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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  September 29, 2015 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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city that fell to the taliban. >> a includes serve legionnaires' disease. >> remembering yankee legend yogi berra as he is laid to rest in new jersey. good morning. i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, september 29th. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with the exclusive forecast. >> the fog is coming and going. it's warm. it will be a warm day today. a humid day. temperature 72 with cloudy skies. northern alley the temperature at this hour would be 56 degrees. way warm. 65 brick, new jersey. 70 bridgeport. 71 newark, essex, hudson, union county. westchester 68. flood watch in effect for ulster, dutchess and sullivan counties. up the hudson river valley, we are expecting a lot of heavy rain by thursday morning. so, goes today, low 80s by afternoon. rain gets heavy this afternoon and tonight. flooding rains tonight and
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tomorrow to talk about. tropical storm joaquin for the weekend. weather and traffic every 7 minutes. i am busy around the weather ranch. >> i can tell. you are rolling around. >> how is it in the traffic corral. >> busy as well. as far as the airports are concerned making you busy, we have 30-minute delays on arrivals at laguardia. check your individual carrier before you head out the door. j.f.k., newark doing fine. check with your carrier. mass transit times, trains and buses for new jersey buses, long island railroad, metro north doing okay. we have an incident on the cross bronx west at rosedale an accident. two lanes are closed down. we understand there are delays back to the bruckner interchange as a result. verrazano bridge upper level through brooklyn, earlier accident has been cleared away. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended today for religious observances. metered are in effect. lori, over to you.
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legionnaires has made a return to the bronx. the health department says it discovered a cluster of 7 new cases last week in morris park. now, cooling towers are in the area and have been tested to try to find the source. the results are expected by the end of the week. health department is saying that three of the patients live in morris park. the other four have connections to the neighborhood. officials are urging residents to be cautious. >> we want to make sure that people seek care early if they have symptoms, fever, chills, headache, body ache, difficulty breathing. >> the health department is reaching out to organizations that work with the elderly and other vulnerable populations to make sure that they are aware of the symptoms.
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due back in court today. a stray bullet killed akai gurley. prosecutors expected to have a trial date set at the hearing. today fellow yankee greats are expected to pay respects to a true al star, yogi berra laid to rest one week after he passed away ending a lifetime of achievements on and off the field. kala rama is live in montclair, new jersey. kala? >> reporter: while yogi berra passed away at 90, the ceremony will be more of a celebration by his family and friends. he had a lot of them. today's ceremony will be private held at the church of the i am make guy -- immaculate conception. governor chris christie ordered all state buildings to fly flags at half staff in honor of lawrence peter yogi berra. off the field he was a world
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accommodations for his service on d-day. on the field, he won ten world series and three mvp awards. he was a coach, manager, philosopher and long time resident of montclair, new jersey. his family will remember berra for so much more. >> never saw larry or i play baseball but never missed a hockey game, football game, basketball game. he was so there for us when the season ended. >> reporter: this funeral is private. you can still watch it at home on the yes network. the yogi berra museum will hold a public memorial october 4th. live in montclair, new jersey, kala rama, goes channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. we will bring you more reaction to yogi berra's life as he is remembered today in
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at abc7ny you can view photos from his long baseball career and read a full list of yogisms. breaking news happening now with american and afghan forces launching a major offensive to push the taliban out of the city of kunduz. this is video we received i don't for night showing the victorious forces celebrating victory in the city square. this is the first time insurgents seized a major urban center since the 2001 invasion. the senate appears to be hours away from approving a bipartisan short term spending bill that would prevent the government from shutting down at midnight tomorrow. senators voted 77 to 19 yesterday to end a filibuster but tea partiers continue to fight. they want all funding stripped
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from planned parenthood. it has been under scathing attack for providing fetal tissue. president obama is working here in new york. today he chairs a leaders summit at the united nations on countering isis and other extremism. he will meet with raul castro, their second meeting this year but the first time that castro has attended the world leaders in new york. president obama has gone face to face with russian president vladimir putin. they gave dueling speeches to the general assembly before clicking their glasses in a toast. the two men held business like talks for 90 minutes. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with your accuweather forecast. >> let's take a look outside. here we go. this is our camera on the roof as we look across the park. we are looking at what will be a morning where we have a little fog with cloud cover. we will look at some of that
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continuing for the next few hours where you have low visibilities. the fog has been coming and going because of the calm wind. we look down the shore, asbury park, we got better visibility. we had a lot of fog from asbury park to point pleasant. 72 degrees. a couple of sprinkles worked their way -- one sprinkle in rockland county. the body of the rain coming our way that is the most numerous amount of showers is in central pennsylvania, western pennsylvania. a front is in the great lakes. that comes together starting this evening through the night, overnight tonight and into tomorrow. a couple of showers. a warm day. another 81-degree day. normal high temperature is 70. we will look at that. kids, comfy clothes, warm, humid. hydrate, drink a lot of water. you have sports after school, i don't think you get rained out. you may get rained on. it will be a damp warm, humid 81 degrees. >> not going well if you are going to the lincoln tunnel.
