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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  August 23, 2015 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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will get some rain an good morning, america. the new developments in the story of the american heroes. >> i just looked over at spencer and said, let's go. go. >> congratulatory phone calls from president obama after three young americans sprang into action, tackling a heavily armed gunman on a train. this morning, what we're learning about the suspect's past, his alleged ties to radical islam. caught on camera. the air show disaster. crowds watching in horror as a stunt pilot in the military jet crashes onto a busy road. >> oh, my word. >> the unsuspecting people may never have seen it coming. this morning, the latest on the investigation. one player's pitch, baseball superstar justin verlander, boyfriend of kate upton, taking on the league over fans getting hit in the stands.
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>> it's something that needs to be addressed immediately. >> his plans to prevent projectiles from injuring the fans. will it keep them safe? and panda-monium. the giant panda at washington's national zoo. a brand-new mama this morning. not just one sweet surprise, it's twins. the zoo totally off guard by this double vision. double vision o ochlt hchltoh when it gets through to me it's always new to me by the end of the show somebody is going to tell me who does "double vision." i think it's foreigner. >> i'll google. >> rob is almost as old as i am so everybody else -- >> i'm bowing out. >> we'll figure that out. good morning, everybody. great to have cecilia vega in for paula this morning. also coming up on the show, as hillary and bill clinton vacation in the hamptons seen here taking a leisurely stroll
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with the dogs there are potentially troubling developments afoot for her campaign. >> we're learning this morning about a stealth meeting between vice president joe biden and democratic senator elizabeth warren who is intensely popular among liberals. is biden shoring up support as he prepares to jump into the race? >> we're going to dive into all the intrigue with george in a few minutes but we start here this morning with new developments about the three americans, two active service members who helped foil an apparent terror attack on a train in france subduing the gunman. >> one of these american heroes released from the hospital and we are now learning more this morning about the congratulatory phone calls from president obama and a high honor that may be in the works from the french government. abc's david wright is in paris with the latest. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia and dan. it really is a remarkable story. tomorrow morning the french president plans to thank those three americans personally. their act of heroism prevented mass carnage on a train bound for paris. the french are hailing them as
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heroes even as new details emerge about the suspect. the suspect seen hog tied on the train in this cell phone video identified now as 25-year-old ayoub el khazzani. born in morocco he was known to european authorities as a potential threat. france placed him on a security watch list in february of 2014. according to the french interior minister, spanish authorities had informed them el khazzani had joined the radical islamic movement and may have been a foreign fighter in syria. eyewitnesses say el khazzani emerged from a bathroom on the train wielding this ak-47 assault rifle armed also with a lugar pistol, a box cutter and at least nine extra cartridges of ammunition. >> i just looked over at spencer and said, let's go. go. >> reporter: army national guardsman alek skarlatos and his
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friends leapt into action. >> spencer got to the guy first, grabbed the guy by the neck, and everybody just started beating on the guy while spencer held the choke hold until he went unconscious. >> reporter: airman first class spencer stone tackled el khazzani disarming him. his two friends helped to subdue the suspect. gunman fought back fiercely with the box cutter. >> as spencer is wrestling the gun away, he gets cut with the box cutter multiple times by the gunman. >> reporter: spencer seen here leaving the hospital saturday suffered wounds to the neck and hand, almost losing his thumb. even though he was injured, witnesses say he rendered first aid to another passenger who had been shot. president obama called to commend and congratulate them for their courage and quick action. >> i didn't even have time to think. i didn't even realize or fully comprehend what was going on. >> reporter: skarlatos' father
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emotional about his son's heroics. >> we feel grateful everyone is alive and spencer is doing okay in the hospital and that everyone is -- can off that train and go to their homes and meet their families. >> reporter: the suspect has not yet been charged. under french law the authorities without charge. this country, of course, still reeling from the deadly "charlie hebdo" attacks in january. thankful that thanks to those brave americans that scene dan. >> david wright on the ground in paris. we move now to a shocking and deadly turn of events at an air show. you're going to see it all play the plane diving straight into a busy highway in england. 7 people dead, 12 injured. now, of course, happen? london this morning. jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: that's right, dan. questions this morning about the safety of this popular summer event after one of britain's worst air show disasters in modern times.
