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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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blanketed by law enforcement tonight after someone pulled guns in a building called science hall and started firing. at least 13 people are dead. at least 20 others injured and law enforcement is still there trying to sort it all out. police closed down all the roads leading to the school this afternoon as oregon state police along with atf and fbi agents descended on the rural community more than 150 miles south of portland. students were slowly brought out of the school. their backpacks checked for weapons then bused to the nearby douglas county fairgrounds. it was a horrifying scene inside. the gunman reportedly went to multiple classrooms shooting as he went. the number of victims has grown as this grim day has gone on. that gunman, a 20-year-old male, kept shooting even as state police arrived at the scene. >> officers from around the county immediately responded to the college and upon arriving
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in one of the buildings. officers engaged that suspect. there was an exchange of gunfire. the shooter threat was neutralized. and officers continued to sweep the campus looking for other threats. >> those who were there agree they did not hear the gunshots, but there was a sudden sense of madness and panic on the campus. >> i did not hear any shots actually. we were working on a lab and we were all kind of noisy anyways and then all we heard was we need to get in the back room now. so we all ran in there and there was so many people in there that were freaking out because we were all trying to figure out the same thing, what was going on, and by the time we figured out what was happening, the fbi came in and
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down and we were all taken outside to be patted down by police officers to make sure no one else had anything on them. >> sheriff of douglas county confirmed moments ago that the shooter is dead. it's not clear yet if that person committed suicide or if that person was killed by law enforcement. and we just got an update from the superintendent of oregon state police about what's happening there right now. >> our number one priority right now is to make sure that the scene is secure and the victims are treated and making sure that we have a complete crime scene and that we continue to make sure that there are no additional threats. >> we want to be clear that the sheriff there did say a moment ago that police engaged the shooter and they did kill him. obviously this is an evolving story. 13 dead and at least 20 injured. as we get more details
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our other big story, the weather. hurricane joaquin now a powerful category 4 storm. >> joaquin may be the least of our worries. at this time tomorrow we'll be in the midst of a storm that will look and feel like a nor'easter. right now a state of emergency in new jersey as beach communities there prepare for big waves and high winds. >> and a high alert here in new york state. officials say they're closely monitoring conditions. in connecticut some people have been getting supplies ready just in case. governor dan malloy says his office is watching the storms and advises people to be prepared. >> darla miles and kristin thorne have more on the preparations. first meteorologist lee goldberg at the weather wall. >> more evidence this afternoon that the weather with this nor'easter type storm is going to be worse than any impact we see from joaquin so that's good news in that trend. umbrellas out. mostly light rain in new york city right now. moderate at times. shouldn't be too bad during the evening hours. also windy out of the northeast. not great umbrella weather.
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coastal flood advisory for minor coastal flooding. first high tide cycles through tomorrow. then late tomorrow, tomorrow night in to saturday, moderate coastal flooding and that's why we have a coastal flood watch along our entire shoreline. a high surf advisory and a high wind watch in the jersey shore where winds can gust over 40, maybe pushing 50 miles per hour at times. that high wind watch goes in to saturday. you see the light rain that's over spread the area. a couple darker shades of blue meaning it can get moderate at times. there's our rain. it's going to sweep in tomorrow. heavier during the afternoon and focus more on the coastline. you can trace just a little skinny band of moisture down to joaquin. impressive storm that's belting the bahamas and heading toward the bahamas, not away, and that's key because it's hiding out there, missing a connection with the jet stream to the west and not allowing it to be captured toward the midatlantic. now the more likely scenario is this side of the forecast cone. an offshore track can send some rough surf and rain bands and strong gusty breezes but it looks like the
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trend is going to continue to be to this offshore track. we'll show you the new hurricane track in main weather. light rain tomorrow, then it gets heavier in the afternoon. that goes right through the weekend. even early next week if joaquin is offshore. hurricane joaquin may stay out in the atlantic. we'll get you that new track and all the details in the 7-day accuweather forecast. amy freeze also going to join me to talk about all this uncertainty we've been having with this storm and why that's the case in the forecast. >> let's hope joaquin does stay out in the atlantic. governor chris christie declaring a state of emergency in new jersey. at the same time he's urging residents there not to panic. >> i understand this is a state that's been traumatized by the second worst natural disaster in american history. there's nothing we can do to control it. and worrying and stressing about it will not change the path of the storm. secondly, you need to know that the state is prepared to deal with whatever we need to deal with.