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let's take a look at a camera. we will show you what is happening here. bumper to bumper traffic to the lincoln tunnel. this is not the lincoln. for some reason another shot showed up. let's go to the maps. if you are heading to the lincoln tunnel, 495 east near kennedy boulevard, that is an accident. this is causing delays on the bus lanes as well. so, your delay into the lincoln is going to start building as you make your way on to 495. george washington bridge and holland fin nor -- minor delays. we have two lanes closed down, delays back to the bruckner interchange. as far as the airports, 30- minute delays on arrivals at laguardia. call your individual carrier. not a bad idea to check in if you are going to j.f.k. or newark airport. empties on or close to schedule. we have alternate side of the street parking rules suspended today. metered are in effect. ken and lori, over to you. >> thank you.
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still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," a well- known daredevil is killed during a stunt on a golf course. a sky diving accident that took a tragic turn. >> new this morning, take a look at this scary picture of two airplanes getting very cozy. how do you start the day brighter? make the ride smoother? and finish with a smile? you've got this. you've got t.j.maxx.
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this is the aftermath of a bit of a fender bender involving two passenger jets in seattle. they were on the ground. nobody was on either plane. they were stuck together a bit. an airport spokesperson described it as similar to what happens when you take your foot off the brake and you bump into the car in front of you. a cyber security upgrade didn't stop another hack of a computer system at rutgers. there were network issues throughout the day. it's the 5th hack at rutgers in the past year. back in august, the university hired three firms to protect its computer networks at a total cost of up to $3 million. if you are a fan of this next list of celebrities, you may want to stick to listening
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to them on the radio rather than looking them up online. intel security announced that searching for stars like usher or luke bryan could land users on web sites that carry viruses or malaware. searches for dutch transdeejay van buren carry the most risk. clearly i've been looking him up lately. others included britney spears, katy perry and jay-z. >> i'm sorry. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> let's check in with bill. >> we have a lot of weather to talk about today. rain coming today. it's warm and humid. we have a tropical storm to talk about that is iffy, poses no threat but something to keep an eye on for the weekend plans. let's get it going. we have fog looking to the lower east side. 72 degrees. high humidity, winds are calm.
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temperatures should be 56 in north port and massapequa. but it's 68 and 72 around the park and 70 belmar. we have a flood watch in effect for sullivan county, ulster, dutchess and i would imagine more counties will be added to that. that's where the heaviest of the rains are possible. the rains in central pennsylvania, back to the ohio valley. cold front around chicago. that comes our way this evening and tonight. so, you will see that tropical storm joaquin is in the atlantic. winds are 40 miles per hour. the it's meandering west and southwest and backing down. by the time we get to thursday and friday. the models, computer models are projected that it makes a turn to the west, comes northward, we will keep an eye on that. watch the cohn, the white line as opposed to the red line so you know where the storm goes. it's way out in the forecast for saturday into sunday.
