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tv   BOS Land Use and Transportation Committee  SFGTV  November 30, 2022 9:00am-12:01pm PST

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funding for our child care, housing, food stamps, and medical care. >> all of the residents in the city and county of san francisco need to be counted in census 2020. if you're not counted, then your community is underrepresented and will be underserved.
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>> good afternoon. welcome to the november 28, 2022 regular meeting of the upon land use and transportation committee of the board of supervisors i'm melgar chair. and vice chair preston and aaron peskin the clerk today is erika major and i would like to acknowledge matthew for staff thanksgiving meeting. madam clerk do you have announce ams. the board and committeeers convening hybrid meetings allowing public comment and remote access via 27. equal access is essential and take comment as follows. first public comment i'm getting a notation that we are not being heard on teams.
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one moment. all right. we will take opinion comment on each item in person will speak first and then those on the telephone line on channel 26, 28, 99 or the comment number is streaming across the screen the number is 415-655-0001. that is 415-655-0001. and then enter access code: 2482 454 3737 ##. once connects you will be muted in 11ing mode.
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when your item come up those in person will speak on the right notoriety curtain and the phone line press star 3 toradded to the keep. turn down your television and listening device you may be using. we'll take comment from those in person first then our call in line. alternateively you may submit written comments to myself the land use and transportation clerk. erica. major if you submit via e mail tell be forwarded to the supervisors include as a part of the file. you may sends written comments via u.s. postal service to city hall 1 dr. carlton b. goodlett place. room 244, san francisco, california, 94102. >> items acted today will appear
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on the board supervisor agenda of december 6 unless stated. >> thank you very much. to add to madam's clerk announcement. keep your face coveringos while speak if you are in the chamber offer spacing for those around you will while seated or when you lineup to speak during comment. madam clerk. because we are expecting a lot of public comment from item number 1. i will call item 3 and 2 first. in that order. >> and then we will take item 1 last. >> so. -- let's go ahead. >> item 3 is ordinance amending the san francisco general plan by repealing the 2012 safety element. and adopting the 2022 safety resilience element. members of public who wish to provide comment on item 3 call 415-655-0001 then access code: 2482 454 3737 ## and press star
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3 to enter the speaker queue. madam chair? >> thank you. we have mrs. rogers here to present from city planning. welcome. >> xhar melgar and good afternoon land use committee the i'm director of plan policy for plan and joined by danielle mill for sustainability. we are seek recommendation of approval for the amendment to the safety element to be called the safety and resilience element this . would vastly advance the state of general plan to include for the first time ever a racial and social equity environmental justice and climate resilience. this is oun out line of we will
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say. so i will jump in with the context. this is for the city's general plan and this is san francisco's primary policy document. it is mandated by state law and local charter. the responsibilities in mandates for the general plan. today's update for had element is in the context of a larger series of updates we are doing to the general plan. >> here are all of the chapters or elements of general plan. and as you a rule the policies should be set to guide city actions for 20 years. now some elements like the safety element are mandated by the state. you will hear more soon. and some like the urban design element are our own creation. come have been updated recently but for other its has been several decades the dates in the
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middle of each of the chapter titles is the left time that element was updated. and as you see, it is time or past time to catch up and modernize their general plan. on issues of social and racial equity in the climate crisis. the time is now. so -- yea. that's what happens. [laughter] when you try to go fast. >> these other 4 parts of the plan we are in process of updating you are very familiar with the housing element and otherers transportation and environmental justice and we will amend the introduction with that. . this is the first pos we are leading with safety and resilience if all goes as planned planning the consider
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housing element in december and the tu for action and then later this winter you will see the other items. with this let's jump in the meat of this item and the ordinance with danielle. thank you. hello, good to meet you today. >> this general plan amendment is driven by several factors. the state and local level upon to walk you through the slide we will start with the left hand column. 2 day laws sb379 and 1,000 incorporate climate resilience and environmental justice in general plan policies. in the middle you will be familiar with the hazards and resilience plan and the climate action plan they're two efforts for adaptation and mitigation. with this work on the safety element we incorporate by reference until general plan policies. the safety element for the more
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strategy and action based plans. and with the right hand column. if you a specifically target the american indian, black municipality and other communities of color. the planning commission resolution from last summer empowered the department to incorporate social and equity policies for this purpose. why and foible low we want to acknowledge that the pandemic upon continued to be a unique prolonged emergency and that the city has learned a lot about draegsz racial disparities through health and economic impacts and xherjs and recovery operations. at the state and local level there are many reasons yet safety element has been multidimensional. the next phase i wanted to detail the planning process that began in spring of 2020. featuring over a year of out reach and engagement. and so.
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this is the first element that is incorporating climate resilience and environmental justice and racial equity. with the efforts we aim to incorporate the themes in the safety element and updates of general plan. over all, we are fortunate to builted on the existing structure of the 2012 commune safety element frahazzard mitigation through recovery and construction. there is a great precedent of disaster planning we're building on top of with 2 new poles all people live in safe and healthy communities and multibenefit hazzard resilience. putting the strength and clarity to the 2 new goals and cascading the updates throughout the element. and lastly we wanted acknowledge we are aiming to contribute to the city's over allin are agency coordination on climate resilience. with the hcr, the cap and also
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climate sf. we want to highlight the approach for social equity to general plan process through the graham work 19s in universal goals pursued by targeted presses to achieve those goals. in other words, the general plan is a city wide document. aim to set priorities and values for the 40 of the city. these are universal goals to protect the people of san francisco and in the safety element. throughout the element the stance groups and geographies are named. that's where we have objectives and mcgonigles to begin action. we know that natural sdaft and hazards are occurring frequently and intensely and simultaneously. we can consider the photo on the left over labor day weekend in 2020. at this point the city had been under shelter in place for 6
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months response to covid-19. and in addition there were record breaking wildfire throughout the state. this allows our poor air quality. draught and the pandemic had multiple hazards occurring at the same time. we know the climate crisis worsens and disasters strike they are negatively impacting all of us with a better than on groups of people. as an example with this one seniors and children are adversely impacted by poor air quality. people living with hazards are responsive and our policies should be tailored meet these needs >> to dive in further this collide introduces the environmental community map. a way we put it in our general plan policies. this map is supporting us
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implementing sb1,000 that requires us to put environmental justice in the general plan. the safety element is serving innerim updates incorporating environmental justice in the general plan and you will hear more in full at the start of 2023. in short, the map has state data through cal 4.two 0 and pollution exposure to offer a high resolution of understanding of the cumulative environmental burden in the city. and so ej communities are of the areas in red and dark orange they are low inin communities and communities of color. they shoulder a burden of environmental justice and they often experience climate hazards first and worse compared to the rest of the stele. there are times throughout the safety element ej communities are named and guides where to
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prioritize actions and places resources in the goals for the city. >> this is one way we're taxling equity in policies and there are other instances other groupers mentioned. such as youth, seniors, people with disabilities. et cetera . depending on the core policy intention throughout the element. >> now i wanted to highlight some notable achievements through the virtual out reach. starting with our iner agency coordination. we wanted thank our agencies for their support over the past 2-1/2 years and received 3 all rights of passport from sfpuc, mta and the port posted on our project web page. visited the environment commission and historic preservation commission to hear their thought and get their support on how the safety element policies are alining
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with top concerns climate mitigation and historic preservation. >> it has been a dwo and a half years of the work starting with a lot of guidance from the state's office of plan and resource through engagement. planned development and revision and the broefings with all of you leading to the hearings. >> so with the final stretch of the presentationmented to name highlights of update comper se to the document 10 years ago. here is the full out line with the 6 goals on the left side and the ocjectives on the right side with many policy in detail on the web page. from here i am influential one example policy from each of the six mcgonigles to highlight how we are put nothing climate resilience and racial and social equity. all people live in safe and
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healthy community. this is where we put a lot of ej and social equity front and center. it it is highlighting the upon importance of determining and prioritizing community needs. and encourages a lot of proactive out reach and engagement and collaborative decisionmaking processes. with the second goal there is focus on multihazzard conscience. rather than sea level rise and seismic hazards they are encouraging thinking through all the research, data and decisions at once to meet the complexity of the climate crisis today. >> third will goal hazzard mitigation is the largest in the safety element. with 30% of all policies. under skroers the proactive prop torousing green house gas in alinement with the climate action plan. >> the fourth goal on emergency
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preparedness is encouraging preparedness to be prevalent in all community. it details programs to put disaster supplies, education and out roach and other community partnerships at the neighborhood and block level as possible. the fifth goal is thinking through the immediate aftermath of a disaster with life lines and partnerships to expand the reach of the critical emergency response efforts. and finally on recovery and reconstruction, there is now content to address the unique needs of individuals and families experiencing homelessness. prior to a disaster. excuse kneel me and policy language for you recovery machine to address all hazards. so. should you choose to recommend the approval of this general plan amendment here is what could happen next. the schedule could be as early
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as being first read on december sick. and second read on december 13 on electronic for the board to act within be nieblt days of submit a. with this update, the board could strengthen general plan policies to address the pop hazards impacting city today. and this would be an away that furthers the city's work on climate and environmental justice and racial and social equity. allow the city to be in compliance for hazards and climate resilience plan and sb1,000 and position the board to budget resources and staff for recovery plan and nineteen many other actions to address the climate disaster. and so -- we are excited move forward with upcoming work on the environmental justice framework and updates to the general plan. and now we are ready to open up for q & a from all of you.
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>> thank you. >> thank you very much. great present anticipation. danielle. thank you for all of the work. i do have one question. about the mapful that you put up and what the -- the geography. and i you know i can only speak for my district. am you could put thatum again. >> i am wondering if you use zip codes or what it was you used to come up with those. we are planning come back the start of 2023. if you look at the southwest end
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issue district 7, i seat area around san francisco state university which is immediately east of the lake. which i think no issues with because you know -- students are poor and parkmerced as limp what is on there and 800 which is the beautiful single family houses that you know remember 3 million dollars when they first sold. you know 10-15 years ago. also lake merced hill, which is exclubhousive, gated community. the olympic club is there. all in red and yellow. so, i'm wondering san francisco is a compact 7 by 7 square mile city there are difference even across the street. if you could shed light. i don't want that.
