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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 15, 2015 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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on mind of hillary clinton, as well. the latest abc news poll finds the rivals in a dead heat. on the campaign trail in iowa, clinton acknowledges a certain admiration for the donald. >> i have to admit, donald trump is entertaining. i have to tell you. i kind of wish i had that same sort of mentality like, oh, listen, i don't need to tell you anything. when i get there, peace will be breaking out everywhere. prosperity will be breaking upon you. we will have the new age. well, i would like to do that. but i don't think that's how a great democracy makes its decisions about who is going to lead us. clinton says she considered putting her husband on the ticket as her running mate but she con sees that could be unconstitutional since bill has already served two terms as president. >> is she right. >> i'm not sure. because there's the 12th amendment that says the vice president has to meet all the requirements that the president meets. okay?
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but the 22nd amendment says you can't be elected president but he's not elected president. >> so it is possible? >> i don't know. no one's challenged it yet. there might be hope, hillary. very serious news from mississippi this morning, a man wanted for a deadly campus shooting and another murder has taken his own life. police say shannon lamb suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound after being followed by police last night accused of killing professor ethan schmidt in his office yesterday. he was also wanted for the death of a woman he shared a home with. a reform panel looking into the shooting death of michael brown by a police officer in ferguson, missouri is mince nothing words. the report concludes brown's death and the ensuing violence is deeply rooted in racial bias. abc's kenneth moton has details. >> racial inequality and discriminatory policing. the commission laid it out in an independent report sparked by violent protests after the
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police killing of 18-year-old michael brown. >> if we are clear about accountability, if we're serious about racial equity and do want all to have an opportunity to thrive, it gets tough. but it's worth it. >> reporter: officer darren wilson shooting of brown was deemed justified but the commission found excessive police force eroding community trust. strained relations between officers and frustrated residents who don't feel respected. social and economic divisions, the commission recommended changing in policing, increasing the minimum wage and improving disparities in the educational system. >> our hope is in reading this report it will begin for some, continue for others a learning process. >> reporter: the report says black drivers were 75% more likely to be stopped in missouri than whites last year. the department of justice discovered similar findings in march, racial bias and the need to generate revenue fueled traffic stops. the doj and ferguson commission both made recommendation buzz there are questions whether and
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how soon action will be taken. governor nixon says the commission's work will not be in vain. kendis and reena? >> thank you so much. a big honor is in store for one of the american heroes who stopped a rampage on a train in france. airman first class spencer stone will be awarded the purple heart. he was stabbed last month as he and two friends disarmed the heavily armed gunman. he received the air force's highest noncombat honor. >> well, deserved. who doesn't love pizza, even on your free day? clearly one bear in colorado loves it, as well. >> that's right. you see the small bear wandered in the back rooms after a colorado springs pizza shop there. employees found it among the boxes and other items. >> poor guile apparently had fallen asleep. so police fran pa quillized and carried it out. bears are eating just about anything so we're likely to see
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more incidents like this in the weeks ahead. he looks pizza drunk there in that video. >> it's a pizza coma. coming up, fashion week meets tech geek. incredible creation you'll have to see. i'll be asking how do you wear that. we'll show you right here in the studio. the alarming trends of kids getting drunk on hand sanitizers. a warning from doctors for parents. first a look at today's weather forecast across the country. "world news now" weather, brought to you by downey. laundry can wreak havoc on our clothes, ruining them forever. sweaters stretch into muumuus. and pilled cardigans become pets. but it's not you, it's the laundry. protect your clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz. ...with downy fabric conditioner... it not only softens and freshens, it helps protect clothes from the damage of the wash. so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes. downy fabric conditioner. wash in the wow.
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without drastic measures. stunningly youthful. award-winning skin. never settle for anything less. the regenerist collection. from the world's #1. olay, your best beautiful well, a warning to patients about a product that children are encouraged to use. more kids are getting drunk on hadn't sanitizers. research shows a 400% increase over the last five years among children younger than 12. the alcohol content ranges from
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45 to 95%. sending thousands kids to the hospital. some with alcohol poisoning. some kids drink it, get drunk while others say it actually is tasty. >> what happened to good old mad dog? >> mad dog. >> yeah, back in the college days? >> what? >> i'm dating myself. a new case of the bubonic plague is reported here in the u.s. officials in michigan confirmed the case in the northern part of the state. it's unclear if the patient contracted the disease in michigan or elsewhere. he or she recently traveled to an area of colorado which cases of the plague have been reported. now to a problem of chronic pain so many americans suffering many in silence. >> thanks to technology, there are many promising treatments. here's abc's robin roberts. >> reporter: pain is a debilitating disorder that over one-third of americans bat willing with every single day. >> i've had this pain for 53 days.
