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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  August 26, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> we want the people that come here to say -- >> reporter: seconds later gunshots rang out, the camera falling to the ground and the reporter heard screaming as she tried to run. the chaos leaving colleagues stunned. it's believed the shooter captured in this frame of video is a disgruntled employee of the station according to the governor terry mcauliffe. >> breaks your heart when you think of the family and so many friends and families impacted. >> reporter: the station's general manager making the heart-breaking announcement about parker and ward's death live on the air hours ago. >> it is my very sad duty to report that we have determined through the help of the police and our employees that alison and adam died this morning shortly after 6:45 when the shots rang out. >> reporter: both victims are young natives of the roanoke area, alison 24, adam 27.
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both were in relationships with colleagues at the station. alison's boyfriend and anchor christ hurst tweeting we were together almost nine months. it was the best nine months of our lives. we wanted to get married. we just celebrated her 24th birthday. one other person was shot in the incident and is in the hospital. the fbi is helping local law enforcement with the investigation. out of an abundance of caution, the nypd is increasing security outside of tv stations here in new york city including wabcment police have identified the person of interest as vester flanagan. he is a former reporter at that tv station that went by the professional name bryce williams. on top of that, sometime between last night and this morning abc news received a fax from someone who says he is bryce williams. it is a lengthy document, 23 pages long. the network turned the document over to authorities. more disturbing than that, bryce williams as apparently posting to facebook and twitter
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including a video of the actual shooting which we are not showing. dave? >> thank you, rob. as the search for the gunman continues, stay with eyewitness news and abc news for continuing coverage of the shooting in virginia. you can follow developments on our web site at abc7ny and with our free news app. new information in the search for a missing fishing boat off new jersey. the coast guard says it may have found debris from the sunken fishing cap vessel -- fishing vessel. anthony johnson is live with the latest. >> reporter: we have newscopter 7 over head looking down where they are going ahead and continuing the search even at this hour. they have been searching since yesterday afternoon. we want to show you where it was docked behind the green boat here in the marina. it was docked until yesterday. nobody knows why it went down
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in the waters right off sandy hook. this is a photo of the captain, captain tom anderson. it is believed that he went out on his boat and was on board when it capsized near sandy hook yesterday afternoon. that's when we started to get the first distress call. the family has not heard from him since reports the boat went missing. coast guard, nypd divers and state police are searching for the missing 40-foot fishing boat. as we said, it's believed that officials have located the sunken vessel, some debris and the effort to bring it to the surface once they locate it will be underway. we want to show you a picture of it from a couple of weeks ago when it was here at the bell ford marina. dray clark was in touch with family members who said anderson was a be loved husband, father, grandfather and on the dock, friends and
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other fishermen word on anderson. come by, chitchat, how is fishing. ask me and my captain for tips, stuff like that. sad. >> happy go lucky. always smiling. nice guy. a shame what happened. on the water, the seas are calm at this time as the search for the captain and the boat continue near sandy hook. that's the latest live, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, anthony. a passenger was slashed with a raise sore getting off a plane at kennedy airport this morning. port authority police say a woman attacked a man as they got off jetblue flight 960 from kingston, jamaica, after 9:00 a.m. blade. hospital. charges are pending. now to the search for a
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killer that gunned down a taxi driver in new jersey. he was shot on bedford street in rahway then his cab crashed into a parked car injuring a man and a woman. new jersey transit toni yates is live with a possible mow -- new jersey reporter toni yates is live with a possible motive. >> reporter: possible robbery. he had $100 with him when he answered a call for a pick up on this quiet tree-lined street, a random street that police believe the suspect chose to commit his crime. he worked 28 days a month averaging two days off a month making money to raise his family of ten children. an armed gunman changed the family's lives forever shooting him dead in his cab in a robbery attempt. >> he was not the type of person that would give a person
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a dollar if they attempted to take it by force. >> reporter: he began his shift at 8:30. two hours on the road a call came in for a pick up on bedford avenue which is actually bedford street. >> a telephone call. no pry caller -- no caller id. it was a private line. >> reporter: when the cab driver got here, the pick up got in the cab and demanded money. a struggle began. one shot rang out, the cab crashed into a parked car injuring a mother and adult son inseed. police when arrived -- and adult son inside. when police arrived, the cabbie was dead. >> it was an accident at first. we didn't realize somebody was shot. we thought somebody lost control of the car.
