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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  October 9, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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that bus picks up children with special needs. witnesses say an aide on the bus saw the girl being mauled and jumped in to save the little girl. the dog went after the girl's head and was mauling her, pulling out lots of hair. the bus aide was also attacked according to that witness suffering bite marks on the arms. that aide was apparently punching the dog to get it off the girl. a third person arrested the attack along with the dog's most recent owner. the original owner died two days ago and his roommate was planning to get rid of the animal. it took four people to stop this mauling. >> we get the dog off the girl, the put it behind the gate. >> there was no barking, no growling. there was no indication that no one knew that the dog was going to charge. i think it just must have charged without any type of barking or any heads-up that,
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you know, it was agitated and, you know, going to be violent. >> you're looking live out here at the scene. police still out here according to avery jefferson when cops originally arrived, the owner of the dog, the new dog owner told the cops to do whatever they could to stop the dog. that's when the officer made the decision to go ahead and shoot and this did involve a police shooting, the hudson county prosecutor's office is the lead agency in this investigation. that is the latest live from bayonne new jersey, anthony johnson channel 7 eyewitness news. >> wow. all right, anthony. thank you. we have more breaking news out of lower manhattan where nba player has been acquitted on charges in connection with his arrest in april. a jury deliberated for less than an hour this morning before delivering the not guilty verdict. the atlanta hawk forward was accused of obstructing police officer, disorderly conducts and resisting arrest. he suffered a broken leg during that arrest outside a nightclub in chelsea. that happening last april.
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a 79-year-old man talks about a frightening robbery. >> yes, he was walking home when two men attacked choking him. they even ripped his pants off before taking off with his money. >> eyewitness news reporter cefaan kim joins the frat bush section with new de-- flat bush section with new details. >> , rlin clark says those two men came out of nowhere and grabbed him from behind as he was pulling out his keys to head to his apartment. he calls this traumatizing. they choked him, threw him to the ground and ripped off his pants before taking off with his wallet which had $1100 cash in it, his credit cards and cell phone. his neck is still sore because they nearly crushed his windpipe and his knee is still banged up. police say those two suspects used those stolen credit cards leaving a clear image of what they look like. take a look at this surveillance video that was taken from an adidas store where those suspects later made purchases.
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cops say the robbery happened around 4:30 p.m. tuesday in broad daylight here on aber marley road. mr. clark says he couldn't believe what was happening to him. >> one grabbed me and was choking me almost to death and pockets. happening? >> i thought it was a dream. i couldn't believe. years. >> reporter: despite what happened mr. clark believe it or not is keeping a positive attitude. he says he's lucky to be alive and that this could have been so much worse. as for if he believes those two men knew he was carrying that much cash, he thinks they may have followed him home from the atm. police are asking anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of those suspects to call crime stoppers at 1-800- 577-tips. thank you. now to the weather. rain could slow things down later on this friday afternoon,
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and taking a live look outside, shall we. meteorologist bill evans is in the weather center with the accuweather forecast for us. bill. >> shirleen as we go into the afternoon and the more sun we have out there, the warmer it's going to get. there's a lot of humidity out there and the more that will fire up a few showers and maybe even a thunderstorm. we're looking at 72 degrees, normal high this time of the year is 67. look at the southerly winds coming up at 3, 5, 15, 13 miles per hour from teterboro to newark and 20 around jfk. the southerly wind coming up here, and then you have cooler air, drier air coming in there. a couple of showers are popping up out ahead of that here around morristown, right here along i-80 right here just to the west of paterson. that will keep sliding along i- 80 and head toward passaic, bergen county to probably even northern manhattan to bronx, that little passing shower will go by. the main line of showers and thunderstorms is here, and it looks like it's going to be slow to move in. as we look at our futurecast it's showing that approaching
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northwest new jersey by 5:00. you see the red areas. there could be a thunderstorm in there with some lightning, with the heavy downpour of rain, and then you see by 5, 6, 7:00, that's across connecticut, the city, central southern jersey and then spreading out across long island tonight around 8 and 9:00. now the rain profiles, you notice we're clearing out after midnight, which is good news, great weather for the weekend. the rain profiles are about 3/10 of an inch to 8/10 to half inch to three quarters of rain could come down pretty quick this evening. during the evening commute, tomorrow, especially tomorrow morning is going to be cool and crisp. we're going to talk about that next in your accuweather forecast for the weekend. have your rain gear handy for the evening commute. back to you guys, ken, shirleen. >> thank you. >> and we are following breaking news in the search to find the woman behind the attempted kidnapping of a teenage girl in bridgeport. >> police now say they have spoken to the woman but no arrest just yet. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer just got an update
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from police. he joins us now with the breaking details. tim. >> reporter: and late breaking information from the bridgeport police is that they do hope to make an arrest before the day is out. now their suspect, a female driver from new haven is not in police custody at this time. police were able to find her car, this toyota yarus with a missing bumper. this is the same car bridgeport police say she was driving when she attempted to abduct a 17- year-old high school student monday morning. the girl in this dramatic video is seen rolling out of the passenger side door, tumbling then to the ground while the car is moving. she was making this daring escape after police say she was assaulted by the female driver. she suffered minor injuries. the suspect has retained a lawyer as of right now and has stopped talking to police.
