of the sfpuc but the budget and the capacity limitations of what lafco can do. lafco has its own budget to do work that -- lafco out to do. and but i'm going to let director hines to explain to the sfpuc position i have heard from general manager herrera.
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good ahead. >> thank you, chair chan and commissioner mar. so, as i mentioned we talked internally and 800 thousand dollars is really the funding we are willing to offer. part of the 13 is not budgeted. we need to secure these funds. we will need to seek a supplemental appropriation or need to discondition work that we intended to perform under the existing budget this is a sig significant amount of money even dividing by 3 years. the budget asked by lafco amounts to 20% of our professional services budget or flexible services budget these are funds we use to conduct
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resource planning. risk management. and important know business functions we need the capacity to perform. you mentioned the financial piece of this and -- um -- i do acknowledge this is an important area. and the sfpuc is planning to issue solicitation to the city's financial advisory pool. soon. in early 2023. to support us on strategic financing. for the program. for our portfolio we thank you is an sfpuc function to do this. . that said, i see a role for the lafco especially with inneraction of the public bank that lafco has been working on. there may be a syrias there for
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us to collaborate. and like i have with virtually any aspect of the clean power sf program, and i have been communicating with the executive officer. we will report to life landfall on the progress of that supercross financing planning work. and including what we would ends up prosecute posing incorporateed capital planning. as well as how we want to navigate debt,ance the financial health of the program. and its capacity for example to issue debt. but i'm glad commissioner chan, mentioned the study that beshg low prepared. reasonable and that study identified a wide range of
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financing strategies that are beyond clean power's scope. climate action plan also simple the whole city. clone power serves 65% of the city's electricity demand. so, i think that there are strategies that are broodly city issues that lafco could consider picking up on its own. but we do view there will have flexibility with the scope of work. and -- like i said before, we like to see this mou get approve exclude like to see us get work under way. and show some positive results so we can make a case to our commission that -- more monnet future is appropriateful more money is
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appropriate. >> thank you good to hear about the sfpuc's plans to yea. to -- on developing financing strategy, yea and the sources. so, um -- and -- um -- i appreciate that you saying that this -- this mou now will just be a start n and can be amended or expanded. you know as the work moves forward. this does interface worrying work happening at the puc and sf environment. i think in the community side, too. yea. >> thank you. commissioner mar.
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commissioner williams. >> okay. thank you, so much. again. so -- the [inaudible] is [inaudible] the pdf line 7 under terms of reimbursement? thank you. so sorry. i would also like to share my enthusiasm and express my support for commissioner fielder around public bank. and then also just leaning in territoried talking about our occurrence around the hydrogen. just as an example. i understand upon in this world of decarbonization and energy there is a spectrum of ideas could support the idea of making these topics broader.
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to encompass that spectrum. with being miles an hour point in the all of it. yea. and also sorry to start off the conversation about financing and director hines making you dig deeper. thank you for doing that. >> thanks. >> thank you commissioner williams. i think it is good this is item is schedule require this robust conversation the feedback is now behalf director hines [inaudible] i would think we all greatly appreciate the feeted back and being able to vet like an mo u that will set us on the path awhile and [inaudible] and define roles and responsibilities. everything that all you are saying i appreciate. and it is really critical.
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i'm seeing no one else on the roster. and this is i want top let commissioner mar know, this san action item. today it is to approve this proposed mou. between lafco and sfpuc and that means also let you know and wuk you through a bit of the next step in the event you decide to make the motion and approve this mou. once you if we do, director hines has to present this mou to the sfpuc to their commission. to the san francisco public utility commission and for their approval if you mean were to approve it today this is buzz a mutual mou between 2 bodies and agencies. he has to go back.
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we other first to making sure this is when we as a body want. because majority of the work is going to be carried out. while in consultation with director hines t is officer pollock that will carry out this work. i -- i kind of -- getting a sense of like where are we headed on this and but i'm not seeing anyone putting their name of i see commissioner mar muting himself. vice chair fielder? >> i have not had a chance to see a cleaned up version of the memo. so i will not feel comfortable until we get to that point. >> understood. let me ask officer pollock and director hines can help us may be officer pollock what is the time lienldz.
