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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  September 1, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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more than three years. >> now september certainly not getting off to a good start. as we take a look at the big board, the dow down 467 points. although still above 16,000 right now. we will continue to monitor the numbers as they fluctuate post- close. coming up in our next half hour, we'll be joined by abc news financial analyst rebecca jarvis who will have more on what this mean for your money. that wild morning in newark, new jersey. a carjacking, a police pursuit, and then a dramatic standoff. news copter 7 was overhead when two suspects surrendered after home. in all five men were arrested and another was killed. >> new jersey reporter anthony johnson is in newark with more anthony? >> reporter: well, we are standing exactly where this whole thing came to an end. the whole dramatic situation taking place here in newark, new jersey. early this morning, this was in front of 332 west iranian
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street and we want to show you this abandoned blue house, the suspects were held up inside of that house, the lower window there and you can see those three big holes. that's where authorities s.w.a.t. had to fire tear gas cannisters into the house to flush those suspects out. and during that time, this entire area was on lockdown. [ sound of gunfire ] that's the sound of the newark s.w.a.t. team firing a smoke cannister into the house where two of the suspects were barricaded after running from police. the strategy worked as news copter 7 was overhead as the last two suspects in the carjacking surrendered to police. it appears six suspects stole this silver jaguar from a woman around 6:41 in the the vailsburg section of newark. then went on a two hour crime wave of robbing, shooting and getting into a police pursuit. they decided to bail out of the car on hawthorne avenue and that's when police rushed in.
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>> we have three who were apprehended at the scene. okay? one was killed at the scene. and we have two that was found in the house by the newark s.w.a.t. team. >> reporter: the suspect then was killed was apparently reason over by a -- run over by a newark police department vehicle which happened at the end of the pursuit. meanwhile a woman claiming she was the victim's sister rushed to the scene and was officially given the news her brother had died. >> what happened? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> is that your brother? >> leave me alone. >> reporter: the name of the victim hasn't been released but most of carjacking suspects were juveniles. authorities say they found two guns inside of the stolen jaguar. and police say they are still continuing to investigate this crime. once again, no names have been released. the name of the person who was killed by the police officer when he struck that person. that was an individual actually jumping out of the stolen vehicle. that person's name not yet
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released. that's the latest live from newark, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. now to the developing story in illinois where schools are lockeddown and there's a no-fly zone established after a police officer was shot and killed. right now a manhunt for three suspects underway. the shooting happened in fox lake. a suburb about 60 miles north of chicago. well, a police officer sent a radio message saying he was chasing three men. authorities are now trying to unravel what happened next. >> he described the subjects as two male whites and one male black. short time thereafter, he radioed into communications that he was in a foot pursuit. when communication was lost with the officer. >> authorities in fox lake are searching from the air and the ground and for the three suspects. people who live nearby have been asked to stay in their homes. some schools were placed on lockdown as we mentioned before and of course we will keep you informed of any updates. now to the weather, and as we approach the end of summer,
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it might as well be the middle of july. hot and muggy and right now just one small degree away from the official heat wave. meteorologist lee goldberg is outside in that heat on the upper west side with much more on this hoot weather. lee? >> reporter: i mean liz, only one official heat wave this summer. this is yet another one. he hit 89 at 3:00 this afternoon waiting for the official word from the weather center. the call in now may have happened between hours but now we have dropped to 86 between that. it is warm and humid out. central park, 86 degrees and feels like readings in the upper 80s. the key has been the wind direction today. out of the east and south. it's not the hot west wednesday we had yesterday. that will start to return as we go into later wednesday and thursday. you see the temperatures begin to feel like readings only in the upper 80s to around 90 degrees. we're not talking about dangerous heat. but you have the afterschool practice if you're out just want to be sure you keep hydrated because it's ratter warm and humid.