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>> the governor says he will consider evacuations if and when they might become necessary. eyewitness news reporter darla miles is in manisquan, new jersey with a look at the preparations there. >> it's already wind, cold, and rainy here and it has nothing to do with hurricane joaquin. but there is coastal flooding expected over the weekend and the possibility of a hurricane, which is why governor christie has declared a state of emergency. >> nobody knows what to expect. how do you know ? they don't even know where joaquin is. >> reporter: the jersey shore plans to be ready for hurricane joaquin whether it hits or not >> i'm prepared add home. i've learned that from hurricane sandy. >> we had our awning taken down yesterday. we're all ready. >> reporter: crews started
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the mile-long beach. bulldozers continued the work thursday. >> some of the other towns have all put theirs up. >> i think they're doing really great preparation for our town and beaches. >> reporter: the biggest threat to the beach at this point is all the rain in the weekend forecast. >> this is our main concern. the other parts of town we don't think is going to be that bad, not like sandy. this is going to be more title event because of the northeast winds and the they'll just get bigger and bigger and bigger. >> after all of that rain, the last thing jersey shore residents want to see is a hurricane. >> i wish it would just head out. we've had enough. we've been good but a lot of people are still in hotels.
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rebuilding our town and it's beautiful and we just don't want this to happen. >> in addition to building this 12-foot high berm, the state has removed all the trash receptacles, park benches, even the bike racks from the boardwalk so if there is an impact from joaquin those objects won't fly around in the wind and cause more damage. darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. from new jersey to long island, kristin thorne continues our coverage from jones beach. >> i think it's accurate to say really on all levels talking to people on long island from government officials all the way down to people you run in to on freaking out. everyone is being very cautious, just getting things together that they can, getting water, batteries, but so really at the very least over the next few days, we're expected to get a lot of wind and rain here on long island.
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and pray it goes out to sea, the weather forecast still have us concerned about significant flooding. with 6 inches of rain anticipated here. >> reporter: the motto in nassau county is be prepared, not scared, which is what people say they're doing. >> i just bought water, crackers, and stuff i can make with water. >> my friend had a flood in the basement and it was awful. he's got all his things together just in case. >> reporter: they have all the supplies they need in these boxes including mres and heaters. crews have been putting in extra hours since yesterday getting everything stocked up. they learned a lot from superstorm sandy. >> we have more generators. we have more portable lights than ever before so we can light up dangerous intersections and emergency areas and areas where we ask our residents to gather. >> reporter: the same goes for suffolk county. they're also
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getting as ready as they can as everyone waits to see what the storm will do. >> we will be going with a 24-hour operation as of tomorrow at 10 a.m. with personnel tasks to monitor the tracking of the hurricane and coordinatoring our preparedness efforts with all levels of government. >> coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00, we're going to talk specifically about the erosion concerns here at jones beach and some of the other south shore beaches. for now we're live at jones beach, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> new york is putting its plans in to full swing. governor cuomo says the state is beefing up staffing at emergency centers. more than 30 agencies in new york city are at a heightened state of readiness. berms and walls are being put up in lower manhattan and the mta says as a precaution, it's repositioning equipment and putting out generators and pumping systems. mayor bill de blasio is scheduled to hold a
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briefing in about an hour with an update on all the preparations that are currently underway. in connecticut officials are urging people, especially those who live along the coastline to be alert and prepared. >> right now is a great opportunity to start preparing. make sure you have a plan. make sure you're reviewing your emergency kits, making sure you're staying informed but most importantly that you're notifying family members and friends of what that plan would be. >> crews in bridgeport have been clearing out catch basins and preparing equipment for cleaning up downed trees or other debris. coming up in just a few minutes, we'll go to the bahamas. lindsey janice will and how people are dealing with the storm. so no umbrellas out quite yet, but you can count on us every step of the way over the next few days. we'll stay on top of it all on television and all digital platforms. in other news, new rules in
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comes to dealing with concerns over excessive force. they'll document and review every physical encounter the police officers have with the public. dave evans is at police headquarters where the announcement was made this afternoon. >> this morning at about 10:30 the inspector general made several recommendations how to curb the use of police use, how to punish bad officers. then several hours later here at police headquarters, the police commissioner admitted there is a bit of a problem how use of force is reported and he made recommendations how the department can fix things. one comment made earlier today by the inspector general, it really ticked off the police commissioner. >> reporter: today's report is not in reaction to the takedown of tennis star james blake but it serves as a good example of what simez happens in the department, that not all police
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>> our reaction is that it is absolutely unacceptable that there is not a central mechanism for tracking and reporting use of force. >> reporter: curbing the use of police force is a huge issue in police departments across the country. today the inspector general praised how los angeles and seattle record things and found fault with new york. >> they have modern state-of-the-art use of force policies. nypd was living a little bit in the dark ages. >> i would take strong, strong exception to that language. that's an outrageous comment. this department is nothing close to being in the dark ages. >> reporter: today police brass were livid with what it said, still, the department is changing how it records use of force. in the future all such cases must be reported, even minor ones. de-escalation will be emphasized in police training. a new beefed up unit will investigate complaints about excessive force.
