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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 8, 2015 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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and then out here in the main room, mountains of clothes that have been donated by residents of munich. >> reporter: arriving in munich at 3:00 a.m. this morning, after fleeing syria a month ago with his wife and four sons. >> i am running from the war. >> reporter: little mohamed, blissfully unaware his house lies in ruins. germany his new home. >> our thanks to alex. we'll have much more on the refugee crisis this week on "nightline." be sure to tune in. on this labor day here in the united states and with the human crisis overseas, we are reminded of the words of dr. martin luther king jr., all labor that uplifts human team has dignity. thank you for watching abc news, america" tomorrow. and as always, we are on line, 24/7, on our "nightline" face book page and at abc
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my best frent is -- friend is shot in the head. that's ridiculous. >> gun fire hits a young aide in the head. gunfire as cops search for the shooter. good
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evening at 11:00. i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm bill ritter. that young man a lawyer who works in the governor's office and right now he's in critical condition. his name is carey gabay. >> darla miles with new details. >> carey gabay is still listed in critical condition here at kings county hospital. he was shot in the head in front of his little brother and his best friend. >> reporter: sadly now it is. >> the new york city police department needs your help. >> reporter: the picture of carey gabay flashes on the side of this nypd crimestoppers vehicle as police search for those responsible for shooting the accomplished attorney in the head. >> this was a beautiful man, a sweet man, a man who was giving back to his community. >> reporter: gabay is the deputy general council for
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empire state development, 2011. but early monday morning the 43-year-old lawyer of jamaican descent took off his legal hat to partake in the prewest indian day festivities this year gabay and his friends got caught in between two rival 3:45 a.m. >> after the first shot it was a series of 19 shots repeated after that. >> reporter: his best friend says they all ran and ducked behind parked cars. >> there was a group of like six of us laying down, waiting for this to end. it ended like after 5, 6 seconds. then we got up. then someone said they shot someone, it was carey. >> reporter: in the hours since the shooting, prayers for gabay have come from lawmakers and friends. >> he was passionate about what
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he did and passionate about life. >> the nypd is still searching to identify the shooters in this incident. if you have any information, please call crimestoppers at 1-800-577-tips. reporting live in darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. despite a limited pocket of violence, hundreds of thousands enjoyed a safe and festive west indian day parade. the parade drew more than a million people to crown heights. revelers were dazzled by the floats, music, and of course the costume dancers. while it won't be an endless summer, it is going to last a little bit longer on new york city's beaches. the city extending the swimming season at six beaches through next sunday. traditionally labor day would have been the final swimming day but tomorrow we could see record heat. meteorologist lee goldberg is at the weather wall. >> labor day winding down, but summer has a lot more work to do.
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we're still at 82 degrees at 11:00 on september 7th. we should be close to 70 at this hour. it was 92 in the park today. a record high of 95 in newark. now the 17th 90-degree day. that's our average for summer. 60 straight days at or above 80. that's a record. lows tonight will be in the low 60s to low 70s and this will be the hottest day. 93 in the park would tie a record. 96, poughkeepsie. 94 in morristown. these heat in dices are at higher than any time during the week. it will feel like 95 to 100 inland. here's what you need to know. record heat tomorrow. the current record is 93 set back in 1919. it will the heat will break on thursday via heavy downpours, maybe flooding rains. more on that in the 7-day accuweather forecast a little later on. happening tomorrow, a new home for nearly 66,000 commuters. departure gates are
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changing for six bus carriers including new jersey transit and coach usa. those changes expected to reduce crowding and improve the flow of buses through the facility through the afternoon and evening rush. the countdown is on if you're interested in seeing the pope through central park. you now have less than an hour to go to apply for tickets. midnight is the deadline to enter the ticket lottery for the procession throughout central park on september 25th. tomorrow pope francis will announce reforms to marriage anullment procedures. they must find the marriage had a defect from the start to find an annulment. without an annulment, divorced catholics who remarry are considered adulterers and forbidden from receiving communion. a quick trip for governor cuomo. the governor, this picture from the plane joined by
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a handful of new york city officials. noticeably absent, new york mayor de blasio. apparently he was not invited. eyewitness news reporter joe torres is there for us in san juan. >> governor cuomo is his delegation of about 15 people visiting the island at the request of puerto rico's governor. they are here largely to listen and perhaps to offer some sound financial council, not only to the island and to its leaders, but to its people. many of whom will tell you stories just like this. >> stores are closing down. the towns where it used to be the business, the whole business area is closed down. only a few stores are surviving and not truly surviving. they're dying. >> that snapshot provides an ever so small backdrop to governor cuomo's visit to puerto rico, the local leaders landed in san juan about 6:00 tonight.
