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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  September 14, 2015 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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>> goodnight. and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, sofia vergara. from "abc world news," david muir. and music from kacey musgraves with cleto and the cletones. and now, today's the day -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming out. i'm glad i'm here too. i tell you something, i realized this weekend i might have to move out of my house. i have ants that have taken over my home. thousands of them. maybe millions, i haven't counted. but this has been going on gradually, this invasion, for a while now. i guess they come in because of the heat. and first they took our kitchen. and i thought that would be it. i was willing to let them have the quitkitchen. they now have taken the dining room. and last night -- they're like the russians. last night -- >> of. [ laughter ] they invaded my backpack which had no food in it. i don't know if they're trying to steal my secret orts what. eve done everything they say to do to fight these ants. we spray, they ignore the spray. we caulk the things, they eat the caulk. we recaulk. the caulk-suckers gobble right
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through. that's right. [ cheers and applause ] we tried lemons, salt, vinegar, cayenne pepper. usually i don't kill them, i just wait for them to go away. my wife hates that. oh, they'll take stuff and then they'll go. but now it seems like they're waiting for me to go away. and i might -- sometimes you have to accept the fact that you're outnumbered and move on. but i don't know what to do. do you have this problem, guillermo? >> guillermo: no, jimmy. >> jimmy: oh. meanwhile in new york, this has been going on for quite a few years now. it's still going on. they have bedbugs. fy had bedbugs, i'd just go in the ocean and sleep. i don't know what i would do. and they're not only in people's beds. the bugs are now going to the movies too. >> this theater has had a history with bedbug, if you will. we spoke with some folks outside the theater here and they say, frankly, sadly bedbugs are something you have to think about when you go to the movies
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in new york city these days. >> bedbugs? what? >> jimmy: my sentiments exactly. i would like for that guy to be a regular part of my life. i don't know how. meanwhile, another new season of "dancing with the stars" has waltzed into our lives tonight. "dancing with the stars" season 21. they're promising a lot of big surprises this time. i don't know what could be more surprising than the fact that "dancing with the stars" has been on for 21 seasons now. the cast of dancers this time includes paula known, chaka khan, bindi irwin, that mare braxton, nick carter of the back street boys, gary busey. it's exciting because whoever wins "dancing with the stars" goes on to become the republican candidate for president. there's also a 15-year-old youtube star, a kid who has a youtube channel, hayes greer, he's dancing this year. that's hayes. 15 years old.
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i want to say this is his dance partner, emma slater. she's 26. see, kids, sometimes dreams do come true. imagine. when i was 15, closest i got to that was locking myself in the bathroom with the jcpenney catalog. there's already some controversy after the first show tonight. the producers had to scramble to get gary busey a new dance partner after he ate his first one. she's in for a fun few weeks are isn't she? we have a very sacred tradition on this program. the beginning of the every season of "dancing with the stars," i predict who i think will win the coveted mirror ball trophy. before anyone sets foot on the dance floor, i bet $1,000, you can bet on this stuff, on the "dancing" celebrity i believe has it. i picked the winner 8 of 15 times. before the season even started. can you imagine if i did this in football? imagine picking the winner of the super bowl viii of8 of 15 times
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before the nfl season starts? i'd be like -- i'd be heterosexual if i did that. so this afternoon i wrote the name of a dancer on a piece of paper. i folded that piece of paper up. i put it inside a tiny briefcase which i placed inside my security guard guillermo's mouth. guillermo, is the tiny briefcase safely tucked away? >> guillermo: uh-huh! >> jimmy: no one has in any way altered or touched this briefcase, correct? very good. all right, the moment of truth has arrived. can i get a drumroll, please? guillermo, open your mouth and reveal who will be this season's champion "dancing" star. >> guillermo: nick carter. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: nick carter. will win it all. and i mean to say, nick, you bring me that mirror ball trophy or you are a dead man. i had an active day yesterday. i spent the whole day on the couch watching football.