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today's dark ages comment about current police policy, that infuriated commissioner bratton. >> i'm very proud of this organization. if the inspector general of this city feels that we are in the dark ages, well, i think he's going to have to start analyzing his capabilities to analyze. we're an exceptional police organization. >> the police union, the pba issued a statement today saying all the excessive paperwork with the new policy couple would the fact that we don't have as many police officers as a few years ago, called it a recipe for disaster. the mayor at city hall issued a statement today praising this new policy, saying the law will absolutely be enforced by police in new york city but he said police force will only be used when absolutely necessary. this new policy goes in to effect january. for now at police headquarters in manhattan, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. keeping passengers and pedestrians safe, we're getting
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our first look at new technology being installed on mta buses to cut down on dangerous accidents. >> also, did russian linked hackers try to trick hillary clinton? what they sent her in an e-mail and tried to get her to click on. plus this. >> somebody is outside one of door. there's a female in the computer lab. we do have one female that has been shot at this time. >> we're just getting the frightening radio transmissions from the oregon school shooting.
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we're learning new details
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improve safety for bus drivers, riders, and pedestrians. we got the first look at a new warning system that will alert bus drivers about dangers before an accident. >> it's very efficient. >> reporter: m ta bus driver salvatore rolling it out. when someone comes too close to the bus, this announcement comes over a speaker. >> caution, bus is turning. caution, bus is turning. >> reporter: the second on the outside. >> the new collision warning system covers the front of the bus and the entire side, so basically entire bus is covered except for the rear. >> when you're making a turn, as the person is coming toward you, this one here starts flashing yellow. as you get closer it gets red.
5:19 pm
half a dozen buses will use the new equipment for 60 days during a test period because there are still kinks to work out. >> some of the issues going in is whether or not the technology can differentiate, real hazards from just an object. >> reporter: riders say anything that improves safety is a welcome addition but with the cost at $77 million to roll out through the entire fleet, some are wondering if it's worth it. >> they're good ideas. >> i know people who got hit by buses and it's not -- it don't come out that good. >> what if i told you it would cost the mta $77 million to do this. >> what? oh! >> reporter: if all goes well the mta will install the equipment on the buses next year to continue the pilot. we've got lee back with the weather. have we gotten any reports in the last 20 minutes? >> it seems like it's changing
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>> it's changing for the good. >> we love that the track is tending to be more offshore now, sparing us from the worst of the store. it's still thursday. that time period is later in the weekend and early next week. many days away and we've seen big flips with this but certainly the trend is good because when you look at the storm now, it's a critical time. if this storm hangs out in the bahamas tonight, that's better for us, worse and devastating for the bahamas but it would miss its connection to come up the coast. we look at the george washington bridge, very wet, slow go especially inbound. northwest wind at 8. we've had gusts this afternoon at 20. gusting over 30 tomorrow. 16 a popular number on the island. 62 in parts of connecticut. raw, breezy out there and now it's damp. mainly light rain overnight. it gets steadier during the day tomorrow. heavy along the coast. as we get through late day and evening hours some of the rain is likely to push inland. localized flooding our concern as well. there's the light rain on radar.