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>> i think what strikes everybody the same is the senselessness of it, that somebody would attempt to -- that would, in fact, kill somebody. >> reporter: now, a gun was recovered at the scene. police are going through the cab looking for more evidence. the suspect who ran away may have been injured when the cab crashed into that parked car. they are still, of course, on the hunt for that suspect. he lived in edison with his family. if we get more information from the union county's prosecutor's office, we will bring it to you later. live in rahway, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, toni. the search is on for three robbers that broke in an apartment in brooklyn and tied up the family inside which included a 13-year-old. investigators say the men entered the apartment on sutter avenue and used duct tape to tie up a man, woman and 13-year- old girl. the suspects pistol-whipped the
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man before fleeing with cash and jewelry and electronics. the man accused of raping a 7-year-old girl may be heading back to staten island. daniel nieto will be in court in new jersey today. he was arrested in new brunswick on rape charges for allegedly assaulting a child in her home. police arrested nieto in port richmond but he was released before officers were aware of the rape allegations. the final sentencing phase for colorado movie theater shooter james holmes is underway. he is serving life without parole for the killings. this phase is a formality. based on other charges including attempted murder. victims and their families had an opportunity to provide impact statements. things are looking better on wall street today. stocks are up after a six day slump. the dow is up about 170 points. at one point it was up over 200. the market is trying to rebound
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from a deep slide prompted by worries about a slowing chinese economy. donald trump involved in another feud. >> no, you don't. you haven't been called. go back to univision. >> hear what news anchor jorge ramos has to say about the confrontation that got him booted from the press conference. >> a man on long island accused of recording his own crime. >> and we continue to follow breaking news. first jeff. >> an ideal late summer afternoon. temperatures in the low 80s. low levels of humidity. benign forecast around here. we are tracking the tropics. a storm could affect the u.s. mainland early next week. we will talk about it in the full forecast. >> now to the breaking news we continue to follow. these are live pictures of the highway in virginia. tv news reporter and cameraman were shot and killed during a live tv report. emergency crews are at the
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a television reporter and photographer were shot to death on live television this morning in virginia. local authorities say the suspect in the shooting is a former reporter at the station, 41-year-old vester lee flanagan. within the last few minutes, authorities told abc news that the search for the suspect is over. this is a live look at the scene. you can see emergency crews are on the scene.
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we saw a stretcher moving by as well. the two people killed included alison parker and adam ward. ward's camera captured a fleeting image including the face of a man holding a handgun. abc news record on the net web site that the network received a fax from someone claiming to be williams. it was turned over to authorities. the fbi says this search is now over. shirleen, two nato service members were killed during an inside attack on afghanistan. officials say two militants wearing uniforms of afghan security forces opened fire. the nationalities of the victims have not been released, shirleen. >> all right, ken, thank you -- david, that is. one of the men that tackled a gunman on a french train is back home in the usa. anthony sadler walked off a
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plane at sacramento special airport with his parents yesterday. letter sadler and his two friends and a fourth american helped subdue the man on friday. in dublin ireland, flights were sub spended because of a fire on the roof of a hangar. flames from spreading. feel the flames were dramatic could be seen. flights resumed after an hour no injuries were reported. a busy wednesday afternoon. contact lenses. one man said he nearly went blind. what you need to know. >> see what cameras caught drivers doing doughnuts on a busy highway. >> another live look outside where it's beautiful. summer. meteorologist jeff smith is up next with the exclusive
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we want to update the breaking news story we have been following out of virginia. police now reporting that the search for a gunman wanted in the shooting of three people live on tv is now over. they are reporting that the gunman is dead from self- inflicted wounds and they
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believe it is their suspect, vester lee flanagan. my producer is telling me now that the person that they arrested actually is not dead at this time despite what they originally said that there is still a medical effort to keep him alive. the person they have been searching for is vester lee flanagan. he had been a reporter at the station where reporter alison parker and photo gragg -- photographer adam ward worked. during an interview during the morning, when, without warning, a gunman stepped up and fired, killing parker and ward and injuring a person they were interviewing at the time. much of this playing out on social media. the suspect, the gunman, vester lee flanagan reporting that he had done it, shot somebody, then a search began by local officials at the time. you are looking at video before of the end of what they say is the search for the vehicle.
