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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  August 19, 2015 6:00am-6:29am EDT

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>> a violent robber has been targeting seniors on a popular boardwalk. >> and we won't see the hot temperatures today that we saw earlier in the week, but the humidity will make it feel uncomfortable. >> i'm ken rosato. >> i'm michelle charlesworth in for lori stokes. thanks for being with us. it's wednesday, august 19th. >> where has august gone. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> right you are. here we go. where has august gone. let's take a look outside this morning. we are starting out with the 6:00 a.m. temperature. 78 degrees. it will be a very muggy day. ridgewood, whitestone, cambria heights 77, 78 murray hill. 75 on long island. 75 bell. upper 60s to the north and west. stuffy start. 85 by lunchtime. muggy with breaks of sun. 86 will feel like 90. another muggy day tomorrow.
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then the weekend to come up. all that in the seven-day forecast. heather has an accident on the l.i.e. >> that's where we will start. a look at a webcam and show you the l.i.e. on the westbound side, you can see traffic is bumper to bumper. leaving your house, you may want to hop on the northern state instead because of this activity over here. we have some accident activity off on the right side of the roadway as well. we head to the maps and pinpoint where this is, l.i.e. going westbound near exited 43. you can see traffic is really starting to punch up as you head out on to the westbound side of the l.i.e. now if you ever planning ongoing -- if you are planning ongoing to the fdr south, one lane shut down 63rd to 96th. two lanes closed with an ongoing construction project, that is causing that delay. 20 minutes inbound george washington bridge. earlier accident cleared away but the damage is done. lincoln and holland tunnel minor delays.
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no major problems there. routes 1 and 9 at duramis avenue an accident. expect problems northbound into jersey city. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. >> thank you, heather. breaking news we alerted on abc7ny. the suspect accused of raping a 7-year-old girl on staten island is now in custody. police say they arrested daniel nieto at a restaurant where he had been working in east brunswick, new jersey. he was initially charged earlier this month for trespassing at a family's home in port richmond but it was not until after he was released from custody that the young girl reportedly told detectives that she was sexually assaulted when he came into her home. nieto will be returned to staten island to face charges. the man being hunted in the bombing that killed 20 people at the shrine in bangkok did
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not act alone and is part of a network. the shrine reopened to the public this morning three days after a man left behind a backpack that police say held an if plow siff disease -- explosive device. new this morning, the search is on for a thief targeting elderly people in brooklyn. he is after one specific item. rob nelson is live in the coney island boardwalk with the pictures police want you to see. rob? >> reporter: good morning, ken. during the summer months the coney island boardwalk is a popular destination. for one man it's a target for a robbery spree, one that specifically is targeting elderly residents. take a look at these pictures. this is the man police are looking for. they say he is responsible for six robberies dating back to july 23rd. he rides up on a bike and snatches jewelry from unsuspecting residents, gold chains and bracelets and seems
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to be targeting older residents. the victims in these cases range from 63 up to 81. the most recent incident took place a few days ago on august 13th when the suspect snatched a gold chain from a 63-year-old victim. most of these incidents that happen in broad daylight in the middle of the afternoon mainly in the west 30s. anyone with information, of course, is asked to call crimestoppers, 1-800-577-tips. the calls are confidential. if you recognize the man in the pictures we showed you, please give authorities a call. rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. police are trying to figure out what lead up to a horrible seen in westchester county. a 10-year old girl is dead and a 12-year-old boy seriously injured after both were run over by the same ford explorer. the children were with their mothers when somehow the kids
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fell out of an s.u.v. >> i guess it wasn't in the right gear. then she started rolling back. i don't know how the boy and the girl got out of the car but then they got hit by it. >> the 12-year-old is recovering at jacobi medical center. witnesses say the girl's mother was behind the wheel. no charges have been filed. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> here is our roof camera. we look across the park to flushing bay and all the way out there is long island sound. so, good visibility with these stratus clouds hanging around this morning. low clouds over gotham down to one world trade, staten island, out to harlem. the temperature is 78 degrees. it's a little warm for this hour of the day. but it's very humid. humidities are in the 7 o percent even 72 is the dew point at this hour. a cold front back to the wears