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this is video -- this video was shot by the cousin of one of our producers. it happened in the parking lot of ralph wilson stadium before the game between the buffalo bills and indianapolis colts. apparently there's a wiffleball-related drinking game called dizzy bat. this is how that game is played. >> three, four, five, six, seven, eight -- one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: the poor thing. he died doing what he loves. also on tv last night we named a new miss america.
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miss georgia is the new miss america at the 95th annual miss america pageant. miss america is the highest honor a woman can achieve for getting a spray tan, it really is. chris harrison hosted the pageant pageant. if chris harrison is not in a room with at least 10 women who times he dies. morning. the miss america pageant is a three-hour crest whitestrips commercial. one of my favorite things they do is the beginning of the show they have the women introduce themselves and give facts about their home state. and some of the state facts probably would be better unstated. >> from the state that brought you "napoleon dynamite" vote for me, i'm kalie wright, your miss idaho. >> from the bird place of walt disney i'm bringing the magic tonight. i'm crystal davis, miss illinois. >> popcorn, get your popcorn. representing the state that brings you 20% of the u.s. pop corps supply, i am morgan
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>> 20%? i am impressed. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i thought it would be 18% tops. isn't garfield from indiana? mention that. anyway, the winner was miss georgia, betty cantrell, her talent was singing a song from the opera "madam butterfly." she clinched it by answering this very topical question. >> new england patriots quarterback tom brady was suspended for his part in a so-called deflategate scandal. then reinstated by the courts. legalities aside, did tom brady cheat? >> did he cheat? that's a really good question. i'm not sure. i think i'd have to be there to see the ball and feel it and make sure it was deflated or not deflated. but if there was question there, then yes, i think he cheated. if there was any question to be had, i think that he definitely cheated and that he should have been suspended for that, that's
11:44 pm
not fair. >> jimmy: let's go to the chalkboard to see if we can figure out what she just said. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: this is the transcript. he's are her actual words. let's go through them. did he cheat? um, that's a really good question. i'm not sure. i think i'd have to be there to see the ball and uh feel and it make sure it was deflated. not deflated. reasonable. but if there was any question there, then yes. i think he cheated. if there was any question to be had, i think that he definitely cheated. and there then he should have been suspended for that. that's not fair. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i want to point out, that was her answer.
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and she won. she was the winner. which means this was one of the better answers that they heard. but answering questions, it's not easy. you've a camera in your face, peep watching, 20-second time limit. i was curious how well nonbeauty pageant contestants were handle this situation. we went on the street, asked pedestrians some of the same questions they asked the miss america contestants last night. and here's how they did. >> the treasury wants to put the face of a woman on the 10 dollar bill beside alexander hamilton. which woman should get that honor and tell me why. >> which woman? oh my gosh. not good under pressure. um -- ah -- which woman? i don't -- um -- oh my gosh. i like blacked out. blacked out. can we like do that again?
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>> which woman should get that honor and you tell me why. >> um -- probably -- i think diana. from england. i mean, i like her. but probably -- not hillary clinton. i don't know. let me think. probably maybe barbara bush. um, something like that. >> new england patriots quarterback tom brady was suspended for his part in the so-called deflategate scandal, then reinstated by the courts. legalities aside, did tom brady cheat? >> i believe he cheated. i believe he cheated. what you want -- asking -- i believe that tom brady cheated. for -- this -- i don't know what else to be saying. >> according to a poll released this week, donald trump is leading republican candidates by 32% of the votes.
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why do you think he is leading by such an overwhelming margin? >> um -- no -- a tough question. um -- i don't know. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: sometimes that's the right answer. we have to take a break. when we return, guillermo wrote some jokes he would like to share with us, right? >> guillermo: that's right. >> jimmy: arnold schwarzenegger is the no new host of "the celebrity apprentice." that's not one of guillermo's jokes, that's true. stick around, we'll be right back!
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new york state parks are a gift. plan your vacation at there's something for everyone. hi, there. welcome back to the show. sofia vergara, david muir, mousse trick musgraves is on the way. a new host of "celebrity apprentice" was unveiled. donald trump is out, none other than arnold schwarzenegger is in. apparently the key job requirements in looking for are orange and loud and if you have those -- he's got to say hasta la vista, baby, instead of you're fired, right? although "you're fired" would be great. congratulations to arnold. you think arnold thinks hosting "celebrity apprentice" is the way to become the republican candidate for president now?