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reminder real don't at this time unless you want to schedule a special won't don't this is the last today is the last meeting for this body for this calendar year. there will be no meeting in december. i believe the sfpuc has one more on their calendar for december 13th. and so -- have not discussd that with mr. hines yet. but that would be the last opportunity for the commission to take action on that. and so -- you all would -- for this calendar year. and resume regular meeting in january. so -- thakdz be an option if you are interested in seeing a finalized version of the mou earlier we will work with you on
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trying to schedule a special meeting if we wanted aim for the p you c to approve the december 13th meeting and mr. hines i'm not sure if that is possible. if that is anticipated. we were targeting the first meet nothing january for approval of an mou even if lafco took action today. because -- we need to run agenda items through a work flow process. and that typically starts about 4 week in advanced of the meeting. so -- some type of action by the commission would support us
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bringing an item to the commission at the sfpuc meeting of the 10th of january. i do believe that the sfpuc will hold a meeting on its second scheduled meeting of january. i believe the 24th. but i need to confirm that and get back to -- the executive officer. >> so here is my question. and in the event that this body decided to pick up the approval of this mou and i agree with vice chair fielder. you therein is a need to hone through it. i appreciate commissioner williams had done. you know because of the feedback we all discussed and some of the tweaks you might want to make i like to see the language in the mou reflect the possibility of opening in up in 2 fiscal years
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from now to discuss. with all that said. will this be any impediment of -- move thanksgiving forward in the event this this body will have a chance i say officer pollock you want to pose a draft and the memo for the commissioner for review and we clone that version. and then we come become for a january discussion and approval then we can hopefully in the event wee are all in agreement approve namo sxushgs will allow time for mr. hines or director lines to go to their february sfpuc meeting. i don't than allows us we always other last friday of the monthful i don't know if this is enough of the full week time period to be scheduled for.
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i'm hoping if this ws putting a spot like for your february sfpuc meeting and let them know we are sure we will have sorts of resolution by january. i'm proposing that for consideration. it sounds to me that commissioner us are -- you are on board. for the most part and enough to exceed if given the option to discuss for additional funding. and sounds for the most part you are may have a tweak you want to talk about the study and the scope of the study. and including a financing plan and all that stuff. but -- there is also ability
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language already in that our staff with each other and the mutual agreement between landfall life and sfpuc can change the topic of the study. like the topic or the scope of the study. there are possibilities there for commissioners to have direct and specific guidance and feedback if you want top have a certain study with the mou. those are and vice chair fielder >> thank you, chair. i want top i don't think the occurrence are huge nice to have a clean from draft and great to ghet out of the way before the end of the year. i know that things go down in
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december. but i wonder -- what your thoughts are on having a special meeting just for this to finalize it and have it done with so the month time line can start for the process. i think that is a great question i'm down will we have a quorum? we will. we are remote. i think that we could work with my suggestion is have a special before december 14 that is when there it is a recess and the item should only just be one item. which is this specific mou. and nothing else this is so we can keep it feasible for clerk.
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let me also -- ask the clerk. if that is possible to have a special in december? i cannot speak for the other departments there are others this support our meeting in the background i need to check dates once you guys have some in might beed we go on recess december 14th. had is the notice that our the we pose them y. 72 hours and i would have plenty of time in the next couple weeks for remainder of november to work with executive officer pollock to find a date in december >> let's set for a special. in december. and date specific date to be
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announced and we will go over the hopeful low a clean draft mou the commissioners are comfortable to renew the determined where they want to support or and approve or -- how ever way you. to decide on in december. so it gives time to understanding and how he being move forward in january. does that work for you? >> yes. we can make that work. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you, colleagues. i will make the motion to continue this to the call of the chair. and i would like a second for that. >> seconded. >> thank you, commissioner mar. >> and call the roll for this
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motion to continue to the call of the chair. would you like to call public comment first. >> please. >> thank you. see figure we have callers if you have in the press star 3 to be added to the speaker's line. we have no callers. there are no callers >> public comment is closed. madam clerk call the role for the motion. >> to continue item 5 to the call of the chair vice chair fielder. >> aye. >> commissioner mar. >> aye. >> commissioner will williams. >> aye. >> chair chan. >> aye. >> there are 4 aye's. >> thank you, this motion to condition has been approved.