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i want -- you know i want to make sure that we are spending resources and putting priorities where they belong. this map has 4 players. those 3 remaining layers are one,ef hcd income adjustment to reflect low income the other is the air pollution steward zone to depict this environmental mrougz is like in the city. and the fourth is d ph vulnerability analysis 8 to 10 intercarries that include race and ethnicityism understood
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that. my question was like geography. >> census track. is this what it is? census track. >> okay. >> thank you. >> may be if i can expand a bit. you are not adopting this map with the general plan amendment today there is a text holder for the draft map we will go through the adoption process. we have to have that before planning and refined. we appreciate comments and happy to work with your office to refine the map. >> thank you >> any other questions? >> so. i will then take public comment on this item. >> are there member of public who would like to speak on item
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3. approach the podium and line up to the right. those on the phone line press story 3 if you have not done so to be added to the queue. you have 2 minutes. >> executive director of liveable city we read the element finishing is great work approximate encourage to you support temperature one thing that was striking if you look at the maps in terms of the environmental hazards people are exposed to. it is learning low automobile traffic. so the air pollution and the noise and danger and threat have to do with the transportation decisions. as you think about this. you know environmental injustice in the city is linked to automobile, cars and trucks. that was one thing that was striking we are happy to seat general plan updates. somewhere last updated had i was
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in high school. could use an update:general plan guidance the the state is good. one thing that is puzzling not the general plan update the elements butt one that is ~ess manage the one that is missing it is i state mandate element one of the 2 most person elements land use and transportation. san francisco is unique i believe in the state of california in not having a land use element to the general plan. we think that is a make ump need a land use element. all of the decisions we making where we put housing, jobs, schools and all of the things how do we let this mix. that's all in the land use element. without it you are trying to get all the other elements to dot work of a land use element.
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are there other member who is would like to peek on item 3 this are in person? we move to the remote line we have zero caller. >> thank you. i would like to make a motion we put this forward to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> on this motion supervisor peskin? >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> you have 3 aye a >> item 2. >> item number 2, is an ordinance removing the c u >> reporter: to change the use of an automobile service station to another use and amend tables
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to reflect this change. >> members who wish to comment on item 2 call the number on your screen that is 415-655-0001 then access code: 2482 454 3737 ## and press star 3 to enter the speaker queue. you need to press star 3 and tht system will indicate you raised your hand. >> thank you. >> so colleagues there has been a request by the experience of the legislation to condition this because of a technical error. so, i would like to propose we continue to the call of the chair. so we will take public comment on the continuance. >> thank you. are there members hold like to speak on item 2? approach the podium. we will move to remote call inform we have zero callers. >> madam chair. >> public comment is closed. >> so i like to make a motion we
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condition this to the call of the chair. >> on this motion supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> that motion passes. >> madam clerk now let's call item 1, please. >> item one is an ordinance amending the restrict private vehicles on between lincoln and slow bailiff on a pilot on weekends and holidays until december 21 of 25. members who would like to comment on item 1 call the number 415-655-0001 then access code: 2482 454 3737 ## and then press star 3 to enter the speaker queue. madam chair? >> thank you, madam clerk. we have the recreation and park
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staff here. and i want to welcome supervisor mar and supervisor connie chan. the west side supervisors are here representing. talk about this item that affects you know all of our districts. so, thank you. supervisor mar for your work on this issue and for being here. i do expect a lot of opinion comment given the comment this is we have all been getting over the past couple weeks. i will limit to a minute. each for each speaker as i also rescue noise that supervisor preston has a hard time stop today. let's try to get through this. and now i will turn it over to my colleague, supervisor mar. the floor is yours >> thank you very much, chair melgar and members for this opportunity to bring our great
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highway pilot ordinance before you. this legislation is the fruit of years of labor to finds a common fwroupd and build 1 census for one of our city's most i conic roadways. i noticed that this has been a contentious issue and i have been in the middle of it. and but i think it is -- less contentious you in and i hope this ordinance -- will be able to move forward. with support. the great highway will change. coastal e range of motion by climate change driven sea level wise south of slow boulevard will have torclosed per minute nan low in the coming dwroers condition be maintained as a roadway. we does not decide that climate
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change did when that happens the road as an easy for cut through car traffic will being diminished. and for decades the great highway has been closeed cars due to the sand in the roadway. one of the closures in april of 2020 the beginning of the pandemic when we were des prit to create safe space for people and exercise out doors for well being. i asked to peep it closed for cars and open for people. people embraced the space. it is a new i conic waterfront park and key connection for active motional. hosted art, music, dancing, roll are blading and a generation of
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kids are learning to roadway a bike safely when it is free of cars. and it is inspired civic actions unseen in the sunset. marches for black lives matter and stop asian hate and new community spaces and pop up events the hunt way became the largest trick or treating events in the city the past 2 years. i'm proud to foster the space with community members in the sunset district and i'm prouder still of how the commune has made it a treasure. a place for neighbors to meet naishes and feel and express joy. learn and connect and live. in the most stunning natural setting in our city. . when we emerge friday the pandemic we adopted it to meet the needs of traffic this legislation maintains a compromise put in place last
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september to restore vehicle access on week days for walking and biking and rolling on friday afternoons, weekend and holidays when it has been most used as a promenade this has been popular and successful and when until now it is authorized under the possible health emergency order when that ended early next year the promenade will end if this legislation is in the passed. this ordinance authorizes the concern configation to opinion as a pilot through 2025 to give us time to see how traffic patterns change when the extension is closed and plan for the future of the roadway. the legislation requires comprehensive traffic management, planning, on going data collection and reporting and finally and a management plan. i do have one amendment my
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office circulated by e mail. changing the word, afternoons to at 12 p.m. online 9 of page 6 this . clarifies the time the promenade beginos friday and consistent with the compromise in place for over a year. and in allowing weekday promenade use and hours it is used the most. >> this thgz has been a language time coming. the great highway has been regularly closed since professional 2020 had this configuration in this legislation since september of 21. this ordinance was introduced last july and conducted more public engage am on this issue than any other my office worked on the last 4 years. half a dozen meetings. how often halls. survase. independent traffic upon analysis if you have critique of our process should be this it
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has been too lengthy. and finally, when struck in damaged the embarcadero freeway the city had a chose to maintain a highway for cars or choose a different path and reimagine that waterfront for genterations to come. we have a similar choice now to decide the future of our western waterfront the pilot is the right choice might haves us forward and taking care of the plan for traffic circulation and sand management and better transit. i urge to you support this legislation today and sends it to the full board to gift board an opportunity to vote. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor mar. supervisor chan. >> thank you, chair melgar. first i thank you so much for
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allowing mow to join you today in lands use committee. and this i do want to say that i have great respect for supervisor mar and having this try to move this forward, and and going through the community meetingis don't believe there is a concensus on great highway especially in the community they serve with the outer richmond. and that it has been contentious. i think that there are still room for improved there is room for improve ams and discussion. and i understand had you know, supervisor mar wants to have this conversation today before the year end but i urge this committee to really consider i look forward to hear and seeing more public comments coming through. right now so far we will have
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seen written public comment there are many thoughts about what should be 4 great highway. i think that we had this long conversation about what to do including at the county transportation authority. which that throughout survey well is a few option and including an option where it could be a wide sxen promenade permanently and allowing 2 lane direction through. and that tells that you there are many ideas that are out there. deserved for discussion. which is the reason why that conceptualy i'm supported of the pilot program until december of 25. which give us time and to figure out that is our long-term solution here. but -- for now. even for the last 2-3 years
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since it has been the been both the closure to vehicle on great highway or upper great highway to the august i believe 2021, that we change it to weekend closure to vehicle on great highway. there is still some problems that i believe for at least the outer richmond. that i represent for a noon closure on a friday. i want to give an example including halloween was on a friday in 2021, it was not easy for schools and teach and parents to plan that day around it. for noon closure. and you know as every day there is still challenges with the v. a. hospital, bobble for workers
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and patients traveling through, so there are something for you to consider. obviously, upper great highway to be closed this we still have -- the lower great highway allowing access and i think this is -- good but it is limited options for the outer richmond. so -- i hear to urge you for your consideration as you hear from public comments and hear from city departments. and that to be considered of we may not be in the majority the outer richmond may not be in the majority from the election and to now. but it is hay represent i'm hare to speak on their behalf it is my duty as elected representative.
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so and that's what i'm here to do. thank you so much for your consideration today. i just hope we can have more time for the conversation if possible. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor chan. before i have sarah come up i wanted to just provide a few comments. i love the great walk way. and i have love today while it was closed. i have taken walks on it with a couple of you and you know. i bike on it. regular low on weekends. and with my kids. and -- recognize the importance of turning this car use into recreation. i think that is really great. that being said. it is the single most contentious thing i heard about for 3 years along with property crime in district 7. not everyone is on the same page
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about it. there are folk hos love it and want to keep it open. or closeed cars always. and folks that are suing the city for it. you know i think that in -- the supervisor that i like to be is to try to come up with something that most people can live with. and i don't necessary low think that it is good public policy to rush a decision. when there is still options on the take that have in the been vetted for example, looking at the hours. i was in the room when we all came up with this compromise. the 12 noon was never something we talked b. i believe that was rec and park who came up with it and life to hear. i don't know, it was in the in the conversation i had. but you know there is the
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possible of closing it you know opening it to caros friday with the exception of june, july and august when the kids are out of school and summer catches use it all day friday during the months and people have bob fires in the evenings on friday. there are possibilities we have not talked about because you know we came up with the compromise during the pandemic. yes, it has worked for smchl during the pandemic but not for everyone. what i fear is that you know, you know rushing this through and putting codifying a compromise that works for many but not for all will build in opposition for whatever we to 3 years from now when we implement a permanent solution. i want manage that is permanent that you know like you said,
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supervisor mar; we have this opportunity that was -- you know we jumpod after the earthquake. the climate crisis. says we come up with new ways of doing things. it is something i think that will have to work for the richmond and work for district 7, 10, 11, and also for you people who were elderly, disabled and people who come from the peninsula to get services at the v. a. for the soccer mom hos have to go to the soccer field to golden gate park.
