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tv   Nancy Grace  TBN  October 24, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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toler. her book is "making marriage work" and her tv show is "divorce court." look for it. various listings around the country. >> all over. >> check your local listings. >> we got harsh on judges today. i want to be clear, again, like yourself, judges are some of the most bright, upstanding -- >> dedicated. >> dedicated people i know. >> caring people. and it's just the few bad ones that get all the press and the breaking news tonight. live in colorado. 8:30 a.m. this little girl, jessica ridgeway walks three blocks in route to school. mommy watch as she walks away from home. jessica never seen again. then a terrible find. the awful discovery, her body dismembered just a few miles from her own home. bomb shell tonight.
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in the last hours an arrest goes down in the murder and dismemberment of 10-year-old school girl, jesse. a 17-year-old college students, a crime scene tech want to be who dreamed of being a mortician. >> we have made an arrest in the jessica ridgeway case. 17-year-old austin sigg is in our custody. >> a warrant is being served on a home. an arrest is being made. there are two charges related to the jessica ridgeway case. there is a kidnapping charge related to the jessica ridgeway case. >> we notified the ridgeway family of this arrest. >> justice for jessica is a process.
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this is the beginning of that process. >> this arrest gives them some major closure in dealing with this horrible tragedy and loss they have suffered. we believe we have taken a significant step towards justice for jessica. >> i don't think i can look at this person into his face and not be judgmental. i think that it is all i have within me to not want to just burn him and i mean burn him. >> good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. bomb shell tonight. we are live in colorado. an arrest in the last hours in the murder and dismemberment of a 10-year-old school girl. allegedly a 17-year-old college student, a crime scene tech wanna be who dreamed of being a mortician. and as we go to air worse goes
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to worse, we are now hearing that the child's body parts that were missing from the scene, the field where she was thrown away like trash beside a garbage bag, those missing body parts apparently now being taken out of this 17 year old's home in crawl spaces in and below the home. you know, for those of you like me who send your children to school, this mother watches her child walk three blocks to meet up with friends to walk to school. she is never seen again. and tonight the alleged perpetrator, a 17-year-old college student, a student who
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competed in crime scene technology competitions, who dreamed of being a mortician is now charged in dismembering this child's body. we are live on the scene there with cnn correspondent jim spellman. what can you tell me? >> reporter: this is the park where jessica would meet her friends. her home is just a couple of blocks. you can almost see it around the corner. shocking to find that this young man, this alleged murderer, austin sigg just about a mile this way. he lives close to a lake where in may an alleged abduction took place. they are able to connect jessica's disappearance and the attempted abduction with this young man.
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he lives about a block and a half away from that lake here. everybody unfortunately neighbors in this case. >> i can tell you one way they will be able to connect him is because there is going to be eyewitness identifications made of him probably his other victims have already made photo identifications. you do that from a photo array as police call it. you show the victim, a series of five to seven photos usually. one of them is the alleged perp, this college student, this mortician wanna be. you will probably get photographic i.d.s. there is always the possibility of d.n.a. i want to hear about what they are finding in his home, in the home of 17-year-old austin reed sigg held right now on no bond as he should be.