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comes here for friday -- west comes here for friday. warm day. heat and temperatures around 86. going to the beach, watch out for moderate risk of rip currents at the new york city and long island beaches. heather has accidents everywhere. >> we do. i don't know what is going on. a nice morning. slow down. let's go to a webcam and how things are looking here. this is the l.i.e. traffic toward us is the westbound side. you can see activity in the h.o.v. lane, also in the left lane and off on the right shoulder. that is what is causing a tremendous amount of delays as you travel on to the l.i.e. check that out into the accident scene. all you will see there are brake lights. of course it's because of that accident. fdr drive northbound side on the right side of your screen going northbound. we will head to the maps and explain to you where these things are. l.i.e. west near exit 43, south oyster
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bay road with an accident being cleared away. on to the fdr drive going south, 96 to 76th street, one lane is closed. northbound 63rd up to 96th two lanes are closed down. that is causing a major delay. george washington bridge 20 minutes inbound. lincoln and holland minor delays. no major problems if you want to go to the tunnels. george washington bridge issue is because of the earlier accident cleared off the upper level. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. ken and michelle, over to you. >> thank you. sad news to bring you this morning on the death of a political trailblazer an and a part of our eyewitness news family. >> congressman lou business stokes, the first african- american elected to the house died after midnight with his family by his side including my coanchor lori stokes. >> eyewitness news anchor bill ritter has a look at the legacy he leaves behind.
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>> reporter: louis stokes was raised poor living in one of the country's first federally funded housing projects in cleveland. >> i have been fortunate enough to rise from having begun in poverty to become a lawyer. >> reporter: stokes and his brother carl, who became the first african-american elected mayor of a major city came to represent a revolution in civil rights that would eventually see the election of blacks around the country. he started his career as a lawyer for the naacp representing many of the activists fighting for civil rights. he was at the march on washington with his family in 1963 with dr. martin luther king. stokes shot this film. the little girl that could barely walk, that is his daughter, lori. he argued before the u.s. supreme court a case that would set limits and guidelines for stop and frisk procedures. it was called terry versus ohio. >> in the terry case, it set up
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certain guidelines called the terry frisk guidelines. those guidelines are taught in every police department in america. they are also taught in the law schools, every law school in america. >> reporter: later that year stokes ran for and won a seat in congress where he would serve for 30 years. in the early 1970s along with 12 other black members of the house he would charlotte the black congressional caucus. he was out of congress for nearly a decade by the time america elected barack obama. >> senator obama came up and we hugged one another. he said at that time, i am here because of you and your brother. >> reporter: two years ago we interviewed lou stokes and his daughter lori, their first joint tv appearance. >> did you want to go into politics, follow dad's footsteps. >> i let all of them choose their own --
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>> did you want her to go into politics. >> i did. >> i did not. >> with his -- when his friend ted kennedy died in 2009, lou stokes summed up the famous senator's legacy. looking back, he could have been talking about his own and he likely was. >> the legacy he leaves is what a public servant can do to change conditions in a nation.
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in check in washington state a gas leak forced workers out of a hotel. a gas company worker was critically injured. the manager of the hotel was alerted to a possible gas leak in the back of the building and quickly told guests. >> all my stuff is in there. my work clothes, everything, my computer, everything is in there. it's all gone. >> nearly 70 guests were inside the motel before the blasts.
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it destroyed a quarter of the building. alaska's governor plans to tour the site of the massive landslide in which three men disappeared and are presumed dead. the men disappeared during a 4 minute deluge of -- a wall of logs, debris and mud that came down on top of them about 100 miles south of the capitol of juneau. officials say the search will be a recovery effort. time is 6:14. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> yeah, let's go outside. meteorologist bill evans is outside the studios on the upper west side. >> let's take a look outside. we have a lot of moisture out this morning. hums are in the 7 o to 80% range. here is our camera looking to lower manhattan. you see the low clouds hanging in here. humidity 79% to start the day.