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air quality alert that goes through parts of new jersey right through tonight. obviously there's no clouds to shield you from that hot sunshine. then we're waiting for that relief over the great lakes, that tries to get here on thursdayling and storm threats from that even in question. so the july impersonation with september continues. and october-like air on the pa pacific northwest. no sign of that coming east but we'll be watching that in the accuweather seven day forecast, so here's what you need to know right now. not an official heat wave yet. we will know during the hour though. 90 degrees may even be reached tomorrow but with the humidity will be higher than today. it will feel like 39 -- 93 or # 5 and the heat peaks on thursday. yes possible p.m. storms mainly north and west. but even if we don't see them relief will arrive at night into friday. much more on the accuweather seven day forecast right into the holiday weekend that's coming up in a few minutes. back to you for now. amid this hot stretch and lack of rainfall, some people in new jersey being asked to conserve water. united water says reservoirs in both bergen and hudson counties
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are at 45% capacity. it's asking customers to voluntarily cut back on water usage and that means residents should not water lawns or wash cars. united water is also asking you take steps indoors to save water as well. stay on top the heat wherever you are by downloading the accutrack weather app. search abcny7 in the app or google play store. well, a hit and run today caught on camera. you see the driver get out of the car and check on the victim and them just drive away. the story if you can imagine just prompting outrage on the facebook page. but the really shocking part of this story is not what you see, but what that victim says was said to her by the driver. she spoke to eyewitness news reporter darla miles. dollar is in the monthaven section with the story. darla? >> reporter: liz, the first thing this driver said was hey, man didn't you see me backing up? that's according to the 51-year- old woman who he backed into and left here in the middle of the street.
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>> i don't know when he stepped if he wasn't going to stay and help me. i don't know. >> reporter: really what was the point? the driver of honda rams into a 51-year-old woman. he stops gets out of the car and he hangs out for a few minutes. and hen think drives away -- then he drives away. >> i wasn't aware until afterwards that he left until they were looking for him. i said no he's right there. and they told me no he left. i couldn't believe that he left. >> reporter: perhaps it was to scold her for getting in the way. she says that's what it fete like when he yelled at her and demanded that she get up off the ground. >> he became angry. are you upset -- he was upset. [ inaudible ] and he was in -- for nothing. >> reporter: two weeks ago the grandmother of three was crossing jackson avenue near east 149th street at 10:30 a.m.. and the monthaven section of the bronx. when this honda backed into her. >> i was turning to make sure another car wasn't coming this direction and the car hit me on the other direction. >> reporter: and she says that's how the car caught her off-guard. but not as much as the driver's
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attitude. >> it was like you know, like pointing at me and down on the ground. i'm -- injured on the ground and i'm seeing him looking down at me like i was really -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: now she also says that the driver did get out of the car and get on the phone. but not to call 911. but to tell someone who he was meeting that he had just hit somebody and he was still on the way. if you recognize the man in that video, please call crime stoppers at 1-800-577-tips. reporting live in the month heavien section of the -- possibility haven section of the bronx, darla miles, eyewitness news. two former workers if new jersey now facing criminal charges accused of encouraging children to fight. 22-year-old erica can knee and 28-year-old white are former employees of the light bridge academy in cranford. prosecutors say they instigates shoving matches between children on the playground last month. day care officials say no children were hurt. we'll have much more on this
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story coming up on news at 5:00. and new details about the prisoner who escaped the nypd. she is now in police custody. officers rearrested 23-year-old tiffany newman this morning at a relative's home on the upper west side. police took her to a lower manhattan hospital on sunday after she claimed she was pregnant. she slipped away when an officer went to use the booth room. -- bathroom. police say she went to several nearby bars stealing a credit card and cell phone along the way. in new jersey police are looking for help finding a man accused of sexual assault. they say 15-year-old boy was home alone at his home in wayne on august 18th when someone knocked on the front door. the teen teenager said when he answered the door a man forced his way inside and began to kiss him and then tried to take off his clothes. the boy managed to fight the man off. he fled in a light colored extended cab pickup truck. seen in surveillance photos. and careless smoking being blamed for a fire in the bronx
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that was three alarms in just eight minutes. the fire broke out in a garage on bryant avenue in the park east just after 4:00 this morning. firefighters say low water pressure problems made it difficult to battle the flames and kept them from spreading to two adjacent homes. it also damaged several cars thankfully none of the residents were hurt. but more than a dozen of them today are now homeless. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. a pope francis today with a decision that's surprised many catholics. declaring that he is allowing all priests now to absolve women who have had an abortion. that they seek forgiveness. his position published in a letter by the vatican. receive he has quote i have met to -- he says quote i have met so many women who bear in their heart the scar of the agonizing decision. i'm well aware of the pressure that led them to this decision. the church launches what's it's calling its year of mercy. francis is not changing his position on abortion which the
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church views as murder essentially. prior to the ruling only bishops could lift the ban. meanwhile with the pope coming to new york at the end of the month, we've learned there will be a papal procession you this central park. it will be on friday. september 25th. the pope will ride through central park along west drive from 72nd street to 60th street. you must have a ticket to be along the procession route. and the city will hold a raffle for tickets beginning later this week. >> we anticipate that it will be certainly in the tens of thousands. we expect that there's going to be high interest. because the reality is, that this pope as he's traveled across the world has made a point of being accessible and watching along rope lines and shaking hands and meeting and interacting with people. >> after the procession, the t pope will preside over mass at madison square garden and tomorrow cardinal dolan will unveil the chair that the pope will sit at during that mass. ling and for more -- and for more details on the visit
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to new york, head to the special section at and still to come on eyewitness news first at 4:00, day care workers arrested. they are accused of abusing children they were supposed to be taking care of. we've got new reaction from the stunned community. plus this -- >> i've asked you all to leave. you are interrupting my business. >> a battle today over same sex marriage caught on camera. this happened in kentucky. we're going to tell you why that clerk is defying the law.
