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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 4, 2015 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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a mysterious death in manhattan. the body of a woman found in the doorway of an apartment building. now witnesses reveal new details about this grizzly discovery, and who police are looking for tonight. first, an active search underway at the side of a deadly gas explosion. a woman missing since the blast, and her family desperate for answers, as authorities identify the first victim of that explosion. good evening, everyone, i'm sandra bookman. >> and i'm joe torres. there are k-9 units at the scene to help police in the search through the rubble. authorities are searching for francisca figueroa.
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identify the woman found in the building stairwell as lehi abuero. >> lucy lang is in borough park tonight. >> reporter: it is still a is very active investigation with multiple agencies on site. the latest word is at least two buildings will have to be demolished, but before that, investigators need to go through all the debris very carefully to find the cause of this gas explosion and to find the second floor tenant who surveillance video shows the deadly explosion as it tore through the building. tonight, the 4200 block of 13th avenue in borough park remains a disaster zone, as crews work to clean up the debris, shore up the building, and locate the one woman who has still not been found.
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[ speaking in spanish ] >> translator: she was a fighter, a real hardworker. never said no to anything. she was really calm and said she had to clean. >> reporter: she was on the phone with her sister, francesca figueroa shortly before the explosion. >> it was less than five minutes her again. >> reporter: the blast happened on saturday afternoon. puello. as for the other tenant, we're told francesca figueroa lived on the second floor and was in the process of moving out and taking her stove with her. that gas stove, now the primary focus of this investigation. >> 4206, where the explosion took place, and 4204 are in a precarious place and will likely have to be demolished. >> reporter: right now, at
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least five buildings have been vacant, and all of those families registered with the red cross. some of them will eventually be allowed back home, but until then, a large area here remains pedestrians. we're live in brooklyn tonight, lucy yang, for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. police in queens search for the driver involved in the deadly hit and run crash. a small memorial put up alongside college point boulevard in flushing where manuela contreras was struck. he was dragged nearly 100 feet. the driver sped away without stopping. tonight, his family is devastated. >> my best friend, it was my uncle at the same time. he was always thinking about me. thinking about the family. about his brothers. he was one of the best guys in the world. >> contreras family is calling
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for the driver to surrender to police. investigators hope with surveillance video from nearby businesses will help lead to an arrest. new details tonight in the death of a woman in manhattan. police remain on the scene right now, outside of a building in chelsea. they say the body of kiersten was found in the doorway. but how she died remains a mystery. >> reporter: sandra investigators tell us they're still waiting on an official cause of death. we're outside of the building where this woman was found. as you can see tonight, a crime scene unit remains in place. crime scene investigators spent all day camped out of west 16th street in chelsea.
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unresponsive woman about 1:30 a.m. 38-year-old kirsten cerveny was discovered unconsciousment. >> one of the doors was closed. one was open. i saw a foot with no shoe, and no sock. past that i can see the emt's doing chest compressions. >> reporter: investigators say cerveny lived in manhasset. a video camera is mounted outside of the building. >> there is some surveillance. was rolling. investigators have not confirmed what it may have captured. he says his friend lives in the building and saw the video. >> there's a woman that went in, that didn't live in the building and she came out the door with a different person. >> reporter: it appears the door. the area. this as neighbors say investigators have been asking
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how cerveny ended up here, dead at 38. >> they said have you seven this woman, and have you seen this man? >> they were showing you pictures. >> yeah, on the cell phone. >> reporter: police have not said who found this woman or who made that 911 call. tonight investigators telling us they could be out here for another number of hours. live in chelsea, mallory hof, channel 7 eyewitness news. four deaths related to flooding. in columbia, many residents are without drinking water, and may be for three or four days. a storm dumped more than 18 inches of rain on parts of the state 24 hours. emergency workers had to rescue hundreds of people from their homes or vehicles. >> it's tough, because everything that i own, that i know of, has been destroyed. >> it's heart wrenching, but i'm could glad that we're safe. >> reporter: the governor has
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activated 600 national guard members. one county has a 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. curfew. emergency shelters are open throughout the state, and president obama has declared a state of emergency. new information tonight in the search for a cargo ship that disappeared in the middle of hurricane joaquin. the coast guard says it has searched more than 70,000 square nautical miles with still no sign of el faro. rescuers spotted floating debris and an oil sheen. the coast guard has not confirmed that the debris is from el faro, but yesterday, searchers found a life ring they are sure is from the ship. 33 people were onboard. it lost power 30 days ago, and began taking on water. family members of the crew are holding out hope.