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able to serve an arrest warrant upon the suspect sometime today. it was information from the community cooperating with the police that led the exact pinpoint location of the vehicle. >> at this time police also say they still do not know a motive for this attempted abduction. reporting live in bridgeport, tim fleischer channel 7 eyewitness news. police in california are searching for two men involved in a stabbing of a u.s. airman who helped stop a gunman on a train in europe this past summer. doctors say they expect spencer stone to make a full recovery from his injuries. stone was involved in a fight outside a bar in sacramento early yesterday morning. police have released surveillance video of the attack. authorities say the stabbing is not connected to the incident in france back in august. excitement is building among mets fans. tonight they're going to play
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after post season. they face the l. a. dodgers. they shared this photo of mr. met. security. paying a visit to city hall as the fever spreads. excited fans. >> the amazens are preparing since 2006. mets fans stocking up on gear have been waiting. >> i think history's about to be made for the mets. >> mr. met paid a visit to mayor de blasio's office to make sure everyone is ready to root for the team. >> we about to win the world series right now. we about to win. we not the yankees. we are the mets. the new york mets. >> the road to the world series begins on the road for the mets as they get ready to take on the l. a. dodgers. the national league east champs hit the field at dodgers stadium yesterday to try to work off some of the rust. neither team has played since sunday. games 1 and 2 will take place
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here in queens at citi field on monday night. >> oh, we're going to be champions this year for sure. we're waiting. we believe. >> not a doubt in your mind. >> not a doubt. >> the mets and dodgers faced off the last time new york was in the playoffs. mets swept l. a. in the '06 division series. tonight's starting pitcher for the mets, jacob degrom was in high school during that series. >> with all our pitching staff, any of the guys could have gone game one. when they told me i had game one, i was really honored and to be able to maybe go two games in this series, i was honored with that. >> he's thrilled to be on the mound to start the playoff opener. fans are looking forward to take it in. >> let's go mets. let's go mets. >> in queens, mallory hoff channel 7 eyewitness news. >> let's go mets indeed. sports anchor laura behnke is in l. a. for the start of the mets playoff run, and you could see her live report starting this afternoon on eyewitness news first at 4. she's also tweeting pictures from dodgers
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stadium. what is that called? if there is a dodgers stadium. you can follow her at laura behnke. >> let's go mets. >> police arrest a suspected sexual predator in the bronx accused of targeting young boys and a student opens fire on a campus in arizona as president obama travels to oregon to meet with the families of a deadly shooting. >> plus caught on puts join the millions who have already switched. we switched. and now, we're streaming netflix. who knew time warner cable's internet was so fast! mom switched. and now, we can watch our favorite shows together, on demand. i switched. so i can connect to the internet just about anywhere with my free twc wifi hotspots. join the millions who switched to time warner cable. for $89.99 a month, you'll get
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now to a deadly shooting at a college campus in arizona. one student is hurt, three others hurt in a shooting at northern arizona university in flag staff. police say the violence started with a fight between two groups and one student opened fire. the suspected gunman 18-year-
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old freshman steven jones is in custody. the gunfire happened in a parking lot near a large residence hall that is home for most students in the greek system on campus. this school shooting comes just as president obama travels to roseburg oregon. he will meet with the families of the victims at the massacre at umpqua community college. a gunman killed nine people and injured nine others before turning the gun on himself. right after the massacre president obama expressed impatience with the lack of changes to gun legislation. more rain is expected to fold tonight in south carolina. a week after a powerful storm caused record flooding there. residents living close to swollen rivers are evacuating. homeland security secretary jay johnson will visit columbia and charleston to take a look at the recovery efforts. parts of nearly 260 roads in south carolina are still closed due to flooding. we are learning more about the ill-fated el faro. it is believed that the ship is 15,000 feet below the surface on the sea floor.