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one thing for certain after school warm temperature, 81 degrees. warm and humid. a pop-up shower. nothing that would rain out after school sports today but tomorrow it is certainly a wash out. 81 today. here comes the moisture and front. that pushes through tomorrow. 2, 3 inches of soaking rain. we are 8 inches short of the normal rainfall. a lot of rain between tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night that could cause flooding. 68 tonight. traveling tonight, out and about tomorrow, rain that could be heavy across area. as we get to wednesday night, the rain is kind of out of here. letter there could be a shower on thursday and friday. so, just looking at a cooler day on thursday and friday. then saturday and sunday we will keep an eye on joaquin to see what happens. >> i will hide around the
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my friend maximus will find me. show me some love. >> mugging on 42nd street. here pass cleo. good morning. you guys get ready for the rain tomorrow. maximus you will look like a rat tomorrow. >> maximus doesn't come out in the rain. >> no, he doesn't. he doesn't go out in the rain. you guys have a great day. >> you too. let's go to heather for a check on the commute. i have a couple of camera shots to show you. the helix traveling to the lincoln tunnel, here it is. dark but you can see traffic is zooming down the helix. a webcam, things are not zooming at all. this is the helix -- 495 before the helix. let's head to the maps. we have an accident on 495 east near kennedy boulevard. that is what is causing that delay. past the accident scene you are fine moving into the tolls. but this is where the trouble
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spot is because the delay goes back to the new jersey turnpike eastern spur. going to the george washington bridge minor. lincoln an accident, goes past that it's minor. the holland tunnel a minor delay. we will talk about the cross bronx expressway going westbound near rosedale an accident. two lanes are blocked off. westbound delays begin over here at the bruckner interchange. it takes you into the accident scene near rosedale avenue. we have alternate side of the street parking rules suspended for religious observances. metered are in effect. lori and ken, over to you. >> thank you, heather. >> maybe you got caught up in the facebook crash. users were not happy when it went down again. >> how some people aired their frustrations. >> in techbytes, another facebook outage. >> the social network wasn't available for about 40 minutes yesterday afternoon. that's the third time in three weeks. >> facebook says it was a
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configuration issue and affected users in north america. iphone users are voicing frustration about an ios 9 feature wi-fi assist that uses your data when wi-fi is weak. users think they are on a wi-fi but it's eating up your data. you can turn it off under settings. >> iphone users can buy lottery tickets without standing in line. you can use the new jack pocket app. >> it only works in the new york area but it expands soon to new jersey and california, just in time for more than 300 million-dollar powerball jackpot. >> dollar, a dream and a phone. >> that's all you need for your techbytes. let the grocery games begin. >> how walmart is looking to change the way you shop. >> where you can celebrate
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stocks took another tumble to start the week lead by plunging biotech stocks. dow starts 313 points down.
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nasdaq dropped 3%. futures are higher at least for now. >> a similar scene overseas. markets in asia finishing in the red. nikkei lost 4%. hong kong hang seng index dropped 3%. walmart is expanding its online grocery service. eight new markets are launching in the southern and western u.s. perishables will not be on the menu for a while. customers can fill up on online carts today but they will not be able to pick up items for two weeks. and if you are still waiting to start the morning with a jolt of java, this is your day. more precisely, it's national coffee day. there are prebees galore. here are some of the tasty offerings. dunkin donuts is handing out a free medium cup of hot or ice coffee or stop by wawa to get a cup of coffee of your choice. krispy kreme is giving out a small cup of coffee with a glazed doughnut.
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list of the national coffee day offers. we want to see how you are celebrating national coffee day. send us a picture of your free cup of joe. >> i could deal with a glazed crisp ---krispy kreme. bill evans with the forecast. >> temperatures are warm this morning. 70 to 72 around the five boroughs. 68 around brunswick. 71 newark. a calm wind. we are looking at an okay ride here from the ferries back and forth in jersey. humidities around 94% and we are looking at calm winds to a southerly southeast wind today. we are watching joaquin way down in the atlantic, no threat to anybody at this point. it's out there in the atlantic. it may turn and head up the coast on friday and start moving north.
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it picks up speed once it makes that northern turn. it may be close to us saturday into sunday. we will see. one thing for certain, the rain is coming tonight and tomorrow. it could produce 2, 3 inches of rain around the area. poughkeepsie and sussex, 6 inches of rain. a lot of rain between tonight and tomorrow. watch out for flooding. >> that computer model looks like a grateful dead show. let's go to the maps an talk about 495 to the lincoln tunnel near kennedy boulevard. earlier accident has been cleared away. trying to get there will cost about 45 minutes leaving the turnpike into the accident scene. past that flying down the helix. i have a feeling all that traffic will back up at the tolls. minor george washington bridge and the holland tunnels. cross bronx expressway, going west near rosedale an accident. we have two lanes blocked off. delays back to the bruckner interchange.