11:53 pm
donald trump is in texas tonight. donald trump's closest rival right now, amongst republicans, is dr. ben carson. dr. carson was on "this week with george stephanopoulos" where he responded to donald trump's latest critique. >> listen to what trump said about you just yesterday in iowa. >> i don't think ben has the energy. ben is a nice man. but when you're negotiating against china, we need people that are really smart, that have tremendous deal-making skills, and of that great, great energy. >> that doesn't bother you at all? >> no it doesn't bother me, because i recognize that i have plenty of energy. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you do? he barely finished that sentence. somebody's been prescribing ambien for himself. i want to extend happy new year
11:54 pm
wishes to our jewish viewers. it's rosh hashanah tonight, the jewish new year. whatever. you don't have to applaud. [ cheers and applause ] now that that's overcompensating. a lot of the writers on our show are jewish, which is very rare in hollywood. you don't see it. right? you don't see it that much. so because of the holiday today, we were understaffed. there weren't many writers here to write jokes. guillermo volunteered to pitch in. right, guillermo? >> guillermo: right, jimmy. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i asked guillermo to go through the news and write jokes for me. how long did it take you to get this all done? >> guillermo: maybe two hours. >> jimmy: two hours. >> guillermo: yeah. >> jimmy: okay, all right. what i want you to do is maybe come over here and you stand here on the spot and then you
11:55 pm
wrote these all by yourself, right? >> guillermo: yes, nobody helped me. >> jimmy: all right, good. all right. okay, do you want me to -- yeah, i should read them, i guess, right? you stay right here. >> guillermo: so they can understand clear. >> jimmy: the first one's about rosh hashanah which you almost spelled right which is pretty good. another excuse to get drunk and have a good time. look, even guillermo is having a good time and mexicans are not jewish. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: here's one. arnold replacing trump on "celebrity apprentice." you did not spell that right. i don't know what america is thinking to replace one clown for another clown. the only different is the one has muscle and the other has a hat for lice. or a wonderful hair. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: bad form to applaud for your own joke. >> guillermo: oh, okay.
11:56 pm
>> jimmy: "dancing with the stars," we announced the gary busey will be dancing. before gary come out and dance he needs to bathe on wd-40. he moves like robocop. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: miss america. did you watch miss america? >> guillermo: no. >> jimmy: no, you were watching the cowboys. >> guillermo: yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: i think the best thing of miss america was the return of vanessa william. they don't make women like that anymore. hot, sweet, just like coffee. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all these girls that goes on miss america, they are beautiful, sexy, but get someone help them with their brains. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: sofia ver daughter yeah, who's on the show tonight. i love sophie yeah i like to have her on the show. every time she is in here my neck hurts just to stare at
11:57 pm
her -- what is that word? >> guillermo: boobs. >> jimmy: b-o-o-p? >> guillermo: whatever. you understand. >> jimmy: sophie que can get away with anything, she just needs to flash her boop. either we understand or not, her boop say all. boop. >> guillermo: oh, it's a "b" huh? >> jimmy: yeah. one more joke. this one is about me. >> guillermo: yeah, about you. >> jimmy: halle berry was in the show like three weeks ago. she told jimmy he looks good, now he thinks he is the hottest guy in show business. please give me a break, mr. loser. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> guillermo: she told you you looked good with beard -- >> jimmy: i know, i know. >> guillermo: now you don't want to shave it, you are proud of it, you walk everywhere like -- i think enough is enough, you should shave it.
11:58 pm
>> jimmy: all right. all right, thank you. nicely done, guillermo. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: still to come we have music from casey musgraves. "world news tonight" anchor david muir is here. we'll be right back with sofia vergara. [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by dr pepper. share your goals for a chance to compete and win up to $100,000 in college tuition. go to to learn more. in initial quality by j.d. power. hmm. can i look around at them? sure. umm. highest ranking in initial quality. it's gotta be this one. this is it. you are wrong. really? actually it's all three. you tricked me. j.d. power ranked the malibu, silverado half-ton and equinox highest in initial quality in their segments.