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may try to get the yankee game in. there's all the rain that comes in tomorrow. heavier along the had coast and will get heavier in the middle of the day. that could be worse than any kind of impact we see from joaquin. look at the eye. clearly visible right there. that's called long island, the bahamas, and it's right there. moving so slowly and still moving toward the bahamas right now, not toward the u.s. mainland. winds at 130 miles per hour. here's the new track from the hurricane center. hanging out in the bahamas through friday night and that's why this storm has a chance to go out to sea missing its connection with steering winds that are along the east coast. look at the carolinas and midatlantic are not even included in the cone. new york city, long island, connecticut still included in the cone though the most favorite track is offshore as a cat 1 hurricane or tropical storm. look at the timeframe too. it's after the weekend. it's monday in to tuesday. so this cone in all of our spaghetti models, it's
5:22 pm
really been uncertain in terms of this track swaying back and forth. why is that? what's happening with it and how is it impacting our forecast? amy freeze has more on that. >> like you're pointing out here, when you get to this cone of uncertainty, the further west or east it could go, right down the middle is that most likely track. when we get this cone it actually comes from a pile of science that are all these different tracks, different computer models that are combined for what we call a consensus. which one is best? which one do we trust the most? over the last couple of days we've been looking at these twists and turns which basically look like a plate of spaghetti. we're saying to our selves, which one shows the most consistency in its movement, origination? because right there at the bottom of the cone, that's where we have high confidence. once you show the wide cone which we're to the west of, it's more uncertain. the european model has been the most consistent for us. it's
5:23 pm
done well with the tropics since 2006 and it was very, very accurate with hurricane sandy and the superstorm that eventually affected us. that had a lot of tropical qualities as well. that's why we've been looking to that run after run and our confidence is gaining. >> the physics with that particular model looks stronger. meanwhile, soggier southeast tomorrow. heavier inland, 54. look how all the rain shifts west on saturday. just lighter rain. still a lot of clouds but windy, coastal flooding is a concern. windy and chilly. light rain over night. steadier south and east later at night. right now it's just everywhere. rain steadier in the afternoon. heavier along the coast. heavy just about anywhere tomorrow evening. other than well north and west which i think may be spared at the heaviest, coastal street flooding still a possibility. make sure you have the accu track app. we'll have the 7-day accuweather forecast, another update in our next half hour.
5:24 pm
up, why a couple's wedding favor set off alarms at a very busy airport. >> also changes unveiled today on what specifically new york city officials want to change about times square and the fee costume characters may be forced to pay. >> what some secret service agents are accused of doing to a congressman they weren't all that happy with. >> plus, how to avoid medical
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russian linked hackers tried at least five times to trick their way in to hillary clinton's e-mails. the virus riddled e-mails sent in 2011 were disguised as speeding ticket from the new york dmv. they instructed recipients to print the attached tickets which would have given hackers control of the victims' computer. it's unclear whether ms. clinton clicked any of the attachments. dozens of secret service agents are accused of leaking information about a congressman who has been investigating scandals inside the agent. a new government report says agents raided the file of jason shavits and found he had been denied a job by the secret service. the agency's director promised to punish the agents who were involved. still ahead, we continue to monitor the mass shooting in
5:28 pm
oregon. 13 people dead tonight after a gunman's rampage on a small community college campus. we'll bring you late breaking developments coming up next. >> plus, hurricane joaquin right now impacting the bahamas. we'll take you there where some people say they were caught off guard. >> and the local church targeted by thieves just hours
5:29 pm
5:30 pm
welcome back. we've got more on the weather, the tri-state area bracing for a storm that's moving up the coast and also we're keeping a very close eye on hurricane joaquin. in breezy point, queens, stacey sager is with residents who say
5:31 pm
they may not return if they get hit by another storm. joaquin is moving through right now. we'll hear more from them in just a minute. meanwhile, we're going to have more on the latest shooting in oregon, the massive shooting where 13 people were killed, at least 20 injured. we know the gunman is a 20-year-old man and he was killed after an exchange of we do not know his motive at this point for the shooting. >> today here in southern oregon is not a good afternoon. it's been a terrible day. >> our number one priority right now is to make sure the scene is secure and the victims are treated and making sure we have a complete crime scene and that we continue to make sure that there are no additional threats. >> as new information continues to come in, we'll monitor it and bring it to you.