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she says that
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ud. interrumpe mi negocio.
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it is 4:14 now and time for a check on traffic. route 17 in paramus, new jersey, heading south near route 4 it's bad at that section there but is that looks worse than normalment at the hudson river crossings, the inbound george washington bridge is about 20 minutes. lincoln tunnel outbound 15 minutes. holland tunnel outbound 20 minutes. well, the battle over gay marriage may be settled in some states but in kentucky today, tempers were flying as the court clerk refused to issue a marriage license to a gay couple. the showdown was caught on camera. the clerk refused on religious grounds. the couple cited the supreme court which recently refused to support the clerk's position but she says she is not backing counsel. abc's stephanie ramos has the story. >> reporter: will she quit or approve same sex marriage licenses? a county clerk in kentucky kim davis stopped issuing licenses to gay couples the day the u.s. supreme court legalized gay marriage. she says she's doing so under god's authority. >> she would not be officiating
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wedding, she would be verifying signatures, verifying information that you would probably give to the dmv for a driver's license. >> reporter: now the clerk and two of her assistants are refusing to issue a marriage license to any couple in rowan county, kentucky. davis was ordered to issue the same sex marriage licenses by a federal judge, an appeals court upheld that decision. the supreme court refused to take the case. she is however not budging. >> i've asked you all to leave. >> we pay your salary. do your job. >> she's not discriminating against homosexuals, she has refused to issue marriage licenses altogether. >> reporter: in a statement, davis says quote -- to issue a marriage license which conflicts with god's definition of marriage with my name affixed to the certificate would violate my conscience. [ chanting ] tuesday morning protesters greeted her outside and inside the courthouse. this couple tried to get a marriage license but were told no for a fourth time. >> we're not leaving until we
4:17 pm
have -- do your job. >> you do not -- >> reporter: a shouting match ensued with davis supporters hollering from a back room. >> stand firm. stand firm. >> reporter: davis and her staff have been summoned to appear in court thursday to answer a complaint filed by the american civil liberties union. the aclu says they don't want davis locked up but they want the judge to impose big fines so she'll be persuaded to again start issuing marriage licenses to all couples. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. well turning now to the migrant crisis in europe. the region facing its biggist immigration challenge since world war ii. hundreds of thousands of migrants desperate to escape unrest in their home countries. dozens have died and european nations are knower helmed by the -- now overwhelmed by the crush of refugees to suspend all rail travel. some migrants had train takes but they were still forced off. >> it's faith.