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search for the ship's data recorder. the ntsb says during its last communication with the captain he was calm and said that while the ship was taking on water the situation seemed manageable. the nobel peace prize has been awarded to a tunisian mediation group for helping build democracy in the middle east. the committee announced the honor will go to the tunisian national dialogue quartet this morning. the group is dedicated to creating dialogue between conflicting parts of tunisian society. the country's leader was ousted in 2011 uprisings that sparked a wave of reforms across the region. a surprising discovery at kennedy airport. it may look like a bag of candy but inside is no treat. >> and the pizza rat is multiplying. see the new video going viral. >> take a live look outside right now.
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ha? abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. welcome back, over a million people are expected to come out monday for the annual columbus day parade. 35,000 will march along 5th avenue from 44th to 72nd streets, and millions are expected to watch it on tv. in fact, we're going to be broadcasting it live here in new york and simultaneously also in philly, reading and up in toronto as well. we are the mother station right
12:18 pm
>> and italy. >> well, italy it's automatic. michelle charlesworth and i are going to be along 5th avenue and our live coverage begins monday at noon. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> yeah, we know you guys are going to kill it. >> let me tell you, that is one of the most fun things i get to do here every year. please tune in. >> that's a great one. that is really a nice parade. entertainment and music. >> ilvolo, the singing group, they're going to be here doing >> check it out. >> going to be good weather on monday, too. 72 degrees and sunny. then when to have a parade. >> yes. >> we've got great weather now. there's the water taxis going back and forth, and the sea streak, and that is on the far left, the circle line. it is humid. to me looking at this, and i look at it every day. you see the darkness off to the west, a couple of showers and a thunderstorm are starting to pop up in new jersey.
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it looks like a june day where you kind of have that humidity in here. these cumulus clouds build up and create a thunderstorm. that's what's going on. the humidity in the moderate range is 66%. the temperature is 72. normal average afternoon high temperature is 67. the winds are southwest at 5. they've been gusting to around 20 in parts of the area. the pressure continues to fall. that lets us know high pressure is leaving. a cold front is approaching from the west. with the barometer falling that means the atmosphere is sunsets at 6:25. we'll have some showers and thunderstorms at that time. today not a washout. it's been pretty dry. there have been a few showers that have been coming across. more will be moving through this afternoon. it's a late summer feel today. tomorrow and sunday. you see it's 74 already at teaneck and the meadowlands. milford 63. 68 monticello and poughkeepsie where the front's kind of headed that way as we speak. white plains got a 3 miles an hour wind. you see that wind coming up out of the south here.
12:20 pm
14, 16 miles per hour. that's just kind of pumping up the moisture. like we were showing you, we were looking from here back to the west, there's that shower in passaic and bergen county we've been watching coming across here headed over towards paterson and yonkers. that will come across the hudson. one shower there. this line of showers looks to be getting here about 4 or 5:00. ed hudson river valley. 5:00 the school bus can roll and get kids home around 6, 7:00. up through fairfield county. notice the red spots that could be areas where there could be one or two thunderstorms or heavy downpours of rain or maybe a little lightning strike here and there along this front. really enhance the thunderstorms is going to be off to the north so kind of on the edge of that jet stream, there might be enough upper level support to create a thunderstorm. notice how we clear out tonight. beautiful weather clearing out overnight. rainfall amounts are going to be somewhere from a quarter of
12:21 pm
an inch to a half inch. some spots might get three quarters of an inch. then you see tonight after 9:00 this really settles out, and we have some nice fall weather returning for tomorrow. sun breaks, shower and a thunderstorm. 78 degrees tonight. we've got an early rain, storm, early shower or thunderstorm clearing and cooler overnight. 56. tomorrow is a great day. sunshine is cooler. it's 65 but that's right at our of the year. that's where we're going to be on sunday. up. if you're out and about this evening, you know, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., you're going to need that umbrella, and then everything will be nice overnight. it will really cool off, and monday. >> wow. >> look at that. >> how about that. >> thank you says the folks at the christopher columbus day parade. day. >> it is. >> it sure is. >> fraternity backlash. we'll tell you why one college frat is taking heat for a party some called offensive.
