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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  October 5, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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sister seconds before the blast on saturday. >> ligia puello was killed. investigators think she was in the stairwell at the time, and now her family is talking to eyewitness news. dray clark is live at the scene in borough park with the exclusive interview. dray. >> reporter: good afternoon shirleen and dave. right now investigators still have not been able to get through the site the way they would like to because they're very much concerned about the stability of the adjacent buildings next to the disaster site. what they're doing is using large machinery like that blue machine which allows them to piece by piece. however, this is a very delicate operation because they're removing the rubble while also realizing there's for. no one can say with absolute certainty that 48-year-old francisca figueroa is dead, but family members have found nothing suggesting she's alive. city councilman brad lander has been by the family's side. >> her car was here.
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one of her relatives spoke to her in the building earlier in the day, and they haven't heard from her since then. >> surveillance video shows figueroa's three-story apartment building in borough park brooklyn exploding saturday afternoon. figueroa was on the phone with her sister milagros seconds before the explosion. milagros spoke to us through a translator. >> she was a fighter, a real hard worker. she never said no to anything. she was very calm and she said she had to clean. it was less than 5 minutes and i never spoke to her again. >> one body has been removed from the rubble, the glass killed 64-year-old ligia puello who was in the stairwell. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson spoke with her sister-in-law. >> she was a very religious woman. she was a humble person. she was a family woman. her husband just died a year ago. she lived there with her daughter. her daughter had gone off to the dominican republic to visit her son.
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she was alone. >> crews had been working around the clock removal rubble and debris, but they're moving slowly, methodically and delicately knowing figueroa is still missing. >> they're bringing out the debris, you know, very carefully and slowly, and they're continuing to search. they continue to believe that there's likely the body of one remaining woman that's been unaccounted for still in the building. >> reporter: now, family members say that francisca face row what figueroa was in the process of moving and she was planning to take her gas stove with her. it's possible that could have been the source of the gas leak which led to the explosion. mrs. figueroa's family members are here at the scene. they've been here all night long. as for the other lady we mentioned as well, her family members are on the scene as well. we'll have more on that exclusive interview with her family members.
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have been displaced as a result of what happened here, and we understand they may not be allowed to come home until sometime next week. we're live in brooklyn, dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you dray. we're following a developing story on the search for a missing cargo ship that was caught in the path of hurricane joaquin on thursday. coast guard officials say there is evidence the ship sank near bahamas. it was headed to puerto rico. the coast guard said a field of debris has been spotted in the water and one body has been recovered. 28 of the ship's 33 crew members are u.s. citizens. officials say rescue crews are continuing the search for survivors. turning now to the mysterious death of a doctor found dead in the doorway of an apartment building in chelsea. right now we are awaiting the results of a medical examiner's report on kiersten cerveny. kala rama tweeted out this photo of investigators at the scene.
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she joins us live at the scene with the very latest. kala. >> reporter: shirleen, i can tell you that woman was found just in this doorway here yesterday morning. since then everyone in the building has been interviewed, and the one person that police brought in for questioning here was released. so far no arrests have been made. >> manny guam was making delivery sunday morning when he saw a man flagging down the ambulance to take away a woman who he says was half naked. >> they took her and i saw she was naked from here to up without her shoes. >> police tell us they were called here after 38-year-old kiersten cerveny was found unconscious in the vestibule of this building. she was married, has a family and was a dermatologist living on long island. now the death of this doctor has a cloud of mystery surrounding it. >> i'm nervous. i'm sad and scared because you know, we don't know how it happened. i never saw it, but everybody's here so something definitely happened over here. >> her friends told police they were out saturday night for a
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night of partying that included drugs and alcohol. police have not released details on what the long island mom was doing in this building, but the neighbors here want answers. the surveillance video may have some. >> see the guy in the video. >> the building super says a guy seen on video with dr. cerveny lives on the third floor. more than 24 hours later, bags of evidence were brought out of the chelsea building. police say this one isn't an open and shut case. >> reporter: we're told an autopsy will be done later today, and hopefully the medical examiner's report will give police and the woman's family the answers that they're looking for. we're live in chelsea, kala rama channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you kala. we're learning more about a new york university student set free by north korea after more than five months in captivity. won-moon joo was arrested. north korea handed him over to south korean officials.