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it's not -- it's not installation. why are you taking -- why are you taking the certificate? why? tell us. we start walking. >> the highlighting some of the desperations look at this. a man trying to cross the spanish border hidden in the engine bay of a car. he survived. european nations say more than 332,000 migrants arrived already this year. we're going to switch gears now. it comes out of california. strangers helping out a man after a facebook plea. david perez noticed a 75-year- old neighbor richard trying to patch up his roof by himself. knowing that he shouldn't be doing that by himself, he posted on social media asking for help. but he never imagined the response that he received. after 1400 shares, 40 people volunteered to help out. now richard says he was shocked by the outpouring of support
4:19 pm
and all that kindness. >> oh. >> from strangers. >> incredible? >> i love that photo right there. oh all the cars pulling up. hey we're here, we're ready to go. we're here to help you out. >> i know. while we're at it i know a david novarro who's got a hole in his shed in his backyard. and i don't know if there's anybody -- you know what i did to cover this hole? i took -- i got a plastic bag on it. >> how'd the hole get there? did you create the hole? >> these things happen along the way in home ownership. there's a hole there and i have been very negligent in fixing it. >> joanne i want the real story about the hole. >> you got plenty of strength to fix that. now get to it. >> oh thank you. i got a lot of bosses in this room. okay i'll get it done already. let's talk about the weather. my goodness. the heat wave is official. you'll be happy to know. >> really? >> but wow. huge applause for that one. [ laughter ] such excitement. >> i lost the words here. >> i've been on the edge of my seat all day long. just before 2:00 this afternoon, just touched the 90-
4:20 pm
degree mark so the second heat wave of the season is official. it's tough to do if you go from late august into early september. but we doo and we have 90 degrees today. and you see why. i mean you have this wind that's been coming off the water out of the east and out of the south and that's kept temperatures down a little bit. but what's happening is now with high pressure over the mid- atlantic taking hold, we'll getting into more of the southerlifully tonight. the tomorrow -- southerly flow tomorrow. the humidity will be a little bit higher, it will feel probably a little hotter than today. because we have the increasing humidity and more high clouds and that could keep temperatures short of the 90- degree mark. there's the front over the upper great lakes and it has some cooler and drier air. you have to get pretty far knot. we won't get that. but that will drop the numbers into the mid 80s by friday and noticeable drop in the humidity as well. but it's going to be balmy at the bus stop tomorrow morning. let the kids wear the shorts and t-shirts to school tomorrow. then here comes the front on
4:21 pm
thursday and you can see how weak it is. maybe there's a pickup storm in the afternoon but it looks like the focus is going to be north of i-90 with some of these storms and then the front comes through at night. so maybe the best threat of seeing a popup shower or storm could actually be during the evening hours and that's not the most fairable time for thunderstorm formation, but the peak in the heat out ahead of the front should be thursday. probably the hottest day maybe for the rest of the season. as we feel like we're in the mid- and upper 90s. mainly clear warm and humid tonight. your accuweather forecast, down to 74. near 90 tomorrow. sunny to partly cloudy. a few more high clouds than today. and it's tot and humid and then -- hot and humid and then tomorrow night partly cloudy and warm and sticky. 76-degree, coming up. this whole pattern is flipped now and we have that very temperate middle of summer because we had the dip in the jet stream over the east coast. now it's out west and we have this summery pattern lingering and well into september. is that going to change anytime soon? that's coming up at 4:30 and don't forget always get the accuweather forecast on abcny7. we'll come inside. again not too oppressive out here this afternoon. just a little hot and stuffy
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because there's very little wind. guys? i want to say it again. the second heat wave of the season has become official. what do you think of that? >> woo-hoo! >> yes. >> moe. not so happy about that. >> i don't mind it. >> okay. >> summer stretching itself out. >> thanks for the support. >> i'm actually starting to wish for winter at this point. >> i'm supporting you lee. >> see you in a bit. >> thanks. and still to come, some terrifying moments for a young girl home alone when an intruder broke into her house. she managed to keep her composure. and even helped police solve the crime. >> and a wild party turns dangerous when a young woman gets pushed off a roof. find out what she's saying
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chipotle's new menu has some diners crying foul. the restaurant chain's been slapped with a lawsuit alleging the claims are false and miss leading, the woman in california says the meat served there comes from animals which are fed with what's known as gmo feeds. their website has disclaimers about the gmo content and its food saying that most animal feed in u.s. is genetically modified. it means the meat and dairy there are likely to come from animals given at least some gmo feed. well, president obama is issuing a stark warning on climate change during his historic visit to alaska.
