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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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good sunday evening. welcome to "eyewitness news at 6:00." i'm joe torres. >> i'm sandra bookman. it has been a busy day for pope francis in philadelphia. he is getting ready to head to the airport. before he departs for rome he will have a private meeting with joe biden's family. earlier in the day he met with bishops and talked to victims of the catholic church sex abuse scandal and promised to hold those accountable responsible. >> and later in the day he took a helicopter to a correctional
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facility where he met with prisoners, their families and correctional officers. his biggest event, though, which you saw a few minutes ago, the mass on benjamin franklin parkway. it just wrapped up. thousands upon thousands descended on philadelphia for this special event. >> in less than two hours, pope francis will head back to rome. we want to take you back to philadelphia. that's where eyewitness news anchor bill ritter is tonight leading our coverage. bill? >> reporter: sandra and joe, on this, the 8th day, this pope was ready to go home. the leader of the world's 1.2 million catholics. 72 million in this country with an incredible journey. cuba then the united states making today his final pleas for peace and social justifies. pope francis, what incredible energy. we saw him all week, amazing for a man 78 years old. he seemed frankly more tired today.
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the steps on the altar, a little more work, effort than we have seen him given aid before. the couple hundred thousand people, the pope shut his eyes, perhaps in reflection. his homily about ten minutes or so asking those gathered in his shining but general way to focus on the kind of lives they want for their children and leave them. >> this action that we are invited to participate in leads us to ask ourselves how are we trying to live this way in our homes, in our societies. what are we doing to live this way in our homes, in our societies.
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to leave to our children. the urgent challenge of protecting our home includes the concern of bringing all of the human pham milly together in the pursuit of sustainable and integral development. for we know that things can change. >> fascinating message. change can happen in the world but it has to start with us and our homes. the pope will leave here, go to the airport where he will meet up with vice president biden, a private meeting there then he will head home to rome wheels up. now to a story of the people behind me. if you can show the people, the viewers, everything back there. an amazing thing. this last event, they waited for hours, standing up, not going anywhere for this last
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it will take a while to clear the space. was it worth it? josh einiger talking to those who were here tonight. josh? >> reporter: yeah, bill, behind me is an area for very special people, about 80,000 people that got special tickets to sit up close to the stage. as you said, hundreds of thousands were behind this spot lining philadelphia's grandest boulevard as they witnessed history. over the past six days pope francis has rolled through three cities, kissed countless babies, kissed thousands of a dooring followers. his entire visit came to this, an open air mass on the majestic ben franklin parkway. hundreds of thousands flocked here and drank it in. >> this is wonderful, wonderful. it's like outside mass and be everybody is here. >> reporter: throughout the weekend, philadelphia has been in celebration mode.
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pilgrims like this group from to witness history. >> we are hear for the great cause, love and peace, it will be great. built this afternoon there was a bit of a snag at the front of the parkway. pilgrims that waited hours for the best view angrily protested a white large tent built to protect the orchestra in case of rain. workers broke it down and the mass got underway. >> the glance from a man of mercy is a priceless meaning. >> reporter: now, the city of philadelphia took extraordinary and controversial steps when it came to securing its downtown corridor, about five square miles closed to vehicular traffic as this weekend got underway. some were worried about the -- that the faithful would stay away because of the hopes they had to jump through.
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some might have stayed away, pretty much anyone you ask here who did make the journey will tell you it was well worth their trouble. in fact, no trouble at all. live in philadelphia, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. bill? >> josh, thank you. great reporting this weekend. not easy situation and circumstances. josh einiger down in the crowd. no easy way for folks to get out of here. i want to show you this shot again as our camera takes a look at all the people. many of them, as you can see, are walking out. many are standing there. many of them to get here came first to camden then walked to philadelphia to get back they have to walk at least three miles over the ben franklin bridge, a bridge that connects pennsylvania to new jersey. this is after standing here for ten hours. safon kim is in camden with their stories and the journey home. >> reporter: well, bill, we are on the new jersey side of this ben franklin bridge.