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sheriff's deputy who proved in brooklyn in 1907, four courageous ladies saw the despair of the poor, old, and sick and founded what would become mjhs. today mjhs provides quality home care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing, and advanced hospice and palliative care for adults and children, but the values of the brooklyn ladies still guide us.
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caught on camera, a man who risked his life to save a motorcyclist from a fire ball at a georgia gas station. witnesses say a 53-year-old man
12:24 pm
filling up and didn't notice gas was spilling out. billy houston shouted at the biker but witnesses say the man didn't hear him because his radio was too loud. then the gas went up in flames engulfing the driver. houston ran over, rolled the man on the ground and beat him with his sweater. the victim was airlifted to the hospital with serious burns, but otherwise he survived. who says you can't go home again. a sheriff's deputy in texas did when he performed with the high school marching band at his alma mater last saturday night. he took his spot on the drum line and played a beat he and his friend originally created in 2003. a clip of him at the game went viral. look at those moves. he hopes this shows that the community and law enforcement can march to the same beat. >> man has moves. >> right? 12 years later still has skills. i like that.
12:25 pm
>> the man definitely has good skills. a listeria scare has prompted whole food to recall the papeon organic rockford cheese. it was sold with whole food market labels. the whole foods folks say it issued a recall after a routine sampling found the listeria bacteria in a whole uncut wheel of that cheese. a suspected car thief in oregon dressed for the part. sheriff's deputies say the man got away from cops after he stole a vehicle yesterday but a k-9 unit traced down after he abandoned the vehicle. see, deputies found him wearing a t-shirt declaring "warning, i do dumb things." much more news ahead in our next half hour.
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i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank. you're watching new york oohs number 1 news with david novarro, shirleen allicot and meteorologist bill evans. now eyewitness news continues. our top stories this afternoon, a young girl attacked by a pit bull at a bus stop in bayonne new jersey. it happened when she was getting on a special needs bus. the bus driver was also hurt her. police arrived and shot and killed the dog. >> a 79-year-old man was attacked in flat bush brooklyn. two people choked him and pulled down his pants while he was walking home.
12:29 pm
they ran off with his money. if you recognize the suspects please call police. >> and an update on the kidnapping of a teenage girl in bridgeport. police say they have spoken to the suspect, a woman in her 40s and hopes to make an arrest by day's end. earlier this week, summers video showed a teen jumping out of a car after police say she was abducted. hello again, i'm shirley acevedo. >> and i'm ken rosato in for david novarro. we begin this half hour with the arrest of a sexual predator in the bronx. >> police say greg boyden lured young boys into a park and assaulted them, and overnight we learned of another alleged victim. the incidents happened in the edenwald section. here is eyewitness news reporter rob nelson. >> i'm excited. i'm relieved. i just thank god. >> it was a pretty normal start to the day outside several edenwald schools this morning, with one exception, an undeniable sense of relief. >> i live in the neighborhood. it's a good neighborhood. we don't need people like that
12:30 pm
to be walking around hurting the kids and all of that stuff. >> polices announced the arrest of 37-year-old greg boyden who lives in the bronx and now faces a long list of charges including sexual abuse, forcible touching and public lewdness. >> i'm glad they did catch this gentleman. not a gentleman, he's a monster actually. >> he's accused in four separate incidents with teenage boys ranging in ages from 12 to 15, most of the disturbing acts taking place inside secluded areas of seton falls park where he would lure his victims with money. >> got four schools in the same area in a two- a patrol car should have been doing its routine rounds on a regular basis. i don't take nothing away from law enforcement. they got him. that's the point. >> the incidents have been taking place since august. surveillance cameras capturing the suspect in the neighborhood. now it's police who captured him and parents who can breathe a little easier. >> that's a situation we don't need right here. too many children, too many
12:31 pm