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his release. a driver's facing drug charges after police say he caused a chain reaction crash involving a bus. it left a dozen people hurt. investigators say 24-year-old chevon parchment crashed into the bus saturday night senting it into a house after refusing to pull over for police. after the crash police say they found more than 60 bags of crack cocaine in his car. no one was seriously hurt. the south. the governor of south carolina calls the rain the worst in 1,000 years. the storm is now blamed for at least eight deaths in two states. nearly 75 miles of i-95 were closed. president obama has signed an emergency declaration freeing up federal aid for south carolina. eyewitness news reporter elizabeth hur is in charleston. >> record rainfall in south carolina. the national weather service
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rain has fallen since friday in some parts of the state. relentless rain buckled buildings and roads and washed away homes. >> been here since 1986, and i've never seen anything like this in columbia south carolina. >> hundreds have evacuated and nearly 30,000 residents are without power. >> it's hard, everything, my car, my pictures. >> 600 members of the national guard were called in to help. >> it was like up to here. >> kelly liggett tried to save anything she could as water came rushing into her home. >> i was just throwing stuff on beds to try to like save stuff. >> raging waters caught many offguard. this driver lost control of his pickup. a man waded out helping the trapped man to safety through the kicked out back window. the coast guard plucked this mom and her daughter from their flooded home. >> probably the most terrifying moment of my life, especially having her and holding on to your 15-month-old daughter,
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that far up was incredibly frightening, but we made it. >> this man has been using his own boat to help with rescues. >> was stopping on the roof and listening to see if anybody thumped back. we found a note that said we are in the attic. >> fortunately flood waters are starting to recede here, but the work for authorities is far from over. they are now going from door door rescuing anyone still trapped in their homes. in charleston south carolina, i'm elizabeth hur for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you elizabeth. one of the students who survived the oregon college student is telling her terrifying story exclusively to abc news. 18-year-old anastasia boylin describes the frightening 9 minutes classroom at a community college as another student went on a rampage. the gunman ordered everyone to the center of the classroom and then laughed after he shot the teacher. he then asked a question to
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each of his victims. >> he had us get up one by one and asked us what our religions were. >> when the student said his religion he immediately was shot? >> yeah, the shooter said that he would only feel the pain for a couple of seconds and that he would be with god soon, and then he shot him. >> boylin was shot in the back during the chaos and then played dead until the gunman took his own life. >> new at noon just days after the oregon shooting, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is taking on gun control. she announced proposed measures today during a town hall in new hampshire. clinton talked about recent failed legislation that would have required universal background checks to buy guns. she is urging another look at that idea. >> we need to go back and with all of our hearts working not
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just in washington but from the grass roots up demand that we have universal background checks. >> clinton also called for closing loopholes for gun shows and online sales and she wants better recordkeeping to keep guns out of the hands of people who are suffering from mental illness and with criminal records. a new maris poll shows donald trump still in the lead in iowa and new hampshire, but the republican race has tightened in the past month. in iowa trump's 7 point lead is gone. he now leads ben carson by just 5 points among potential caucus goers. 24% to 19%. carly fiorina is third at 8 percent. in new hampshire trump has 21% to 16% for fiorina. bush comes in third at 11%. trump's new hampshire lead has shrunk from 15 points a month ago to 5 points now. and met fans. we're going to tell you what you need to know before you try to score playoff tickets.