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>> what keeps you guys hopeful? >> we know. they will be safe. >> the ship was heading from puerto rico when it ran into 130 mile-per-hour winds, and foot waves. tonight, the fbi is telling colleges in the philadelphia area about a social media theft. a social immediatey posting threatened violence at a philadelphia college or university tomorrow. the fbi is encouraging students and staff at the schools to follow guidance of campus safety surveillance. a gunman killed nine people on campus last week. school officials announced that while there will be no classes, faculty staff and students will be allowed to return to umpqua, and retrieve belongings and
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the college president has received messages of support prosecute nearly 100 school officials that have experienced similar attacks. >> this is not a club we wanted to join. we did not want to be part of the sandy hook club, but we're now members. the newest members. the senior members are all taking care of us. i'd like to thank them. >> and the official cause of the gunman's death has been ruled a suicide. however, the sheriff believes he was hit by officers first. seven victims remain in the hospital. a coast guard training exercise turned into an actual rescue when a man crashed his jet-ski along the jersey shore. an eyewitness recorded the man riding out of the inlet near point pleasant this morning. a powerful wave knocked him over. a crew was training in the area and spotted the man in the water. the coast guard released video
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of the rescue. still to come on eyewitness news at 11:00, a fishing trip among friends turns deadly on jamaica bay. a surviver opens up about the scary moments when a wave overtook their boat. >> plus, pope francis takes on the controversial topic of divorce in the catholic church. the pontiff's comments at a meeting of the world's bishops, coming up. >> and a hacker with a heart. how becoming a victim of a hack attack could work in your favor. >> and hurricane joaquin stayed well offshore, but sending waves in our direction.
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the medical group doctors without borders has decided to leave kunduz, the afghan city where it was bomb possiblied by a u.s. air strike. the organization also raised the death toll to 22. 10 patients and 10 staff workers. it said no staff member reported fighting in the compound. a military investigation has barely begun because of heavy fighting between taliban and afghan forces. john boehner's surprise resignation, a congressman announced his bid for the position. >> i'm honored today to
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a candidate for the speaker of the house. >> jason chafitz announced he is running for the spot. he says mccarthy lacks support to become the house speaker. the supreme court starts its new session tomorrow with a roster of politically charged cases. the last term ended with liberal victories, including legalizing same-sex marriage, and rejecting a challenge to the affordable care act. now the justices will take on more hot topics, like affirmative action, and public employee unions. the justices may also rule on cases involving contraception coverage, and abortion rates. a boy in florida is recovering from a shark attack. authorities say it could have been a whole lot worse. surfing with friends this
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in the hand -- bit him in the hand. he yelled for help. swimmers helped him to shore. >> calling the police and stuff. >> the boy is expected to make a full recovery. however, the incident has many beachgoers on edge. a teenager was attacked in that same area just last week. still ahead on eyewitness news. political punch lines. hillary clinton tried her hand in comedy with a surprise appearance on "saturday night
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jeff just in time for the workweek, the weather has miraculously cleared up. >> the pope's coming back, i think. >> yeah, i think so. we have not seen the sunshine since monday afternoon, and we finally saw it around midday today. guess what? it's going to stay sunny through the majority of the week. mainly clear skies in the city. some clouds trying to move in from the ocean on shore. we head outside to the empire state building. that temperature is sitting at 55 degrees. matching humidity at 55%. that when northeast, still an onshore flow at 10 miles per hour. but we don't have the gusts up to 30 and 40 miles per hour, like we had the past couple of days. the high on the day, only getting up to 63 after a morning low of 53. so temperatures, at least the high was a full 5 degrees below
