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tv   Small Business Commission  SFGTV  November 29, 2022 9:00pm-12:01am PST

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the attention i believe that they deserve. there used to be a sheriff's work alternative program. swap. and there is a therapeutic approach for women of sisters. rose to recovery a community substance abuse policy for male prisoners. designed by sunny schwartz who is amazing a program for violent offend and did a lot of good. the garden project i could go on and on. we had pluthera of programs that helped a lot of people. and i want to better understand what this shortage of department sheriffs really means for those incovers rit whenned when can we to. the rest i submit
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>> thank you. president walton. >> thank you, colleagues i have one memoryium this afternoon for miss hazel lee king who passed on november 14th. 20 twoochlt at 90 years old. ms. king comborn up in arkansas and known for whitt and laughter mored henry king in 1951 and after they moved san francisco. initial low to the lendsonville project in south sudden front and hunter's point housing projects. major lasted 60 combreers is filled with love and tender knows. as their family grew they repurchased a family home where they raised their 6 children. hazel was regarded for her culinary skills. she recounted how when she was
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young her mother made her take overnight comprehend she cooked 3 meals a day for children, grandchildren and family. she could prepare and cook an entire fooel meal in minutes upon often from scratch. baked wedding cakes. catered eventses and cooked for hundreds at the church and the bayview community. she enjoyed cooking and serving others and most low enjoyed knowing that loved once took pleasure in eating her food. an active member of her community. foughted for better schools and equal educational access for the children. participating in the parent action groupful and served on san francisco boards and clubs. including the bayview democratic club. head start. economic opportunity council in the fillmore.
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and participated in voting and mayoral election campaigns. later lead exercise classes for seniors at bayview senior center. after returns as a service technician at peninsula hospital, she assist in the operating her older brother's grocery store toed way likeors in the bayview. throughout the neighborhood she was known for prepare and serving cold and hot karnd sand wishes and food and interacting with residents she had great faith she and her husband went to friendship baptist church and later prove donees baptist church under the late lerredship of reverend jones. leaves to cherish her family of family members and loved once including her 6 children. gland children.
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great grand children and special extended family members. the rest i submit >> supervisor chan. >> thank you. colleagues i'm introducing a resolution urging the d. public health to provide a supportive service to victims of gun violence in san francisco. in july of this year governor new some signs ab1594 authored by phil tang it allow private citizens and local governments to sue gun manufactures for harm caused by gun violence if they violate the california state law. gun violence hurts communities of color. we seen an increase in gun upon violence motivated by hate and race 55 messages from the shooting at the spa in atlanta
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that killed 9 motivated by hate for the asian-american community in 2021 to the shooting by white supremacist at tops market in buffalo new york killing 10 african-american victims to the most recent shooting a drag show at club q in colorado springs. where the shooter targeted the lbgtq+ community killing 5. we need to do more to protect the community and provide access to resources and set this in san francisco we can be the model for access. this resolution asked the department of public health to work with the city attorney. add administrator and mayor's budget office to identify ways to support victims and they may have access to pursue rights to file lawsuits against gun
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manufactures that is a right afforded them under ab1594. hopely twhchl tom have your support as it come buffer. tell be sent it committeeism want to thank president walton and supervisor preston for cosponsorships. thank you the rest i will submit. >> thank you. supervisor dorsey. thank you today i'm introducing legislation to facilitate affordable housing project to be construct in the block 2 in my district. the legislation is minor faement ma'am not transbay plan to increase certain max floor plate standards allow the developtory build more units this is a win for affordable housing goals and improving financial feasible. will facilitate the development of 335 affordable housing unit in 2 buildings including 151
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senior housing and 184 family units that will serve households from 15% to 70%. temperature has been gratifying to represent the neighborhood i have seen come up over the last 20 years and seeing the community that is building an e merging neighborhood and when a special flas place it is, as we fulfill the promise the transbay plan, you would neighbor block 4 will be constructed between the 2 we are nearing our goals of building 3800 units 36% will be affordable.
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resolution the rest next week designating jose day in san francisco on occasion of jose's 100th birthday. but i have a number of in memory. first we adjourn in honor of maria garza. a transgender woman who died at the age of 60 do you to organ failure. born in peru on july 7 of 62.
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trained a ballet dancer and came to the united states in 2002 and danced after making san francisco her home. worked public health hiv unit in 2005. a specialist recrude people near vaccine studies and out reach about hiv prevention then covid. a peer navigator for transgender women providing linkage to services. grza was a drag mother to many aspiring drag queen and started the how was garza races funds for lbgtq+ through funds raisers. also a participate in san francisco arts and entertainment attending opening night of the san francisco opera. and the san francisco ballet. also a devotee of the lbgtq+ night life attending performance
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at otherwise, stud and charlie's. . rest in peace and power garza may your memory be a blessing. >> i'm also asking that we adjourn our meet nothing memory of carol lee. san francisco sex work activist and artist who passod november 16th after a battle with cancer. she was 71. lead a remarkable life a feminist and visionary claiming the term, sex worker described a women's place in the sex industry. the phrase took hole. the term represents the plouffement for healing protection and rep 7ation for sex workers. born in new york lee earned a bachelor in creative writhe newed stan fran in 1977 will she
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began work as a sex worker. she could not file a crime report her work mrilsd have been shut downful after she geoff began a move am comedy and theatre and ral and hes protests featuring a plunging bodice flipping red hair. she founded the sex worker phil and art's fest sxrl 2 book unrepentant whore publish in the 2004. inventing sex work in 2010. . performing at great american music hall. her one woman play add upon vent urs are scarlet at the 83 national festival of women's
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theaters and received awards. her serious side inspiring. supported exotic dancers and fight to win the first labor contract in the business. lee argued that until sex workers are included about feminism and legality conversation from which they have been excloud sex workers will be fragmentd and sigma from the sex worker resistance movement. she established a trust by her and her mother to benefit friends and sex work are activists. her papers will be archived at harvard. rest in peace you will be missed. >> patrick courtney.
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we honored a few year back he died saturday, november 19th at 95. the courtney's produce on castro. he and his wife opened courtneys as parter producech the location open in the 71 remained for upon 51 years. patrick born inire scompland growing up everything heate was grown on the farm. patrick and his brother came to the united states in the for yous arequire nothing new york they found jobs. several years later they lan in the southern california they sold produce and patrick headed san francisco he married loyola. they started farmer's produce using 250 dollars patrick earn friday painting a house. they moved 101 castro.
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they made the corner bright and warm. my honor to nominate the legacy business 3 years ago when the commission approved several of the commissioners had their own stories about their experiences. today as they have the visitor to the shop for fresh produce and dry goods and flowers everything is fresh including from fresh bread delivered every day. patrick who bought the produce for courtney in his nineties is survived boy his wife. daughter and friends including paul she who worked at the store for 20 years. rest in peace patrick courtney may your memory be a blessing.
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lastly in memory of danielle, kelly, ashley, derrick and raymond green. the victims of shooting club q in memory are tough for me. the victims of the shooting at club queue in comcolon saturday november 26. and this is long. a bartend are club queue cyst are found a community of people he loved and made a difference in people's lives. regulars remember him a fixture at the bar with saying what made club q. danielle was a bar supervisor at club q. who moved colorado springs 2 years ago to be close to his
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parents. he first told his mother he was a boy az at 4 >> he had a gentel spirit and enjoyed writing poetry. ashley 35, a proud mother. who loved her family and worked for kid's crossing find loving homes for foster children. sdheeld anything for the kids traveling all over to raise aware ness and encourage families to be foster parents. kelly loving 40 was visiting the club on a weekend trip from her home in denver sister described her a good person loved by everyone. she was a transwoman and supported them throughout their transitions not giving up or care what people think. raymond, 22 visiting club kwshg for the first time with his girlfriend her parents and family friends to cell brit a
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birthday. raymond got a new job at a colorado springs fedex center and family said he was thrilled receive his first paycheck. >> advance was dine with richard an army veteran subdued the gunman the 22 year old shooter acquired an ar rifle and handgun despite arrested for threat thing to kill members with a bomb injuries another 18 people some are still in the hospital. supervisor stefani pointed out on numerous occasions. these were entirely preventible senseless killings. >> that have shattered lives of families and harm to the colorado springs queer community. this is the predictable strajic result of a lack of adequate restriction who is can purchase
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a fireman and violence antiqueer rhetoric from the far right. the club q shooting occurred on the eve transgender dave remembrance. when we remembered and mourned the 32 transpeople kill in the the u.s. this year, and the hundreds killed globalally every year, club q was hosting a drag show with a drag brunch plan for the next day. it is no coincident that tuck are carlson concluded the segment about drag queen hours saying his viewers should arm themselves and lauren who represents colorado springs and the house of representatives spews the antiqueer hate. intooet tweeting take your children to church not to drag
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embarrass. and in california we are not immune to the vinyls. theatrists and marjorie green described our state senator as a communist groomer. and insighting her twitter follower to harass him, clear it is a -- the violence though is ultimate low a response to the fact i think that we are winning >> america is changing for the better. and every day this country becomes more welcome to queer people. some would scare back in the closet but from acts and patrons showed it will not work. upon the queers will fight for our lives. with our alis.
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in memory who lost their lives rest in peace and power. the rest i submit. thank you, supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor mar. thank you. in dam clerk i have one item i'm introducing a resolution,ing inclusion of climb action plan in the updated bond schedule in the year of 21-22 through a city add back secured the general fund investment for d. environment that funding planted seeds for the city's climate equity hub. and it funded a long-term study on how to finance our climate action plan. that report was reles third degree mont by the berkeley center for law, energy and the
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environment. it includes many recommendations and one of the highest and urgent prior system ensuring we plan to use our general bond capacity to meet our climate goals. we cannot and will not meet targets without this step. resolution introducing today urges the capital plan to include the funds priorities for sustainable transportation and cleaner and greenir building in thes bond schedule. there is no silver bullet to funding the climate action plan. as financing report shows we need all options on the table to meet targets and preserve a liveable planet for the future. this step is insufficient but absolutely necessary. the rest i submit.
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we did an update to 12 b, thank you president walton for your leadership and to our city add administrator, carmen chew. but it is time to assess whether it is working.