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both sides will discuss how new york can help puerto rico dig itself out of a $72 billion hole, an enormous debt governor padillo called unpayable. >> having a presence alone is sending a message to the island that new york wants to lend its expertise and know what to do. a lot can be exchanged in these meetings. >> what we do after this, conversations. everyone is going to put personality aside, the people of puerto rico who help. >> reporter: massive debt is one of many problems in puerto rico, a double-digit unemployment rate, escalating crime, and financial mismanagement all plague an growing. nelson torres, born in manhattan but now a hotel manager in san juan has watched so many young faces dessert the island in search of opportunity.
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>> people are leaving, absolutely. all the professionals that get their college degree, they don't have no jobs here so they have to go up to the states. >> remember, because of the island status as a u.s. territory, it cannot declare bankruptcy. governor cuomo, as for his schedule for tuesday, he'll begin the tour of a medical facility in san juan. then he has a private meeting with his gubernatorial counterpart. he'll end the day with a walk and tour in the capitol city before heading on a plane and heading back to new york at 3:00 in the afternoon. we of course will be here throughout the day. our live reports continue on eyewitness news. that's the latest from san juan. i'm joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 11:00, family and the skydiving community on long island tonight rallying around one of their own. patricia baronowski is in serious condition at stony brook university hospital.
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she was in freefall over calverton on saturday when she collided with another skydiver. baronowski was knocked out, landing in a tree after her reserve parachute deployed. doctors say she's lucky to be alive. >> given the fact she was a skydiving injury, we were concerned for the seriousness of her injuries. we were happy to see that she had serious injuries but thankfully none of the injuries were life-threatening. >> baronowski suffered head and spine injuries that required surgery. remarkably doctors say they expect her to make a full recovery. new at 11:00, a deadly multivehicle accident in upstate new york. three orthodox jews from new york city tonight dead. the crash happened late this afternoon in rock hill. police say the vehicles collided along exit 112 along route 17. 58-year-old morris, a former auxiliary member was killed along with his wife and their daughter's fianci. smart phones making it easier to make it easier to
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line. the board tasked with investigating complaints against the nypd says it was able to substantiate 237 claims in the first six months of this year, compared to 133 last year. eyewitness news reporter josh einiger at police headquarters to explain the increase. >> when it comes to this, video really has changed the world. barely a day goes by when we don't see another video clip of allegedly disturbing encounter with police. and many of those video clips as you say have led to substantiated complaints against police. they say it paints a distorted picture because in all, complaints against cops are down. >> reporter: the video begins like so many other police encounters captured midway through in all their grainy glory. in this case a suspect was on the run. cops chasing and yelling when the suspect's mother, at the time five months
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pregnant, tried to defend her son. it did not well end for her or for the woman who tried to defend her. months later the substantiated claims of excessive force, a finding that without that video. >> we know -- we no longer have so many of the he-said/she-said situations that are impossible to prove. >> reporter: the chair told eyewitness news when it comes to investigates. in the first six months of 2015 it substantiated 21% of them constituted abuse of authority or excessive force. that's up 15% the year before. overall complaints about cops have plummeted 22%, to the lowest level since 2001. >> what we're seeing is a group of complaints which are very well verified, but overall, intercivilian interactions with the police department are on the mend and they're getting much better. >> reporter: in this case in sunset park last september, the ccrb recommend the officer
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involved lose up to five vacation days. community activist dennis flores whose organization released the video in the first place says that discipline is not enough. >> it's great the cases get substantiated but the reality is that has no teeth, has no bearing when the type of discipline that they make recommendations for is minor. >> the pba has not had any comment tonight on these new numbers from the ccrb. in the meantime, as for that video we showed you, the pregnant woman in that video is now suing the city. we're live at police headquarters tonight, josh news. still to come on eyewitness news at 11:00, a simple blood test to determine your real age, not the number of cand les on your birthday cake, but how much longer you have to live. so does it work? >> plus, the one handed catch at the u.s. open that has gone viral. you'll meet the ball boy with the magic hand next. >> and taking a live look outside, record heat tomorrow. how long will summer hang on?