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at this air show, thousands gathered to watch a performance in the sky. the pilot attempting a routine loop maneuver on the way back up, a loss of control. the plane drops heading for this business ski highway. dozens of cars streaming right into the path of the cold war era british fighter jet. the massive fireball torching dozens of cars leaving 7 travelers dead and 15 more injured. >> i swerved off the road and literally just across the other side of the road it just went up in flames. >> reporter: the crowd of thousands watching in horror as the wall of fire erupts over the english countryside. >> stay where we are and keep clear. >> the initial reaction was just shock. i mean, there were actually people in tears and then just silence, complete silence. >> reporter: the column of black smoke visible for miles. >> oh, my word. >> reporter: this morning, authorities scouring the scene
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of the tragic accident for possible clues to the cause of the crash. >> in this case it was either a mechanical problem or the pilot failed to have enough altitude as he came down. >> reporter: amazingly, the pilot survived but is in critical condition and fighting for his life. cecilia. >> indeed. jennifer eccleston, thank you. we turn now to the race for the white house. it is your voice, your vote. joe biden has a lot of democrats excited and nervous this morning. the vice president holding a secret meeting with a powerful member of his party. is it a sign that he's about to take on hillary clinton? abc's devin dwyer is at the white house. devin, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning, cecilia. you know, vice president joe biden has spent much of the past two weeks trying to finalize a decision on whether to run for the white house, but now word he's consulted with one of the most influential democrats in the party. sweet home alabama >> reporter: while donald trump riles up republicans -- >> unbelievable. >> reporter: -- this morning
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vice president joe biden is adding intrigue to the democratic race. biden interrupting his family vacation in delaware saturday for a secret last-minute trip to washington. biden met privately with popular liberal senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts. sources say the two talked politics and likely biden's possible bid for president, a decision he plans to make by the end of the summer. >> there's a chance, but i haven't made up my mind about that. >> reporter: an icon on the left warren was heavily lobbied to run for the white house herself. now her endorsement is sought by all the democratic candidates. warren told wbz so far she hasn't decided. >> i want to see all of the presidential candidates lay out where they stand on key issues. >> reporter: this morning front-runner hillary clinton is off the campaign trail and on vacation seen here friday in the hamptons with her husband bill and their dogs in a photo on it's hard to imagine wanting to leave a reportedly $50,000 a week luxury rental home, but clinton's campaign says she's
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ditching it this week for three days of campaigning in battleground states. a vacation interruption as that controversy over her private e-mail server continues to swirl, and while the clinton campaign is troubled by the impact that controversy is having on her poll numbers, they insist she had always planned to take a break from her vacation to get back on the campaign trail and that she's not done vacationing for the summer. dan and cecilia. >> although she may want to reconsider going back on vacation if this is true about elizabeth warren and joe biden. for more on this, let's bring in abc's chief anchor george stephanopoulos who will host "this week" later this morning. so do you take this meaning as a strong sign that biden is, in fact, going to run. >> certainly a strong run he's seriously considering it and he's stepped up his contacts across the party now. in the past he's actually opposed elizabeth warren on one of her big bankruptcy proposals. maybe this was a mending fences meeting and her endorsement would go a long way. he is clearly taking it seriously and advisers
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reaching out as well and i was told by one supporter he is 60/40 likely to run for president. his advisers say he's got to make the decision by october 1st. >> is he likely to offer up something like a vice presidential slot? >> i think that might be getting ahead of ourselves but wanted to feel her out and see if an endorsement is possible. what support he might get if he decided to run. >> let's talk about republicans, things heating up on that side, as well. you saw donald trump, those crowds in alabama. so many pundits wrote off this surge as a potential flash in the political pan, but 30,000 people, the largest so far of any candidate. is he here to stay? >> i think he is. they've been calling this the summer fling but no question right now he solidified his place right now at lesat at the top of the gop pac and others are falling behind and you talk to trump's people, the fact that he's in alabama, that's one of those states that has a primary in march. after new hampshire, after iowa, after south carolina, a series of southern states, his team says they're going to be on the ballot in all those states and right now no reason for him to get out. >> voters sure love him.