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supervisor preston. thank you, chair melgar i want to say i'm pleased we are
9:44 am
considering keeping the great walk way car free on part of friday and saturday and sunday attach is important for many of the reasons that supervisor mar talked about in terms of street safety and green mobility and our environment. and in some ways as you referenced nature is make thanksgiving decision for us. really what we are talking about is an interim pilot here. i think we are to be aware of the voters peeking on the issues. and -- i think that -- you know on the prop i results the most recent prop i there is support for more not less car free santa fes. and -- i guess i see it different low around the idea of
9:45 am
this being rushed forward. i will say i was in the a fan of the idea of the compromise reached. i and most voter in my district would like to see a more complete closure of the great highway to private vehicles. but i think the compromise that the administration struck in many ways did -- attempt to bring folks together around this issue by having some days open to vehicle traffic, monday-thursday and part of friday. i don't think it is rushing. this is a pilot. this would be codifying a pilot. and could be changed if adjustments were need in the terms of the hours or days in the future. it is in the like a bol on the measure that is locked in forever. we can always be mindsful of how it impacts everyone in our
9:46 am
districts and be open to possible amendments later. i do want to nose that now the state of emergency at some point will end and if we follow the state leadership we are looking at early 2023. and at that point this equipally reverts to vieft vehicles up and down the great highway at all times unless we act on it. >> i think a lot of us would have preferred if voters were not forced vote on this but they were. that's what prop i was an attempt to pull the plug on all of this. and it fail in the a big way. 77% of people voted against prop i. mine are overwhelmingly supportive of the efforts. and like to see more closure not
9:47 am
less. i agree with the work done on or abouted jfk and purke forward the shuttle program and things of that nature. disabled parking spots. it was important and i hope this those efforts and public transit and other things pursued with same urgency assee move forward some version of the great highway or walk way being closeed vehicle traffic. i think that is part of when we need to do. we need to take big steps to reach goals transportation is the biggest sector causing our climate problem in san francisco. and difficult step its take we need to take them. and -- i think to take steps
9:48 am
back is a problem. i want to i'm happy to move the amendment that supervisor mar is proposed after comment. and do want to thank him and his office for work on this. a lot of folks from all sideos this have been critical of wanting it a certain way. and i think there was a good faith effort by supervisor mar working with constituents and stake holders to move forward a plan it forced everyone to compromise. this is had is before us. i will support forward. thank you. supervisor preston. >> sarah allen are rec and p. we have a brief presentation to
9:49 am
frame the issue many of which you already have i will speed through it. as we discussed the great highway was originally closed as an emergency measure early on the in pandemic. closeed vehicles 24/7 in august, september of 2021 it adopted the current schedule to closad noon on friday and reopen on mondays at 6 a.m. we have seen as supervisor preston and mar talked about a lot of visits and novelty just your typical walking and bikes and gatherings, events and protests. the 2.8 million visits is important to note are from san francisco. and there are about 1300 visits
9:50 am
on friday. a little less than half the weekend total visits and all in the afternoon. so for measure we have the day on saturday and sunday to choose from and about half of that on fridays. by understanding supervisor we were not in the room when that conversation happened there were 2 factors in that decision. one was traffic and 2 was people who don't work a traditional monday-friday schedule. having access to the resource as well. which is significant piece for rec and park that is my understanding of why the friday was chosen. had we are proposing to do is keep this configuration until 2025 so we can study visitation presidentern, usage and additional traffic. on the upper great highway and
9:51 am
sunset boulevard and to gather public feedback. as we discussed a variety of ways to configure a pilot. the thing that is important you to and the mta working on this is there is consistency. it is challenge to measure things if we are flexing different ways based on weather or school schedules. less effective as a pilot for us. spoke with the transportation network. there was a study and i will speak for my colleagues at the mta and if you have questions, chesapeake bay will chime in. we know about traffic is this traffic volume decreased by 40% and sunset and the other artear i don'ts are below precovid
9:52 am
traffic volumes the, thing is it showed that sunset absorbs this traffic. without changes to travel times on sunday. there is capacity to avoid people using that as a connector and finally what we observed was that the traffic dispursed through a variety of roads did not all choose one path. woo worked with supervisor mar and the mta7 key intersections. included no turn signs. speed, table speed cushions and happened early on in the pandemic. some of them as we adjusted and
9:53 am
seen how traffic flowing and post covid more normal now. supervisor mar on his bike and other west side transportation projects that are happen and supervisor melgar, the chain of lake pinch point became obvious to us during this traffic study and anybody on it in a care and see its working with the mta and supervisor mar's office as part of golden gate park project. we instituted changes there. oddly what they said that pinch point was exacerbated by the great walk way when closed to
9:54 am
vehicles what we did was make it so if you are coming from the richmond through chain of lakes in the park, you can hang a left on mlk to head up to sunset that way. which reduce the need you are not then sitting at 2 stop signs and a light to take lincoln to sunset. that hen in accomplice for about two months. it is divided roadway. pedestrian and bicycle path on one side and the east bound traffic on the other side. >> that was the most significant kanld impact we found and wed address that. >> you all talked about climate change and the impact on ocean beach. you know our climate action plan charts a path way to achieve net zero green house by 2050 and key way is to promote the use of sustainable modes of
9:55 am
transportation. heard stories from the grocery store or a friend's house and school including bike, buses on the, it helps us promote that. and in addition response to you know the significant e range of motion that is helping south of float and the sand intrusion important to note the sand impacts lead to closure even prior to our covid closure of the road at least 30 times a year. closeed vehicles because of sand impacts. we are bring thanksgiving legislation and thank you, supervisor mar and edward for your work. we appreciate working withure. and work with the communities on this. because the emergency is going to xrier. and -- we think it is important to try to preserve the great
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walk way and study to make the decisions you have been talking about about what are the right things for the configuration. ir note to supervisor chan's comments the tscta that was the long-term future of the great highway and they could still be under consideration and would be enriched by the data and information we get from the pilot. 91 of those are off of the table but that was about a long-term plan not this shorter term pilot. we are proposing this is work on planning. there are other planning efforts the puc and the institute grant a variety of things happening on the water 41 we'll merge those and become to you before 2025 with report on that. information and recommendation. jointly from rec, park and the
9:57 am
mta. thank you. >> thank you. so before bow go to public comment. clothes. >> go ahead, supervisor. >> hi a question how you got to the 2.8 million. the other 2 bubbles you said 1300. >> that's across -- the great walk way. you said 1300 on weekdays and 3100 on weekends and for a year we had weekends and weekdays and for about a year and whatever is 7 or 8 months it weekends current configuration adding up
9:58 am
to 1.2 million. there was significant visitorship early on in the pandemic when closed. is that what you are? >> i was doing quick math. >> all of the visitors are san francisco, in terms i dot math on the weekend. i obviously we do know that there were significant can visitorship early on in the pandemic when we were the only game in town. >> i believe you, i say. >> i have it among by month i can pull it up and answer better. >> your 1300 and 3100 over time
9:59 am
don't get to 2.8. >> i would appreciate. >> i would also. the difference with when it was closed weekdays and weekends. i will be interested when hour are longer in winter. jot thing that most significant correlation we see was visitation is out there is temperature. and winds. so -- seasonally, if there is a nice day in january you will see a lot. i have that and can pull it together now or off line. >> thank you. i have one question for stele attorney pierson what people
10:00 am
brought up about the rep between the this configuration a possible action boy the board and the emergency order from the governor. i will do my best if i misspeak i hope parks folks can correct me. the current configuration put in place by the park's director under the park code. it was premised on the idea hait was in the public interests to have more access to the out door during the emergency. it is for the purpose of allowing greater access at this time out doors during the
10:01 am
pandemic. it will remain in place and so long as parks department believes or the director believes it is in the public interest to do so. that might change as there are few are health risks. >> if the ended february the governor said, that does not automatically force us to change. the configuration of the great walk way. if this is under the park code the authority to come up with rules such as this in the public interests, and it would depends on weather the park's department may have a different view of the risks than the governor. the risks might be different in the city. and if i gotten anything wrong i
10:02 am
defer to ps. >> so but -- what you are saying then if not tethered in the director of rec and park. no, there is no emergency to the state and you don't have that authority? >> somebody could challenge but would take time. >> there hen has been a challenge. >> yes. >> so the park code does authorize the general manager without a declaration of emergency from the mayor or the governor to do this in cases of emergency. so if there was a flood or manage like that, but i thank you we have to make sure that our job when we work with lawyers to ensure the things pass the smell test, if you will. so you know if we can i think we
10:03 am
are reviewing this as all of these emergency measures are lifted it is reasonable this we do the same. unless there is other legislation in place. supervisor mar? >> thank you. regarding supervisor peskin's questions around the claimed numbers of visits and usage for recreational purposes at the great highway promenade, i did just want to emphasize this it legislation and the pilot program includes a requirement of comprehensive data collection and public reporting of the data. both on the rescue rigzal use of the great highway promenade and traffic patterns and volume and flows on surrounding streets
10:04 am
when it closed. i think that is an important part of the pilot program. in addition to codifying the compromise that the weekday weekend split in place since september of left year this has been successful and broad low supported. i wanted state that. supervisor chan. >> thank you, chair melgar. if i may say to that and this is just how i would prop this and in terms of data gathering as part of the pilot, and that i -- would voice a similar question with all type of data gathering as i have in other committees and with other programming and legislation is that what is the threshold in we think that all the data we want.
10:05 am
at which point does any threshold to say, yes this , is a determination of this data that we gather or the amount of data we gather, we have this type of result. therefore, we lead to this conclusion. i don't think that we have discussioned that or the pilot has kwanifiyd that to say, in the events we meet this many visitorship at this hour and time therefore we adjust you know the closure or opening and for the hours for this time and how we determine t. i'm coming from that space of again i'm in support of pilot. conceptualy. i have questions about the timing in terms of friday. and which then impact the data gathering. and results and determination for the future. i look forward to the community out reach process that we can
10:06 am
see. i do think that sometimes no matter how the community out roach process guess unless you set a premise at the beginning of what will be the determining factors and how you determine the out come. then you only waste of time for the out roach process. and because if it is devicive it will always be for the department and the author to think about. why it needs more time to flush out. really is how do we determine out come based on data. and where would that lead us? thank you. supervisor preston. >> in hear will the discussion on the did thea i have a question that struck mow and that is -- when you are out on the days where there are no
10:07 am
vehicles, i think combbld acknowledge the presence of a lot of children there. when you are talking about cell phone data, i'm curious are we assuming that is a certain under count it is in the factoring the kids or some type of multiplier to estimate when we talk about people using the space. how we count kids if we use cell phone data. >> we use a company called city dash. what they do is take location data from a variety of apps. we also had a counter on great highway captures about 70% of the visitorship there. and it is all put in a machine learning model that attempts to correct for all of the things we know are associated with cell phone usage it is accurate to about 90%. when we look at it for useful
10:08 am
for in p's world is trends. not raw numbers. but yes it does attempt to address all of those things and teams to address if you have your laptop or i pad and phone in your back pack to not count that as 3 people. other thing provides information on dwell time. how long folks are there. and if i may, i think it is about 2-3 machine fist than i near a car. and i have it here it is dwell time is higher when people are walking or biking or scooting. and i cannot foind tiwill tell it to you had i do. i'm working on getting the answer to supervisor peskin's question. >> thank you. >> okay. thank you, colleagues. if this is the extent of our comments and questions madam
10:09 am
clerk, go to public comment on this item. >> thank you. i did have a message from matt from public works i think he wanted to chime in and he is on remote. >> okay. good upon afternoon madam chair melgar and committee member i represent public works and superintendent for the bowero of building and street repair. the will item i wanted talk about was the date for the sand management plan in the concern legislation is in later than january first. public w system concerned will not give us enough time to provide for the detailed flan is sought in the legislation and we ask this date be extended to mid march.
