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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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puello,. this so new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news with joe torres and sandra bookman, laura behnke with sports and jeff smith with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now eyewitness news at 6. new surveillance video captures the moment a deadly blast rocked a brooklyn neighborhood. tonight police identify the victim as another family searches for their loved ones missing since the explosion. >> and a sprawling crime scene in chelsea after a woman is found dead in the doorway of an apartment building. a live report straight ahead as neighbors react. good evening everyone, i'm sandra bookman. >> and i'm joe torres we begin tonight with new details on the deadly blast in brooklyn that leveled a home in borough park. >> police have now released the name of the woman killed in
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are hearing from the family of another woman who hasn't been seen or heard from since the blast. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson joins us now. >> reporter: sandra, francesca figueroa is a mother of 3 but hasn't been seen or heard from since an explosion ripped through this building. look at this, this heavy equipment here, this equipment was used to rip down what was left of the building where the explosion happened, and a second building that was right next door. francesca's sister tells eyewitness news one second she was on the phone with francesca, the next she was gone. >> she didn't deserve to die this way. she was a fighter, a real hard worker. >> right now she's torn between two agonizing worlds, her entire family is, her sister francesca has not been seen or
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heard from since yesterday afternoon around 1 when the building francesca was moving out of blew up. this surveillance video shows the second a huge explosion rocked the structure. just before this, the women were talking on the phone, milabos got another call, clicked over but could not get back to francesca. >> i didn't think anything of it until another friend who lives nearby called me and told me what had happened, then i thought she is in that apartment. >> police say ligia puello was in her third floor apartment. the 64-year-old was killed in the blast, those who knew her say she was a great mom and friend to many. officials say this could have been a lot worse because many in this conservative jewish neighborhood were observing the sabbath. people were home inside. there wasn't much foot traffic on 13th avenue. still, three others walking by were hurt. >> and that's what we're trying to do to come together as a community to thank god. we do that very well.
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>> early indications are this gas explosion happened after a tenant disconnected and moved a stove. today officials revealed that stove may have been in francesca's second floor apartment. her family just wants answers. >> and her phone pinged a tower near here shortly, you know, and it has since gone dead. >> reporter: back here live, you're looking at what's left of that building, heavy equipment was brought in earlier to take down what was left after the explosion. also literally about 5 seconds ago, search dogs for the second day in a row, a search dog out here on scene trying to find if that second person, if francesca is in this building. again, her family out here looking for some answers. out of all of this, borough president eric adams and city council member jamani williams, they want to start an education campaign about the dangers of gas, of situations like this.
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there are two things you need to know. if you smell gas, one, call 9-1- 1, two, get out. we'll have much more later on eyewitness news. for now we're live in borough park, kemberly richardson channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. developing at this hour an investigation into a mysterious death is now underway in manhattan after a woman is found dead in the doorway of a chelsea apartment building. >> eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff has more as investigators try to figure out what happened. mallory. >> reporter: joe, sandra investigators tell us that right now they're calling this a death investigation. they say a medical examiner will ultimately have to determine the cause of death. if you take a look here, you can see investigators on the scene. we've just learned actually in the last few minutes that a 38- year-old woman was found unconscious right beyond the doorway here. this is where investigators continue their work tonight, and they don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.
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have surrounded the entrance of 221 west 16th street. the front door now roped off. neighbors tell us they woke up to the sound of an ambulance this morning. one man says he saw a woman receiving chest compressions. as investigators work, neighbors are waiting for answers. some have had conversations with police. >> they said have you seen this woman and have you seen this man. >> they were showing you pictures. >> yeah, on the cell phone. >> there are people in this neighborhood like myself who have been here forever, and everybody knows everybody on this box, and when you see something like this, you think, oh, who had an accident or maybe somebody was robbed because there have been robberies. there's been some sketchy stuff ever since. a lot of the clubs and bars have opened here. >> reporter: back out here live, you can see a surveillance video camera placed right outside of this apartment building. right now it's still unclear exactly what that video camera may have captured and what role that video could potentially
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investigators say they have a lot of work left to be done. live in chelsea, mallory hoff channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you mallory. president obama has declared a state of emergency in south carolina where hundreds of people have been rescued from rising flood waters. a storm dumped more than 18 inches of rain in parts of that state in just 24 hours. at least 100 people have had to be rescued after they tried to cross flooded roads in their vehicles. first responders are using boats to try and get to people that are trapped in their homes. >> we have lost everything. what i got on my body is what we have. pretty much everybody down the hill there has lost everything this morning, our vehicles, our clothes, everything. but the best thing is that we still have our lives. we still have our lives. >> officials in south carolina have confirmed at least three deaths in connection with that storm. strong winds and heavy rain are lashing bermuda as
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hurricane joaquin passes close to the island. joaquin has weakened with winds dropping to 105 miles per hour. today senator chuck schumer said hurricane joaquin had inadequate funding for hurricane tracking systems, and that led to problems when trying to predict joaquin's path. >> people were scratching their heads monday and tuesday. why can't we figure out where this hurricane is going to hit. why are there so many different models, and one of the reasons is that we underfunded the computer model for years. >> schumer says current congressional appropriation bills don't provide enough satellites that are desperately >> new information in the search for a cargo ship that disappeared in the middle of hurricane joaquin. rescuers spotted floating debris and an oil sheen in the waters off the bahamas. the coast guard has not been able to confirm if the debris is from the missing ship named yesterday searchers found a life ring they are sure is from the ship. its crew has not heard from --
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has not been heard from since the ship lost power three days ago and began taking on water. 33 people were on board including 28 americans. their family members are all holding out hope. >> what keeps you guys hopeful? >> prayer. >> god is in the mist, and we know. they'll come home safe. >> the ship was heading from florida to puerto rico when it ran into 130-mile an hour winds and 30-foot waves. two families in brooklyn are struggling with the devastating loss after a fishing trip turned tragic in jamaica bay. ricardo meija and joel ortiz were fishing when their boat capsized. a rescue team pulled them from the water but meija and ortiz died at the hospital. one of the survivors told eyewitness news the wake from another vessel toppled the boat, not rough seas from the storm. >> they saw us, why they don't go slowly.