12:19 pm
they got his license plate quickly and they he shot and killed himself but the update is that a medical team has gotten to him. they believe he is alive. there are efforts to do what they can to bring him back and help him. in the end, his condition is clearly unclear. however, it does appear that the search for that gunman is over. of course, we will continue to follow the very latest updates. this is a breaking story that is changing moment to moment and we will continue to update things on abc7ny and throughout the day as the information comes in. >> a lot of eyes on that story. a third person is out of surgery, the third person that was shot in this incident. let's switch gears a bit and talk about the accuweather forecast, jeff? >> quiet the next few days. we warm things over the weekend. we have to watch the tropics. we have tropical storm erica out there. it may became a hurricane and
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threatened florida by monday morning. right now outside and take a look at an ideal summer afternoon as we look to lower manhattan, across the brooklyn bridge. great day to walk across the brooklyn bridge and enjoy the sites and scenes. temperature 81. wind from the west at 3 miles per hour. the westerly wind that helped to drive in the drier air last night. humidity way down there at 34%. dramatic drop in humidity overnight last flight. normal high this time of year is around 81. we are getting up to 85 this afternoon. it will be rather warm for this time of the year, the humidity nice out there. 103 the record in 1948 and the sun setting at 7:38 p.m. a super stretch of pleasant weather through friday. low humidity, a lot of sunshine. could be a stray storm, especially north and west of the city. that will be the exception rather than the rule. then september starts early next week. a summery note, temperatures in the low 90s by then.
12:21 pm
81, one of the warmer spots in new york city. a lot of upper 70s elsewhere. the dew points fell to the invigorating category. we are watching the tropics. erika here, a tropical storm and warnings have been issued for puerto rico and the virgin islands. expected to pass puerto rico as a tropical storm thursday and potentially affect florida as a minimal hurricane next week. patchy clouds out there today, low humidity. high 85. 67 overnight. mostly clear, comfortable. 50s in some of the suburbs. tomorrow pleasant, 84. threepeat on friday. nice sunshine, 84. we warm up over the weekend to near 90. a stray storm north and west. monday and tuesday, low 90s. better short of a shower or storm next tuesday. beach and boating next half hour.
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>> thank you, jeff. could using wi-fi make you sick? what some parents say happened in brooklyn in 1907, four courageous ladies saw the despair of the poor, old, and sick and founded what would become mjhs. today mjhs provides quality home care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing, and advanced hospice and palliative care for adults and children, but the values of the brooklyn ladies still guide us. mjhs. caring every minute, every day.
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welcome back.
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this is a live picture of i-66 in virginia. this is the scene of where that search is now over. behind the shooting of reporter alison parker and adam ward. police say the gunman, vester flanagan, also known as bryce williams shot himself. they are working on him right now. they said he still has a pulse but the shooter behind the incident that happened on live television in roanoke, virginia, is now over. the shooter has been caught and they are working on resuscitating him. we will keep you updated on the breaking story. shirleen, we will go to a wild scene on a busy interstate caught on camera. dozens of trucks doing doughnuts in the middle of rush hour in new mexico. it packed up traffic for miles not to mention the dangerous nature of it all. it's believed they are members of a local truck club. so far police are getting lots
12:26 pm
of tips but have not made any arrests yet. >> all right, david, thank you. is there a connection between wi-fi and sickness? the parents of one student in massachusetts have said yes and have taken legal action. they claim the school in southborough made their son ill when it juiced up the wi-fi two years ago making it available in every classroom. in a federal lawsuit they said the boy came down with nose bleeds, dizziness, chest pipe and a dock -- chest pain and.