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way so you can see what we are seeing. this is a surreal picture. we know the bridge has been shut down to vehicular traffic so people can walk over the bridge to see the pope. but you are not seeing the mass exodus yet. we are being told as you can see, people are staying around after this mass to worship and take in the atmosphere and pray. the number of folks that went over this bridge were not as high as police expected. they are saying yesterday about 2,000 people walked over the bridge. today similar numbers, about 2200. part of that reason, from where they had to park their cars in camden to get to the mass, in fact it's almost five miles to get there. so, it will be a half hour or so, we are being told, until we see the people spilling out of there. it's a joyous atmosphere, they are trying to take it in. this bridge will be closed, they are saying, up until maybe noon tomorrow. they will let the people hang out and enjoy the atmosphere.
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that is what they will be here for is to get all of that, the worship and praying. we will keep you posted on this side. they are beginning to slowly come off the bridge into new jersey. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you so much. as we get the last look at all of these people just hundreds of thousands of them out there. that will do it for us from philadelphia. quite a week. no matter what you believe, this man is making quite an impact and impression challenging all of us whether we are religious or not to make the place of the world a better place to live. we should all have that kind of impact, we should all be so lucky to have that kind of impact for sure and mind. it's been a week. joe, sandra, that is it from philadelphia. >> bill, thank you.
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we have ex pentive coverage on our web site,, slide shows and there were many, the ride through central park from his perspective. take a look at that at the pope's six day visits here in the united states on our web site. and we, of course, have much more news ahead this evening. an investigation underway right now in the bronx. a college student reportedly sexually assaulted in an alley. >> also ahead, president obama arrives in new york city for the u.n. summit. the big meetings he has on his schedule as leaders from across
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in our news, world leaders are in new york city for the united nations summit. >> president obama arrived earlier today. he has several meetings planned with meetings including russian's president, vladimir putin. lucy yang is on the east side. >> reporter: if new yorkers are hoping to catch a break from last week's traffic nightmare, not so fast. the pope has left town. as you know, he is in philadelphia, but now the president is here along with
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president obama arrived in new york city this afternoon and immediately delivered remarks to the u.n. on a host of issues from global health to the refugee crisis to women's rights. his big address is tomorrow. he touched on a number of controversial topics today. in times of crisis, from ebola to syria, we are the largest provider of humanitarian aid. in times of disaster and crisis, the world can count on the friendship and generosity of the american people. >> many streets here on the east side remain closed. barricades are up. motor cads are a common sight. new yorkers will have to wait a few more days for this city to recam congestion and delays. live on the east side, lucy yang, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> lucy, thank you very much. new at 6:00, a fordham
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in an alley close to campus in the bronx. the school sent out an alert earlier today. it happened late last night on east fordham in the belmont section. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson has the story. >> i think it's terrible. i live down the street and it's terrifying. >> reporter: put everyone at rose hill campus on high alert. i showed this group the e-mail blast that went out to students, faculty, staff and guests today. the bulletin details what a 19- year-old says happened to her here in this alleyway, a place rebecca only walks through during the day. >> i have never seen what it looks like at night. >> reporter: the victim told police around 10:00 saturday night two men hanging in this alley sexually assaulted her. she goes to fordham and just left campus here through the walsh gate. she was alone when she got totally. one man held her arms behind her back while the second
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suspect groped her breasts and behind. then she said one man was unzipping his pants but was startled by a group of people walking toward them. the suspects took off, police say, on east fordham road. >> i walk on the main road where there are more people. even at night there are a bunch of students on that road. >> reporter: it is a popular shortcut. we watched several people use the a alley which is between a dunkin donuts and apartment building. caitlyn admits she has done it before. >> not a great choice because night or day it's not a well lit area. >> reporter: one thing police will take a look at is footage from the many security cameras. there is one right there. it's pointed down on the alleyway. there is a second one here in the back right there. it's focused on the parking lot. >> i will walk through the store from now on. i think a lot of students have similar reactions to that. >> kemberly richardson, channel
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>> as the weekend comes to an
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this is a live picture from that is benjamin franklin parkway. you can see the crowds she thinning out. earlier estimates were that a million people, i think that was right, joe, would show up for the mass. we are not sure if it was a
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million but in my professional opinion, it was a lot of people. it was a big crowd, no doubt about that. >> very big crowd to hear the pope's final mass in the u.s. that six glorious days have come to an end. >> right. right now space enthusiasts, say that ten times fast, are over the moon about a major discovery on mars that has yet to be revealed, at least not publicly. the red hot anticipation of news on the red planet came after nasa took to twitter saying mars mystery solved question mark? they will unveil it tomorrow morning. we have to wait. since the announcement, the internet has exploded with a huge amount of speculation. we shall see. >> something else. the pope is going home so now on mars. maybe it is matt damon, do you think. >> that's what the movie says. jeff, i think the last week
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-- the weather was better than anybody could expect. are we going to have more in coming week. >> i think the pope's connections kept the rain way. we are running out of luck. actually we are running into luck because we need the rainfall. if you were looking forward to seeing the total lunar eclipse around 10:00 p.m. lasting until midnight the moon will turn this blood red appearance, a super moon. this happened about once every 18 years, we have cloud cover out there. north of the city there might be enough breaks in the clouds to maybe be able to view that eclipse basically between 10:00 p.m. and midnight. temperature 69. that wind coming in from the northeast around 8. the wind off the water keeping it cool the past couple of days. actually below average for this time of the year. the normal high for september the 27th, 71 degrees. 90 was the record in 1933. the sun going down in about 25 minutes. 68 in morristown. down to 63 in monticello.