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right at 80%. calm wind. pressure 30.05. long branch and brick 75 degrees. 75 long island. 74 bridgeport. 74 montauk. up to the north and west, we are in the upper 60s. we will see a cold front coming from the west with showers and thunderstorms. that will be late thursday into friday. ahead of that, our air mass is so soupy and warm that a pop up thunderstorm can come uptickly west -- can pop up particularly west thursday afternoon and thursday evening, the cold front approaches from the west. it gets here late thursday evening, for friday morning's commute. slow moving. hangs around much of the day an friday with showers and thunderstorms off and on during the day. 84 to 86 today. it will feel like 90. tomorrow 83 degrees with the showers and pop up thunderstorms possible. it will mostly be thursday
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night, friday the heaviest time period. keep that in mind. looking at 86 today. it will feel like 90. tonight a muggy night around the area. low should be around 74, 75 degrees. it will be sticky, stuffy. tomorrow 83, a pop up thunderstorm in the afternoon particularly hudson river valley west and the city west. that is what we are looking at. everybody is into the thunderstorms thursday into friday's commute. we can have a scattered shower around this weekend. mostly sunshine and clouds, warm and humid with temperatures in the mid-90s through the day and low 80s into the nighttime, low 70s at night and mid-80s during the day. the heat wave is over. are you happy that the heat wave is over. [barking]. >> i know, i didn't get to see you yesterday. up, give me love. that a boy. if you have never seen our boy maximus, he comes and joins me every morning, especially when
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i have a bag of fresh pet treats. we want to thank fresh pet. i didn't get to see you yesterday. how are you beating the heat and humidity. are you hanging out at grandma's house with the plastic over the couches. down. he is a good boy that maximus. >> you guys play. we will go to heather. hopefully people are playing on the highways or are they not. >> no play at all. let's good to a webcam. l.i.e., i was telling you about an accident near exit 43. this one is near 50, bagatelle road. it's blurry but i had to show you the westbound side getting into exit 50 you have this accident. farther west you will find this accident that i have been telling you about. we can see with the lane, the h.o.v. lane is reopened. the left lane is reopened. we have the activity off on the side of the road. we head to the maps and pinpoint where this is.
6:18 am
the first accident was westbound at exit 50 bagatelle road then the other one by exit 43, south oyster bay road. that accident is being worked on. 15 minutes inbound george washington bridge, ten help lincoln. minor at the holland. street cleaning rules are in effect. >> thank you. hackers followed through with the threat exposing users of a popular cheating web site. >> in tech bite hackers making good on a promise, exposing users on a web site that has names, addresses and credited card numbers. >> when it came to call performance, sprint tied with at&t for second place.
6:19 am
yelp is no longer for restaurants and businesses. >> the federal government now putting its agencies on the web site for people to review. as you can imagine, some of the reviews for the tsa not too friendly. the tsa yelp page has 2 1/2 stars. not too good. >> those are your techbytes. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," a car company first. the united states automaker that could be the first to build in china and sell in the united states. >> the honor you will notice as the giants take the field in contribute to football legend
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u.s. stock futures point to a lower open on wall street. the dow starts down at 17,511. the nasdaq and s&p 500 begin lower. >> overnight gina's shanghai turned up. markets in japan and hong kong
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hang seng index were down more than 1%. general motors could be the first automaker to build a car in china and sell it in the u.s. market. they expect gm to ship a small s.u.v., the but i can envision next year -- the buick envision. starting this evening, the starbucks on north 7th street will go beyond foaming milk to selling foaming beer and wine. they will serve four different craft beers made by brooklyn brewery and offer ten different types of wine including a bubbly perseco. >> foamy wine. >> foamy beer. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with the forecast. >> warm temperatures this morning. 78 around manhattan. 77 brooklyn and queens. south, southeast wind.
6:24 am
look at the humidity in elizabeth. 91%. a south, southeast wind so the ride on the ferries will be nice. bridgeport to port jeff, 80- degree water temperature with a southwest wind across the long island sound to long island down the jersey shore. 79 by noontime to 80. 82 to 86 this afternoon. warm and humid. we will talk about the weekend in the accuweather seven-day forecast and get you up to date. traveling on friday will be tough because of the thunderstorms. we will get you through that. heather will get you through the commute right now. >> yuck. you said thunderstorms. the bqe, by the brooklyn bridge, a ton of delays. accident southbound b.q.e. near cadman plaza. let's go to the maps and tell you about a couple of problems we are battling on long island. l.i.e. west near exit 50 near bagatelle and south oyster bay road that accident is being cleared. 15 george washington bridge. 10 minutes at the lincoln. holland minor.
