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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 29, 2015 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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. now, new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news. new york city police in a shoot out in the suburbs. one man gets away, but an innocent bystander was shot and ends up in the hospital. i'm david novarro. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. a bystander was injured when an undercover officer was trying to stop an illegal gun sale in the county of mount vernon. >> aj ross is on the scene with the latest on this developing scene. >> reporter: as you take a look behind me, you can see several blocks of the mount vernon
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community are taped off as crime scene investigators continue to collect evidence. one person remains in police custody. one person is at large as they try to piece together how all this happened. >> i hear, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> and i was like, oh, my god, i know somebody got shot. >> reporter: a cloudless friday afternoon was interrupted by a hail of gunfire. neighbors say they heard a dozen shots ring out. >> there's four and then there's four again. >> reporter: investigators say an undercover nypd officer was set to buy two illegal guns from suspects in a car one beacon avenue. as a part of a long-term firearms operation. in the middle of the exchange, the suspect pointed the gun at the officer and robbed him of the cash. >> he signaled to the back up team and engaged the subject that robbed him. the suspect pointed the gun at want undercover who fired the suspect. >> reporter: an innocent 63-
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year-old male bystander was struck twice during the exchange. he was rushed to jacobi medical center where he remains in serious condition. >> my heart and prayers to him and his family. >> reporter: the suspect shot by the undercover officer was taken to the hospital in stable condition. no officers were injured during the gunfire, and both the suspect's weapon and buy money were recovered at the scene. as police try to track down the other suspect who got away, neighbors say they are on heightened alert. >> it's really scary. i never heard anything like that in this area. >> reporter: here's a little more information on the weapon recovered from the suspect. police believe it's a fake, .45 caliber semiautomatic weapon. they are working with the mount vernon police department. live tonight in mount vernon. a deadly air show disaster, witnesses recount the horrific moments they watched a stunt pilot plunge to his death practicing for this weekend's
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air show in newberg. josh einiger on the scene with new video offering insight into what went wrong. >> reporter: the stage is set for tomorrow's new york air show but earlier today, preparation on the ground and practice in the sky all came to a halt when tragedy struck in the blink of an eye. air show enthusiasts were recording from every ankle as the lightweight plane spiraled through the sky. a breathtaking performance until something went wrong. if you look carefully, you can see the plane suddenly shoot up and stall and drop from the sky. >> the tail section actually came apart from the plane. and it disintegrated up there, and you can see the tail coming down. >> reporter: in still pictures, you can see the g202 prop plane just before and immediately after its tail fell off. >> the plane immediately looked like it went out of control. >> it went straight up, and he went straight down. >> it looked like it was going
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to do another maneuver, like dip down to the ground and go back up again. but it didn't go back up. >> it hit the ground and explode. >> there was no sound, nothing, it was just gone. >> reporter: the pilot at the controls was an experienced stuntman with a company called carbon fiber air shows. the experimental plane traveling the country with its pilot to perform at events like the new york air show set to begin tomorrow at the airport. volunteers have been setting up tents for the show as the pilots practiced overhead. the ntsb now trying to understand what happened. >> unfortunately, i just think it's a tragic accident where it was some type of equipment failure or structural failure that led to this. so i don't know if there's anything from a safety standpoint that could have been done to prevent this. >> reporter: the new york state police still has not officially released the name of the pilot who came from out of state. as the ntsb gets set to take over the investigation as to what went wrong, what caused this tragedy. meanwhile, the shot will go on. the new york air show set to
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kick off tomorrow at noon. josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. happening right now, tropical storm erika heading toward the united states. long lines at gas pumps in florida tonight. people hoping to fill up in case the storm hits hard. it's already devastated parts of the caribbean, heavy flooding and downed trees in the dominican republic tonight. on the island of dominica, erika being blamed for 20 deaths. the prime minister saying the storm set them back twenty years. meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking erika. better safe than sore in florida, but a minor event in florida, there it is, soaking the dominican republic, and haiti, getting ready to go into the windward passage right here. two telling statements from the hurricane center. this would normally be the time florida will get tropical storm watches. they don't know if the storm will survive the night. and this statement, a strong
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likelihood, erika will be degenerating into a tropical wave. it's just to the west of port prince here, and going to be departing haiti, and heading toward the eastern edge of cuba. still technically a tropical storm, but interacting with wind could continue to weaken. if it doesn't, it has to interact with cuba, and then forecasted to become a tom there's an opportunity for strengthening off the west coast of florida, and by the way, look at this, fort lauderdale, boca raton, down in miami, not even in the cone anymore, and this could very well just be an area of low pressure, and could turn out to be a good thing with beneficial rains later in the weekend in the first part of next week. one to three inches of rain. this storm weakening fast and running into a lot of obstacles over the next 24 to 36 hours. more on erika and our 7-day forecast that i know you'll love coming back in accuweather in a few minutes.