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that is the problem when they pass too fast they make a lot of wave. >> family members say the men were heading back to the marina to stay ahead of the weather when their boat flipped over. >> still to come on eyewitness news at 6:00, the family of a man killed in a hit and run overnight, desperately wants answers now as police search for the driver who fled the scene. >> and fresh off his visit to the u.s., pope francis takes on the controversial topic of divorce in the catholic church. the pontiff's comments at a meeting of the world bishops coming up. >> and the coastal flood warnings and advisories have expired. the sky is clearing. we have a pretty good looking
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a man knocked out of his shoes and dragged by an suv down a street in queens. tonight the search continues for the driver involved in this deadly hit and run. >> it happened early this morning on college point avenue. eyewitness news reporter lucy i can't think has more on how the man's family is taking action to bring their loved one's lucy. sandra. traffic is bustling again as usual here on college point boulevard in queens, but there are clear signs of the tragedy last night. right behind me is a police sane that has been set up deadly accident. it happened by the intersection of 40th road and college point boulevard.
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a 41-year-old man tried to cross the boulevard at 1:00 this morning, but never made it to the other side safely. police believe he was struck and killed by a dark colored suv traveling northbound on college point boulevard. the driver never stopped. the victim has now been identified as mariano contreras from corona. hospital. originally from mexico i just spoke to the victim's family who came here a few minutes ago tears. i also interviewed a bar tender and waitress who knew the victim as a regular customer. i'm told he was hardworking, an immigrant who was kind and generous to his family and friends. >> he was a very nice guy, was so wonderful. he was my confidant. he was my best friend. he was my uncle. he was always thinking about me, thinking about the family, all his brothers. he was one of the best guys in the world. i don't know what happened to him. he was in the wrong place at
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the wrong time. >> always a good guy, didn't bother anybody. he was actually telling me how happy he was. he just enrolled back into learning english at laguardia college and everything was going right for him, you know. it was him and his friend and little did i know he's been coming to this bar for more than a year without missing a beat. i did not think it was going to be the last time i saw him. >> i'm shocked because you know, i used to tell him like my stories and everything, vacations. it's really a shame. >> nice guy? >> yeah, really nice. very sweet too. >> okay. we are back live here at the scene. you see his nephew and his sister now placing white roses and lit candles at the scene here. the family of course desperate for the driver to be found and to be held accountable for this terrible accident. police also asking for information into this deadly hit and run accident which happened at 1:00 this morning. we are live in queens.