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>> reporter: some cnn affiliates here in denver, excellent reporters all of them, are reporting in his confession last night to police that he said in that home in the crawl space that there were human remains. we haven't been able to independently confirm that. police have been searching there all day. we know they took away an suv from the drive way. there were investigators in the back of the house. they set up sheeting to cover the view where they were bringing out evidence and they blocked off the entire area to anybody but residents. a good amount of time has gone by since may and since jessica disappeared. >> let me go back to jim spellman. i don't know what they are pulling out of that house. when you have local crime scene techs and police pitching a tent
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in your drive way, they're getting evidence. that is what is happening right now. i guarantee you this vehicle that you see being put up and towed away they are taking it straight to the police department where it will be combed over by crime scene techs for hair and fiber and dna and blood and anything they can find. jim spellman joining me there live. can you tell me what are the cops thinking? how did he allegedly get the little girl into his vehicle? what happened? >> we haven't really heard an exact theory on that. he must have been known so well that it is a lot of curvy streets and dead ends. there are no major streets between jessica's home and his home. he would have known the area very well. just driving through here and getting familiar with the area you can see how it wouldn't be that difficult for somebody who
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is 17 years old to dealing with somebody who is only a precious little girl who is 10 years old and get her in a vehicle and be out of here in a matter of minutes. >> jim spellman with meep tonight. rita, he tried this on about that we know of three or four people already. if you look at those m.o.s we know what he did. look at his track record. there he was at the lake where several of his other alleged victims were. one was a boy he tried to drag over a fence. there was a female jogger and maybe another. he approaches them, typically may use a chemical soap rag to put over their face and the rest is history. what do we know? >> the good things is you pointed out that jogger this was
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the case in may that jim was talking about actually saw him go by. he had a baseball cap and glasses on but was able to give cops a good description. the other thing we know is this monster, this mortician wanna be, austin reed sigg, 17 years old has indeed confessed to his mother. his mother got suspicious of something, maybe saw something. she called police and then he confessed. we do know how little jessica got into the vehicle. apparently he told authorities that he saw her and grabbed her and pulled her into his vehicle which is why that jeep cherokee is being inspected head to toe. he says he strangled her and left some of the body parts in that crawl space under the house. he apparently told authorities exactly where to look in the crawl space under the home. the other parts of her remains were found about seven or eight miles away.
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the good news is he is talking. we don't know what other cases he is connected to. he could be connected to a lot of cases. >> the fact that they pitched a tent, literally pitched a tent in his drive way is suggesting to me that he may have done the dismemberment of this child in that home. >> that's what i thought, too. >> where was his mother while he is dismembering a body in the home? she had to know that this child was missing. it was all over the news. we were covering it every night. did the mother turn him in? >> we don't know where the mother was during this. i thought that when they pitch up tents you and i have covered so many cases, they have very significant evidence. for them to pin point the remains belonging to jessica they have substantial stuff and who knows what else in the crawl space, maybe other clues to other cases in the area.
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we know the mother apparently got some information and then he confessed to the mother. maybe she found something, discovered something. it was all over the news. she called the cops. he confessed to her and then confessed to the cops. we know he has been describing in graphic detail at least this case. we don't know about other cases. >> joining me right now is renowned professor of forensic science dr. henry lee. thank you for being with us. a search warrant is being served right now and been going on for hours and hours and hours at the suspect's home. we believe that there are some of the child's body parts still in the home, that they are recovering in crawl spaces. henry lee, what are they looking for and how long is this task going to take? >> well, basically they are
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going to link first those body parts to jesse. if additional body parts could be a serial killer. of course, how the body was dismembered, a saw, knife, ax. more or likely they are looking for weapon. because the body parts are at the crawl space that is a direct linkage. some of the clothes were found in a backpack. they are probably looking for shoes and other materials. whether or not there are other bodies buried under the crawl space is probably going to be looking for that. it is going to be a long process to check the home and try to find every piece of evidence to put this whole case together. >> dr. henry lee, renowned scientist in his field, henry, if he dismembered this child,
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this 10-year-old girl in the home, where did he likely do it in the home? i'm saying basement or bathroom? and how will police be able to determine if this is a secondary crime scene? >> that is a good point, very good point whether or not the kidnapping obviously is near the park. so the van was used. whether or not he strangled the kids in the van or not. dismembering we have to look at it, sink trap, bathroom trap to check everything. of course, the weapon would tell us, yes. the body was found about eight miles away. so plastic bag, whether or not a
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pleased to announce that today i believe that we have taken a significant step towards justice for jessica. >> hoping and praying that she comes home safely. >> i just want her back home. >> we have made an arrest in the jessica ridgeway case. >> the arrest was made today. >> why would somebody do that?
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>> we are live and taking your calls. we are live in westminster, colorado. an arrest was made in the murder and dismemberment of a 10-year-old girl walking to school. a crime scene official who wants to be a mortician. there he is. austin reed sigg. at this hour tents are pitched by police in front of his home as they search for additional body parts of this 10-year-old little girl. she is just walking to school that morning. we are taking your calls. joining me right now there in westminster. tnn denver.