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parking rules are suspended today. metered are in effect. over to you. >> new this morning, a tragic end to a day of sky diving for an extreme sports star. his name is eric garner. he died in an accident at a california golf course. he hit a tree during the opening ceremony. witnesses say he was trying to land and become -- became entangled high above ground. well, you know what, is first lady michelle obama is most likely to when she leaves the white house? mrs. obama told stephen colbert that she might like to drive herself to target when the first family moves out of 800 pennsylvania avenue and has a strong desire to open a window, a no no in office. >> you don't have security clearance to open the window. >> little i can't open my windows. i can't. if i press it in the car, everybody is like oh, my god, what was that.
6:24 am
>> we will get you a canister of fresh air. >> one day as a treat my lead agent let me have the windows open on the way to camp david. it was like five minutes out and he was like windows open, enjoy it. >> wow. >> you never know how their life is. >> the first lady used the show to promote her latest [ indiscernible ] >> she looks awesome. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," a newborn girl minutes old tossed to her death from an apartment in the bronx. now police are trying to determine if her mother will face charges. >> also, a high school
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a baby girl tossed to her death. police try to figure out what lead to the tragedy. >> what forced a flight to ireland to abruptly turn around after leaving kennedy airport. >> mr. de blasio goes to washington. what is on the mayor's agenda later this week in the nation's capitol. >> i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. it's tuesday, september 29th. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill. we are looking at rainfall totals, cloudy skies, fog around the area. we have a busy week of weather. first off, here we go. temperature this morning starting out around 72 degrees. 84% humidity. winds are calm, pressure steady. we have a flood watch already issued coming your way. that will be in butch chess county, ulster and around sullivan county.
6:29 am
is the rain that will be heavy around. that will continue to start to develop this evening and tonight. we are looking at 77 by noontime. a couple of showers. 81 this afternoon. heavy rain starts tonight. flooding tonight and tomorrow. we will talk about 2 to 3 inches of rain in the first batch, tropical storm joaquin possible for the weekend. >> we have an accident on the cross bronx expressway. let's take a look at the george washington bridge. as you come inbound, you can see the upper and lower levels starting to slow as you come across the span on to the cross bronx expressway. this is a rubbernecking delay. let's go to the maps. on the cross bronx, westbound side near rosedale you will an accident. two lanes are closed down. a lot of people are starting to slow down eastbound to take a look a in the -- look at this. westbound delays near bruckner interchange. ten minutes into the george. lincoln tunnel an accident cleared, 45 minutes. holland tunnel is a 15-minute
6:30 am
delay. then if you are heading to the lincoln tunnel, earlier accident 495 at kennedy boulevard cleared. street cleaning rules are suspended. new this morning another gas station robbery during the night on long island. police are looking hard to see if it's tied to more than a dozen similar hold ups carried out by one man. this was carried out at an exxon station in calverton. the thief got away with the cash but the thief went all out to track him down. right now police in the bronx are investigating the tragic death of a newborn girl. we want to warn you the details of this story are quite disturbing. investigators say the baby girl was tossed out a window from an apartment yesterday afternoon moments after being born. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is following the story in university heights. dray? >> reporter: good morning, ken.
6:31 am
hate reporting on, the kind of story you wish ways want overnight -- wasn't true but it is. a defenseless infant thrown from a window and suffering an extremely violent death. police don't know why but they do know how girl was tossed out of a 7th floor window still attached to her umbilical cord. it happened on west 183rd at an apartment building in the university heights section of the bronx. it was the building superintendent's wife who found the baby yesterday afternoon on the courtyard cement floor. the mother is in -- the super's mother is in shock after finding the baby.