5:32 pm
we want to go to lee goldberg at the weather wall. he's been keeping a close eye on this storm, watching all the updates that we're getting on joaquin and also all of the information we're getting on this other storm that's much like a nor'easter but is not a nor'easter. >> exactly. not your classic nor'easter but the impact, that's what you'll sense. it's raw, windy out. light rain across the area right now. umbrellas are out. it's not too heavy. we're at 63. this is what we'll have off and on through the overnight. rain is becoming more widespread. couple moderate pockets but no flooding rains tonight. that may change tomorrow in to tomorrow night as some of the heavier rain begins to swing up. here's joaquin. it's such a devastating situation for the bahamas. it's still moving southwest in to the bahamas. winds of 130 miles per hour. a major category 4 storm and will be in the bahamas through the day tomorrow. because it's
5:33 pm
that may save us in terms of the storm track. now we have an idea of what rainfall totals may happen because of this storm, the possibility of joaquin late in to next week. that's coming up in the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. in the bahamas, joaquin has caused cruise ships to be diverted from the islands. check out this scene in the island of long island in the bahamas where a stingray was spotted swimming in the road. >> good evening. right now the eye of that hurricane passing over eastern and central parts of the bahamas packing winds of up to 140 miles per hour. these are thinly populated islands. thairf getting battered by these winds, and rain up to 20 inches. a lot of concern here in nassau for the people there.
5:34 pm
the at -- the prime minister telling people to tune in to the radio, help the people who can't scramble to shelters. people bracing themselves here as well, battening down the hatches. >> ever since we landed the beach has been closed. we haven't been able to access the beach for two days. >> people are being told to stay away from the beaches, the water is extremely dangerous and behind me this port normally packed with cruise liners, they've been diverted away from here. >> you can see more reporting from the bahamas coming up on world news tonight with david muir at 6:30 after eyewitness news. breezy point, queens was heavily damaged by superstorm sandy and tomorrow's storm and joaquin's unpredictability has people in that community on edge tonight. eyewitness news reporter stacey sager is there
5:35 pm
>> superstorm sandy changed everything here in breezy point. at least 110 homes, 110 homes burned to the ground. in fact some people still aren't in their homes at this point. and so even the possibility of hurricane joaquin is upsetting to people here. it is a big if as you heard lee mention but at the very least residents tell us they're stronger and more prepared. >> reporter: on the oceanside of breezy point the oceans already diminished. you can see why they call this the rockaways, an average bad weather day where the water is choppy and loose items are being removed. the question is how much worse might it get? these folks know all too well. >> three years now and these poor people in the houses, including my brother. >> reporter: it's because breezy point looked like a leveled war zone after
5:36 pm
flooding and devastating fires. peggy fogrty's original porch floated away. >> we had water inside up to here. >> reporter: and katie gallagher's home was one of many that burned to the ground. so whether joaquin even finds its way here or not, the dread is real. >> with the possibility, anyway. >> oh, my gosh, if we ever go through what we went through before, we all agree, never again. never again. >> reporter: and until they know, fingers crossed. >> missed breezy entirely. >> just go out to sea. >> and we're back here live now where we can see the sand berm behind us here on the bayside of breezy point. that was sand pushed up a few hours ago. we're talking about this preparedness, people taking things off their decks, people want to make sure everything is
5:37 pm
will be no problems. they'll be watching the forecast closely hoping joaquin bypasses breezy point. stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> let's hope so. you can keep an eye on tomorrow's storm and also on hurricane joaquin on abc 7 ny as well as all of our apps for your smart phone and tablets. lee is going to be back with forecast coming up in just a bit. a church in new jersey had just celebrated pope francis' visit. then thieves struck. coming up, what they did inside the church causing major damage. >> why wedding favors created
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we're back. we have breaking news regarding that school massacre out in oregon. it turns out the gunman, according to the governor's spokesperson, was a student at the school, at that small community college. the gunman
5:41 pm
was a student, a 20-year-old male. at this point we do have confirmed the total number of casualties at 13 and wounded totaling 20 at this point. so that's the information we have right now. the shooter is a student or was a student. he is now deceased. we'll continue to follow this and have more information as it comes in to us. new at 5:00, police are looking for burglars who targeted a church in new jersey causing thousands of dollars in damage. police say st. joseph's church in toms river was broken in to. items were vandalized. the church had held a special simulcast the pope's mass in philadelphia for parishioners. marijuana dispensaries in oregon have been reporting business on the first day of legal sales for recreational use. 250 dispensaries that already offered medical
5:42 pm
users just after midnight. customers were lining up for door buster prices and other deals. oregon is one of four states that have legalized the deal of recreational marijuana. there's only one winning ticket in last night's $310.5 million powerball drawing and we still don't know who that winner is. the ticket was sold in the southwestern town of three rivers, michigan. population just under 8,000. as for our area, a $1 million ticket was sold in connecticut. >> good for them. a quirky wedding favor was no joke to agents at the airport. an agent watching an x-ray monitor spotted wax infusions connected to bottles labeled tnt inside a checked bag. the denver airport was evacuated for 20 minutes while bomb specialists checked the bag. turns out the bottles were harmless. they were just filled with bath salts. the bride and
5:43 pm
t so they thought tnt would be a clever label for their wedding souvenirs. >> guess not so much. we've heard a lot about mayor de blasio's times square task force looking for solutions for the area. as we take a live look at times square, we've got specifics about the changes that are being recommended. we've got that story coming up. >> plus, how you can prevent surprise medical bills for we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools.