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>> it turned to chronic an about ten years ago. >> the medical community defines pain as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. an experience that is often subjective, making it so difficult to diagnose and treat. >> we spend about a half a trillion dollars a year in the management of pain. >> dr. shawn mackey it, chief of pain medicine at stanford university led the back pain education day to a sold out crowd. >> so the focus is on more mind body approaches to pain. things such as mindfulness, meditation, physical therapy approaches and a better understanding of what their pain is and what it represents and how they can learn to take control of it. >> reporter: on the forefront of chronic pain treatments showing us a new technique being used transcranial magnetic stimulation. >> our interest is stimulating or inhibiting brain regions involved with pain.
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we've been seeing real dramatic reductions in chronic pain and improvements in function. >> it works by placing a set of coils on the head sending magnetic pulses to the brain. the mechanism by which it works is still unknown but it's believed that the repeated stimulation of the brain may help decrease the body's response to pain signals in the nervous system. >> as a stimulate this, we can see twitching of his hand. it's his brain entirely that's doing that. >> reporter: cutting edge technology. with props for a pain-free future. >> the brain is so remarkable how much information and sensory situations you can really withdraw from this and also the white house is looking into studying more on the brain just like we mapped dna to see what else they can learn from it. >> it's interesting to see the reaction there of so instant there. more than 100 million americans suffer from pain on a regular basis. so it is an important thing for a third of the country.
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>> it certainly is. coming up, cutting edge style. dresses that respond to your moods. >> it's a marriage of high fashion and hi-tech. when we come back.
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so when it comes to dress making most designers stick with some fabric, needle and thread. but for one designer a 3-d printer can stand in for a sewing machine. >> the simple stuff. tech contributor trina trinh checked on fashion week going on here in new york city and discovered some very hi-tech tools transforming fashion. >> reporter: this isn't an everyday dress. this is not your office job dress. this is a dress that kind of represents what is possible in the future of fashion technology. when animals are in fight or flight mode, when they feel stress, then their sill yet expands. that concept of that adrenaline response is the inspiration behind the dress. the whole dress is 3-d prinned from top to bottom. designed in collaboration with
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francis betante. this is flex no wire wa that's triggering the motion of the carbon fiber structure. it's 365 moving carbon fiber pieces. >> making garments intelligent is something everybody is trying to do. we're just trying to make it simpler and easier by putting this tiny module in the dress to make it smarter. >> the adrenaline sensor is a band inside of the dress responding to your breath. if your breath changes it knows you're feeling stress and then it expands. >> in the scenario where this dress would be interacting would be when the wearer feels that they are in danger or when they feel that they need to be the most strong powerful version of themselves and visually appear so. my goal for the long-term would be complete cuss timmization, accessibility having clothing be downloadable and having that change the entire industry where
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you'll be downloading the files, applying it to your body scan and printing it in the color of your choice. that accessibility is something i find really interesting. >> trina trinh joins us now with the adrenaline dress. >> welcome. so i can see myself getting into the dress but i can't see any self-respecting cab driver picking me up. >> it's not the most practical dress for getting around town. i'll give that you. in terms of getting people to think about the idea of fashion and technology as one concept and not two separate ideas, it's a great starting point. you have a lot of designers these days really thinking about how to integrate technology into their clothing and actually make it stylish and not this ugly big clunky thing that's like bolted to your dress. >> i don't necessarily think of designers as fashion designers aztecies. how are they merging the two nowadays? >> they're basically partnering with tech companies. and they're bringing the best of both worlds into one garment. and this is a great example.
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this is obviously designed by intel and crow mat together. have you companies like google and levi's pampbting up, zack pozen showed a dress last week all lit up and coded with different patterns to light up around. you have you know, ralph lauren thinking about integrating a heart rate monitor into the shirt itself. they're coming together and really coming up with really stylish clothing that people will want to wear. >> you know what i can see? i can see the gyrocopter guy, the next one will be the fashion designer who flies into the capital. be careful, washington. >> if i see a date show up with that. >> this is sexy, come on. >> this part is a party. that part is just construction. >> this part is framing the wearer i think. >> love the concept. trina trinh, thank you so much. >> everything that you guys. coming up, much more "world news now." hey buddy, let's get these dayquil liquid gels and go.
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okay. so finally this half hour, a product found in every household used for lots of things, but did you ever wonder what wd-40 stood for? >> and that the secret formula is made right here in the u.s.? abc's david muir checked it all out and where the all-american product is created. >> reporter: here in california, our made in america team in search of something eight out of ten americans have in their own home, that blue and yellow can, wd-40. >> we're going to go to where the secret formula is mixed. >> ceo gary rich taking us behind the skens at headquarters. the formula made right here in san diego. the formula nearly the same
2:56 am
since it was invented more than of 0 years ago. >> it's a special thing. we covered that concentrate. >> reporter: that secret recipe written in pencil on a steno pad. where is it? locked in a bank vaught right here in san diego on rosenkrantz street. the year was 1953 and rocket chemical company set out to keep missiles from rust and corrosion. it took them 40 tries so the name stuck. water displacement 40th formula, wd-40. business doubling in the last ten years alone selling around the world 176 countries. these cans headed for malaysia, patty doing xwault control on the line for nearly 17 years. >> it's a name brand. >> reporter: customers writing them saying they've used it from fixing a squeaky hinge to keeping bathroom. >> mario:s from fogging, even removing stains from fabrics. wd-40 says 2,000 ideas sent to them and counting. but they're also out to wipe away something else, the
2:57 am
counterfeits along the way. hb-40, wo-60. it's not wd-40, one of the original cans right on display. >> i will guarantee you that this can still works. >> it works. >> reporter: that secret formula with three words in mind. made in america. whoo. >> who knew? >> do you have a can in your mansion? >> no. >> no? all right. >> my humble home does not have any wd-40. i should get some now that i know. >> yes, made in america for 60 years. >> that's the in us for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook, i've got to the get a little bit more handyer around my house.