10:10 am
the past spring 2 lanes if not the entire great highway was closed for the entire spring for 3 months do you to sand in the roadway. and dpw has admit had a plan to manage that that affects not just vehicles but bicycle users on the great highway. this legislation does require
10:11 am
dpw to come up with a sand management plan. we put down january we wanted it to be factored in the next budget. tell river more resource but i think the request for march sounds good to he. i would support that ma'am. do we finish them is a substantive amendment. sounds like we are changing between 1 of 23 to march 1 of 23 on page 7 line 11. that would be? no. pushing the dead line would not be substantive we could do that today. >> thank you, city attorney. >> anyone else on staff want
10:12 am
to make comments about this? madam clerk. >> thank you, i'm checking. i upon upon don't see requests in the chat box. thank you. with that take public comment on this item y. are there members withhold like to spoke on item 1, approach the podium. and you can line up to your right notoriety curtains. those online listening remote press star 3 if you would like to speak you need to press it once you will hear the indication that you have been raised your hand. we are at 1 minute of comment. why before you start i had a 2 minute comment planned can i finds where i am before i start and my time. >> yea. i was hoping. >> why don't you do that. >> thank you for letting me peek and your leadership.
10:13 am
i live in the sunset. i see if i were handled the friday usage of great highway as a park by pedestrians, bike and those experiencing disabilities and families. i voted long with over 65% of san francisco to support more time and space for parks. and less time and space for cars. i will add that everyone every district in this city voted over 50% against prop i. and voted for more time and space for parks. i'm not anticar i driff a car but we need to ruse autoconvenience in order to increase the health of the people and communities in the environment in san francisco. i strong low urge this committee to amend the park opening time to earlier on fridays to sick a.m. on friday so we can study an entire weekday without cars
10:14 am
or the >> thank you. >> i'm in full support of the great highway pilot i'm here the part of the pilot is at risk. full fridays. a pilo include a weekday to collect data especially since we know the great highway will close shortly. without dwelling on the optionos 19th and sunset. what happened last time mitigations for area. opponents you saw to remove traffic calming the mta on surrounding streets they were measures protested boy a minority and thankful they are not the majority. the company that opened the great highway keep its antagonistic to our values we sthee prop i votes correlated with transit funds and removing barriers and against prospect 1
10:15 am
to protect women's right to choose in california is this who we want to award. thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. tom, execute ever director of liveable city to peek in favor of the project. the thing the great highway is not great but it is a highway. cars get it 5 days a week and pedestrians the rest of the time this struck mow in new jersey. new jersey every town has a board walk well is automobile access to the waterfront but on great highway the automobile access cuts you off from the water. no parallel way for anyone who cannot walk on sand or roll on stand to be able to enjoy the waterfront t. is closeed everybody else when it it is open to cars.
10:16 am
so. it is a terrible low designed road and argues for mow we need more time when everybody can enjoy the city's shore. at least this much, supervisor melgar we love your ideas. we love to know at least this much. >> i'm john eliot in the out everybody richmond. i want toed speak my heart on this space because i promised i would not get emotional. i love this space i'm not the only person who does. i was down there yesterday and there is a kid his dad pushing his bike. and the kid looks back and you know smiling burst in a smile. and ding the bell. he just -- you stumbleod
10:17 am
something beautiful here. and so please don't let it get away and thank you, supervisor mar for your leadership on this. it is my favorite place temperature really is i'm not the only one. thank you and please dot right thing here. >> thank you, next speaker, please. i'm bill i'm a resident of the outer richmond district. and in december of 2020 on a zoom meeting the city representative said that 18,000 cars a day use that road. and about 10% have a second occupancy in this. 20,000 people a day that served by the use of that highway. and it was designed in part john mc claire and i know the foresight to look and say this is something that we really need
10:18 am
in the coming decades. and as a person who does not have balance i had this implanted and there is the bicycle coalition is 10,000 people of 800,000 people in the city temperature is far more people that rhode. >> thank you. good afternoon. zack in full support with supervisor mar's amendment. >> i spent time talking to constituents for prop j and l, normal voters that don't vote transportation and land use. and what the voters tell mow in the election results tell all of us people like the compromise the way it is now and red to move on and focus on the city's
10:19 am
other pressing needs. maintaining the compromise will continue for the city's popular parkos friday afternoon and allowing visitors who work weekends to enjoy the park and staff clan rit with the richmond community. the current arrangement is a compromise. voters said they support it. i urge to you send it to the full board. thank you. thank you, supervisor mar will cement a legacy on the ocean fronts for generations to come. >> other member who is would like to speak. approach the podium. we are move to the remote call in line we have 22 listens with 19 in the queue. take the first caller we are at a million. >> how are you i'm josh. my family lives at the southern
10:20 am
extension of the great highway. i want to need that car traffic on friday is in the that bad. evening at the peek it is lighter compared to most neighborhood in sf. if you upon bring highway traffic back to the great highway on friday afternoons someone will get hurt or worse we saw this with the first reopening. on a friday afternoon you will find neighbor enjoying the space including parents commuting kids hem from school. not everyone follows the land use committee or read the english language warning signs. drivers are always speeding and looking at phone. i urge you to prioritize the lives of our neighbors overnight veerns of drivers. >> and climate change is real and do something about temperature thank you.
10:21 am
>> eileen i continuing suspect questionable hearing this item in the lame duck session this issue created divisions in the neighborhood that did not exist before this issue and other issues result in the cost low lawsuits which were river in the past. another option to widen the paths for bike and pedestrians and leave the roadway for vehicles. i would urge the committee to continue this item and until the new legislate ever session convenes. thank you. >> good afternoon i'm victor. i live on the outer richmond. and the chain of lights on friday is still backed up. i did make the extension to mlk you can ask sarah why rec and
10:22 am
park did not put signs up telling people to go to mlk for the short cut and i roached out to mta in the v. a. hospital trying to reduce the chain of lights i [inaudible] open close the chain of great highway at 6 o'clock. if you want to worry about climate change look at the cars stalled in on the chain of lights waiting to get through. is that anything to do with climate change? when all cars are stalled and golden gate park on the chain of lights? time to get real. thank you. >> thank you for sharing your comments next speaker, please. >> how are you dave alexander parent, d1 resident. happy holidays to bench.
10:23 am
i spoke with hundreds of sunset families and residents love the current compromise. we now realized there are vocal minors about changing land use decision. everyone department head will tell you the upper great highway will be close in the 2025 and beyond because of climate change. no one wants to bring it up. that is the facts inform 20 fwae when the grit how extension is closed. 25% of traffic will use sunset instead of the upper great highway will not make sense. sunset boulevard can handle the increased load. we need to drill down in the pilot for a vision of the coastal spachls voters that mandate by voting down prop i. 30% in san francisco. believe that. it was a -- thank you. >> thank you for sharing your
10:24 am
comments. take the next speaker, please. can you hear me >> yes, proceed. >> great i want the legislation in concept i don't like the supposed compromise i can live with it. i modify it in 2 ways to allow caros great highway after dark at night. every night. and to clarify the closure daylight hours on weekends, holiday and fridays after a specific time. if you want noon. okay. do that. i would take any amendments today and continue the item amended for a week and consider it for a committee report next week. thank you for considering my comments and limit it to a 2 year pilot not 3. there will be big changes politically at the board of supervisors afternoon the 2024 election. some of you in odd numbered
10:25 am
districts will likely be targeted and some may not run and in any event there will be massive changes i would strong low recommend we put it to bed one way or the other. >> thank you for sharing your comments. >> next speaker, please. apologize we are at a minute if i have to cut you off we have to move on. >> hello this is judi. i would like the supervisors please to consider the petition with 16, 312 signatures from impacted driver and passenger when is need and want to share the pace with the great highway driving on the lanes designed for vehicles. people who object to the views to be walkers and bicyclists. i hope you read this many, many hundreds of written comments
10:26 am
sent to you. with links to things for to you look at. i want to say that supervisor mar, lost [inaudible] to continue as a district 4 largely due to the [inaudible] constituents regarding many. he agreed to uphold the compromise he instituted making sure public works was afforded money to maintain the great highway. for the sands removal. >> thank you for sharing your comments. next speaker, please. hello supervisors i'm rachael. i'm a commune organizer for the san francisco bicycle coalition we are in support of supervisor mar's legislation to continue the great highway as a pilot. bike coalition supports the timing of noon on friday to sick a.m. on monday. the timing allows fair access and determine the long-term
10:27 am
feature of the great highway. tell give us years of data about how the space is used and how we can turn to a permanent promenade. prop i and j demonstrate there is demand. pilot is a step to achieving that goal f. weekends start time is pushed back to friday or saturday that would diminish the outcome. daytime on friday to dpet a full picture had a program nad could look like. approve supervisor mar's legislation to establish the pilot program. >> thank you for sharing your comments. next speaker, please. >> hi. there is good reason to object to mar's ridiculous pilot program to study the great highway for 3 year. it is a ploy to close the great highway as everybody is call
10:28 am
nothing to say let's close the great highway. the great highway in existence for over 100 year and serves the west end of the city amount 4 line highway not a park. ure have 2 twist parks and play ground in the city and none have 4 lane this is highway connects north and south end was city san fa ma te'o and marine county. 20,000 car countered why do you need a pilot? to waste monetch create traffic. keep developers happy and build more condos. to keep tek people happy in noe valley. they object to that but want to come out here and play. when you close the road any traffic increases on the streets and in the park. >> let's take the next caller we have 26 listeners with 17 in the
10:29 am
queue. >> then of the day we talk about people. not cars or bikes. peal who drive are still people. there are people who bike and walk. the fact is all of the people can be on the great highway as they were before the pandemic. more used the great highway when opened to car. when discussing statistic rec and park did not mention they had data had the road is open to cars and shows over 20,000 people use the great highway on day when is it is open to vehicles. in your capacity as board numbers you adopted a property in anticipation of a potential 2 year pilot. we have been operating under a pilot for over 2 years the city collected the did thea they need to not need 3 more to report the out criminal i recommendure reject this proposed
10:30 am
legislation. >> next speaker, please. hi. i'm erika i'm a san francisco resident in d8. i ask you keep the walk way park open all day on friday permanent low people can move throughout the city without the threat of cars. sf has little pedestrian infrastructure where people can walk and feel safe and krekt connect with their community there is no down side for open to cars. study proven that congestion not a significant can issue and there are other places for cars. the fast mode the transportation if they lose a minute that is okay.