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and madam clerk, call the next item. >> item 6 is authorization for the executive officer to develop qualifications renewable energy consultant. member who is wish to comment on this item call the number streaming on the screen, dial star 3 to lineup to speak and a prompt will indicate you raised your hand. wait until we call for comment and the system will indicate you have been unmuted. >> thank you. madam clerk. this item also is going to be presented to us by executive officer pollock and the floor is yours, thank you very much. igate. thank you very much. executive officer jeremy pollock this is an item tied to the other mou the first stretch in moving forward on that work to issue a request for qualifications and i think with all of the moving pieces on the
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mou and with your decision to continue the mou to a special meeting it might make sense to continue this as well. the i the speak border patrol to the original intention for conducting a request for qualifications was based on the plan to have the mou defined basic topic areas with the specifics study topics to be worked out. and the idea was we would request qualifications for the specific topic areas whether decarbonization, battery storage and we would create prequalified list of consultances that had skills to work on this and once we refined the topics we would negotiate a contract with the contractor that had the best skill set for that. i think as part of the on going discussion about what -- whether
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we will define topics in the mou or what level of flexibility we will have on that it might make sense to do a request for proposals. and forgive me get nothing prosecute curement vehicles. the request is a broad skill cest and principles defining the study we want with specific scope and deliverables. and pluses and minuses to the 2 different approaches but i think based on what the decision we come to on the mou and how we'll define the studies i would want to inform what is the best vehicle for getting a consultant on board. so happy to go in more details on that now or -- i would recommend that we could continue this discussion until the mou details are finalized and one
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note is this -- there is no legal requirement for the commission to take action on authorizing this rfq or p. there is no expected funds in a solicitation. you know calendar this for want to get the transparency and get your input which appreciate the robust discussion we had on the mou and yea. i think -- of course whatever we get to the points of negotiating a contract for a consultant to dot work in expense of the fundses that would come for approval. so, i will leave it at it. am i support typeset thanksgiving to the mou details are finalized. >> thank you. any questions for commissioners? is there a motion to approve
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this authorization? so move. seconds? >> second. >> great. thank you. madam clerk i need to open this for public comment before we move forward with the motion. >> yes. checking to see if we have callers. police press story 3 to enter the line. we have no public commenter. >> public comment is closed. >> madam clerk. call the motion which moved by vice chair field and seconded by williams. authorize. >> okay. on the motion for item 6 to authorization the issuance for rfq, vice chair fielder. >> aye. >> commissioner mar. >> aye. >> commissioner williams.
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>> aye. >> chair chan. >> aye. >> there are 4 aye's >> thank you this motion passes and approved. and your rfq. officer pollock. call item 7. >> item 7 is authorization to amend the legal services agreement with richard, watson to extend the term to january 23 of 24. member who is wish to comment call the number on the screen. press star 3 to line up to speak. officer pollock. >> thank you i have a brief presentation on this. looks like it is sharing. contract for legal services with richards, watson, that was came about from a request from
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proposals in 2018 and the contract in 2019. and set to expire at the end of january next year. and so this is a proposal to extend the contract for a year and i just see there is a timeo in my presentation. apologize a year until january 31, 2024. and to increase the not to exceed for the contract by 30 thousand dollars to give us a bit of head room in case of we need more spending on legal services. and the contract amendment that is attached to the memo has also updates to the terms and conditions from the stele's contract templet. data privacy and provisions and so far lafco is under budget for this year there is in need for additional funding and want to
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acknowledge council and graciously agreed to at this time extension without an increase in their rates. and -- believe she is on the line if you have questions. and that concludes my presentation. >> i think council should say a few word fist you like. i have been appreciate you and a new chair to the body you have been thoughtful and grateful for your work including helping us amend our by laws now that we have commissioner williams on the board.