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lee goldberg always keeping us up to date, posting everything on social media from twitter to facebook, instagram, keeping us up to date on hurricane joaquin and all this impending weather we're about to get. it's not looking too bad at least at this point for us. i want you to know, i wake up in the morning and check because you're on in the morning putting out information about joaquin so i wake up knowing what's going on. >> thanks, i was corresponding with bill evans during the show. things are changing so rapidly. want to make sure we get the word out as quickly as we can.
5:46 pm
we have a situation over the next 24 hours with heavy rainfall and gusty winds. then we have trends with joaquin we want to talk about. first of all, we have umbrellas out at times during the city. wind is gusty a little bit out of the northeast. 63 degrees our temperature right now. have the umbrella off and on, light rain for the most part. then toward morning the rain may start to get a little heavier along the coast. that's a little tweak i want to make with the futurecast. yankees may try to get the game. not going to be pleasant and need your rain gear. i think it will be north and west of new york city. i think long island and parts of the jersey shore can start to get the steady rain even first thing in the midmorning. heavier during the midday and afternoon. that rain will try to shift inland during the late day and in to the evening hours. the idea is a wet day, heavier rain as the day wears on then it can be street flooding as we go in to the evening commute. even heavy rain in the morning along the coast. you see some of the steady rain here.
5:47 pm
couple pockets where it's a little moderate. not too far from chap qua and on the north side of long island as well. this is getting drawn westward with the front and that's why we get in to some of the heaviest rainfall along the coastline. here's joaquin. you can clearly see it's eyes visible, you can see it's drifting more south and west. it's not making a move toward the north yet and that's why some of these tracks have been adjusted with this forecast. here's the main center track right now where you see it hovering in the bahamas for the next 24 hours then trying to make a move to the north, missing its connection to be pulled to the midatlantic and now the cone still includes long island and new york city but you can see how the main track has shifted offshore at least for now and that's later in the week even in to early next week that we're still watching this and that's why we can still have waves pounding ashore and gusty winds. the only thing that's a little unnerving is there's
5:48 pm
still a large spread in these computer models. our most reliable ones are starting to trend offshore. there are still several that want to bring this to the east coast. i can't say we're out of the woods though i like the trend going on. these rainfall amounts are going to happen whether joaquin comes ashore or not because tropical moisture is going to be pulled to the carolinas. they're going to get likely 20 inches, a few months' worth of rainfall. watch what happens here. a little change with the futurecast. mainly light rain overnight but instead of waiting till afternoon for some of the steady rain i think it's going to start to come in to the coastline tomorrow morning and then over spread the area during the day, getting heavier and that means ponding on roadways. add to flooding during the day and nighttime cycles. the rain is going to get lighter and more patchy saturday night. pleasant day. very cool. but the rain is going to be lighter and we're concerned more about coastal flooding at that time. rainfall amounts, i'd say we get an inch
5:49 pm
there will be minor flooding in poor drainage areas. here's your 7-day accuweather forecast. wet day tomorrow especially deeper in to the day but a little tweak we just made is get ready for steady rain even first thing along the immediate coast. on saturday, lighter rain really in between rains, lots of clouds, 56. the way that joaquin is trending right now, it's a possibility we don't get much rain at all and we can even get a break in the clouds but we'll still be worried about coastal flooding and really the passage of whatever joaquin is would be offshore monday and in to the day on tuesday. at that point we're getting sunshine back in to the forecast and starting to improve and get nice october weather in here. >> thanks, lee. more people than ever have health insurance but we're also paying more out of pocket. >> insurance companies and hospitals can make it really confusing when it comes to finding out how much you owe. tips from consumer reports on how to avoid a big surprise when the bills start coming in. >> reporter: eric christiansen had shoulder surgery this year.