10:31 am
10:32 am
>> what more data and significant nat do we need that people across the city want to see this move forward with the
10:33 am
12 p.m. start time. if there are concerns about traffic. sfmta should solve them we have seen like on jfk the departments can solve problems without giving cars more space. if we move forward how can we possibly be justified to [inaudible]. next speaker, please we are at one minute this . is patricia. i live on the lower great highway. a pilot is not needed we should a 3 year closure and the pilot is obviously a ploy that will need to complete closure of the great highway this is unfair to residents. to extend the influence of the current supervisor voted out of office learningly in part of position on closing the great
10:34 am
highway. i highly recommend that you keep it open on friday and close it saturday morning. friday is a busy day for vehicles i then and there because i lived here since 1985. watching the traffic. great highway is the safest streets. more people be injured killed on high injury networks if you close it on friday. also i wanted to talk about the climate change red herring that dean preston and [inaudible]. next speaker, please. you will have one minute. why hello this is mary with the emia i'm speaking for myself. i object to this ordinance we don't believe this qualifies a pilot when it continues for over
10:35 am
5 years. my objections is based on the demands to put on the public cannot rely on safe public transit when sfmta and bart are threatening to close or reroute or cut service on weekends and at night. when able bodies people are feeling unsafe and unable to rely on transthan i is not acceptable. of the affordability and safe options for most is a private vehicle and that is apply to families elderly and disabled. there is nothing safe about forcing people off public street there is is anup tick in crime where streets are closed. next speaker, please. i'm adam a regular great highway park visitor and urging to you
10:36 am
expand or with supervisor's mar maintain the park's hours. voters came out in support of active transportation routes and pragmatic prop to climate change and now we have an opportunity with great highway parks. [inaudible] and [inaudible] want to bring cars back more times my frepdzs and neighbors have have a day to enjoy this space and that is at risk. only car free north route with [inaudible] is only available for those who work monday-friday. bringing cars back on friday do a disservice the way the city determines the future. sunset deserves a sunset free of car traffic, noise and pollution.
10:37 am
[inaudible]. next speaker, please. hello supervisors i'm parker day i live in district 3 and cofounder of community space sf we are in support of the pilot program includes friday, saturday and sunday and holidays. we spent a year meeting people who enjoy car free space in san francisco. many people in san francisco are current compromise including people with [inaudible]. met with blinds runners tell us there is no accomplice like great highway for them to run in safety. some come from as far as the tenderloin make a trip on municipalo weekends buzz it it is a santa fes important and accessible to them. we have met senior in the sunset who walk every chance they get.
10:38 am
it is a social hub and meeting accomplice for them. they want a place to walk and enjoy nature. thank you very much. next speaker, please. i'm alice [inaudible] a d4 resident. i'm in supporter of the legislation and hope it move to the full board today. [inaudible] sick a.m. on fridays. voters overwhelmingly reject the prop i because san francisco loved great highway park. and i think it is important to maintain this weekdays there are people who [inaudible] condition appreciate and benefit from the great wuk way on the weekends and -- it it is just love low to be out there and see the sunset and hang out with people and meet neighbors.
10:39 am
exit would love to see more opportunity to do that. instead of you know shuttling on the narrow path next to traffic moving quickly. not a nice place to be we need to recognize the climate change reality that calls for creating more [inaudible]. >> next speaker, please >> hello. i'm brian. i volunteered for the experience the [inaudible] of the walk way. we know from park and rec's june 21 study that the walk way was popular had it was a full time park with 6,000 individualors a day. a full time park how we got to 2 penalty 8 million people visiting. we heard loud low from votereds they want more park space. listen and move this legislation
10:40 am
to the full board. thank you. thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello can you hear me? >> yes. hello? thank you. i'm brian i'm a d2 residence den calling to support great highway park and continue the hours as a park and if we could potential low put that begin friday mornings that would be great. anyone who spent time there did see the joy it brings to many members. i live in d2 but spent a ton of money and buildings in the sunset i otherwise would not have it is easy to access had i go there and enjoy that park space. it [inaudible] people that come to the park as a draw and stay
10:41 am
to spend money. i think we need to plan for the sdpurt recognize a lot with disabilities don't have access to motor vehicles and individuals with disabilities will not be able to access space devoteed cars. and has better access to the great highway. as a park. [inaudible]. next speaker, please. 30 listeners with 15 in the queue. >> i support the great walk way. i was borj in san francisco in 1990 and i lived here off and on my entire life. i lived near great highway for 6 years and utilizing it as a walk way. if t is a place that san francisco unique communities and somewhere to ride your bike. skate or walk. i'm out there with thousands of
10:42 am
others every day it is available. and i think it is time to prioritize the people hospital to spend time and cultivate the community and space rather that have been the people who want to drive through it. thank you. thks thank you for sharing your comments, next speaker, please. please oppose this ordinance the closure of the upper great highway must be krrdz the city's transportation leadership. alcohol create a holist irk transportation management system the great highway is per of this and can't be separated from the issues the transportation element is considering. additional low, the lame duck legislation should not be considered now. continue these until the new board including d4 supervisor are seated. residence debs of d1 has spoken and supervisor should anticipate
10:43 am
in the discussion a decision regarding the use can be made after a more througho review of all mobility issues in san francisco with the transportation element as well as the impact of the residence denials and the environment have been made. vote no on this ordinance as written >> thank you for sharing your comments. next speaker, please. >> so, supervisors, this is a great highway for vehicles. i have not heard a word about the new variance affect our children. we should stay away from bringing children and putting them in harm's way. it is a shame that you give the public just one minute. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
10:44 am
>> i'm a d5 residents and support great highway park. the proposed legislation is good with starting friday at none and friday at 6 a.m. would be better or 24/7 it is lived by residents on national news and new york times and "washington post" written about it the most unique open spaces in the city and country. we have the courage to take cars off and make spaces for people it never thinked have happened if the people enjoying walking and learn to roadway a bike would not have happened if we did not have that courage. every average is an average through the sun vet other ways traffic will adopt the beach front should be for people and keeping the great highway as a park. pep can enjoy the open space and nature and you know enjoy
10:45 am
pelicans and whales without cars. the experience. >> thank you for sharing your comments. next speaker, please. >> hi this is paulina a d8 resident call nothing about the upper great highway y. today. i oppose mr. mar's no longer our supervisor gordon mar as he has been not relectd and i feel that this is his left hora the voters have spoken and elected a distinguish supervisor who while he does support sharing open spaces and safety for period of times and drivers and everybody else, is more in tune with the residents of the district 4 and i believe the city over all. i think that doing this now is very rushed.
10:46 am
i think we need to let the process play out. needs to be time for mobility issues we can't forget about people with abilities and ad a compliance and elderly and families and people with kids. thank you. ef fwaet listeners with 12 in the queue. next caller. >> hello i'm kim howly i live in d8 and support the pilot. i want to see it move forward today. [inaudible]. 3 weeks ago voters rejected prospect i55 to 35% saying san francisco loves the great highway park and want more car free space otocean fremantle. approve thanksgiving will allow you to move forward as a city and study traffic patterns. [inaudible].
10:47 am
[reading too fast] thank you for sharing your comments, next speaker, please. >> hi. i'm heidi moses i liveod the lower great highway for over a decade. many don't realize there are 2 great highways the upper and lower. drivers have 24/7 on the lower great highway. why i'm calling having great highway as a park [inaudible] and bike kids to school. [inaudible]. [inaudible] shift to other modes of transportation. friday my kids bike home from school without fear. we look forward to it all week i'm calling to ask you support legislation. [inaudible] call in e mailed this week and 60% of voters,
10:48 am
keep the pilot 6 a.m. on friday and for planning agencies to have a [inaudible] from long-term recommendations for 24/7 future great highway park that works for everyone. >> next speaker, please. >> hi. i'm sarah a d5 resident and in support of the great highway park and expansion of hours if possible moving this legislation forward tot full board. i would immroer the committee and the full board to take joy as seriously in decision making feels you consider anger. we heard from angry people and it seems like sit in your car will make you an angry person for myself and others able to
10:49 am
enjoy joy we finds on great highway and car free [inaudible] and the community and the joy we felt in the past year the past several years has been what kept us in san francisco. what keeps us fighting for san francisco for the car free space. move this legislation forward and use joy as your north star in decisionmaking. thank you very much. >> thank you for sharing your comments. next speaker, please. >> i object to the proposed ordinance via removed prierz and closing the great highway on friday should close saturday morning. by closing on friday the increase green house gases because friday is the heaviest traffic day and those vehicles will all be in d 4 residential streets the san francisco am climate action plan lists
10:50 am
strategies to reduce green house gases on page 71. promoting bike and walking is one % effective while transition to electric adequate system 81% effective. to reduce green house gas quit use thanksgiving red herring as an excuse for closing a needed highway. thank you. thank you for sharing your comments. next speaker, please. i'm becka a residence denial of d4. and i am calling in support of the great highway park i want to see this legislation move forward by the full board today. and with the hours expanded 6 a.m. on fridays. as others said. let's this afternoon 3 weeks ago prop i passed overwhelm decembering this shoes that san francisco really love this park and want it to remain car free.