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and especially during the pan dem tick has been critical i look forward it working with you and required have this go out for bid as expires. but you know i also know that for officer pollock he took on a lot. i think for to really be thoughtful about where we are we will move forward for a general council this we should be thoughtful about the process. thank you and -- council. >> call me in there. of course. good morning, still morning. good morning chair and commission. an honor to serve lafco since january i can't believe it is already has been 3 years. i can't believe my contracted is up for renewal. that flew by. some in the covid blur but hen a pleasure and honor to serve the
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san francisco lafco the past 3 years i'm pleased to extend our to rf p at your convenience and when that is. now we are not extending rate when is we proposed in the coming year. i'm sorry not nkszing rates. we will prosecute pose an increase it reflect the inflation the last couple of years but in the reflecting actual inflation but needing to increase it enough to cover call the
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number strolling cross the screen. and dial star 3 to lineup to speak. >> thank you, madam clerk this is the new schedule for the new year in 2023. and i think you all should see already and you should washing ma york calendars. for both i want it say for both commissioner mar approximate moiz in the new year as you know that election taking place and there could -- there will be and could be new leadership and make up of the board of supervisors. and that -- then move forward with different committee assignment and leadership roles.
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i look forward to serving with you again on life lafco we will see and i want to close out this year i appreciate this special meeting. the calendar you can always may be call for a special meeting. and that if you need to add more or change the date we have to work with madam clerk and her team to accommodate. commissioner mar. >> yea, thank you, chair chan, i wanted to say i think the meeting looks great in 2023. i'm not continuing on in lafco but glad we will have another meet nothing december i will have an opportunity to see you and w with you in december.
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>> thank you temperature >> chair chan i have to go. i'm sorry. i don't think i will have to leave in 5 minutes. >> good. let's have -- executive officer pollock to do his monthly executive officer report and unless you have anything to say about the calendar. >> no. nothing. a couple of note in the memo i believe it is straightforward. happy to jump to the executive officer's report and we will defer to mr. to give the reinvestment working group >> hello, thank you for your time. this working group met yesterday and received a presentation from hrna the consultants and subcontractors and milton consulting on the community out reach report. this report includes the results
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of 5 focus groups and several meetings with the san francisco community and various departments in the san francisco gentleman. all of this information is on line one point i like to share is that across all the sectors that were we have focus groups with small businesses and affordable housing and add vo indicates and the energy sector well is a desire for san francisco public bank and the very specific recommendations what this bank could do for the san francisco community. the reinvestment working group received presentations from the controllers office about potential pregnants for funding for a public bank we will continue the conversations and i will provide you with updates as we do. the reinvestment working group is finalizing the public bank plan to sends to a
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preapplication review to the fdic. we hope to sends it combfrt end of this year of that is it. i'm happy to take questions. >> thank you. >> yea. thank you. for all of your great work on this. getting nothing but priz from the members of the working group and excited to see that moving forward. and the other item i had was update on the electric bike pilot program for delivery wars at the now approved by the board of supervisors and they are hope to launch the first cohort of delivery workers in january. i believe may be the first quarter of 2023 and also excited that lafco supports the department of environment submitted to department of energy on that would allow expand thanksgiving program by adding 100 bikes and expand it from food deliver tow deliveries
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of parcels and packages. so excited to see that program launch in the new year. that -- the also the executive officer's report memo the calendar looking forward to the january and february meetings and that concludes my report. >> thank you. officer pollock and i -- am going to make the motion to approve item 8 and i need a second. >> second. >> thank you. and then with that we need to open for public comment for 8 and 9. could you open it for public comment. why thank you. checking to see if we have callers in the queue. press star 3 to enter the line. we have one caller. >> you have 3 minutes. >> can you hear mow now.