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that's impressive!
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>> jimmy: tonight, he is the anchor of "world news tonight with david muir," which can be seen on this network every night. david muir is here. then, an extremely talented and unique young woman, her album is kacey musgraves from the samsung outdoor stage. jake tapper, and we'll have music from cold war kids. and later this week, tobey maguire, david spade, russell westbrook, dale earnhardt jr. and we will have music from kip moore and asap rocky with schoolboy q. so please join us for every moment of that. our first guest tonight is a gift from colombia for which we will never be able to pay them back. her multi, multi emmy-winning show "modern family" returns to abc wednesday, september 23rd. please welcome sofia vergara. [ cheers and applause ]
12:04 am
>> thank you, thank you! >> jimmy: very good, nice to see you. you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> jimmy: i'm doing well, thank you. how are you? >> i'm very good, very happy to be here again. i always come here. >> jimmy: always a highlight to have you here. it's like -- really like christmas right now for me. >> that's why i wore red for you. >> jimmy: thank you for doing that. >> feeling like christmas. >> jimmy: you got gained since the last time you were here. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> christmas, actually. near christmas. >> jimmy: did you get a christmas gift and the engagement ring? >> yes, yes. but it wasn't that good, the christmas gift. as the ring. >> jimmy: is that the ring there? >> yes. >> jimmy: that's a big ring. [ cheers and applause ] >> i couldn't complain. >> jimmy: i couldn't imagine shopping for a ring for you.
12:05 am
i'd be like, oh my god, i don't know, shut be bigger than a gerbil for sure. >> i know. no, he knew exactly what i deserved. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: how is joe your fiance? >> he's great, he's great. >> jimmy: he's a handsome devil, he really is. >> super handsome, too handsome. >> jimmy: i agree, too handsome. i think he -- you should be with somebody who looks like me. >> i told him he was too handsome. now i'm grateful that i did. >> jimmy: are you careful about dating guys that are too handsome? >> at that point, yes. i had just broke up withpy ex. i didn't want it to go into the relationship with somebody that i thought it was going to be too much work because it was like girls throwing themselves at him. >> jimmy: right. >> throwing themselves at him. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i'm like, no, please. i want somebody normal. >> jimmy: didn't you have the girls throwing themselves at him?
12:06 am
you witnessed that? they don't do that in front of you? >> yeah. >> jimmy: really? the temerity. i find that shocking. >> yeah, yeah. girls don't care. >> jimmy: they don't care. >> yeah. >> jimmy: they give phone numbers and stuff? >> have you seen him? >> jimmy: yeah. >> i mean, i understand it. i don't judge them. you know. >> jimmy: guys don't do that as much? >> they do it to me, yes. >> jimmy: they do? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: not with joe around? >> are you kidding me? no, no, no. he's 6'5". >> jimmy: he's big. and he's strong-looking too. >> very strong. >> jimmy: when we saw him last time his pectoral muscles were moving on their own accord. like they had -- >> why were you looking at them? >> jimmy: i couldn't help it. [ laughter ] they just were there. they were lurching at me, twitching. it was as if somebody hooked electrodes to them. you know what i mean, you've seen it happen, yes?
12:07 am
>> yes. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: how many people will be at your wedding? have you started the plan? >> yeah, we're very excited. we kind of like keep it like a little private. but it's been kind of impossible because people have been very excited, my family. >> jimmy: yeah. for you private is like 1,000 people, right? >> no, no. actually, it's like 400. >> jimmy: 400 people. that's very intimate. >> we had -- it was very hard. it was very hard. like, you know, we said 200 for you, 200 for me. but my 200 is like family. so i couldn't invite many of my friends. >> jimmy: so you made it 300 for you and 100 for joe? >> he gave me -- the truth is he gave me some of his. >> jimmy: he did, yeah. >> because i was in trouble. you know, there were people that -- like from work that i needed to bring. >> jimmy: who isn't invited from "modern family"? >> everyone's invited. eddie's already ready. >> jimmy: and your tv husband.