10:51 am
want to move this legislation forward to codify the park and approve the pilot will allow us to move forward as a city. with the additional improvements. also extend to 6 a.m. on friday would not only give people more time to enjoy the park but give city agencies the ability to study traffic patterns for a full weekday and making available for people who work on weekends. i ask you to move this legislation forward. and ironing deally extended. thank you very much. >> thank you. let's take the next speaker. hi i'm [inaudible] i'm a d forresidence divenl believe we should be thoughtful and create joy in san francisco. for all individuals by allowing cars and all modes of transportation on the great highway temperature is in the a
10:52 am
surprise that prop i lost nobody spoke of a vulnerable minor in the city nonable-bodied individuals and ability to access public space in san francisco and access spaces reduced by sfmta every month by closing streets and reducing parking. the reason i'm calling buzz i believe the great highway should be a space for cars, period of times and bikers as it was before the pan dem and i can my whole life i lived here in san francisco my entire life. also, people of all physical capability levelers able to use the great highway when open to cars and not just able-bodied individuals. 250 park in san francisco. >> thank you for sharing your comments. next next. upon 31 in the listening with 12 in the queue.
10:53 am
>> hi i'm [inaudible] great highway park i want to see this move forward. and park hours expanded sick a.m. on friday. a lot of people think of the weekend a time people don't work. people work on the weekend. they deserve the time to use the great highway for something other than driving. even by people had don't in offices monday-friday. accessibility and families and disability, anyone who visited the park will see baby in stroll and elders walking with families. people of all mobility using the park and not just a park. the disability does not go with car drivers. people with disabilities deserve a car free space.
10:54 am
[inaudible]. thank you for sharing your comments. next speaker, please >> hi i'm a d7 resident call nothing support of the legislation. and expansion of the friday compromise sick 6 a.m. not only prop i failed but next to the great highway voted against prop i. and that speaks for community support of the park. san francisco and neighbors love this space. being open on fridays gives time for those who work on the weekends to use the park for those needs the awayeds don't work. to go to anecdotes about travel time and accessibility allowing cars will would not mitigate. car don't equal accessible. great walk way is a good start
10:55 am
on what needs to be a plan to introduce car in san francisco giving the city a path forward. i urge you to move forward with the pilot. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm lucas a resident of the outer sunset and pedestrian friends of great highway park. 600 took time out of thanksgiving weekend to e mail you about supervisor mar's pilot legislation they love having a coastal park promenade make the coast accessible for everyone. they are good company will 2 thirds of voters voted keep the car free route and park promenade. they want more park time not les. that's why we're asking to follow their lead and support
10:56 am
frierdz mar's legislation. of an amendment to start the pilot hours sick a.m. on friday giving voters more of the park and agencies a weekday to conduct facts to inform a recommendation for future 24/7 great how park that work for everyone. voters made their voices heard now time for the city to meet them where they are. >> next speaker, please. >> hi. thank you i'm heather a homeowner in d 4 and support thanksgiving legislation. the great highway has been anace set to me and my family i cannot imagine it being closed our limited. i would love for them to be expanded. those against this legislation should take the time to the take to walk, ride and observe great highway on the days and time its is closed and you will see the
10:57 am
joy that brings to all of us. it pains me to hear those what don't understand this. it is a major asset to us. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm calling on behalf a neighbor who name is deb hall and cannot make a call let you know no one is rescue ritting on the great highway in the dark. and if it is going to be open she would like it it will be closed to cars for recreation only during daylight on saturday and sunday. and that this was what also supervisor mar had understood. when he spoke to a lot of the neighbors. she said she would like this to be put over for more consideration on it and not
10:58 am
voted on temperatured but if it is voted on today reject it. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello i'm andrew sullivan i live in the haight ashbury i'm a user of the great walk way park. as well as car free jfk drive am san francisco voters voted reject prop i which would have done away with the park. we should listen to the voters which i was one. the great highway park is a wonderful improve to ocean beach and asset to the city especially the neighbor who is live in the sunset who vote to keep it. i encourage to you reject the antirecreation and fun voices you were hearing today. vote it support compromise and immediately take action to bring back 24/7 great highway park
10:59 am
now. it was fabulous during the pan dem and i can no reason we should not have it back immediately. thank you. >> next speaker, please. we have 8 in queue. >> hello i'm eon a residents of d4. i support expanding the great highway park hours sick a.m. on friday is great. we need it as much as we can get we will not get the true safety updates needod well until it is fully closeed cars. to separate pedestrian and of modes of transportation for people using the park. i hope you00 autothis gets moved today and we need more car free space in san francisco and network of streets that cars not allowed to get people out of cars and using other transportations if we do our
11:00 am
vision zero and if we meet e mission's goals. we need less sxars more car free spaces and more public recreation. >> thank you >> next speaker, please. i'm david a d 7 resident. a great supporter of the great highway park and like to see this move forward today. with hours expanded 6 a.m. on friday. i missed the great hour park open as a park 24/7 it was wonderful and love to see it back. as a new parent every time i take my infant out in the stroller i fear for our lives there are way too many cars in the city it is dangerous going through 7 to 4 to get to the great highway we need more car free space. i think doing this 6 a.m. on friday is a good step but i
11:01 am
would like to see the great highway park become car free permanently like with jfk. thank you. next speaker, please. good afternoon supervisors i'm mike chen a resident of district heights the park has been a great fun and great [inaudible] to go out in [inaudible] and i think it is great thing to support legislation. i like being able to upon integrate for climate special creating more better safety for people. we highlighted in the new york times and more people come visit the west side to spend money at businesses and to make our city great. support this and pass it on without delay. thank you. next speaker, please.
11:02 am
>> hello i'm a d8 resident now. calling to urge the passage of the legislation with others mar's amendment or prefer amendment to expand the walk way condition figuration hours to 6 a.m. on friday. i think this is the most equal solution for everybody who does not have a 9-5 job. concern orientation is works for 9 to 5 white collar folks and unfair to people who work on the weekend. when i'm lucky enough to get out well on a friday the walk way is full of families and seniors in the neighborhood who enjoy the quiet space before the weekend warriors show up. there is an opportunity and i think you should take temperature the clear 2-1 mandate from almost 300 thousand
11:03 am
dollars voters i was there theidate sky turned orange. >> next speaker, please. [inaudible]. hi. we can hear you. sorry. i'm a west side san francisco residentful i don't support supervisor mar's proposed legislation for shutting down the great highway. a tiny % of the population should not hindzer the flow of commuters for thousands of people closing on friday impacts hard working residence den hos have no choice but to use their car to go to work or school. doctor anticipates. a majority of voter in thes district who live close to the great highway voted keep it openism think you should honor
11:04 am
that. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. good afternoon. supervisors i'm calling to object to the approval of the ordinance. it is comical that gordon mar is trying to do this before he is escourted oust office the great highway should not be closeed cars on friday at all. and this should not be turned and a pilot. there are thousands tens of thousands of people who need to use the great highway to get to and from work to get to and from school and 2 and from doctor's, grocery stores, et cetera, et cetera, and a bit absurd that we are talking about closing this when it is used by so many people for legitimate reasons
11:05 am
and talking about for a small group of people who want to rescueerate on it. i like to point out that san francisco has the most park land of any city in the united states. 20% san francisco is park. thank you. next speaker, please. hi. i'm geneva i'm a resident of noe valley i'm calling to say i have a strong supporter i love to see this legislation move forward to the full board today. with the park hour expanded to 6 a.m. on friday. i am a supporter as many issue many of san franciscos are shown by the vote, san francisco
11:06 am
overwhelmly rejected prop i. and that sends a message that san francisco love the great highway park and want more car free pace on the ocean front. most of the city is made for sxars getting around and opening the spaces to other formless of transit like biking and walking is soap important for our city. i believe that moving this legislation forward codifying the great highway park. thank you. hi. i'm upon gent and i'm a d4 residentful i agree with all of the other supporters for keeping the highway open to people.
11:07 am
[inaudible] so, yea. [inaudible] thank you. thank you. >> next speaker, please. i wanted mention something that very few no one mention third degree so far. on friday in the morning there is very, very few users but there happens to be a 16 foot wide biking and walking path and it is next to the highway that is more than adequate for the number of friday users. why can't people use this path. hard low anybody using the highway for recreation on friday. and well is a path just
11:08 am
sitting. i object to this ordinance. should be held over to the new supervisor. for the d4 so he can weigh in on it. it should not be closed for recreation on friday. close it saturday morning. let the commuters get to work and get home. and the upon don't close it for a very small [inaudible]. will next speaker, please. joof hello i'm jodi the executive director walk san francisco calling in to express our full support of the pilot of the great highway. calling for a conditionation fridays at none to monday at 6 i want to express is already a compromise. the city agencies can continue
11:09 am
collecting the data part of a planning process to explore what is possible for the upper great highway. last year. . meet being the cities around the world created car free spaces and san francisco must dot same to increase in crashes. 3 people hit every day walk thering is no question as to the importance of safe place. asking for more car free and worry free space in the city. i'm a residence didn't of d4 and
11:10 am
oppose to the supervisor mar's last ditch effort doing something meaningful for residents. this will hurt the community. and not help it. the legislation to change the great highway to a pilot is a ploy to get the highway eventually closed. i finds it entertaining that gordon mar is trying to implement the future offer neighborhood when we made it clear he is in the a part of the future of that neighborhood. the bike coa scompligz groups like the great park way are function as political action groups funded by taxpayers. and friday is the busiest day for vehicles and rec use is parse tell increase accidents on high injury network linkon, sunset, 19th avenue. >> next speaker, please. we have 5 in the queue. if you would like to speak and have not you need to press star 3 otherwise we will take this
11:11 am
last group. >> hello. i'm louie a residents of d4. and i have a home -- the great highway park has been a great resource for us. safe and car free where we use our strollers. i support keeping it car free for the pilot and extending the hours to 6 a.m. on friday. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. ? is adam from d6. and i am in favor of the pilot elimination and keeping the project the highway open on fridays, saturday and sundays to pedestrians and cyclists. remind the board 8 years ago
11:12 am
cal-trans took a chunk of highway 1 falling in the ocean and turn today to a park that is you in a world class destination for recreation visitors, tourists and locals. as the san francisco we should strife have that and the great highway is a perfect chance for you to do that. don't -- don't preliminary yourself to folk who isment to drive every where. give san francisco a chance to have world class facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and disabled and everyone else. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm [inaudible] a residents of d5 a supporter of the great highway park and want this to move forward to the full board today and expansion of park hours 6 a.m. on friday.
