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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 5, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- weather disaster. cars underwater. homes surrounded. hundreds of rescues. historic flooding with no signs of slowing down. we're tracking it all. tracking joaquin. the hurricane slam lg bermuda right now. new clues discovered in the search for a missing ship caught in the hurricane. shark attack. a teen in the hospital, his hand badly injured. small but mighty. the fearless pet scaring away the bears. well, good monday morning to you. we begin with the killer storm
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swamping carolina. >> scenes like this plays out over and over again. hundreds of people plucked to safety from submerged cars and trucks. after some areas got slammed with more than two feet of rain. those raging flood waters blamed for at least seven deaths. powerful enough to unearth coffins, bringing them to the surface at this church cemetery. >> we want to give you a look at the storm system on radar. lana zackk has the latest. >> reporter: scenes like these ravaging south carolina this morning. grown men in water up to their next. these housesfloods at roof top level. >> all my things are destroyed. everything i have worked for, it's gone. >> the water is getting closer and closer. >> reporter: after government
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imposed curfews, residents in eight south carolina counties are waking up to scenes of destruction today. >> we haven't seen this level of rain in the low country in 1,000 years. that's how big this is. >> reporter: officials warning residents the flash floods are expected to continue mand come on suddenly. >> just because the rain stops does not mean the danger is over. >> reporter: some rescue workers in need of rescue. >> we had a mother and her child stranded. a recuse worker tried to get to them, he got stranded. we used an air rescue to get all of them. then started picking people off roof tops. >> reporter: this resident says she got out just in time. >> i was scared we couldn't get the car out pip started on foot. i thought we were going to die. washington. >> as some of the rivers treechd highest levels in decades, president obama has declared a state of emergency in south
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>> as another half foot come down today, paul williams has more. >> thanks, kendis, reena. we have record-sorting ingrecord-setting numbers. they recorded 24 inches of rain in boone hill plantation and still counting. why? we have a trough. a low pressure system. and you add tropical moisture. three rainmakers triple-teaming on top of south carolina and lit continue to be the case wz az we go into today. rescue efforts still ongoing. kendis, reena? >> paul, thank you. hurricane joaquin has spared the east coast. it made a beeline for bermuda before veering out to sea. it's no longer a category 5 storm. the main harbors got battered overnight as tourists and residents braced for half foot of rain and dangerous storm surge as well.
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u.s. cargo ship that vanished in hurricane joaquin. the coast guard found a large debris field while scouring more miles. the ship was headed to puerto rico from florida. the last communication, a distress call thursday saying the ship had lost power and was taking on water. the pentagon is investigating an apparent u.s. air strike that killed at least 22 people at a hospital in afghanistan. the group doctors without borders is calling the attack a war crime. a ship was in the kunduz area at the time supporting forces that had come under fire. a u.s. college student being held by north korea is expected to be freed today.
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last month, he was seen in this healthy. back here in the states, classes are canceled this week at the oregon community college where eight students and a teacher were killed. those who survived are starting ordeal. one who played dead. the other called the lucky one. here's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: pastor randy scrogginss' players were rprayers were answered. his 18-year-old daughter, lacy, one of the closest witnesses to survive the gunman's rampage unscathed, taifed by treven anspach, who fell on top of her when he was shot, he later died. >> i believe he said i'm going to roll on to lacy. >> reporter: she lied under him, playing dead.
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this man was sitting next to her in the church. >> said you're the lucky one, you're not going to die today. >> reporter: meanwhile, chris mintz, hailed a hero by survivors and shot seven times, released this video. >> hello, everyone. i'm doing well and i'm overwhelmed by the support i've gotten from everybody. >> reporter: neal karlinsky, abc news, oregon. >> he spoke to a young woman who survived. an ana be oylan survived. she said the gunman asked who believed. saying the pain would be over in a moment. >> i could hear everyone breathing hard and freaking out and crying. he asked everyone to move to the center of the classroom. so we all kind of just
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>> you can hear much more of her story later exclusively on "good morning america." presidential candidate hillary clinton, for one, is getting ready to stand up to the nra. her came pain says she'll unveil gun control measures that she promises to enact if she's elected president. including a crackdown on sales at gun shows. she holds an 11-point lead. but if vice president joe biden joins the race, the lead falls to 5 points. in new hampshire, bernie sanders is beat inging her by fivenine points. the pope says marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman. but then he insisted on acceptance and mercy for all,
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even those experiencing divorce. a major retailer closing to bankruptcy. and the love triangle turning deadly. a dentist murdered. and the woman accused of being the mastermind on the run. a teenager badly hurt but alive after punching a shark
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american apparel is filing for bankruptcy today. they've been struggling with shrinking sales and lawsuits.