6:25 am
street cleaning rules are in effect. the giants will remember two of their corner stones every time they take the field this season. the team officially announced decals with the number 16 will be placed on player's helmets to honor frank gifford. he died at the age of 84. the giants will honor ann meira with a batch on their jersey. she died in february at the age of 85. mayor de blasio is telling folks to stop sweating him about his workout schedule. the mayor's routine includes a trip from gracie mansion to a gym in his old home and he took heat for being in the gym during the stand off in long island. he said he is constantly in touch with aides no matter where he is. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," we are live in rockland county after rosie o'donnell was reunited with her 17-year-old daughter. she was returned home last night after disappearing for a week.
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>> an end to the heat wave today. but the humidity will still around. leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us.
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rosie o'donnell's 17-year- old daughter was found safe and souped after she had and been seen for over a week. >> new video as they search for a man behind a violent attack on a street. >> good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm michelle charlesworth in for lori stokes. it's wednesday, august 19th. that was a cool picture of the hot, the fog -- of the hat, a little fog hat. >> meteorologist bill evans with the forecast. >> drummer roger earl of fog hat a big watcher of our show.
6:30 am
i bet you didn't know that. take a look. low clouds, fog across the area. 78 degrees. south wind at 5 and partly cloudy skies. 68 hand november. 65 bridgewater 75 long island. by noontime 82 to 84. 86 will be the high this afternoon. it won't hit 90 today. we had four days of that. the last time we had four consecutive days of 90 was in july of 2012. it will feel like 90 today. we will talk about the weekend we will talk about the weekend in the accuweather forecast coming up. heather is looking at the commute. accidents on the road? >> we have a couple of accidents still out there. some are being cleared away. we have a new one. i was telling you about this one as we head to the maps. it's near the brooklyn bridge. brooklyn bridge not doing badly. as you travel on to the southbound side of the b.q.e. and you want to get into the bridge, southwest side of the b.q.e. there is an accident right near the bridge. keep that one in mind. that can cause problems for you this morning.
6:31 am
now we are looking at route 280 traveling eastbound near exit 8. that is in west orange. that is another accident being cleared away. you have two lanes closed down as you go through that spot. then going over here on the l.i.e., we did have an accident westbound near exit 50 which is bagatelle road, that accident is being cleared. this one westbound near exit 43, south oyster bay road, this accident has been pushed to the shoulder. you will find rubbernecking delays. the good news is the main line is not blocked off. street cleaning rules are in effect. ken, over to you. >> thank you. rosie o'donnell's 17-year- old daughter is back with her mother this morning after it was publicly revealed she was missing for a week. she was found about 115 miles from home. this is a story we brought you on our free news app and facebook and twitter pages. kala rama is live in south nyack with details. >> reporter: the last time rosie o'donnell tweeted was
6:32 am
sharing the good news with her fans. people added their own comments that they are glad 17-year-old chelsea is home safe and sound after missing for a week. >> i am glad she has been found, rosie. >> reporter: rosie o'donnell thanked everyone moments after finding that her daughter chelsea was found safe. late last night, this nyack police s.u.v. picked up the 17-year-old in barnegat and brought her back home. >> chelsea was located at a new jersey shore point. she was of sound mind and body, lucid, no injuries. >> reporter: o'donnell's 850 twitter followers were alerted that her 17-year-old daughter chelsea was missing after she tweeted chelsea and her dog bear last seen in nyack, new york, may be in nyc. the 17-year-old has a history of mental illness and left home with her therapy dog a week ago and not reported missing until sunday.
6:33 am
rosie thought her daughter was staying with friends. police used her cell phone signal to track her down. the man who answered the door first denied she was there but then began could operating with police -- began cooperating with police. >> rosie adopted chelsea when she was two months old. live in south nyack, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. close look at the plane crash in indonesia. heavy fog and bad weather are hampering the search effort. in addition to bodies and the black boxes, the search teams found bags and bags of currency. the money was being shipped to help poor families cope with rising fuel costs. new this morning, a brutal robbery caught on camera in upper manhattan. it happened on august 2nd west 138th street in harlem.