12:08 am
>> ed o'neill. >> jimmy: you guys took a great photograph together in this week's "hollywood reporter." do we have this picture? this is great. that's you. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: in the peg bundy role. that's fun. >> i look -- yeah, big -- >> jimmy: there you are. are you really dressed like that? >> yeah, i was dressed like that. he was telling me how to pose. >> jimmy: he was? >> yeah, he was -- he liked it. i think he liked it a hot. >> jimmy: did katie segal give her -- >> it was weird but -- >> jimmy: that is weird. i have to say, that's -- is that a show you watch? >> yeah, we used to watch "married with children" in colombia. i always joke with ed because he used to speak spanish. it was dubbed. i thought he spoke spanish. >> jimmy: you did? >> yeah, he had a sexy antonio banderas voice, the guy dubbing him. then when i met him -- >> jimmy: no, no, no.
12:09 am
>> i told him that. he was like, what? >> jimmy: yeah, it's a very weird choice to have a sexy voice for al bundy. >> well, but -- you know. it worked. >> jimmy: he was a zapato salesman. will the wedding be traditional colombian style? are there traditions that are different from here that you guys will celebrate? >> well, not -- we're not doing anything crazy. we're doing kind of like a traditional wedding. the one difference that we don't have, for example, bridesmaidbridesmaids. >> jimmy: no bridesmaids? >> no, we have only flower girls and a ring boy. why is funny? >> jimmy: >> jimmy: we call ate ring bearer but ring boy is good too. a ring boy. >> you understand. you understood what i mean are meant. it's okay. >> jimmy: you don't have to narrow down your family and your friends? >> it would be a torture. i don't think that tradition
12:10 am
would have lasted one second in latin america. how do you pick your brides mads? all your cousins are your best friends. the whole wedding would be dressed in the same outfit. you know? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: sofia vergara. "modern family" coming back september 23rd. we'll be right back! at net10 wireless, you can use the phone you already have. and keep your network and number, too. for up to half the cost, only on the bring your own phone plan. now get unlimited talk and text plus 5gb of high-speed data,
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he loves it, he's chasing after the chickens. he even caught one. oh, no, no! let go, let go! we will be very happy to pay for that chicken. >> jimmy: that is sofia vergara, "modern family" returning for season seven? >> it is season seven. >> jimmy: season seven. is that joe, that little kid -- >> that's my new kid. >> jimmy: it's a new kid? >> a new baby and he can talk and walk, run, he's super intelligent. his name is jeffrey. >> jimmy: it's funny because most shows you have to slow the aging process down. >> yeah, jeffrey. >> jimmy: i take it jeffrey is not going to be the ring boy. [ laughter ] >> he just started working, we just started filming "modern family" again, it started from
12:17 am
hiatus. >> jimmy: so they replaced the baby? >> yeah, they wanted somebody a little bit older that could run, do lines, play around. he's amazing. >> jimmy: did the baby they fired take it hard? fire a toddler. >> he'll find other jobs. it's going to be okay. >> jimmy: i hope he is okay. is there anyone else in the show you'd like to have replaced? [ laughter ] >> i mean -- if you're going to ask me -- >> jimmy: yes. >> maybe stella. >> jimmy: oh, really. the dog, right? >> maybe the dog, yeah. >> jimmy: you don't line the dog? >> yes, i like her. but sometimes when they make her act, the scenes go longer. because she's not very good. >> jimmy: she's a dog, yeah. >> no, i think it's not because she's a dog. there are dogs that are very good actors. >> jimmy: stella just doesn't have -- >> the thin is that it's always hard to work with animals because you have to wait for
12:18 am
them to do their thing. >> jimmy: i know how it goes. you guys, i think this is unbelievable, you've won best comedy five times in a row. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: which is equal to any show ever. "frasier" won five. this year you're nominated again for number six. >> i mean, i hope that they're going to let douse that, i don't know. >> jimmy: well -- it's funny because every year i talk to various people. oh, no, they're not going to give it to us this year. then every year you win again. >> i mean, we want to win, of course. >> jimmy: so the desire is still there. >> not that i'll lie to you. but, you know, but if we don't, i think we've been so privileged, so lucky to be part of a show like that. i mean, i don't think we're going to get upset. disappointed. >> jimmy: yeah, right. >> but not upset. >> jimmy: you don't want to disappoint sofia vergara. the show, it's one of the classic shows. one of the best shows of all-time.