10:19 pm
what is the latest? >> reporter: well, the latest is at this point apparently the suspect has now told police that he will tell them where additional body parts are. and as you know the rest is where he is sitting right now. his first court appearance is tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. in jefferson county court. >> you and i have been covering this case from the very beginning. i'm trying to take in what you just said. so you are telling me that he's telling police where additional body parts are. he didn't just throw them away. he didn't put them in the trash junk. he basically hoarded them and hid them to where he can have access to the body parts. the last time i heard of anything being hidden in a crawl space was the serial killer.
10:20 pm
so this guy is hiding the little girl's body parts in the crawl space in his home and there is a third spot? he has hidden her body parts somewhere else? >> reporter: we don't have confirmation that he has them in his home or anything like that. all that was released to us by westminster police was the fact he told them he will tell them where the other body parts are. >> out to mat on the story. >> reporter: in addition to searching at the home one thing investigators are looking at is reports of examining the contents of a construction dumpster. if he did allegedly dismember her maybe they are looking for additional evidence inside the dumpster. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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he is 17 years old. >> 17-year-old austin sigg is in our custody. >> it is all i have within me to not want to just burn him. >> we hope also that knowing that an arrest has been made in this case can cause our community to rest a little easier. >> a 10-year-old girl walks to school and is never seen again. tonight we are hearing reports that a 17-year-old who lived not far from the little girl is responsible for her death and
10:25 pm
dismemberment. i want to go straight out to a neighbor of austin sigg, that 17-year-old college student. brook olds is with us. she is just 13 years old. she lives there in the neighborhood. thank you for being with us, dear. >> hi. >> brook, thank you for being with us. brook, how did you know 17-year-old austin reed sigg? >> we used to play a lot when we were younger. >> and what is he like? was he different from any of the others in the neighborhood? >> he was really quiet and shy. and i never really saw him hang out with anybody other than like us really. >> brook, i understand he played with a lot of the neighborhood girls like hide the flag,
10:26 pm
different games with girls? >> yeah, he liked to play capture the flag and tag and hide and go seek. i never really saw him hang out with with anybody other than us or any guys or anything. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain.
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we have made an arrest in the jessica ridgeway case. 17-year-old austin sigg is in our custody. >> a warrant is being served on a home. there are two charges that are listed as first degree murder.
10:30 pm
those are two counts related to the ridgeway case. there is a kidnapping case for charge number three. >> in the last hours an arrest goes down in the kidnap, the death and the dismemberment of this little 10-year-old school girl, jessica ridgeway. after an entire nation is riveted on her disappearance, the answer to the riddle was close to home. a man now suspected in multiple attempts on others including children, it was never publicized is now behind bars in the death and dismemberment of 10-year-old, jessica. could this have been stopped? a little girl so blessed because on many, many occasions she played with this 17-year-old college student, austin reed
10:31 pm
sigg. with me is 13-year-old brook, sigg's neighbor. thank you for being with us. you mentioned earlier that he used to play with you and other of your little girlfriends. did he ever creep you out? and if so, why? >> yes. sometimes he did because he only wanted to play with us. and the only times he wanted to was if he could come over to our house or come in our house or in our backyard. he wanted to find some way to be able to hang out with us. he would ask and ask constantly. a lot of times we would say no because it would creep us out. >> is it true that he often wore black and chains on his body? >> yeah. he often wore black pants.
10:32 pm
it looked like they were the same black pants. and they had like chains and zippers all over them. >> did he have a lot of friends? and what games did you guys play? >> he didn't have many friends other than us that i know of. whenever i saw him on his scooter in the neighborhood he was always by himself. and he never talked about other friends. he only talked about playing with us. and the games we normally played were capture the flag and hide and go seek and tag. >> and so he is several years older than you but yet he is playing hide and go seek with little girls? >> yeah. >> um, we are taking your calls but first i want to go to mark, president and founder of kids foundation. i want to hear your input.