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the chapter 11 plan will cut out charney all together. no u.s. stores will close. damaging new claims in the volkswagen cheating scandal. vw began installing software designed to cheat on emissions test as far back as 2008. that's when the carmaker realized the new diesel engine couldn't meet pollution standards in the u.s. two engineers have been identified at the center of the investigation. the fees we pay to use an out-of-network atm are at record highs. a new report indicates those fees average $4.52. the city with the highest atm fees? atlanta atlanta. the average coast of overdraft fees is $33.07. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. the first plaque friday ad is
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it's on the website holiday spending is predicted to be up 4%. americans are expected to pay out billions. online. >> i'm surprised it's taking that long. it's already october. "the martian" has touched down on top of the box office. million. last week's winner, "hotel transle vain ya 2" fell to second. and the drug war thriller "sicario" was third. man in a garage trying to wrestle a gun away from another man. and flying fail. the airline that lost its ceo's luggage. you see this look on my face?
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it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me, and i was like well can you fix it, can you paint it back on, and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy switch to make. the same storm drenching the carolinas bringing flooding downpours up the east coast to southern delaware. this is what irt looked like in the town of millsboro over the weekend. widespread flooding. torrential rained high tides. more flooded streets along the coastal carolinas. a wet commute from the desert southwest into the central
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rockies and parts of california if you're flying, airport delays in charlotte, phoenix, and las vegas. from dallas this morning, a big break in the death of a young dentist. >> the excuse-style murder of dr. kendra hatcher was orchestrated by a romantic rival. brenda delgado. she's on the run rite now. police have arrested the alleged gunman. the university of louisville's men's basketball coach rick pitino says he's focusing on basketball and coaching, not the allegations by an escort in a new book. her book details how she and her daughters were paid thousands of dollars over the last few years to strip for and have sex with louisville players and recruits. louisville and the ncaa are looking into those allegations. police want your help in
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the victim opened his garage door to take out the trash when the man in gray barges in and trying to overpower him. the victim wrestles the gun away and points it as the attacker as he runs away. a teenager in florida is recovering this morning after being attacked by a shark. it happened on new smyrna beach. the 14-year-old was bitten on the hand. we've blurred photos of his injury. one of the injured boy's friends recalled the moment when he found out what happened. >> when he was paddling in, i thought he was coming to get us. and then his hand was all red. he was screaming for help. >> the boy who was attacked underwent surgery at a hospital. there have been at least ten shark attacks or bites in that area this year. the seattle seahawks host the detroit lions tonight. and ten major league baseball teams are getting ready for the post season.
