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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 3, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, police converging in one area in the urgent manhunt for suspects in an officer's murder. the search intensifying as the widow breaks her silence. also breaking overnight, a chaotic scene inside an airport. smoke filled terminals, panicked passengers and thousands of people evacuated. new details just in. close call. an iphone with a smashed screen destroyed by a bullett. its owner saved the smartphone. caught on camera. a pachyderm's power on full display. the elephant lifting a truck with people inside. well, good thursday morning, i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm phillip mena. right to that breaking newsment police north of chicago on the
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trail of the suspects responsible for the death of an officer. after reports of suspicious circumstances they were out in full force for hours searching areas less than ten miles from where lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz was killed tuesday. the search was not linked to gliniewicz's death. >> as the sun was setting last night hundreds gathered in fox lake, illinois, to honor gliniewicz. for the first time we heard from his widow who spoke emotional ly sons. >> every night he came home to me me. he was the most wonderful, boys. my world got a little bit smaller with his passing. he will truly be missed by all of us. >> blue and black balloons were released into the air. schools are re-opening today. discounts being asked to wear blue and black to honor gliniewicz.
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>> more breaking news overnight. a frightening scene at the main airport in moscow. >> 3,000 people evacuated because of a fire. heavy smoke filled the terminal after the fire broke out near the baggage area. it's believed to have been started by an electrical short and was quickly brought under control. about 40 departing flights delayed. a show of military muscle in beijing to celebrate the end of world war ii 70 years ago promising to reduce the army by 300,000 soldiers. the growing humanitarian crisis in europe. people fleeing africa and the middle east by the thousands risking their lives in search of a better life. at least 12 syrians drowned off turkey yesterday when their boat sank on the way toreece. the body of a young boy among those washing ashore. 350,000 people have crossed into europe illegally this year alone. 2300 of them have died on the way. here at home the kentucky
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county clerk who refuses to issue any marriage licenses since the supreme court legalized same-sex marriage is in court today. kim davis faces contempt of court charges for refusing to obey a federal judge's order. more from abc's bazi kanani. >> reporter: the protests are growing at the rowan county clerk's office, police there to keep order. today the clerk at the center of it all will face a federal judge because of this. >> we are here to get our marriage license. >> so presently we are not issuing marriage license, pending an appeal to the system. >> reporter: again and again kim davis turning away gay couples refusing to issue them after the court's ruling in support of same-sex sex marriage. >> under whose authority are you not issuing licenses? >> under god's authority. >> i respect religion. i respect people. people's faith, okay, but this is a civil institution. >> reporter: the battle in this small town in the national
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spotlight after one of the rejected couples posted this video of their denial online. now viewed more than 1.8 million times. >> i'm willing to face my consequences as you all will face your consequences when it comes time for judgment. >> not everyone believes what you believe. >> if we go to another county we're saying it's okay to discriminate against us. >> yes. >> and we can't do that. >> reporter: david more and david ermold say they will not give up but kim davis insists she will not give in in a statement calling it a heaven or hell decision. her supporters praying and promising to stand by her as she faces fines and possible jail time for disobeying the nation's law. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. in colorado the military is looking into the crash of a black hawk helicopter. it went down in a dense remote forest near denver. all four soldiers on board were treated for nonlife-threatening
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injuries. it happened during a routine training mission and could take up to a week to recover the down. a high level meeting here in new york between donald trump and the head of the republican national committee. the rnc trying to get trump to agree not to run as a third party candidate. this as trump has stepped up his personal attacks on jeb bush. here's abc's jonathan karl. >> reporter: after jeb bush hit donald trump in english and in spanish. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: trump slammed bush for speaking spanish. telling the conservative bright, he's a nice man but should set the exam of speaking english while in the united states. the nature tiff language of his wife columba and more than 37 million other americans. danny diaz tweeted, donald trump against spanish.
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says reagan is not a conservative, looks like a one-man mission to kill the gop. even bush's son jeb jr. has joined the fray via twitter tweeting can't wait for this summer reality tv show to be over. jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. >> speculation continues to swirl around the presidential as pier rations of joe biden. the vice president looking a lot like a candidate. one source close to him telling abc news it seems more likely than not biden will run, of course, that means going up his close friend and former colleague hillary clinton. well, you can call it a major foreign policy victory for president obama. that's what it's looking like. barbara mikulski has announced her support for the nuclear agreement. the president's expected veto of a republican vote to block it cannot be overridden. president obama is on his way home after a three-day visit to alaska. and while he was in the arctic
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circle, the white house announced actions to understand and lessen the effects of climate change. the president used the slowly sinking town where he was speaking to show the effects of warmer temperatures. he said that if another country were threatening the town, americans would rush to help. the president saw another mishap of sorts yesterday while visiting a fishing village, a salmon began spawning on his shoes. he then picked it up and showed it to reporters but he made it clear he had not caught it. he said he didn't want anyone to kusing him of telling a fish story. during a visit to a scholl he watched a cultural performance and then surprised them by joining in on the last dance. he told them he had been practicing and by the looks of it, he had. >> in step with the kids there. not bad. well, still ahead, exposing your home an your children to danger. the new concern this morning about hacked baby monitors. caught on camera. joyride. a driver gets his car back from
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a mechanic and couldn't believe what he spotted on the dash cam. plus, saved by a smartphone, the iphone that stopped a speeding bullet.