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>> george, thank you. a reminder george has a big show today. he's going to be speak ging to donald trump on "this week" later this morning on abc. george, thanks again. now to what may be, may be a turning of the tide in the fight against those terrible wildfires in the american west. the winds are expected to start dying down, and that could help the exhausted crews get a handle on this situation, however, there are still major challenges remaining including some new ones, and abc's kendis gibson is on the front lines in kendis, good morning. >> dan, good morning. officials here in washington state say the damage from these several weeks before they can tell how many structures are lost, this as the battle to control the flames heats up. overnight a major setback for crews battling wildfires in northern washington. the planes fighting the ferocious flames grounded with visibility down to less than a mile in this mountainous region. ground crews on the front lines
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getting much-needed reinforcements today. >> i appreciate y'all coming in here. >> reporter: up to 3,000 local citizens responding to a desperate call for volunteers to help fight the flames. >> i feel a responsibility to do what i can. >> reporter: the explosive fires only a week old covering 355 square miles in washington. this weekend incredibly growing 100 square miles in only one day. >> there's been folks here since day one that they're tired. they're watching lots of ground be lost. lost, and that just adds to it. >> reporter: 60-mile-an-hour wind gusts whipping up the flames over the past few days. 25,000 residents this morning remain under evacuation orders with red flag conditions expected tonight. officials fear many more structures are in danger of burning. today, dozens of firefighting experts from as far away as new zealand and australia arrive in the u.s. to help the crews on the front lines here in
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washington state and oregon. cecilia, dan. >> they are desperate for that help. kendis, thank you. we turn now to ron with the other top developing stories including a dangerous situation for one police officer out there. >> that is right. good morning to you cecilia and dan, sara and robert, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. it happened in wichita, kansas, where a routine traffic stop turned deadly. they say that one of their officers stopped a driver for a traffic violation, a fight ensued and the motorist took off dragging the police officer with his car and head-on. the officer managed to pull out the male suspect. the unidentified officer is in serious condition. and protesters taking to the streets of charlotte, north carolina, outraged over a mistrial declared in the case of a white former police officer charged with fatally shooting an unarmed 24-year-old black man. randall kerrick allegedly fired 12 shots at jonathan ferrell hitting him 10 times after he and 2 other officers responded to a breaking and entering call. and in texas, a helicopter
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on a television shoot made a hard landing injuring two people on board that helicopter. the pilot descending when the chopper grazed some trees and then slammed into the ground. one of the injured was airlifted away for treatment. the helicopter had been looking for hogs for the filming of the reality tv show about hog hunting. okay. a new jersey man found with rosie o'donnell's missing daughter has been arrested. 25-year-old steven shearer charged with endangering the welfare of a child for allegedly having inappropriate online communication with her 17-year-old daughter chelsea. the arrest was reportedly made after o'donnell gave authorities permission to examine her daughter's cell phone. and take a look at this. wild spinout during the indy car series qualifying rounds in the poconos. the car, you see it there losing a tire before going airborne slamming along the top edge of the wall into the catch fence eventually. charlie kimball, the driver, however, was somehow un
8:15 am
uninjured. finally here's probably the only way to race in your car with a police officer and not get a speeding ticket. now, local police chiefs in california along with residents put the pedal to the metal burning some rubber at the irwindale speedway. this was saturday night as part of the top cop challenge aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of illegal street racing. the track is expected to close in a year and they're urging officials to find another racetrack to keep racing off the streets. if you're keeping track at home, the winner was sam gabriel, police chief, david lawton, congratulations. >> i was rooting for him the whole way. >> heavy favorite. >> those guys are highly trained to go fast. >> you know, my husband is a police officer and i say he's one of the worst drivers i know, just saying. >> allegedly. >> lucky for cecilia he doesn't watch the show so their marriage is safe. thank you, ron. now to the story that has sara freaking out and sending us all e-mails with lots of emojis this morning.