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average for this time of the year. 88 was the record back in 1941. down to 37, way back in 1888. the sun setting these days just after 8:30. temperatures all the way down into the 40s. 43 at monticello. a couple of areas well north and west of the city could get down to the 30s overnight. we have frost advisories outside of our viewing area. up toward say delaware and upstate new york. 54 now islip. speaking of the shore, the shore line of long island in particular, we have advisory until tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. courtesy of some of these big waving about generated from well offshore, hurricane joaquin. you can see some of the clouds actually streaming in right now are indirectly connected to the hurricane as this system right here, that has been causing incredible amounts of rainfall. i'll show you these rainfall totals coming up next half hour. they are just mind boggling. this system, trying to draw some of the moisture from joaquin, off to the north and
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success doing so. i think sunshine will win out the next few days. joaquin made its closest pass to bermuda this afternoon. up to 37 feet just west of bermuda. waves up to 9 feet are reaching our shore line. that's why we have the high surf advisory. partly sunny, breezy near coast tomorrow. 65. a few more clouds south and east of new york city. sunshine really wins out, i think during the day on tuesday. the high getting all the way up to 71. that's going to feel nice. accuweather forecast overnight, partly cloudy. again, a breeze near the water. we're down to about 51. 51 is your temperature when you get up at 7:00 in the morning. partly sunny skies out there. breezy at times on the coast during the day tomorrow. the high getting up to 65. 54 tomorrow night under clear
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nice one shaping up on tuesday at 71. even nicer on wednesday, 73 degrees. a little bit of a set back in the temperature department. could be a late shower friday. better shot at some rain friday night. rather cloudy saturday, but i think we do clear out in time for the second half of the weekend. next half hour, we'll show you the radar estimates of the rainfall that have occurred over south carolina. >> really crazy. thank you, jeff. laura behnke up next with sports. >> the jets going early, and into the night tonight. in the middle, it was the giants who were looking to move to .500 on the season at the expense of rex ryan and the phils.
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so the giants stayed in new york, but they traveled. >> they did. not quite as far as the jets, who we'll get to in a moment. the giants set an unwanted record, becoming the first team
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in nfl history to blow double- digit leads in back-to-back games to open the season. since then, the focus has been on finishing, quite obviously. today's challenge doing just that against rex ryan and the bills. touchdown. the extra point no good, so it was 9-6 giants. the bills were their own worst enemy. 17 penalties today for 135 formation. that gave big blue a first down. then they did this. manning to maundsle. 16-3 giants. to the 4th quarter, a time that has not been kind to this team. tyrod taylor, carlos williams, 23 yards. it's a 6 point game. this time, the giants didn't back down. rashad jennings. this is the play of the game. with the help of the bills defense. 24-10. the giants win their second in a row. they're now 2-2. >> we knew it was going to be a battle, and it was a battle. the offense did a great job in
11:26 pm
the 1st half. i thought the defense did an outstanding job throughout the game. >> found different ways to make it happen. we need some plays. we were able to get to them. the jets worked all week not only to prepare for the dolphins, but also for the time difference between new york and england. from earlier bed times to wearing special glasses when they got there. well it worked. what a start. ryan fitzpatrick airing it out. brandsen marshal, 38-yard pick up. chris ivory rushed for the touchdown and a career high 166 yards. the jets would lead 13-0, when the dolphins finally woke up. wide open. that made it 13-7, but all new york from there. eric decker also back after missing last week. 10-yard touchdown.