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this morning on "world news now," wild inferno. >> entire communities burned to the ground. thousands forced to evacuate as their homes are destroyed. the flames now turning deadly, a full report just ahead. the donald in dallas. an enormous crowd comes out for the gop leader as trump shows some love for his poobts while protests are marched against the white house hopeful. the simple way you can save face after a summer of spending. sell off all your old clothes. it's a lot easier than holding a garage sale. the few easy steps to make a buck and clean out your closet. and a real-life rocky raccoon relentlessly rapping at the door. is it looking for a meal or is there something more sinister at play details coming up in the mix on this tuesday, september 15th.
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from abc news, this is "world news now." >> it's sort of like the cat video tickle the little kitten. i could look at that all day long. >> i'm not familiar with that in you be. >> it's a number one youtube video. >> okay. >> it's what i do at 2:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. in the morning. 2:00 a.m. >> there is that, too. i dvr it. >> i'm reena ninan with kendis gibson who likes to watch cat >> exactly. what are you watching? i'm kendis gibson. good to be with you all. we have a lot of wildfire action still continuing in the west. the absolute devastation in northern california. ferocious wildfire still burning out of control and whipping out 00 wiping out hundreds of homes. >> more than 60,000 acres have been scorched as thousands of people escape the flames and elderly disabled woman passed away, trapped in her home unable to evacuate on her own.
3:02 am
abc's david muir got a firsthand look at the widespread destruction. >> reporter: authorities stunned at the speed and strength of the valley fire. the first moments captured as it erupts on saturday. on the ground they tell us faster than any fire in recent history. families fleeing on the roads as is sky coo disappears filled with smoke. 40,000 acres engulfed in the first 12 hours and the fire is still burning. entire neighborhoods up in flames. this video capturing one person's attempt to escape the flames. trapped by calls of fire in every direction. more than 1,000 homes and buildings gone. so many families surprised by the fire's speed. this man driving through ot worst of it, this time lapse video showing him try to flee its path. struggling to find a way out. firer from he turns. he makes it out. you can hear the roar of the fire. these images showing just how
3:03 am
quickly homes were consumed by this fire. barry beerman is the napa county fire chief. >> we were having spot fires. we had hundreds and hundreds of homes instantly threatened more than 23,000 evacuated. governor brown declaring a state of emergency in two counties. >> reporter: many said this had a speed you haven't seen in years. >> unprecedented. >> reporter: the fire moving so quickly, scott kelly's home was destroyed in minutes. >> your house is gone? >> yeah. >> the chief was telling us the speed of this thing was impressive. >> going through 40 miles an hour. blew through everything like nothing. >> reporter: they took us through what's left of the town. >> some of the fire still smoldering. this is all you see, these burned out shells of cars all that remain. you can see the melted aluminum and melted metal here in the street. so many of the families gathered in calistoga, california, still holding their pets.
3:04 am
and we go to find patrice conklin. >> we all about you. >> i heard. >> reporter: she got her children out and what little she could grab. >> reporter: your home is gone? >> my home is gone. >> and so what now? >> i got my kids out. i got my dog out. a couple of birth certificates and that's about it. we have the clothes that we can put in the car. >> reporter: we meet her daughter sidney who tells me the whole thing has been scary. what was the scariest part? >> the thought of not having a home. >> reporter: the thought of not having a home. you don't know where you'll live next. >> reporter: and then a smile when we spot their dog. what's the dog's name? >> neal. >> she shows me what's left of her home. nothing but the foundation. while back in that neighborhood where most everyone remembers being at that football game, wyatt now wondering if he'll get back to his senior year. >> reporter: could you imagine anything like this. >> never. i've seen a lot of big fires, you know.
