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tv   BOS Land Use and Transportation Committee  SFGTV  November 23, 2022 11:30am-12:06pm PST

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>> good afternoon. i did not hear the good afternoon, this meeting will come to order. welcome to the november 14, 2022 regular meeting of the land use and transportation committee of the san francisco board of supervisors. i'm supervisor melgar chair joined by vice chair supervisor preston and supervisor aaron peskin. the committee clerk is erika major and like to acknowledge
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matthew and [inaudible] at sfgovtv for staff thanksgiving meeting. >> the board of supervisors and committees are convening hybrid meetings allow in person upon attention and remote access via phone. board recognizes equal access is essential and take public commentace follows, on each item on the agenda. those in person will speak first and then you will take those on the remote line. for those watching channel 26, 28, 78 or 99, and, the upon public call in number is streaming. the number is 415-655-0001. again, 415-655-0001. and access code: 2482 802 4703 ##. when connected you will heart discussion but muted.
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when your item of interest come up and public comment is called those in person line up to bear right and those on the phone line dial star 3 to be added to the queue fundamentor your phone turn down your television and all listening device. we will take public comment from those in person first and go to our call in phone line. you may send written commentses to me at erika. major and if you commit it via e mail it will be a part of the official file. written comments i have postal service to city hall 1 dr. carlton b. goodlett place, room 244, san francisco, california, 94102. items acted upon will appear on the agenda of november 29th
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unless otherwise stated >> thank you to add to the announcement please keep face coverings on at all times in the chamber offer spacing for those around you seated when you line up to speak during public comment. i wanted let everyone know that item number 2 has been requested by the hearing sponsor to be continued we will take public comment on the continuance but not hearing that item today. madam clerk, call number one >> ordinance amending the planning code allow long-term parking and over night camp nothing vehicles on parcels designated and authorized for use of vehicle triage centers for safe parking program extending the date cannabis retail to january of 24. members of public who would like to speak on item one call the
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number on the screen, 415-655-0001 then access code: 2482 802 4703 ## press story 3 to enter the queue. madam chair? >> thank you. madam clerk. thank you supervisor safai for joining us the floor is yours. >> thank you. colleagues today for item one it is an ordinance that amends 2 sections of the planning code this deal with temporary use. first is to allow the city to establish and maintain what we have termed vehicle triage centers. or safe parking cites for unhoused households as temporary uses and changing up to 5 years with 2 possible 6 month extensions after this. the second part of the section allow the existing businesses
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that operate under medical cannabis dispensary permits to continue until january of 24. with the absence of legislation the accidents under the medical cannabis permits have to cease operations the beginning of the upcoming year, which would lead to closure for many businesses increase risk for alegality of those that rely on this for their medical purposes. would create and support more e lipsit business in the city. on the first point on the vehicle triage centers. we a couple years ago as we started to notice a rise in the individuals living in vehicles and rv avenue and vans. cars on our streets, we were able to work with our community and create a safe place for those that were living in vehicles to access and to
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transition from more permanent supportive housing. we did this in the upper yard and colleagues were able to come visit. other areas of city that are experiencing more heightened numbers on the street than our community was. we had an opportunity where we were building affordable housing today to use that as a demonstration site that could show the success of this program. we were able to do that back in 2019. for 18 months we housed that and had bathrooms and services. 24 hour security, lighting and many individuals in the neighborhood were extremely supportive. we worked with the local group that worked with us to build support and answer questions from neighbors. we work with mta and public works and the planning department.
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with the pd, bart police and a host of individuals to ensurety success of this site and thought it was successful it expanded over in the bayview. i know there are other parts that are looking at expand thanksgiving opportunity. we worked closely with d. homeless supportive housing. they were the 1s that we talked about the operational aspects and intergentlemanal. the change will allow us the opportunity to move forward in the city. they will not be subject to planning hearing. which can take months to calendar and get approval. the cites will be upon done as a temporary use saving valuable time that can be used working with neighbors and used working with those live nothing vehicles to ensure they transition appropriately. and having the district supervisor of the area of
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supportive housing work in a collaborative fashion and in the go through a planning approval process. we are happy of that and supportive and the second part with regard to medical cannabis permits. happy to answer questions i know we have veronica from planning department i don't know if she had anything she wanted to add through the chair? hi. thank you chair mebar and supervisor safai. i'm veronica florez planning department staff. i wanted to share planning heard this on july 21st of this year and unanimously recommended approval of the ordinance. supervisor safai went in detail of the changes. thank you. >> so i had a question supervisor safai i don't see ray
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law here or -- anybody from the office of cannabis. >> i think i understand that ray law should be here. through the chair, ray law and nakirb are online. my question, we have considered this before. extending and i'm wondering you know in terms of the sustain ability for the businesses what the pipe line looks like to transi guess them to retail if and that the plan is. if ray, if you are on am if you could help us? >> good question. >> sure. thank you. chair mebar for the question. and today i'm joined by director [inaudible] also on the call and i will let him speak as they are prepared for the pipeline and happy top provide context.