schools and too many parents that are about doing the right thing and grandparents, so our community, we're happy. >> before this arrest, we were aware of only three incidents but now have learned of a fourth in which the suspect allegedly texted a lewd picture of himself to a 13-year-old boy and even offered him money in exchange for sex. reporting from the bronx, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. police are looking for a killer after a shooting in the bronx. investigators say a 46-year-old man was shot and killed outside a strip club in east chester. it happened this morning in the parking lot of a club on boston road. the man was shot in the torso and head. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. flags are flying at half- staff today in paterson new jersey to honor a soldier killed during training. 22-year-old private first class kevin rodriguez died after being shot during a training exercise at fort campbell in kentucky. it happened on tuesday. a wake will be held for the paterson native sunday
12:32 pm
afternoon. rodriguez's funeral scheduled for monday morning. and now to congress where gop leaders are scrambling. right now there is no clear front runner for house speaker this afternoon. representative kevin mccarthy dropped out of the race. abc's karen travers has the story. >> house republicans huddling today on capitol hill, discussing their next move. >> we have very good conference working together, trying to work together. mccarthy abruptly taking himself out of the race for house speaker yesterday. >> i can't unite everybody. it's better to find someone who can. >> his sudden and very unexpected withdrawal throwing house republicans into chaos. >> nobody knows anything at this point. >> mccarthy had the support of the overwhelming majority of house republicans but far right members refused to say they would unite behind him, so who's running now. representative paul ryan of wisconsin. his party's vice presidential contender three years ago. he says he doesn't want it.
12:33 pm
>> but many top republicans are trying to change his mind. >> paul ryan is the right man right now. >> if he decides to do it, he'd be an amazing speaker. >> congressman daniel webster of florida says he's in and he has the backing of the conservatives in the house freedom caucus that helped topple the previous speaker john boehner. also in, jason chaffetz of utah. >> i really do believe if is time for a fresh start. >> on the campaign trail, gop presidential hopeful donald trump says the party needs someone tough to fill the role. >> there's nothing wrong with the republicans taking a tough stance and sticking with it. >> reporting from washington, karen travers channel 7 eyewitness news. the desperate search is on vanished. 29-year-old ewe receivegerson has been missing since tuesday.
12:34 pm
meet a friend in wood haven. his family says struggling recently after having trouble in medical school. if you know anything about the case please call police. we're learning more about the investigation into an armed robbery at the plaza hotel. police released these new surveillance pictures of the suspect that's accused of holding up the currency exchange inside the hotel late monday night. he took off with 4600 euro. that's about $5000. no one was hurt. hockey history will be made tonight in brooklyn. the islanders play their first regular season game at their new home. the isles host the chicago blackhawks at barclays center. they move to brooklyn after 43- year-old at the nassau coliseum. we turn now to meteorologist bill evans. >> yes, he has the after school accuweather forecast. >> we're looking at warm and humid weather. we're looking at 72, 73, probably 75, 78 around parts of the area this afternoon and showers and thunderstorms start rolling in here around 5, 6:00
12:35 pm
for a few hours and then tonight we start to clear out. after school kids, you'll get a lot of sports in or get to the bus and get home in time before these thunderstorms get going through much of the area. that would be westchester, rocklin county, northern jersey, the city, long island, coastal connecticut, jersey shore. about 5, 6:00 is when we see those thunderstorms and rain showers rolling in for the evening into the first part of tonight. we'll talk about the rest of the evening and the weather for the weekend coming up in your accuweather seven-day forecast. ken back to you. thank you very much bill. worldwide celebrations will known as the smart beetle. 75 today. tributes are taking place in the city as well as in los angeles, tokyo and iceland. that's where his widow yoko ono is lighting a peace tower built in his memory. earlier this week she orlando a human peace sign in his honor. he was murdered outside the dakota apartments on the upper west side in 1980. >> yoko is continuing his legacy.