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breaking news out of new jersey where firefighters are battling a wildfire. the fire is inside a forest and woodland township, not far from route 72. it's burned about 80 acres so far and is expected to spread. no homes are threatened at this point. but heavy smoke may force road closures. now to the escalating refugee crisis in europe. a stream of migrants from the middle east flooding in to the european nations that are struggling to keep up with the influx. refugees are arriving by bus, train, and on foot. germany with more than 20,000 refugees has pledged more than $6 million. france will take in over 24,000 people. the uk promising to resettle more than 20,000 refugees. >> we actually have been in the camp for two days in a very bad situation, in the cold and we have escaped that.
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>> pope francis practicing what he preaches tonight. the vatican plans to take in two migrant families. he's urging other catholics to do the same. they don't typically get much attention but tonight a ball boy at the u.s. open part of a viral piece of video. he's the star of it. an amazing one-hand rather nonchalant catch of speeding serve by novak djokovic. he was james bond cool. the u.s. open tweeting out this video. who is this guy and how is he reacting to all this? here's eyewitness news reporter carolina leid. >> reporter: he's been the ball boy for 11 years. his one-handed snag put him in the limelight on this international stage. >> a couple people started clapping up top, i could hear it. then it started circulating around and became like a full stadium sort of thing. and at that point, it felt good to hear a little applause for something like that.
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>> reporter: it happened during the novak djokovic-batista match. djokovic beaned a ball in castro's direction going about 120 miles per hour. >> i'm used to catching serves that are in that range if not harder. 130 plus. it's something you train your hands for. >> reporter: he kept his composure and stayed focused on the match. he says tryouts and training are grueling, competitive shows of endurance. >> i recommend anyone who wants to become a ball boy should try out. it's an awesome experience. you get out there, you're on the court with the best players in the world. you get to experience the energy of the stadium and the crowd and the excitement and the points and you're right there and you're on top. you're in the action. it's insane. >> reporter: at the u.s. open in flushing, queens, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> he was just so smooth, so cool. >> james bond cool. there it is. >> 120 miles per hour. >> he
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really should train to be like a hockey goalie. so things are going to heat up. >> yeah, the beat goes on. i don't see a pattern change for the next several days. going to get really hot and eventually humid. humidity creeping up. new york city skyline looks absolutely gorgeous on this labor day. you can see the empire state building in red, white, and blue for the holiday. southwest wind very light right now. the high today, 92 degrees. the average is 78. we'll be close r but still above normal later this week as we try to break this heat. there are your sunrise and sunset times for a scorching tuesday. tomorrow is the hottest day but the humidity peaks wednesday and thursday. a potent front on thursday. the problem is it's a slow mover. once it starts bringing rain it may be slow moving storms. the front will exit early friday. that's a little change in the forecast where friday is starting to trend drier. that day is
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looking better. 82, astoria. 77 in jamaica. we're more comfortable as we advertise along the coastline. we're 80 in newark. dew points starting to creep up in to the mid and upper 60s. humidity is more noticeable tomorrow. lots of sunshine. we're by 90 by noon-time. beaches will be nicer with south facing beaches and tomorrow night we'll be sticky in the 70s. it's a september heat wave. going to be close on wednesday because of cloud cover. running 10 to 15 above normal. upper 80s, low 90s. feels like readings well in to the 90s. satellite is absolutely clear. there's a cold front right here. that's washing out. it will wait for reinforcements. for all this to get its act together it's going to take until thursday. that's why we have a couple very hot days. record heat tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. on wednesday, probably more high clouds. 91. i wouldn't be shocked to see a