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so even though prop 2 ties our hand in terms of contracting specific low. with women owned businesses and minority owned business we can ask the question and collect the data and see whether or not we can do better in terms of our contracting policies and procedures. as you know november is also vet republican's month. in honor of the service member who is risked lives to the country and san francisco is home to 20,000 veterans. through this endeavour. so in the despairrity study i'm requesting how many of the businesses we contract with the veteran owned businesses. has a designation for vet republican surprises that is validated by many municipalities across the state. ours is in the one we don't
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recognize that i want to look at whether or not we should explore that to take advantage of the system the state already maintains the second thing i'm introduce suggest an all right of inquiry. to department of public work. we all read about the famous noe valley counsel square toilets. sorry supervisor mandelman and the costings that were reported. the the costs sparked public outrage and lots of discussion amongst ourselves in ways we can reduce costs and increase efficiency and speed on infrastructure projects. since that happened i have learned several things. provided the rescue and park an estimate of the aushth and engineering costs.
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the number picked up the store seout throughout the country not just in our state. and it prompted the state pulling the leverage fund thanksgiving we had already secured. and these public toilets and civic amenities are necessary in order for you to maintain the crucial funds and services to our city. today i'm submit being this letter of inquiry. i would like to have a class comparison of the work that is being done by the department of public works. i want a historical analysis of how much work has been done in house or put out to bid and managed by the d. public works. in the total amount of projects last 5 bond cycles.
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commend the work of local 21 and thank them as public servants who dedicated their careers to good design and infrastructure and maintenance of our facilities. what i'm hoping for is more from our department leaders. and i fear that our ability to leverage state and federal funding will be compromised by the stories and i'm hope to shed light and put facts out and to -- you know the public. as to what actually happens and what it costs and how long it takes. so this we have a full public vetting of the activities. it is our role as lead torse advocate for strong labor practices and efficient delivery of service. transparency and facts go a language way to restoring public trust. from our taxpayers but our
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funding partners. lastly, i would like to close our meeting in honor of marsha fonty who passed on october 25th. marsha was a neighbor. engle side terrace where she raised 3 children. i devoted member of the westportal community. she focused on celebrating the life of the west side. she established 3 community newspapers. e illuminating local history. it was the priority of westportalan teagues the president of the merchant's association. made historical dares highlights rare photos the engle side race track. telless the last horse race a
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neighboring where i live. an appreciation of nature throughout her life. made preserves and wine. she grew olives in engle side terrace. and she shared it with friends neighbors. her and her husband frank raised their children in sudden front and will be grave low missed by her family including her now 9 grand children and 2 great grandchildren the rest i submit. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor peskin. >> thank you. clothes i have 3 resolutions for introduction today. one with regard to the ethicky commission backlog. of mandatory audits of public low financed local campaigns as well as lobbyist audits.
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it was revealed since 2014 the wh the campaign conduct code was amended by daved chiou requiring the commission to audit one lobbyist per year. they have audited 8 years later zero. to their credit 6 are under way. in the 2016 election cycle, the mandatory required audits of public low financed campaigns were finish in the 14 months in the 2018 cycle they were finished no later than 23 months
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after the campaign when it got to 2019, 2020 will not be complete their own submission. this is -- justice delayed it is justice denied supposed to be transparent i want to thank the cosponsored of the resolution urging ethices to get rid of their become log by working with the city controller's city service audit division. this is a core function i want to thank supervisor preston, chan, mandelman, ronen and safai for cosponsorship and safai for suggestion perhaps we need to amend their code to say they need them done in 24 months after the election has finished.
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i'm also introducing a resolution with regard to the decision pursuant to section 13 penalty within 04 of the charter by the election's commission. to -- at this point not renew the contract for a term director go out with a recruitment. for any number of reasons i think that -- 9 we thank you is a department that works this we have no need to change in the middle of the streamful said that, i had now a number of productive and hopeful low promising initial communications with members of the election's
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commission and made it/khrer that it is my inupon tent had is expressed in the resolution that i'm sprucing cosponsored by 9 of you this board of supervisors under powerhouse granted by the power has no intention and is declaring such funding said executive recruitment search. they must act by the 21st day of april. with a lack of funds i think this is a foregone conclusion, but, i do understand this they had they dhn different low and said a number of years ago that they would go sxout do this search it would be a different situation. so, i think it is incumbent on this board to work with them in good faith and also to acknowledge that in 5 year's time they will need funds to do
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such recruitment and sxaefrp that we as a matter of policy intent to funds that in 5 year's time. work in progress, thank you for your cosponsorship and finally i'm introducing a policy resolution with regard to automated vehicles in the city of san francisco. relative to very basic policies in and around the area of safety, transparency and accountability for all of the entrants from the field some things expressed you to by our staff at the san francisco transportation authority. and the san francisco municipal transportation agency. including but in the limited to the vehicles need to be able to pullover to drop passages off accommodate emergency vehicles. make their crash data
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transparent and public low available and available to government. as well as common sense policy statements. and then finally, colleagues i want to adjourn today's meeting in sadness for 2 truly san francisco characters. that hail friday district 3. one of them i think some of you might remember on the occasion of his hundredth birthday, supervisor safai and i actually visited with his survivor also known, ms. daze mc karther. the day that jon hider who celebrated his 101st birthday passed away during of the
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pandemic. half of central police station and the firefighter's from knob hill and station 41 came out to busch street on 900 block to wish him his happy hundredth. and a neighbor brought out a harm and he john road on that for a block. born in scarsdale, new york to michael and ana hider. and went on to scars dale high school. and became obsessed with following his father's foot steps as an artist. his father was a famous paint and johnmented follow suit and kind of did. became a house paint and i recall he went on to work for henry dolljefferpaint nothing daly city when the suburbs started in the 50s. john painted joe diimagine i
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don't's sister's home in the city. he told his neighbors about his brush with history and later returns to fainting homes before getting the urge to try his hand at being an author wrote for lovely newspapers. before his mother became sick in the upon hospital where he met his lifelong friends baiz daisy working at the hospital in new york at that time. john's mother passed at 1024 and he decided to move back to san francisco in the late 1980s. he and ms. daisy had become close friends and neighbors. his caretaker and taking care of many other folks not guilty neighborhood. for those who knew job he was a read and writer. loved politics and held about all quirks of history, like
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playing the ponies and gaming in reno. told neighbors stories the people he friendsed at city hall and the neighborhood. and earlier this month, john attended a public safety meeting of knob hill i attended with captain farm and city staff and everybodimented their picture taken with him and had our public works supervisor laughing as he told her stories growing up at the turn of the century. everybody marveled how sharp he was at the age of 101. i want to say that this neighborhood is so great because of people like john and ms. daze and he gar and he others who look out for their neighbors and i'm going to miss him and my heart goes out to ms. daze and he his community.
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colleagues you may have read in the chronicle date book of the passing of 74 tony bravo a legendary local artist, wonderful individual and friend. gotten allace mo-mo. i did not realize until after his passing his name was richard anderson. lived at the china town community development center on grant avenue and was a part of the north beach artist scene. he was born in new jersey to richard anderson and margaret oshg brian. attended boston university and move to the city after a stint and oregon commune. worked preschool taupe in the haight a perfect vocation for him. he was very muchave child himself in ways. created art from found tomorrows
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with his students before landing many souls ends up in the heart of north beach will where he would make art and scatter it upon about the neighborhoods lone it against hire hydrants and buildings for people to pick up. moment began patienting with our former poet city light's book store foundy and doochtd m-moin the 80's the surreal poets sids mo-mowas the king of fools. his appearances being be deceiving and not until you walked away from autopsy the cuff or nonsensical reaction had a deeper meaning might hit you like his art work.
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and this was another tough one for our community and folks in the neighborhood are broken up now. and our village lost an extraordinary and gentle soul with artistic voice. he was very funny but piece had sadness about loss and love and lone liness. he created simple and direct cartoons with bittersweet observations about life's tough realities. jesse james create aid documentary about him called american outsider king of the idiot this is captured his special character and extension the special character of the neighboring he chose, north beach when we lose a legend like this it is felt bee deeply and i extend condollences to daughter
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kate and peggy his 5 grandchildren, the north beach community and his dear friend and neighbor who took care of him and showered him with love suzanne and the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor peskin. supervisor preston. colleagues today i'm offering an memory for lori jones neighbors. who passed away on november first, 20 twoochlt lori was 56. survived by her husband gordon, her children, and daughter in law. and grandson and siblings mike jones. preston lacy and lisa nicholson lacy. lori was a friend a social justice activist. and a dedicated public servant served on the sunshine ordinance task force in san francisco.
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she was born at a fort worth home for unwed mothers and given up for adoptionful raised by marvin and jimmie jones in lubbock texas and attendses texas tech quarter. 2 masters one in rhetoric and competition from texas tech and the other in sociology from university of california irvine. she became a professor for under resourced students in universities and college in texas. oregon and california. in the public health department of san francisco state university. focusing on public health. the senior director of strategic initiatives at urban habitat an organization in the behave area
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works to power and advance equal potts policies to create a just bay area for low income communities of color. among other things the architect of the boards and commissions leadership institute. a high low successful program kwoek focussed on preparing and placing resident leaders on local and regional boards and commissions. through this work i net lori over a decade ago. when she invited me to be a guest speaker on housing justice with her bcli cohort. loreef found and managed her own consulting company cities and people she specialized in developing programs and policies that transform barriers for those who lack public decisionmaking power.
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the group provided services to an impressive number of organizations across the state of california. recipient of teaching awards and in 2016 proud to be included on the living city's list of 25 disruptive leader w to improve out come for low income people. board member of transform a california policy organization promotes walkable community and equal transportation policy. lori was unanimously appointed in 2021 by the board of supervisors to of the san francisco sunshine ordinance. task force. for which served a member of the compliance and amendment committee in chair of rules committeeism know that she is already missed by member of the task force many reached out.
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in expressed their profound -- and loss of lori on the task force and her passing. lori's curiosity about her birth parents lead her on a search for information. not surprisingly her quest for information hit wall after wall but that did not stop her from continuing on her search for decades. until she found the information she was looking for. and through that experience became a strong advocate for a adoptee rights. her experience lead her to value and strife for gentleman transparency she put to use as a member of the sunshine ordinance task force. lori was a warm and loving person. a people loving introw vert and prolific artist enjoyed painting.