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trailer crash. what caused this fiery scene. >> i'm meteorologist bill evans here in the weather center, and the polling data is complete. weather. it's 61 to 62 around new york city over towards newark elizabeth. got a little wind out there today, not as much as yesterday. we're going to be looking at a lot of sunshine, some warmer weather, some great fall weather coming up in your accuweather forecast. don't go away. >> thank you bill. we continue to follow that breaking news in vermont where an amtrak train has derailed. amtrak says there does not appear to be any life- threatening injuries. we just got this picture in of that incident. the train was scheduled to stop alt penn station here in new york before heading to washington, and of course we'll
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we are getting some new details about the amtrak train derailment in vermont. amtrak says the train derailed near northfield 25 miles southwest of mount pelier. the train struck a rock slide on the tracks. fortunately there do not appear to be any life-threatening injuries. according to amtrak, the 13 hour 45 minute daily trip begins in st. albans in northern vermont. the final destination was washington d. c., and the train makes schedule stops in several cities including penn station here in new york. again, the train derailed about an hour ago, and there does not appear to be any life- threatening injuries. a horrific and deadly scene in texas as an suv collides with a semi carrying lumber and both vehicles burst into flames. this happened early this morning where two highways meet near dallas.
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both roadways were shut down as firefighters battled the flames. some of the smoldering lumber fell over the side of the overpass. one person is dead. pope francis opened a three- week meeting at the vatican by calling on clergy members to set aside prejudice and work with humility. nearly 300 cardinals and priests is gathering to discuss issues facing roman catholic families. the pontiff encouraged the clergy to listen with open minds saying the church should be a source of inspiration. most analysts do not expect the meeting to lead to major teachings. a mother outraged by the way slaves were portrayed in her son's geography textbook. hear what the book's publisher has to say. >> a jet skier crashes off the coast of new jersey, we'll show you the dramatic rescue.
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seen isaiah? abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. a nice fall day out there. >> it really is. yesterday it was kind of windy and a little cooler. >> today the temperatures picked up a little bit and the winds have died down, and we're going to be seeing more of this as we go into the week. here's a look outside at noontime from our camera in brooklyn looking across to the lower east side. been watching the boats going up and down the east river. i was posting them on twitter, the coast guard cutter going up and down and the circle line
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going up and down and the ferries and water taxis going for it. those fair weather cumulus clouds, it is nice at noontime. a temperature of 61 degrees. 58% the humidity, and northeast great day. the pressure is above 30.00 which means we've got really nice fair weather from a large high pressure system that is we're looking at a normal high this time of the year of 68 that's the average. we're going to be a little bit below that today. we're going to be a little bit above that tomorrow. that's going to even out. the sunsets right around 6:30. should be a pretty sunset. temperatures will trend above normal starting tomorrow. wednesday going to be the warmest. could be in the mid-70s on wednesday. some showers show up for friday, but it looks like with the front that comes through it actually might go through pretty quick and gets out of the way in time for the weekend. whitestone queens 60, 60 around ridgewood. white plains, rocklin county in
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afternoon. jackets, sweaters, that kind of thing with a nice northeast wind that's coming in from 7 to 9 to 13 miles per hour. we do have clouds that have been coming up and off the atlantic, upper level winds have been taking some of these clouds off of hurricane joaquin out here in the atlantic and then this low pressure storm system is continuing to bring more rain into north carolina now and the outer banks. we just kind of get some clouds off that. this high pressure ridge will keep those suppressed east and south. we're looking at 71 this afternoon, and tomorrow we're going to be looking at an even warmer day. tomorrow 71 and then winds, look at that, 74 degrees as we find ourselves looking at some temperatures above normal by 5, 6 degrees. this afternoon we've got partly sunny skies, a high of 65. normal high is about 69. we're looking at a partly cloudy night tonight, 40s in the suburbs, 54 around the five boroughs, and tomorrow a really nice day. sunshine, 71 degrees, your accuweather seven-day forecast, 74 on wednesday.
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thursday maybe a few more clouds in the afternoon out ahead of that front. it will be around 70, and then friday we've got a couple of showers that show up. then that's out of the way by sunday. that will be nice. >> looks >> i'll take it. >> go up to west point. >> it's all about you then. i see. >> army's playing duke. >> that's a good one. >> going to be a good football game. >> good stuff. >> thank you, bill. >> all right. >> a happy ending to the search for a missing toddler, a little girl found two days after vanishing from home, where'd she go. >> and wait until you see what happens when a small dog goes up my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. my baby was born two months early
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and weighed only three pounds. this is the view i had of her in the nicu. my tip to you is speak into the opening so your baby can hear you better. you can quit. talk with your doctor.
