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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 21, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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world news with david muir is coming up. we will see you tonight at breaking news tonight. the takedown on the train. two americans wrestling down the gunman with an automatic weapon. passengers terrified. several wounded. martha raddatz with the dramatic pictures coming in now. the developing headline, the shooting inside a federal building in new york city. the gunman shooting himself dead. also at this hour, the hurricane in the atlantic. the track breaking news in the case of the porch shooting of an unarmed black athlete. tonight, the jury and what they revealed a short time ago. your money. tonight, the dow plunging. down nearly 900 points in two days. what now for americans planning to retire? and the hack attack on a website for cheating spouses widens tonight. up to 35 million now revealed. cheaters linked to the state department and homeland
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security. reality star josh duggar is on the list. good evening, we begin with breaking news on several fronts tonight. first, the two american servicemen that jumped into action when a gunman hopeopen fire on a train. police meeting the train in a station in france. at their feet, some of the attacker's ammunition. investigators combing the train, at least two wounded. martha raddatz leading us off. >> reporter: tonight, on a crowded train, it was the americans to the rescue. unarmed, off-duty u.s. service members saving countless lives.
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it happened aboard the 3:17 p.m. train from amsterdam to paris. as it was going through belgium, reports of shots fired. the gunman, reportedly armed with an automatic weapon, a knife, and additional cartridges. but the two americans overpowered him. this video shows the police arresting a suspect when the train arrived in france. one of the two american service members was wounded, but the injuries are not life threatening. france's interior minister rushed to the scene. thanking the two americans, calling them courageous. france's anti terror unit now in
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charge, but the gunman's motives are unclear. france has been alert since the "charlie hebdo" shooting in january, and the attack at a market. 17 were killed. >> they don't know the motive, but the anti terrorism unit leading the information? >> yes. they say the suspect is a 26-year-old mo rock canroccan. to the other breaking story, a frantic scene in new york city. shots fired inside a federal building in lower manhattan. a guard shot in the lobby, later dying. witnesses say the gunman opened fire, then took his own life.
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we turn to linzie janis, in new york. >> reporter: good evening. that federal building in lower manhattan houses an immigration court as well as veteran health services. the 68-year-old walking in just after 5:00 p.m., and opening fire, hitting that private security guard in the upper body. we've just learned he did not make it. the gunman then turning the gun on himself. the scene, chaotic. roads are closed, and police are >> linzie, thank you. next to another developing headline, hurricane danny gathering strength. at this hour, a category three storm. winds up to 115 miles per hour.
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let's get right to rob marciano, tracking it all. >> this is the strongest storm in this part of the tropics in five years. it will weaken towards the caribbean. they need the rain, so they will take a weakening storm. and tropical storm kilo, in the vicinity of hawaii by tuesday or wednesday of next week. >> and the other storm you're tracking? >> severe weather in the midwest. here's the risk area tomorrow. the front pushing through the dakotas dakotas, and to minneapolis. and you mentioned the fire zone, and the demand so great, authorities are reaching out to everyday civilians for help
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fighting the fires. this one, moving quickly across a hillside in washington state. and the plea as we learn more about firefighters that died, trapped in their vehicle. kendis gibson has the story. >> reporter: tonight, watch this all-out effort to save a home in omak, washington. the owner looking on as his home of 17 years succumbs to the flames. is that surreal? >> yeah. yeah. you don't really think it's going to be until it happens. >> reporter: more than 135,000 acres burning in the last 24 hours alone. the biggest challenge today, the winds gusting to 60 miles an hour. the task just seems impossible out here. fires pop up at any moment and anywhere. they're fighting this one pretty aggressively. state officials now asking for volunteers to join the fight. >> those guys put their lives on the line to save my place. and i feel an obligation to get out there to try to help out. >> reporter: the fires turned deadly on wednesday. three firefighters killed. the mother of the youngest victim, 20-year-old tom zbyszewski, devastated. >> he was the center of our
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lives. and our future. >> reporter: firefighters holding their hands and helmets to their hearts during this solemn procession. tonight, more help is on the way. dozens of firefighters from australia and new zealand heading this weekend to join the effort. david? >> thank you. now to your money, and the dow plunging more than 500 points today. for the week, it's down 1,000 points. let's get right to rebecca jarvis. >> well, the federal reserve is on the verge of hiking interest rates. that means everything will get more expensive. >> and this is concerning for
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everyone trying to plan retirement. >> yes, but in the last four days, stocks are down, and the average 401 "k" is down $6,000, but they're up 61% over the last five years. >> so, keep the perspective. rebecca, thank you. and to a headline from north carolina, a judge declaring a mistrial, unable to decide whether an officer is guilty of killing an unarmed football player. firing 12 shots. now to st. louis, details coming in from the autopsy of a teenager killing. saying he was shot in the back. this video was taken from the streets. police firing tear gas.