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it's a joyride that has one car owner fuming. alex leech brought his mazda to be serviced and was so shocked by the scene recorded on the dash cam. a mechanic gunning the engine taking the vehicle for a spin and picking up his son for a ride. the dealership insisting the mechanic act ss responsibly. security company found that nine popular models were
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vulnerable to cyberattack. it makes it possible for hackers to change the camera settings and monitor live feeds. the company says to make monitors more secure, never connect the devices to public wi-fi or use cellular data and just in case, always unplug the machines when not in use. global markets showing signs of recovery overnight. asian markets trading mostly higher and stocks up in europe early on. all this follows a rebound on wall street. the dow adding 293 points yesterday. nasdaq climbing nearly 114. the s&p 500 up 35. the momentum was helped by a report showing american businesses added jobs at a steady pace last month. the government releases its august jobs report tomorrow. and taco bell is going naked by replacing the taco shell with fried chicken and calls it the naked crispy chicken taco. inside the chicken, lettuce,
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tomato cheese an avocado ranch sauce. no need for meat because you're holding it only available in two taco bell locations in central california. >> when is the foe few one coming out. a poisonous snake on the loose. where did the king cobra come from. >> grand slam, a tennis playing taking her frustrations out on her tennis racket. if you struggle with type 2 diabetes, you're certainly not alone.
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hundreds of people attended a ceremony yesterday at pearl harbor marking the end of world war ii. it was held aboard the mighty mo, the "uss missouri" now a memorial and museum. attending were some of the tail sailors serving aboard "the po mo" on that day in 1945. road condition, a wet and windy commute in the northwest. drivers could face flash floods and dust storms in the southwest. texas. orlando. periods of flooding from chicago into detroit. and if you are flying, it should be easy going. weather-related airport delays only expected in phoenix. a doctor is on trial in california charged with murder. >> lisa tseng is charged with murder for prescribing powerful overdosed. she should have seen the warning signs of drug seeking behavior. defense attorneys say the two
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men took the drugs far in excess of their prescription and sometimes combined them with alcohol. the doctor could face life in prison if convicted. the questions about the hands up shooting in texas. in the first video gill letter flores appears to have his hands raised in the air before deputies shot and killed him. a second video shows something possibly a knife in the suspect's hand. that video has not been made public. during the incident a dispatcher suggested flores wanted to die. court records show flores asked police to kill him during an arrest before an arrest in 1999. next a crazy scene at a gas station in washington state. the owner went inside but left his car running. a would-be thief jumped in so the owner got into the passenger seat and they fought as the car started rolling. they wound up out of the car and onto the ground. the suspect was held down until police arrived. he's now facing several charges. a california college student
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was saved by his iphone literally. it stopped a bullet during an armed robbery at an apartment complex near campus. the phone was in his hands. it doesn't appear this iphone will be making any calls but amazingly that student was unarm ed unharmed. >> he showed me the phone. the bullet clear on the phone. destroyed it and phone broken into pieces. >> the robber ran away with the student's laptop and has not been caught. according to the victim's room roommate he's so upset he left the area and withdrawn from all his classes. huge poisonous snake lands on the loose after escaping in orlando. the owner of a king cobra like this one reported it mitting. it is about eight feet long and so venomous one bite can kill an elephant. they're canvassing the area near an elementary school hoping to find the cobra before anyone gets hurt. that is terrifying. >> yikes. all right, attention,
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college football fans, the long wait is over. it's been 234 days, not that anyone is counting since january's national title game. to you a new season begins tonight. first baseball highlights. good morning. welcome to our "sportscenter" set. clayton kershaw what a performance, 15 strikeouts in a 2-1 win over the giants. >> hey, who is that swinger? carlos beltran, second inning, home run counter. pick it up at 3. trust me on this one. stephen drew, byrd and murphy hit one and two. stephen drew used to live here at fenway then they let him go so had to feel reel good. got it, i got it, i ain't got it. five home rungs in the game and
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win 13-8. mets taking on the if phillies. top of the fifth. runners on second and third. mets already up 6-0 and roughed up the youngster aaron nola. phillies cut into the lead. it's 6-2 at that point. let's move ahead. top of the seventh. >> we move ahead to the seventh inning. >> up 7-3. bases empty but darnell sweeney thinks this would be a good time. third home run cuts it to 7-4. matt harvey, nine strikeouts get him out of there. cespedes, arm sleeve that looks like a highlighter and a highlight. his tenth of the season. we're out. back to you. >> you know, after the show i always watch u.s. open highlights from the night before. serena williams into her third round, pursuit of a single season grand slam still alive. here's the best moment. >> this is coco vandeweghe going
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nuts on her racket after falling way behind in her second round match. vandeweghe acknowledges the crowd and slams the racket one more time. >> she eventually lost and afterwards said i definitely had a lot of nervous energy. pent-up frustration and let it rip. >> the racket learned its lesson. it will never mess her up again, never. coming up next in "the pulse," elephant rampage. this massive animal charging a truck. and a governor photo bombed.t? it's you! it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] emma, emma bo-bemma banana-fana-fo-femma fee-fi-fo-femma em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson.