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i was in another meeting earlier thanks to supervisor mar for service and work on lafco. i have no issue with the 2023 car dar i urge staff to post it once approveod lafco's website so everyone can have it and see it and know it. you are having a meet nothing december is this the 16th 4 weeks from today 10 a.m. so i can plan and thank you very much. >> thank you. and madam chair -- that concludes the queue. seeing no more, public comment is closed. and we have yet to decide for just to response to the caller. we have yet to decide the
11:53 am
december special date. madam clerk will w and post as soon as possible. witness we get a date that works for everyone. please call the roll for the motion to approve item 8. >> item 8 vice chair fielder >> aye >> commissioner mar >> aye. >> commissioner williams. >> aye. >> chair chan. why aye. >> there are 4 aye's. >> great. the motion has been approved. moved by me and i think seconded by commissioner williams. >> yes. >> okay. thank you. and item 9 is a discussion only item. moving on to item 10 and commissioner mar if you need to go we will see you in december. >> do we need to excuse
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commissioner mar? >> yes. if you wish. >> yea. >> let's have a roll call to excuse commissioner mar. i need a mover and seconded. gi need to excuse commissioner mar. >> second. >> on the motion to excuse commissioner mar from the remainder of the meeting vice chair fielder. >> aye. >> commissioner williams. >> aye. >> chair chan. >> aye. >> there are 3 aye's. >> thank you madam clerk the motion to excuse commissioner mar has been approved and now item 10. >> item 10 is general public comment. members miaddress the lafco on matters that within their jurisdiction and not on today's agenda. if you wish it provide comment press star 3 to speak. checking to see if we have
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callers in the queue. and there are no callers. why thank you. seeing no callers in the queue public comment is closed. and would you call -- call the next item. >> yes, item 11 is future agenda items member when is wish to provide comment call the number on the screen now press story 3 to speak and when we call you wait for the prompt that indicates your have been unmuted. >> madam chair >> thank you. vice chair fielder >> quick i mentioned earlier in the meeting i was able to visit the home of a customer who has challenges with decarbonizing their home and starting several years ago. next year i would like to hear from either executive officer
11:56 am
about challenges or director hines about challenges that customers have decarbonizing homes and how clone power is supporting the customers if not from the customer themselves. >> great. please note for executive officer pollock we should consider a residential decarbonization as an item for future topic in 2023 calendar. for future agenda for remaining of this calendar year in december will be only for the mou approval between lafco and sfpuc. seeing no more names on the roster. open this item for comment. >> thank you. so if we have callers for item 11. if you have in the done so press story 3 to be added to the
11:57 am
speaker's line. >> there are no callers. >> public comment is closed. do we have other business before us? >> this concludes our business for today. why we are adjourned. see you in december. for force
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watching. >> ever wonder about programs the city is working on to make san francisco the best place to live and work we bring shine won our city department and the people making them happy what happened next sf oh, san francisco known for it's looks at and history and beauty this place arts has it all but it's city government is pretty unique in fact, san francisco city departments are filled with truly initiative programming that turns this way
12:01 pm
our goal is to create programs that are easily digestable and easy to follow so that our resident can participate in healing the planet with the new take dial initiative they're getting close to zero waste we 2020 and today san francisco is diverting land filled and while those numbers are imperfect not enough. >> we're sending over 4 hundred thousand tons of waste to the landfill and over the 4 hundred tons 10 thousands are textile and unwanted listen ones doesn't have to be find in the trash. >> i could has are the ones creating the partnerships with
12:02 pm
the rail kwloth stores putting an in store collection box near the checks stand so customers can bring their used clothes to the store and deposit off. >> textile will be accessible in buildings thought the city and we have goodwill a grant for them to design a textile box especially for families. >> goodwill the well-known store has been making great strides. >> we grateful to give the items to goodwill it comes from us selling those items in our stores with you that process helps to divert things it from local landfills if the san francisco area. >> and the textile box will
12:03 pm
take it one step further helping 1230 get to zero waste. >> it brings the donation opportunity to the donor making that as convenient as possible it is one of the solutions to make sure we're capturing all the value in the textiles. >> with the help of good will and other businesses san francisco will eliminate 39 millions tons of landfill next year and 70 is confident our acts can and will make a great difference. >> we believe that government matters and cities matter what we side in san francisco, california serve as a model phenomenal in our the rest of the country by the world. >> whether you do not to goodwill those unwanted text told us or are sufficient value
12:04 pm
and the greater community will benefit. >> thanks to sf environment san francisco has over one hundred drop off locations visit recycle damn and thanks for watching join usstreets. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i wanted to wish you a best wishes and congratulations the community has shifted a lot of when i was growing up in the 60s and 50's a good portion of
12:05 pm
chicano-american chinese-american lived in north beach a nob hill community. >> as part the immigrant family is some of the recreation centers are making people have the ability to get together and meet 0 other people if communities in the 60s a 70s and 80s and 90s saw a move to the richmond the sunset district and more recently out to the excelsior the avenue community as well as the ensuring u bayview so chinese family living all over the city and when he grape it was in this area. >> we're united. >> and growing up in the area that was a big part of the my leave you know playing basketball and mycy took band lessons and grew up.
12:06 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> allergies welcome to the community fair it kicks off three weeks of celebrations for the year and let's keep everybody safe and celebrate the biggest parade outside of china on february 11th go best wishes and congratulations and 3, 2, 1 happy enough is enough.
