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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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mets shortstop ruben tay -- tejada forced to take an early detour after a collision with a player who could face punishment for the hard slide. rob powers has the latest on the investigation. >> a distraught family returns to the site where a teen tumbled
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to his death. his loved ones open up to eyewitness news. i'm david novarro in for joe torres. >> i'm sandra bookman. they say there is no crying in baseball but this video could change your mind. the takeout slide that now has l.a. dodgers 2nd baseman chase utley under league review. utley is facing possible disciplinary action as mets fans refuse to let this controversial play slide. >> it's so hard to see. the collision breaking ruben tejada's leg. we're bringing you team coverage tonight. mallory hoff live with fan reaction. got to begin with rob powers who's got the latest on the investigation. >> the mets say they knew this was going to be a tough series but nobody could have nor did they want to dream up a scenario like the one they saw last night in loss angeles. the mets lost a playoff game and their shortstop, and seemingly everybody east of l.a. county is upset about it.
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ruben tejada was steamrolled by utley. the impact, the resulting flip and the hard landing, fractured tejada's right fibula. major league baseball now reviewing this play to see if any rules were broken along with tejada's leg. utley was eventually awarded the base and scored the run. the mets lost 5-2 and came home today. >> i lost a pretty good player. i lost a pretty big piece of the puzzle. i'm not very happy about it. i was pretty shaken up by it because i thought it was something that didn't need to happen. >> as far as sticking up for your teammates, i think being out there and doing what's right is exactly what i'm going to do. >> we'll see about that. game 3 tomorrow night at citifield. that should be something. we'll have a lot more coming up in sports on the series and on the play that everybody is still talking about today. for now though let's join mallory hoff
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joins us live. very uncomfortable with this situation. many of them actually came here to this mets bar on the east side today. they told us they wanted to be surrounded by other mets fans. they are very unhappy about this situation. >> reporter: mets fans have reviewed the controversial play and they're not happy about it. >> it was unbelievable. i couldn't believe as it was going down, i couldn't believe i was watching. >> reporter: at bedford falls bar on the east side, the moments after that hard slide in to second look something like this. there were head scratches, gasps. >> it was a disgrace honestly. it was a little bit disgrateful. i'm really disappointed . >> reporter: say the play made mets fans mad would be an understatement. >> the guy is batting barely .200 and this is his only asset to the team is hurting other people. >> reporter: now these fans say actions should be taken. >> i'd like to see some type of action.
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chase utley has apologized but major league baseball should step in. maybe if it's a game suspension, that's fine too. >> a lot of fans we've spoken with today say they agree with that but one thing is for sure. mets fans are not going to let this one go any time soon. live in the east side, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. new details tonight in the tragic death of a staten island teenager inside a vacant hospital. >> police say 16-year-old marcus castillo was playing with friends inside the abandoned building when he tumbled seven stories down an elevator shaft. the tragedy has left his grieving family with many unanswered questions. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson talked to them about their devastating loss. >> precious minutes wasted that added up to about three hours. marcos' family tells me that's how long the 16-year-old was inside suffering at the bottom of an elevator shaft. today
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they found the strength to come here, see where the high school student spent his final hours, wondering could this have ended differently? >> it's really hurtful. it's heart pp -- heartbreaking. >> reporter: seeing where he was unable to call for help, his parents wanted to visit the spot where their oldest son was fatally injured after falling seven stories down an elevator shaft. they prayed, left holy water and a cross covered with flowers. such a stark contrast to the dismal abandoned property. >> we tried to figure out why they were there, why he was there. >> reporter: pablo and other relatives are now haunted by the fact that if someone would have called for help right away, maybe, possibly marcos would be here playing with his family. police say the 16-year-old and four other teens were playing inside the building.
