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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 24, 2015 6:30pm-6:45pm EDT

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[change of captioners]. >> to see such a melting pot, considering, you know, talked so much, especially today about the importance of immigration. >> absolutely, he talked about being a son of immigrants, talked about this country and this continent being settled by immigrants, some of the challenges that brought but also the great promise that that brought, and that continues. >> all these cars, souped up cars and then we'll see this little tiny fiat come out and the pope will come out, we assume and the pope will get inside the pope mobile where he will, and correct me if i'm wrong, he just seems to get
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energized by this, by the feeling he gets from the crowd, he had as much in arch diocese as cardinal there, he's been sort of reborn in terms of his public appearances. >> very much so. and he is a true extrovert, you know, i think that we talk about his health and we talk about his age, but he's he draws energy. >> there's the fiat, right now as it pulls up, and as you watch this, as the pope arrives here and you see the massive security undertaking, also have to remember that the pope is here, along with about 170 other heads of states, all here for the u.n. general assembly tomorrow, who are also being heavily guarded as well. obviously, most of the resources, many of the resources
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going to pope francis as he gets out of his car and there he is. >> 6,000 nypd officers dedicated solely to the security of the pope, and that is bill bratton going up and meeting the pope. >> and you can hear the crowd. [ cheers and applause ] and it was mr. bratten, the biggest security endeavor in the history of new york city. bill bratton, shake hands with the pope. >> and father malone, i mean, you have to marvel, you know, talking about the pope's ageing, he's ageing, his health, he has a sciatic problem he deals with, but you also have to marvel at the incredible energy that he has, i would think any 30-year-old would have a tough time sustaining the day he had. >> i'm actually having a hard time keeping up with it, i understand that concern entirely, if he were an introverted person and encounters with a lot of people drew energy out of him, it really would be a problem, but
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he's just the opposite. >> you had mentioned, it someone told you, you're going to be, father, giving a speech to congress, you wouldn't have that kind of energy, let's lins in -- listen to that crowd, pope francis, first visit for him to st. patty's. [ cheers and applause ] >> he's up the way. that is the secret service agent on the bottom right, see that little girl, yesterday brought her to greet the pope and he kissed her, and she hugged him, i think the pope is ready to go,
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>> it is, who greeted him just a short time ago and i would imagine the secret service is going to treat the pope mobile they would as if president obama were inside that car and they will be jogging alongside the pope mobile as it makes its way towards st. patty's cathedral. see the pope waving, you can hear the crowds cheering, you can see the vast sea of security, nypd, lights flashing all around the pope, as he arrives here in new york city. >> and what a way to see new york city for the first time, it's his first trip to the united states and his first trip to new york city, and interesting to see the juxtaposition of the pope, helping the poor and the downtrodden and the immigrants come here and they are tonight, the streets of, what is arguably, i think in argument, actually, the ritziest
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commercial street in all of manhattan we're told the doors of st. patrick's have opened, the pope will be the last to enter, that means people are starting to go in in anticipation of the pope's speaking and offering prayers at the vespers, the evening service. you're watching, continuing coverage of eyewitness news special coverage as we cover pope francis's visit and the first hour and a half he's been on new york city land. no small shortage of security. >> and you can see them slowly start moving now. >> i don't think they're going to be jogging. >> they may just be doing a slow walk. >> slow go. >> pope francis taking it all in. nypd and the secret service say that they have planned for every single contingency that they that there could possibly be,
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been in place for about nine months, trying to take in to account every single possibility that could happen. >> security on the side, the fence, the pope originally we're told did not want any of that and and the secret service and the nypd just insisted, i'm sorry, that fence, this is the way it's got to be. but he just didn't want this, he wanted it to be, to really touch the people and father, as our reporters wondered, and as listed, and walking to the crowd frog surprised us. >> exactly, it may very well happen, i'd understand if you were feeling a bit overwhelmed everything that he is experiencing right now is on a scale he's never experienced before in his life. >> he's probably never seen security like this.