12:07 pm
>> i grew up volley ball education and in media professional contrary as an educator he work with all skids whether or not caucasian hispanic and i african-american cumber a lot of arrest binge kids my philosophy to work with all kids but being here and griping in the chinese community being a chinese-american is important going to american school during the day but went to chinese school that is community is important working with all the kids and having them exposed to all culture it is important to me. >> it is a mask evening. >> i'd like to thank you a you all to celebrate an installation of the days here in the asian art museum. >> one time has become so many things in the past two centuries
12:08 pm
because of the different did i licks the immigration officer didn't understand it became no standard chinese marine or cantonese sproupgs it became so many different sounds this is convenient for the immigration officer this okay your family name so this tells the generations of immigrants where they come from and also many stories behind it too. >> and what a better way to celebrate the enough is enough nuru with the light nothing is more important at an the hope the energy we.
12:09 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> relative to the current administration it is, it is touching very worrisome for our immigrant frames you know and some of the stability in the country and i know how this new president is doing you know immigration as well as immigrants (fireworks) later than you think new year the largest holiday no asia and china those of us when my grandparents came over in the 19 hundreds and celebrated in the united states chinese nuru is traditional with a lot of
12:10 pm
meaning. >> good afternoon my name is carmen chu assessor-recorder i want to wish everything a happy new year thank you for joining us i want to say. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm proud to be a native san franciscan i grew up in the chinatown, north beach community port commission important to come back and work with those that live in the community that i grew up in and that that very, very important to give back to
12:11 pm
continue to work with the community and hope e help those who may not be as capable in under serving come back and give >> there is a lot of unique characteristics about visitation valley. it is a unique part of the city. >> we are off in a corner of the city against the san francisco county line 101 on one side.
12:12 pm
vis station valley is still one of the last blue color neighborhoods in san francisco. a lot of working class families out here. it is unusual. not a lot of apartment buildings. a lot of single family homes. >> great business corridor. so much traffic coming through here and stopping off to grab coffee or sandwich or pick up food before going home. >> a lot of customers are from the neighborhood. they are painters or mechanics. they are like blue color workers, a lot of them. >> the community is lovely. multi-racial and hopefully we can look out for each other. >> there is a variety of businesses on the block. you think of buffalo kitchen, chinese food, pork buns, sandwich. library, bank of america with a parking lot.
12:13 pm
the market where you can grab anything. amazing food choices, nail salons. basically everything you need is here. >> a lot of these businesses up and down leland are family owned. people running them are family. when you come here and you have an uncle and nephew and go across the street and have the guy and his dad. lisa and her daughter in the dog parlor and pam. it is very cool. >> is small businesses make the neighborhood unique. >> new businesses coming. in mission blue, gourmet chocolate manufacturing. the corridor has changed and is continuing to change. we hope to see more businesses coming in the near future. >> this is what is needed.
12:14 pm
first, stay home. unless it is absoluteliness scary. social distancing is the most important step right now to limit spread of virus. cancel all nonessential gather everythings. >> when the pandemic litly land avenue suffered like other corridors. a few nail salons couldn't operate. they shut down. restaurants that had to adapt to more of a take out model. they haven't totally brought back indoor seating. >> it is heartbreaking to see the businesses that have closed down and shut because of the pandemic. >> when the pandemic first hit it got really slow. we had to change our hours. we never had to close, which is a blessing. thank god. we stayed open the whole time. >> we were kind of nervous and
12:15 pm
anxious to see what was going to come next hoping we will not have to close down. >> during covid we would go outside and look on both sides of the street. it looked like old western town. nobody on the street. no cars. >> it was a hard eight or nine months. when they opened up half the people couldn't afford a haircut. >> during that time we kept saying the coffee shop was the living room of the valley. people would come to make sure they were okay. >> we checked on each other and patronized each other. i would get a cup of coffee, shirt, they would get a haircut. >> this is a generous and kind community. people would be like i am getting the toffee for the guy behind me and some days it went on and on. it was amazing to watch.