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you can check abc7 app for your smart phone. tomorrow marks ten years since the levy broke in the after math of hurricane katrina. former president bill clinton will be in new orleans to take part in the a commemorative event. katrina left more than 1800 people dead throughout the gulf region. and closer to home, today marks four years since a different storm, irene struck our area. tropical storm irene made landfall in southeastern new jersey. three hours later, the rain came in coe any island. parts of upstate new york and connecticut saw major flooding and severe damage. also new at eleven, police telling us tonight they arrested a man for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl inside a mosque in queens. police say 63-year-old mohammed oden molested the girl in ozone park yesterday and told her not
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to tell anyone. but police say she ignored her warning and told a relative. charged with sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child. new tonight, a tsa agent accused of molesting a college student at la guardia airport appearing in court. authorities say he lured the young woman into a bathroom, claiming she had to be searched and sexually assaulted her. carolina leid outside the courtroom. >> bail was set at $30,000. the defense attorney argued that two witnesses saw another man inside that bathroom, but prosecutors say the victim picked him out of a lineup. the tsa screeners accused of using his job to lure a passenger in an airport under the guise he needed to search her for weapons. maxi allegedly assaulted a student from south korea after
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her salt lake city flight landed tuesday afternoon. court documents show the suspect allegedly said quote, hey, ma'am, i need to scan your body and your luggage. she responded by saying, quote you can't scan me but you can have a woman scan me because i am a girl. the victim asked the 40-year- old tsa screener if he checked all passengers and that he allegedly said yes. he allegedly lifted up her shirt, unzipped her pants and fondled her saying after wards, quote, she's clear, she doesn't have any weapons or knives. the suspect's mom says she knows her son, and this just can't be true. >> i don't believe, first of all, he doesn't deal with the passengers. i cry. that's all i can do is just cry. >> reporter: the tsa responded by saying that they have terminated mr. quendo. he's been on the job for 13 years. he's a father of two daughters and does not have a criminal record.
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report live, i'm carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. police in virginia are releasing more details in the shooting of two journalists on live tv saying vester flanagan fired 17 shots at his former coworkers and the woman they were interviewing. in a search of the gunman's apartment, he closely identified with other infamous shooters and even with the terrorists behind the september 11th attacks. meanwhile today, virginia's governor and parker's father visited the victims' grief stricken tv station. >> i met the people she worked with, and the people that really loved her, and it was profoundly difficult for me. >> reporter: the shopping and tourist area where the murders occurred reopened to the public. flanagan shot and killed news reporter alison parker and photo journalist adam ward.
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how did a child make it out of a day care and all the way home without anyone noticing. and what sparked in man's naked trail of destruction and how does it end. and a weekend warm up, then
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a sizzling start new at eleven, a day care under investigation after a toddler wandered off alone, and walked all the way home with no one noticing.
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dropping her 3-year-old son off at the kinder world education center. a short time later she got a call saying her son had come home crying, and they say he had crossed a busy avenue on his own to walk to a block and a half away to his house. his mother called the day care's director, demanding to know how could this happen. >> i was just asking her how can you explain to me how he noticing. >> they just apologized and said it would never happen again. >> reporter: and you said. >> i know it won't because he's not coming back. >> the mother reported to authorities. the day care not commenting at this time. the body of a missing fisherman. dive teams posting in picture of the today's search for tom andresen. his boat vanished tuesday. he was the only one on board. his family hired the dive team that recovered the body. investigators don't know what caused the boat to sink. and new tonight, free hip hop performances to stop
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violence in newark. the 5th annual 24 hours of peace event began at 6:00 p.m. on clinton street in the city's south ward. organizers say that area is where five people died in a gang war last august. they want to unite people against crime and violence. >> let's do something that involves hip hop culture and music to specifically boot violence, and that's what 24 hours of peace is. >> and rakim says last year during the concert, newark did not experience any violence. things were getting going earlier, but performances continue through 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. activists fighting for a ban on the horse drawn carriage is turning on the one time champion, mayor de blasio, held a vigil along central park south. the group says it is very disappointed, de blasio, because he hasn't kept his promise to shut down the horse drawn carriage trade. >> he got us to support him, give him donations.
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we worked in his campaign, and we voted for him, and there were other people to vote for, but we believed him. and he didn't do it. >> the mayor says while he still supports the ban, he can not achieve it without the overall championships aren't just for sports. >> for me, for me. >> oh, yeah, this is the 20th 20th year of the air guitar world championship in northern finland. what started off as a joke has actually turned into an annual festival. a team from russia won. >> i can't even believe this is a competition. >> it's a good party thing, but a competition, i don't know! can you do a few riff. >> no. >> a little rusty,. >> go home and watch risky business. >> you said we are going to
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love this forecast. you're going to love the forecast. tomorrow is a great day to move your kid into a college dorm. we're excited. tonight, a beautiful night, nice and quiet on the west side. nice and mild. beautiful late august night. 73. wind is calm. high pressure today right near us, and the high today is 82. just one degree below. the record, in fact, is not a thousand ten degrees. it's 101. so our temperatures are going to be cooler than that tomorrow. heat and humidity build during the last weekend of august. we got a possible heat wave to finish august and start september. erika is likely to weaken to a depression tomorrow. could even totally dissipate. highs today in the upper 70s and lower 80s. add about four to those tomorrow. in long island, 67 commack. and at 71 in hampton bay. hudson valley nice and cool. 55 in monticello and the cat skills, and 72 in newark.