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double trouble at the washington zoo. squealing. panda lovers all over the planet mama bear delivers a cub and so many another one. watched these pictures? >> well, we don't need sound on these videos because i'll add my own, but the folks at the zoo didn't even realize she was pregnant until a week ago and unlike a human woman, a big indicator was that she was lost in the details. we have two brand-new babies to adore. check it out. >> and watch. >> just like in the movie >> serious, serious reports but nothing quite like this. >> reporter: the national zoo's online panda cams engrossing viewers around the world as mei xiang gives birth overnight and we can't bear the excitement. >> we're so pleased, so excited to confirm that we have a new giant panda cub. >> reporter: after spending nearly seven hours in labor, mei xiang is seen here cradling her
8:17 am
newborn cub. >> she's delivered the cub nicely, scooped it right up. >> reporter: and just five hours later delivering a second cub coming as a surprise to the zoo's chief veterinarian even after reviewing this ultrasound. >> early on i'm not sure if it was two different fetuses. >> reporter: the national zoo tweeting out this photo saying the second newborn appears healthy. >> it's been a very exciting week here around the panda house. >> reporter: a typical giant panda baby isn't so giant weighing in at less than five ounces. that's the size of a stick of butter. and following tradition, the cubs won't be named for another 100 days. the national zoo's most famous mama bear is no stranger to the spotlight. her first healthy cub, tai shan, turning 10 just last month has been seen in this viral video by over 200 million viewers. and her second cub, bao bao, is celebrating her second birthday
8:18 am
today. now, the mom is 900 times the size of a babies. >> wait a minute. what happened in that viral video? what's going on there? >> he sneezed and it scared her mom. >> it was a sneeze. all right. >> it happened. how do you scare a panda bear? you've heard that joke, right? i just made it up. >> i was just lost. >> what if i said yes just to be nice on television. by the way, we did confirm thanks to the google that foreigner does sing "double trouble." >> "double vision." >> or "double vision." >> or "double vision." >> rob, can you save me with some weather? >> i have at least double vision if not triple. hi, ron. >> good morning.
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>> minneapolis, st. paul and >> even though danny is weakening, we have a couple of other hot spots in the tropics that we will talk about. hurricane season though it has been quietly relatively speaking. >> can i say i've been waiting years to have this is weak and disorganized. >> danny, not even daniel. >> we have not one but two weather producers named dan and they're very disappointed.
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>> rob, nice socks. >> oh, thank you. a bit of a hawaiian flair. you're not supposed to point that out. >> kilo. you can get a closer look at rob's socks in the second half hour. we promise that. also coming up on "gma" this morning, the superstar pitcher justin verlander also known in some circles as the boyfriend of kate upton calling for big changes at baseball stadiums. his efforts to keep the fans safe. plus, katrina ten years after the storm. how music breathed life back into hurricane-ravaged new orleans. robin is right there ahead of her big special tonight. >> really looking forward to that. and the unauthorized "full house" story. the original cast weighing in this morning with their thoughts on the movie that aired overnight. up ahead in "pop news." >> "pop news"! >> yes. >> "pop news." "good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. start the search for your next car at carmax. start here. everywhere you look hat lot and immediately you are surrounded, like a guppy in a shark tank. it just feels like, car salesmen want to sell
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a parent, a teacher, a neighbor, anyone in your community who helps and inspires others? to on yahoo! come out and thank them in an epic way. this is going to be so good. "gma's" going above and beyond. coming up here on "gma," how to stop fans -- some fans are getting hit by baseballs. justin verlander's plan. and ten years after katrina robin roberts goes back to new orleans and
8:27 am
talks with harry connick jr. good morning. it's now 8:27 on this sunday, august 3rd. i'm michelle charlesworth. in upstate new york, two police officers are recovering after being shot.