11:27 pm
2nd half, more of the same. jets dominating 27-7. the dolphins attempted to make a comeback, but tannehill would get picked twice late including there by darrelle revis. the jets are 3-1. >> we came out fast, we made some mistakes penalty wise, but from an energy stand point, i thought they came out strong. >> just got to keep building. much more ahead in sports. baseball's regular season now in the books. so let the playoffs begin. the yankees were trying to control their own destiny when it came to home field advantage, but the orioles, not
11:28 pm
11:29 pm
no heading into today, we already knew after two long years, the yankees long playoff drought is over. what we did not know is if they would host the all-star game. all they had to do was win. as they faced the baltimore orioles. the orioles had other plans. in the 1st, a single, two score, 2-0 baltimore. more trouble came in the 4th. parra sending the single up the middle. another pair of runs will score, and it's 5-1 birds. the pain not quite over yet for the yankees. next inning, chris davis doing
11:30 pm
his 46th homer of the season. that made it 7-1. 9-4, the yanks have lost 6 of 7. so they then needed an astros loss to assure home field for the wild card. luckily, paul goldschmidt was not treating like a meaningless for arizona. the d'backs win and the astros will come to new york for the wild card game. new york will open the series friday in los angeles. so today, trying to wrap up the regular season on a high note against the nationals. jacob degroom on the mound will be your game 1 starter. the bullpen faring nearly as well. tossing a collective no-hitter until the single in the 7th. all the game needed was just one run. curtis granderson happy to
11:31 pm
oblige. 1-0 mets. called in to close out the regular season, his that will tie a club record. 1-0. the mets win their 90th game of the year. then they thank the fans. >> thank you guys for coming out. you guys really are the best in the game. thank you very much. to now beat l.a. >> yes, beat l.a. thank you, laura. >> a surviver of a deadly boating accident on jamaica bay opens up. the frightening moments when a fishing trip claimed the lives of these two friends. >> plus finger pointing from ben varnagee. >> and a michigan farmer
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here's a look now at tonight's top stories. search crews remain on the scene of a deadly explosion. francesca figueroa remains unaccounted for since the blast yesterday. police in queens want to find a man that struck a driver. miss say the driver dragged mariano contreras, and took off from the scene. >> and police investigate the mysterious death of a woman in chelsea. officers found the death of kirsten cerveny. they have not said how she died.
11:35 pm
hour, a family in brooklyn is sharing their heartbreak tonight over the death of a father who drowned in jamaica bay. >> richard mejia and joe ortiz were out when their boat capsized in a storm. friends say they tried to save them, but couldn't reach them in time. >> i was worried when he left, because i know how the weather was. it was raining, and getting cold too. >> reporter: holding their 1- year-old baby, isabella, gentlemen'sa mejia says her husband called her several was okay. before the boat he was fishing in capsized. >> he told me they were about to get ready to come back. he told me, everything's fine. >> reporter: mejia drowned in friend. the boat's owner, says another
11:36 pm
boat's wake, not the worsening weather, caused them to flip over. >> they saw us. why didn't they go slowly? that was the problem. when they pass too fast, they make a lot of wave. >> reporter: he saw his friends clinging to life on a cooler. >> i called it it, i screaming for them to come to the boat. >> reporter: residents brought food today to try to comfort the heartbroken families. >> i was hoping that nothing bad happened to him. at least he was still alive, what we heard, we just couldn't believe it. >> absolutely it's a shock. i just lost my dad, my best friend. >> reporter: melvin mejia got the word. he flew home from college from arkansas, assuring their family's faith will see them through this sudden, and tragic loss. >> i believe this is all an accident.
11:37 pm
the lord didn't intend for any of this to happen at all. he's hurting as much as we're hurting. and we've been asking for peace. new details now on the death of a man after a disturbance at a long island bar. police say 42-year-old michael murphy died at the hospital after a medical event at the rocky point ale house last night. eyewitnesses say an argument started inside the bar, and spilled outside. murphy reportedly collapsed while being chased by another man. tonight, police are okay the lookout for a gunman who killed two others on a staten island street corner. 27-year-old terrell ford, and his 28-year-old brother justin were killed. police say one of the brothers was shot as he tried to run away. emergency workers rushed both men to the hospital where doctors pronounced them dead. a student from new york
11:38 pm
city died in the tragic accident at sworthmoore college. police say the sophomore was alone when he accidently plunged 40 to 50 feet off a cliff in a wooded section of the campus. he was from bay side queens. the college's president asked students to keep him in their prayers and to look out for one another. now to the race for president. this weekend, the front runners took to the media to try to protect their leads. hillary clinton took a star turn on late night tv. new poll numbers show their opponents gaining ground. mary bruce has the story. >> i wish you could be president. >> me too. >> with her poll numbers shaky, hillary clinton is offering an alternative. her lighter side. >> all anyone wants to talk about is donald trump.