4:26 pm
right now, the president is hiking a glacier to see the effects of global warming fist hand. later he will tour a national park and outline steps to make sure the u.s. can operate in the arctic year-round. the white house says it will invest in new coast guard ice breakers and provide more funding for scientific missions to the arctic. well, file this next story under they study anything and everything. apparently with tweeting about tourists, new yorkers don't hold back. a website which did the study compiled positive and negative tweets from across the country. arlington, texas, new york city and las vegas were the top three cities where residents had negative comments to make about tourists on social media. chicago, atlanta, and philadelphia are the top three tourist loving cities. as for the people in the states that tweet curse words, when referring to tourists, new
4:27 pm
york, washington, d.c., and nevada are the top three. >> you know, forget about it is not a curse word. you know? it got mislabeled. that into a tweet. >> it's why -- don't do it. all right, parents entrusted them to take care of the children. this is a serious story. coming up now, new details about two daycare workers arrested and accused of abusing children including what they were forced to eat. >> plus two police officers now on administrative leave after a
4:28 pm
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and we continue to follow breaking news this afternoon. another rough day on wall street. stocks plunging after dismal economic day out of china. the dow closing down 469 points. >> this is big news, joining us now abc's business correspondent rebecca jarvis, glad you made time for us today. >> i think the bottom line for people and it's very natural for people to be afraid. it's very natural to see a day
4:31 pm
like this and think what's happening to my retirement? but you want to put that into perspective. if you look at the last five years and you think about where the market has come. it's up 60%. if you put $1,000 into the market five years ago, you were still up after a day like this up $600, you have $1,600. even after today. >> correct. >> is that -- would you use that same strategy in terms of 401ks now that we're talking about long-term investments? >> for the vast majority of people, watching a day like this it's interesting to see. but you really want to just sit tight. wait it out. if you look at the last great recession, those who got out of the market in the midst of the great recession lost half of their wealth. those who stuck it out had made all of the wealth back and then some within three years. if you're closer to retirement what you want to think about let's say you're a year out from retirement. think about where's the cushion? do you have a little money that's set aside that's not in the market that's important you use that money first. and you wait it out as far as stocks are concerned. >> it does seem like you know all the signals we're getting
4:32 pm
is that our economy is on the rebound and relatively healthy especially compared to what's going on around the world. >> to a lot of this started in china. china is an important place to the world economy now. apple, star bucks and wal-mart. but we're doing pretty well here. >> all right we're going to see you tonight on world news correct? >> thanks so much. now the other big story we have right now. new details about to day care workers on long island accused of abusing infants and toddlers in their care. >> yes, south hampton police say the two women force fed, pushed, and slammed the children down on the floor. long island reporter kristin thorne is in south hampton this afternoon outside the daycare center. kristin? >> reporter: liz, side by side, daycare center here in south hampton has been open all day. in fact we've just spoke with a parent fully defending this center. she thinks these allegations are just rumors from an angry co-workers, police say they
4:33 pm
received calls from a few parents about the alleged abuse. these are the two workers who have been arrested. 33-year-old kathleen culver and 23-year-old sarah dawber, both are being charged with endangering the welfare of a wild. police say -- child. police say they force fed the child until the child vomited and also accused of pushing children and shoving them to the grounds. they were arrested last friday at the facility in south hampton. only days after police received these complaints. again they say from a few parents. the new york state office of children and family services is continuing their investigation into this center. but again, we just spoke with the mother who has been sending her children here for quite some time. she doesn't believe the allegations for a second. >> kathleen took care of cameron from the time she was 6 months old to when i was very nervous about daycare. if i had another baby i would absolutely bring her here. i think she'll be cleared. >> reporter: well, we tried to
4:34 pm
speak with someone all day here at the center. again the staff is in there working. we've knocked on the door a number of times but no one would come to the door. coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00 you will hear from south hampton town police about their investigation. live in south hampton, i'm kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 4:00 former wrestling star now charged with the mysterious death of his girlfriend 32 years ago. jimmy snuka was taken into custody in new jersey. authorities in pennsylvania charged him with third degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. investigators say he killed his girlfriend after an attack in a motel in allentown back in 1983. she died after traumatic brain injuries and his bail is now set at $100,000. and now to an eyewitness news exclusive. a new york city bus driver speaking out saying he was wrongfully arrested after the bus he was driving struck and killed a pedestrian in brooklyn. now reginald prescott says he was driving just three miles