3:05 am
>> reporter: it's part of growing up in california. >> i guess so. >> david muir there reporting. the fire is still threatening thousands of homes and this morning, it's only 10% contained. breaking news from mississippi where the suspect wanted po are a deadly campus shooting has taken his own life. before being found dead last night, shannon lamb told authorities he "wasn't going to jail oifs he was wanted for the killing i've woman he shared a home with and suspected in the murder of dealt at that time state university professor ethan schmidt. authorities put the school on lockdown yesterday just after schmidt's death. >> i took his class over the summer. >> elves a great guy. and just pray for him and his family. >> reporter: shannon lamb was also part of delta state's faculty. he taught geography and education classes. investigators are now seeking a motive for both murders he's accused of. ahead tomorrow night, republican debate. donald trump spoke to a sold out
3:06 am
crowd in dallas last night. ticket holders lined up trying to get a good seat and despite calls from some of the gop to tone down his rhetoric, trump said the u.s. is becoming a dumping ground for the rest of the world. he was surprisingly mild when it came to his rivals. >> i like carly. and i like ben. and i like many of the people that i'm running against. i mean, many of these people are terrific people. but nobody's going to be able to do the job that i'm going to do. nobody. they won't. well, outside the arena, hundreds marched to protest trump's anti-immigration policies. mounted police were called in when trump supporters and protesters clashed. no arrests were made. >> campaigning in iowa now, hillary clinton admits trump is entertaining. she even did an imitation of trump's enthusiastic approach to politics and another surprising admission. clinton says she considered
3:07 am
putting her husband on ticket as her running mate. she concedes that would be unconstitutional since bill has already served two terms as president. to south carolina now where a judge has denied bail for a fired white police officer charged with murder in the shooting death of unarmed black man. former north charleston police officer michael slager was caught on camera last april firing his gun eight times as walter scott tried to run away during a traffic stop. the judge said releasing slager would constitute an unreasonable danger to the community in his words. we are learning new details about the shooting death of a kentucky state trooper. police say joseph cameron ponder was trying to an arrange lodging for occupants of a car when the driver took off at speeds up to 115 miles an hour. the driver opened fire on ponder, killing him. that driver was later killed by police after a massive manhunt. new government guidelines
3:08 am
say low dose aspirin taken daily can help prevent heart attacks and strokes but not for everyone. the new recommendation for prerentive aspirin use is specifically for people in their 50s and 60s with a high risk of heart disease and a low risk of bleeding side effects. but as always, thepable says doctors should decide what's best for their patients. and here's a food item that may very well, well, make its way to some state fairground before long. it is gooey. it is crumbly and, of course, it is deep fried goodness. >> how about some mac and cheese filled onion rings. that's right. the chef who started it with mac and cheese put it all inside of an onion ring. >> get this. it's a beer battering and a panko crust. deep fried into it must be healthy if it's panko. >> it's golden brown but no one cares about the calorie count
3:09 am
because it brings two unique american favorites together into one tasty treat. there's nothing that is wrong about that. that is on the atkins diet, the south beach diet and all of those. >> really? i'm not so sure. >> i can only hope. >> seeing all this deep fried goodness for some reason reminds me of bill clinton. remember during the campaign when he would go to mcdonald's and get the burgers. now he's super healthy. i can't let go of what you said earlier, that hillary clinton wants to put him on the ticket. is it really illegal if he becomes vice president? you capital run for a third term. >> if she becomes president and -- >> he's technically not president. he's vp. vp is more of a social. >> he might have to step in at some point. that's like being the miss america runner-up and not being able to take the crown at some point. >> you should say you can be the
3:10 am
second runner-up and the third place would take over in the event of an situation. come up "the mix," every beer lover's dream. a dog that will fetch you a cold one. >> first the defiant court clerk out of jail and ready for a second day at the office. how her office is able to issue same sex marriage licenses without her. and cleaning out and cashing in, making money off old clothes even easier. don't think you can profit off that old shirt? think again. we're going to tell you how. >> check our behind the scenes pics on instagram. you're watching "world news now." then real people were asked to stay for a long weekend. would they smell anything? the room itself was like [sniff] ahhh. feels like someone has pumped fresh oxygen into the room. on the last day we revealed everything. oooooohwoww. we were sitting right on it. febreze is stunningly effective. continuously eliminate odors for up to 45 days
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a volcano no southern japan spewing smoke and ash nearly 7,000 feet into the -- look at that, wow, 7,000 feet into the air covering everything in the area. there are no homes near the volcano. japanese authorities are banned people from going within two miles of it. no reports of injuries or serious damage. a photo of a breastfeeding mom going viral this morning. multiple moms. what's the difference between amongst these moms? they're all active duty military. the photographer who was once a young mom in the military said she wanted to show that breastfeeding in uniform is normal. she says the female soldiers are stronger for having to juggle the demands of their jobsen an needs of their babies. incredible image.
3:15 am
i was once embedded in iraq and i saw a woman who was -- we were showering in the same little area together and she told me she just came back to base after giving birth six weeks ago to her baby. a lot of women go through such anxiety returning back to the workforce. i always thought about her leaving her child behind in texas to help our country at war. and never forgotten that. >> it's rough enough just getting back after childbirth into a war zone after that. >> it sure is. a new battle is brew brewing in that kentucky county where clerk kim davis is back at work after her jail stint for denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples. >> her deputies have been issuing licenses in her absence. but the question now is are they valid. here's abc's marcy gonzales. >> reporter: keep the clerk kim davis back on the job. the work she still refuses to do carried out instead by one of her doips. >> congratulations. >> thank you guys. >> reporter: brian mason issuing
3:16 am
this marriage license to shannon and carman wampler collins while davis who despite being sent to jail for denying marriage certificates to same-sex couples still refuses saying her religious convictions leave her with what she calls an impossible choice. >> my conscience or my freedom. my conscience or my bait to be people that i love. >> reporter: the license given doesn't include her name and she refuses to authorize it. her attorney therefore questioning its validity. >> kim davis has made it clear that she cannot and does not authorize the issuance of any marriage license out of her office. her deputy clerks have no authority therefore to issue any marriage license. >> reporter: her supporters gathered outside. >> for two women who claim that they're married is utterly dishonest. >> reporter: alongside those celebrating. >> this is about love. we love each other.