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>> and even when he's travelled to other places, and run in to security issues before, it has never been to this extent. >> no, no, certainly not. >> the nypd truly had a very serious talk with 9 pope's security, to try to get him to use an enclosed pope mobile and he was steadfast and said no. this, as we can see, was the tradeoff. >> yes. the fence and the pope mobile. it does not look like, certainly, and no one's going to come up to the pope mobile, but we don't know whether this, just six blocks is all this, this little parade is, and then as we have seen, very slow walk. and you can see that, i don't know, there it is, the pope mobile is right behind that big esu emergency services unit police vehicle, and that is, and you can see just no shortage of
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security [ bells ringing ] [. >> and you can hear the bells, from the cathedral as pope francis makes his way. >> i remember, father, that, um, it's one of your employees, father malone's employees, [ indiscernible ] editor, he was with liz and i, he was with liz and i when pope benedict was here in the stadium, 2008 and he was, you know, i don't think he shared pope benedict's politics, but he was so visibly, emotionally moved, by being in the presence of the pope. >> yes. >> and i'm wondering, anxious as you see the pope on 5th avenue, one of your haunting stops, and you work in this area. >> absolutely. >> and this is, your turf and here's the pope. >> yeah, it's a remarkable thing. i mean, i've had the pleasure of meeting him on one occasion in
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home, of the united states and new york, is, is, incredible occasion. and i just think it's remarkable that 50 years ago we had to talk about whether [ indiscernible ] should be elected president and, the united states established diplomatic relations, only in the 80s, and mou this, this jesuit hope has addressed congress this morning and now he's parading down 5th avenue, to the cheers of thousands of people, it's a wonderful thing to see them both. >> very busy trip, and will be analyzed by people of all politics and stripes, and his trip to cuba, this is a man who started the ball rolling, the phone recall to raul castro and a phone call to barack obama, trying to get diplomacy again to the two countries.
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and the pope left cuba tuesday morning and tuesday night, wednesday morning, there was a cease-fire that a lot of people think he had something to do with, with the webls -- rebels in columbia. >> that's how it went, yeah, that's right. and this is a pope who, he follows his words with deeds. right? he doesn't just talk about reconciliation, he doesn't just talk about reconciliation and international diplomacy, he really helps to make it happen. he doesn't just talk about inaugurating adversity, he starts making exceptions to the confessional practices, when people go to confession, to make it easier, he has, you know, he said the very day after he declared, the year of mercy, he acknowledged the armenian genocide that took place the beginning of the 20th century, this pope follows his word with deeds. [ cheers and applause ] and that's a quintessential jesuit to be a contemporary in,
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but always in action. >> we're going to continue this conversation but we do want to go ahead and check in with our kaubl kaubl who is just outside -- [ indiscernible ] cathedral as he makes his way, joe? >> reporter: the doors have swung open, you can see an nypd unit just arriving at the front of the church now, governor, schumer and mayor bill de blasio at the front steps, the students and the workers who renovated this great cathedral are just going ecstatic right now, the pope is about a block away from the front of the church, between 51st and 52nd at the moment, in the pope mobile crawling and moving slowly, completely surrounded by secret service who are walking side by side, we have been instructed not to move when the pope gets close,
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they'll be watching us as much as we will be watching him, can see him now, the pope as he makes his way toward the front of the church, just crossed 51st street and his jeep is making its way towards the front doors of the church s the pope waving to the people here outside the church and that noise, those are the kids, the high schoolers gathered out front and you can see the pope waving to him with his left hand as he gets closer and closer, cardinal dole waving to us in the back as well and now he's looking in our direction, and there you see the pope arriving in the front of the church, you guys can take it from here. [ cheers and applause ] >> let's take a quick check with sade, you have a birds' eye view. >> yes, pope francis is right behind me, bill and this has been quite a moment, you can just hear the crowd just erupting in cheer, welcoming the pope, he's about to make his way
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and to greet people there, what an incredible reception that he's receiving right now, you can hear the bell ss tolling welcoming the pope, there are about 500 people outside of the church right now, some of them are students from xavier high school, others from notre dame, also, you have some of the workers who are involved in this renovation project, this is $177 million renovation project that took three years, it was slated to be completed by december, but when you hear the pope is coming, you're going to do everything to get ready and it is, there are more than 4,000 stained glass windows that needed to be cleaned, marble had to be replaced, the ceiling had to be repaired, so much was involved m putting this together, they wanted to make this a special homecoming for the pontiff, his first visit here to new york, and his first
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event in new york city where the vesper service is going to begin shortly. phil and liz? >> sade, thank you, right now you're being blocked in the view but we're seeing pope francis greeting senator schumer, governor cuomo and mayor bluegrass -- mayor de blasio and cardinal dole. >> schumer saying a short time ago he was simply wowed by meeting the pope and hissening to the pope earlier today in washington. >> told sade he had chills up and down his spine, he was still feeling the chills back in new york, and i think that's what father malone was saying that, you know, he, people of all stripes and all politics and all persuasions react o this man. from argentina. first jesuit pope, the first pope [ indiscernible ]
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