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highlights from our guys at espn. we're the johns. anderson. buccigross, correct? >> yep. >> that's us. monday means the baseball season is over. we're on to post season baseball. >> takes 162 games to play a baseball season. the last games played on sunday. the texas rangers one of those teams who continues on in this post season. cole hamels goes the distance, beats the angels. that clinchs the a.l. west for the texas rangers. as they win 9-2. not the only texas team to qualify for the post season. the houston astros clinching the wild card berth after the rangers beat the angels in that game. houston, a great young team they are. 100-loss seasons. there's jose altuve. he and the astros on the to new
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dallas keuchel will have to win on the road. it's on espn, tuesday, that's tomorrow, 8:00 eastern. nfl week four. saints-cowboys. let's dispense with the regular play. the first four quarters. we're in overtime. this is the second play of joefrt time. drew brees to c.j. spill person missed tackle. 80 yards for the winning touchdown. 26-20. the 400th career touchdown pass for drew brees. remind you, more highlights. "sportscenter," 9:00 ooma.m. eastern. >> it was a great game. next up, pouring drinks and singing. hillary clinton's surprise appearance on "saturday night live." plus, small but tough. a dog take on two bears. as my diabetes changed, it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir . vo: levemir is an injectable insulin
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a really cool story starts your "monday pulse." even the head of an airline is not immune to lost baggage. >> alaskan airlines was the first major u.s. carrier to offer a guarantee. imagine the absolute embarrassment when the ceo admitted last week that alaska airlines misplaced his bag on the way to the meeting. the bag, it didn't arrive until the next day. does he get the free outfit you can buy until your bag arrives? >> the hospitality kit. he got more than the $25 dinner gift certificate. the not ready for primetime players of "saturday night live" chose someone who wants to run premiere guest. terpd listening to the complaints of a politician,
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mckinnon. >> it really is great how long you have supported gay marriage. >> yes. i could have supported it sooner. >> well, you did it pretty soon. >> could have been sooner. >> fair point. >> they ended the skit by singing "lean on me." a fake donald trump also made an appearance. >> i don't say outrageous things just for poll numbers. i speak from my heart. >> really? because i hear your numbers go down a little this week. >> mexicans are stealing our children. >> you see. >> look, here's the bottom line. i'm just like you. a regular joe, but better. >> so glad "snl" is back. afterward, the real donald trump shared his review. he said taran killam plays a better fake trump than hillary clinton place herself. >> ouch.
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long after the curse of the bambino was broken, superstitious fans have latched on to a new excuse. >> taylor swift. when she performs at stadium the night before a game, the home team loses the next game. the toronto blue jays have allegedly fallen victim to the curse. >> the curse being blamed for the downward spiral of the nationals and padres. >> that's who we have to blame. taylor. >> we shall see. let's hear it from a little dog named jules. >> he's a french bulldog who rushed to the scene and chased away two bears. a third bear was nearby. also took off. jules only 20 pounds. bearing thought to be about 100 pounds each. more news right after this.
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checking our top stories. the supreme court's new term opens today after historic rulings on health care and same-sex marriage. the high court is now facing cases on abortion and affirmative action. hurricane juanoaquin moving out the sea after dumping up to a half foot of rain on bermuda. the search continues for the u.s. cargo ship that vanished in the storm on thursday with 33 people on board. a drenching storm clinging to the coast of the carolinas, after triggering historic flooding. at least seven people are dead. hundreds were rescued from their cars. today's weather, showers in parts of california. much stormier from the desert southwest into the rockies. more heavy rain for the carolinas. finally this morning, quite a find in a farmer's field in michigan. you could describe it as
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>> those who are studying the object say it's been around for thousands of years. >> reporter: when the crane first starts lifting, it doesn't look like much. now you see it? how about now? of course it helps to imagine what it used to look like. which would have been something like this. so this woolly mammoth, minus the wool, turned up in a place where drains were being placed by a farmer. >> right where we're standing. >> reporter: laying down some pipes, he found it. >> it's been overwhelming for me to have this many people out here. >> reporter: the rules say the farmer gets to keep it, if he wants. >> we hope it will end up in a museum. >> reporter: the university of michigan scientist has some theories. >> it was an adult male. probably in its 40s at the time of its death. probably lived between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago. >> reporter: that puts humans here those same 10,000 to 15,000
4:28 am
the theory is that the dead mammoth was hunted by humans. they stoerd it in a pond, holding it down by these three rox as an anchor to keep it refrigerated basically. soon enough, it will be soybeans here. it will be hard not to wonder what else is underneath the surface. >> that was 1 of 10 discovered in the state of michigan. it's a rare find for the state. very cool discovery. >> absolutely. makes me want to let our 4-year-old go wild in the backyard to see what's out there. >> i'm sure that's what your 4-year-old wanted to hear. any kid's dream. that's what's make news in america this morning. be sure to stay with us for
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