3:17 am
>> reporter: call ong davis to do the job she was elected and court ordered to do. kentucky's governor says the licenses issued today and while davis was in jail are valid. davis mean highway sill has several appeals pending. reena and kendis? >> marcy gonzales, thank you. coming up, hidden money. there's cash in your closet. we'll show you how to find it. the new generation of hi-tech second hand shops online. and ahead in our next half hour, "dancing with the stars." a first look at the new. >> mario: ball winner wannabes.
3:18 am
you're welcome back.
3:19 am
fall is a good time to clean out your closet and wouldn't it be nice to get a little cash for your efforts? >> a new generation of second hand services makes it easier than ever. rebecca jarvis explains. >> reporter: meet this family of pennsylvania. with two boys finally back to school, mom carrie is taking aim at her family's bedroom closets trying to declutter all the outgrown and unwanted wa wardrobe which she'll soon discover can still be worth big bucks. >> i'm rebecca. we're going to make you some money today. first the kids' rooms. >> a great jacket. too small on him. >> i'll take it. >> reporter: then her own. >> i think i've had enough of it. >> reporter: but how do you turn this pile in a pile of cash? >> be able to sell an item like that. >> reporter: enter resale expert lauren lash lerner. she says for those super motivated sell online.
3:20 am
websites like posh mark, tradesie and thread flip let you post photos of your threads to post for top dollar presentation and popular brands. this shoshana dress retails for about $200 and if effectively resold online could fetch as much as $70. this kid's polo shirt around 35 bucks brand-new up to 20 used. >> this is a nice top. but it does have a stain. >> with the stain, i'd probably price it $7 to $10. >> that's about $100 for just three items. but if this seems like just too much work, you can also bag it. with threadup, they send you a bag, you fill it up and they sell it. >> you don't have to put any thought into this. >> reporter: other companies like the real, real and flip size offer similar des. we toss our four bags on the doorstep and off they go. their destination, this sprawling warehouse just outside san francisco where the threadup
3:21 am
team inspects each item looking for quality and salability. >> we're looking for things that are in like new condition so when our customers receive the item, they feel like they're getting a great addition to their wardrobe. our clothes fetching $262. bringing their grand total to $362. cold cash right in their pocks. rebecca yar vis, abc news, lower gin nid, pennsylvania. >> would what you sell? >> do you know, i wore once this black dress every day for five days straight. it was an experiment to see if people would notice. just different jacks, a sweater. did not wash it. >> lbd. >> little black dress, sorry. >> look at you. lbd? ladies, have you heard of lbd? back to your question. i might. >> you would sell that. >> i might sell the lbd. >> got to be a baby gap that
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all right. let's talk about the mix". r. kelly inspired a lot of videos over the years. probably none as entertaining as this one. a combination of penguins to r. kelly, i believe i can fly i believe i can touch the sky >> this is popular online as you can imagine. 3 million views on facebook an lean. more than 100,000 likes. >> are those real penguins? they're not like computer generated penguins. >> these are real. sound effects are also real. >> oh. >> it is cute to watch i have to say. i wonder what r. kelly thinks about this? >> i'm not sure. i don't think he's ep off about it though. speaking of adorable, take a look at roxy the raccoon.
3:26 am
she's pregnant. that's why pregnant women know how desperate times, desperate measures. we know when we need to eat and feed our young. >> yes. >> roxy goes, grabs the rock and throws it up against that sliding glass door to tell the owner that cat food is out and i want more. >> demanding. >> demanding. we know how to get our way. senator raccoons need seamless. >> clearly she hasn't heard this is what the owner of the house says they've been going through with roxy. she's now trained to tap tap on the door. >> for hours i guess. so this is the most awesome dog out there. it's probably in new jersey. this dog named ryder, the owner has taught the dog to get him beer. he says, the magic words. it's miller time. and the pooch goes to the fridge, grabs the beer, and brings it back to him. >> how did they do that?
3:27 am
look at that. >> how brilliant is this dogging? >> and a big giants fan, huh? >> he's a giants fan. obviously he has no taste in beer or teams. beyond that. >> whoa, below the belt. >> did you see sunday's game. >> even jack over there is -- even deb turned around and picked up her head when we said that. >> the game on sunday. >> all right. our last video, people get stuck in traffic all the time. ever thought about getting stuck in traffic because of minions? this is a real mignon fight that held up traffic. two people dressed up in mignon costumes fighting in the middle of the street. can you imagine? >> is this in jolly owed england? it's not in america. >> you know what i'm surprised by? 4.3 million people have watched this >> i'm alex trebek.