12:16 pm
we saw a perfect picture of community. we are all in this together. >> since we began to reopen one year later, we will emerge stronger. we will emerge better as a city because we are still here and we stand in solidarity with one another. >> when we opened up august 1st. i will not say it was all good. we are still struggling due to covid. it affected a lot of people. >> we are still in the pandemic right now. things are opening up a little bit. it is great to have space to come together. i did a three painting series of visitation valley and the businesses on leland. it felt good to drop off the paintings and hung them. >> my business is picking up. the city is opening up. we have mask requirements. i check temperatures.
12:17 pm
i ask for vaccination card and/or recent test. the older folks they want to feel safe here. >> i feel like there is a sense of unity happening. >> what got us through the pandemic was our customers. their dogs needed groomed, we have to cut their nails so they don't over grow. >> this is only going to push us forward. i sense a spirit of community and just belief in one another. >> we are trying to see if we can help all small businesses around here. there is a cannabis club lounge next to the dog parlor to bring foot traffic. my business is not going to work if the business across the street is not getting help. >> in hit us hard. i see a bright future to get the storefronts full. >> once people come here i think they really like it.
12:18 pm
>> if you are from san francisco visit visitation valley to see how this side of the city is the same but different. >> we worked very hard with the san francisco venue coalition, the independent venue alliance to advocate for venues. put this issue on the radar of the supervisors and obviously mayor breed. the entertainment commission and the office of small business and we went to meetings and showed up and did public comment and it was a concerted effort between 50 venues in the city and they are kind of traditional like live performance venues and we all made a concerted effort to
12:19 pm
get out there and sound the alarm and to her credit, maybe breed really stepped up, worked with matt haney, who is a supervisor haney was a huge champion for us and they got this done and they got $3 million into the sf venue recovery fund. >> we have represented about 40 independent venues in san francisco. basically, all the venues closed on march 13th, 2020. we were the first to close and we will be the last to reopen and we've had all the of the overhead costs are rent, mortgage, payroll, utilities and insurance with zero revenue. so many of these venues have
12:20 pm
been burning $1,000 a day just to stay closed. >> we have a huge music history here in san francisco and the part of our cultural fab lick but it's also an economic driver. we produce $7 billion annual' here in san francisco and it's formidable. >> we've been very fortunate here. we've had the department of emergency management and ems division and using part of our building since last april and aside from being proud to i can't tell you how important to have some cost recovery coming in and income to keep the doors open. >> typically we'll have, three
12:21 pm
to 400 people working behind the teens to support the show and that is everything from the teamsters and security staff and usualers, ticket takers, the folks that do our medical and the bar tenders and the people in the kitchen preparing food for backstage and concession and the people that sell key shirts and it's a pretty staggering amount of people that are out of work as a result of this one verne you going tarkanian. it doesn't work to open at reduced capacity. when we get past june 15th, out of the into the blue print for our economy we can open it it 100% and look at the festival in full capacity in october and we're just so grateful for the leadership of the mavor and dr. coal fax to make us the
12:22 pm
safest ♪ america and this is been hard for everybody in san francisco and the world but our leadership has kept us safe and i trust them that they will let us know when it's safe to do that. >> a lot of people know about america is military stuff, bullying stuff, corporate stuff. when people like me and my friends go to these foreign country and play music, we're giving them an american cultural experience. it's important. the same way they can bring that here. it sounds comfy buyia, you know, we're a punk band and we're nasty and we were never much for peace and love and everything but that's the fertilizer that grows the big stuff that some day goes to bill graham's place and takes everybody's money but
12:23 pm
you have to start with us and so my hope is that allel groups and people make music and get together because without out, hanging together we'll hang separately, you know. >> other venues like this, all over the place, not just in the san francisco bay area need to exist in order for communities to thrive and i'm not just talking about the arts communities, even if you are here to see a chuckle bucket comedy show and you are still experiencing humanity and in specific ways being able to gather with people and experience something together. and especially coming out of the pandemic, the loss of that in-person human connection recovering that in good ways is going to be vital for our entire society. >> it's a family club. most our staff has been working
12:24 pm
with us for 10 years so we feel like a family. >> what people think of when they think of bottom of the hill and i get a lot of this is first of all, the first place i met my husband or where we had our first date and i love that and we love doing weddings and i expect there to be a wedding season post 2021 of all the make up we haddings and i hope that many people do that because we have had so many rock ep role weddings. >> i told my girlfriend, make sure you stand at the front of the stage and i can give you a kiss at midnight. at this got down on one knee at the stroke of midnight. it wasn't a public thing, i got down on one knee and said will you marry me and is he she had