12:36 pm
>> police at jfk with a surprising discovery inside a candy bag. >> another fraternity at a major university is facing a backlash. people upset. >> and a woman home by herself
12:37 pm
12:38 pm
here at noon, candy with an
12:39 pm
illegal kick lands a passenger behind bars at jfk. city. while inspecting his bags agents found four bags of candy that they say were full of close to $100,000. he was arrested and charges. hoboken mayor don zimmer cuts the ribbon for the new hudson bike share system. it kicks off at 1 this stations. that will grow to 29 locations with 250 bikes over the next several weeks. the system employs next generation smart bike technology featuring built in gps and communications equipment that links to your smartphone. full service resumed on amtrak's vermont line after a derailment that left seven people hurt: will make all stops between washington d. c. and northern vermont for the first time since monday. crews removed the damaged equipment from the track two days ago. and then trains were running on
12:40 pm
a city in south carolina is paying a 6 1/2 million dollars settlement to the family of an unarmed black man who was shot to death in a cell phone video. walter scott was shot april 4th by north charleston police officer michael slager. it happened during a traffic stop. slager was indicted on a murder charge in june and a judge refused to set bond for him just last month. today bill cosby will give his deposition after being accused of sexually abusing a teenage girl at the playboy mansion. a judge ruled the deposition will be sealed at least through december. cosby is being sued by a woman who says the comedian plied her with alcohol and sexually abused her when she was 15 years old. in the last year 50 women have accused cosby of sexual assault and rape. a fraternity party is sparking outrage among some students at ucla. the university is investigating reports that a kanye west theme party was racially insensitive.
12:41 pm
guests at the event hosted by the sigma fie epsilon fraternity were encouraged to dress like the hip-hop artist. activist groups protested after pictures surfaced of some students wearing black makeup. a woman in texas in need of help after falling got it from the family dog. janet will helm was pouring dog food in a bin but she lost her footing. she ended up landing hard on her garage floor. the impact fractured her pelvis in, get this, five places. talk about painful, debilitating. janet couldn't move. she was in a lot of pain. that's when mable the black lab came to her aid. she and her husband had rescued mable three years ago. >> grabbed her collar, and she started backing up towards the house inside the house, and i was like what is she doing. he's just trying to get away from me i thought. i was so happy she was there. good girl, i love you. it took mable an hour and a
12:42 pm
half to get janet to the phone. doctors say if janet did not get help when she did her recovery would have been way more complicated. janet hopes to walk again in about two weeks. >> another reason to adopt a rescue for sure. >> there you go, they know. >> first there was pizza rat and now there are two. coming up, the new video making rounds on social media showing two rats fighting over pizza on a new york subway. >> and a new movie soars into theaters.
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. a new movie about a decades old tale is flying into theaters today. >> we're taking you back to neverland. this time we're getting a look at the story through the eyes of peter pan. it's simply called pan. entertainment reporter sandy kenyon is here with his review
12:45 pm
>> the studio releasing pan is set to lose at least $100 million on it and frankly it's easy to see why. watching this one was pure misery for me. every so often it's my job not to just review a movie but to actually warn you away from it, which is why i simply must pan pan. >> i'm going to tell you a story about a boy who would never grow up. >> an attempt to reimagine the story of peter pan is so bad it's painful. a flop of epic proportions, a terrible waste of money for those who made it and for those of you unlucky enough to have to see it. >> mind if i cut in? >> even hugh jackman's biggest fans might not recognize him as an evil pirate, and he looks to be having a good time playing such a bad guy.
12:46 pm
>> but the star is the only one having any fun in neverland, a name most fitting for a place in a movie that should never have been made. >> if black beared is going to destroy everything i stand against. >> the story of an orphan named peter and his adventures in the land of the fairies has captivated children for generations. but any kid watching this noisy mess of a movie will wonder what all the fuss is about while their parents keep glancing at their watches marking time and counting the minutes until this finally can be over. >> well well well, the princess i presume. >> runi mara is one of the most promising performers working in movies today, promising enough to survive a film so bad it would have ruined the career of a lesser talent. >> sometimes to truly understand how things end, you must first know how they begin.