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thank you, ray and supervisor for the question. the goal is to transition the medical cannabis dispensaries it would impact as soon as possible. we are asking for additional time we have reached a point in our queue where we are able to process the existing businesses and up until now we were not able to we have not reached a point in the process where we had begun processing all of our equity applications the applications by article 16 we required to process first. we reached a point in the process where we begin processing the existing medical cannabis dispense easier and our hope is to process them soon as possible. plan we put in place and begun processing the applications and the hope they will be processed before this legislation ends. it is a priority of the office. we have reached a point we can process the applications and
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active low processing them now. >> thank you. >> mr. patele, for give neil i heard this from your office before which is why i'm. can you give us numbers to go with what you said? how many applicants are you there in the queue? how long is it going to take? you know you said before this legislation over but can you give us someplace you'veed lieshg number of applicants per month if i can go through or -- you know any quantifiable markers? >> i appreciate the question. and we can. ray, if you want to take the first stab i'm happy. but if you could take the first shot. >> sure. thank you for the follow up question, chair melgar, to provide the context to the director patele's initial
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comment, [inaudible] able to create backlog of our equity applications which were more than 300 applications in the pipeline. in the past 2 years. and we were able to stop processing applications [inaudible] including the medical cannabis dispenaies [inaudible] now we are able to process most of them. or part one of the application [inaudible] in 2019 the controller office issued a report examining the cannabis businesses in san francisco. on average. so every equity business it takes exterior from 18 to 24 months for them to get through our public pipeline. however, one important difference with the equity
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business and these mcd's is they are up and running now. we don't anticipate that will take long for them to get through our pipeline because of a few reasons. one up and running and they received the land use process. i don't believe they will need to take as long as the equity business who will vice president new business to the city. and 2, most them are running as i mentioned. in the second part of that process which includes the build out of the space and to put together the operating plans, i don't believe it would, again, take as much time as the equity businesses. they are up and rung. that is all to say now we are processing them in various stages of our process and our plan is to process them in the next 18 month and most of them
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will be completed [inaudible]. which is the [inaudible]. >> how many, mr. law are we talking about how many medical dispensaries are in the queue? >> sure. >> so right now there are about 35 active medical cannabis dispense easier submit the application in our system. as far as the [inaudible] businesses, that can apply for a permit, in article 16 we have about 55 of them. >> thank you very much, mr. law and mr. patele. >> >> you are welcome. if there are no other questions or comments clothes let's go to public comment. >> thank you, are there members who would like to speak on item one approach the podium on the line press star 3. seeing none we'll move to the remote call in line we have 2
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listeners with zero in the queue. >> okay. without public comment on this item is closed. >> i would like to make a motion that we sends this item to the full board with positive recommendation. >> on that motion supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> 3 aye's. >> thank you that motion passes. >> thank you, folks. >> thank you, supervisor. >> madam clerk a request from the sponsor that we continue this item. did you did -- were you going to say something, mrs. florez? >> i was assisting with slides if we were. >> we will not hear we are going to continue it at the request of supervisor mar. >> item 2 the hearing on the permitting process time frames
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and barriers experienced by small property ordinance building accessory dwelling units and the local programs applications in the pipeline you should california state senate bill number 9. member who is wish to comment on this item call the number 415-655-0001 and then access code: 2482 802 4703 ##. press star 3 to enter the queue. >> so we are taking public comment on the continuation of this item. >> right. okay. are there members of public who would like to speak on item 2 approach the podium. >> we will move to our remote call in line. we have 2 and one in the queue. let's take that caller, please. >> eileen coalition for san francisco neighborhoods.