11:39 pm
isn't he the one where he all talks about is ugh, you're losers. >> it would print clinton's iowa lead from 11 points down to 5. and she's still losing to bernie sanders in new hampshire. on the republican side, donald trump still in the lead. >> i'm having a lot of fun. >> but his support is slipping in the key states of iowa and new hampshire. >> it's not a question of polls. i'm not a masochist. i'm not somebody who needs to do this for other reasons. >> trump had five point leads both states, but ben carson, and carly fiorina are nipping at his heels. >> the reason morale is down in the military is not because they don't want to serve. it's because they don't think their president cares about their service. the recent threat from hurricane joaquin prompts a warning about federal spending on weather satellites. senator charles schumer says
11:40 pm
underfunding will leave only one polar orbiting weather satellite council from the current two. the obama administration asked for $380 million for the satellites. but the senate bill has just $135 million, and the house version, zero. >> with sequestration, you get all kinds of cuts you never should be making. this is one of them. they're quiet until we had a week like we had this past week, where no one knew where joaquin was going to hit. >> the shortage of funding for computer modeling made joaquin's path harder to predict. some wall street checktives should have gone to jail for their roles in the 2008 financial crisis. in an interview with u.s.a. today, ben bernanke says he thinks individuals, as well as corporations should have been held accountable. the federal government fined major banks and brokerage firms billions of dollars.
11:41 pm
but there have been no criminal prosecutions. a church service in upper manhattan looked more like noah's arc today. take a look. dozens of animals and their human companions for the 31st annual feast of st. francis. the ceremony includes blessing the animals as a tribute to st. francis of asisi. cold war drama in the white hot spotlight. the manhattan premiere. >> and parking up the wrong tree. the small, but mighty french bulldog unleashes a brave charge against a trio of bears, all to keep her family safe. >> and taking a live look
11:42 pm
11:43 pm
amilia. [ music ] today the nation honored firefighters who died in the line of duty. president obama went to maryland to unveil a plaque with the 87 names being added to the national fallen
11:44 pm
84 died last year. three in previous years. >> there's a reason why fire fighting occupies a special place in our imaginations. why little boys and increasingly little girls say i want to be a fireman. i want to be a firefighter. they understand instinctually, that there's something special about it. >> after the unveiling, the president offered condolences firefighters families. pope francis today took on the controversial issue of divorce among catholics at a meeting on family issues with church bishops from all across the globe. during mass in st. peters basilica, the pontiff forcefully asserted that marriage is a bond between a man and a woman that cannot be dissolved. but he added the church must seek out and care for hurting couples with acceptance and morse.
11:45 pm
one of the major debates is whether divorced and similarly receive communion. there's a hacker out there who actually seems to be trying information. someone is hacking unprotected wi-fi routers apparently to try to force owners to make them more secure. the custom built software, nicknamed ifwatch has snuck into at least 10,000 internet connected devices. your reuters. it may be intended, but it's illegal to access computers on a network without the owner's permission. a california family is heaping praise and love on their brave little guard dog. surveillance video shows the bears wonder into the backyard of a woman in monrovia. that's near pasadena. a 20-pound french bulldog named jewels showed no fear. she chased the young bears, and then the mother away.
11:46 pm
food as they deal with the state's drought, decided that jewels was just too much trouble. >> she wasn't having it. you're not coming into her property. blew me away. i couldn't believe it that she turned into a wolverine. >> okay, jewels was given a bath, a treat, and a lot of kisses for her brave and of course, you're going to show that to your french bulldog, are you you not? >> i sure am. my wife loves that story. get out of this story. still ahead on eyewitness news at 11:00, a story you'll really dig, a michigan farmer cultivates excitement after uncovering a set of bones that dates back to the ice okay. so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? why fios? well fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. whatever speed you need, fios has it.
