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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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reporting live, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> okay, jim, thank you. we have more breaking news. letter the death toll in the deadly legionnaires outbreak bronx. >> we learned of two more deaths bringing the total to 10. 100. the city is requiring that every building in new york city with a cooling tower and there inspected and disinfected. >> marcus solis is in the melrose section of the bronx with more. marcus? >> reporter: sade and diana, the city said it believes the worst of the outbreak is over. we are seeing numbers rise albeit more slowly. still, they did reach significant levels today. the number of cases hit triple digits and the number of fatalities is in the double digits. >> i am an easy target, you know. >> reporter: wendy rivera's concern is understandable, a south bronx resident with pulmonary disease and asthma, she is at high risk for legionnaires' disease.
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the number of cases is 100, ten fatal. mayor de blasio announced that any building with a cooling tower will have the system tested asap. >> the order instructs the owners or manager to test and disinfect their cooling tower within the next 14 days. failure to comply with the commissioner's order is a misdemeanor. >> reporter: the state is getting involved as well. today the bronx borough president invited the state health commissioner to tour concourse plaza, a shopping plaza where one tested positive for legionella, the bacteria that can grow in water based systems. >> time is not our friend. we need to make sure that the borough is safe. >> the governor ordered that the state provide testing of cooling towers for free. >> incredibly populated area. a lot of people, a lot of cooling towers and we are trying to figure out how it started.
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>> reporter: the mayor says the required testing is out of an abundance of caution. until the numbers come down, wendy rivera plans to avoid the affected neighborhoods. >> i know it's a little silly but to me it's like saving my life. i'm trying to stay alive. i'm afraid. >> reporter: not only does the -- the city is not clear of the source of the outbreak but not sure how many cooling towers there are. they aren't seven tramly registered with one department. at 6:00 emergency management is trying to go about locating and identifying the towers. for now live in the melrose section of the bronx, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. we have been tweeting out updates and we have an entire section at abc7ny with information on the symptoms and how it is spread. it's available on our home page. the search is being scaled back right now for that missing swimmer off the jersey shore.
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the 25-year-old man was last seen struggling in the waves off sandy hook last night. darla miles joins us with new details. darla? >> reporter: lifeguards and park rangers will patrol the beach on foot but the helicopters and dive teams are done for the day. >> the gentleman's family is down there while they are going through the search. >> reporter: no one was more glued to the helicopters and rescue boats than the family of the 25-year-old swimmer that never came out of the water in sandy hook. >> obviously they haven't found him and it's sad. >> you wanted to go to beach b but it was closed. >> yeah, it was closed. >> reporter: beach b is where investigators say the young man was enjoying the day with his girlfriend around 7:30 p.m. a 911 call was placed about two people who were struggling in the water. >> there was cops and ambulances and a lot of action going on. >> reporter: this is cell phone
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video of life guards from nearby beaches running to help they called off the air and dive teams late in the afternoon. >> i see a lot of activity. helicopters, two helicopters since i got here at 9:30, then boats back and forth searching with no result. >> the area where the monmouth county resident went missing is unprotected which meant a lifeguard is not stationed on that beach. >> you never want to hear about it later like oh, i went out to hang out at the beach and then you never come back. you don't see your family. it's sad. >> now, investigators have not released the name of the 25- year-old swimmer only saying that he is a resident of monmouth county. reporting live in sandy hook, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. mayor de blasio announced that the city has settled a long-standing dispute with the uniformed firefighters association over disability
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pensions. an agreement has been reached to withdraw a lawsuit filed by the firefighters union against city council speaker melissa mark viverito over pension benefits. a suspect is in custody for a violent attack on a woman in chinatown. zin mcdade was arrested in a separate incident. investigators linked him to an assault on a 55-year-old woman that happened last month. she was hit in the back as she was standing at motte and grand streets. she was treated for a cut. bail is set for $75,000 for the man accused of opening fire in a parking lot near the pnc arts center in new jersey. police say 27-year-old karon powell shot two men ages 23 and 24 after a hip-hop concert in holmdel. both of them were critically injured. powell is charged with two counts of attempted homicide and weapons offenses.