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ambiguity. photography, beading and many other crafts. she loveed bake are read. propagate plants. walks with dog and she was a huge, huge giant's fan. known as the imformal mayor of section 150. hoe and gordon had season tickets out there and lori took it upon herself to make sure that her section was welcoming and enjoyable for new faces and fans. ultimate low what made loreef a force was her kindness and infell jens, moral clairerity and relentless optimism. lori's life was no means easy on her own at a young age. a disability and never able to meet her birth mother. but as her husband gordon put it lori took the and despite
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everything lore never lost the sense a better world was possible. >> lori's passing is a true loss she was a light and beacon of hope for our community and i and others will miss her very much. extend my condolenses to her husband and all of her family and lived once. rest in peace and power lori jones neighbors. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor preston >> supervisor ronen. >> supervisor safai. >> thank you. colleagues early this among we held a hearing regarding to discuss nonproffer bake are accomplices and the issue of outside. ployment for public health employees. as you recall a senior public employee filed the request for
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outside level i have no problem with city employees work outside jobs. as language as they go through
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the approval process and it is does not impact services and their primary job. we learned there are 22 additional d. public healing employees earning outside income. i'm sending a letter asking weather ethics review in screening should be required in cases an employee is receiving compensation from a city contractor in their owen d. my hopes is they can provide an answer over the holiday break. and adopt procedures that prevent this activity from occurring in the future. just to remind folks that nonprofit city employee -- to -- supervisor stefani's point the head of jail house services and
9:50 pm
was then necessary to be on call 24 hours. the oitdz employment required on call 24 hours. there was not any way one could do 2 jobs on call 24 hours in the same time on top of the struggling entity we are now all having to deal with that provides vital services to our city. >> so, like to have a better knowing of the 22 additional employees what conflicts there may exist and get to the bottom when we talk about mental health services and other vital public health services in the city. the rest i submit >> thank you, mr. president. that concludes roll call. go to public comment. thank you. the board of supervisors welcomes your general public
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comment board will prioritize participation from the atendee in person after those who call in the to the remote system. meeting is airing live on channel 26 or the live stream at if you participate remote the number and meeting id were on the agenda and streams on your screen. press pound twice and will heart discussions but you will be muted. press star 3 torn the queue. and that will be your queue to begin comments. during today's public comment you may speak on the minutes at the beginning. item 34 which is on consideration for consideration on the adoption without committee reference and general matters not on today's agenda but in the subject matter jurisdiction all other content
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will be reported by the board where the public comment requirement was full filled. item 28 the ordinance regarding police department equipment is in the eligible for public comments 6 hearings were held in committee. any member what mentioned police department equipment will be interruptd and asked to redirect comments or will be moving on to the next speaker. the board of supervisors accept your written comments u.s. mail at san francisco board of supervisors 1 dr. carlton b. goodlett place city hall room 244, san francisco, california. or e mail at bos we are joined by our partners from civic engage and all invite them to provide instruction in language for members of the public we have agnus for chinese.
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arturo for spanish and raymond for filipino. [instruction in chinese] [instruction in spanish]
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[instruction in filipino] thank you. i invite to you jump in if bow have speakers that require your services. for those that came downline up
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to speak now on your right. adjust the microphone so key we can hear you. the timer is being set for 2 minutes. first personing come forward. hello i'm brent turner. i'm some of you know me an advocate for open source election systems and applaud the board for voting 11-zero to move forward with the system. there has been and if you want to see me on amazon prime on a documentary featuring me with former ci adirector. documentary the real activist. the reason i'm here is because there has been a story on fox news with tuck are carlson attacking the president of the
9:56 pm
election's commission. and the commission. for mentioning the word equity in relationship to the executive sthaefrp supervisor peskin mentioned. we hope you reconsider and fund this search and don't kick can down the road 5 years, there has been a paper authored today boy california clean money that highlights the rational for the executeef search moving forward immediately and not for the reasons stated by the local press including the mission local folks. they mentioned that equity was the only reason and think that would be enough reality is that there is a list of indiscretions out in the paper by california clean money that show we need to strengthen the bench with the election's commission we hope you reconsider that and don't want you oshg lined with fox news or tuck are carlson.
9:57 pm
thank you very much. >> thank you for sharing your comments. next speaker, please. >> i'm daved submit a long time resident and i volunteer at san francisco coordinator for the california clean money campaign. i hope that you will revow letter sent today to you from the california clean money campaign. california association of voting officials and national voting right's task force. our letter raised 5 issues about the current director's actions the past 4 years. view of the occurrence we believe that a candidate search is necessary. and we note that voters which are equal to the election director and election director from other california counties face an election every 4 years
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in this case the director has been in office for 20 years. we ask the board of supervisors not impede funding for an executive search for elections director in which the current election's director is encouraged to be ape candidate. after 20 years san francisco should have a chance to sigh if there are other qualified candidates for elections director. thank you. thank you for sharing your comments, next speaker, please. >> i'm here about mission neighborhood center again. a mother and great mother the restraining order for fighting for the community. i will not be able to open my house for a xhield a teen nobody wants a teen. and imented to bring a teen to my home. i came from nobody helped mow in
9:59 pm
my community. district 10. but sad about it i don't know where the kick down going mission neighborhood and you guy's areas all your areas mission neighborhood centers are so what is it with the neap got so much lies they put on me to slanlder a black peurto rican mother? they slandered me and won across the street mented say, you can't come in orbit community and rob the community. poor and black and latin people. white poor people of that's all i did and that's what i got. was a restraining order i will be here every at this times and complain and ask you guy what is it is going on. what are you getting, is there a kick back you are getting guess when they keep winning and we keep losing. that's to you, too. mr. district 10.
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they scombin we keep losing you know that's okay to have i'm getting out i will be back and i will fight i'm a loving 62 year old mother that i am bayview. and i'm going to keep fighting. thank you i made it on time. >> thank you. do we have other speakers in person? seeing 99 we'll go ahead and move to the remote call in system. mr. kevin lamb from the clerk's office. >> i like to submit this letter. you can take it to the side and somebody will get it for you. mr. kevin lamb is check for example remote attendees if you have call in the press star 3 to enter the speaker's queue and wait for the system it indicate you have been unmuted that will be your knew to comment. can we get the first caller.
10:01 pm
>> supervisors, francisco decosta. i was listening to your deliberation. what i want to state to the supervisors you have a supervisor and i see his back. they never get temperature never get it. what i want to say is -- i'm interested in the quality of life issues that affect san francisco. what can happening at the [inaudible]. what is happening with the new whole foods? wla is happening the united nation plaza? the united nation's [inaudible] sign in san francisco. i am interested in quality life issues. streets, dirt. you see filthy needles. i am interested in helping our
10:02 pm
children. trying to have them am a new [inaudible] in am congregate situations that's what i'm interested inform thank you very much. >> thank you mr. decosta, next speaker, please. yea. i realize i'm at the wrong is ridiculous to give police a kill are robot. >> i'm mauz pausing, redirect your comments otherwise we'll move on to the next caller. >> no , i don't have other comments >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> hello. this is michael calling to
10:03 pm
remind the supervisors that you have only a 12% approval rating. i want to point to the oak land city council takes public comment at item one at their meetings. at the most recent meeting of the oak land city council they heard from 46 members of the public. before they got down to their business. and i am asking the san francisco board of supervisors to consider putting public comment as item number one. so that we don't have to wait 3 hours or longer for 2 minutes of public comment. just as you said a set time for when you engage political masturbation where you make introductions and hand out commendations and stop the
10:04 pm
meetings so you can take photos with constituents, we also need to say to everyone in san francisco that the board of supervisors will will respect the public bile giving us public comment as item number one. if you did this not only would the public be better respected but i suspect your approval ratings would rise up from a measly 12%. that you have now. finally, i am calling for a town hall meeting in the catch row neighborhood about the castro theatre. we must save the castro theatre and the seats inside and keep the castro theatre iconic. thank you very much.
10:05 pm
thank you for sharing your comments, next speaker, please. hi. i have a procedural question and hypothetical question. so if the amendment on 28 does pass. this matter is not eligible for public comment. redirect your comment to another subject. i'm not giving public comment on the item i'm asking whether public comment. >> this is our time to hear if you if you like to provide comments we will take it. >> yes. i would like if you have comments call our front desk if you have questions call the office. i'm not making public comment about the content i'm asking whether public comment will be allowed at the second reading. no there will not be this is not a question and answer time. we will move on.
10:06 pm
i asked -- the supervisors to consider that. >> can we get the next caller, please. this might sound it is retort to earlier ruling i request being permitted to speak as a personal comment i was planning on sharing long before the items overnight holiday a made requests to government for law enforcement misconnect and a car was passing my home with a strange yellow light came up behind me and cameras and technology i wished i had the option to decline consent. google gathering my location or shelter. no scene option exists. in my experience with computers remote control by hackers or law
10:07 pm
enforcement. or both. nobody notified you so you can avert what command is put in your device. no life look. no updated operating system. no [inaudible] of complete control over your settings can ride the superior tech noveling hackers and law enforcement. when any future on wheels or stationary is remote low controlled boy hacker bad cop or good the steering wheel regardless of what your screen indicates the i const. special options. we are surrounded by robots with google cars and google has no contracts. not armed. what is the plan to subdue the first hacked computer robot programmed codes.
10:08 pm
or simple low witness tampering when the witness everwitnessed police misconduct. thank you for sharing your comments. next speaker, please. [inaudible] disash pointed hear supervisor mandelman historic preservation commission for land marking moved january 7th [inaudible] it is a rough week for the queer community with the colorado springs and the mosconi murders this past [inaudible]. all [inaudible] [cannot understand speaker] thank you
10:09 pm
for sharing your comments. next speaker, please. good evening supervisors jill here i don't plan on call nothing i want to condemn a qualification michael that trellis mark an active self pleasure i appreciate if the board president said that in the presence of your comments member
10:10 pm
of the board you can direct your comments to the board as a whole. >> okay. i would like to with draw and rephrase my remark and ask the board reach out to mr. patrellis when there are 4 working mops on the board it is inappropriate to make references to sexual content of any kind i'm an open government advocate and deeply hurt about mr. patrellis comments and want to comdem them i sit at home watching you perform and you do what you do the thankless work do you so well. i want to thank the supervisor who is spoken out against gun violence i'm a gun violence survivor. and i also want to say very briefly i greatly appreciate the remote testimony i hope i have
10:11 pm
never abuse today and hope you will be reserve exclude did in the plan on call figure but the res by mr. patrellis have no accomplice in your chamber or around supervisor stefani or other working mom. thank you, have a great evening and be save. thank you for your service. >> thank you for sharing your comments. >> do we have other callers in the queue. >> we have no callers. >> thank you. mr. president. >> thank you madam clerk. public comment is closed. madam clerk let's go back to item 28. and for the record item 28 is the ordinance regarding the funding acquisition and use of police department equipment. >> thank you. supervisor peskin. >> thank you, president walton colleagues in consultation with the city attorney's office i
10:12 pm
offer the following modification to be set forth on page 8 of the ordinance at line 8 -- that would modify section 1.8.5 replacing out weighs any other force option available to sfpd with the following:officers cannot subduty threat after using alternative force options for deescalation tactics options or conclude they will not be able to subduty threat after evaluating alternative force options and deescalation tactists the chaef, assist san or department chief may authorize the use of robots as a deadly force option. >> thank you, supervisor safai your second still in order
10:13 pm
>> supervisor ronen >> like to divide the question. >> thank you. >> madam clerk. supervisor ronen wishes to divide the question >> into the first and second sentence >> i will so for the first portion of the amendment offered by supervisor peskin. supervisor stefani. >> aye >> supervisor walton. >> no. >> supervisor chan. >> aye. >> supervisor dorse >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye >> supervisor ronen. >> no >> supervisor safai >> aye. 9 aye's 2 no with supervisors walton and ronen in decent. >> thank you. 9-2 the motion to amend passes.