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after the fatal plunge, police say the kids left, went home and came back with an adult who called 911 but pablo tells me that entire process took about three hours. he believes precious minutes wasted. >> they were supposed to be playing hide-and-seek and then they were looking for him about 30 minutes then after that they went down, they saw a shoe, one of his shoes, then they just left. they thought he was home. >> reporter: then it was around 5:00 in the afternoon angela and jorge were worried, tried calling him on his cell but got no answer. a security guard is now posted out front. pablo tells me too little, too late. >> now they're closing it because now my cousin is dead. they should have done that a long time ago. >> in fact, this property has been abandoned since the late 70s. kids who live in this neighborhood tell me they've
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been inside and people living in this neighborhood also tell me they have called police many, many times. marcos' family says they still don't know who he was with inside this building. police are still investigating. for now we're live in staten island, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. happening right now, a travel mess at airports nationwide. southwest airlines blaming technical issues for hundreds of delays along southwest says it has been forced to process customers manually. that means issuing handwritten tickets. many customers say the wait has been so long, they've missed their flights. southwest is asking travelers to arrive at the airport at least two hours before the scheduled departures. turning now to connecticut where a woman is behind bars, identified as the suspected driver in this shocking video showing a 17-year-old woman tumble from a car. the shocking
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desperate move to escape in an attempted abduction. >> that incident was all caught on surveillance video. that attempted abduction started here at the intersection of boston and palisades avenues. it was that surveillance video police say that led to that arrest tonight. bridgeport residents, they're breathing a little bit easier now after cops arrested this woman, towanna randall of new haven. on monday randall tried to abduct that 17-year-old girl in bridgeport. in surveillance video you can see the victim rolling out of the car. police say randall has an extensive criminal record that includes robbery, larceny, and selling hallucinogenic narcotics. she was charged with unlawful restraint and reckless endangerment. >> it's very nerve-wracking. you don't know. you walk around and you have kids and you send them to the store, you expect them to go and come back, not to
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>> i don't want them out there on the streets especially if they live where i go to school at. >> police say this appears to have been a case of a good samaritan offering a ride to the student because it was cold. it is unclear if randall knew her victim. bond was set at $100,000 for randall. she's due back in court on tuesday. in bridgeport, eyewitness news. grief counselors are on hand today and tomorrow at sleepy hollow high school to help students mourn the death of a former classmate. a memorial is growing in barnhart park where tahj robinson was stabbed to death friday night. it appears a fight with another teen led to the killing. 16-year-old bearington marona
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thousands remembering those killed in a deadly blast. >> we're getting our first look at french train hero spencer stone after he was stabbed outside a bar in sacramento. >> i'm meteorologist amy freeze here in the accuweather center. what a beautiful day it's been. currently it's 66 degrees after highs across the area in upper 60s and low 70s. above average. can we hold
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new information in the deadly explosions at a peace rally in turkey. thousands marched in remembrance of the 95 people killed in yesterday's bombings and the country's capitol city. mourners accused turkey's president of encouraging violence to gain votes for the ruling party. investigators are now working to identify who sent the suicide bombers. a u.s. airman spencer stone got a hospital visit from a familiar face as he's recovering from a stabbing. army national guardsman alek skarlato dropped by his friend's bedside in sacramento. he shared this moment on instagram with the caption, saw the hero today. stone was stabbed as he tried to break up a fight at a bar according to police. happening now, the pressure is building on congressman paul ryan to run for house speaker and help unite a bitterly divided republican party.
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leader of house republican hard liners freedom caucus says he would look favorably on ryan if he runs. it's indicated possible report for ryan. ryan has said he doesn't want the job but he returned home to wisconsin this weekend to discuss the decision with his family. two days before the big debate, and vice president joe biden has supporters eager to find out if he'll make a run for the white house. a source close to biden tells abc news he may make up his mind this week. he'll need to decide soon if he wants to get his name on several state ballots. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and other democratic challengers are holding rallies and mock debates to prepare for tuesday's primetime face-off. up next on eyewitness news at 6:00, we'll take you to the streets of staten island where thousands of athletes hit the ground running. >> here's a look at what's
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ahead on world news tonight. >> good evening. coming up on world news tonight, a computer system meltdown causing flight delays across the country. and the former lottery official convicted of rigging one jackpot. did he hack other lotteries as well?
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we have breaking news. an update on a story of an abduction in the bronx. police tell us the mother and child
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were just located. the mother has been taken in to police custody. they're telling us the child is safe. we'll have more on this story on eyewitness news at 11:00. thousands of athletes filled the streets of staten island today for the half marathon. it happened at the richmond county bank ballpark, the home of the staten island yankees. more than 9500 runners took part in the half miles per -- -- took part in the half marathon. a perfect sunday to run, to do anything you wanted to do. >> really it was nice. ourf temperatures were only 70 degrees in boroughs today. if you like the fall feel and look of the day, we'll see if we can get a repeat in here for columbus day. tomorrow a lot of folks will be down at the parade. if you're headed in that direction, it could only be short sleeve weather. you could take a little extra layer for early on. beautiful weather pattern we're under. 66
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humidity at 45%. southwest wind which is behind all this warm air and above average temperatures will continue through tonight and tomorrow. here we are at the normal for this time of year, 66. the record, 85. is this a 30-year average. we beat this today. we can beat it again tomorrow. definitely temperatures above average for the next couple of days. as far as temperatures go, on the island, low 60s. holding on to nice weather. as sunset happens in the next few minutes, we'll see those numbers coming down sharply. we're 10 degrees warmer in some locations than we were yesterday at the same time. southwest winds really made a difference in our temperatures. upper 60s will quickly and sharply fall as soon as the sun goes down across the area. the high pressure system is keeping all the storms away. we had offshore rain near the carolinas. no new rain for them, instead the rivers continuing to rise, causing problems. for us, a rain-free weekend and a rain-free beginning to the week.