6:34 am
you can see the man beating and punching and kicking a woman after throwing her to the ground. the suspect got a with with her purse and iphone. happening today, former subway spokesman jared fogle is expected to plead guilty to federal child pornography charges. six weeks ago the fbi seized computers from his home near indianapolis. by that time authorities charged russell taylor, the head of the jared foundation with producing child pornography. fogle became a pitch man for subway 15 years ago after losing 200 pounds on a diet of subway sandwiches. subway ended its relationship with fogle. national security leaker chelsea manning has been found guilty of violating prison rules. manning faces three weeks of restrictions at the kansas military prison where she is serving a 35 year sentence.
6:35 am
transgender manning was convict of having a copy of "vanity fair" with caitlyn jenner on the cover. bradley manning was convicted of sending 700 classified documents to wikileaks. a group of employees at kennedy airport fast criminal charges, accused of stealing male. prosecutors say six workers took part in a scheme to steal mail containing $1,600 in cash. three of the defendants worked as cargo handlers who allegedly targeted international flights transporting male with foreign currency. mayor de blasio promises to take action against women who pose nearly naked for photos in time's square in exchange for cash. many of the women wear only body paint and a thong and they charge a few dollars to pose for photos with tourists. this may be surprising but it's not illegal for women to go topless in the city. police say they can do little to stop that part of it, the
6:36 am
nudity part. time's square is a big attraction. some say the problem in time's square is all of the aggressive panhandlers in costume and out. authorities on long island are investigating a disturbing case of animal neglect. michael domrek is facing a dozen counts of animal cruelty. they found dozens of animals on his farm in poor and unsafe conditions many needing medical attention. >> the conditions that these animals were living in was truly deplorable. they didn't have enough to eat. they didn't have enough to drink. the water was covered in slime. evidence of malnutrition. >> some animals ribs as you can see in this picture that we are showing. others had serious infections. five of the animals needed medical treatment. it is 6:37. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," we are following
6:37 am
the progress of firefighters working to get two big fires under control so hundreds of people can return your to their homes. >> also today, today is the day to grab up big discounts on tickets for broadway shows. the best of the broadway shows ahead of the upcoming broadway week. >> remember you can track weather conditions on the go with our free accutrack weather
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alert app. crews are getting creative in efforts to put out wildfires out west. they battle the flames from inside then hike back to safety. in washington state the national guard is on the ground. flames near chelan burned 1700 square miles. 100 fires are burning in washington and idaho. happening today, get ready to be dazzled on the great white way. broadway tickets go on sale at 10:30 this morning for some of the top shows. there are 2 for 1 deals on aladdin, kinky boots among others. and it's for performances that run from september 7th to the 20th. get them. >> i remember when kinky boots was first coming out, meteorologist bill evans, who we go to right now was going
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around the studio going kinky boots, kinky boats. >> the best. >> you got to go to broadway. i could go every night. >> the best. >> it's awesome. >> here we have low clouds and lots of humidity over the area this morning. these clouds will burn off. they will spread out and the sun will lift those up. it's going to be this kind of morning with the clouds and haze this 78 degrees as we look to lower manhattan. the sun will come out and we will have sunshine. a humid day. not as hot as yesterday but it will get up to a real feel of about 90. this fronts gets here friday. today and tomorrow, warm and humid days. a pop-up shower or storm can't be ruled out, particularly inland away from the beaches. 86 with a real feel of about 90 this afternoon. we are talking about the weekend coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. heather is looking at the commute. weather then heather every seven minutes. >> that's right. we will take a look at the staten island expressway and we
6:42 am
are finding troubles here and before we get to that, i want to go over to our maps and talk about what is happening here. this is the brooklyn bridge, not doing badly, southbound side of the b.q.e. westbound into cadman plaza an accident. heading on to the staten island expressway, you will find a couple of lanes closed down by bradley avenue. 280 east another collision. street cleaning rules are in effect. >> happy wednesday. 6:42. still ahead this morning, many consider him a real super hero. a man who spent his life bringing help to sick children. >> new yorkers are getting help
6:44 am
to see for the thousands of sick children visited in hospitals, leonard robinson was a true super hero. the past 14 years he was known as the route 29 batman.