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the annual new york film festival has been underway at new york lincoln center now.
11:49 pm
>> tonight on the upper west side, the red carpet was rolled out for the world premiere of "bridge of spies" tom hanks is a lawyer negotiating a prisoner exchange during the cold war between the u.s. and the soviet union. director steven spielberg says he was impressed when hanks was in character as donovan. >> when tom was going full donovan, yes, i was intimidated. he was strong. >> he's making that up. i never want to be working in my last steven spielberg movie. so i try to come to work prepared. >> spielberg and hanks have worked together on saving private ryan, catch me if you can, and the terminal. at wabc, we should tell you is a proud sponsor of the film festival. we have more information.
11:50 pm
>> it's going to be a good movie. you almost know that for sure. >> i love me some tom hanks, and i love me some geoff smith. especially when the weather is going my way. i was going to say, you said that before you've even seen the seven-day forecast. let's show you what's going on in and around the city looking mid-town from queens. we have clouds that might hang around through early tomorrow morning, but i think general, we'll start to clear things out again by midday tomorrow. 55degrees, that wind coming in from the northeast at 10:00. it's not gusting up to 30 and 40 like it was the past couple of days, but strong enough that we have some coastal flooding and beach erosion issues into the day tomorrow over parts of the mid-atlantic states. just beach erosion probably toward the jersey shore and parts of long island. i think the coastal flooding threat has greatly diminished, just because the wind has come down so much.
11:51 pm
40s, well north and west of the city. down to 45 in middle town. 43 at monticello. some of these locations can get down to the 30s. 54 on the island of islip. we do have that eye surf advisory. also the beaches of queens until monday at 6:00 p.m., because we do have waves coming in about 6 to 8 feet in those areas. again, that can cause beach erosion through the day tomorrow. we're watching a little band of clouds moving off to the north and west, indirectly connected to hurricane joaquin, which has been battering bermuda during the past several hours. a storm that has been battering south carolina is spinning around right here, and they're still getting heavy rainfall. these amounts are just mind boggling. it is what our radars have estimated. mainly during the past 48 hours. you're reading it right. over 20 inches of rain in some locations between charleston and columbia, south carolina.
11:52 pm
year type of event in that area. joaquin, meanwhile, moving well out to sea, and is going to stay out of our hair during the mention few days. 51 tonight in the park, we're getting to about 65 or so during the day tomorrow. warmer on tuesday, getting up to about 71. best day of the week, my pick of the week is wednesday. 73degrees under a lot of sunshine. back down into the upper 60s, seasonably cool. bill evans has an update early in the morning. >> thank you. finally tonight, an incredible discovery in a soy field in michigan. >> a farmer digging a trench for some drains, thought he hit a fence post, but instead found a window all the way back to the ice age. >> reporter: when the crane first starts lifting, it doesn't really look like much, but now you see it. how about now? of course it helps to imagine
11:53 pm
what it would have looked like, something like this. this woolly mammoth, minus the wool, turned up in a place where some drains were being built. he hit some bones and called the university of michigan, letting them come out and pull it all out of there. >> it's overwhelming for me. >> reporter: the rules say the farmer gets to keep it if he wants. >> we're hoping that it's going to end up in a museum. >> reporter: he's already got some theories. >> it was an adult male, probably in his 40s, at the time of the death. probably lived between 10,000, and 15,000 years ago. >> reporter: that puts humans here in prehistoric michigan, those same 10 to 15,000 years ago, because the theory is also that the dead mammoth was hunted by humans and that they stored it in a pond to keep it refrigerated, basically. soon enough, it's all going to be soybeans again here.
11:54 pm
wonder what else is under that soybean surface. >> that is some fun. >> he gets to keep it. i wonder what the wife thinks of that. put that in the living room. >> that's going to do it for us tonight. thanks for staying up. i'm sandra bookman. >> i'm joe torres. eyewitness news returns tomorrow morning at 4:30. make it a great night everyone. >> it would look good in the living room. up on the wall. >> yes. [ music ]
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