10:33 pm
>> this guy is a situational offender. he is a budding serial killer. he is a superpredator. if they hadn't gotten him off the streets blood would have thrown through the streets of suburban denver until they did. so now jessica's parents know who did this. their fear that turned to anger has a recipient. i hope they can use this opportunity to increase surveillance on school routes, to increase surveillance within the community and to find other ways to protect those vulnerable citizens who are the prey of individuals like this character, sigg. >> i'm just sick because he had tried to attack several people according to reports around the lake. and it was never publicized. don't you know if a mother like
10:34 pm
myself had seen a flier out neighborhood there is no way i would let my child walk even three blocks to school with some perv out trying to grab little boys and joggers, no way. there was nothing posted. nothing. nobody knew. >> even if his mother had known before she might have done something. it is unusual for a mother to turn her own child in. we see parents turn a blind eye that maybe she would have taken action and little jessica could have been saved. >> unleash the lawyers. criminal defense attorney, author of "how can you defend those people?" and jennifer, family law attorney. the fact that his mother turned him in, there is no privilege under the law between mother and child. what he tells her absolutely will come into court.
10:35 pm
>> confession to her will come in. the unibomber his brother turned him. this guy is like a junior jeffrey domer. he is obviously insane. i know you will jump all over me for that. his crime was so evil that the community wants him to be punished as harshly as possible including the death penalty. >> insane under the law is the test brought over from great britain under our american common law. do you know right from wrong at the time of the incident. all of us have tried a lot of cases. we know that he covered up his crime, lied about his crime shows that he did know it was wrong. ann, how else can i put it out there. what is a nice way to say it? they are looking for body parts according to reports. >> they are. and it is horrific. in colorado, look at james holmes case, the theater
10:36 pm
murders, in colorado the state has to prove that he is sane, that the defend is sane. you know that, the federal law was. the fact they are trying to prove that someone is a sane with body parts and more body parts -- >> i like you a lot but don't tune up with me. second verse same as the first. clearly try to talk sense into her. this guy is not insane under the law. just because what he did is heinous does not mean he is insane. >> one does not equal the other. and his acts are vial. he shows a pattern of behavior, of predatory behavior, of prior bad acts. it will all add up and show that he had a plan. >> we are taking your calls straight out to mona, arizona. hi. what is your question.
10:37 pm
>> earlier i was watching this. one of the neighbors mentioned that the mother had a boyfriend that moved out about a month ago. i want to know who this boyfriend is and where he works. what influence he had on this boy. >> i would like to know that, too. mona in arizona. i will tell you right now regardless if he had a bad influence on him, if they played these crazy games together, i will go to you on that quickly. unless he took part in the crime he is not going to be charged. what are some of the games he played? >> he was known as an intense gamer. one of them is call of duty which is a military shooting game. another is called world of war craft which is an online fantasy game played with hundreds of thousands of people in a fantasy world. >> we need to shrink.
10:38 pm
author of "deal breakers." world of war craft. he wants to be -- >> this guy reminds me of jeffrey dahmer. it was not enough to kill. he wanted to incinerate, burn, destroy, melt body parts. remember jeffy dahmer would drill holes in his victim's skulls. he would put torsos in plastic buckets full of chemicals. he gathered the body parts so he could have control over them and for his sexual satisfaction. with this guy i think you are seeing not just a pattern of homicide but almost either cannibalism, a fetish of body parts, a wish to have control over the body. there may be more parts in that house.
10:39 pm
>> interesting that he is hoarding body parts. to the lawyers. another question is this. let me see mickey, please. i have seen offenders confess to a murder but they will not confess to molesting a child. the best we can pray for here is that he knocked her with some type of knock out gas on a rag like he tried to do to the jogger. how can you explain all of jessica's clothes neatly folded up. >> this is not a sexual offense. it is an offense born out of power and some other type of insanity. hello? boo! i am the ghost of meals past. when you don't use new pam, this is what you get. residue? i prefer food-based phantasm, food-tasm.
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we have made an arrest in the jessica ridgeway case. a little girl snatched while simply walking to school. >> how safe is our neighborhood? >> we want to determine if there is connection. investigative journalist i'm getting in facts as we are on the air right now. >> new disturbing details. kdvr, a local affiliate saying he apparently, austin sigg confessed to hog tying her and strangling jessica ridgeway and then leaving her torso in a particular area of the park and then taking her backpack and leaving that several miles away in order to, quote, distract authorities. i think this shows how much he was plotting and planning. >> rita, we have covered a lot of cases, but i just want to
10:45 pm
tear him apart with my bare hands. hog tied a 10-year-old little girl and smothered her. and then put her torso in one spot and the book bag in another spot to throw off the cops. hold on, didn't you leave something out? how did her body, her hog tied strangled body suddenly just be a torso? aren't you leaving out the dismemberment? >> you are absolutely right. the other thing, too, that is interesting, friends are saying we don't know how he dismembered the body but friends are saying he had a fascination with knives and was collecting knives and different weapons in his home. it's horrible.