5:50 pm
he thought everything would be completely covered by his insurance. >> couple months after the surgery i received a bill. >> reporter: that surprise bill was for over $2,000 and a new survey from consumer reports found eric isn't alone. >> in our survey we found 1/3rd of americans got a bill where they had to pay more than they expected for their medical costs. the key to not being caught off guard is to know how much you'll pay before you go in. >> reporter: that varies widely even within the same state. in california the amount patients pay out of pocket for total knee replacement ranges from being fully covered to almost $13,000. and out of pocket cost for a c-section range from being fully covered to more than $14,000. >> many insurance companies have tools on their websites called cost estimators. >> reporter: in eric's case, his bill was for an out of network anesthesiologist who
5:51 pm
wasn't covered by his insurance. ask that everyone on your medical team be within your insurance network. >> if you do have to go out of network, make sure you call the provider to find out how much you'll have to pay and you may be able to negotiate. >> reporter: if you get stuck with an unexpected bill, fight back. eric called to explain the problem. >> about a month or so later i received a statement saying they had paid the entire bill. >> and we want to remind you this is deadline day with new liability rules taking effect for credit cards. millions of consumers have received these new credit cards that are equipped with the latest smart chip technology, but not every store or bank has kept up. so if there's any fraud on your account, the merchant or the bank failing to use the new protective chip will be liable for any loss on your card. from cost cume characters -- costume characters to half naked
5:52 pm
square and who i'm sigourney weaver, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world... like our state parks. the adirondacks are my favorite. for hiking, fishing, camping, you name it. niagara falls is the oldest state park, but visiting it never gets old. the readers of a national newspaper voted letchworth the #1 state park in america. watkins glen, #3. new york state parks are a gift. plan your vacation at
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we have new information tonight about plans to change the look of times square. >> from taxing those costume characters to designated areas for street entertainers. details on how it could all shake out. >> we're hearing a lot of mixed emotions out here, mixed feelings about the situation. one man actually giving out these fake tickets. it says public space call for free speech. he's actually handing these out to people he says aren't having enough fun in times square. he says this ticket. disagree. >> reporter: the spectacle that is times square complete with costumed characters, painted women, tourists with selfie sticks, and new yorkers making their way to work may be about to change. mayor de blasio's times square task force has unveiled its final improvements. they include special zones designated for
5:54 pm
costumed characters and painted women. taxing costumed characters as businesses. and short-term measures to improve congestion and traffic flow. while some feel the suggestions are off base -- >> i love the first amendment. avetimessquare. >> other s say it's about time. >> it makes sense for us to develop a specific set of rules for times square in a way that protects its edge and the fact that it is a different sort of place. >> reporter: the final recommendations also suggest that if the city council approves the department of transportation will take responsibility for the streets and plazas, something no jurisdiction has had the official authority to do. >> with that power would come the ability like we have in the parks to funnel gate rules and regulations, what behavior could be allow where'd and when. >> reporter: the recommendations mean a cast of characters would have to change its tune. a man who has been standing on the times square
5:55 pm
have this to say. >> i don't really want to be put in the zone i've been here near 20 years why don't you leave this cowboy alone >> many of the people say they agreed with that naked cowboy. they're a little worried about what comes next but let's remember these are still final recommendations. many of them would still need to be approved by the city council before taking effect. live in times square, channel 7 eyewitness news. we're still monitoring new developments in the oregon school shooting and of course watching those two storm systems. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. breaking news. another gun
5:56 pm
massacre on campus, this time a college in oregon. at least 13 people are dead. plus all eyes on joaquin, powerful cat 4 hurricane with winds up to 130 miles per hour. lee goldberg with new important information based on his latest tracking. this as folks in our area bracing for another storm tomorrow. good evening at 6:00. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. we'll begin with hurricane joaquin and that nor'easter, the storm headed our way. important new information about hurricane joaquin. lee is tracking the latest. right now we're waiting for a news conference with mayor de blasio that's going to happen in just a little time from now. he's holding a briefing about new york city 's preparations for tomorrow's big storm. he's at the office of emergency management. you're going to see some of that live report as soon as he steps to the podium. >> meanwhile hurricane joaquin right now a category 4, pounding some neighborhoods. we now get
5:57 pm
a better idea of where it might
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