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a water rescue at the jersey shore, a diver's up close encounter with a shark and a little dog comes face-to- face with three bears. just some of the stories that were caught on camera and caught our attention. we start with the coast guard training exercise that turned into an actual rescue when a man crashed his jet ski on the jersey shore. an eyewitness recorded the man riding the personal water craft out of the inlet near point pleasant yesterday afternoon, a powerful wave knocked him over and threw the jet ski into a jetty. fortunately a coast guard helicopter crew from atlantic
12:22 pm
city was training in the area. the crew spotted the man in the water and pulled him to safety. an extremely rare moment was caught on camera, a young conservationist swimming with a whale shark just 3 miles off the san diego coast. emily callahan, a graduate of the scripps institute of oceanography spotted the fin and wanted to know what it was. she hopped right in, and when she saw those spots she knew it was a whale shark, a very special moment for her. this particular species is classified as vulnerable and rarely seen so close to shore. beautiful animal. and call it a case of washing up the wrong tree. -- barking up a wrong tree, a bulldog confronts three bears who wonders into the yard of her california family home. jewels didn't care how many bears there were or how big they were. she chased them off her porch,
12:23 pm
scamper up a fence to get away from jules. as a reward, jules was given a bath, a treat and lots of kisses. >> the dog has no idea. i don't care how big you are. >> they were all scared of that little guy. so funny. >> that's awesome. >> thanks so much. >> we're going to have much more ahead in our next half hour. we'll have the latest on our breaking news, an amtrak train headed to d. c. derails in vermont. we have just learned new information about the passengers on board. >> plus a warning this afternoon about mets and yankees playoff tickets, and we now know who will serve as this year's tcs new york city marathon grand marshal.
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and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto ... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . you're watching new york's number 1 news, channel 7 david novarro. >> we continue to follow breaking news, amtrak train has derailed in north central vermont after hitting some rocks that were on the tracks, and at this point there do not pear to be any life-threatening injuries. a fire department spokesman said "there are some people that are shaken up." . the train headed to washington was scheduled to make stops in connecticut, new york city, newark and new jersey. >> joining us on the phone right now is amtrak spokesman craig schulz. thank you for joining us. obviously this is a very tense moment for you all. we know there were several people that were heading to new york. what's happening with those passengers on the train right now?
12:27 pm
so we have dispatched buses to the scene of the incident, and we will provide transportation for passengers who need it and are able to travel and want to travel, but right now our focus is on the making sure that we're taking care of our passengers and anyone who might have been injured by this. >> can you tell us a little bit more about this reports of a rock slide causing the derailment? >> well, it's very early, as you might imagine. at this point, we have amtrak managers on the scene. it did involve train 55. that's our vermont services. as you guys mentioned it happened up in the area of roxbury vermont and the train apparently derailed after it on the tracks. that's about all the point. >> and thankfully we've learned injuries. how many people were taken to the hospital, though? >> you know, i don't actually have that figure at this point. that is something we may need to confirm with local
12:28 pm
authorities out there. >> craig, you know if they had any -- a chance to be warned about the rock slide, did it happen just as they were obviously they couldn't stop, and that's why part of the problem was there. anything in terms of when it happened and how it happened? i couldn't say. here. here in new york. what are you telling people who here? >> well, like i said, we're sending buses to the scene so that anyone who is traveling is able to do so, and we will continue to develop more information here as we go through the day. >> very good. and i know you are so relieved that this wasn't as serious as it could have been. >> thank you for taking the time out to join us. craig schulz amtrak spokesperson. new york's attorney general with warnings this afternoon.
