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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 27, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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11:00. have a great n tonight, inside the plan to kill, the deadly shooting of two jrnlists, the gunman's tools for a possible escape, a wig, the gun, ammo and the to do list found in his car after the 200 mile police chase. the fear inside the newsroom. bearing down, tropical storm erika turns deadly. buildings collapsing under land slides and flash floods. florida now first possible hurricane in ten years. tough talk. hillary clinton on the attack as trump, the g.o.p. front-runner, explodes in the polls, and the moment in front of supporters that had him on defense. and close call. the fastest man on the planet, the dramatic collision that
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stopped him in his tracks. good evening. i'm tom llamas in for david. great to have you with us on this thursday night. we begin with major developments. that tragedy on tv, chilling new details about the mind of a monster, the gunman ambushing two young journalists, determined to murder his former colleagues in cold blood. as the cameras rolled, this image, one of the last they would see. tonight what investigators discovered inside his car, a wig, a to do list and a stock pile of ammo. was he planning an escape? inside that newsroom, a motel of silence. what they're now revealing, why they thought the gunman was coming for them next. team coverage tonight. >> reporter: vester flanagan committed suicide after killing his former colleagues. but newly discovered items suggest he may have wanted to avoid authorities. police find a black hat and plea
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additional license plates along with a 9 millimeter clock pistol. the former tv reporter who would kill his former co-workers in cold blood on live television by his own accounts was a brooding, ticking time bomb. his broadcast career long marked by struggle, with flanagan repeatedly in the role of mall content, often flashing with colleagues, claiming to be the victim. in 2014 flanagan filed a lawsuit against wdbj again claiming racial discrimination and sexual harassment, allegations the station denied. >> i'm going to make you pay, i'm going to tell them that you sexually harassed me. i said do you know that's a lie and i hung up the phone. >> reporter: in memos to the court, they described flanagan as the problem. in a may 2012 memo, managers wrote, you lost your temper and used verbal and body language that left co-workers feeling
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both threatened and extremely uncomfortable. the station ordered him to get counseling before eventually firing him. the anger was simmering. in a recent suicide note flanagan wrote of continued frustrations, that he gave up don't need to deal with workplace bullies anymore. >> it looks to me that he had a severe mental illness. i say that because he appears to be delusional at times. he's clearly paranoid. >> reporter: the tipping point, he said, was the racially motivated charleston church parishioners. he put down a deposit on a pistol two days later. he said he wanted to kill to start a race war. as you can imagine, a wrenching day for the victim's families and their colleagues, shattered but finding the resolve to go back to that newsroom. tonight fearing they were next. >> good morning, it is just after 5:00 on thursday -- >> reporter: the early morning team at roanoke channel 7 minus
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two on the day after. >> we come to you this morning with very heavy hearts. two of our own were shot and yesterday morning. >> reporter: murdered on live unedited tv, a fatal interruption during a simple and screams. leaving the reporter and photographer dead, the shooter's image brief captured by the wounded photographer's lens and almost immediately identified as a former employee -- >> i'm thinking is he coming to the station to kill us all. >> reporter: roanoke police ring the station, employees warned to stay away from windows, news crews kept on base. that violent suspect now on the loose. >> the suspect is believed to be armed and dangerous. use caution. >> reporter: tracked from southwestern virginia, in total traveling 200 miles. >> vehicle has been confirmed as a silver chevrolet sonic 2015. >> reporter: finally nailed by
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license plate scanners in a passing state trooper's patrol car. but shooting himself fatally just before the trooper could get to him. tonight this tight knit community and family mourning two promising lives cut short. >> it's affected everybody in this community and i think everybody across the country. i mean, because she was such a kind and sweet person. >> i texted her that i loved her and to have a good day. and she said good night, sweet boy. and that was the last that i ever heard from her. >> reporter: tonight, some good news about the third victim in the shooting, survivor vicki gardener woke up from a met clee induced coma today and is now in good condition. tom? >> great news, jim, thank you. we will have much more tomorrow on "20/20," tragedy on tv at 10:00, 9:00 central. to the other developing headline at this hour, that deadly tropical storm. erika barrelling through the
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atlantic, florida now in its path, reeking havoc on the island of domenica, at least four people now dead. look at that video, that church destroyed by the flood waters. watch this, a stunning scene, cars overwhelmed by the storm. tonight families bracing for what could be the first hurricane to hit florida in nearly ten years as the storm is set to hit u.s. soil tonight. meteorologist rob marciano now with the dramatic images. >> reporter: tonight, florida's fear. scenes like this -- tropical storm erika hammering the eastern caribbean up to fifteen inches of rain in 24 hours on the island of domenica. rivers of muddy water washing over cars trees and debris covering roads. terrified residents watching the flood when suddenly -- >> ahh! >> reporter: the front of this church sheared off. at least four people killed, 20
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missing. in florida it's been 395 days since the state's last hurricane. preparations well under way tonight as officials warm the storm's every move. >> rob marciano is here with the forecast and the track. >> the track is going to bring it towards the lower 48 but tonight it's going to hit puerto rico. let's start with the good news which is the wind sheer. the same obstacles that danny could not overcome is up against erika. tropical storm warnings are up for puerto rico. we do expect it to strengthen and once it gets closer to florida and florida within the cone there as georgia and south carolina, we'll be watching this very closely through the next several days. hurricane ignacio expected to continue at hurricane strength and make a pass there. very active this year because of el nino. >> we'll be tracking these storms. rob, i know you're headed to florida. stay safe.