10:14 pm
on the remaining portion. >> second question supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> supervisor walton. >> aye. >> supervisor chan. >> aye. >> supervisor dorsey. >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye >> supervisor melgar. >> aye >> supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor ronen. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye >> there are 11 aye's. >> thank you on on the remaining motion the passes unanimously. madam clerk now on the amended item 28. >> on the ordinance as amended supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> supervisor walton. >> no.
10:15 pm
>> supervisor chan. >> aye. >> supervisor dorsey. >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> no. >> supervisor ronen. >> no. >> supervisor safai. >> aye. >> there are 8 aye's and 3 no's with supervisors walton. preston and robe then decent. >> amended item 28 pass says boy a vote of 8 to 3 on first reading. >> madam clerk go to adoption without committee reference item 34. >> yes. of item there are was introduced for adoption without reference a unanimous vote is required for this first reading and interest supervisor may require residence tlougz go to committee.
10:16 pm
item 34 support human rights of people of iran human rights abuses in iran and the release of political prisoners and standing with the women and people of iran. >> thank you. supervisor safai. >> thank you. colleagues. so, it interesting things happen in the iran the last 2 months. but they all started unexpected leave when a woman was taken into custody by morality police near not covering her hair appropriately. she die custody it starred out
10:17 pm
pouring of support lead by and ushered in by the force of women. not guilty country. standing up for basic human rights. something i think that in many ways has not been seen in a language time in our history. young girls passovered a video channing at the principal to leave the schooliard t. means shame. and they were saying it over and over again. the people of country truly risen up and demanding basic human rights. thing that the beautiful nature is that it is lead by women, young, older.
10:18 pm
and -- middle aged all different ages. students. and it is in many ways a leader manslaughter movement there is no leader it is truly every day citizens rising up and standing up and demanding basic human rights. we put this forward today we show support and asked for the city hall to lit up in honor of the protest and that has been done a couple of times we helped host events participate in events around the city. and this it is not really an opportunity for political leaders it is the reason why i have not been vocal it it is a move am of every day people. brought this forward to show solidarity to the women and people of iran standing up for human rights. we waited awhile. we are not the first place in the bay area that asked for
10:19 pm
this. the parliament of france passed something. it is having an impact in, countries as well. we are seeing people in upon china standing up and asking for basic human rights and demanding things. i wanted to put that out and stand i have been it is important for the city and county of san francisco a lot of times people say, why are you not focused on the cleanliness of the streets and every day problem in san francisco and to them i know the criticisms will come. we can chew gum and walk at the same time. we can be the place where so many international treatys and move ams have been recognized and participated in supported in. city and county of san francisco. am the place and home of the
10:20 pm
speaker. of our country and the house nancy pelosi. our vice president. governor and lieutenant governor. the statements we make in this moment for this movement are person. i thank you all and president walton for your cosponsorship i know a lot of other supervisors had expressed. supervisor stefani expressed her support early it was not recorded to her cosponsorship but thank you all of you. for your support and encouragement and the last thing i will say is one thing that is unique about this movement is the power of social media. it did not exist a number of years ago when the green revolution was happens in the middle east. now the moment something happens on the streets of iran it is
10:21 pm
conveyed to us here and the things we do are conveyed to him and gives them hope and encourage am to continue on. i thank each one you for giving meet opportunity to do this. thank the iranian women who stood up and putting their lives on the line. literally dying for freedom and democracy. thank you. mr. p. >> thank you supervisor safai. supervisor mar >> thank you for bring thanksgiving forward and add mow as a cosponsor. >> thank you, supervisor dorsey. >> thank you president walton and thank you supervisor safai for leadership on this and your powerful case and i'd like to be added >> thank you supervisor dorsey, supervisor melgar >> thank you, add me as a cosponsor as well.
10:22 pm
thank you. >> thank you. supervisor stefaniism wanted to make sure i was added air spoke to you about that earlier when you introduce today. and thank you so much for put thanksgiving forward. of the bravery of the women and everyone supporting them is just miraculous and amazing and i'm really happy to be a coexperience. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor mandelman. du remove your name? >> thank you. >> thank you, supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor preston. >> i believe i'm already a cosponsor but not listed in case. add me if i'm not already. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor preston. madam clerk. gi wanted make sure an am a cosponsor. this is one, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, thank you very much for
10:23 pm
your coexperienceship. everyone. thank you. >> thank you supervisor safai. would you call the roll on item 34. >> supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> supervisor walton. >> aye. >> supervisor chan. >> aye. >> supervisor dorsey. >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye >> supervisor melgar >> aye >> supervisor peskin. aye >> supervisor preston. >> aye >> supervisor ronen. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye. >> there are 11 aye's >> this is adopted unanimously. do we have any agenda items. we don't. >> read the in memories. adjourned in memory of the following individuals on behalf of president walton the late ms.
10:24 pm
hazel lee kivenlg supervisor mandelman the late mr. patrick courtney. mrs. carol lee, mrs. maria jose garza and the club q victims danielle and ashley poeshg, derrick and raymond green advance. and on behalf of supervisor melgar for marsha ray. and on behalf of supervisor peskin the late mr. john hider and mr. richardand son. and behalf of supervisor preston for the late ms. lori jones neighbors. thank you, do we have any business before us today. >> that concludes the business today >> not how much we give but how much love we put in giving. this middle easting is adjourned.
10:25 pm
>> first let me acknowledge paul we left outside. he is under the tent, which is good. he is an ambassador. cudos he is amazing. [applause] thank you and to acknowledge another doctor carol tang director of the children's
10:26 pm
creativity museum. put a nice roof over our heads appreciate it, carol >> welcome to the yerba buena gardens a beautiful garden i'm scott ruiz the new director for the yerba buena community benefit district and the gardenace conservesancey. thank you for having me both organizations are dmited improve thanksgiving yerba buena neighborhood. yerba buena is a u neefk neighborhood. culture, convention and community meet. we have world class museums like this amazing children's creativity. the amazing moscone convention center. hotels. educational snoous institutions the yerba buena gardens. small businesses, restaurants and live/work senior housing, et cetera . yerba buena is a diverse and unique community. i want to highlight this museum
10:27 pm
bring your kids back. i have young kids it is an amazing place for 2 to 12 year olds to experience education rotating common when is you are done here today. i was going to send you out to the carousel we can do the carousel is outside and check out the museum. look at the mufb lab if you can it is neat. >> a couple other things i want to acknowledge mandy hall from the sftid and paulita eliot. [applause]. and paulita eliot from block by block. [applause]. those 2 amazing individuals create third degree program. we are honored have this program and this here a year later. we all know and you will hear more. the oranges jackets are amazing and they make such a presence in
10:28 pm
our community. yerba buena and everybody in the city. thank you for your hard work. i know you are not here to hear from me. most important person. london breed, our mayor. [applause]. >> thank you, scott, it is great to be here and you know i should have worn my orange jacket today t. is actually in the car now. sometimes when i want to go out there and support the community and have conversations with just visitors and i will 3 it on when i'm out cleaning up the streets i wear that orange jacket. people will stop and ask me questions. which is nice. they don't ask because i'm mayor because they see that orange jack and it is really something this i will tell you is one of the things i'm most proudest of
10:29 pm
as mayor. because i had a chance to talk to some of you over the past year. and what i was most excited about is number one, so many of you who have grownup in san francisco and your love for san francisco. and how you have told people like the best places to eat. not the places that typically tourists go to at the whar and downtown but places in neighborhoods that still exist. places all around the city. you give them a different perspective of san francisco. when i travel, i wish i could find someone to give me nadifferent perspective. i gotta say, i get so many letters not always good letters but for this program, it is probably the program this i gotten the most good letters from visitors and people who travel to san francisco from downtown.
10:30 pm
and i make my staff give me them to read because i want to have i good day. and i have a good day when i hear about the stories where i think i don't want to say names but there was an ambassador who someone had an experience with a family member approximate a medical issue they let them use their cell phone ask stayed with them to make sure that that family got connected with another family member. and it is just things like that that make this program unique you alwaysment to help. i see you all talking on the talking to visitors on the corners. walking with people. trying to point out the directions to go in. and the thing i love most you always have a smile on your faces. >> and makes a difference. you know, we have been through a challenging time this global pandemic hit us hard.
10:31 pm
can you imagine having a really bad day and you walk up and you see someone and you just smile and how good that makes you feel. it makes you want to ask for directions even though you can use your phone. it really invites you in to have that conversation. that conversation leads to a great experience in san francisco. we are not going to let everyone determine what the story is of san francisco with all of the posts that oftentimes target and focus on the negative things. when we will do is elevate the experiences of what the downtown community ambassador program has done in neighborhoods throughout san francisco. that is the story of san francisco. talking about the personal experience that you have about our city and also making the recommendations to the people who live and visit. we have a convention going on
10:32 pm
now. and many of those convention goers sent letters in the past about this program. and how they had a great experience. because i will tell you there were conventions that were having second thoughts about whether or not they would come back to san francisco. and because of you, they not only came back to san francisco but are looking toward the future of returning to san francisco after their conventions. this means so much support. this means the ability to pay for programs and do all the great things we do in san francisco. you are an important part of this work. i can't thank you enough for your commitment, work, for your advocacy, for everything that you have done to really turn this area around because last year, you know and this year to an extent; there was uncertainty whether or not people would return to work. and we are still struggling with that. but people still come to san
10:33 pm
francisco for skroengzs and to visit and to ride the cable cars. where i always see an ambassador at the cable car location. where do i get a ticket. what do i do. where are the best stops? i appreciate mta but not mta answering the question its is all of you that are telling folks where to go and how to get to lombard and look over and the beautiful views of san francisco park and the golden gate bridge that is meaning. . this has not happened before. we did not have you all over a year ago. and the experience was much different even before the pandemic. i'm glad to be here with so many folk who is believe and support this program. but i'm glad to be here with the people who show up every day rain or shine. to be of service to the city that you all know and love.