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we continue to follow breaking news in virginia. tv reporter and photographer shot and killed during a live shot in roanoke, virginia. the search for the suspect, vester flanagan that goes by bryce williams is now over. >> hello, i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm david novarro. vester flanagan's exact condition is unclear at this very moment. we will check back in with eyewitness news reporter rob nelson. he is following the latest out of the newsroom. >> state police say the suspect gunman ran off the road, crashed and was suffering from a gunshot wound. it's not clear whether he is dead or alive. that gunman has been identified
12:30 pm
as vester flanagan, a former reporter at wdbj who went by the professional name bryce williams. police believe he fatally shot a photographer and reporter at the station at 6:45 during a live interview on the morning news. killed were 24-year-old reporter alison parker and 27- year-old photographer adam ward, both natives of the roanoke, virginia, area. a third person was shot and taken to the hospital where she is out of surgery and stable. the motive behind the shootings is still unclear at this hour. we know that flanagan is being described as a disgruntled former employee of the station. we know that someone who says he is bryce williams sent a 23 page fax to abc news between last night and this morning, a document that has been turned over to authorities. on top of that, we learned that someone going with the name bryce williams was posting to facebook and twitter about the incident including a video of the actually shooting which we
12:31 pm
are not -- actual shooting which we are not showing. the general manager described flanagan as an unhappy man who had a reputation for being difficult to work with. he was fired two years ago and was escorted out of the building by police. local law enforcement and federal authorities are handling the investigation. they had tracked flanagan on various highways in virginia. within the last hour, we learned that flanagan did shoot himself somewhere on route 66 in virginia but, again, not clear if he survived the self- inflicted shot. as you can imagine, this brazen acetaminophen of violence has deeply shaken the newsroom. both the victims were in relationships with colleagues at the station. the general manager said, quote, i will step out of character here and say i'm not sure whether i want him, meaning flanagan to live or die. i know i'm not supposed to say that. we expect to hear from police later this hour. we will bring you that press conference live. >> rob, thanks.
12:32 pm
>> we will stay on top of this story as the details come in. new details about a man accused of vandalizing red light cameras on long island. >> police released this video after a man posted a -- the man posted a picture of him vanda local -- vandalizing the camera on long island. >> n.j. burkett has more from suffolk county. >> reporter: that's right, dave, suffolk police headquarters, jap hank where police -- yaphank where police will take questions this afternoon. he expected to get arrested. he knew he would get arrested and he was arrested. why? because he posted a video on you tube showing people how to disable red light traffic cameras. all at this time takes, dave, he says is a long extension pole and guts although he used a different word, slightly different word than guts. nonetheless, he says traffic cameras are a problem because
12:33 pm
they are a standard for right turns on red lights is too strict. he is sick and tired of getting $80 tickets because he doesn't stop long enough before making a right turn. he said nudging the camera to point it in the sky was an act of civil disobedience and he insists that the county needs to make changes. >> you approach the intersection, look left to make sure you are clear, make your right and you get a ticket. i can understand if you blow a red light you should get a sitting. but a right on red after making a full stop and you receive a ticket, it's >> reporter: stephen ruth is charged with criminal tampering and obstruction of governmental administration. he is due back in court october 27th. he is accused of disabling two cameras on two occasions apparently near the train stakes. we will hear what the police have to say about this. live in yaphank, long island, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you.
12:34 pm
police want your help catching a suspect in a violent attack on a teenager in upper manhattan. take a look at this surveillance video. police say the man in the red halt stabbed a 15-year-old in the back several times before running off. it happened a little more than 12 hours ago on west 184th in washington heights. the victim treated at the hospital. no word on his condition. >> a federal judge approved a big revamp for the stop and frisk program. starting late next month, officers must give information cards to frisking suspects who are not arrested. the cards explain why the stop was made and provide the officers name, rank and shield number. brooklyn borough president eric adams says any retaliation complaints won't hurt cops if they are not substantiated. >> there will be bad guys that will make bad complaints on good cops and this forum is not -- this form is not going to harm the good cop in any way. >> pba president sent out a
12:35 pm
statement saying the receipts are one more item on the list of antipublic safety measures that put an end to active policing in this city. a bus ride from atlanta to new york city ended far short of the mark. the bus blew a tire, off the side of interstate 85 outside of greensboro, north carolina. it happened around 8:30 last night. debris from the tire hit three other vehicles sending them off the road into the trees. there were cuts and bruises but no one was seriously 4ur9. let's turn -- seriously hurt. >> let's turn to the weather. what do you have for us, jeff. >> one of the best weather stretches of the entire summer. 81 right now in central park. a lot of 70s in the suburbs. 81 down the shore at toms river. dew points, measuring the amount of moisture in the atmosphere between invigorating and pleasant. a spin on the weather wheel,
12:36 pm
1:00 p.m. temperature 82. 85 by 3:00 in the afternoon. it does get warm. it goes about four above average for this date. humidity is so low it will feel super comfortable. 82 by 5:00. temperatures trailing to 80 by sunset at 7:00 this evening. your full accuweather forecast including a big warm up over the weekend along with humidity during the half hour. a new school year means renewed battle over students opting out of statewide testing. 20% of eligible students refused to take the math and english test in april. state officials decided not to punish districts with high opt out rates. organizers say they expect more students to sit out the test this school year. the teenager on trial accused of raping a girl at a prep school. the defense starting its case today and putting the suspect on the witness stand. what he had to say. >> and a picture with a rattlesnake goes terribly wrong.