12:19 am
>> it's amazing. it's great to see, you know, kids coming to us and, you know -- >> jimmy: and going too, yeah. >> like all people. young people. any. they all watch it. families. it's amazing. >> jimmy: it's very good to see you. >> my english is bad -- >> jimmy: your english is veg. >> i was working on it. >> jimmy: did you hear guillermo's jokes? your english is fine, don't worry about it. [ laughter ] sofia ver daughter yeah, "modern family" back september 23rd. be right back with david muir! [ cheers and applause ] next. expected wait time: 55 minutes. your call is important to us. thank you for your patience. waiter! in the nation, we know how it feels when you aren't treated like a priority. we do things differently. we'll take care of it.
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>> jimmy: welcome back. still to come, casey musgraves. last year our next guest became the youngest network news anchor in 15 years -- he's 19 years old. he was a paper boy before this job. watch him on "world news tonight" with david newermuir every night during the week. please welcome david muir! [ cheers and applause ]
12:25 am
>> i'm still a paper boy. i just do it on tv. >> jimmy: i have to say it's unbelievable to me. i watched you on the news tonight, you're up in northern california where the wildfires are going on. and now that you're here, it's incredible. >> i tried to clean up a little bit for you. the fire season in california has been really, really awful. this is the valley fire. i don't know if you guys have heard about this today. it swept in and authorities said this was what they were most fearing because everything came together, perfect storm. and everyone was at the high school football game, friday night lights. they had no idea 24 hours later, their entire town would be on fire. so we went up to check it out. a couple of the football players threw me on their atv and took me through the town. they have a tremendous road back. >> jimmy: it seems to get worse and worse every year. if i was an anchor i would not go to dangerous places. >> you would not? >> jimmy: the word "anchor" means "staying in place." >> it does. it does.
12:26 am
>> jimmy: it means not going to any of these dangerous areas. it means sending your underlings to go there. >> yes. the thing is, i have no underlings. >> jimmy: you have some underlings. i've seen some underlings on the news. >> honestly, i talked to you about this before, i grew up with peter jennings, watching him then getting a chance to work with him. one of the incredible things about getting this job, a year ago as you point out, i feel like i'm doing it with my friends. we grew up together at abc, now we're traveling the world. it's been an extraordinary first year. >> jimmy: you're a bolder man than i am. you did like three weeks ago, you moderated a town hall from the vatican with the pope. >> with the pope. >> jimmy: that's crazy. >> he's not really an easy get. i don't know if you've tried to get him on the show. >> jimmy: he won't do our show. >> he's not really into american tv. but actually, we have an incredible team, we've been working on this a year are. we presented to the vatican this idea of doing something bigger than an interview to connect him with americans in cities he won't be able to visit when he comes to america.