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let's turn to politics and the race for 2016. so much going on. donald trump, the new poll showing his biggest lead yet and tonight doing something we've never seen before. now a new political firestorm as well but this time it's not trump but hillary clinton at the center. abc's cecilia vega has more. >> reporter: in the swing state of ohio, hillary clinton coming out swinging, comparing republicans to terrorists on women's issues. >> extreme views about women, we expect them from some of the terrorist groups, we expect that from people who don't want to live in the modern world, but it's a little hard to take coming from republicans who want to be the president of the united states. >> reporter: tonight, her rivals firing back. jeb bush tweeting -- "hillary clinton compares pro-life americans to terrorists, but defends despicable planned parenthood treatment of unborn?" and donald trump --
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>> i will take care of women's health and women's health issues better than anybody and far better than hillary clinton who p doesn't have a clue. >> reporter: today a new poll showing clinton losing ground in the race for 2016 now a full blown war of words. and the poll showing voters have some choice words of their own to describe the candidates. asked the first word that comes to mind when it comes to hillary clinton. people say liar, dishonest, untrustworthy. for trump it's arrogant, blowhard, idiot. and the number one word that comes to mind for bush? bush. >> this is getting crazy. >> reporter: maybe the word of the day. bizarre. trump on the trail in south carolina inviting a supporter on stage to touch his hair to prove once and for all that it is indeed real. >> yes, i believe it is. >> thank you. >> hillary clinton is losing some ground? >> yes, she's still far out front in the democratic primary but she's losing ground on trustworthiness. six in ten say they do not find
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her to be honest. this shows that that e-mail controversy could be hurting her on the campaign. >> see you on the campaign trail. to that dramatic case out of new hampshire. tonight a jury deliberating the fate of this man, a former student at one of america's most elite prep schools, accused of raping a classmate. gio benitez in court for the dramatic closing argument. >> reporter: today in his closing argument, the prosecutor telling jurors 19-year-old owen labrie brought a 15-year-old girl to this dark science building and raped her, a date gone horribly wrong. >> she thought she could handle going with an 18-year-old senior boy who's at the end of his high school career for a senior salute. she thought she could handle his advances by saying no and holding onto her clothing, that that would be enough to make it stop. >> reporter: the senior salute, a current school tradition at the center of this case. graduating seniors spending time with younger students, sometimes intimately. on the stand, the alleged victim
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in tears. >> i was raped! >> reporter: she testified that she said no to labrie again and again. >> this someone was going to get what he wanted and not take no for an answer. >> reporter: but labrie claims they never had sex at all. >> i thought to myself maybe we shouldn't do this. it hadn't been my intention going into the night to have sex. >> reporter: still labrie did admit bringing to friends that he did have sex with the girl, saying in one facebook message he used every trick in the book. today his lawyer pointing to messages labrie and the girl exchanged later that night. labrie writing, you're an angel, the girl replying, you're quite an angel yourself. >> is this someone who was unwilling? >> reporter: his claim, the girl made up the rape charge to protect herself when the high school rumors started. >> she had to make the decision whether it would be her reputation that was going to go into the toilet or owen's. and she took the easier choice.