4:35 pm
per hour on a dark and rainy night last december? east flatbush when the bus hit a man. he humiliated at the hospital as a result. >> i was never arrested before in my life. yeah. and of course i was arrested in front of my family. >> i didn't do anything wrong. he's operating a 40-foot bus with multiple blind spots going 3 miles an hour. accidents happen. and yet, he was criminalized and arrested. >> prescott charged with failure to yield and his case is still pending. and an investigation underway right now into a deadly police shooting caught on camera. it happened in san antonio, texas. the suspect appeared to have his hand up when he was shot. but is that what happened? abc's brandi hitt has the story. >> reporter: airing the shocking video captured on cell phone. a man shot several times and killed by two sheriff's deputies in bear county, texas. >> the shot that [ bleep ] -- bro. >> reporter: michael thomas
4:36 pm
recorded the moment friday as deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call. you see 41-year-old gilbert flores shiftless hundreding from the home after investigators say he may have injured a woman and child inside. the sheriff's office is now blasting him for airing the video. claiming its deputies are receiving threats while asking for calm and patience. >> what's in the video is a cause for concern. but it's important to let the investigation go through its course. >> reporter: this pole does block the view of one of flores' arms when he's shot. >> there's actually another video with a better angle and view that's really clear. >> reporter: but investigators are not releasing that second video. flores once convicted of aggravated robbery later died at the hospital. his case is now being spotlighted by top county officials in texas as they discuss funding for police body cameras. >> if you have -- greater awareness that this is a
4:37 pm
problem across the united states. and not just here in bear county. >> reporter: both deputies involved have been with the department for more than ten years. and are now on administrative leave. the district attorney says it could be months before this case goes to a grand jury for review. in los angeles, brandi hitt, channel 7 eyewitness news. well, disgraced former new york congressman michael grim pleading with a judge to delay the start of his prison sentence so he can have surgery. grim will start the eight month prison sentence on september 10th and 5 judge is now considering his -- a judge is now considering his request. it's not clear what type of surgery he needs and staten island republican stepped down last year after pleading guilty to filing a false tax return. a pregnant woman makes a surprise delivery in the back of an uber cab. it happened during the afternoon rush yesterday near the entrance of the lincoln tunnel when the woman started giving birth the driver parked near the mouth of the tunnel and flagged down two port authority workers. good idea. within minutes, the senior agent delivered the baby girl and both mother and child are doing well. congratulations.
4:38 pm
well, first the app store and you will see plenty of options offering medical help but just how accurate are the app's diagnosis? the government is now cracking down on them. >> a fall. a woman is pushed off of a
4:39 pm
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can an app diagnose melanoma? the government is now taking action over the claims made by some companies. the app's tell users to upload a photo along with other information to help see if you might have a suspicious mole. the federal trade commission recently sued the marketers of two apps accusing them of making deceptive claims. one dermatologist sued the accuracy of several apps and says the best one missed 30% of melanomas. the worst one missed 93%. >> you shouldn't trust diagnosis of cancer to something like an app that doesn't have data to back it up. >> the two app makers settled the lawsuits without admitting any wrongdoing. both apps include a disclaimers advising users to see a physician for any concerns and for regular checkups. well, disturbing video captures a college student shoving a girl off the roof of a one story home at an off- campus party in massachusetts.
4:42 pm
watch as police say bridgewater state university junior alexander marquez used both hands to push the victim. luckily she landed in the crowd. the attorney says the client knew she didn't intend to harm the victim. >> today your honor is -- college party that got out of hand. >> marquez forcefully pushed the upper back of the female with both hands. they stated that her neck appeared to have whiplash. >> if there wasn't people to break her fall she would have received some serious injuries. >> in the end the girl suffered minor injuries and marquez is charged with assault and battery and he's being held with $5,000 bail. the university says it is investigating. >> she is really lucky. >> she is. still to come, home alone when an intruder tries to break in. hear a 12-year-old's call for help and how she led police to the suspect. >> meet the at that's being hailed a hero -- cat that's being hailed a hero. how he saved his owner's life. >> the popular pro dancer who was forced to leave the
4:43 pm
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well, citi bike is operating in parts of upper manhattan now. the first stations on the upper west and east sides are now open. up until now, stations only went as high as 59th street. this morning we saw people using the new station at 67th street and at lexington avenue. >> i don't think i've used it that much just because they weren't up here, but moving fore ward i certainly will.