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i'm lucy yang for channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news, the big blue in buffalo. the giants take on the former coach of the jets to score another w. laura behnke has highlights coming up in sports. >> and we take a live look outside now. meteorologist jeff smith is so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder]
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pope francis spoke today about the controversial issue of divorce among catholics. he forcefully asserted today that marriage is a bond between a man and a woman that cannot be dissolved. the pope made his views known during mass in st. peters basilica to open a meeting of the world's bishops on family issues. the pope also added the church must seek out and care for hurting couples with acceptance and mercy. >> i think that it looks like the weather gods had mercy on us today. >> just going to say that, yeah. >> we finally got rid of the clouds, the rain, still a little chilly, but all in all this sunday turned out to be beautiful. >> the trend is our friend as we head into the workweek. we industrial issues heading areas. a high surf advisory in effect right through the day on monday, especially along the long island beaches, just because hurricane joaquin is hundreds of miles away, doesn't
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mean its waves won't affect us. those waves propagate in our direction and still be up to 12 temperature 61. that wind coming in from the east around 8 miles per hour. the high on the day up to 62 after a morning low of 53. well below average for this time of the year. the sunsetting at 6:34, not too fact. you see that wind coming in from the east and northeast, 20 to 30 at times along coastal areas, and that's really kept it chilly. belmar and toms river sitting at the 57-degree mark. there's that high surf advisory in effect through 6 p.m. monday through queens. we're talking the rock aways here through the beaches of nassau and suffolk counties because those waves could be areas. we still have a coastal flood advisory for western long island sound. that will expire at 7 p.m. some very minor washover on shore roads in that area. more clouds off right now, especially over ocean county new jersey. again, we clear it out nicely
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we zoom things out, incredible flooding going on over parts of south carolina, and here of course is hurricane joaquin. first i wanted to show you the rainfall amounts that radars have estimated in this area, up and over 15 inches of rain basically in this corridor columbia. that's why this is such a disaster. they're expecting several more inches of rain tonight into the day tomorrow. here's joaquin west of bermuda. 100 miles per hour winds moving to the north and east. check this out, the wave action near the storm, wave heights of 40 feet just west of bermuda, and this is propagating waves up to about 12 feet all the way to our shoreline. that's why we have that high surf advisory in effect into tomorrow. partly sunny and breezy tomorrow, the high getting into the mid-60s. we're talking 70-plus on tuesday under a lot of sunshine. so really nice weather as we head into the middle part of the week. accuweather forecast for tonight partly cloudy, still breezy out there, we're down to 51. still breezy tomorrow. the high getting up to 65 under a lot of sunshine.
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clear to partly cloudy tomorrow night. we're down to 54, a nice one on tuesday. the nicest day of the week probably wednesday, 73 degrees out there, a little bit cooler on thursday. sunny to partly cloudy, upper 60s next shot at rain would be late friday into friday night. if we're lucky we clear out just in time for the weekend, upper 60s for saturday and sunday. everything's kind of deescalating right now. >> that's good news.
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normally you can watch pro football and enjoy lunch or dinner. today you can watch and enjoy >> everything. well this is an nfl sunday, the game's beginning at 9:30 this morning and running straight football. the early start all thanks to the jets and dolphins and some international pig skin as gang green met its division rival. the jets first play from scrimmage, ryan fitzpatrick airing it out to brandon marshall, 58-yard pickup. that set up this, chris ivory back after missing last week. he rushed for the touchdown and a career high of 156 yards. the jets would lead 13-0 when the dolphins woke up. ryan tannehill finds jake stonebenner wide open. eric decker also back, 10-yard touchdown, the jets led 20-7 at
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in the second half, the jettings dominating, zack stacy first running touchdown in over a year. 27-7. the dolphins attempted to make a comeback, but tannehill would get picked twice late. 27-14 the jets up 3 and 1. >> feels good going into the break playing one set of 2 and 2. it gives us a chance to start the second quarter of the season off with a good note. we know we've got a lot of things to clean up, but to come out here and play with the energy to start the game they played with, i was proud of them from that stand point. >> the giants bounced back nicely last thursday night. with the wind over the redskins thus entering this week one game back in what has become a wide open nfc east. today's challenge keeping the momentum against rex ryan and his bills, a field goal affair until late in the 1st. eli manning finds days harris, 21-yard touchdown, the extra point no good. it was 9-6 giants.
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17 penalties for 135 yards call. that gave big blue a 1st down and that led to this. giants. to the 4th quarter, a time that has not been kind to big blue, carlos williams, 23 yards 6 point game. this time the giants did not back down. rashad jennings, this would be the play of the game with some defense. touchdown. 24-10. a row. they are now 2 and 2. >> coach challenged us. that was a big challenge after the first two games where we had leads going into the 4th quarter and lost them and weren't able tocome back. he challenged us that hey we've got to elevate our level of play in the 40s quarter. >> there was a whole list of playoff scenarios in the american league. for the yankees very simple. beat the orioles in the regular season finale and the pinstripes would host tuesday's wild card game.
6:26 pm
trying to win their second game in the last seven tries. the orioles had other plans. in the 1st matt wieters, 2-0 baltimore, and more trouble came for the yanks in the 4th. gerardo parra, next inning chris davis doing what he does best, 46th homer of the season, 2-run shot. it's 7-1. right now the yankees trail 7-4 in the 8th. with the fifth straight loss yesterday the mets eliminated themselves from hosting the first round of the playoffs. today one more chance to head into the playoff games with a little momentum. that's wrapping up their regular season against the nationals. jacob degrom on the mound. he'll be the game 1 starter. 7 strikeouts, no hits, in four scoreless innings. the bullpen faring nearly as well. the group tossed a collective no hitter until the 7th. all this game needed was one run.
6:27 pm
curtis granderson happy to help in the 8th inning. 33rd bomb of the year. it was 1-0 mets. his 43rd save, that ties the club record 1-0, the mets snap their five-game losing streak and win their 90th game of the year. he'll start friday in l. a. >> 90 wins, nice ring to it. >> that is the news for now. we thank you for joining us. stay tuned for abc world news.
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>> i'm so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna.
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