6:45 am
he will be remembered for his kindness at his funeral in maryland. he was killed this past weekend as he stood alongside his custom batmobile. mr. robinson was known to spend $25,000 of his own money on batman items for six kids every year. newark police are looking for the grave robbers that cemetery. police say the remains date back to the 1940s and were taken from a must lee yum at the mount pleasant cemetery yesterday. there is no word on any suspects. the nfl's case against tom brady is back in a manhattan courtroom. the patriots qb will not be there. nfl commissioner only gear goodell is expected to show up -- roger goodell is expected to show up but neither is required to attend. "good morning america" is up next.
6:46 am
george stephanopoulos is here. >> hillary clinton, those questions about her e-mails will be taking a toll on her. bernie sanders tightening up the race on the democratic side. donald trump closing the gap. big news about this little thing called the female viagra. the fda approved it after rejecting it twice making it the first drug to increase sexual desire for women. and we have the latest on the elite prep school trial st. paul's in new hampshire. a young woman saying a fellow student at that prep school senior tradition. before we go, i'm thinking of morning. you know, i began my working for a member of congress and louis stokes was the dean of that delegation. a wise man. a real public servant that served the country and community for so long. he is a real loss. >> he sure is. nice of you to say. >> thank you, george.
6:47 am
>> thanks, george. >> bye-bye. new yorkers have a chance to share in a historic moment when pope francis is the first pontiff to address congress. lottery. he has one ticket for the pope's address. you can register on the senator's web badge. that is at a special section of our web site abc7ny/pope. >> so nice to hear george's reaction to congressman stokes life. >> touched a lot of people. meteorologist bill evans is outside the studios on the upper west side. >> we have a lot of humidity. you will feel that the moment you walk out the door. it will be a humid day today despite the fact it won't be a 90-degree day, our heat wave ends with four consecutive days of 90-degree weather. we haven't had that since july of 2012.
6:48 am
this morning a look from our cameras. live pictures here. you see the big batch of low hanging clouds over us. we are seeing temperatures around 78 degrees. humidity nearly 80%. it's 90% around newark, brooklyn and queens. normal high is 83. we will be at that today. maybe around 86. and we have .3 of an inch of rain yesterday morning. there could be a thunderstorm in the afternoon today or tomorrow but that will be west and north of the city and we have a good shot at thunderstorms on friday. the delay getting out of the city or away for the weekend, you have to keep an eye on that. u.v. index a 7. air quality is fine. grasses are picking up. so is the ragweed as far as the pollen count goes. 74 to the eastern end. 75 to 72 down the jersey shore. upper 60s to the north and west. wind out of the south. with a southerly wind makes it
6:49 am
more humid, sticky and steamy. it keeps building and building. this will continue through the end of the week until the cool front gets here. the front is back around lake michigan, international falls, minnesota and down st. louis to memphis, tennessee. that will slide toward us. ahead of that you could see a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. the front itself doesn't start until friday. you will see rain friday morning and through the day we slowly into friday evening across long island, hamptons and suffolk county. that can be a slow evening getting out of the city to the catskills, jersey shore, eastern end of long island. not as hot but humid. tomorrow sun and clouds, 83. maybe a pop-up shower or storm west of the city. there comes the front for thursday night into friday. 86 today. going to be close enough with the humidity to feel like 90. partly cloudy tonight warm and
6:50 am
sticky. 74. tomorrow quite humid. late-day showers and thunderstorms and the temperatures will be in the low to mid-80s and the weekend shapes up to be like that, too. we are looking at showers and storms on friday. there could be drenching downpours, flooding in poor drainage areas. then we have 83, 84 saturday and sunday. a chance of a scattered sprinkle or shower. weekend is looking good. sticky and humid into next week. no 90-degree weather any time soon. muggy morning out here. you got to wear a suit to work, you will sweat. >> we are sorry. >> nicely put. >> high swamp factor today. >> you better bring your deodorant in your pocket. >> and your hair products. hopefully there is air- conditioning in the subways but we have track work in the subways. e, f, m and r trains will have service changes until 11:00 a.m. because of track work.