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people are still without power days after the terrible storm. brookhaven was one of the hardest hit. more than 1900 don't have electricity there. 96% of the homes affected have restored power. utilities are coming back in cliffside park following the huge water main break. a train collapsed on a road there yesterday. crews moved the 600,000-pound piece of equipment off the main and are repairing the damage. gas and water service are evening. a boil advisory will be in effect the next day or two. we are awaiting sentencing with the 11th american convicted in the road rage attack on alexian lean in 2013. sims was convicted of assault and gang assault for taking
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part in the chase. he institute trial along with former nypd detective wojciech braszczok. he was sentenced to two years in prison. to politics, tonight is a big night for anyone following the presidential campaign. record numbers are expected to watch the first republican primary debate and candidate donald trump may be the biggest reason. karen travers is there with a look at what you can expect. >> reporter: diana, good afternoon from it's fitting that the republican election season will kick off right here. this arena is famous for lebron james and the cavaliers but next summer, this is where one of the republican contenders will accept the nomination. tonight they will be on stage making their case to voters why they should be the one up there at the convention next summer. >> ten republican contenders, one potentially epic show down. the goal for nine of them, break through and stop one man
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from dominating the night. >> they have to figure out a way to get oxygen back in the race. right now all that is being consumed by donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump the solid front-runner, center stage for his first ever political debate. his team lowering expectations. senior advisor saying trump doesn't prep. he has gone after his opponents with fiery attacks rarely seen this early in campaign seasons. but his strategy tonight -- >> if i am attacked i have to do something back but i would like it to tampa bay very civil. >> reporter: some republicans say it's time to put trump under scrutiny. one way to do that, tie him to the clintons. trump team confirming he spoke by phone to former president bill clinton about his political future before jumping in the republican race. the debate is two hours including commercials. that breaks down to about 10 minutes per candidate. >> stay way from the oh, i gotcha moment and identifying out in short framework to say
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this is who i am and this is why i would make a better president than the rest of these people on stage. >> reporter: earlier in the night and getting far less fanfare, a secondary event for the 7 candidates that didn't qualify for the main stage. jeb bush and scott walker are on side of donald trump. they could get it from all sides if the other contenders don't put it on trump, bush and walker are who they will go after next. political reporter dave evans will be watching the debate and have highlights and reaction on "eyewitness news at 11:00". right now we are learning more about the gunman in the tennessee movie shooting. investigators say vicente montana had propane, lighter fluid and may have wanted to
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set off an explosive device. he was committed four times. he was shot to death by police. >> his motive is yet to be determined, although we know and you know that he has mental issues. he has been diagnosed apparently as a paranoid schizophrenic in the past. >> police say he had a realistic pellet gun. three people in the theater were injured. the search is on for debris from flight 370 as the search continues whether a wing flight belonged to the doomed flight. the malaysian government says it's from the plane. french investigators are not entirely sure. a lot of family members, people on the flight remain skeptical. the search for an arsonist. new exclusive video shows a new york city restaurant going up in flames minutes after man sets it on fire. a firefighter killed in a hit and run tonight.
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now a new push for answers. and an airport overhaul. the changes happening at new york city airports and what it could mean for your future trips. >> no reason to skip town with a weather forecast like this as
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the search is on for an arsonist setting fire at a brooklyn restaurant then taking off. it happened at the restaurant strictly vegetarian on church street. kemberly richardson is there with new exclusive video of the flames. kemberly? >> reporter: sade, this fire caused so much damage this building is boarded up. it's not clear when or if this restaurant will reopen. seconds after this fire bug took off, another man, who was working in the area, pulled out a cell phone and started report recording the flames. going on. >> i didn't want to get close. >> reporter: colin johnson couldn't believe what was going down in front of him. flames. his cell phone video something eyewitness news. the 18-year-old works for a private sanitation company and was making a pickup near the building and spotted this.
