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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 4, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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left in this building. in the last half hour crews tore down what was left after this explosion. authorities now fear, again, a second person may have died here, a woman who was in the process of moving out of her second floor apartment here at 4206-13th avenue. francesca figero is a mother of 3. her sister tells us she was talking on the phone with her, she got another call, clicked over, but when she tried to reach francesca again she couldn't. this blast was severe and swift, heavily damaged two buildings: three others were impacted. l the 64-year-old's body was discovered yesterday. investigators are in the early stages of this investigation, but believe this gas explosion may have occurred after a tenant tried to disconnect and move a stove in an apartment.
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officials today believe that stove was in francesca's apartment. >> fdny and nypd are taking it very slowly. it's an active investigation, and there is a fear that there still may be one body in the building, and so they are moving very, very slowly, and it's also an active investigation. it is not clear what caused the gas explosion, and so they're investigating and looking at that. >> reporter: coming up at 6 you'll hear from francesca's sister, her children, her family are out here waiting for some word either word, that she's okay or did not make it out alive. three others walking by this building were also hurt, a 9- year-old boy and his father. today i spoke with his wife. she told me her husband is resting in the hospital. he has a fractured leg and a fractured ankle. her little boy was also injured in this.
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they're at methodist tonight. for now we're live in borough park, kemberly richardson channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you from brooklyn to queens where police are looking for the driver in a deadly hit and run. it happened just after 1 a.m. in college point. police say 41-year-old mariano contreras was hit by a dark- colored suv while crossing college point boulevard. he was knocked out of his sneakers and dragged. the driver just took off. contreras was rushed to the hospital where he died. police are looking for a gunman who killed two brothers on a find street corner. shots rang out just before 3 this morning at targe street and vanderbilt avenue. 27-year-old terrell ford and 28- year-old justin ford were killed. police say one of the brothers was shot as he ran away. emergency workers rushed both men to the hospital where doctors pronounced them dead. new tonight, a coast guard training exercise turned into an actual rescue when a man
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rough waters off the jersey shore. an eyewitness recorded that man riding the water craft out of the inlet near point pleasant this afternoon. officials say he was quickly knocked over by a powerful wave. the jet ski thrown into a jedi. a coast guard crew returning from a drill pulled the man from the water and performed first aid. more news on the water. two men drowned after their boat capsized in jamaica bay friday night as rescuers tried to save them in the drenching rain. some of the family members of the victim are now speaking out. eyewitness news reporter nina pineda is in crown heights brooklyn. >> five buddies go out fishing. only three come back. you can imagine what a shock this is for the families involved. we spoke to the captain of the boat. he said they were in front of the weather, that he was navigating the boat just fine. it actually just turned back to the marina when things quickly and tragically went wrong. >> and i was worried when he
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left because i know how the weather was. it was raining. it was getting cold too. >> holding their 1-year-old baby girl isabella, jessica meija says her husband richard called her several times to reassure her everything was okay before the boat he was fishing from capsized. >> and he told me that they were about to get ready to come back. he told me everything was fine. >> meija drowned in the jamaica bay along with one of his best friends joel ortiz. they had been fishing with three other men on this 24-foot boat when the boat's owner says another boat's wake, not the worsening weather caused his to flip over. >> they saw us, why they don't go slowly. that is the problem when they pass too fast, they make a lot of wave. >> he then spotted his friends clinging for life on to a cooler >> wanted to throw them your life jacket. >> the thing is i didn't see them after that. i call, i scream for they come to the boat. >> both ortiz and meija were building super, residents brought food to comfort the
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heartbroken families. >> i was hoping that nothing bad happened to him. at least if it was, you know, if he was still alive or when we heard we just couldn't believe it. >> absolutely it is a shock. i just lost my dad, mobbies friend. >> melvin meija got the news from their younger brother, their father a dedicated youth soccer coach drowned. he flew home from arkansas assuring his family's faith will see him through the sudden and tragic loss. >> i believe this was all an accident, the lord didn't intend for any of this to happen at all you will. haest hurting as much as we've been hurting and we've been asking for prayers for peace and that's how it's been. >> at 19 melvin becomes the he's the first to attend college and said his father of him. both men who died in the drowning are described as devoted husbands and fathers fishing. this week. live in crown heights, nina
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pineda channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a heartbreaking accident, thank you very much. strong winds and heavy rain lashing bermuda as hurricane joaquin passings close to that island. joaquin has weakened to a category 2 storm with top winds around 105 miles per hour. the swells are still affecting the bahamas which suffered the brunt of the week, take a look at the damage here. this damage done to the airport terminal at san salvador. there are new clues in the search for a cargo ship that disappeared in the middle of hurricane joaquin. rescuers spotted floating debris and an oil sheen in the waters off the bahamas. the coast guard has not been able to confirm if the debris is from the missing ship named el faro. yesterday searchers found a life ring they are sure is from the ship. authorities have not heard from the ship's crew since the vessel lost power three days ago and began taking on water, 33 people were on board including 28 americans, their
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>> what keeps you guys hopeful. >> yeah, yeah. >> god is in the mix and we know. they'll be safe. >> the ship was heading from florida to puerto rico when it ran into 130-mile an hour winds and 30- president obama has declared a state of emergency in south carolina where hundreds of people have had to be rescued from rising flood waters. the state has confirmed at least three deaths in connection with this storm, a storm dumped more than 18 inches of rain on parts of that state over 24 hours, about 100 people were rescued after trying to cross flooded roads in their vehicles, and boats are being used to save people trapped in their homes. >> we have lost everything, what i got on my body is what we have. pretty much everybody down there has lost everything this morning. our vehicles, our clothes, everything, but the best thing is that we still have our lives. we still have our lives.