6:32 am
how would you react? like you would react bad, too. everybody react the same thing. >> something crazy. really ridiculous. i don't believe that somebody would throw their own baby out the window. >> detectives later located a 33-year-old woman inside the apartment building that they believe is the mother of that infant girl because it appears as if the woman had just given birth. she was taken to saint barnabas hospital. at last check tie remains under police guard. the baby's father was taken to the 52nd precinct for an interview. during that time, he told detectives he wasn't aware the woman was pregnant. we learned there is surveillance video showing part of the baby's fall from a 7th floor window to the courtyard below. live in university heights section of the bronx, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dray, thank you. at kennedy airport, talk
6:33 am
about a quick flight, almost as soon as wheels up they were back down. now an investigation is underway. aer lingus flight 110 was forced to turned around 15 minutes after taking off from j.f.k. last night. the boeing 757 had problems with hydraulics. here is some of the exchange between the pilot and air traffic control. >> we have a technical issue. we lost our high draw like system, one hydraulic system. we have to return to kennedy at some point, not yet. please inform kind that we have lost hydraulic fluids and it may dump on the runway. >> when they landed, a small fire broke out when the brakes overheated. no one was hurt. the nypd is searching for the man who tried to snatch a teenage girl off the street. police say raheem bryce pulled up next to a 13-year-old girl on taylor avenue and tried to
6:34 am
pull her into his car. a passerby stepped in and then a second man got out of the car with a knife. the girl fought back and ran away unharmed. it's 6:36. two young sisters allegedly taken from their foster parents by their biological mom are safe. police tracked down destiny mccoy and 2-year-old ty macon in mississippi. the girls were 2kr07d off for what was supposed to tampa bay a five hour visit in brooklyn. the girls were never brought back. we know what lead to the death of a star high school quarterback who collapsed on the field in new jersey. the morris county medical examiner says 17-year-old evan murray's spleen ruptured after a hard hit in a game friday night. the quarterback at warren hills regional high schools walked off the field but later died at the hospital. doctors are checking to see if
6:35 am
he had a prior infection like mono that could cause the spleen to enlarge. his wake will be held tomorrow in washington township. his funeral is on thursday. new this morning, a scandal for medicare. a federal audit just related could give taxpayers heartburn. medicare paid $30 million for ambulance rides for which no records even exist of a real patient getting medical care. some ambulance services, especially in philadelphia, los angeles and new york as well as houston get paid for an average distance of more than 100 miles per ride. the national average is 10 miles for urban ambulance rides. mayor de blasio is going to washington friday to push for his national political agenda. he will address a conference of business executives to advocate a liberal economic policy. the conference aims to bring together representatives of the
6:36 am
in the national progressive movement. participants will explore shared policy pry ortiz and work together to collaborate on a legtive agenda and support businesses with aggressive values. then mr. de blasio will travel to baltimore for a meeting of the u.s. conference of mayors. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans with the exclusive forecast. >> we take a look at our camera to the jackie onassis reservoir,ing clouds, breaks of sun. the fog has been burning off. this is our view from the camera in brooklyn looking to the lower east side. temperature is 72 degrees. it's warm. it's humid. you will notice that the moment you walk out. there were a couple of sprinkles overnight. now the rain back to the northwest around state college to pittsburgh to erie to toronto. that brings rain this evening and tonight. can't rule out showers in this
6:37 am
soupy 94% humidity air mass. temperature to 81 this afternoon. it will be a warm morning, kiddos at the bus stop. make sure you have the comfy clothes. 72 degrees. a sprinkle. humid. watch out for that kid right there. heather is looking at the commute. how is it going? >> the one in the white hat? >> yeah. >> stole my lunch yesterday. >> what. >> why did he do that. >> he is still growing. he's hungry. >> bully. let's go to the webcams. on the b.q.e. northbound side into the l.i.e. you can plus construction there. we have a problem. we will head to the maps and b.q.e. northbound side near l.i.e. a disabled vehicle. we are finding delays on to the cross bronx west at rosedale with an accident. two lanes are blocked off. inbound george washington bridge is 10. the lincoln is 45. the accident has been cleared. holland is a 15-minute delay.
6:38 am
the garden state parkway near exit 81 on the northbound side you have that accident being cleared away. it looks like mass transit is doing okay this morning, no major problems with new jersey transit trains or buses, long island railroad, metro north but 30-minute arrival delays at laguardia airport. check with your carriers. street cleaning rules are suspended. >> it's 6:40. new from overnight, new york's latest group of geniuses. >> the teenager from texas arrested when his homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb. getting a vip tour of new york. >> and you have to see this.
