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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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precinct. no criminality involved but the parents and police, i'm sure, have a number of questions for the day care center. how did this little guy get left behind at a playground all alone this afternoon. the police found him about 1:00. he has been at the precinct every since. his parents are here now getting things straightened out. jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> jim, thank you. a 10-year old girl disappeared from her school in the lower east side of manhattan and she has been police are questioning her mother, jacqueline hendricks who does not have custody of the girl. attorneys for the mother negotiated the handover at an office building in harlem. >> we were struck by the fact that we kept hearing these sirens and, like i said, there were so many police out here. that was disturbing.
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hicks reported as a suspect in the amber alert. the investigation is ongoing. the aunt had custody of her since she was 2 years old. we turn to the livery driver murdered on the first night on the job. the driver was a father and just 35 years old. the motive tonight is something of a mystery. his wallet and cell phone weren't taken. the killer reportedly stabbed the driver inside the livery car in east new york, brooklyn. eyewitness news reporter rob nelson is at the scene with the latest on the investigation. rob? >> reporter: well, liz, according to the victim's family, the victim was a good guy, out here in the street trying to make an honest living. last night he borrowed his brother's car for the first night driving alone in his job. it ended up being his first night and sadly his last.
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parked waiting for the next job when he lost his life. police sabre race was stabbed 14 times in the driver's seat of his car perhaps unable to fight back because he was wearing his seat belt. his brother today devastated by the news. >> the first day he go by himself and look what happened. >> reporter: the victim's cell phone and wallet were found inside. it's unclear what the motive could have been. there was a camera inside the cab and that could be a major clue for police who have not made an arrest. >> he don't do anything wrong on the street. we come to this country to work hard. >> reporter: this was the first time driving alone since he left his restaurant drive to become a full the brutal stabbing under scoring the dangers of the job. >> he applied for his license but not gotten it yet. a young man that goes out at night, not knowing what he is doing, it's basically setting himself up.
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>> reporter: white candles sit on the corner where beras lost his life, an area drivers describe as dangerous. more police protection. you don't see cops out here at night. rather than having them out during the day, ship them tonight time. get more details in these neighborhoods where people are losing their lives. >> reporter: as you can see behind me, the fatal stabbing happened feet away from a schoolyard. police hope the camera inside the car provides a major clue in this case. meantime, rafael's family grieving including his 16-year- old son. reporting in east new york, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> very sad, tragic. another rough commute for passengers of new jersey transit. 30 to 40 minute delays are continuing on trains out of penn station new york. earlier delays were twice that long because of a power problem by amtrak.
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power was restored. delays continue. new jersey transit cross commute home. five barack college students arraigned in pennsylvania on criminal charges in the death of a new york city. the men had nothing to say on three felony counts related to what police say was an effort to conceal a crime as well as a misdemeanor charge of hazing. michael deng died during a hazing ritual in the poconos two years ago. prosecutors say the 19-year-old hit his head after he was beaten. his fraternity brothers waited an hour allegedly before getting help. >> they want to bring justice to the victim's family and do it fairly and let the defendants have their day in court. >> the defendants are among 37 charged in deng's death and released on $50,000 bail. new at 6:00 a federal safety campaign tonight into
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wedding party limousine crash that killed four young women. jim hoffer has for months reported on the lack of safety standards for cars stretched out like limos. jim is here with the new developments. >> reporter: since the deadly july crash we have been reporting on how they fall through a regulatory crack. senator schumer got on the case and started calling for more oversight. now the agency known for exhaustive investigation of airplanes disasters says they will send inspectors to limo crashes. in the wake of the deadly long island crash, our investigation revealed when a limousine is altered the original frame is cut in half with side panels added. the problem is there are barely any safety standards guiding these modifications. for example, some stretch limos have three steel reinforced bars inside the panels. but others, in order to save