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the man is in welcome back. we want to update you on the breaking story. that video that you are looking at is exactly what happened early this morning during live television. three people shot during a broadcast. that search for the gunman behind that incident has now ended.
12:40 pm
police in virginia stopped the suspect on i-66. his name is vester lee flanagan, known professionally as bryce williams. he is the man behind the shooting of alison parker, adam ward and a third person. the third person is out of surgery. police stopped flanagan and we are told that he did have a self-inflicted gunshot wound but he is not dead. again, that search for the suspect behind this brutal shooting is now over. turning to vote 2016. donald trump involved in another feud with a journalist. this one is not helping trump made friends with latino voters. kenneth moten has the details. >> reporter: donald trump involved in a new media feud taking on another popular tv news personality.
12:41 pm
this time univision's jorge ramos. >> i have a right to ask the question. >> no. sit down, you won't called. >> reporter: trump gestured to security and ramos, an anchor at univision and fusion was escorted out of the news conference. in the hallway he was confronted by a trump supporter. >> get out of my country. >> i am a u.s. citizen. >> this morning ramos told "good morning america" that it is his responsibility as a journalist to ask questions. >> he has to explain how he wants to people. can you imagine? how will he do that? put people in stadiums. >> reporter: ramos was eventually let back in and pressed the billionaire on his plan to build a wall. >> how are you going to build a 1900-mile wall. it will waste time and money. >> i don't think so. i don't believe that. >> reporter: trump drew large
12:42 pm
crowds at this rally after the news conference. his growing number of supporters saying they love his brash style. his opponents say he goes too far and hope the style will soon back fire. kenneth moten, abc news, washington. the accused student in a rape prep trial testifying in his own defense. he was sworn in this morning. he is charged with raping a 15- year-old female student last year two days before graduation. questioning from his lawyers has just begun. they asked him about his relationship with the girl. >> increasingly over the course of the year, you know, sometimes, pretty flirt at the. nothing serious but affectionate, playful, nice. >> the defense contends the two had consensual sexual contact. a man in california recovering from a rattlesnake bite.
12:43 pm
>> he was bitten after he tried to take a selfie with the poison face snake. he spotted the rattlesnake on his ranch. he picked it up and took a picture of it around his neck. that is when he was bitten. he was rushed to the hospital in excruciating pain. his hand swelled up. his mother said her son still could lose his hand. >> lesson to anybody that has that thought in their mind. >> absolutely. a health alert about sleeping in contact lenses. >> a man losing his sight in one eye.
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
what doctors say you a health alert involves a warning about going to sleep with your contact lenses in your eyes. one man went blind from it. >> some contacts are made to be warn while you sleep, there are important things you need to know before you do.
12:47 pm
reena ninan has the story. >> 39-year-old chad gresham has been wearing contact lenses since he was 18 years old. last year he switched to extended day and night lenses but he had no idea he was damaging his eyes while he slept. one day last month-- >> my vision was clouded over. i could not see out of it. >> reporter: chad with a dangerous bacterial infection in his left eye that is damaging his cornea. his doctor says it's caused by sleeping in the lenses. >> for almost three weeks it was like an 8-inch nail being driven in my eye. there was no escaping it. looking at a light hurt. >> reporter: nearly 41 million americans wear contact lenses. more than 50% surveyed reported sleeping >> 20,000 patients a year develop an infection in the united states. >> i had no idea at all that
12:48 pm
something like this could happen so quickly. >> reporter: chad has 20% vision in his left eye. he is able to see light and color. he might still need a cornea transplant, chad's doctor says his condition could have been much worse. >> if it's left untreated, it can cause a person to completely lose the eye. >> reporter: to avoid infection, avoid wearing contact lenses in the shower or pool, change your lens case everyone to three months, use fresh solution and take your contacts out before you go to sleep. >> the risk is over 10 times greater in patients that sleep with their lenses. >> reena ninan reporting. in a statement to abc news, the contact lens manufacturing rare. their quote is that overall healthy. the risk of having an eye infection in loss of vision is four per 10,000 wearers per year. that is a way of keeping perspective if the numbers are correct.