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>> i saw a flash and smelled smoke, we backed up. we saw the fire. >> reporter: it was after 3:00 in the morning july 23rd when police say this man walked past the restaurant strictly vegetarian and calmly lit it on fire. today the nypd released this video of surveillance cameras from the eatery and traced the suspect's every move. that is him. he appears to toss an incendiary device at the front left corner of the restaurant and walk away. collins saw what it was. >> a small gas bottle on the ground. >> reporter: like a gas can? >> yeah. >> reporter: there was so much damage inside the restaurant it has been shut down every since. >> looked like it was set on top of way down to the floor. then from there it just started to spread up top. >> reporter: sources tell eyewitness news one theory on the table, detectives are looking at a possible landlord
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tenant dispute. two other businesses are shut down. another fears it may be next. and now this. sources say the restaurant and building owner have been hitting heads. the case ended up in court. the restaurant was able to stay and now the fire. >> every day people come by trying to buy them out. the next thing you know, a fire -- hey. >> reporter: this fire was set after 3:00 in the morning on july 23rd a thursday. if you have any information, call police. live in the flatbush section of brooklyn, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, kemberly. five months later and no leads. a renewed push to find the hit and run driver that killed a new jersey firefighter. justice for george kavanagh is a fab page set up. the reward for information is $15,000. the 75-year-old volunteer firefighter was struck and killed by a car in march in
5:17 pm
front of the firehouse. coast guard and suffolk crews rescued five people from the great south bay after a fire on their boat. they abandoned the ship near the robert moses causeway. rescuers pulled them from the water before 10:00 p.m. west islip put out the fire and a salvage crew towed the boat to a marina. no wane was hurt. away ward dolphin keeps swimming in the south river in old bridge, new jersey. newscopter 7 saw it surface a couple of times this morning. people gathered on the nearby bridge to see the site. officials with the marine mammal stranding center are monitoring the dolphin. they believe it will eventually swim back out on its own. new at 5:00, does the subway seem cleaner in mta officials claim fewer trash cans lead to less garbage. the mta removed trash cans from 39 stations, all part of a pilot project.
5:18 pm
officials say those stations had up to 66% less garbage. there was less rodent activity. those two are connected. the mta plans to continue the program throughout the year. get rid of the trash cans, you get rid of the trash. >> you notice this. >> that happened the last couple of days. i look down and see a lot of cups. not as much. >> i usually see the rats. >> something fun and fun for the whole family as well. >> we have had this mix of weather lately. all those storms the last couple of days and we get respite and -- . >> we are in good shape for the weekend. we have to dodge a storm. speaking of going underground, it's more comfortable. not as bad on the platform. a lot of high clouds around. we will take that. we don't want the rain clouds. we don't need them for the weekend. nice in the meadow right now. >> beach on? >> beach is on sade. the beach is on.
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one day that is better than the other. 82 right now. humidity at 34%. wind is currently out of the north. the high 82. that is two degrees below average. there are the sunrise and sunset times. last year on the state mostly sunny and 83. 85 in sayreville. more high clouds in the jersey shore but nice on the beach. we saw darla miles there earlier. it looked nice on the shore. 80 in poughkeepsie. 80 islip. 83 in newark. clouds are going to be on the increase the first part of the night. in fact, the cloudy yeast time will be during the overnight. clouds retreat. sun and high clouds during the day tomorrow. probably more cloudiness, monmouth, ocean, middlesex county down the shore. sprinkles are trying to get to philly. the air is dry over us. i don't think a lot of these will survive the trip. if they do, it's south of 195, south of 78 in new jersey. here is this low right here. you can see the circulation.