6:39 am
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a spectacular finish to a car chase that reached 100 miles per hour in oklahoma. it nearly came to an end after about 15 minutes in oklahoma city when the suspect's car, you can see there, rolling over as it left the highway. then the driver got out and started to run. police caught up with her moments later as she tried to jump a fence. the woman, she is in custody now. two police cruisers crashed during the chase. no one was hurt. a panel is now in place to
6:42 am
take a closer look at new york's common core standards. governor cuomo promised to make changes to the controversial initiative. he said the goal of the 15 member panel is a total reboot of the system. the focus will be on the test used to measure student and teacher performance. a report is expected before the end of the year. the texas high school student that got into trouble for building what he said was a clock and taking it to school is getting a much warmer reception in new york. mayor de blasio tweeted out this photo showing his meeting with ahmed mohammed at city hall yesterday. it was put together by the muslim officer's society. he was put in handcuffs getting international attention when texas officials thought his homemade clock was a bomb. walking around new york, it may comfort you to know there are many geniuses in our midst. at least nine. they are among the winner for the macarthur foundation grant.
6:43 am
each winner receives $625,000 over the next five years and there are no strings attached. "good morning america" is coming up next. robin roberts is live in time's square. good morning, robin. >> coming up on gma, the daughter late actor paul walker files a lawsuit against porsche. also ahead we have been following your coverage of the tragic death of the high school quarterback in new jersey. dr. richard besser is here about what you need to know about internal organ injury and how to keep your kids safe. >> exciting day for gma family with amy's memoir better coming out today. i have a chance to sit down with her. a tough interview to secure but i was able to get the exclusive interview with amy robach to discuss the experiences that helped prepare for her the
6:44 am
she did not want to make it about herself. she wants to show people how they can be better through anything. >> awesome. >> that's great. >> looking forward to it. >> thank you. time for a check on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans who asks the hard hitting questions of the weather gods outside our studios. >> we have a lot of weather to talk about. first what is most important p heavy rain is on the way for this evening, tonight and tomorrow. you will need the umbrella maybe today. warm, humid, muggy. here is a look outside from our camera in brooklyn to the lower east side. a lot of moisture. humidity in the 94% range. 84% range in the park. calm wind, goes very muggy this morning. 72 degrees. we should be at 56. here we are late september heading to october, doesn't feel like fall with temperatures in the 80s. sun up at 6:50.
6:45 am
showers off and on. heavier rain this evening. soaking rain tonight. heavy rain tomorrow. tracking tropical storm joaquin which is way south of us down in the atlantic. u.v. index 5. four hours, five hours to get a sunburn. pollen count for a rag -- ragweed and sagebrush has dropped. fog this morning. a little fog down the jersey shore. also we have been looking at visibilities low in isolated spots with the fog. .8 toms river. temperatures are really warm for this hour of the day. 46 degrees to the north. 56 around the five boroughs, coastal connecticut, long island, warm with 60s and 70s and a calm wind that makes the fog develop. the winds go south and southeast and, so, that's why it will be moist. we are looking at a flood advisory, flood watches posted up to the north. a few showers around this morning. the body of the rain is back to the west and southwest and then the front and the great lakes. that teams up to come in this evening and tonight.
6:46 am
winds of 40 miles per hour backing down to the southwest. it's, you know, expected, the forecast models show it will turn to the north starting on friday and then it will -- once it turns north it goes fast northward. we will see where it goes. keep an eye on the cone. winds could be 60 miles per hour. a lot of rain saturday into sunday and big waves at the beaches. we will keep an eye on that. one thing for certain, a lot of rain coming our way. it starts this evening. you see on the guidance, 3:00 this afternoon, after school a few showers, heavy rain tonight. looking at overnight tonight and for your morning commute, flooding on roadways tomorrow morning then the front pushes through tomorrow afternoon but the front once it goes through makes it a lot cooler. computer models showing a ton of rain around. this is guidance only. there is two, three inches of rain for most places. are school warm and humid, 81
6:47 am
tonight we are looking at heavier rain and flooding possible. tomorrow it's rainy and humid, flooding possible during the day. cooler thursday and friday. then we keep an eye for the weekend and keep an eye on what happens with joaquin. it's way out. poses no threat at all. we will keep an eye on that and have updates throughout the day. back to you guys. >> thank you, bill. over to heather o'rourke for another check on the commute. >> not a bad idea to take mass transit and not a bad idea to think about it for tomorrow. everything is on or close. no major problems if you want to use mass transit. we will look at what is going owning on the cross bronx at rosedale. two lanes are blocked off. delays at the bruckner interchange making your way in there. i am calling it 15 to 20 minutes inbound george washington bridge. it looks heavier off your 95 approach. lincoln 40. holland 20-minute delay. you have that disabled vehicle b.q.e.