8:28 am
the two officers are being treated at albany medical center, and they are expected to be okay. they should recover. they were responding to an time. they exchanged gunfire with the hospital. seven people are in the hospital this morning after a horrible crash involving two trucks and several other vehicles on the new england freeway in the bronx, and it was on the southbound lanes just before 1:00 this morning near conor the driver of the van hit a box truck sparking the train reaction.
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one drng come on baby. that is beyonce's song "blue," an ode to daughter blue ivy. she is 3 years old now. she being blue ivy, not beyonce and a mini-me down to the matching outfits. the brand-new pictures ahead in "pop news." so cute. also coming up this morning speaking of music, a very different kind of musical story. we're going to go to new orleans. robin roberts is going to take us there ten years after hurricane katrina. she's going to be speaking with harry connick jr. about his efforts to rebuild lives and bring back the music. that's coming up later. but first here the big name in baseball, justin verlander who also counts model kate upton as his girlfriend is trying to make the game safer not for the players but the fans. >> he's sick of seeing them get hurt in the stands and wants
8:31 am
more done to protect them. abc's linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: overnight detroit tigers pitching superstar and three time mlb strikeout champion justin verlander taking on the league's leaders urging more netting to protect fans after a foul ball hit this woman in the face friday night. >> they will take her out of the ballpark now. ooh. back in the seats. >> reporter: the fan was sitting behind the home team dugout when she was hit. the hurtling baseball leaving a welt on the side of her head. she was carried out of the stadium on a stretcher wearing a neck brace and taken to a nearby hospital released on saturday. be addressed immediately. >> reporter: players and fans alike now calling for change after a season seemingly plagued by fan injuries. in july red sox fan stefanie wapenski hit by a foul ball at fenway park. >> there was no reaction time. i did see it coming. broken bat flying into the
8:32 am
stands striking another woman in june. >> seems like something happens once a game where a ball just misses a fan or, you know, inevitably it's always like small kids. >> reporter: season ticket holders even filing a class action lawsuit against mlb commissioner rob manfred alleging he failed to uphold his duties to enact safety measures against the danger of foul ball and bat injuries. major league baseball saying fans who pay for seats closer to the field don't want their views obstructed. verlander and other players now fighting back insisting the necessary safety adjustment be made before it's too late. >> i think baseball needs to make an adjustment in a hurry. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> the woman's injury, so painful. other top stories. yeah, that was hard to watch. >> good morning again to all of you including my friend robert.
8:33 am
good morning, everyone. we begin with those americans who foiled a massacre aboard that high-speed train bound from amsterdam to paris. the three friends receiving a call from president obama congratulating them for their courage and stopping a heavily armed 26-year-old moroccan national on a security watch list. that suspect now being interrogated by french anti-terrorism officials. and here at home police in new orleans have released this dramatic surveillance video of an armed robbery inside the patoie restaurant. this happened thursday night pointing guns at employees before ordering them to the ground taking their wallets and phones. those suspects remain at large. take a look at this. it is a mass iveive alligator caught in alabama. it took six human beings to pull in this 13 1/2-foot-long monster that weighed in at 920 pounds, which officially qualifies as humongous. >> i agree. and take a look at this, big league play in oakland. the diving stop of a foul ball, looks like a pro. that is the ball boy who made that stop actually saving the relief pitcher from getting a hit. after a huge roar
8:34 am
from the crowd he gets fist pumps from the real major leaguers. isn't that something? >> oh, wow. >> dirt stains on his jersey. proof really. billy beane, sign him up. he's got a glove, and he's cheap. "moneyball," folks. >> ron claiborne, thank you. what's popping in the weather department? >> i want to start you off across the big apple. the forecast becoming a little
8:35 am
more convoluted >> hi.