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>> reporter: tom, the jury is now made up of nine men and three women. after deliberating for three and a half hours, still no verdict today. they'll be right back here first thing in the morning. >> thank you. overseas now, a grim headline out of austria, up to 50 bodies discovered on a highway outside of vienna. believed to be migrants, part of a human traffic operation. here's abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran. >> reporter: they died in a truck on the side of the road, up to 50 human beings abandoned east of vienna. this desperation is cresting across the borders of europe. so far this year more than 340,000 men, women and children fleeing war and terror in the middle east. the new crises point, almost 150,000 have cross right side the borders in 2015. that's triple the number in all of last year. we saw scores of families today
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crossing into the country down the railroad tracks towards some kind of new life. micar came from damascus. they were all corralled in this field under the broiling sun. no food, no water, no idea where they were going next. then the buses arrived. they're calling people out by country. right now it's syria that's been called and these people are desperate to get out of here. it's the greatest human migration in europe since the second world war and there is no end in sight. terry moran. >> terry, thank you. back here at home, the market bouncing back after a devastating six days of losses. the start of a comeback yesterday, the dow up more than 600 points. tonight, more good news. another rally, up nearly 370 points, the second straight day of gains. today's gains now wiping out the losses for the week. and the calendar may still
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say summer but tonight retail giant walmart is telling shoppers to get in the christmas spirit now. firing up those holiday season lay away plans earlier than ever before. the christmas retail wars are starting now with labor day more than a week away. here's abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: tonight walmart hoping to have you doing this -- >> yay! >> reporter: four months before christmas. >> reporter: four months before christmas. walmart launching its earliest ever holiday layaway program tomorrow on 40,000 items. >> walmart is saying spend your money here in august and you won't have money to spend in here places. >> reporter: toy sales expected to jump thanks in large part to "star wars." walmart is betting the force will be with it. the retailer will stock its
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shelves with 500 "star wars" items. toys r us also joining in on the action. >> how big of a deal is "star wars" going to be? >> it's everything this season. that's where all the toy action is. >> reporter: retailers want to get you through their doors and on their websites first. historically the place where you start your holiday shopping gets the biggest chunk of your holiday budget. >> sglafrjts there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. alleged road rage caught on camera, a driver throwing open his door, others using their cameras to alert police about reckless drivers. and a consumer alert, the major recall involving several brands of bread. and a chose call for the fastest man on the planet. wait until you see this video, the one thing he can't outrun. stay with us. what if one stalk of broccoli could protect you from cancer? sfx: crunch what if one push up could prevent heart disease? [man grunts] one
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drivers policing other drivers. road rage and reckless driving and handing that video over to the real police. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: the story starts with this collision on an arizona highway. >> oh! they just hit. >> reporter: but after both drivers pull over each driver tells a different story. both are free to go until the next morning when another driver who saw everything comes forward with the whole story. the beginning of the video recorded on a dash camera shows one driving swerving. later revving the engine. >> reporter: the arizona road rage case is just the latest example of cameras in cars turning regular drivers into citizen crime fighters. >> when you have proof like this and it's undeniable what
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happened, it makes it a lot easier on us to prosecute. >> reporter: in ohio this driver was charged after video showed her swerving off the road. >> stop the car! >> reporter: police say they appreciate the extra eyes and hoping that ultimately they help keep the roads safe. >> you never know, somebody is always watching. when we come back, the major recall tonight. why several brands of bread are being pulled off shelves. and the big scare for the world's fastest man, the accident that stopped him in his tracks.ously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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turns out a bolt on that track sent the scooter flying. usain luckily was not injured. the newest entries in the oxford dictionary, hangry, wine o'clock, known os the appropriate time to start drinking wine, mcgaver and man spreading, men who sit with their legs wide apart, annoying their neighbors on public transportation and sometimes their wives. no idea who does things like that. when we come back, the father badly hurt in the wilderness. what his 13-year-old son had to
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finally tonight, the father and son camping trip that turned into a life-saving adventure, dad badly hurt, his 13-year-old boy displayed some impressive survival skills. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: thirteen year old charlie finlayson was camping and climbing with his dad, in a part of idaho with the ominous name "river of no return wilderness" when it happened. a boulder the size of a refrigerator broke loose hitting 52-year-old david finlayson and sending him careening 30 feet down the mountain, knocking him unconscious, breaking his back, left arm and heel, with the nearest ranger 13 miles away and no one around to help, it was all up to 13 year old charlie to save his dad. >> charlie was on top of things and got the first aid kit lowered to me. >> reporter: for two and a half days the boy scout kept his dad
6:58 pm
calm and hydrated and caring for him. his dad finally sent him for help with this note explaining what happened and how to find him. >> mostly i was scared i wasn't going to find anybody. >> reporter: charlie found help miles away, and tonight while his father is home recovering, he is perfecting yet another skill that seems to come easy to him, modesty. >> you just got to make sure that you're staying calm. >> reporter: neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle.
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