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police on alert heading into the weekend. steve osunsami on the case again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, police in st. louis are getting out in front of the story, revealing early results from an autopsy showing that two white police officers here shot this 18-year-old black suspect in the back. >> rock! brick! brick! >> reporter: already, police have faced bricks, rocks and bottles from young residents angry over the shooting death of mansur ball-bey. he died wednesday after police raided a home in a tough neighborhood known for drugs and guns. police found stolen weapons and crack cocaine, and claim the teenager pointed a gun at them as he ran away. >> i have a witnesses statement that there was a gun involved and i have officer statements saying that there was a gun involved. >> reporter: but the teen's family tell abc news they're not buying the police story. >> he was this, he was that, he had a gun, there was drugs. those are the same speeches they give every time they shoot somebody. >> reporter: tonight, the "st. louis post-dispatch" is reporting that investigators
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found fingerprints and dna on the weapon. for police, proving he had the gun is important. >> thank you. and donald trump, the crowds gathering in mobile, alabama tonight. tom llamas asking some of the audience why they're so eager to hear trump tonight. >> reporter: tonight in alabama, they're lining up for donald trump. >> for the donald. >> trump for president. >> reporter: the campaign hoping to fill this stadium. showing his message is catching fire. >> that's going to send a signal we want strong borders. >> reporter: this family tweeting trump, entire family is driving six hours to mobile to see and support you. >> trump 2016. >> reporter: trump says when
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they planned this event, they started with a venue that could hold 1,000 people. now this, a stadium that can hold 40,000 people. >> i love donald trump. >> he says it like it is. >> reporter: one of his competitors, jeb bush, announcing he's heading to the border on monday. saying that trump's plan does not reflect republican values. supporters for trump have filed in. they gave out 30,000 tickets. this could be the single largest event of the campaign season. >> thank you. and trump will be guest on "this week" with george, sunday on abc. and a blast traced to an
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electric generator. a concert plunging briefly into darkness. and a gas explosion for the second time this week. damaging this high school in new york, injuring three workers, just days from the opening of the school year. just days after an explosion ripped through a motel in washington state. ron claiborne with a warning, how to detect leaking gas. >> reporter: the explosion ripping a gaping hole in the side of a high school. >> we saw a quick flash, and a large explosion. >> reporter: it happened thursday night as contractors were refurbishing a science lab. one worker lit a match to check on a gas line. workers. >> the school has sustained very, very serious damage.
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>> reporter: three days after an apparent gas leak explosion in washington. the power of exploding gas on display in so many incidents. this new jersey home in february, once again a gas leak. if you ever smell gas, get out, and call 911 or your gas utility. and authorities saying the damage to the school is so severe, 4,000 students will have to go somewhere else. and we turn to iraq, where authorities say a key isis figure has been killed. haji muta, the second in command in iraq. back here at home, a
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powerful moment for the army rangers, captain griese and lieutenant haver. tonight, we salute them. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. the hacking scandal that has husbands and wives crashing web sides. the fbi joining the investigation. who is using this site, and why the invest? and the art exhibit that went wrong. everyone chasing a giant ball down the street. and look at this guy. the college freshman with a lot on the line. free tuition, if he can land this shot. it's worth staying tuned for. we'll be right back.well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep it all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberry apple scones smell about done.
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so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogens should not be used to prevent heart disease, heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. we're going to turn next to new fallout over the ashley madison hacking scandal. the first lawsuits already filed
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by husbands and wives, crashing websites to see who is using the service. the list now growing tonight. here's juju chang. >> reporter: overnight, the second massive data dump. now leaving 35 million ashley madison customers exposed. >> september is going to be a good month for divorce lawyers. >> reporter: more than 13,000 of those accounts linked back to government servers, to employees at the state department, defense, even homeland security. defense secretary ash carter is confirming the pentagon is investigating accounts linked to military e-mail addresses and noting adultery could be a criminal offense. in military law. >> of course it's an issue because conduct is very important. >> reporter: but civilians feeling the fallout, too. reality star josh duggar issuing an apology. admitting in a statement, -- i have been the biggest hypocrite ever. while espousing faith and family values, i became unfaithful to my wife. this, just months after he admitted to sexually abusing
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minor girls in his teens. meanwhile, the hackers posting this -- learn your lesson and make amends. and urging the hacked customers to press charges against ashley madison. those lawsuits under way, more turmoil for ashley madison. >> more on nightline tonight, we'll be watching. when we come back, a former nfl cheerleader sentenced. and the runaway art exhibit making headlines. the giant red ball, they had to chase it down the street. and, talk about pressure. the college freshman with free tuition on the line. can he make the shot?
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two years. the ex-wife of a billionaire ceo, she was selected as an nfl cheerleader at the age of 38. >> a giant red ball on the loose in toledo, ohio, rolling down streets lined with parked cars. the 15-foot ball escaped when strong winds blew it away. an incoming freshman at ball state, free tuition for a semester if he can land this shot. the crowd cheering him on as he lets it fly. that is one good shot tonight. when we come back, three faces you just might remember because of what they did ten years ago. can you guess our persons of the week? i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
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finally tonight here, it's hard to believe over the next week we'll be marking the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina. tonight, three faces, three people i met ten years ago in new orleans. you might remember some of them. jumping in to help then, and giving us renewed hope now.
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our "persons of the week." new orleans, under water. canal street disappearing. flames, smoke rising over the city. and we will never forget the families, inside the superdome, before katrina even hit. >> david muir is inside the superdome. >> a significant amount of water coming through the roof. later the levees would break. >> we need help! >> this woman, a diabetic, told me this. >> i don't want to die. >> collapsing in front of me. and this nurse, an evacuee herself, quickly getting to work. ten years later, we wanted to know what she carries with her. you were the one that jumped into action. >> adrenaline took over.
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>> now, that woman, grateful to that nurse. >> i realized i was stronger than i thought i was. >> ten years ago, we heard about a hospital that flooded. no power. >> trying to get to charity hospital where patients have been waiting five days. inside we would meet doctor peter w. he showed us the icu. ten years later, we find the doctor, remembering the tryiumphs triumphs. and tonight, the new university medical center had just opened. and we had one more question about a patient we met. who had just given birth. what a time to have a baby. >> on the floor.
6:58 pm
>> ten years later -- she and her daughter, about to turn 10. listen to what mariah told us about her mom. >> she's my hero. >> we made it. >> the strength of so many who have rebuilt over the last decade. and sunday night, an inspirational journey. robin roberts going home. her special, "katrina: ten years after the storm," sunday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. thank you for watching on a friday night. i'm david muir.
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