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>> reporter: 600 members of the national guard have been activated to aid in the rescue efforts there. now there have been more than 300 weather-related auto collisions, and nearly 30,000 customers are without power. more power news. power has been mostly restored to thousands of utility customers on long island and in new jersey who lost service when strong storms passed through the state in recent days. now the damage assessment is underway in north port, suffolk county, several boats got unmoored during the storm. others washed up on the bean. let's get a check on the exclusive accuweather forecast from meteorologist jeff smith. >> the good news is the situation deescalating right now. the threat of significant coastal flooding coming to an end. that coastal flood warning expiring in about 20 minutes at 6 p.m. we have a coastal flood advisory for the shore towns along long island sound until 6 p.m. the sky actually cleared out, ended up being a nice afternoon, especially from the city and points north.
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there's all that incredible rain over south carolina. there's joaquin battering bermuda right now. wanted to show you the wave heights near joaquin, 40 feet if you can believe it. it's sending waves up to 12 feet toward our shoreline. the problem is even into tomorrow, there can still be beach erosion with those big waves coming in from the south and east. we have high surf advisories continuing through the day on monday. full accuweather forecast coming up later in the day. >> the recent threat from hurricane joaquin is prompting a warning this evening about federal spending on weather satellites. senator charles schumer says underfunding will leave only one polar orbiting weather satellite down from two. the obama administration asked for $380 million for the new satellite, but the senate bill has just 135 million, and the house version zero. >> with sequestration, you get all kind of cuts that you never should be making, and this is one of them. they're quiet until we had a
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week like we had this past week where no one knew where joaquin was going to hit. >> the new york democrat also says past underfunding for computer modeling made joaquin's bath harder to predict. the jets got an early start on this football sunday with a clash in london against the miami dolphins. chris ivory and ryan fitzpatrick keyed the attack for gang green. ivory ran for a career high 166 yards and ryan passed for 218 yards and one touchdown. the jets pull out a big win 14. laura behnke will have complete highlights coming up at 6:00. new developments in the shooting rampage at a college campus. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:30, one of the heroes to emerge from the massacrer, tonight sending a message from his hospital bed. >> and the pope on family
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out in oregon today, a megs from one of the heroes in the community college shooting, a message sent from his hospital bed. this as investigators continue their search for a motive behind the mass shooting that
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abc's brandi hitt has the story from roseburg oregon. >> how could something like that happen here. >> a small town in mourning. at church services in roseburg prayers for the nine victims killed in thursday's shooting rampage and the seven others who remain hospitalized. >> hello everyone. >> from his hospital bed, 30- year-old chris mintz posted this message on facebook. >> i'm overwhelmed by the support that i've gotten from everybody. >> the army vet is recovering from seven gunshot wounds after charging towards the shooter to try and stop him. >> i just knelt down. i held his hands until they made me leave him. he's a hero. >> witnesses now say the student gunman, 226-year-old chris harper mercer showed no mercy ordering some victims to beg for their lives. others wounded played dead as the killer stepped over them. >> i'm not sure if grateful even covers it, but also as a dad realizing that i got her
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back but others don't get theirs back. >> police continue to look for clues at the apartment where the gunman lived with his mother as this community also searches for answers. >> as if our cultural disconnect from a holiness, all these are like a gasoline and guns are the match. >> the college campus remains closed and many here are choosing not to focus on the violence but the heroic efforts of first responders and the solidarity of had this small town. brandi hitt, abc news roseburg oregon. pope francis today took on the controversial issue of divorce among catholics at a meeting of the world's bishops on family issues. during mass in st. peters basilica, the pontiff forcefully asserted that marriage is a bond between a man and a woman that cannot be dissolved, but he added the church must seek out and care for hurting couples with acceptance and mercy.