11:13 am
voters rejected prop i. a majority vote and our san francisco like car free space likes jfk and the great highway park. approving this will allow to move forward and study it and extend to full closure on friday would give us a chance to study a full weekday to contract impacts of a permanent closure. please move this to the full burden today and expand park thundershowers start 6 a.m. on friday. thank you. next speaker, please. >> represented by rafael mandelman district 8. wanted support the extension of the hours the great walk way is a great resource we have the opportunity in san francisco to create a world class park on our
11:14 am
beach and have something world class. this is the right step in the direction. people talking about how much park there is in the city than i have not mentioned 1, 200 roads in the city, 2, 612 miles of street in the city and talking about a 2 mile reduction of that number. to adjust to all of the residence denials i urge to you move forward and urge you to look at what it would take to turn the great walk way to a world class park. thank you. why thank you. next speaker, please. hello caller you are on the line. >> i'm sarah i'm a d 8 residents special calling because i want to keep the great highway as a highway and in the a park. i have noticed that closing the
11:15 am
great highway to cars caused 3 things. the daily basis is there have been way more traffic back up on other streets on the west side of the city. there has been an increase in car accidents on the west side of the city and of course, the climate change issue well is more pollution and smog in the air due to cars idling and not going quickly. they go on the side streets that has been an issue i noticed. and -- it seems to me the data shows that more people have used the great highway when opened to cars then than when closed to cars. we should let not just the young people. >> time is up. take the last caller in the
11:16 am
queue. >> hi i'm [inaudible] i reside in district 7 but i work in district 4. i work in the outer sunset. i want to express my support of the pilot plan. the commune space such as the great highway shows encourages over all well being. to the community. bring kraeth more out door space for people to connect outside of their cars and i think is -- really healthy steps in the right direction. i want to -- to express my support pilot program. sorry i'm distracted now. thank you for your time and thank you. >> thank you. looks like we have one more
11:17 am
caller in the queue. >> i'm jay i'm a resident of d1. supervisor chan's district. i support supervisor mar's proposal and endorse it fully. family, bikes walks and sometimes public transit but we also drive through golden gate park. organizationally down the great highway but we frequently drive and work around the sunset. and never been an inconvenience for us. in fact, i have gone on [inaudible] chain of lakes drive traffic is backed up the amount of time it takes to get to sunset was never more than 5 and a half-sick and a half minutes total. i think we have to get past what
11:18 am
people feel entitleed and try new things to echo supervisor chan's point. data. looks like we have one more call they're jumped in line. let's take that caller. >> thank you. i'm ruth a d 1 resident and support this owner ands i would encourage to you extend the hours to 6 a.m. the reason this is important tell ruse ambigutey for everyone in terms what days the park is and not open. change is hard but necessary. we have too many cars i'm a 72 year old with osteoporosis. my husband and i are car free we use the car free space every day. make the hard choices and realize we can't keep prioritizing cars for every place we go we need a car free
11:19 am
network and more of the car light spaces. pass this ordinance and don't froesz to death like we do everything in san francisco >> that was the last caller in the queue. >> thank you. du provide comment. >> we have a person here. >> thank you. chair megafrm i'm luke i'm a commune organizer on great highway park i want to thank supervisor mar and he and edward and the staff for their w on this space the past 2 years. i could stand and up talk about the majority and i know election about 65 to 35% on a ballot measure and the thousands of people i met at the great highway park and hundreds i talked to this weekend who asked i thought we just voted on this and why would we ever go back in but this come down to leadership
11:20 am
and political will. we have an amazing opportunity in front of us. once in a lifetime opportunity top lead for our city. we need to take action for our city and planet. this is an easy decision. please, i beg you to move this forward to the full board. it is expanding to 6 a.m. but move this forward to the full board. thank you. >> thank you. are there other further commenter? for this item in the chamber. >> seeing none. we have one more caller that jumped in the queue. why let's take that caller. please. >> hi. i'm laura and i'm a supporter of the great highway park and like to see this legislation move forward to the full board today. ideally with hours expanded on friday i loch to see it back open to the entire week again, actually. i'm in favor of car free, safe
11:21 am
spaces . for our streets i got 2 kids and live in the richmond and use our network of safe streets to get around the city. voters agree with that. given how overwhelmingly they rejected prop i in the election. and i like to see this move forward ideally with the park hours extended 6 a.m. on friday. move this forward to the full board. thank you very much. >> thank you for sharing your comments. and that completes the queue. >> thank you, madam clerk. public comment is closed. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you. chair melgar i want to thank the member who is commented especially the district 4 residents most whom either i or my staff engaged with directly on this really important and contentious issue the past few years done our best to listen to
11:22 am
everyone in district 4 and reflect that in our evolving position on this. and as best we can and sticking to our vision and our values. also thank you to sarah madeline for (ing and the many other departments staffers we worked with beverly and tim and thanks to walk sf. kid safe and bike coalition and friends of highway p for letters of support and thank you to the hundreds who submitted e mails in support before the hearing. clothes, i wanted close by reiterating a few points. as ms. madeline confirmed rec and park will not keep the promenade in place without authorizing legislation. if you want more time to think about playing around the edgeos at this time issue pass this ordinance and so you have that time. and respectfully, i have been
11:23 am
working on this issue for most of my term so it is hard for me to hear appeals for longer process and good faith when this has been a long process. and when i have been try to have this item schedules since july when i introduced it and when the legislation itself is a continuation of the public process. and this is a filot project. it is not a permanent decision. it is amenable in the future. if needed and desired. i adopt to acknowledge the many who called for starting the promenade at 6 a.m. on fridays. rather than at noon. i personal low would support this, i am not probecause this ordinance is genuine low a compromise reflecting years of out roach and input. and strikes a careful balance hardly a radical step but it it is a critically important one.
11:24 am
and out of respect for am transit first policy out of the respect for the voters of san francisco who rejected prop i by 30 points and in every district in the city and out of respect for me as your colleague and me and my staff hundreds and thousands of hour of work i >> to you move this forward and not stone wall it here. i like to be able to vote on this as my final pieces of legislation and i believe there is major support on the board for this ordinance. refer to the full board, please, with or without recommendation. and i ask that you adopt the amendment that we distributed earlier and to change january first on page 7 line 11 to march 15th as requested by dpw. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor mar. >> supervisor preston.
11:25 am
>> thank you. thank you to you and your team for your work on this and echo the same for everyone who called in on this. you know i think that just you may be there are a number of things we did with the lemons handed to us. you know as a city in the last few years here in the pandemic and there were a number of things we took the lemons and made lemonade and made something good and -- a handsful of them that stand out and it it is -- its -- very concerning if we start abandoning those where it took a very horrible situation and made progress. you know we dp good things i want to nameful band evictions. used hotels to house people homeless. we opened tenderloin center.
11:26 am
pursuant to the state of emergency and took steps to create safe spaces by closing streets to private automobiles or limiting them in the slow street in ways i think for a lot of people probably would have taken 10-20 years. there was an appetite and a need to do that. i will not go through each those things and there are others they are not the subject of the hearing we are taking we are forced on the fronts to take steps back. we have always told if we banned evictions the sky would fall and we did and the sky did not fall. state laws tell us limit in the how much of the bans we can do once the emergency is over. we were told that the sky would fall if we housed homeless in holings and fought to do that and we did that.
11:27 am
and one perfect thousands sleeping on the streets zee federal government cutting off the money. it limits our option this is is not one of those situations. this is not something state law or funding is telling us we cannot continue this. in a shape and form. and so i really i think it is important we move this forward. i think that we are have heard loud and clear from the departments that have been tracking the dast a. that the sky did not fall. that we were our closeed privated vehicles a stretch of highway. that is forced by nature to often close anyway. but we closed it to private vehicles. ir hesitate to say close. to mow it is more open when there are no car. we closed it to private
11:28 am
vehicles. and even for drivers the sky did not fall. right? what we are hearing traffic was diverted you can still drive on sunset boulevard. we done seat traffic night mayors some may have predicted by not allowing private vehicles on the great highway. we may see that traffic jam it did not materialize. sky will fall if we do this proven not to be the case. what happens is some people are inconvenienced that is role and i understand yet people who call in and inconvenienced and have a longer trip are upset. i get that. in this society where folks are often forced be car dependent. butt realities we are talking about convenience versus safety and recreation. to me we have the data we need going forward and i think that
11:29 am
we should recognize it is a pilot and that means it can be revisited and tweaked as we get more data. i don't see i think -- well is a bit of data. spent time. this has been debated extensively at the ta, board and the ballot. the results are in on that front. and i think we should move it ffrmd i would like to make the amendments offered by supervisor mar he circulate in the writing as well as the additional change of date on page 7 he referenced. prepared move those amendments. >> thank you. >> thank you. supervisor peskin. >> thank you and i'm happy to put on the amendments. i will muse on this in no order. will relative to proposition i i
11:30 am
oppose as a former member of the coastal dmagz presided over the ocean beach master plan and change to the lands use plan on the coastal act. who came up with idea of merrying what was originally park opposition to the jfk closure with the great highway should be political consulting malpractice that is what it is. and the notion that the slope to skyline pieced be reopened looking autothe practical realities, which is that mother nature bats last was a piece of
11:31 am
insanity. having said that, the words and i. pulled them up because everybody likes to interpret an election how they like to. yes vote means yes, you want to require the city to allow private motor vehicles on jfk and connect streets and golden gate at all times except on weekend and holidays. you want to require the city to allow motor vehicles at all time on the great highway and not allow the city to remove as proposed. the reason i read that is because we did not ask the question was not asked by the prop i people as to fill negligent blank. to me it means shortning the existing noon to on friday to 6 a.m. is a no starter.
11:32 am
i can reject that because a minimum the way i read that the voters said sticking with when we got and certainly you could ectrapulate and say the voters expressed you can expand what you got. i wanted to state that for the record. and i hear the pleas of supervisor mar and i understand the other realities which is that come 3 montes from now the state of emergency that the governor declared ends and clearly i think this board has to act prior to that. nothing changes today or tomorrow buoy think the board has to codify prior to the end of february. and so that leaves me with one question which is there was another election on the ballot
11:33 am
and that was the district 4 election which relative to this supervisor who supported the encum band mar was not the outcome i desired having said this, i also and i realize this is an interesting thing to say i'm not district 4 supervisor but i also feel that there is an argument that the in coming supervisor given the fact we have until the end of february, should be considered in this. i'm appropriateed vote for this item noon to monday at 6 a.m. but i do ask the question and i'm not tollly locked in one way or the other whether or not the in coming supervisor elect should be afforded the opportunity as the person, there
11:34 am
are 2 districts that actually touch the great highway. one we heard from and 4 we heard from the encomban but not heard from nor have i spoken to or met the supervisor elect. that's the only question i have which come upon down to -- do we vote for if today or vote for the listened ooze committee meeting in 6 weeks or 5 weeks. those other questions. >> i will make a few comments. so, thank you supervisor peskin for bringing up the language. i think we recall comparris apples to oranges and people like to look back on election results and say -- member who campaigned for the no on i campaign and the yes on j campaign these are what we are
11:35 am
talking about today is different. i think that you know -- i am somebody who bikes every where. and i how we go about doing it is important temperature is important to people in my district and we heard from supervisor chan it is different to put people in her district as well. it does bum me out supervisor mar when i hear you say you have been working on this for 2 years. you and i had 3 conversations about great highway. one when we came wurp a compromise, 2 when you asked me to schedule this prior to the election. which i respectfully turned down. and then when you asked meet hours worked for me. i told you they did not quite i had questions. after that there was no attempt to negotiate or comto consensus and i don't think that happened
11:36 am
with supervisor chan either although i cannot speak for her. i do think that we will be in a different position if i had the time to vet will these different possibilities with the folk in my district who i knew were very opposed to you know what we did with the compromise. i think that eventual low the right thing to do is to have a car free space in the park but i also don't want to dismiss the challenges people have getting out of the richmond and also without acknowledging that the thing they get the most complaints about is the friday noon closures. folk who is otherwise, you know need the space to commute. without having options. so, i would you know support the amendments because i think that is a clarification.