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>> if i can do this, once this collapsed, the vehicle is driving through it. >> reporter: the ns -- ntsb says it will investigate some limousine accidents. senator schumer says this is a giant step in the right direction. >> they will be looking at what caused the crash. they will be examining the remains of the car after the crash and that is the first step to establishing standards for stretch limos. >> reporter: the ntsb did investigate the van limo crash on the new jersey turnpike that seriously injured comedian tracy morgan. one of the findings was that a sheet of plywood was added to the limo to separate the cab from passengers. that trapped occupants and made it difficult for first responders to get them out. the finding prompted the ntsb to have multiple exits in modified advance. in the long island crash it's
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alterations played in the death of four young women. senator schumer believes safety standards could have made a difference. >> had this limo been required to have side airbags or rollover bars or more bolstering, these girls might have survived. >> reporter: the ntsb did help police and the suffolk district attorney with an accident reconstruction but the agency is not part of the limo investigation. now, the d.a. telling eyewitness news the crash worthiness of those side impact panels is what they are looking into, one of the things, part of the probe in the deadly crash. back to you. >> interesting. authorities say they busted a heroin ring that need 1 1/2 million dollars in sales last year across new york city. 25 people are charged. the brooklyn d.a. said the operation was centered in williamsburg where he worked with his mother, sister, brother and cousin packaging
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the heroin in cereal boxes. you hear one describe some of his customer's frightening reactions to a brand of heroin called scorpion. >> anna take lactic shock, bro, lips blew up. toe. >> he was applying to the state to work as a drug counselor. the man he is talking to is jason calazo who worked at a manhattan court supervisor. one day after the second republican primary presidential debate, the candidates doing spinning and trying to build on any momentum they gained last night. many taking every opportunity last night to make jabs at front-runner donald trump including the only woman on the stage carly fiorina. they clashed over resumes at ceo. this morning on gma she said she hopes to build on the momentum from last night.
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when i went into that debate, almost half the audience never knew my name and didn't know i was running for president. this was an opportunity for me to introduce myself and i think i did that successfully last night. >> other can dads echo category that. hillary clinton spending the day campaigning in new hampshire. a quick look at wall street. blue chips stocks finished lower. this is even though the federal reserve decided against increasing the low interest rates and left them unchanged. the do i lost 65 points. nasdaq 4. s&p 500 lost 5. if rates had gone up, the market might have gone down more. >> a way to look at it. >> as we continue, the pope in cuba and speaking on national tv there. this is a big deal. >> his visit here one week from right now meaning a kind of two minute offense for construction
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cubans are getting ready for the historic visit of the first latin american pope to their island nation. pope francis arrives in cuba saturday. he spends three days there before heading to washington, d.c. his image has been plastered all over havana. he will appear on cuban television to address them about his upcoming visit. speaking of the pope, new at 6:00 i can imagine the scene at st. pat's. a huge remodeling project is not finished but suddenly the pope says he's coming to visit. just like that deadline moved up. st. pat's said to be finished by december now has to be finished by next week. >> can you stands the pressure? >> here is kemberly richardson. >> we will be ready by september 24th. i am happy with the way things are. >> reporter: that's because a
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small army of workers has been busy around the clock here inside st. patrick's cathedral. it's looking good. determined to meet an important deadline, the arrival of pope francis. >> by his visit we can hear them in their glory. >> reporter: he is talking about the nearly 9,000 pipes which make up the great organ. each has been removed, cleaned and replaced. it's part of a roughly $177 million renovation. an extensive sprucing up of this historic landmark. we dropped by in early august. >> we replaced the mortar from the top of the steeples, 330 feet above 5th avenue to the ground. >> reporter: this project, the most ambitious ever. most of the work was slated to wrap up in december. once pope francis confirmed he would be stopping by in september, things kicked into high gear from painting to
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polishing, restoring and replacing the countless rows of pews and kneelers. >> i knew what was underneath everything. was happy to see when we got it cleaned and painted how bright it is and full of life. >> reporter: complete with hidden treasures. workers found this bottle of champagne tucked in a box in the sealing. written on it the names of the workers from the early 70s who like these men consider it a privilege to be here. monsignor richie tells me the tradition will continue. >> we are putting in a bottle of brandy instead of champagne. the brandy won't go bad. >> reporter: kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> i like that. >> extended coverage leading up to and including the pope's visit next week. at abc7ny detailed schedule and what you need to know about the traffic and mass transit changes around our area.