12:29 pm
baseball fans to be alert. he's giving a warning about ticket scams as the yankees and mets head into the playoffs. sandra bookman outside yankees stadium with more. >> reporter: having both teams, both local teams in the playoffs at the same time for the first time in several years, well, mr. snyderman believes that makes these playoff games prime targets for ticket scams. fans desperate to be part of all the excitement, all the action, desperate to get their hands on their tickets may not be as careful as they need to be when it comes to buying those tickets, and the ag has common sense suggestions to try to keep you from getting ripped off. >> recommending to people that you do not pay cash. transfers. there are regulated ticket dealers that are registered bureau. you can find out who they are. if you go with someone, buy tickets from someone that's not registered, that's not a
12:30 pm
legitimate ticket dealer you may have your money taken and get a ticket that's useless. >> reporter: now the attorney general also suggests that if you buy a ticket do so with a credit card. if there is a problem down the road, it's a whole lot better to dispute it and perhaps get your money back. all the excitement kicks off tomorrow night here at yankees stadium when the yankees take wild card game. the mets kick off the lds series with the dodgers on friday out west. i'm sandra bookman channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you sandra. new at noon, a major crackdown against synthetic marijuana and the so-called designer drugs in new york. the state attorney general announcing that his office has filed lawsuits against businesses selling and distributing them. distributors reportedly sold products including green giant and psycho, they're both known to be dangerous.
12:31 pm
snyderman said some of the products lacked labels about warnings, directions and ingredients quired by law. the mother accused of throwing her newborn daughter out of the window in the bronx is due in court. she has remained in jail since her arraignment in the newborn's death. prosecutors continue to review the death of who passed away seven years at the time the medical natural causes. the search is on in queens for the driver involved in a deadly hit and run crash. a small memorial has been put up along side college point boulevard in flushing for mariano contreras was struck by an suv yesterday morning. the 41-year-old was dragged nearly 100 feet after being hit. contreras died at the hospital a short time later. his family is just devastated. they are calling for the driver to turn himself in. the recent storms have raised new concerns about new jersey's coastline.
12:32 pm
beach erosion in many spots along the new jersey shore. several of the hard hit beaches have not been fully replenished since superstorm sandy three years ago. the rough surf and tidal flooding have caused problems for protective dunes in many communities. some of the most severe damage is in toms river ocean city and long beach island. >> we're just breathing a sigh of relief that joaquin didn't decide to head our way. let's turn to meteorologist bill evans. >> sometimes you can have a pattern setup reich that that produced more rain over the carolinas than probably what hurricane joaquin would have produced. what we're looking at today is a wind out of the northeast at 13 to 20 miles per hour, and we're looking at a good ride home today if you're taking the ferries, dry humidity, about a 14 miles an hour wind over the jersey city. if you're taking one of the ferries back and forth from brooklyn, great after school sports weather. 65 degrees, just a little sun and clouds mixed. it will be nice and breezy.
12:33 pm
we're going to talk about 70s, mid-70s by wednesday in your moment. thank you bill. we are less than a month away from the 2015tcs new york city marathon, and coming up, we'll tell you who will serve as this year's grand marshal. >> plus the historic flooding in the south. how one couple was able to pull together a wedding during that torrential rain. >> we continue to follow that
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we have information about the u.s.' involvement in a hospital bombing in afghanistan. u.s. officials say the air strike that hit the hospital was requested by afghan forces. at least 22 people were killed and now an investigation is underway. abc's stephanie ramos is in washington with the details. >> dividend u.s. commanders say the air strike on a hospital in afghanistan did come from u.s. war plane but they add it was an accident. locked. patients asleep in their beds. some of the most vulnerable on the operating table. then this, pure destruction at one of the biggest trauma hospitals in afghanistan. the united nations calling the weekend air strikes from a u.s. war plane tragic and inexcusable. doctors without borders going even further. >> we're saying that all the
12:37 pm
indications are that, yes, this was a war crime. >> doctors without borders say among the dead were staff, patients and children. the u.s. now says afghan forces called in the air strikes that destroyed the hospital, not americans. this is different from initial report which is indicated that u.s. forces were threatened and that the air strike was called on their behalf. >> an air strike was then called to eliminate the taliban threat and several civilians were struck. mission in afghanistan also says a hospital is not the kind of target they would take out. >> the international coalition forces and the afghan military knew exactly where we were, so i don't understand how any confusion could have occurred. >> afghan officials accused taliban militants of firing from the hospital which doctors without borders denies. secretary of defense ash carter called the situation confused and complicated adding they are still trying to find out