10:34 pm
i can't be more proud to celebrate a year of this program and hear here is more years to come. thank you very much. [applause]. thank you mayor i'm matt dorse the district 6 supervisor. for those of you visiting welcome to district 6. this is a district that credit includes high traffic and visited destination in our south of market neighborhoods including mosconi. west field shopping center yerba buena gardens. these destinations attract thousands of visitors a year. remind people how important that is. in 2019 san francisco had a record shattering year in tourism it was 26 million
10:35 pm
visitors that is the state of texas. coming to visit our city. 10 billion dollars in economic activity. and supporting 82,000 jobs for san francisco. this is really important. and the work that our ambassadors do is bring us back. you know the thing they think about you know i know that we can be down sometimes as we come out of covid. if you look at the seal of our city t. is a phoenix. we come back. that is the civic creed of san francisco. and we are on our way back and doing it, i think one smile at a time. what i love about the ambassador program, happy anniversary to all of you. i will say as a new interiors it is niez to know how popular you are. the k bd's are well regardd and
10:36 pm
it means so much to residentses and as well as to our visitors. to see a smiling face, welcoming presence, knowledgeable person who can answer a request where something s. that is how we will come back and i do feel a little eni havous i'm on the board of supervisors the least popular there is a public comment caller who every week reminds us that the 12% think we are competence. it is humbling and i really appreciateow popular you are and i hope you see it. and i do. to say to the public. when you see people out here ambassadors whether in orange or blue or white or green. you am see a lot of them and you will see people pick update street who is work for the community benefit districts. say hello and thanks. it means the world to our city.
10:37 pm
we are coming back. and i want to say how grateful i am as a supervisor i will do everything i can to stand with the mayor to make sure we have the funding for this we need. and we are funding our cbd's and bringing our city back to get better the numbers we had in 2019. and with that, it is my pleasure to welcome john anderson the general manager of the marriott marky. >> thank you very much. i appreciate your leadership in district 6. i get to chair the [inaudible] and the general manager of the san san francisco marriott marky. this neighborhood is important to the ambassadors. a year ago we stood here not far from here in yerba buena and introduced the san francisco welcome ambassador program. thanks to the support london
10:38 pm
breed, it has been successful, would you agree? good. today over 4 million welcomes later it is i pleasure to say and celebrate the success of the program to see how far we have some on the road to recovery. in quarter 3 of this year san francisco recorded the best tourism quarter since the pandemic started >> the san francisco market achiefed 70.5% occupancy, daily rate of 230 dollars. last year in quarter 3 it was 51% occupancy and 168 dollars of average daily rate. we have a ways to go to reach 2019 record tourism year it is important to celebrate mile stones the program has been successful and measures to support the economic growth in san francisco. i want to thank all the
10:39 pm
ambassadors for important contributions to make the visitors and residents feel welcome are safe and cared for in san francisco. the ambassador program is well received by planners and convention goers. it has been crucial in helping bring book conventions to san francisco. last 12 months we received e mails raving about experiencing with the ambassadors. who are thrilled receive cal travel endorsement of the welcome ambassador program when they awarded at this time 20 upon 22 visitor experience award last month. congratulations. [applause]. this would not have happened without the support of mayor breed and the welcome ambassador program. thank you, mayor breed, we appreciate it. [applause]. before i turn the microphone over to rodriguez i encourage
10:40 pm
the business community representatives to open your doors to the ambassadors. they are walking the streets and greeting guests they use the restroom. of kick feet and up get a drink of water. welcome your doors to anybody in orange. we appreciate you, thank you very much. [applause]. >> thank you, john. i'm marissa rodriguez the union square alliance the heart of our city thank you very much our ambassadors. we don't beat without your support i receive e mails telling us the great stores. we are the part of town that is home to hotels, theatre, restaurants, visitors. it is not without the support of our ambassadors that we will not be able to receive back all of the san francisco. of you reminds them it is safe and the accomplice to come back
10:41 pm
and celebrate the greatest moments i want to thank patrick who kept me dry moments ago. it is acts like that that i hear about. the small things that people appreciate you feel welcomed. the community feels welcome and feel like they are stepping into san francisco living room they have you to ask questions and talk to which i want to thank all of the individuals here today this is a racial fabric you may not realize ambassadors you are supporting. i want to thank block by block. handy hall for her program. i see ken with the conventions without which our heart would not beat. thank you and supporting them. i see our hotel and cbd community.
10:42 pm
and there are so many people here that count and rely on you. we can't do this without your support. they are all here to support you. i can't imagine. this is one year that you have been here and changed lives. and right observe the holiday season come again. we are excited for a big blow out in union square. of course, winter market and the ice rink is opening today. yes it is opening today i know you will all be there i want to thank our mayor for all of her support and all of you. it does not happen without great vision. i want to thank you, mayor and certainly to our board of supervisors for recognizing the importance of that, too. we do better when we work together. our ambassador in blue appreciate you in union square. thank you so much. with this i like to welcome up moanna. [applause].
10:43 pm
>> hello i'm moanna saul [inaudible]. and i have been with the welcome ambassador program since the beginning. one year ago. when i applied for this position, as a welcome ambassador i did not know what to expect. all i knew was i was going to make a difference i look forward to greeting commuters on their way to work. school kids crowding the 30 and 8 bus. saying hello to cable car conductors and welcoming our visitors to the great city of san francisco. i think that this program is important because we help a lot of people. we give dreksz. all types of recommendations.
10:44 pm
and also guide many folk who is are in san francisco for a convention to the mosconi center. we also offer and provide different resources for the homeless and just anyone who is in need. although i have been in an san francisco all of my life this job helped mow to be kinds always. many visit because of the diversity and we are the heart of the bay area. to the current and future welcome ambassadors, thank you for your hard work and your dedication when you are out in the field. rain or shine, our orange still is bright. [applause] >> thank you, mayor london breed
10:45 pm
and the city of san francisco for funding this amazing program. it is making a huge difference for visitors, locals and businesses in the areas we cover. also, to all of us ambassadors that enjoy the job. thank you. [applause]. >> thank you everyone for coming and thank you for staying here even though it rained heavy out there. i'm mandy from the sftab the director of the welcome ambassador program. thank you to our speakers to mad am mayor, maona. supervisor dorsey, john and scott and your team for hosting us today. it has been a privilege to work with and get to know the team overnight past year. it is gratify to receive all the
10:46 pm
fantastic e mails that i get. and to share them with the team. these are a reminder of the amazing work they are doing. and i know that it shows how much they are appreciated. thank you all of you for all that you do. all your hard work. ? this includes paulita the director of the program near block by block. . [applause]. before we close the proceedings and you will get to ride the care set, hopefully and cookies we have cookies to share. i would like to recognize the upon 20 team members been with us from the beginning the guys that you see behind us. not all 20 are here but -- [applause]. thank you all of you for all your hard work.
10:47 pm
and thank you also to everybody else on the team of in the office or out on the streets every day you do an amazing job. thank you. [applause]. and then just to conclude my bit here, one person has been chosen as ambassador of the year. uh-huh. this is i surprise to everybody. [laughter]. she was chosen for strong work ethic. being a great example to coworkers. always as a smile and goes above and beyond to provide great service and also share her knowledge and enthusiasm with fellow team members. moanna, would you like to stem forward. [applause].
10:48 pm
[applause] so, thank you, moanna. congratulations. this is your certificate and will be goodies as well >> you are being recognized as ambassador of the year for 2022. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. [applause] learned and expand it across the city. [♪♪] the tenderloin is home to families, immigrants, seniors, merchants, workers, and the housed and unhoused who all deserve a thriving neighborhood to call home. the tenderloin emergency
10:49 pm
initiative was launched to improve safety, reduce crime, connect people to services, and increase investments in the neighborhood. >> the department of homelessness and supportive housing is responsible for providing resources to people living on the streets. we can do assessments on the streets to see what people are eligible for as far as permanent housing. we also link people with shelter that's available. it could be congregate shelter, the navigation center, the homeless outreach team links those people with those resources and the tenderloin needs that more than anywhere else in the city. >> they're staffing a variety of our street teams, our street crisis response team, our street overdose response team, and our newly launched wellness response team. we have received feedback from community members, from residents, community organizations that we need an extra level and an extra level of impact and more impactful care to serve this community's needs and that's what the fire department and the community's
10:50 pm
paramedics are bringing today to this issue. >> the staff at san francisco community health center has really taken up the initiative of providing a community-based outreach for the neighborhood. so we're out there at this point monday through saturday letting residents know this is a service they can access really just describing the service, you know, the shower, the laundry, the food, all the different resources and referrals that can be made and really just providing the neighborhood with a face, this is something that we've seen work and something you can trust. >> together, city and community-based teams work daily to connect people to services, >> goovend, everybody. >> how is everyone doing today? >> awe some.