3:28 am
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," trump takes texas. the donald gathers a huge crowd in a dallas arena. the trump faithful showing their support as he delivers a familiar message. his tough talk at the top of the gop pack. >> breaking news. deadly flooding in the west. multiple people killed overnight as flash floods overtake residents. crews working to stop cars from being washed away. the latest just ahead. >> and new this half hour. a bizarre incident on a plane causing the flight to be diverted. >> a passenger taken away by police after kissing and then punching a flight attendant. the pilot even asking for large volunteers to help restrain the woman. and it was a ballroom blitz on last night's season premiere of "dancing with the stars." all the contestants strutted their stuff but who really shined and who didn't? find out later in the "skinny" on this tuesday, september 15th.
3:31 am
from abc news, this is >> and did you watch "dancing with the stars"? >> i didn't watch it. i have it on my dvr at home. that i'll eventually see. >> it's kind of hard on this shift sometimes to watch a lot of because we're preparing for the show. >> i do have chaka khan in my fantasy for the season. so i'm hoping she goes a long she's in my fantasy dancing with the stars. >> i thought you were mixing abc shows like the fantasy suite from "the bachelor." i was just saying we should talk break. not the top of the show. >> kinky. >> speaking of things that take politics. >> odd turns. >> just one day till the republican debate. i'm looking forward to this one. donald trump speaking out to a sold out crowd in dallas. >> trump telling supporters that america has become the dumping ground for the world, and this is the scene outside.
3:32 am
police were called in to break up fights between trump supporters as well as protesters. it's your voice, your vote this morning with more on the race, here's abc's lauren lyster. >> reporter: donald trump took the stage in dallas to a roaring ovation. >> amazing. thank you. wow. >> reporter: from a stadium packed 20,000 solid to hear vintage trump. >> we have to build a wall, folks. we are a dumping ground for the rest of the world. oh, do i know how to build. greatest. one of the greats. [ chanting usa ] >> reporter: and trump himself has good reason to cheer. latest abc news/"washington post" poll now has him in a statistical dead heat with hillary clinton in a general election face-off. even though the same poll finds 60% think trump is unqualified to be president. the new poll also shows a sharp drop in mrs. clinton's support
3:33 am
among women. she was asked about that at a women for hillary rally in iowa. >> there's an ebb and flow, polls go up and down. >> reporter: bernie sanders was we received by a large audience at conservative christian liberty university in virginia. >> money and wealth should serve the people. the people should not have to serve money and wealth. >> reporter: the dallas rally also brought out some anti-trump protesters. but trump's lead in the republican field is bigger than ever. his rivals will have another chance to do something about that when they face him in the second republican debate wednesday night. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. >> breaking news. at least seven people are dead and six others missing after a flash flood swamped the towns of hildale and colorado city right on the utah/arizona border. a giant wave of water smashed into two vehicles carrying more than a dozen women and children.
3:34 am
the two towns are the headquarters of a polygamist sect led by warren jeffs until his imprisonment for sexually assaulting children. >> rain is falling right now in northern california. a welcome change, of course, for crews battling two of the biggest wildfires in the state's history. the fast-moving flames have gutted hundreds of homes and forced the evacuation of 23,000 people. the valley fire near napa is being blamed for at least one death and several residents were unaccounted for. with thousands of homes still in danger, exhausted firefighters are working around the clock to keep up with the flames. more now from abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: 7500 embattled firefighters back on the fire line. encrusted in soot, many have been going for 36 hours, in fires that are fast-moving and deadly. the valley fire engulfing four firefighters over the weekend, only saved when they scrambled into their protective shelters. richard reef taking a call from the governor from his hospital bed. you guys pretty tired? >> we're getting there. >> reporter: crews so fatigued,
3:35 am
they've been flopping down in driveways or fields for just a few minutes rest. this retired firefighter live-streaming the desperate fight to save middletown, california. >> these guys are very limited on resources. every engine has got multiple structures to try and protect. and you just can't save everything. >> reporter: don lopez spent days fighting the fire. he came home overnight. >> you look block after block, it's just devastation. >> reporter: learning his home was spared. his daughter's wasn't. >> we got the most important things out. but everything else is gone. >> reporter: still, lopez is going back to the only work he's ever known. you're going back on the fire line? >> i'm going back up on the fire line up in the cobb area because that's what i do. >> reporter: one of the most astounding firefighters go through on the fire line is the intensity of the heat, hot enough to char cars even to melt glass like this. the bad news for firefighters, it's still gusty out here. the better news, you can already start to feel the moisture in the air after so
3:36 am
many hot days. matt gutman, middletown, california. >> this year's snowpack that's supposed to be a big source of water for drought stricken california is much worse than initially estimated. a new study indicates the sierra nevada snowpack is at its lowest level in 500 years. the melting snow usually provides the state with about a third of its water. >> some breaking news from mississippi this morning. a man wanted for a deadly campus shooting and another murder has taken his own life. police say shannon lamb suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound after being followed by police last night. lamb was accused of killing delta state university professor ethan schmidt in his office yesterday. he was wanted for the death of a woman he shared a home with. one week before he arrives in the states, pope francis is weighing in on the growing refugee crisis in europe warning this is just the tip of the iceberg and that the crisis is fueled by an unjust economic system. now, he called again for catholics around the world to welcome refugee families.