12:38 pm
>> the pentagon has promised an investigation. afghans have ordered the same. as for the doctors without borders staff, they say they are leaving kunduz. stephanie, thank you. new at noon, writer director spike lee will serve as grand marshal of this year's tcs new york city marathon. the brooklyn native will participate in race week festivities including the opening ceremony, and he'll of course ride in the grand marshal vehicle through the 26.2-mile marathon route on race day sunday november 1st. you can watch this year's tcs new york city marathon right here on channel 7. the race starts at 9 a.m., but our coverage begins at 7. nyu getting a huge donation, and it could result in a helping hand for students. it's almost $100 million we're talking about. the nyu polytechnic school of engineering will change its engineering. the donors have challenged the
12:39 pm
school to raise a separate $50 million for scholarships. a student from new york city died in a tragic accident in swath more college. the school is located in suburban philadelphia. sophomore anthony kherenza when he accidentally plunged 40 to 50 feet off a cliff in a wooded section of the campus. he was from bay side queens. a woman on the run accused of master mining the murder of for hire plot of a popular dentist. dr. kendra hatcher the suspect's romantic rival. delgado reportedly became enraged and hired a man to kill her. according to a warrant, an iphone was used to track shooting death. the accused gunman was arrested but delgado is nowhere to be found. >> a toddler vanishes for 48 hours. now she's safe after someone found her sleeping on the side
12:40 pm
of the road. how did this happen. >> plus a mother's social media rant over a geography textbook
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
dren. have you seen samantha? abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. the search for a 2-year-old missing for two days in ohio is finally over. a photo captured the moment of relief as the toddler was found just over a half mile from where she first disappeared. her great grandparents reported her missing friday evening out of their home. crews searching on the ground and in the air, hundreds of volunteers joined that hunt. one of those volunteers on a 4 wheeler spotted the child called 9-1-1. >> you're okay sweetheart. i swear you're going to be okay. >> is that her i hear? okay. i hear her. i just got goose bumps. >> oh, my god. me too.
12:43 pm
i couldn't give up on this kid. thank god. >> wet and cold but otherwise unharmed, that toddler was taken to the hospital as police investigate how she went missing in the first place. >> you can hear the care and >> you really do. rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck, and so record setting flooding we can only hope. >> that is exactly what a couple faced when they tried to get married in charleston south carolina over the weekend, but brittany and jason refused to give up. they made a public appeal for a minister and got an answer councilman. a photographer also answered their pleas on social media, but there was one major hiccup. the groomsmen were trapped on the isle of palms. >> worked it out, and they got so far and a military humvee picked them up and drove them a
12:44 pm
mile and a half. >> i'm not amazed at how charleston reached out. i'm amazed at how quickly it came together. >> wow. the couple even managed to have a reception. both the deejay and food were donated. >> look at that. groomsman. not bad at all. >> that's pretty good. the city councilman can perform making it happen. >> you get it all in one with a city council person. they bring the license. >> they bring everything. >> here's what's going on at noontime. we have a pretty picture to astoria. this is one of those great days to take a walk over there to the sculpture parks right on the left side there of the east river, and our camera's been bouncing around a little bit. our camera is 27 stories up here just south of the triborough bridge and that's a great place to go hang out on a
12:45 pm
day like today where you have a northeast wind, you're kind of sheltered there. the temperature 61, and that wind is about 9 miles per hour in central park. the humidity dry, the pressure rising. all that points to really nice fair weather. 58 north port, massapequa, hauppauge and 60 at montauk. it's really, temperatures only a couple degrees cooler this hour than they should be. a northeast wind comes in, like. most of the cloud cover we had early in the day is kind of atlantic. here's the low that's been sitting there cranking out the rain across south carolina and north carolina. that too will stay away, and this high pressure ridge will stay in place and give us some great weather tomorrow. we warm to 71. then when we get to wednesday, we're going to get into the mid- 70s when we hit 74 with pleasant sunshine out ahead of this front that comes and goes on by. the next shot at rain we get is going to be on friday from a frontal system that goes by.