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in support of the continuance san francisco is a charter city that sb9 applies to charter cities under legal challenge. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. that was the last caller in the queue. >> with that, public comment on the continuance is closed. >> so we will continue this item to -- the hearing? or i did in the see a date specified. >> i guess to the call of the chair. do we have to vote on that? >> yes. >> okay. >> on the motion to continue to the call of the chair supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> you have three aye's >> that motion carries. thank you. >> madam clerk call item 3. >> item 3 is the ordinance amending the planning code to designate the turk and taylor
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intersection together with defined portions of 101 taylor street the site of the compton's cafeteria riot a landmark under article 10 of plan and appropriate findings. member who is wish to comment on next 3 call the number on your screen that is 415-655-0001 then access code: 2482 802 4703 ##. press star 3 to enter the speaker queue. thank you, madam clerk, supervisor preston thank you for introducing this item the floor is yours >> thank you chair melgar i will ask the committee to move to the full board to the landmark for turk and taylor streets and the site of the compton's cafeteria riots. i want to thank you chair melgar
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for calendaring this today and as a committee report allow the full board to take action on this item in advance of the upon transgender, gay remembrance. on the 20th n. may of this year the committee approved a resolution initiating the landmark designation then approved unanimously by the full board. since then my office has been working with plan and community advocates on the ordinance that is now before the committee today. as discussed the site is a corner stone of lbgtq+ history. the august 19, 6 up rising at comptons inspired queer activists and i believe strong low the site deserves to be recognized in the historical
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context of the lbgtq+ movement but in the resistance and political action of marginalized communities in san francisco. i think it is important to step back at this moment in time especially important for us to be recognizing historic places like comptons across the country. states and localities as well as federal government. are considering and enacting policies this serve to discriminate against the transgender communities what happened at comp tons the queer community in the face state violence stood up and said, no more. and that act of courage and brave's reverberated over time and across generations and inspired people including those transgender, to demand respect, equal treatment and self
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determination. i should note the resolution to initiate this landmarking process was specific to the intersection of turk and taylor. and thanks to the work of the planning department and our city attorney we were able to expand dh designation to include the physical site of the compton cafeteria riot which was unanimously approved by the historic preservation commission in august. i should also note this gained traction state wide. and in october, the california state historical resource commission voted unanimously to nominate the compton's site to the national register of historic places. which my office provide testimony in support of along with many community leaders. i understand today that most is correct from planning here is to offer a brief presentation i want to really appreciate and state our appreciation for all
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of the time and dedication he and the department have provioleted to this effort. and before turning the floor to him wanted to thank folks i previously thanked but who have worked on this effort had is specific low sean green and am sam favery wella of the transgender cultural sdrishth who worked with our office to carry had and the legislation forward. also want to recognize jupiter per asa with the transgender district and beyond and also wanted to thank the historic preservation commission for their consideration and approval and my chief of staff works with everyone i mentioned kyle, for his work with the community on this item. look forward to the presentations and answering questions and moving this to the
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full board. thank you. >> good afternoon chair melgar. moses, planning staff. 2 years of planning experience i have to say it is an honor to bring you this grounds breaking landmark temperature is a highlight of my career. buffer is consideration to recommend to the full board of supervisors designation of the site of the compton's riot of 19 skwiks located at intersection of turk and taylor street an individual landmark in article 10 of the planning code. the intersection of turk approximate taylor by the board of supervisors and located in the transgender cultural district a national register historic district and is on its way to being an individual national registered land mark. the historic preservation recommends designation of the site of the riot and in doing
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so, the bounds easier to include not only the full extent of the intersection but with extensions to either side that core respond to the length of the store front. it includes the lower building walls of the 101 taylor street building that houses the former dine are. historic commission did recommend that additional measures be incorporated in the future. >> next slide. on the left side you see the bound easier of the sight. note that the photograph is not from that evening. there is no documentation from
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the august night. the significance of landmark is under criteria a event this is made a contribution in the pattern of our history. the riot is significant for association with the first large scale collective on people marginalized by sexuality and gender resulted in lasting institutional change. surpassing the cooper doughnut impact. dewies and the more important and larger stone wall in time. >> acting collectively the members of community furthered the cause and to enable a greater freedom of gender expression without oppression. after the riot, the city's health and police departments developed programs for the transgender people in san francisco. some of which enable people to gain access to state and