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mid-60s down the shore. mid-to-upper 60s on the island. because of the full moon and wind off the water a coastal flood advisory until 9:00 p.m. for the south shore of nassau county, brooklyn and queens and down the shore, new jersey shore in ocean county because the tides are running higher due to the full moon you add on wave action due to the onshore flow and you get coastal flooding. not a big deal. maybe minor flooding on immediate shore roads. the radar and satellite showing city and points south. that is why north of the city you may be able to see the the midhudson valley overnight tonight. a lot of water to the south. they have been getting a deluge over parts of eastern north carolina. luckily we missed that. luckily for the pope's visit we missed that. the rainfall will make its way to the tri-state area. 66 in the park tonight. highs tomorrow approaching the 80-degree mark. mainly cloudy day.
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there will be a couple of showers developing as a front presses in from the west and we have quite a bit of miss tour around. that turns into a steadier and perhaps heavier rain, especially by late tuesday, 77. there could be one to two inches of rain tuesday into early wednesday. accuweather forecast, mainly cloudy, 66. heading into tomorrow, mostly cloudy. a couple of showers around. not a big deal, 79. a shower in the area tomorrow night, down to 7 o. maybe a shower tuesday morning. that evolves into a steadier rain. wednesday, 70. a break thursday then we watch the potential for a coastal storm friday into the weekend which could mean more rain, highs not out of the 60s on the weekend. >> that looks like a week of
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a whole lot of green at the meadowlands. >> that's why the jets called for a white out. the jets have a 2-0 start. the eagles have been a mess, the worst offense in the league with an 0-2 record. a gang green win fell into the highly likely category.
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that's why you actually play the games. jets hosting the eagles. a bad way to start for the home team. down 3-0. that is scrolls who took the punt then dodges defenders 89 yards for the touchdown. later in the second, bradford hooking up with ryan matthews for the 23-yard strike. jets not doing any favors in this one. marshal tries to lateral the ball. i don't know why. fumbles. eagles recover, goes touchdown. jets are trailing. marshal trying to atone for the mistake. the jets are trying to climb back in late in the day but turnovers were a killer. ryan fitzpatrick three interceptions. 24-17, goes jets take the first lots of the season. letter. yesterday the mets clinched the first national league east title since 2006. a party ensued and
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literally and figuratively today. not with these amazins. second inning up 1-0. letter 2- run home run and 3-zip. degrom great on the mound. struck out 9 allowing one run. he was a force at the plate. two for three on the day. this single scored a pair. that made it 5-0 mets. they weren't done. solo home run. mets lead up to. it holds 8-1. mets get the win. the yankees may eastbound closing in on a play-off spot with the magic number for a wild card at 4 heading into the day. the pinstripes are holding out for a division title. they need help from toronto and can't afford any more losses. today with the white sox, struck out two but six
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low scoring affair until the sixth. solo shot, 2-0. white sox get on the board in the 7th. pinch hit home run made it a 3- 1 yankees lead. insurance would be helpful. ellsbury delivers. 4-1. they add a couple more. 6-1 yankees win. liberty fell on the eastern conference finals forcing a game three tuesday. >> decisive. >> yes. >> thank you, laura. that is the news for now.
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