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this weather report brought to you by pronamel toothpaste, which i used this morning. tasty stuff and i was told to stand here. >> robert we wanted you to stand here because we promised the viewers we would see your socks which we've been admiring from across the socks. >> that's in honor of kilo out in hawaii. they're kind of a floral hawaiian thing. there you go. >> fancy. >> this is embarrassing. enough about the socks. >> i've learned a lot from rob. in my time with him, one of them, anything goes when it comes to socks. it's been a liberating thing, thank you, robert. >> happy to help. >> yes, upping my sock game, thank you. coming up on "gma," a fantastic story out of new orleans. our robin roberts, robin roberts on how the big easy is using music to get its groove back ten years after hurricane katrina and sara's periscoping. what's going on with you. >> well, today we had a lightning view with rob marciano on periscope. which was pretty amazing. >> did he talk about his socks? >> he did. he talked about everything actually. we got crazy and were in the makeup room and it got a little goofy because it was early, right, rob? >> yes, yes. >> i'm showing you right now. get in there. >> hi.
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leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. really hard to believe this but we're closing in on ten years since hurricane katrina. that monster storm that devastated the gulf coast
8:41 am
especially one of america's great cities, new orleans. >> and so much has changed in the last decade, and our robin roberts talks with hometown hero singer harry connick jr. about how bringing music back to the big easy was an important first step. >> reporter: it's the beat on every street corner, music. it electrifies new orleans, and from metairie to mobile, st. louis to biloxi, it lights up the entire gulf coast. well you know it ain't right but right after the crescendo of katrina, there was a very real concern that music itself would become a katrina fatality. >> the people who form the basis of that culture and music weren't able to come back home, and there was no place for us to come home to. everything was gone. everything was washed away.
8:42 am
>> god, lord jesus. >> reporter: singer ellen smith whose house was destroyed in the flooding didn't have the means to rebuild. >> mold is growing up the walls. i was so devastated. it was hard for me to sing after the storm. it's hard to talk about it. my heart was broken. i needed to get back here, and i had to do it any way i could. >> reporter: and it took a village literally to help her do that, mmusicians' village. the idea came from hometown music heroes branford marsalis and harry connick jr. >> so we got together with habitat for humanity and decided we wanted to build or be a part of building the musicians' village, which was going to try to get displaced musicians from out of town back home. we wanted to open up a community center with a school and a recording studio.
8:43 am
a general sort of all started. >> whoo! >> yeah. man, i'm so good, i knocked the music off the piano. >> yeah. >> reporter: just explain to people how music helped heal after katrina. >> the music has always been a representation of who we are as new orleanians and has been sort of the backdrop for good times and bad times, so the thought of it not being around anymore was something that made me lose sleep at night. >> reporter: 72 houses have been built helping these new orleans musicians get their groove back. >> it was great to have a house that was our own. i kissed every wall in here. >> we love our culture, and we will always fight to keep what makes new orleans great alive. >> it's going to be so great to see this show. you can catch "katrina: 10 years
8:44 am
after the storm" with robin roberts tonight at 10:00 eastern right here on abc. >> it's going to be a great show. great food, great music, great culture. what a town. coming up on "good morning america," a lot more ahead. beer for breakfast? >> that sounds like something they might do in new orleans. >> it's not just the coffee that's brewing. it's ahead in "pop news." the thing is people think boys are loud and immature and don't care about feelings. but they're wrong.