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one of the major debates in the church is whether divorced and civilly remarried catholics should receive communion. a mysterious death in the heart of manhattan. coming up on eyewitness news, a woman found dead in the entrance of an apartment building. we're at the scene as authorities try to figure out
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society bike tour offered three routes ranging from 30 to 100 miles. cyclists made their way through the holland tunnel to jersey and then back to manhattan over the george washington bridge. the event raised nearly $2 services. >> 100 miles. >> yeah! can you say deep tissue massage after that? that's what we would need. >> yeah. >> and we were running into a little bit of a cross wind there especially crossing over the gw bridge. it was gusting 30 miles per hour. >> that's a ride. >> we did get a good look at the sun and clear skies. >> that ball of gas in the sky, that's called the sun. we haven't seen it since about monday. get used to it. we head outside right now. it really cleared out a little bit more than what our guidance was suggesting. mainly cloudy day. guess what, that clearing line came in strong right around midday and the afternoon turned out absolutely beautiful. 62 right now, that wind from
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the east at 9 gusting up to 20, even some higher gusts along the coast. that's why we have the high surf you have out there and in spots we have minor coastal flooding, although that is diminishing over the next several hours. normal high this time of year around 68. not quite up to that level but we'll approach it tomorrow in spots. the record 88 back in 1941 and the sun going down at 6:34. winds still gusting between 20 and 30 miles per hour, and you see that direction coming in from the east and the northeast. temperatures right now low 60s in and around the city. you got 64 at teterboro, 54 though at monticello, and where you have that wind coming in right off the atlantic ocean still in the upper 50s in places like belmar and toms river, you get a little bit more cloud cover in those areas as well, especially south of i- 195 over ocean county new jersey. we zoom things off to the south and again, just incredible amounts of rain over south carolina right now or near columbia south carolina near charleston south carolina. this is literally like a fire
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hose of moisture coming in from the atlantic ocean right few. they're expecting several more inches of rain before this is all said and done. more flooding woes there. here's joaquin battering bermuda right now as a category 2 storm, 100 miles per hour winds, the pressure down at 958- millibars. this is going to accelerate to the northeast and eventually the east moving away from land but still spreading high waves in our direction. that's why we have a high surf advisory into the day. lows in the meantime getting down to 51 in the parks, upper 30s well north and west, highs tomorrow a nice recovery up to about 65. accuweather forecast for tonight, partly cloudy, breezy, we're down to about 51. it's breezy tomorrow up to 65. night. we're down to 54, and look at tuesday and wednesday we're talking low 70s out there. cooling off a little bit thursday, next shot at rain would be late friday into friday night. i think we may actually clear weekend. the high temperatures right around average in the upper 60s.
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not looking too bad. >> not at all. thank you jeff. >> taking time off the campaign trail to try her hand at comedy. >> coming up on eyewitness news, is it the new hillary, the presidential candidate shows off her funny side on late night tv.
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hundreds of hot air balloons fill the skies of new mexico. pilots from dozens of states and 17 countries are taking part in the 44th annual albuquerque international balloon festival. the nine-day festival features
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different balloon designs, as well as races, rides and both day and nighttime assents, it is one of the most photographed events in the country. >> can understand that. >> that's for sure. democratic presidential front runner hillary clinton got a ton of laughs last night on saturday night live. >> hey, bartender, keep them >> overnight hillary clinton getting in on the joke on saturday night live. >> oh, i get it. you're a politician. >> yes. , yes. and how about you? >> me? i'm just an ordinary citizen who believes the keystone pipeline will destroy our environment. >> this is hillary clinton 2.0, a candidate trying to show spontaneous. >> me too. from girl talk with actress
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feminist? >> yes absolutely. >> showing off her whip and nae nae skills on ellen, and jumping on stage with mark anthony in miami. the candidate has been trying to show off her lighter side. with bernie sanders drawing huge crowds and closing in on hoping the new strategy will help her turn the page after a summer full of controversy. half cashed in on snl's popularity in the past. >> good evening my fellow americans. i'm john mccain. >> and you know, i'm just sarah palin. who is that under there. and now clinton is hoping being live from new york will help liven her likability. mary bruce, abc news new york. >> coming up on eyewitness news
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explosion in brooklyn as we learn of a possible second victim, a family holding out hope straight ahead. >> also, neighbors express shock as police zero in on the quiet chelsea street to investigate a mysterious death. >> and as hurricane joaquin continues to churn, another storm is brewing, a new york lawmakers addresses the lack of
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it's all coming up next. get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time.
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i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid.
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