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on the best and worst subway
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the b and 5 subway trains not making the grade. they are tied for worst in the state of the subway report. irregular service, frequent mechanical problems. on the positive side the 7 train won top honors for the second straight year. >> congratulations. >> problems with the new station. a today for the weather. >> yes, right. beautiful. fantastic. now you are wondering when will this come toe a close. the stretch has been amazing. ber going to -- we are going to head off the summer heat over the weekend. this is panning right and left. at times the statue of liberty
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building down to one world trade. we are at 81. humidity 42%. south wind at 6. pressure holding steady shy of 90 degrees today. 93 the record high in 1991. no rainfall today. you need clouds for rain, none of those. beautiful evening ahead. the front arrives saturday night into sunday with a couple of showers. a lot of that. then closer to average as we approach you a temperature wednesday morning, 4:20 in the morning. pair of 7s in brookhaven. 75 east hampton. 82 danbury. the wind is coming out of the south over the 74-degree water. if you are away from the ocean you are in the 80s. sea breeze kicks in 2:00, 3:00. sunshine early this evening. maybe a light jacket away from the suburbs. coolish feel with the low humidity.
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mid- to upper-80s in the early afternoon then back off on the coast in the afternoon. a couple of high clouds over the east end right now. if you follow it down to the southeast, there are two lows, one off the carolina coast and one the remnants of tropical storm grace. initially this will stay to the south and east other than a couple of clouds because high pressure is blocking it. maybe early next week some of that pressure gets us. this is heading to the hudson bay. the showers over chicago little rain arrives over the weekend. even if we don't get a drop, we will get the cool down. 80s turn to 70s. chicago goes into the 70s. 60s by the weekend. we will see 70s by sunday. 87, summery tomorrow. sea breeze in the afternoon. 70s on the coast. last 80-degree day for a while. 83. warmer half of the weekend. maybe a shower early sunday morning. saturday looks dry and warm as well. clear and comfy, 68.
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tomorrow up to 287. humidity low. afternoon sea breeze back in the 70s and a clear beautiful friday night at 68. seven day, a few high clouds saturday. 83. sunday a night day. clouds, maybe a morning shower, partly cloudy. monday a stray shower. steadier rain on tuesday. fall arrives wednesday. things dry out as the pope arrives later in the week. hopefully the timing is just right for that. >> hopefully. >> rob is up next for sports. >> week 2 in the nfl is right around the corner.
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can the giants forget last
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>> they have to get at it. heading into week two, giants fans are focusing on a couple of things here. john basin did work out. victor cruz did not. you have to worry about his status. it's clear the team is getting past the loss of dallas and move on. there is the business they are in. letter eric flowers had his helmet knocked off sunday and injured an ankle. he has been out on the field getting ready, hasn't missed anything that impresses the guy that needs to be impressed. >> we started talking to him tuesday. i'm practicing and he did. is that okay for a rookie. >> can we have a few more. >> love that. jets are on the road. they have a longer week. they don't play until monday in indianapolis. jets beat cleveland and colts lost to buffalo. win or lose, nfl teams can't look back. it's about looking ahead and getting ready for the next
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>> we don't worry about the records. we go trying to make ourselves better for week two. we have to progress and get better on our own and worry about the opponent when we get there. >> slim pickings, yankees and mets take the day off before they meet each other starting in citi field. the mets first place lead at 7 1/2 games with 16 to play. the magic number to clinch the l.a. east is 10. they lost two straight. last year shut off 6-zip marlins. first shut out march since last july and today an off day. good timing. >> seeing a drainage on the system. so, if there was a day off coming, i think it's coming at the right time. >> yankees winners on the road. three games off the pace in their division. first place toronto won 2. youth carried the night. greg byrd homered drove in two
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runs in a 3-1 win. today is the last scheduled day off in the regular season for the yanks. back at it tomorrow gets the mets. the islanders showed off alternate uniforms and resigned brock nelson to a three-year deal. today a six-player trade with the leaves. four kids coming to the islses. the islanders would be his sixth nfl team. third leg of the fedex cup play- offs. the marquee group playing together. one, two and three. day has round one league. fowler' aps approach on 16. spieth was on the green. you couldn't do that again if you tried. but, don't feel bad for mr. spieth. they played the back nine.
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196 yards. who needs the other two shots. suspended because of rain. finally from us, a youth football festival in kentucky that included a special touchdown. st. edward against jefferson town. the water boy loves football. his team loves kendall. he is 11 years old with down's syndrome. never played in a game until this game. a special play called den call wright. nice kids from jay town knew the play. kendall right ended up in the end zone. touchdown and everybody at that game has a new favorite play. >> talk about great blocking. >> awesome. >> thanks, rob. take a look at what is coming up at 11:00, she spent time in jail for stealing from a school when she was on the pta. now she is elected to the pta at another school. spending too much on soaps? why the cheap stuff works just fine tonight at 11:00.
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