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The Verve Pipe

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The Verve Pipe
by The Verve Pipe

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THE VERVE PIPE 2/26/22 LINCOLN THEATRE, BELLEVILLE, IL DISC ONE: 01 All Of You 02 Photograph 03 Myself 04 The Witching Hour 05 Penny Is Poison 06 Cup Of Tea 07 Veener 08 Spoonful Of Sugar 09 Take The Long Way Home DISC TWO: 01 Villians 02 The Freeze 03 The Freshmen 04 Hero 05 I Will Never Let You Down 06 Happiness Is 07 Harmonica Instrumental 08 Colorful 09 The Chain TAPER: SHANE E. CALHOON (tapersec1968(at)gmail(dot)com) Gear Used: Source 1: Neumann SKM 184 mics Cardioid caps > Tascam DR-07...
Topic: Live concert
Source: Source 1: Neumann SKM 184 mics Cardioid caps > Tascam DR-07 Portable recorder > Source 2: SBD > Tascam DR-07 Portable Recorder