8:45 am
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yeah. >> ron playing the drums. sara is here. all the conditions are set for "pop news." let's do it. >> it is time. beyonce knows a thing or two about fashion and it seems she's mini-me. check out these adorable photos
8:48 am
the singer posted to her website ivy in black and white matching snakeskin swimsuits but the two fashionistas taking in the sights on their boat trip just outside new york city. now, mom's got a decidedly more formal look on the cover of september "vogue" and is up for five awards on the mtv music awards. that girl is so set up for glory, though. >> no pressure. >> if you saw my bathing suits when i was little, they were like little mermaids. she has snakeskin. her game is already better than mine. >> most of your bathing suits still have smurfs on them. >> you weren't supposed to reveal that. "full house" fans got their fix of the tanner family. lifetime airing its unauthorized tell-all movie. some revealing items, dave coulier almost wasn't on the show because he was offered a role on "saturday night live" but ended up getting cut at the last minute. and john stamos tried to get the olsen fans fired. >> what.
8:49 am
>> really? >> supposedly. it's unauthorized. the original cast is weighing in on the movie. candace cameron bure who played dj tweeted "so bad, just so bad." this from andrea barber who played kimmy gibbler, "basically i'm going to be making this face all night." >> does that mean they liked it or not? >> i think that means not so much. >> i don't think they were going for quality on the movie. >> well, all the unauthorized ones. have you seen the actors that play them? >> yeah. >> more of a "sharknado" spoof. >> we'll go with that, rob. they'll have to wait for "fuller house" with the real people next, something that may be the ultimate hair of the dog. breakfast beers. it seems the new craze involving divine divining your best brew with your favorite childhood cereal. they're launching toaster pastry, it's a pop-tart beer. balanced breakfast but no complaints here. surprisingly other cereal
8:50 am
inspired beers already exist produced by fulton brewery in minneapolis and this one is hard to say count chocula heading to the tap colorado. can you imagine if they made a beer out of your favorite cereal? disgusting. it's too much. >> i would do a beer with wine, >> yeah. >> a cereal with wine. can't back you up there. >> cabernet. >> but i admire your adventurous spirit. >> there's something forced pretzels and ice cream sound not so much. right? you. >> pretzels and ice cream. i was like -- >> it's a girl thing. we have got it, salty and sweet. >> until you try it. >> the director is kind of -- >> finally, the couple documenting their new addition to the family with a hilarious photo shoot. matt and abbie were very excited to welcome little humphrey in their home and hired a
8:51 am
photographer friend to the shots many new parents have in their album and may serve to quiet questions from the in-laws about whether or not a baby is now, from the looks of it they've got their hands full. and i support this fully because i have two fur babies that i get upset when people -- >> look at that swaddle. that is awesome. >> oh, that's cute. >> that is absolutely fantastic. >> in all truth everyone has seen this in their news feed, those family shots and we love seeing your babies but that's a lot of babies. >> i know. >> add some dogs. >> i'm guilty on that one. time for the grade. >> "f" minus. you can't "f" minus -- >> oh. a little misdirection play. >> my job is done here. thank you. coming up, the prestige for ron claiborne. we'll be right back. >> ron! that's what pushes us to deliver smarter simpler faster
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>> thanks first of all to cecilia, a great time having. >> you thanks, guys. >> second, rob's socks have their own twitter account @socksmarciano. check it out. so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder]
8:57 am
i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank.
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breaking just before 9:00 a.m., an attempted carjacking in upstate new york has left two officers shot. a teenage boy is fighting for his life after being hit by multiple bullets in brooklyn. police are trying to track down the suspect. emergency crews flooded the new england freeway after a terrible crash injured several people. we are live on the scene. and the stock market as you know by now fell very hard on
8:59 am
friday, and for many, the first idea was to make a move, but not so fast. we are bringing in an expert to get through the jittery few days. look at that blue sky on this august 23rd. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> and i'm rob nelson. amy called the day a 6. looking better than 56 to me. miles per hour maybe she will upgrade. >> yesterday was an 8. and today more clouds, not as herfect, i stand by my number. >> a woman of her convictions, and she's ornery. i like it.


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