3:37 am
there is no welcome for those families this morning in hungary. abc's terry moran is there. >> reporter: a race against time at the hungarian border today. and the time is minutes. this mother and her daughter, among the last to cross, and then -- this is the moment. hungarian police are now finishing the construction of this fence. closing the last gap over these railroad tracks and for the first time now, they're turning people back. so, we went over to the other side, to serbia, where we met muhammad from damascus, syria, and walked up to the police line with him. >> can you let me cross? >> not able to cross here. >> okay, but all these people cross long road, many countries to cross in peace. >> reporter: police sent them through the fields to an official border crossing and muhammad told us his story. this is your honeymoon? >> yeah, honeymoon.
3:38 am
we decide to be a special honeymoon. >> reporter: they were married eight days ago in turkey. we came to a village and the refugees were herded into a line. these people are being told by the hungarian police that they will be put on buses bound for budapest where they can catch trains for western europe, but really, no one knows what's going to happen. the gates to europe are closing. terry moran, abc news, hungary. >> thank you so much. new details this morning on the two georgia brothers accuse add of trying to kill their parents. police say one son told them he had been planning the attack since he was 11. cameron and christopher irvin now 17 and 22 allegedly drugged and brutally beat their parents. they're also accused of trying to blow up their upscale suburban atlanta home. the mother and father have since been released from the hospital. an american airlines flight from miami to chicago was diverted to indianapolis after a passenger became belligerent.
3:39 am
witnesses say the woman was screaming and swearing before hitting a passenger. moments later, she kissed a flight attendant and then punched her in the face. that's when the pilot called for large male volunteers to help restrain the woman. she was removed from the plane and arrested. attorney general loretta lynch says she expects more indictments in the justice department's investigation of international soccer. lynch made that comment at a meeting of federal prosecutors in zurich, switzerland where soccer's governing body fifa is based. she did not say whether the outgoing president seth blatter could be one of those still being investigated. it was a double dip of monday night football to end week one in the nfl. we'll start in atlanta with the falcons hosting the eagles. it was atlanta's offense flying high in the first half thanks to two touchdown catches by julio jones. the eagles staged a second half comeback getting two touchdowns off their own from demarco
3:40 am
murray, brian matthews also ran one in for philly. but it wasn't enough actually. atlanta hanging on for the win, 26-24. and next up, the vikings visiting the 49ers. not sure about the uniforms of the 49ers. adrian peterson's return from minnesota but the star of the show was san francisco's carlos hyde. he seemed to get the ball every play for the 49ers. most importantly, hyde scored a pair of touchdowns, a second one putting the game away in the fourth quarter winning 20-3 there. exciting. >> i don't have a problem with their uniforms. >> you liked? >> yeah, what's wrong? really >> i don't know that i liked it >> by the way, as a quick homage to frank gifford, the boys for the first game wore the traditional yellow monday night football jacket. >> how sweet. >> we lost frank gifford just a few weeks ago. so. >> while we're talking about the nfl, how about them cowboys? for the ninth consecutive year,
3:41 am
the dallas cowboys topped the annual forbes list of most valuable franchises. >> the magazine puts the team's value at get this, $4 billion, and by the way, the cowboys aren't only the most valuable team in nfl, they are also the most valuable sports franchise in the world. take that, manchester united and real madrid, right? >> it's real madrid. >> thank you, jack. oh. real madrid? >> oh, real madrid? that's what you call it? >> i'm kidding >> he calls the soccer team real madrid. >> i should say the $4 billion tag is really twice that of the average team in the nfl. you might be doing your own sports segment on the show. >> with all that sports knowledge? >> yeah. >> yes. >> coming up, meet the new boss. the donald trump, of course. currently tied up. "the apprentice" turns to the terminator to do the firing. arnold schwarzenegger now heading to network television. >> and the dance party is back. a breakdown of the crowded ballroom on last night's season
3:42 am
premiere of "dancing with the stars." later in "the skinny." but first, a look at today's forecast. you're watching "world news now." we're just going to do the nae nae now. "world news now" weather, brought to you by,
3:43 am
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venus swirl.