12:27 am
the vatican decided, this is an intriguing idea. no pope has ever sat down with an american tv or anchor before for an hour. i'll never forget at the vatican, inside the walls, they say, stand outside this door, the pope is going to emerge. i'm standing by myself. the crew's inside the building, 15 minutes goes by, 20 minutes goes by. and he only speaks spanish. i've got all in my head what i'm going to say. instead of the pope coming out they wave me in. i go hip the door. one guy waves me in. the door closes. and it's pope francis standing behind the door. it was my moment with pope francis. and so i speak to him in spanish. i tell him what an honor it is, obviously. and that there are american families waiting, they have just learned they're going to ask pope francis a question on american tv, and the young people are waiting. this guy is driven, this pope is driven by the youth. the next generation. he had a smile on his face, the door opened, and we were off with pope francis. >> jimmy: did he have a smile on his face because he didn't understand your spanish? [ laughter ] >> you know, i worked on it, i
12:28 am
really did. i'm lucky enough to have a producer who speaks spanish. i worked with a guy from colombia. i studied years ago in college. nothing like the pressure of knowing when that door closes, that is your moment. it's going to decide yes or no, am i going to do this or not? you have to convince him. >> jimmy: not only is it a professional challenge. if you screw it up you're going to hell literally. >> he's got connections. i just knew if i don't make sense this could go really badly. >> jimmy: hillary clinton i saw interviews where people tried to get hillary clinton to apologize. but you got her to apologize for the e-mail servers while she was secretary of state. twice. >> i think she might have said i'm sorry twice. not only that but to make sure i heard it correctly, i then said, because she had written a memoir where she said, politicians never use the word mistake. they think that it does too much damage. so i said, you know, you said that the word mistake is a powerful thing to acknowledge. did you just -- is what you have
12:29 am
and she said, it is a mistake. so she apologized twice, said it was a mistake. there were tears toward the end >> jimmy: could you get donald trump to admit to a mistake? that would be miraculous. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that would be something. if you can get him to cry. >> i have to say, say what you will about hillary clinton, she came to play in that interview. we were not easy, we asked tough them. we would do it with any candidate. i've been in the field covering campaigns for years, presidential campaigns, and they put a lot on the line to do this. i know it seems like a circus to of themselves. >> jimmy: well, yeah, yeah. do you look forward to -- did you look at this donald trump candidacy as something that is a positive? >> well, he started the conversation a lot earlier, i think, than america usually gets race. so i actually think that donald trump, you know, say what you will, i think a lot of people first thought, is this a reality
12:30 am
show i'm watching? this is the real thing. his poll numbers are going up. he has america talking about the election far earlier than we typically do. so, you know -- >> jimmy: you think that's a good thing that we're talking about the election so far -- because technically -- >> do you think it's a good thing? >> jimmy: for me it's a lot of fun. people know who donald trump is. >> me too. >> jimmy: he's got the hair, he says crazy things, and he's not afraid to make fun of people. and it's not boring. which really is what you want more than anything. >> that first debate, it was incredible the numbers, the most-watched debate in i don't know how long. >> jimmy: i hadn't heard him mention that. >> he's never said that. never called anyone a loser. >> jimmy: he's trying to keep that under his make america great again hat. >> yeah. >> jimmy: well, you're doing a great job. and it's great to have you. and keep making people cry and flying up to the fires. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: david muir, everybody. "world news tonight." weeknights on abc. be right back with casey musgraves! [ cheers and applause ]
12:31 am
>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung. thirst for the extraordinary. ahhh perrier!
12:32 am
>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is
12:33 am
presented by samsung. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank my guests sofia vergara, david muir and apologize to matt damon. we ran out of time. this is her album "pageant material" here with the song, "dime store cowgirl," kacey musgraves! i've had my picture made with willie nelson stayed in a hotel with a pool driven through new mexico where the saguaro cactus grow and i felt really small under mount rushmore and i made it all the way past austin city limits and maybe for a minute i got too big for my britches but i'm just a dime store cowgirl that's all i'm
12:34 am
ever gonna be you can take me out of the country but you can't take the country out of me no 'cause i'm still the girl from golden had to get away so i could grow but it don't matter where i'm going i'll still call my hometown home slept in a room with the ghost of gram parsons drank some wine i can't afford went to san antonio to the riverwalk and rodeo seen the white cliffs of dover from the shore and i kinda fell in love with a palm springs trailer park but those california stars could never steal my heart 'cause i'm just a dime store cowgirl
12:35 am
that's all i'm ever gonna be you can take me out of the country but you can't take 'cause i'm still the girl from golden had to get away so i could grow but it don't matter i'll still call my hometown home i'm happy with what i got 'cause what i got is all i need just cause it don't cost a lot don't cost a lot don't mean it's cheap i'm just a that's all i'm
12:36 am
ever gonna be you can take me out of the country but you can't take the country out of me no 'cause i'm still the girl from golden had to get away so i could grow but it don't matter where i'm going i'll still call my hometown home i'll still call my hometown home


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