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>> and nearly injures a passenger and the elephant also used his tusks to puncture a tire and the side of the truck then having proved his point, whatever that was, he walks away as if nothing happened. road? >> no clue. >> to create a traffic fowl-up. the california highway patrol was all atwitter at this chicken at the bay bridge. a free range chicken. >> it created a real flap until it was arrested and put in the back of a patrol car just like any other bird brain criminal. last we heard on the way to a veterinarian. hopefully not someone's dinner table and i wonder if he was a little remorseful. it was definitely a he, not a she. >> looks like a total thug. a beluga whale that clearly loves a crowd.
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take a look at june know photo bombing governor dan malloy. >> the governor was there talking about tourism in the state but june know was truly the star of the whole show. >> no one actually bothered to tell the governor about the distraction until he was 13 minutes into his 15-minute session. i wonder if he was upset about that. would you like to be told that someone is photo bombing your press conference. >> at least this way he feels like everybody was paying attention. he went through his speech confidently. wouldn't you rather stare at that beautiful animal instead of -- >> i'd like to know. by the way, forecast this happened at the mystic aquarium. wonderful place to go. a woman in tennessee has good reason to think twice before leaving her car windows down again. >> she returned to her car to catch a pair of thieves red-handed. check out the bear holding her purse in the mouth. they polished off her lunch and snacks. >> she was lucky. she said she was more amused than scared. we'll be back.
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breaking overnight, increased police activity north of chicago and the search for suspects in the death of police lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz but police say the activity overnight was due to a false report and that caller has been charged. also breaking overnight, thick smoke filling the main airport in moscow forcing the evacuation of 3,000 people. it was quickly put out but dozens of flights were delayed. the kentucky county clerk who won't issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples is in court today on con tem of court charges. her attorney says issuing the licenses would violate her conscience. today's weather, showers in the northwest, but heavy thunderstorms in the southwest and it's unseasonably hot and humid in the midwest. and finally this morning the latest battle for the mirror ball trophy. >> the final four celebrities on this upcoming season of "dancing with the stars" have been revealed. all 13 celebrities now have less than two weeks to rehearse before they hit the dance floor.
4:28 am
more from abc's brandi hitt. >> reporter: good morning, phillip and reena. what a diverse cast this season. most of these celebrities have no dance experience whatsoever and you can see the nerves start to kick in a little bit with less than two weeks until their first performance. actors, a jockey, even an american hero will kick up their heels for season 21 of "dancing with the stars." >> i hope i learn a lot. >> reporter: that's alek skarlatos one of three americans who recently took down a terror suspect on a paris-bound train. saint nobody's chaka khan is competing against andy grammer and nick carter. then there's celebrity chef paula deen returning to the national spotlight two years after a racial slur controversy. >> this is the first time in a few years that i felt like my weight would allow me to participate. >> reporter: alexa penavega is competing against her husband
4:29 am
carlos and actor gary busey seen here in "entourage" has his dancing shoes ready. >> getting them sturdy to sweep around. >> reporter: hayes grier is also taking on triple crown winning jockey victor espinoza, kim zolciak, tamar braxton and bindi irwin. >> i'm not used to any of this. i'm used to crocodiles. all getting ready to hit the ballroom and compete for that mirror ball trophy. bindi irwin is one of the youngest stars this season at 17 and hayes grier is just 15. you can watch the first round of competition when "dancing with the stars" premieres september 14th on abc. phillip and reena. >> thank you so much, brandi. looks like a good mix of people but we saw president obama dancing earlier in alaska. wondering if 2017 could be his year for "dancing with the stars." >> well, he's going to have some


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