5:20 pm
it's not looking as organized. this will go just far enough offshore that we will be on the western fringe of the cloudiness. that may be offshore at this point. i am not concerned about rainy more. we may get a partly sunny day on saturday even at the beaches. nicer to the north tomorrow. it's the day with a fair amount of cloudiness. even the south shore of long island. more sun to the north and west. that storm skips out to see. there is a second piece. we have to monitor that. it's curling offshore. look how far the western edge of the cloud shield is, a few hundred miles offshore. that's good news. we have to watch this weak system sunday that could bring extra clouds to north and west. maybe the poconos or catskills. partly to mostly cloudy overnight. a shower can sneak into southern new jersey. 82 tomorrow. mix of sun and clouds. favoring sunshine north and more cloudiness south. tomorrow night partly cloudy skies and 67. here is what we are working on for 5:30. only weekend shower threat turn
5:21 pm
out to be north and west? we will investigate that. does the hurricane season look like it will be below normal? hurricane season came out with an update to the main forecast. significant rain a possibility one day early next week. more in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you, lee. a harlem man wrongly convicted of murder dies nearly a year after his tonight new allegation coming from sharrif wilson's family as they take on the city. >> also, rapper busta rhymes arrested in manhattan. what he is accused of doing to an employee at a gym and his
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rapper busta rhymes got out of jail after he was arrested in a manhattan gym. his real name is trevor smith junior. he posted this picture on facebook after he got out. he is facing assault charges after police say he attacked an employee at the steel gym in chelsea. police say the 43-year-old threw a protein drink container at a man not seriously hurt. firefighters in northern california are making progress against a massive wildfire. officials say the fire burning about 100 miles north of san
5:25 pm
francisco is 40% contained. the fire scorched nearly 110 29th. dozens of buildings have been forced from their home. president obama talking about controversial voter id laws on the anniversary of the historic voting rights act. >> one order of business is for our congress to pass an updated version of the voting rights act that would correct some of the problems that have arisen. >> the president says he believes rights are being whittled away by voter id laws that target minorities. the president declared september 22nd national voter registration day. jo girardi pitching an important program to make sure that new york city's children are well fed. he helped hand out free lunches to children in harlem to urge children to take advantage of the city's free summer meals program. >> we want you to be attentive
5:26 pm
and we want you to have energy every day. if you don't put good things in your body, it can't start. that's where it all starts. >> good message. the pool is one of hundreds of sites across the city where children under 18 can get a free break fast or lunch until september 4th. no registration or id is required. still ahead, failed tsa tests at new york city airports. tonight the security changes going in place to ease concerns. >> also chaos on plane. a passenger going berserk. what set him off. >> a huge mistake. poundy hunters raid the wrong -- bounty hunters raid the
5:27 pm
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concerns about security lapses at airports leads to may major changes. i'm carbon monoxide diana williams. >> i'm sade baderinwa. the head of the tsa has vowed changes and workers in new york and around the country will be retrained as a result. >> eyewitness news reporter kristin thorne is at kennedy airport with the story. kristin. >> reporter: sade, a little bit of background. earlier this year, some of those with the homeland security administration posed as passengers and were able to get mock explosives and banned weapons on to airplanes across the country 95% of the time. senator chuck schumer tells us that some of the retraining has begun. >> what went wrong is those who were looking at the materials
5:30 pm
that are in your luggage and your carry-on bags aren't trained properly. they are under a lot of pressure to speed things up but they don't know exactly what to look for. >> reporter: new york state senator chuck schumer says the head of the tsa has promised him that the agency will move forward with a complete overhaul of its employee training procedures. >> i think it's a great thing. they should do it and make sure that everybody is sharp. >> reporter: the problem became apparent in june when abc news learned tsa agents at airports across the country failed to uncover 67 out of 70 staged threats. screeners failed to detect a fake explosive device taped to an undercover agent's bag during a pat down. >> tsa should know what is going on in the airport. they should know what they have to look for and do their job properly. >> reporter: the tsa is saying it will do a review of all tsa
5:31 pm
operations specifically at new york area airports. the department of homeland insists that securities at our nation's airport is strong. >> tsa does a great job. i work here. i don't work tsa but i am there every day and these people do a good job. >> reporter: senator schumer tells us that the tsa is going to try to figure out how to make the screening of airport employees more consistent. there are a lot of inconsistencies based on an airport employee, what type of employee they are and the terminals. they want to make that more consistent. kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thanks, kristin. police hope surveillance video will help them find four men wanted for a violent robbery and sexual assault in the bronx. a man was forced into a south bronx apartment monday. they told him to get on his knees and held a gun to his head. one man sexually abused a woman who was showering when the suspects burst in. the men got a with with money,