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mostly sunny skies start the day. a few patchy high clouds during the afternoon. humidity in check, doesn't feel uncomfortable and middle 80s should do it. mainly clear skies right now, and high pressure, here's the system coming out of the great lakes and midwest a few high thin clouds during the day tomorrow. we remain dry. what's happening is high pressure is americaning with the per mow -- is meshing with the bermuda high. if you weren't with us at the beginning of the show, a storm that may maintain tropical storm characteristics until it goes over cuba, and then it's a tropical depression, and a low. if it survives the gulf of mexico, there's a small opportunity for restrengthening but now track is over the eastern gulf of mexico, hopefully beneficial rains for florida. does not look like a major event for florida. comfortable 50s to mid-60s during the afternoon. southern high clouds, 80s and low to moderate humidity, the different on sunday, more
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humidity and more high clouds and the threat of thunderstorms in skills, northwest new jersey, the mid hudson valley, but the bulk is dry until sunday. westerly wind early is light. southerly winds strengthen in the afternoon. great beach day. make sure the life guards were there over the next several days. rip current risk is moderate. mostly clear, comfortable at 7:00 a.m. 68. 50s north and west. tomorrow it's a high of 86. beautiful day. sun and clouds, a bit warmer and still not too humid. a little warmer tomorrow night. partly cloudy and you'll feel the humidity creeping up and you'll notice on sunday, near 90, more humid, the late day storm north and west. another storm on monday. hazy, hot and humid, and we have a heat wave with september fizzle and a lot of kids heading back to school next week. heat likely to continue into labor day.
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holiday looks good. any freeze, jeff smith will pick it up over the weekend. up next, doctors detecting breast cancer months before
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a man's naked rampage to a convenient store caught on camera. the man was high on crystal motorcade ice when he broke -- crystal ice when he wreck in last night. it looks like he was trying to steal cash. now he is behind bars. in tonight's health alert, a new tool for breast cancer survivors, scientists in the uk say they have developed a blood test that can determine if someone is in remission is likely to suffer a relapse. the test finds minute traces of
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doctors to get a head start on treating the cancer. let's turn to sports right now, great night for the american league and the national league to test their metal against each other. >> figured there would be plenty of big baseball nights the next few weeks. straight ahead, the mets come home to keep the winning streak alive. it's the mets, red sox and in atlanta, the yankees take on the braves. been a struggle to score runs,
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maybe that all comes to an to quote the great lee goldberg, that was an interesting game. >> was that the quote? >> i don't know! i thought it was going to be a little bit more profound for that. >> listen, i hang on every word he says. let's start with the mets, big winning streak, a big return home for the mets, won 7 straight up in their division by 6 1/2 games. the red sox visit citi field, of course 1986 world series
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pose at well. matt harvey, 8 strike outs, with the lead, michael cuddyer, with david wright on first base. first home game since april. cuddyer's ball slips through, wright's not stopping. he's coming home, and he is in there. now, first batter after harvey leaves the game. extra innings, tied at three, boston catcher, blake swihart launches one. the ball goes over the orange line for a home run. nobody checks, so swihart keeps running, and running. it will go down officially as an inside the park home run for the red sox. they scored three runs and win. 6-4 the final score. they made it interesting, but the mets winning streak, done. yankees with their own game on the road in atlanta. they're having trouble. hope the braves were just what the doctor ordered. former brave, brian mccann, back in atlanta. 3 run home run part of a five
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yankees. dd ben, bases loaded. through the infield, two more runs. 6 rbi tonight. runs. tanaka, 7 strike outs and mccann and his return to atlanta, how about a 3-run home run, 15-4, the yankees, win, bust out, do it in atlanta. one of the sports biggest starts worked out and thousands of people showed up to watch. 15,000 at the satellite and saratoga race to watch american pharoah run around the track, getting ready for tomorrow's traverse stakes. folks showed up today just to get a glimpse. isn't that cool. barclays this weekend at edison, the biggest golf story of the year will take a break. jordan spieth the top ranked player isn't having a good time. his stay at number one won't be long. drive goes into the crowd, goes up at little guy's leg. dent make the cut.
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rory mcilroy will be back at number one. bubba watson, the put on 18 for the overall lead. home. and finally from us, wnba basketball, top team in the east against the west. liberty against the links, liberty wins, clinches a playoff spot. tina charles and minnesota's maya moore won back-to-back national titles together at ewe uconn. moore, a game high 25 points in a good game. the epiphany prince, 22 points, liberty win, 81-68 and in the playoffs for the first time in three years. >> way to go, ladies. >> you got it. >> okay. thanks a lot. >> nice to see >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, i have an important message write down the number
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