11:37 am
i would be i would lean toward postpone thanksgiving decision to january when there is a new board. i also would like to split the file in case you know we don't get support for that and we have to look back and -- you know reassess whether or not the hours are working because it is after all a pilot program. and yes, i hear you ms. madeline we want consistency that is important in operationalizing any plan. i want that data that is green. but i want it to work for san francisco. i want it to work for my constate wents and all of san francisco and the thing is i am under no elusion in a diverse city we can all agree on something that will not happen. i also you know i'm weary of the
11:38 am
majority when folks don't have options. when i know that the west side is in the served by public transportation. and the way the east side is when i know this folks do have rely on cars still buzz we don't have the infrastructure to get around in other ways. i do want to live in a city like that. absolutely i will put in the w to do that. until then i think it is foolish to me to. piss off a bunch people when it is only a pilot project and i then and there in 3 years we will need their political support for something permanent. thank you very much. to the rec and park department and all the advocates on all sides who came to let us know how they felt about this issue and thank you supervisor mar for your leadership. supervisor preston. >> thank you, chair melgar. one is the timing and to follow
11:39 am
up on am will supervisor peskin's comments. because you know my pndzing once this gets to the full board as an ordinance of them required if i'm not mistake, deputy city attorney can correct me. i assume this is one that will not take affect for 30 days after it is passed by the board? and the mayor has the town to either veto or sign. we are basically looking at a best case where this gets forwarded to the board i think it is in the it is in the a committee report. we are looking at a week from tomorrow being the first time it is heard. a week after that potential low a second reading then a 30-day time period. so i just i think i feel receptive to the idea of
11:40 am
continuing it and then forward. were we hear thanksgiving in september or october where the status quo would stay for a number of months i think we are bumping up against and don't know exactly. when the state of emergency when that will end we don't know how quickly i assume quickly. that since the rec park general manager order based on the covid state of emergency we see that removed then i'm not sure we have that luxury of that time. i do am receptive the privilege of the chair the idea of dupe kath the file commoding one in committee and w to do. with the in coming supervisor there would be a vehicle to have the conversations and make further refinements. i want to say, i do think well
11:41 am
is an element of can not just they feel strong low about the issue as i have expressed. i do think that we have a colleague that put work and time in this and i don't think that this is a situation where i think our colleague has been had hopeed hear this earlier. i think that this it is not from my understanding, i certainly was not following every issue in the d 4 election i don't think this was a flash point sight in the campaign where you have an out going supervisor trying to sneak something in or move something on the eve a new supervisor coming in. i think there has been agreement supervisor mar knows the in's and outs more than i dom i don't think there was a contested issue in a campaign not they necessary low matters but it
11:42 am
does provide additional flavor to the question of or at least influences my thinking around to a compleeg worked on something to try to wrap up this proposal have it adopted or at least have the full board have an opportunity to vote on it. i would think that -- duplicating here if needs to be revisited but forward either with recommendation or without to the full board would be my preference. supervisor mar. >> thank you. just to responded or react to the comments. first around question of the district 4 supervisor election being a consideration in how we move this legislation forward. i think -- supervisor preston
11:43 am
stated, this was not a major issue in the race. and my opponent when he was asked about his position on the great highway stated that he supports my position the compromise seems to be a bit he supported a compromise. i did want to clarify that to the extend that supervisor peskin you raised it as an and whether that should be a factor. and then i think it is obviously disappointing for me to hear that the clothes supervisor melgar would like to not to allow more time on this when i state thered has been grappled with the issue myself and staff for 2-1/2 years. and public hearings and in fact
11:44 am
you know if the concern sounds like is of certain folks on is that want the great highway reopened to permanent low to vehicles the prop i proponents. and you know the compromise that we reached last august and implement in the september to reopen to vehicles on weekdays was a huge compromise in concession. it was you know broad low supported and even the folks that were opposed to that compromise strongly i think come around to see how -- that it would be okay if we take the step now on just -- codifying it and you know and for 3 years we could plan for the future of the roadway. which is in our i want to point out that just to make sure you knew this is classified a
11:45 am
recreational roadway in our transportation plan. in the general plan. so uses for rekzeration and biking and walking. should be prioritized over vehicle use. so -- but begin that, you know i understand how complicated the issue is. this is the most contentious issue along with 2550 irving and i -- if you can't move it forward today then i request you duplicate the file and still move this forward for a vote so i can vote on it and but allow for opportunity for amendments in this committee in the future. supervisor preston i want momove to make the amendments which sound those are not controversial and we can discuss how we want to move forward.
11:46 am
>> on that motion supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >>a aye >> supervisor peskin. >> i have a hopefully suggestion and while i appreciate the representations of supervisor mar relative to supervisor elect who i stated i have not talked to nor met but intend to do so soon, which it is given the timing issues that supervisor preston i think correct low addresses, especially given that even if we had a special meeting of land use which would piss off the clerk no end on the day of the meeting, upon 9 january of
11:47 am
23, we are snivel a test spot because there is no board meeting on 17 january. due to mlk day and no land use on the 16th due to said day. so -- here is a may be have your cake and eat it too suggestion which is, that we duplicate the file as both all of you suggested. have a version that we vote on today that goes until 28 of february of 23. keep the other version here which mr. inguard i don't can way in on and extend it to 2025 or whatever other day. so that we can deal with the emergency supervisor mar can have said set it in motion and in coming supervisor can weigh in when the new board is seat in
11:48 am
the 39 days from today. how's that for a compromise. duplicate it, amend the december 31, 25 date to february 28, 23. and have a second version that sit in committee can the december 31, 25 date that is my may be total low unacceptable suggestion. supervisor preston. >> interesting and i'm not sure i think we are trying to solve for a problem that i'm not sure exists. any peeves legislation when duplicated can be superceded by to put the time pressureos united states what will take affect by february seems unnecessary to me. and i want to note that we have a representation this was not a major point of contention with mr. in coming supervisor, it is
11:49 am
not like he has been present or supporters or people saying this is an issue that is important. you know supervisor elect is free to weigh in the committee has our kong tact i'm meeting with him this week as you are and others -- i'm just feels a little like we are accommodating a situation i don't know exists. my sounds there may be discomfort on the merits. on this. and so may be it makes sense to sends it without recommendation. so that duplicate it keep one here if the supervisor want its revisited it is up to the chair well that gets calendars and move forward without recommendation and supervisor mar can have a vote on his legislation. and we understand that can be superceded if it shifts with an
11:50 am
in coming supervisor for d 4 we take that up later >> thank you, supervisor preston i would support the compromise that supervisor peskin suggested or sends this without a recommendation. aside whether or not in coming supervisorments to weigh in, which i am not that's not my concern. both supervisor chan and i have asked for more time to speak to our folks this would meet that other purpose and i understand that not everybody thinks that is legitimate i'm telling actual is and so has supervisor chan. that would allow us to sort of either prepare amendments or talk to ouring folks and not prepare ma'ams if folks will
11:51 am
live as it is i heard this is a contentious issue for folks on the west side. i would be okay with either. of those 2 things. supervisor mar. >> thank you. i wanted to say that my strong preference would be of the 2 that you melgar you out line we sends it forward without as amended without the change in the sunset date and rather than yea. i and i would say on that i appreciate supervisor peskin your creative thinking i don't seat point because if it is duplicated then there will be the opportunity for amendments to be brought forward.
11:52 am
supervisor preston. >> thank you. i would like to move that we you duplicated the file so that we move the original without recommendation to the full board. >> as amended. >> right. >> with the march date. >> right. >> on that motion supervisor peskin. >> i wanted to ask the chair for desire on that she expressed different views and i'm trying to work things out didn't 2 most affected of my colleagues in district 7 the chair represents.
11:53 am
i cast a vote i would like to hear from the chair. >> thank you. very much for this supervisor peskin i would be okay moving it forward without recommendation. >> aye. >> peskin aye. >> would you like to restate it for the record. >> so moving forward with the amendments that we made to the full board without recommendation. gimented to make sure there is noted confusion there are 2 march there was supervisor peskin sunset in march suggestion and then the dpw requested march. i want to make sure what i was moving this we take the ma'ams we made the dpw march and the noon time suggestion. >> those amendments and move that without recommendation.
11:54 am
>> thank you for the clarification. supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> that motion carries. >> do we have anymore business in front of the committee today? >> that completes the business for today. >> thank you, we are adjourned.
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
11:58 am
in this san francisco office,
11:59 am
there are about 1400 employees. and they're working in roughly 400,000 square feet. we were especially pleased that cleanpowersf offers the super green 100% clean energy, not only for commercial entities like ours, but also for residents of the city of san francisco. we were pleased with the package of services they offered and we're now encouraging our employees who have residence in san francisco to sign on as well. we didn't have any interruption of service or any problems with the switch over to cleanpowersf. this clean power opportunity reflects that. i would encourage any large business in san francisco to seriously consider converting and upgrading to the cleanpowersf service. it's good for the environment, it's good for business and it's
12:00 pm
good for the community. >> welcome everyone to union square my name is marissa rodriguez and i'm executive director of union square alliance. what a beautiful, sunny welcoming day here in union square. [applause] we are in the heart of san francisco, the crown rule, union square where the holidays are synonymous with union square. i just want to take a moment to acknowledge all the folks behind me today. it takes a village to