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antipoverty promise. it succeeded in starting a long process to change society. as presented in the ordinance the characteristic defining features may seem light for preservationists used to physical buildings. this is a fairly unique resource this is a place of an event. it is important to know what makes a place include went right-of-way the spatial relationships of intersection of turk approximate taylor. this is where people in prosecute test fought the police and the community gashthed to mark significant evens and xoeven for the plaque translives matter mural. 10 within taylor the lower 11 feet of the building housed the store front extending north from
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the corner of turk and 40 feet west if taylor. diner closed in 1972 and replaced by a book store. the present occupants altered the store front butt wall relane. together with the intersection a sense of place reupon mains strong. the dimensions of the former store fronts that contained diner are included. owner consent is in the required the owner don't object to this designation. significant association for an event and integrity are more relevant the location, setting, feeling and association remain in tact. the essential characteristic of an urban intersection are unchanged. work machineship, design and materials are less important the store fremantle under gone 2 changes to 1966 and no longer an
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active store front the design and materials changes yet it is recognizable for the location, setting, feeling and associations. the only issue that may be of concern is the pending safe taylor street project alcohol redesign physical grounds space and will include measures that was designed with public work and it is transgender cultural district. . i wanted to thank the board of supervisors for consideration and initiating this very important cull roll landmark and want to recognize the historic commission has one of its 4 primary focuses to strife to designate places that are significant for cultural associations especially for marginalized peoples.
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thank you. thank you. if there is no questions or comments colleagues, why dent we take public comment. >> thank you. any members withhold like to peek on this item. approach the podium and line up to your right. those online should press star 3 if you are on the remote call in line. have you 2 minutes. hi i'm audrey a representative from the upon transgender district. i want to say. bend it up. so you don't. >> there you go. representative from the transgender district i wanted say this is a very important preservation for landmark for the transgender community for the tenderloin community for black translive and everybody involved. thank moses and the committee for considering this. thank you. >> thank you, audrey. >> next speaker, please.
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good morning i'm yaya. representing transdistrict as well. i want to say we have been tasked to bring culture become to the community and the area. and in doing so if you were to approve that you would have a center piece of a heart of a home for transpeople and it means a lot to us. thank you. >> thank you very much for your comments. next speaker. i'm kenya i'm a social justice transgender district and i'm also excited for what is going on. the landmark the transgender district. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. are is there other members who would like to speak you need to
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approach the podium. >> good afternoon, so i'm sofia. >> pull the mic >> i represent work with the resistance from the transgender district. and we are really close from the turk and taylor. and we will like to keep that. we come feel [inaudible] our [inaudible]. thank you. thank you. are there members of the public? in the chamber. we will move to the remote line we have one listener with 0 in the queue. >> great. with that public comment on this item is closed. >> supervisor preston. >> thank you. thank you again chair melgar for calendaring this and want to
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reiterate the thanks to everyone involved in this effort and just to note that lawyer a lot of things on this board and in city government that divide us on policy issues and i think it it is person and very heartning that when it come to making stands and making it clear where this city stands with respect to supporting the transcommunity in our city against the back drop of when we see nationally, that over and over we see these efforts supported unanimously supportive by the mayor approximate board of supervisor and is hope it will continue. thank you. >> du want to move? >> i would love to which thank you. move to for this item with recommendation as a committee report to the full board >> on that motion supervisor peskin. >> aye >> supervisor preston.
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>> aye >> supervisor melgar. >> motion passes. thank you. [applause]. madam clerk do we have other items before us today? >> we are adjourned. >> thank you. in this san francisco office, there are about 1400 employees.
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and they're working in roughly 400,000 square feet. we were especially pleased that cleanpowersf offers the super green 100% clean energy, not only for commercial entities like ours, but also for residents of the city of san francisco. we were pleased with the package of services they offered and we're now encouraging our employees who have residence in san francisco to sign on as well. we didn't have any interruption of service or any problems with the switch over to cleanpowersf. this clean power opportunity reflects that. i would encourage any large business in san francisco to seriously consider converting and upgrading to the cleanpowersf service. it's good for the environment, it's good for business and it's good for the community.
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>> welcome everyone to union square my name is marissa rodriguez and i'm executive director of union square alliance. what a beautiful, sunny welcoming day here in union square. [applause] we are in the heart of san francisco, the crown rule, union square where the holidays are synonymous with union square. i just want to take a moment to acknowledge all the folks behind me today. it takes a village to ensure that our