4:46 pm
>> citi bikes are probably one the best things that i've done since bion here, a couple of -- i've been here, a couple of years now. >> the next month 48 stations are going in. 21 on the upper west side, and 27 on the upper east side. well, canton, pennsylvania is being called a hero by its owner, the cat took a bullet that may have reached his owner instead. last week a stray bullet went through a window in angelica's home. it went into the couch right through opie and then ricocheted around the room finally coming to rest on a love seat pillow just inches from her son. the owner took the cat to the vet and was given the option to have him put to sleep but the owner says i can't do that. >> yeah i told him i didn't -- i wanted to key him. he was my -- keep him. he was my little hero and do what i have to do. he saved my son's life. so -- you know, he's keeping him around. >> opie had an appointment yesterday and he's got some muscle damage but expected to be okay. he in the i don't think place
4:47 pm
at the wrong time -- wrong place at the wrong time for opie but it kept the bullet from ricocheting. >> there you go. thankfully no person was hurt in that. at all. >> eight more lives. plenty of living to do. >> exactly. all right, so we just want to reiterate we are official? >> not get up. what do we do? >> this is what my week is all about. there's no other weather, heat wave is going to make my week. >> i can't believe it! a heat wave. >> that will be no -- >> we ruined your thunder huh? >> really did. >> david did not -- i'm excited about the heat wave. >> uh-oh. >> see how i react during "the trend." kristin? a lot of haze right now in manhattan. skyline. we have a warm and humid afternoon. we're at 86. mostly sunny and a south wind at 8. the two way street. temperatures with september averages, so the average high is 80. as we start the month. and we're running about 10 degrees above normal. so you know, you figure well can you also get days that are
4:48 pm
ten degrees below normal? sure. but i don't see the fall front just yet. by the end of the month the average is down to 9 from the high -- 69 from the high. we go to 6:40 sunset by the end of the month. average rainfall over four inches. last year was dry september but also above average by two degrees. another mild night with mainly clear skies and a couple of high clouds and some haze. 74 degrees. first pitch for the mets tonight, low and middle 80s with a southeast wind. mostly sunny skies. great night at city field. some hazy skies tomorrow morning. just some high clouds during the day. upper 80s as the winds are more southerly and coming off the ocean, which is around 75, 77 degrees. we have a shot at getting into 90. we may stop short but it's going to be a little bit more humid than it is today. so after the feel like readings are probably in the low and mid- 90s despite a little extra high cloudiness. so you see your temperatures tomorrow morning in the mid 60s. and the hudson valley low 60s 234 possibility sell low. -- in monticello. in connecticut some upper 67s
4:49 pm
if places like dan burr and i ridge field. it's 70234 islip. some high clouds from time to time. the mid- and upper 80s and best chance to be 09 will of course be away from the ocean breeze. the futurecast heat index actually though is higher than it is today. mid 90s across the interior parts of new jersey as the humidity will be a little bit higher. the air quality is a still an issue tomorrow. the pollen count because of ragweed is moderate. also the connecticut coast, and much of new jersey during the day tomorrow. sea and sand great boating day and southerly winds 5 to 10 miles per hour and one to two feet. might be some limited visibility in the morning with some haze and the rip current risk is low. may get moderate later in the day. the bus stop forecast is back. hazy skies and 74 degrees sun and patchy clouds. dress for summer, it's going to be around 90 during the afternoon hours. here's the accuweather seven day forecast, sun and high clouds still dry. 90. the heat will weak on thursday at 94 degrees feeling like upper 90s. yes, there's a slight chance of a thunderstorm mainly to the north. may wait until the evening hours.
4:50 pm
it is more comfy on friday. at 84. and then the holiday weekend is in good shape a nice start. you don't like it? fine. sunday and monday, in the upper 80s and mostly to partly sunny skies and not a drop of rain on the seven day. now it's starting to get to the point where we need a little bit of rainfall but we should get through the holiday weekend without it. >> but that's a fine forecast. >> thank you very much. i'm going to boycott the trend trends now. [ laughter ] >> david take it. very sensitive. you notice -- lee is very sensitive. so everybody let's applaud this heat wave. great job. [ applause ] >> thank you very much. >> all right. here's what's trending on this tuesday and the trailer for the new movie is calling a big stir on social media and the nfl is not going to like it. >> i found a dizzies and no one has ever seen. repetitive head trauma. >> choke. >> smith tackling the real life story of a doctor who revealed how football concussions were a chronic yet long ignored problem in the nfl. the league has since instituted protocols to better protect players but the issue is a controversial threat to anyone
4:51 pm
young or old who plays the game. the movie is set to be released this december. >> speaking of films, cnet and variety reporting that apple computer is thinking of getting into the movie business. reportedly the tech giant has held meeting with executives to measure interest in making original movies and tv shows to compete with netflix and amazon prime. we'll keep you posted. and a fan favorite will not be in the ballroom for this season's "dancing with the stars." he was forced to pull out of the after an injury. she has an ankle injury that needs immediate surgery. the pro dancer calls it the toughest decision she's ever made. but that her health comes first. fans have inundated her page with messages of support. the new season kicks off in two weeks monday, september 14th at 8:00 right here only channel 7. still waiting for snoop dogg to one day join the cast. for now shoot around with former nba all-star steve nash will have to do. it's trending but when you play hoops with steve nash, he does all the shooting and you toss