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a close call for a group of kayakers off the coast of california. a humpback whale suddenly emerging from the water and nearly lands on top of a man and a woman. humpbacks can weigh up to 50 tons. the couple managed to escape injury and thanks to their life jackets were able to make it back to the kayak. >> lucky folks, huh? >> whoo. still no break in the case
3:46 am
of the young woman on a jewelry store crime spree across the south. she's clearly seen on security cameras at each of the places she robbed. >> now the fbi has released new images and is asking for the public's help in identifying her. abc's mara schiavocampo has the details. >> reporter: new images of the woman federal officials believe may be behind several bold jewelry store heists in three different states. beginning in dawsonville, georgia, last month the suspect walking away with an estimated $13,000 in valuables. one week later in panama city beach, florida, officials say this woman seen looking directly at surveillance cameras escaped with more than $400,000 worth of jewels after forcing employees into a back room just minutes before a u.p.s. delivery man arrives. >> they were very terrified and had the fear in their face. >> reporter: early this month in south carolina, a suspect in a striped skirt striking at a crowded outlet mall.
3:47 am
authorities say in all cases the gun toting female zip ties employees before disappearing. >> they were just zip tied. one of the girls got one of her hands free. that's why she was able to get up. >> reporter: police have no idea who this woman on the run might be. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> when we come back, the race for the mirror ball trophy. yes, it's on. >> it's on. >> check out the first night in the ballroom. we'll have those highlights. >> plus, another big screen classic getting a sequel. "the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues
3:48 am
after th
3:49 am
skinny, so skinny okay. so topping "the skinny" this morning, "dancing with the stars" season 21, our first look at 13 new contestants. >> one dancer we were looking forward to seeing, alek skarlatos one of the young men who took down an attacker on a french train last month. >> he might be able to take down a terrorist but wasn't an experienced dancer but the crowd and judges loved him. the most enthusiastic reception though was for bindi irwin. >> bindi, of course, the 17-year-old daughter of crocodile hunter steve irwin danced with partner derek hough
3:50 am
to "crocodile rock." of course, her energetic and enthusiastic performance earned a standing "o" and i tie for the lead. >> sharing that top spot, nick carter, the former back street boy. all grown up now. a very smooth and sexy performance with partner sharna. a real pleasure to watch i'd say. and two other contestants celebrity chef paula deen. she did a quick step to appropriately enough to the "what's cooking," by hank williams. >> they had her in a kitchen. okay. and gary busey dancing to the mamas and papas dancing in the streets. a good first take for all of them. one of these couples will be eliminated next monday. i thought it was a great night. a lot of energy. it was interesting to see paula deen back, bindi irwin. i think it's a great group of people. >> it was a comeback night. gary busey needs work and chaka
3:51 am
khan needs work, as well. everybody's favorite nanny is getting a sequel. nanny. julie andrews starred in the original 1964 film. word is the new story will take place 20 years later and will feature the banks family, as well. >> so the story will come from existing tales written by author who directed "into the woods" and "chicago." music. original ones. >> it was fun. one of the stars of "game of thrones" is speaking out about gratuitous nudity. british actress emilia clarke who plays daenerys targaryen says she can't stand sex scenes because they lack subtlety. >> too bad because her role in that show really seems to involve quite a bit of nudity. she told producers a few years ago she didn't want to appear in any scenes like this, but "game of thrones" is made of explicit
3:52 am
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3:55 am
so "the apprentice" has a new boss. arnold schwarzenegger will replace donald trump who was told you're fired after his comments about immigrants. donald trump never said i'll be back. >> he never did, but he has his own terms. it's a good fit, don't you think? arnie and donald both have outsized egos and personalities and both known, of course, for singular catch phrases. we're up "up all nightline" with abc's dan harris. >> brandi, you're fired. >> reporter: donald trump's famous line will forever be linked with the show "the apprentice." >> you're fired. you're fired. you're fired. >> reporter: but there's a new boss getting in on the action, arnold schwarzenegger. the movie star and former governor of california hired as the new host of nbc's "celebrity apprentice." he is no stranger to that catch phrase. >> you're fired. >> reporter: he said it in the movie "true lies" all the way
3:56 am
back in 1994. he will be in charge of evaluating the famous faces as they compete to win money for a charity of their choice. the now former politician taking over boardroom duties for the now current politician donald trump. >> make america great again. >> reporter: trump congratulating schwarzenegger at his campaign rally. >> arnold schwarzenegger, good, right? i think it's a good choice. he's a friend of mine. >> reporter: he also apologized to fans tweeting sorry i couldn't do the apprentice any longer, but equal time, presidential run, prohibits me from doing so. love. trump did take a step back from the show after he decided to run for president but nbcuniversal also cut all business ties with him after he made that now infamous remark about mexican-americans. >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. >> reporter: for his part, schwarzenegger is excited to take on the new role tweeting wow, i'm blown away and honored by all your tweets. i can't wait to bring my
3:57 am
experience to the boardroom and raise millions for charity. the "celebrity apprentice" reboot won't air till the 2016-2017 season. the world will have to wait to see if trump's classic line makes a comeback or if arnold will give it a terminator twist of his own. >> hasta la vista, baby. >> terminator twist. who knew. >> what do you think? >> i think it's interesting. good choice. >> all right. good. nice to hear it. >> interesting. yeah, i would watch. >> all right. by the way, did you notice the cameo by gary busey again? >> i did notice that. >> more busey than cowbells. >> and we also have more news coming up.
3:58 am
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