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chance of showers comes in tuesday. it's parade perfection tomorrow at 74 degrees. we watch this cold front very quickly fall apart as it comes toward us on tuesday. light rain is possible but on the futurecast it's really not that impressive either. we open up to the wider picture heading in to tuesday. we can track this coming out of the great lakes. it loses its punch and doesn't hold together well. maybe a quick moving sprinkle on thursday. temperatures will fall behind that front. we'll be back in to the 60s. tonight a starry night. 56 the overnight low. tomorrow it's 74 degrees. the accuweather 7-day forecast, temperatures are going to be in the 70s. so the next two days. then we're finishing the week with the 60s. a reminder tonight, sunset, temperatures fall off in to the mid 50s. another update tonight at 11:00.
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the accuweather 7-day forecast for columbus day, perfect for the parade, 74. low 70s on tuesday. chance for light rain. near normal on wednesday. cooler temperatures in the second half of the week, but man, baseball weather on monday night. citifield, you could not ask for better conditions. it's going to be fantastic. >> that's great. but let me tell you. i think not even with great weather are mets fans going to be completely happy right now. they're very angry. >> they won't have anything else to be mad about.
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>> put everything in to this one little thing. we don't know if it's going to change the series but one play sure changed the course of the game. ruben tejada badly injured. major league baseball investigating. the dodgers won. the mets back home trying to make sense of it all. >> it was late. it was a late slide where he hit ruben on the field certainly was something that needs to be addressed. >> terry collins speaking at citifield this afternoon. here's the play. it's not pretty. utley rolls in to tejada. tejada goes up then down then out, with a fractured right fibula. he broke his leg. utley gets to the base and eventually scores what proves to be the game winning run. in the clubhouse last night, the mets. >> my understanding is when you slide, you have to try to slide somewhat in to the bag. then i still don't think he ever touched the bag. >> honestly i feel terrible
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i had no intent to hurt him whatsoever. >> reporter: joe torre is in the office now. he'll be investigating. >> it certainly was late. that concerns me the lateness of the slide. >> reporter: matt harvey pitches tomorrow at home. >> we've got to go out and do our talking by going out there and doing our best to beat them. >> we don't need anymore motivation but that certainly gives us extra motivation going in to tomorrow night. >> oh, boy, game 3 tomorrow. can't wait for that one. on the schedule today from the american league, game 3 between the astros and royals. this series tied 1-1. houston leads the game 3-1 in the 6th inning. jason castro, big hit for the astros. jays against the rangers. texas up 2-0 in that series. game 3, mets-dodgers tomorrow at citifield. laura and i got you covered all day. now we get to football. giants play the late game at the meadowlands. they host the san francisco 49ers. tight end daniel fells has been placed on season-ending injured reserve.
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he's got bigger concerns than football. fells is fighting the mrsa virus. reports doctors are fighting to save fells' foot. fells has already had five surgeries. the big nfl week kicked off earlier. five unbeaten teams to start the day. let's go to atlanta. 4-0 falcons hosting washington. here's what happens when you're unbeaten. the ball literally bounces your way. julio jones recovers a fumble. you seem to get all the breaks when things are going your way. 59 yards all the way the other way. falcons go to 5-0 with a 25-19 win. another unbeaten cincinnati 4-0 at home against the seahawks. seattle undrafted rookie runningback thomas rawls 169 yards rushing. this game goes to overtime. mike nugent ties it with a field goal in regulation. then he wins it with a 42-yarder in overtime. cincinnati is still unbeaten.
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27-24, winners on a big day for andy dalton. other scores today. the bears out lasted the chiefs by one. the browns beat the ravens by a field goal in overtime. the bucks snapped an 11-game home winning streak. packers move to 5-0 with a big win over the rams. bills go to nashville and beat the titans 14-13. eagles had a big day at home over the saints. finally for us, a football victory 1,064 days in the weekend. the columbia lions win yesterday. their first win since 2012. a string of 24 straight losses but the lions roared and won, snapping the losing streak and putting every one of those 24 losses behind them. that's where they belong. >> oh, really? i've got a friend's son who plays on the team. good to know. before we let you go, let's go back to the mets. >> really? >> tell me about the match-up tomorrow. who's got the advantage? >> met fans need to -- you're going to still be mad today. i
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don't know that you can be mad at game time. you certainly can't be mad at matt harvey. i don't know if chase utley is going to play tomorrow. that first pitch can't be in his ear tomorrow. you've got to play the game. the best revenge for something like this, win the game. win the series. >> i'm worried about revenge activity. >> be focused on winning. >> play the game hard, play it the right way. >> that's the news for now. thank you so much for joining us. stay tuned for abc world news coming up next. i'm david novarro. >> i'm sandra bookman. we're coming back at 11:00.
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