5:32 pm
cell phone and a set of keys. a new jersey father charged with the death of his own baby. investigators say that yoseop choi of fort lee violently shook and assaulted his 5-month- old son over a period of two months. he was hospitalized at the end of july and died today. choi charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child now faces homicide charges. nypd slapped with a lawsuit by the family of a man that spent 21 years in prison after being wrongly convicted of a brutal crime. the family of sharrif wilson claims nypd misconduct, lies and antigay buy ios lead to the -- bias lead to the investigation. dna evidence proved neither was involved and they were freed. wilson died in january less than one year after his release. >> it's about getting justice for my brother. it's about making the people
5:33 pm
who did what they did pay for it at the end of the day because seems like he paid for it with his life unfortunately. he is no longer here to defend himself. >> according to the lawsuit, nypd officers mistreated them because they were gay i go north eyewitness accounts and concocted a murder theory based on their sexual preferences. a case of mistaken identity. a group of bun at the hunters raided a home in phoenix, the one of a wanted fugitive. a tipster sent them to the home of the police chief. it took the bounty hunters a while to figure out they had the wrong home and the wrong guy. >> open the door. >> it had all the makings for a tv show. 11 bounty hunters yelling outside of a home phoenix. they blocked the driveway. they had the house surrounded and they were videotaping the whole time. the target was a 6'3" black male weighing 310 pounds. he is wanted in oklahoma on drug charges.
5:34 pm
but on this night, he was nowhere near this home. the man inside was sleeping soundly. he refused to let anyone in and a woman called 911. >> 911, what is your emergency. >> we have some -- i don't know if they are bounty hunters, what they are but they banged on the door and looking for somebody. >> reporter: when police got there, there was no fugitive, just their boss, the chief of police. but the bounty hunters weren't quick to apologize. >> once the situation got deescalated, one of the individuals that remained there that we booked into jail ultimately was still refusing to leave the home, demanding that he identify himself. even though he clearly didn't match the description of the individual they were looking for, a heavy set larger black male. >> reporter: breath farley that -- brett farley was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. police want to know why the bounty hunters had an 11-year- old child with them and why it took them so long to realize
5:35 pm
they made a mistake. >> the other big question in this is what about the tip that lead the bounty hunters to the home in the first place. it came from facebook. you have to wonder if it wasn't a deliberate attempt to target the chief. today marks a somber anniversary in world history. it's been 70 years since the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb on hiroshima japan. on long island, the museum of american armor marked the date by dedicating a world war ii marine amphibious assault tank to recognize the enormous casualties on both sides of the conflict. bill evans was on hand for the dedication. in japan, about 55,000 people packed into the peace memorial park to honor the 140,000 people killed at the ceremony attended by carolyn kennedy, japan's prime minister called for a world without weapons. comedian jon stewart saying
5:36 pm
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we have breaking news. some cause for concern at nyu legion hospital. there are elevated levels of carbon monoxide. shannon sohn is above it with newscopter 7. i have to expect there are partial evacuations. >> you can see the firefighters on the scene. they did have to evacuate some areas of the hospital. we will show you. it's hard to make it. you can see a little bit of black smoke. that is what the fire department is dealing with. this is in the courtyard in the middle of nyu langone medical center. you can see they are doing construction.
5:40 pm
about 3:45 the fire department responded to reports of elevated carbon monoxide levels. again, they did have to do some evacuations. con ed is on the scene as well. they do not yet have the situation under control. only partial evacuations here and most of it seems to be contained to the courtyard. reporting live over nyu medical center, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. a united airlines passenger under arrest. he went ballistic when he was told to turn off his cell phone. police say adam kelling refused to turn off the phone, walked to the front of the plane then punched another passenger. that's when chicago police officers came on board and wrestled him to the ground. police say he hit one of the officers. the woman behind an embryo battle is speaking exclusively to abc news about her year long battle. dr. mimi lee and her husband decided to get married in 2010
5:41 pm
after knowing each other for a decade. before the wedding breast cancer treatment. five embryos were frozen. the marriage went south and lee wants the embryos but he is arguing that the consent form said the embryos would be destroyed if the couple split should be a legally binding document. >> so personal and from a friend that i trusted for so long. it's really disappointing. >> findlay says he is afraid that lee will finally manipulate the situation if she winds up having the children. lee says if she winds up bringing the embryos to term findlay would not have to be part of their lives or support them. one former president couldn't avoid jury duty. george w. bush showed up at a dallas courthouse. he was not chosen.