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couple spots come up short of the 90-degree mark. cold front. a quick check on tropical storm grace, barely a tropical storm. a tiny storm. winds 40 miles per hour. this is going to be weakening over the next several days. hopefully even just a remnant low, beneficial rains. here's your accuweather forecast. mostly sunny and toasty at 7:00 in the morning. it's 74. we're up to 93. that would at least tie a record high with mostly sunny skies. tomorrow night, sticky. 75. here's your 7 -day. other than a stray thunderstorm on wednesday, it's clouds and sun and very humid, sticky, 91. 83 on thursday. drenching thunderstorms can be around. we're trending drier. saturday the better day, rain for sunday. bill evans will have an update tomorrow morning. up next, a blood test that tells how old your body really is. does it work? >> and a high stakes highly coordinated crime caught on camera. brand new cars rolled
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get out of the past. get fios. a car dealership reeling tonight after thieves drove off with six cars worth more than $130,000. surveillance video shows the burglars in florida smashing windows in several vehicles in order to get to their lock boxes. once they got the key, they drove right off the lot. 10 other cars they also tried to steal were damaged. in tonight's health alert, a simple blood test that tells how well your body is aging. researchers in london say the test helps predict when a person will die and identifies those at high risk of dementia. scientists says the test looks for a so-called aging signature in blood cells by comparing the behavior of 150 genes. the test gives no clues about the slowing or aging process. >> do you want to know when you're going to die? if they could tell you right now, would you want to know? interesting question.
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now sports. geno and the jets, jpp and the giants. we talk football now that it's game week in the nfl. but we start with baseball. news on and off the field for the yankees and mets. here in vineland, new jersey where progresso light soups are made, we'll never give up our cheddar, our cream, and especially our bacon.
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so we figured out a way to add rich ingredients like this into 22 light soups, all with 100 calories or less per serving. so if you want to eat light and not give up rich flavor, do what we do...make it progresso. i guess i get this pitch count stuff. >> i guess you get it as time goes on. there's a little bit more tonight. matt harvey starts tomorrow, after that we'll see. he'll make one more start and another in the final weekend if needed. but in the playoffs, one start per round could be limited to 60 pitches per start. a four-game lead in the nl east over the nationals. mets open a three-game series today. yoenis cespedes, his 13th home run since joining them. a grand slam to wilson ramos.
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game tied 5-5. 7th inning. david wright comes through. an rbi single. another big win for the lead grows to five games in the nl east. right elbow inflammation for yankee pitcher nathan uball f -- ebaldi. yanks down 4-1. home runs, bring them back. yanks ahead by a run until manny machado nails one off justin wilson. this ties the game at 5. one last home run. it's all the yankees need. the rookie, greg bird, three-run shot. yankees win it 8-6. toronto loses this afternoon. mere percentage points separate the yankees from first place. it is finally game week in football fans can't wait. it's been a wild and
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whacky offseason, one that included geno smith's broken jaws at the hands literally of a teammate. smith was back at practice today. kept playing games for a few weeks. has no plan to press charges against the guy who punched him. other than that, smith has moved on. >> still preparing the same way. really not changing my regimen, but obviously it was a setback so i've got to do whatever it takes to get myself ready. now to the giants getting ready for sunday night in dallas. jason pierre paul said to be in town. met with giants staff for the first time since the fireworks accident needed that right index finger amputated, other surgeries as well. showed up today. took his physical . still needs to clear up the contract issues then hopefully football. >> i'm not saying anything. maybe he comes in and he's in great shape. he practices two days and goes and plays. i don't know. i'm not sure about any of that but i'm not going to rule that out either. finally for us, waiting for venus and serena williams tomorrow night. what a match tonight. 3-seed andy murray
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against 15-seed kevin anderson.


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