10:51 pm
great weather we were dreading it would rain today and look at the sky behind me. gorgeous. this was meant to be. my name is natasha i'm the executive vice president the development at bridge. for northern california. i will also be our mc today. on behalf of bridge and ken lombard could not be here today. i want to welcome all of you and thank you for take the time to celebrate the grounds breaking for potrero block b. bridge was seconded by san francisco to partner with the residents of the potrero community and literally redesign the landscape that you see here. together, we embed on the long over due and critical task of figuring out how to figure out the potrero terrace andaneck. hours of discussion, design charettes and focus groups with
10:52 pm
the community resulted in rebuilt potrero. an ambitious vision to redevelop the site in a master plan with 1600 housing units, parks and open space, new street grid other thanning retail and community serving space that grand vision is surely taking shape before our eyes with the development of the second phase with 150, 7 units of affordable family housing and infrastructure. [applause]. 1101 connecticut the building behind you, this you see across the street is 72 family housing units that opened in 2019 as phase one of potrero. potrero block b includes a 6,000 square foot child pace and provide a home notoriety cross
10:53 pm
cultural family center a childcare provider serving the communities for many years out of 2 existing apartments. in addition the block b development will include 4,000 square foot public minipark. the first of several parks in community serving open spaces that are an important part of this master plan. our mission is to communities. i have been with bridge for many years. i joined the potrero team earlier this year. this is really personal for me. i upon really want to take this opportunity to thank the residents of the potrero community and all the other stake holders including supervisor walton and his staff. mayor breed, staff at mayor's office of housing and oewd. the san francisco housing authority, i see tonya here and staff. hope sf for welcoming mow to the
10:54 pm
team and post in the our collective effort to rebuild potreroism look forward to working with all of you to further our mission. lastly, a shout out to the small and mighty bridge team. april tale. susan newfeld. t. j. bryce. listen all instrumental in bringing us together. give everybody on the stake holders the community let's give everybody a round of alaws. [applause] i would like to welcome supervisor walton who has been the champion of the rebuild potrero project. good morning, first of all
10:55 pm
welcome to the beautiful district 10 the sun is always shining. even with the expectation of rain. this is truly a beautiful day for us here and community to be breaking ground on another building more housing and affordable housing in san francisco and in potrero hill. my conversations with bridge start in the 2007 and 8 when i was the director of the family resource center and talking about development and talking about how we would rebuild potrero we are 24 years later, we have first unitings up. more units on the way. this is what we really call fulfilling a promise. and we will make sure we continue to finish all the units that are going to be replaced here on the hill. when we replace units we are not replacing community. we make sure community can stay,
10:56 pm
live here in the same neighborhood where they have been raising family and work for the last decades. i'm excited to be on the board of supervisors to see this enter fruition. i look at members in communities and folks, note only lived here for their lives and worked here and been a part of making sure we got to this day and thank the community and residents, they have of course had to endure all of the changes and designs. all of the different models before we got to this date and to see the work coming. thank you for your resiliencey to the community and thank you for showing up today. looking forward to had this is finished, we'll be back to cut the ribbon and people are moving in. thank you. [applause]
10:57 pm
>> thank you supervisor walton. i would now like to invite eric shaw to say a few words, potrero with the other hope sf project in san francisco would not be possible without the on going support of the mayor and certainly her staff at mayor's office of housing. eric? [applause]. >> thank you very much. and also proud to say i'm interim director of hope sf. i wear 2 hats and proud of both and want to thank and blessed and fortunate in that initiative as well. i'm proud to be here to celebrate the construction of another building of affordable home in potrero hill. it reflects the promise we made to the potrero public housing this no residents be displaced as we transform this to a racially and economically inclusive neighborhood. this is a vision of hope sf to
10:58 pm
create new possibilities and for a city on aging public housing cites this anies back years and guess back to previous mayors. promise deliver on the vision pass friday mayor to mayor. because while the city and the person in city hall may change the community deserves these projects. original buildings built 80 years ago and not built to last for as long as they have. we worked to rebuild the community surrender way with residents move in the 72 new homeos 1101 connecticut. this will be here will be the seconded affordable housing to break ground as part of potrero hill master plan. will bring 157 new homes to the neighborhood. 117 of those reserved for current residents already call potrero home and will create 40 additional affordable homes new housing opportunity here as we
10:59 pm
reimagine this neighborhood. includes 10 units servesh reserved through the preference program so they are not displaced. the building will have on sight property management and service. community gathering spaces and on sight minipark and the public. affordable childcare approximate this is just the beginning. i am honored gather to break ground on the next step for the community and i can't wait to be here for the grand opening the next decade planning up to 1700 new home in the neighborhood and 65% will be affordable. and as we invest more in potrero and build the housing we the great new community spaces, job ands transit opportunity. celebrate >> moment and lift up our communities and create tunes for all regardless of backgroundses. and for recognitions. i like to thank everyone
11:00 pm
involved in hope sf. raise your hands. >> [applause] i would like to thank bridge housing and team's architects, contractors and service providers took the time to gather feedback from the community. your work made sure the voices were heard and the needs were met. i want to thank the san francisco housing authority and are tonya? who has been an amazing partner through this whole journey. and ultramarathon if we call it that we are coming in mile 25? thank you very much for your leadership as well. i want to thank the city departments including all my teams and the mayor's office of housing community development. can you raise you were hands? mocd? and our funders it is all about money and by the way we need more. thank you very much. i always have to ask.
11:01 pm
the supervisor that was your talk happening points to ask for more money. we will do that off line. i want to thank the california department of housing and communities development. provides fund to the california housing accelerator to allow this project to move forward this is one of 5 projects hope sf that are funded. i want to thank you very much. and finally i want to thank the community. you put your faith in us and work for us and without you none of this will be happening. continue to work to commit it possible as we strife for a san francisco that is affordable to everyone. and with that i will bring my fellow partner and development and financials from the stage. ditransition. [laughter]. hands it over. >> okay. there you go. all of us should ask for funding. it takes a village in that space. thank you very much for your partnership as well.
11:02 pm
[applause]. before i start i need to take a picture from up here. i -- all of you etch raised your hand and i am getting pictures one at a time. congratulations your victory! good job! thank you. >> of course eric. good morning, everybody. i'm hernandez deputy director for communication at the california d. housing and community development. it is my great pleasure to be here today. [applause]. on behalf of governor newsome, yea. don't record that. acd director valasciiys wanted to be here today and our entire departmentive want to wish a congratulations and honest low a thank you. i will go off script as i was
11:03 pm
upon listening to the speakers and eavesdropping on the side conversations, what really resonateed me and is at the core of great investment is community. theancy displacement efforts for this project are critical, they are so important and they speak to when we really care about that is giving people safe, affordable homes for long-term. thank you for this hard work. thank you to the community. i know it can be tough to trust government. and work with government. and i hope today you feel some success. we cannot be here without you. [applause]. so as you heard, we invested through our housing accelerator fund approximately 94 million that mean this is project within 6 months went from the, ward to today this . is unpresidented,
11:04 pm
record breaking and critical to keep this project moving. we put in another 20 million with the california growth council for investment in infrastructure, bike ways, walkways and making better transit connections the under production of house nothing general and affordable housing coupled with historic red lining and other policies made housing unaffordable for far too many in our state and for too long. we need more communities like this. the housing accelerator will provide approximately 5,000 new housing units throughout the state they will come online extreme low fast. developers like bridge and per ins like in the mayor's office. want to thank mayor breed, eric, your team. we need that commitment. this project is years in the
11:05 pm
make. and we need that dedication so no matter who is in office the projects move forward and represent the community who deserve and over looked for too long. look forward to victim in the city of san francisco. look forward to more opportunitiful i will get prishths after this. i'm looking forward to. thank you again and i cannot wait to be back. our director wants to back when we cut the ribbon and welcome more residents home. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you. we appreciated both the state and the mayor's office of housing for the funding they have provided this and other projects. i would like to invite jonathan, executive director of j. p. mother abchase. >> chase bank provide financing
11:06 pm
for block b. in addition to the subsidy funding reach out to the banks and our investors always to get more funding and we want to thank you for your support. >> thank you. jonathan beach with chase community development bank. an honest torto be here thank you for inviting me. just to start, i joined chase 4 months ago. prior i managed santa clara affordable housing department of i want to admit i have didn't least amount work of anybody here but get the honor of speaking at the ground break. that said, i want to thank bridge. and all of our partners here today and congratulations on the ground break. i have been a fan of bridge for a long time at the city and at chase. and i could not think of a better development team to tackle a complicated and master
11:07 pm
plan development on a site like this the oldest public housing sights in the city. you know chase roll roll was to provide 150 million dollars in construction financing and 50 million dollars in permanent financing and despite the big number there is is no may the project is feasible without the mayor's office, housing authority. monica mentioned, this project here is an example of the success of the state's housing accelerator program to fund projects that would have been stuck in the bottle neck to get tax credits. this projects this otherwise may not have been funded. who knows where the project would be today without the accelerator program. chase, we funded a number of fais phases through hope sf. we are prud to be a part of the broader initiative. but what is happening at potrero. i want to thank bridge for
11:08 pm
having us here today and block b is part of the larger goal to the larger goal to increase access affordable housing for everyone. i think we are looking forward to seeing your vision realized here. and come become to see this master plan development fulfilled. thank you and looking forward to communities thrive here. [applause]. >> thank you. i would be remiss if i did not mention the housing authority as always one of the providers for all the projects here. housing authority [inaudible] and i want to reach out and thank my colleague, tonya, for her leadership and partnership and looking forward to working with you to expedite when we have here.
11:09 pm
thank you. [applause]. and last but not the least, i want to invite april tality tow come and say a few words. and acknowledge and village of folks you tell we partnered with to make it happen. >> i want to thank april for her dedication approximate hard work in piecing together the financing, you all just heard how much it takes to put the projects together. and as monica said, and i think eric you mentioned this and jonathan; we applied multiple times for financing throughout state under a different program and not successful. and the govern obviously upon his priority is to increase the amount of affordable housing and expedite building housing. i want to thank april she was curating the applications and trust mow they are not easy.
11:10 pm
lots of details. i don't know april how many times you applied, twice. >> okay. >> i really would like for to you come up here and say a few words about the projects, your experience and we want to acknowledge everybody. instrumental to work here today. thank you. >> good afternoon, everybody. i think we can do better. good afternoon, everyone! >> thank you. i'm april tally senior project manager at bridge. i am delighted to be here as it has been a challenging and yet rewarding time.
11:11 pm
on behalf of bridge housing i would like to take a few moments to thank several team members for make thanksgiving development a reality. i like to acknowledge the residents of potrero public housing. thank you for your patience with this process. we also like to acknowledge the neighbors of potrero public housing as well. we looic to thank our community based organizations that support and uplift residents such as the chant shanti project, care. stand in peace, neighborhood house and rdj. >> our architects paul, jeffrey, alisa and anthony for the creative design. thanks to gary string and the team at gls for landscape design. i like to thank our consultants at ph pc for financial
11:12 pm
consultation throughout the predevelopment through construction closing. next i like to thank acc, sunlight and power. concord group and way point our construction managers on this project. thank you to matt irwin. robert and the kay hill team for partners in the redevelopment of potrero. you all know kay hill was the gc for connecticut as well. we appreciate supervisor walton and his staff for supporting the project and a huge thanks to the california department of housing and community development for helping us >> yes. helping us put your funds from the california housing accelerator. they were in lieu of traditional
11:13 pm
4% tax credits and bond [inaudible]. this project would not have been able to start construction and create jobs without them. once again, thank you to the mayor's office of housing and community development for providing both predevelopment and gap funding. i want to thank ryan. sailor abrendzon dwyer. sarah, lydia and eric shaw. additionally, i like to thank staff at oewd for support and asisterance with needlement approvals and the permit process which can be crazy. special thanks to hope sf staff for your community development effort. thank you to our construction and lendser chase bank for funding the development. i would like to thank
11:14 pm
acknowledge -- henry, wendy richardson and linda for their hard work and next i like to thank the staff at bridge. we could not have reached such a mile stone without you our accountant. and also a some thanks to our community and residence dents services team for their work to support potrero residents. thank you to jeffrey mccormick and bpmc for letting the potrero hosting and available to answer questions. and finally i want to lynne and ellen for host thanksgiving events. thank you all. [applause]: >>ing events.