12:25 pm
are you [beep] kidding me and i said no, i'm dead serious and she said yes. we were any time homicideel of the show. we just paused for new year's eve and that was where i proposed to my wife. this is more than just a professional relationship it's more than just a relationship from a love of arts, it's where my family started. we'll always have a special place in my heart. >> venues, you know, represent so much. they are cultural beckons of a city. neighbors can learn and celebrate and mourn and dance together. venues and arts and culture are characterized as second responders to crisis and they provide a mental health outlet and a community center for people to come together at and it's the shared history of our city and these spaces is where
12:26 pm
we all come together and can celebrate. >> art often music opens up people to understanding the fellow man and i mean, taz always necessary and if anything, it's going to be even more necessary as we come out of this to reach out and connect with people. >> we can sustain with food, water and shelter is accurate and does anybody have a good time over the last year? no. >> san francisco is a great down. i've been here many years and i love it here and it's a beautiful, beautiful, place to be music and art is key to that. drama, acting, movies, everything, everything that makes life worth living and that's what we've got to mow proteasome no san francisco and that's what is important now.
12:27 pm
12:28 pm
>> everything is done in-house. i think it is done. i have always been passionate about gelato. every single slaver has its own recipe. we have our own -- we move on from there. so you have every time a unique experience because that slaver is the flavored we want to make. union street is unique because of the neighbors and the location itself. the people that live around here i love to see when the street is full of people. it is a little bit of italy that
12:29 pm
is happening around you can walk around and enjoy shopping with gelato in your hand. this is the move we are happy to provide to the people. i always love union street because it's not like another commercial street where you have big chains. here you have the neighbors. there is a lot of stories and the neighborhoods are essential. people have -- they enjoy having their daily or weekly gelato. i love this street itself. >> we created a move of an area where we will be visiting. we want to make sure that the area has the gelato that you like. what we give back as a shop owner is creating an ambient lifestyle.
12:30 pm
if you do it in your area and if you like it, then you can do it on the streets you like.
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>> everything is done in-house. i think it is done. i have always been passionate about gelato. every single slaver has its own recipe. we have our own -- we move on from there. so you have every time a unique experience because that slaver is the flavored we want to make. union street is unique because of the neighbors and the location itself. the people that live around here i love to see when the street is full of people. it is a little bit of italy that is happening around you can walk
12:55 pm
around and enjoy shopping with gelato in your hand. this is the move we are happy to provide to the people. i always love union street because it's not like another commercial street where you have big chains. here you have the neighbors. there is a lot of stories and the neighborhoods are essential. people have -- they enjoy having their daily or weekly gelato. i love this street itself. >> we created a move of an area where we will be visiting. we want to make sure that the area has the gelato that you like. what we give back as a shop owner is creating an ambient lifestyle. if you do it in your area and if you like it, then you can do it
12:56 pm
on the streets you like. >> once i got the hang of it a little bit, you know, like the first time, i never left the court. i just fell in love with it and any opportunity i had to get out there, you know, they didn't have to ask twice. you can always find me on the court. [♪♪♪] >> we have been able to participate in 12 athletics wheelchairs. they provide what is an expensive tool to facilitate basketball specifically.
12:57 pm
behind me are the amazing golden state road warriors, which are one of the most competitive adaptive basketball teams in the state led by its captain, chuck hill, who was a national paralympic and, and is now an assistant coach on the national big team. >> it is great to have this opportunity here in san francisco. we are the main hub of the bay area, which, you know, we should definitely have resources here. now that that is happening, you know, i i'm looking forward to that growing and spreading and helping spread the word that needs -- that these people are here for everyone. i think it is important for people with disabilities, as well as able-bodied, to be able to see and to try different sports, and to appreciate trying different things. >> people can come and check out this chairs and use them. but then also friday evening,
12:58 pm
from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m., it will be wheelchair basketball we will make sure it is available, and that way people can no that people will be coming to play at the same time. >> we offer a wide variety of adaptive and inclusion programming, but this is the first time we have had our own equipment. [♪♪♪]
12:59 pm
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