12:47 pm
>> now, if there was any justice in the picture business, the executive who gave the green light to pan should be fired, but this being hollywood, that person will more than likely be promoted. i get paid well to waste my time at movies like this one so you don't have to waste your money. now coming up on eyewitness news first at 4, i'll be reviewing a far better film. in fact, steve jobs is one of the very best movies i've seen this year, and i'll explain why at 4. ken, shirleen, bill. >> i think i need -- >> sandy. >> tylenol after that. >> sandy, just drop the mic. drop the mic and just walk off because. >> i think you should come over here to the set and sit down and we discuss this. >> they have therapists for this sandy. >> wow. >> that's why we love you. that's why we love us some sandy. >> i'll say it since sandy's
12:48 pm
should have named the movie bedpan. >> ba dumdum. >> or dead pan, how about that. let's take a look outside. show you what's going on at noontime. cloudy skies, breaks of sun, have very humid and as the afternoon rolls on showers and thunderstorms are marching our way. there's something coming across parts of the area now that will continue, but we'll see really the line of coming in right around 4 or 5:00 and lee goldberg will be here first at 4 to get you updated on that. temperature is 72 degrees. it is starting to pick up with the humidity and the temperature. normal high this time of the year, the afternoon high which we hit around 3:00 is 67. it's way warm. the barometer falling, atmosphere very unstable. there's been a couple of thunderstorms out here in east hampton. we're at 69 degrees. hauppauge's 66. north port massapequa, 68. 72 central park, 74 around newark. so the winds are in here out of the south and
12:49 pm
coronetting to pump in a lot of moisture -- continuing to pump in a lot of moisture ahead of the front. this is the front out ahead of it there's pockets of instability where there's a heavy downpour across passaic, bergen county just to the north of manhattan, right there at harlem, right around the bronx and headed towards connecticut. you see the heavier and the more prolific rain showers are back here to our west and north and it looks like that starts to get in to northern jersey around 4 or 5:00. the city by 6 and down the shore. the front just keeps going and out into the atlantic. the high pressure will build in behind this front, so we'll have a really nice day tomorrow and for sunday. 65 with a high pressure spreading eastward. sunny breaks, warm and humid, we're at 78. warm, humid shower or thunderstorm for the first hours of the evening. once we get past sunset, a lot of the thunderstorm activity is gone. we clear out and cool off tonight. it's breezy with sunshine tomorrow. the high is 65. here is your accuweather seven-
12:50 pm
day forecast. we're looking at what's going to be sunshine on saturday and sunday. a great weekend coming up. columbus day will be sunny and 72. yes, my daughter maggie now is 22 years old, and i can't get her to sing the columbus day song anymore. but when she was in kindergarten, she would come home and sing the columbus day song, and it was always c ca-lum-bus. >> all right. thank you. >> we're coming right back. here's a look at what's coming up next on the chew. >> hey guys, look who we've got here, grammy award winner kelly roland is in the house. is it true you're a true super fan? >> guilty. >> that's why we are going to whip up one of your childhood
12:51 pm
>> and chelsea honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know. and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? [ male announcer ] whether you're new to medicare or not, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. it's up to you to pay the difference. so think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay and could really save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now. with a medicare supplement plan, you'll be able to stay with your doctor. oh, you know, i love that guy. mm-hmm. [ male announcer ] these types of plans let you visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. and there are no networks. you do your push-ups today?
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[ male announcer ] don't wait. call today to request your free decision guide and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. right i'm diana williams in the newsroom. here's what's coming up later on eyewitness news. we've just gotten new video of a frightening attack on a 79- year-old man in the bronx. we're going to hear more from the victim about what happened. also forged money orders. they look very much like the real deal. 7 on your side with what to
12:53 pm
watch out for. and we've got neighborhood eats with a good soup that is perfect for the fall weather. those stories and more beginning on eyewitness news first at 4 and of course more at 5 and 6. you're thinking soup aren't you? >> yeah. just what i'd love to have a cloudy friday like this. yeah. >> awesome. >> we'll be tuning in. thank you diana. now let's get a check of the stories that are popping up on facebook, twitter and instagram. new jersey neighbors are using the web to help a bear who's running up right around the neighborhood. you got to see this. at first people in oak ridge were questioning whether this was just a guy in bear suit. no. but they later found out that the young bear who they've named petals has problems with his front paw. neighbors started facebook and go fund me pages with the intention of sending petals to new jersey fish and wildlife alone. >> that's a tall bear. i think that's probably ken
12:54 pm
running around in a bear costume. >> thank you very much. >> you remember this story about the rodent who became a celebrity when he was recording dragging a slice out of pizza on a subway because new york pizza is the best pizza. there's a video featuring two rats battling over a slice. new video showing a tenacious rat. the pizza tug of war was caught on camera. >> is it weird that i want a slice of pizza now? >> it is weird. that. >> we're out of time bill, that'll do it for this edition i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto . hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin,
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