5:42 pm
he did have his picture taken with several other prospective jurors before the secret service whisked him away. >> by now jon stewart is done taping the daily show. tonight the final show with the 52-year-old as host will air on comedy central. he took over the show back in 1999. over 16 years his smart jokes, his sharp interviews and cutting commentary made stewart one of the most trusted people on television. >> he will be missed. scooping out the cheapest car insurance rate. even a perfect driving record won't cut you a deal.
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ns this new family is making a debut at prospect park. three pigs are on display. they are siblings that recently arrived at the zoo. they are the smallest breed of miniature pigs weighing 65 pounds as adults. >> that's small. >> as adults. the little pigs are making history in brooklyn. the first time the prospect park zoo has exhibited the pigs. would you want one in your house? >> they are cute. >> they are cute. >> my dog might get upset but, you know. >> they would probably get along. >> yeah. ' maybe a nice weekend to go to brooklyn and visit the new addition at prospect park. outside we go. nice weekend forecast. george washington bridge. you know what, it's moving better than it usually would be at a quarter to six on a
5:47 pm
thursday evening. closing in on the weekend. maybe a get away day for you. high clouds around. north wind at 7. hurricane forecast. going with the idea of below normal hurricane season. 6 to 11 named storms. we had three. diminish that 6 to 10. but hurricanes from 3 to 6 went from 1 to 4 and major storms going zero to one. it only takes one but let's hope it's right there. this is because of the strengthening el nino and the weather patterns are changing into august. that's why we have this threat of a storm going to the south this weekend. catskills should be mostly sunny owned saturday. any coastal clouds mixing with sunshine saturday. looks like a decent beach day. catskills sunday, a few extra clouds in the afternoon. a front north and west could spark the showers. in the end with the concern about the coastal rains or clouds, it may be the cass skills that see a few extra clouds. planner for new york city and
5:48 pm
surrounding areas, patchy clouds, upper 60s. maybe a shower over southern new jersey. great for the finale of red sox yankees. sun and high clouds tomorrow. more clouds in the morning. shine as the day wears on north and west. i think the clouds will be more stubborn over the jersey shore, low to middle 80s. this rain looked healthy an hour or two ago. there might be a shower that survives the trip into central and southern new jersey. we can see a brand of -- band of rain here. stafford. it is coming in the overnight. offshore. cloudiness over south shore of long island, more sun to the north but it likes fairly dry during the day. night. here is the most encouraging part. you don't see the western edge of that clouds fanning back in the tri-state area leaving us to believe it will be a partly to mostly sunny day with the
5:49 pm
storm far enough offshore that it brings rough surf. the waves kick up over the afternoon. it may be choppy, 4 to 6-foot seas. air quality good tomorrow. pollen count good. travel tomorrow, delays through raleigh. otherwise the rest of the country is quiet. great lakes and upper midwest a few delays saturday. nightser to the north at 82. a storm is offshore on saturday bringing rough surf. sunday a good day. monday nice, too. good rainmaker around tuesday, good morning on we will watch that it comes and goes. no extreme temperatures. new bark broke the 8 day heat wave today. >> my dog called, she nixed the pigs. >> they are out. >> it's her world. most of us think the cost of car insurance deaf pends on your driving record. increasingly they are including
5:50 pm
other factors that have nothing to do with driving. "consumer reports" finished looking at more than two billion insurance quotes. as eyewitness news reporter shirleen allicot shows us, prices can increase dramatically because of your credit history. >> reporter: car insurance commercials tout low rates. many major insurance companies base prices in part on a hidden credit score that can take into account things like what type of credit card you have or whether you applied for credit recently. "consumer reports" compared rates for hypothetical drivers who were single with clean driving records. in florida the annual premium for those with excellent credit score about $1,400 with a good score it's more than $1,700 where a poor score more than $3,800. that is a much higher premium than for those with an excellent score and a drunk driving conviction. "consumer reports" research
5:51 pm
shows some insurers penalize you more for a poor credit score than others. for those in florida with a poor score, amica mutual charges $7,200 but geico $2,300. geico is a better choice if you have a poor score in florida. a few states prohibit insurers from setting prices based on credit scores, california, massachusetts and hawaii. >> insurance premiums are based on how people actually drive which we think is much more fair. but it does mean if you have an accident in those states, your rates could go up higher than elsewhere. shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> if you suspect that your car insurance company has given you a low score, ask the credit bureaus for your credit reports. music to their ears. >> the family of a very olinist reunited with his instrument 30 years after it was stolen. the coming up.