6:48 am
north near the l.i.e. that disabled vehicle has been cleared. street cleaning rules are suspended. metered are in effect. ken and lori, over to you. >> it's like a scene out of "breaking bad." see what ripped a hole into a
6:49 am
interested. we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one.
6:50 am
to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools. i'm michael mulgrew, president of the united federation of teachers. cmon! join us! try explaining this to your home insurance company. ment this hole in the roof of a carport in southern arizona was caused by this. police outside tucson say that big bundle is 28 pounds of marijuana. investigators say a smuggler most likely dropped it from an ultra light aircraft.
6:51 am
never where it hit a residence. >> no one was hurt. the homeowner doesn't expect anyone to come looking for the package. the emu on the run in new hampshire for more than a week is back home in vermont this morning. the bird named beatrice was reunited and it feels so good with its owner, kermit blackwood sunday. that is a human, kermit. blackwood says he thought it was a long shot but the elusive emu belonged to him until they both reunited face to face. getting beatrice into the trunk of the prius was tricky but the 90-minute ride back to the farm went smoothly. >>
6:52 am
6:53 am
a police in the bronx are investigating the tragic death of a newborn girl thrown from an apartment window after her birth. >> eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live in university heights, the bronx. dray? >> good morning, ken and lori. detectives are trying to answer a lot of questions. at the top of the list is why would someone want to throw an infant out of a window from more than 70 feet up in the air. this is where it happened. police say that newborn baby
6:54 am
story window with the umbilical cord attached. the tragic scene happened at an apartment building in the university heights section of the bronx. it was the building superintendent's wife that found the baby yesterday afternoon on the cement floor. the super's son says his mother is in shock. still hard to believe she found the baby covered in blood and suffering with traumatic injuries. police located a 33-year-old woman inside the building. they believe she is the mother of that infant girl. that mother is now at the hospital under police protection. again, police are waiting to question her to find out what happened here yesterday afternoon. live this morning, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. yankee legend yogi berra will be laid to rest today. >> eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live in montclair, new jersey. kala?
6:55 am
years old, today's private ceremony is to celebrate life ab achievements that decorated so many through the years. the private ceremony will be held at the church of the immaculate conception in month claire where he and his wife lived for so long. 0 honor of yogi berra, flags will fly at half staff. off the field a world war ii veteran. on the field among the best of all time as a coach and player winning ten world series and three mvps. while this funeral is private, the yes network will air it today. if you want to pay respects in center, yogi berra museum will hold a public memorial october 4th. >> kala, thank you. another busy morning. i think tomorrow morning will get worse. let's go to the maps and talk about the cross bronx westbound at rosedale an accident, two
6:56 am
the ramp to the george washington bridge is closed until further notice. this is emergency construction. 30 minutes at least inbound george washington bridge. the lincoln is 40 minutes. the holland is a 25 minute delay and mass transit for tomorrow for sure. letter. >> all right, thanks, heather. i have 20 valuable seconds for you. we have a gloomy looking gotham. sun comes out. warm and humid. 7:00 temperature 73. flood watch in effect to the north. there will be more counties added to this through the day today. looking at showers today. looking at an 81 for the high today. the rain picks up this evening and tonight with flooding possible tonight. flooding possible tomorrow, 2 to 3 inches of rain. cooler. we will keep an eye on the weekend and joaquin. >> thank you, bill.
6:57 am
>> that's the news for good morning, america. breaking right now, double trouble. dangerous flooding threatens the northeast. torrential downpours already slamming the south. roads inundated. cars stranded and a big new tropical storm named joaquin could strike the east coast. breaking overnight, close call, a passenger jet forced to make an emergency landing minutes after taking off. >> we do have a technical issue here.
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