10:46 pm
>> retired police captain weigh in. >> i think we're all thankful that his mother called after whatever horrible thing she found because this kid will be tried as an adult would have reoffended and reoffended and reoffended. >> how do i know that he hasn't already? and all this while you are giving thanks. listen to this. he can participate in a road course, frisbee, volleyball, gardening. where is he? the jail amenities at the services center while he hog tied a 10-year-old little girl and strangled her. now he is out playing frisbee?
10:47 pm
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right now, to dr. henry lee. renowned forensic scientist. dr. lee, you're hearing more and more of the facts as they unfold. what can you tell me, what are we going to be looking for forensically and why is it to important that these crime scenes be preserved? they're multiple crime scenes. >> yes. you're right, nancy. at least five different area from primary scene, to the park, hog tied and then removed the
10:51 pm
body, dismembered the body, and deposit the body and the handbag and now, of course, i disagree with some of the speakers think that's no such activity involved, just remove her clothing. so that alone is consistent with a sexual assault. of course, we have to wait for dna result. whether or not semen was found. and this is a planned case. he probably followed the little girl and he had to bring a rope with him. and try to remove the clothes. everything looks like a premeditated. >> you know, dr. henry lee, you're right. there's going to have to be rope, which means he had to plan to bring it. had to know where the find the little girl. he probably watched her many, many times. to dr. bill manion, medical examiner out of philly. dr. manion, will be even be able
10:52 pm
to tell whether she was molested. >> yes, i think they can do dna swabs and whatever body parts they can recover, they will do dna testing to see if they find any evidence of any sexual activity. it sounds to me like he's keeping some body parts as a trophy which is consistent with a lot of serial killers. and this may not be his first case. i agree with you. this sounds like it was planned out. he got away with it for several weeks. and certainly didn't make any mistakes. the only mistake he made was i guess around the house when he mom found something. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day.
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we are live in westminister and taking your calls. with me, a little girl that is the neighbor of the suspect, austin sigg. brooke is with us. brooke, when you learned that austin sigg is likely responsible for the murder of this little girl, 10-year-old schoolgirl, were you shocked or did it just not surprise you? >> i was extremely shocked. i could never, like, ever imagine him doing something like this. >> why? >> i don't know. it just doesn't seem that he would have done it. no matter how strange he acted, i just could never imagine someone that close to me doing something like that. >> you know, i want to go to nia bender and jim spellman there on the scene. what is the reaction of the neighbors, of the community, of
10:58 pm
jessica's mother? i just don't see how she can even put one foot in front of the other, even get up out of her bed knowing just the little bit that we know tonight about what happened to her daughter, nia. >> i can't -- i can't imagine, either. and the one thing i do know is that that the community is breathing a sigh of relief tonight, but, no, as a mom who's lost a child, i know how he passed away. i can't even imagine, you know, the horror of thinking about what that little girl went through prior to being killed. >> and jim spellman, why -- why is he in a facility where he can play frisbee and soccer and check out books and have visitors and watch tv? why? >> reporter: well, i spoke to a court official today who told me that could well change after the hearing tomorrow morning at 8:00. remember, he is a juvenile even
10:59 pm
though he's been charged as an adult. he's in a juvenile facility. that may well could change tomorrow. he could go into probably some sort of isolation, nancy. >> and i want to go to you, dr. bethany marshall, a lot of the neighbors can't believe it, but i mean, look what we're learning about him. fixated on dead bodies. played with little girls almost exclusively. a loner. a white male. there in the neighborhood. >> he fits the profile and so creepy, every time he went into those little girls' homes you know he was scoping out the bedrooms, trying to find out how to enter a window at night, try to render them helpless. he had a whole fantasy life going. dr. lee is right, there's a sexual component. remember, sadism is one of the five perversions. everyone, for those of you just joining us, an arrest has gone down in the last hours of a young man in the death and the dismemrm


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