6:51 am
information. 280 east exit 8 an accident. three lanes are closed down. this is in west orange. now, over on route 22, it's closed both directions west of 287 and that is because of an accident. i will have more information on that coming up. street cleaning rules are in effect. ken, over to you. >> thank you very much, heather. mr. softee is playing hardball with a competitor for allegedly stealing the mr. softee jingle. 16 notes in the key of e flat but one of the most disstingtive songs in the summer. it draws customers and now mr. softee is suing the competitor for the trademark infringement. >> about time they do something about it. these guys are running around here playing our music, not paying the royalties and laughing at mr. softee. >> there it is. >> somebody give me a quarter quick. mr. softee drivers say the
6:52 am
rivals playing their jingle cut into the business by 30 to 40% and does so every day. >> that song is in my head. >> i want a simple vanilla twist. >> my belly says food is coming. >> another check on the weather
6:55 am
and commute when we come back. breaking an arrest in new jersey for the man suspected of raping a 7-year-old girl on long island. daniel nieto was arrested then released for snaking into the family's home in port richmond. the victim later told investigators that he sexually assaulted her. he was taken into custody at the restaurant where he works in east brunswick. he will be extradited to staten island to face charges. "good morning america" is up next. there is a serial robber on the loose. >> police say the thief has been preying on older residents of coney island. >> police say this man for several weeks has been taking advantage of the summer crowds here at the boardwalk, specifically targeting seniors then making off with their jewelry. take a look at these pictures. this is the man police are looking for. they say he committed six robberies, each time riding up
6:56 am
on a bike and snatching the jewelry from victims. he appears to be targeting older residents. victims range in age from 63 to 81. the most recent incident happened on august 13th when the suspect snatched a gold chain from a victim on west 30th street, the same general area where all of these robberies have taken place. the suspect is still on the loose. if you recognize the guy in that picture, please call authorities or crimestoppers at 1-800-577-tips. reporting live, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. rosie o'donnell's daughter is safe after vanishing a week ago. >> police brought her home around midnight. kala rama is live in south nyack. kala? >> reporter: rosie o'donnell thanked everyone on twitter then came outside her home thanking them alerting them that her daughter was found safe and sound.
6:57 am
police picked her up in home. she has a history of mental illness and left home with her therapy dog a week ago. rosie thought she was staying with friends. police used the signal from her cell phone to track her down. the man who answered the door on the jersey shore denied she was there but ended up cooperating with police for a happy ending. according to rosie, chelsea was adopted when she was two months old. kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, kala. candles are near the scene of what police in new rochelle call a tragic accident. a 10 year old girl was killed and a 12-year-old boy was seriously injured. the children were where their mothers when somehow they fell out of a ford explorer. the girl's mother was behind the wheel. no charges have been filed. new video of a disturbing robbery in upper manhattan. police want your help in
6:58 am
finding the man who slammed a woman to the ground and punched and kicked her. it happened on west 138th street in harlem. the suspect got away with the woman's purse and iphone. >> another check of the commute with heather o'rourke. >> hello, michelle and ken. we will head to our maps. good morning, everybody. we have route 22 unfortunately closed down both ways between the somerset county line and redington road with a serious accident being cleared. as you head through west orange at exit 8 another accident. three lanes closed through that spot. e, f, m, r service changes until 11:00 a.m. because of ongoing track work all week long. go to 7online for more information. across the brooklyn bridge, not a bad ride. down the b.q.e. southwest at cadman plaza accident cleared away. verrazano bridge your ride into brooklyn a little slow then the staten island expressway going west slauson to bradley construction cleared early.
6:59 am
that is good news but the delays remain. >> heather, thank you. today is a really nice day. feel if you like humidity, warmth, a big hug from mother nature. not 90-degree weather but we start out with respect 78. hums are in the 75 to 90% range. a stuffy start to the day and a muggy afternoon. 86 will feel like 90. tomorrow and friday we are going to be looking at thunderstorms, especially on friday. be prepared for that for your travels. the weekend is looking good. low to mid-80s during the day. low 70s during the night. humidity hangs around through next week. >> good stuff.


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