12:46 pm
tonight partly cloudy and the 40s in the suburbs, tomorrow a tuesday. you'll see in the seven-day on thursday. some really nice fall weather days becomes a front with that front plows through quick, and that makes for a nice saturday and sunday both we have sun and clouds and route 66 for highs, and you'll see 50s for lows. that means 40s in the suburbs. pretty dry week. we could use some rain. we're still about 6 and a quarter inches short of normal rainfall. >> really? >> yeah. we could use a little rain. >> after all that rain we have? >> we were a lot short. >> bring it on. bring it on. good stuff. >> slowly but surely. >> all right. we're talking all about hurricane joaquin. the recent threat from that hurricane, a debate about federal spending on weather satellites. senator charles schumer says under funding will leave one polar weather satellite from the u.s. down from the current 2. he says the european
12:47 pm
meteorologist give hurricane paths right more often because they are better funded. the obama administration asked for $380 million for the new satellites but the senate bill has just 135 million and the house version zero dollars. schumer also says the shortage of funding for computer modeling made joaquins path harder to predict. that's why bill evans, lee goldberg the whole team looks at all the models and they come up with their own diagnosis. >> we rely on them so much. we'll be right back. first here's a look at what's coming up next on the chew. >> hey guys, today we're cooking up delicious foods you've never tasted. i'm helping one fan overcome
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12:49 pm
in the newsroom, here's what's coming up later on eyewitness news. we're of course following the amtrak train derailment in vermont. and as we get new details throughout the afternoon, we'll share them with you regarding the injuries and the investigation. also 7 on your side is searching for the owner of a lost wedding band. the wedding band found in a brooklyn parking lot.
12:50 pm
can you help us find the owner we've got those stories and more on eyewitness news first at 4. >> other, my goodness, was it mine? no, i'm okay. >> please help the owner of that wedding band. >> no, no. >> thank you diana. >> all right, it's time for a check of the -- these are the stories popping up on facebook, twitter, instagram. we're going to begin with social networking side linkedin. they are going to be paying a hefty price for annoying subscribers. the website will cough up $13 million for sending users spam and other unwanted e-mails. the lawsuit is connected to multiple reminders sent via linkedin'sed a connection feature. customers could receive as much as $1500 apiece. >> really? >> for getting annoyed. >> for the annoyance of spam. >> i like spam. >> not the eating kind. >> no. >> we really need to take a
12:51 pm
putting in school textbooks these days. a mom in texas took to youtube in anger after she discovered her son's world geography school book listed slaves as immigrant workers. what is worse she says the book never includes the term slaves. mcgraw hill responded on its facebook page saying it would rectify the omission in the next printed run of the book and its digital version of the book. my question is why does it take a mom to have to alert somebody about something that is so obvious. you know why it's making such big news. we're going to switch gears. breaking news in new jersey, three cars of a freight train derailed in englewood new jersey. at this point it does not appear there are any injuries. this all happened off east forest avenue. so a train derailment in englewood new jersey. we're going to keep you updated on this breaking story. >> before we go, just a final weather. >> you know, we've got sunshine, it's 65 today. it's really nice. if you need a jacket or sweater, particularly if you're going to be out this evening,
12:52 pm
it will be breezy. then we warm into the 70s tomorrow, 74 by the time we get to wednesday. >> love it. >> we're all like don't let it go. push winter off to the side. it was so cold and rainy over the weekend. i was at my daughter's field hockey game. i was freezing. teenage kids they don't feel a thing. they're running around in short sleeves. >> antifreeze for blood. dad what's wrong with you. i'm freezing. >> poor thing. >> that'll do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm david novarro.
12:53 pm
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