5:52 pm
>> i'm bill ritter new at 6:00. an effort to treat people in new york city with mental illness and tackling the growing problem of homelessness. they are building an daryl for the pope. you will meet the workers
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d a crime stringing new york city detectives along for 30 years. violin. >> the fbi recently found the instrument and today eyewitness news reporter renee stoll was there when the family was reunited with the precious heirloom worth millions of dollars. >> when my father realized his violin was stolen, he said he lost his mu sis call partner of 38 years. >> reporter: a relationship broken by theft after a
5:56 pm
cambridge concert in 1980. >> i put it aside. likelihood we will never see it again. >> reporter: the violin, worth $5 million was made in 1734 by anton neostratvari. this year it resurfaced in a new york hotel. >> the woman that had the instrument, her former husband that had it. she didn't know she was in possession after his passing away. >> reporter: she flew to new york to have a violin expert appraise it. he knew what he had after checking multiple markings. >> the way the instrument is inlaid, the actual dimensions. >> reporter: he alerted a former fbi agent he knew and investigators were able to retrieve the heirloom. her husband was a violinist that to the tenburg --
5:57 pm
totenburg suspected all along. they couldn't help but smile ear to ear. >> emotional explosion for us. so exciting. >> reporter: they can't share this with their father. roman died two years ago at the age of 101. >> i think he is somewhere though with my mother celebrating. >> reporter: the sisters promise it will sing again with minor restoration. >> they will have big shoes to fill. we will be delighted to hear somebody be able to bring back its votes, its sound. >> reporter: reporting from lower manhattan, renee stoll, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> back where it belongs. is there is still much more ahead. >> "eyewitness news at 6:00"
5:58 pm
starts right now. tonight tackling mental illness. an ambitious knew plan unveiled that could make the streets of new york city safer. but first it might be the toughest new war on legionnaires' disease in new york city history. mayor de blasio ordering all cooling towers in the city to be tested and if needed, disinfected or else. good evening everyone, at 6:00, goes i'm bill ritter. liz is off. the crackdown out of a bun dons of caution that the outbreak won't spread as the number of deaths and cases of legionnaires has risen. ten deaths and 100 cases. the mayor ordering all cooling towers tested within 14 days or else building owners will face charges. eyewitness news reporter marcus solis with the story. he is in the melrose section of the bronx. marcus? >> reporter: the number of cases increased by only three but two of those fatalities.
5:59 pm
now the number stands at an even 100. >> no cooling tower there? great, excellent. thank you. >> reporter: a war room of sorts. the latest plan of attack in the legionnaires outbreak that continues to grow. workers at the office of emergency management calling building owners trying to locate cooling towers and determine whether or not they were tested for legionella. >> we have them in the field. if we are not able to contact people through the calls, we are going and knocking on doors to try to find the building managers that way. >> reporter: the number of legal gone nares cases reached 100, ten fatal. the number of new cases is slowing, mayor de blasio issued a new health department order requiring any building owner in the city with a cooling tower to have the system tested within 14 days. failure to comply will be considered a misdemeanor. >> we are doing this out of an abundance of caution. everyone understands that the outbreak has been limited to


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