12:49 pm
still good to be safe rather than sorry as seen by that man. it was hard to look at. >> a lot more comfortable not to sleep in them either. >> i remember in college i would sleep in them occasionally. i stopped that habit. >> your eyes are much better for it. >> yes, right. what are we seeing. >> what are we seeing? a lot of blue sky, sunshine and we will repeat that. a beautiful rest of the week. we head out. we take a look -- where are we taking a look? up the hudson river, george washington bridge, a few puffy cumulus clouds out there. temperature 81. wind coming from the west around 3 miles per hour, the westerly wind that helped to drive in the drier air mass last night. that's why humidity levels are down around 30%. 81 in newark. 79 at laguardia airport. 76 refreshing degrees at white plains. temperatures in the lower to middle 70s in the hudson valley
12:50 pm
and newburgh 73. monticello 70s. a pair of 7s on the east end of the island at montauk. radar and satellite showing a couple of clouds popping up, especially north and west of the city and parts of the poconos and catskills, the clouds could fill more than 50% of the time -- 50% of the sky at times. not a big deal. that is the only fly in the ointment for the forecast this afternoon. we head to the tropics and i wanted to recap what we have out here. we have erica, a tropical storm approaching the leeward islands where we have tropical storm warnings in effect. this will move north on over puerto rico. puerto rico is in the cone of even certainty. it won't intensify rapidly. we are not expecting real wind rainfall. they need the rainfall in puerto rico. drought. the big concern is next week when the storm could approach florida.
12:51 pm
by that point it may have conditions favorable enough to sphren then into a minimal hurricane -- strengthen into a minimal hurricane. the center of the cone is not far from miami. we will watch that carefully. highs around here, 85 in the park. low levels of humidity, that will feel nice, far above average. lows about 67. a lot of 50s north and west of the city then that warming trend as we head into the weekend and early next week with the ridge building into the east. if you are heading to the beach, waves 1 to 3 feet. water temperature 72 on the east end of the island to 77 at the new york city beaches. rip current risk is low on long island but moderate down the jersey shore. this afternoon, 85. low humidity out there. we will repeat it tomorrow and friday. saturday warmer, 88. 89 sunday. could be a stray storm both of those days well north and west. down right week. lee goldberg has an update on
12:52 pm
"eyewitness news first at 4:00" with this guy over here. >> my family will pay attention to that cone of uncertainty. we have family in the middle of that cone. >> florida. >> florida and in the caribbean as well. >> thanks, jeff. let's find out what is going on on "the chew" and what
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
they have cooking for us. hi, everybody, i'm diana williams in the newsroom. later on eyewitness news, you know the costume characters. they have spread from time's square and coney island into other parts of the city. why some folks are not happy about it. a car trapped in a tow yard. a woman reported her car had been toll len. it turns out -- stolen. it turns out it was ticketed and towed.
12:56 pm
police never told her about that. so, wires crossed. those stories and more beginning on "first at 4:00" and nina pineda fixes it because she fixes everything. >> she does. don't you hate it when that happens, that kind of a thing. >> get nina on the case. >> thanks a lot. this is a story we have been following all day long. we want to recap that breaking news. the search for the gunman who shot and killed a tv news reporter and photographer police are saying is over. this is in virginia. >> this is a live look at interstate 66 in virginia. police say the suspect, vester flanagan ran off the road and crashed. that is when they discovered him with an apparent self- inflicted gunshot wound. there is no word on his condition. we will keep you updated on that. they believe he shot and killed reporter alison parker and photographer adam ward this morning during a live tv report. a third person was shot in the independent and was taken to the hospital. we are told she is now out of
12:57 pm
surgery and is in stable condition. >> now, we expect local authorities to be providing a press conference sometime throughout the day. when we learn more about that, we will bring that information to you. of course we will have updates on abc7ny throughout the day as well. we expect to hear more from the police in about an hour, maybe more. of course we will bring the comments live. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm david look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk.
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