11:15 pm
thank you all. [applause]: >> music music [music]
11:16 pm
>> welcome everyone to union square my name is marissa rodriguez and i'm executive director of union square alliance. what a beautiful, sunny welcoming day here in union square. [applause] we are in the heart of san francisco, the crown rule, union square where the holidays are synonymous with union square. i just want to take a moment to acknowledge all the folks behind me today. it takes a village to ensure that our community is safe vibrant and beautiful as it is today. this time last year, was very difficult for all of us, we were still in the throws of the
11:17 pm
pandemic and we were coming out of some very challenging times. in fact, throughout the country, we were seeing a rash of retail crime bu. here in san francisco, there was a response like no other. i want to thank our mayor, london breed, our police chief bill scott, for leaning in and ensuring that this was going to be not only a good year but one of the best years that we've experienced since that day here in union square. soy just want to take a moment to thank them for their leadership and all that they've done. i want to also acknowledge kate of oewd and of rec and park who's park we are in now and all the work that he and his team have done to create this welcoming and safe and enjoyable environment. this work, yes, thank you. [applause]
11:18 pm
the work that they're all doing is vital to the health of our city. we are in the economic core, union square sits in the economic core downtown and we need our downtown tore thriving and healthy. and they have worked so hard to ensure that it can be so we can continue to support the important services that our city so relies on. this year i'm thrilled to announce that the holidays have done. --begun. if you see behind me, you see macy's great tree and this is the first year that we're introducing winter wonderful land. after thanksgiving you're going to see a village opening up at holiday plaza, the gateway to union square and where the powell street bart station welcomes our visitors. we want to acknowledge and thank bart for all of their help.
11:19 pm
in addition we're opening up the subways. today we're having a party to welcome the central subway that will be connecting visitors and welcoming guest back here to union square. so with that, i want to thank you all for being here and i would like to welcome our mayor, london breed. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, marissa and thank you so much for the work that you continue to do to make union square a wonderful attraction for visitors and people who live here in the bay area. i want to start by saying to all the folks who reached out and asked, mayor are we lighting up the tree and we have not had thanksgiving? and i'll just say, you know, we're so in the holiday spirit this year, more than ever before mostly because we went through a global pandemic. we couldn't come together before. and it was not just that our
11:20 pm
economy suffered, it was our ability to be together and be around one another and experience the holidays without the concerns like we had in previous years due to covid. and you know, we were anxious to get the holiday started early. so as we move into thanksgiving and move into christmas and hanukkah and all the great holidays that we're going to celebrate, the spirit is in the air. i know often times there are a number of videos that go viral that try to paint a harsh picture of our beautiful city. but i'm here to tell you, that things have have happened. things are looking up and i'm optimistic and excited about the future. we see hotel occupancy rates increasing, we see more visitors and shoppers in the downtown area. we see retail start to go expand and improve. i'm more excited because we
11:21 pm
have not had a major toy store in san francisco in a while. and the fact that macy's is investing in having a toy store here in union square is a big deal to the community. when people come to union square and san francisco, i know they want to feel safe. and i know that we have a lot of work to do. but let me tell you about some of the investments, we have a larger, both uniform and you know, those who are undercover, who are going to be out here who have been out here making sure that we are addressing a lot of the public safety concerns. and i want to thank chief bill scott, all of the members of our san francisco police department and for your work and being out here and being proactive to help keep the public safe. i also want to thank our union square ambassadors, our downtown ambassadors, urban alchamy. we're adding a 150 more
11:22 pm
ambassadors to the street. the folks you see with the friendly face who are smiling, who are giving you directions, who are dealing with concerns and cleanliness in the area, we have some great people out there doing wonderful work. we also in our ambassador team, retired san francisco police departments who have been really extraordinary and wonderful to address some of the opinion safety concerns. we'll have another 150 ambassadors in the streets of san francisco adding more eyes and ears ot streets. we're also going to be enhancing the clean up, making sure that we're power washing and cleaning the streets. making sure that the streets smell good. i know that is important to visitors as well. so i'm excited about that, but i also want to say that bart and muni have partnered to make sure that we have ambassadors and support in those stations
11:23 pm
as well. so in addition to those who want to drive, you can take muni, you can take bart and you can come here to see a show or come here to shop or visit one of our amazing restaurants. the other thing that i'm excited to announce, which i know many drivers would love to hear, we plan to offer one hour free parking in union square garage. [applause] in addition to that, i want to thank phil park and rec for the work that they're doing to address some of the safety concerns in a number of our garages, there will be more people, more eyes and ears in spoez spaces paying attention to what is happening here, to make sure that we keep you and your belonging safe. a lot of work to do and we know that, things are going to look up for the city this holiday season. i'm looking forward to it, this
11:24 pm
tree and ice skating rink, but also we know that there have been some vacancies in our downtown corridor. we've gotten rid of some of the bureaucratic that make it difficult to deal with the pop up, things that will be temporary will you will make the experience a downtown even better, working with our artist community. so you may see somebody having a good time and wonder what is going on here. and it may be one of our local artist, whether it's a visual or performing arts, that is what you can expect downtown. it's going to be fun and exciting and it's going to be a little chilly but the sun is clearly shining today and inviting you back downtown. this is a great place, but also this is an important place. this is an important place to the economic stability of san
11:25 pm
francisco. making sure these jobs and retail and in our hotels and our restaurants, exist and thrive is also equally important. we are here for not just the residents who live in san francisco but the residents all over the area and people who visit us from the u.s. and other countries. we're here to uplift san francisco and make sure that you leave this area and any part of san francisco with a great experience. i want to thank you all for being down here today. we want everyone to know that we got eyes and ears on the streets, so we plan to make this one of the best and safest times during the holiday season for those that come to san francisco yet. and at this time, i want to introduce our chief of police, bill scott. [applause] >> thank you, mayor breed. good morning, everybody.
11:26 pm
i want to start my remarks with thanks to mayor london breed. a year ago, almost a year ago today, mayor breed and i stood right over there, right behind these cameras, after one of the worse nights that we've had in a long time in the city. i don't want to regurjitate that story but what i want to highlight is what happened that day and afterwards because of the leadership of this mayor. i was angry, quite frankly, i was sick to my stomach. and the impact that that left to the people that come here to work and shop and the damage that it did to my city worldwide. mayor, we made a promise that day, that things would change.
11:27 pm
and i stood behind her to make sure that we delivered. and when i say we, i'm talking about all the people that you see back here and the people behind you. we as a community, had to deliver her promise to make this community and this city safer. i will say, we still have work to do but i'm going to share a story about what has happened in the last year. first of all, i want to thank all of our law enforcement partners. we have our chief park ranger is here. director of rec and park is here today. you heard about our ambassadors and the mayor has committed more investment to our ambassadors. i want to call the police ambassadors. these are people that dedicated that came back to help at a time when we need it the most.
11:28 pm
working with the union square alliance, which is one piece that had to happen when the mayor made that promise. but i want to tell you something, through all of that adversity and the disgust of what happened that night t brought us altogether in a different way. because this is our city. this is the place we love and we call home. so here's what happened since then, i'll speak for the san francisco police department. and you're going to hear from our incredible district attorney jenkins who i am glad to call a partner. here's how we delivered on the mayor's promise. employment was an issue, we quadrupled deployment and at times that deployment increase has been exponential. during the holiday season, last year, you could not come to
11:29 pm
this area without bumping into a police officer and guess what? that's what will happen this year. we have officers out that you will not see but they're out there for a purpose and that is to arrest people who don't get it. that's when people try to rob after people spend their hard earned money and we want to send a message that that will not be tolerated in the city of san francisco. hear me clearly. with we doubled the size of the theft unit. and this is the result, we have cases 82 or more with charges pending or about to be filed. they're not only hitting san francisco, but they're hitting throughout the region. that's because of the mayor's commitment. we got an overtime budget that
11:30 pm
restores some of the overtime that we lost in 20-21 and that helped us deploy officers not only to this community but all over the city. i'm not going to sit here and tell you that everything is perfect because it's not. we rolled up our sleeves and we still have work to do. but that work will be done as a team. that work will be done with a vision of mayor breed and i'm so proud to be part of that work. we have what we call force multiplier, these are people like reserve officers and like this command post vehicle that you see sitting here, that help us send the message that public safety is important to this city. we care. and i think more important than anything that was said a year ago when the mayor stood there, we had to remind people that we care and it matters because
11:31 pm
this is our city. so i'm going to end by saying this, it ain't perfect, but things are better. there is a difference here, there is optimism here. last year, we were dealing with people scared to come to work. we were dealing with people scared to come here and shop. after that proments and adjustments that were made, we had record numbers in terms of people coming here to shop because they felt safer. we cannot and will not let that go. i can sit here and quote statistics here all day long, but if you don't come, none of that matters. and we want to tell you, that when you come here, we want to you feel safe because you're safe. thank you for from so many members until the community,
11:32 pm
who said, you know what, sfpd and all of your officers, sworn and not sworn, we support you. thank you to the board of supervisors who increased our budget so we can bridge some of our staffing. thank you to mayor breed for provieeding the leadership. thank you to our district attorney, for holding people accountable. thank you to our business community for stepping up and supporting us. thank you to the media for telling our story. but here's one thing, we will control our narrative in the city because the narrative that has been put out about this city is misleading and it's wrong. i live here, this is my city, my family live here, this is my their city. everybody behind this, podium, this is our city. and this is a beautiful city and we want the world to know it. thank you and with that, i want
11:33 pm
to introduce our district attorney, rick jenkins. [applause] >> good morning, i'm excited to be here, not just as your da but as a san francisco resident who enjoys bringing my children to this area. they love the tree and they love to ice skate so i'm excited for them to experience the winter wonderful. i want to start by thanking chief scott and mayor breed who have been amazing partners to put us on track towards a safer san francisco. i also want to thank marissa rodriguez the president of safety alliance who has been big a part and made sure that myself and my office understand the concerns so we can address those concerns and make sure that businesses in our city thrive. i think for the first time in a
11:34 pm