4:52 pm
it back to him every time -- you never get the shot. all steve nash all the time. >> i like the kid there there too. like excuse me pardon me. out of my way. how cool was that for that young guy right? finally to supercat. this gives new meaning to the term catfishing. two fishermen out for a day out on the water and what is this coming towards them? is that a shark? is that a -- an alligator? that is what is this? that's a kitten. this kitten just took off in the water after them and then moments -- just listen to what they had to say. >> we're out here on the water river. you know, are not going to believe what is swimming towards our boat. >> like where did this kitten come from? it came from the little island and then moments later its twin jumped in the water and said i'm not going to leave my buddy behind. goes to the boat and that's the catch of the day. two kittens. >> they're fishing. they're fast little swimmers. >> you know how many kittens jump in the water -- lee? >> cats taking bullets and
4:53 pm
swimming. it's a cat day. >> wow you feel like a trend here? >> mind blowing cat news today. that's what it is. >> listen this is like a supercat story. everybody else is going to be talking about it you heard it here first. check out "the trend" online at abcny7 and one more time round of applause for the heat wave. way to go lee. >> thank you very much 90. i think you learned your lesson david. and still to come, home alone when an intruder tries to break in. we're going to tell you how this quick thinking 12-year-old saved herself and then helped police catch the suspect. >> and here's a quick check of the delays at the hudson river crossings. 20 minutes outbound at the holland and 15 minutes both ways at the lincoln.
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
an incredible amount of courage and calm. the 12-year-old was home alone in massachusetts when a burglar tried to break in. >> but she was smart enough to capture images of that burglar. her camera shots helped police eyewitness news reporter joe torres has the story. >> 911. what is your emergency? >> i'm upstairs in the closet and trying to hide. >> reporter: a 12-year-old girl home alone yesterday when a man seen here in a red shirt tried to pry his way into her house. she was scared, but also resourceful, using her smartphone to capture this video and this photo of the would be intruder. >> he's wearing a hat, he has a rag in his back pocket. he's trying to get everywhere. >> she was scared.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: and yet police say that 12-year-old girl stayed calm and passed along critical information to the 911 dispatcher. >> she gave us an excellent description and he was appear handed a -- apprehended a short distance away. >> clinton joyce has a long history of breaking and entering, he's on parole and probation, now being held on $20,000 bail. >> he never got into the house, no one was hurt, no one was injured. >> reporter: but the suspect was caught in the act, thanks to a quick thinking 12-year-old and police used those images to make a positive i.d. >> it worked out well in this case. >> reporter: i'm joe torres. channel 7 eyewitness news. still more news ahead, including hazing allegations involving students on long island. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. >> now new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news. beaten with broom sticks, shot with a bb gun, some of the hazing allegations against some
4:58 pm
varsity players on a high school football team. the father of one alleged victim speaking exclusively with eyewitness news. and scandal at a day care center in new jersey, two workers accused of encouraging young kids to fight and then videotaping it and sharing it on social media. good evening. i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm bill ritter in for diana williams. those stories in a moment. another terrible day for the stockton. >> investors unnerved by more signs of weakness in china and talk about a turbulent market. the dow jones average plunging again, this time 269 points, dropping to just above 16,000. >> this is the worst start for a month in six years. eyewitness news reporter jeep joe with what it -- joe torres with what it means for you. he's on wall street with the breaking news. >> reporter: bill, you can almost hear the collective sigh from investors, certainly this is not the way any investor wanted to start off the month of september. frankly speaking, it's not the way any investor wants to start off any month. that 460-point plunge on the
4:59 pm
first day of the month represents the weakest monthly start for stocks in the last year. 99% of the stocks on the s&p 500 closed lower today. so far the third quarter of this year amounts to the worst quarter for stocks dating back to 2011. why, why, why is this happening? a couple of reasons. china's economic slowdown certainly having a global impact, many u.s. companies, starbucks, apple, walmart to name a few have significant exposure in china. oil did not do well today. oil tanked 7.7%, great news if you're a driver looking to top off the gas tank. not good news for energy companies. many of them listed on the s&p 500 and again there is this continued anticipation as to what the fed will do later this month. will interest rates go up?


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