long time, we've realized the connection between law enforcement and the district attorney's office and our san francisco economy. we can't allow our businesses to be ravaged, the rampant theft to go on and expect them to stay. we need to do better to protect, not only those businesses but the thousands of jobs that they provide to both san francisco and bay area resident who need the ability to take care of their families. and it's our job to make sure that we protect these businesses and the jobs that they provide as well as the experience that they give, because if you're anything like me, i love a little bit of retail therapy. and we need to make sure that we're protecting the businesses in san francisco so that we have access to be able to shop, to be able to unwind, to join together during the holiday period and share that joyous occasion by the gifts for the
11:35 pm
family members. i want to be clear today, that the lawlessness and the organized retail theft that we saw this time last year, will not be tolerated under any circumstance. the days of there be free passed for that type of conduct are gone and anyone caught engaging in such conduct will face consequences. this is a new day! [applause] we will do our jobs to protect these businesses and to protect our citizens and our visitors. and a part of that comes with restoring accountability. like i said, i thank chief scott for everything that they're doing to make sure na anyone who chooses to engage in crime is caught because that's the first step, and what i will promise the city is that there will be accountability on the back end. we will not focus on charging
11:36 pm
but accountability because that's what has to be restored and that's what i promised to the city to bring back. so i again, i'm just excited to be here, thank you to all the ambassadors who are going to support our city and the police department in making sure that our resident sxz shoppers feel safe. and i look forward to celebrating this holiday season with all of you. [applause] >> good afternoon, everyone i'm john sparks and i'm the store manager here at macy's union square. and i want to start by thanking a few people, jenkins and chief scott and mayor breed and all they're doing to keep the area safe. we are so excited for all of the holiday tradition that's are coming back this year that mean so much for san
11:37 pm
franciscoian and all of our visitors, including our windows that will come back with live animals. santa's will return to macy's on black friday and we have a toys r us location here. so we're so excited for everything that is happening this holiday season, for our community and thank you to all of our community partners and everything they're doing to keep us safe. thank you so much. [applause] >> okay, wow, talk about leaning in. i want to thank again all of our law enforcement partners for being here, our district attorney, brooke jenkins, our police chief bill scott and our mayor, mayor london breed, when the lights go on which she have, it means the holidays have begun and it's going to be an incredible holiday season
11:38 pm
this year. thank you for all of us for coming out. thank you for the alliance team for all you do. the cda, i know is here representing. thank you all and let's have a wonderful holiday season. [applause]
11:39 pm
when i shoot chinatown, i shoot the architecture that people not just events, i shoot what's going on in daily life
11:40 pm
and everything changes. murals, graffiti, store opening. store closing. the bakery. i shoot anything and everything in chinatown. i shoot daily life. i'm a crazy animal. i'm shooting for fun. that's what i love. >> i'm frank jane. i'm a community photographer for the last i think about 20 years. i joined the chinese historical society. it was a way i could practice my society and i can give the
11:41 pm
community memories. i've been practicing and get to know everybody and everybody knew me pretty much documenting the history i don't just shoot events. i'm telling a story in whatever photos that i post on facebook, it's just like being there from front to end, i do a good job and i take hundreds and hundreds of photos. and i was specializing in chinese american history. i want to cover what's happening in chinatown. what's happening in my community. i shoot a lot of government officials. i probably have thousands of photos of mayor lee and all the dignitaries. but they treat me like one of the family members because they see me all the time. they appreciate me. even the local cops, the firemen, you know, i feel at
11:42 pm
home. i was born in chinese hospital 1954. we grew up dirt poor. our family was lucky to grew up. when i was in junior high, i had a degree in hotel management restaurant. i was working in the restaurant business for probably about 15 years. i started when i was 12 years old. when i got married, my wife had an import business. i figured, the restaurant business, i got tired of it. i said come work for the family business. i said, okay. it's going to be interesting and so interesting i lasted for 30 years. i'm married i have one daughter. she's a registered nurse. she lives in los angeles now.
11:43 pm
and two grandsons. we have fun. i got into photography when i was in junior high and high school. shooting cameras. the black and white days, i was able to process my own film. i wasn't really that good because you know color film and processing was expensive and i kind of left it alone for about 30 years. i was doing product photography for advertising. and kind of got back into it. everybody said, oh, digital photography, the year 2000. it was a ghost town in chinatown. i figured it's time to shoot chinatown store front nobody. everybody on grand avenue.
11:44 pm
there was not a soul out walking around chinatown. a new asia restaurant, it used to be the biggest restaurant in chinatown. it can hold about a 1,000 people and i had been shooting events there for many years. it turned into a supermarket. and i got in. i shot the supermarket. you know, and its transformation. even the owner of the restaurant the restaurant, it's 50 years old. i said, yeah. it looks awful. history. because i'm shooting history. and it's impressive because it's history because you can't repeat. it's gone it's gone. >> you stick with her, she'll
11:45 pm
teach you everything. >> cellphone photography, that's going to be the generation. i think cellphones in the next two, three years, the big cameras are obsolete already. mirrorless camera is going to take over market and the cellphone is going to be better. but nobody's going to archive it. nobody's going to keep good history. everybody's going to take snapshots, but nobody's going to catalog. they don't care. >> i want to see you. >> it's not a keepsake. there's no memories behind it. everybody's sticking in the cloud. they lose it, who cares. but, you know, i care. >> last september of 2020, i
11:46 pm
had a minor stroke, and my daughter caught it on zoom. i was having a zoom call for my grand kids. and my daughter and my these little kids said, hey, you sound strange. yeah. i said i'm not able to speak properly. they said what happened. my wife was taking a nap and my daughter, she called home and said he's having a stroke. get him to the hospital. five minutes later, you know, the ambulance came and took me away and i was at i.c.u. for four days. i have hundreds of messages wishing me get well soon. everybody wished that i'm okay
11:47 pm
and back to normal. you know, i was up and kicking two weeks after my hospital stay. it was a wake-up call. i needed to get my life in order and try to organize things especially organize my photos. >> probably took two million photos in the last 20 years. i want to donate to an organization that's going to use it. i'm just doing it from the heart. i enjoy doing it to give back to the community. that's the most important. give back to the community. >> it's a lot for the community. >> i was a born hustler. i'm too busy to slow down. i love what i'm doing. i love to be busy. i go nuts when i'm not doing
11:48 pm
anything. i'm 67 this year. i figured 70 i'm ready to retire. i'm wishing to train a couple for photographers to take over my place. the younger generation, they have a passion, to document the history because it's going to be forgotten in ten years, 20 years, maybe i will be forgotten when i'm gone in a couple years but i want to be remembered for my work and, you know, photographs will be a
11:49 pm
remembrance. i'm frank jane. i'm a community photographer. this is my story. >> when you're not looking, frank's there. he'll snap that and then he'll send me an e-mail or two and they're always the best. >> these are all my p >>
11:50 pm
for us, we wish we had our queue and we created spaces that are active. >> food and drinks. there is a lot for a lot of folks and community. for us, it started back in 1966 and it was a diner and where our ancestors gathered to connect. i think coffee and food is the very fabric of our community as well as we take care of each other. to have a pop-up in the tenderloin gives it so much meaning. >> we are always creating impactful meaning of the lives of the people, and once we create a space and focus on the
11:51 pm
most marginalized, you really include a space for everyone. coffee is so cultural for many communities and we have coffee of maria inspired by my grandmother from mexico. i have many many memories of sharing coffee with her late at night. so we carry that into everything we do. currently we are on a journey that is going to open up the first brick and mortar in san francisco specifically in the tenderloin. we want to stay true to our ancestors in the tenderloin. so we are getting ready for that and getting ready for celebrating our anniversary.
11:52 pm
>> it has been well supported and well talked about in our community. that's why we are pushing it so much because that's how we started. very active community members. they give back to the community. support trends and give back and give a safe space for all. >> we also want to let folks know that if they want to be in a safe space, we have a pay it forward program that allows 20% to get some funds for someone in need can come and get a cup of coffee, pastry and feel welcomed in our community. to be among our community, you are always welcome here. you don't have to buy anything or get anything, just be here and express yourself and be your authentic self and we will always take care of you.
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
♪♪re of you. >> san francisco! ♪♪ >> this is an exhibition across departments highlighting different artworks from our collection. gender is an important part of the dialogue. in many ways, this exhibition is contemporary. all of this artwork is from the 9th century and spans all the way to the 21st century. the exhibition is organized into seven different groupings or themes such as activities,
11:55 pm
symbolism, transformation and others. it's not by culture or time period, but different affinities between the artwork. activities, for example, looks at the role of gender and how certain activities are placed as feminine or masculine. we have a print by uharo that looks at different activities that derisionly performed by men. it's looking at the theme of music. we have three women playing traditional japanese instruments that would otherwise be played by men at that time. we have pairings so that is looking within the context of gender in relationships. also with how people are questioning the whole idea of pairing in the first place. we have three from three
11:56 pm
different cultures, tibet, china and japan. this is sell vanity stot relevar has been fluid in different time periods in cultures. sometimes being female in china but often male and evoking features associated with gender binaries and sometimes in between. it's a lovely way of tying all the themes together in this collection. gender and sexuality, speaking from my culture specifically, is something at that hasn't been recently widely discussed. this exhibition shows that it's gender and sexuality are actually have been considered and complicated by dialogue through the work of artists and
11:57 pm
thinking specifically, a sculpture we have of the hindu deities because it's half pee male and half male. it turns into a different theme in a way and is a beautiful representation of how gender hasn't been seen as one thing or a binary. we see that it isn't a modest concept. in a way, i feel we have a lot of historical references and touch points throughout all the ages and in asian cultures. i believe san francisco has close to 40% asian. it's a huge representation here in the bay area. it's important that we awk abouk about this and open up the discussion around gender. what we've learned from organizing this exhibition at the museum is that gender has been something that has come up in all of these cultures through
11:58 pm
all the time periods as something that is important and relevant. especially here in the san francisco bay area we feel that it's relevant to the conversations that people are having today. we hope that people can carry that outside of the museum into their daily lives. >> there's a new holiday shopping tradition, and shop and dine in the 49 is inviting everyone to join and buy black friday. now more than ever, ever dollar
11:59 pm
that you spend locally supports small businesses and helps entrepreneurs and the community to thrive. this holiday season and year-round, make your dollar matter and buy black.
12:00 am
this meeting is live in porn broadcast on soft soft and available to view online or listen by calling 415-655-0001. by california government code and the mayor's 45th supplement to the emergency proclamation. it possible that some members of the small business commission may attend remote. those members will participate and vote by video the small business commission sfgovtv for televising the meeting on sfgovtv 2 or live streams on we welcome the public's participation during public