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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> means a lot to us to reminisce about the good things he's done and hope that he gets back in to the same position so he can do those good things again. >> very difficult right now, especially being in new york and he's in vegas. >> reporter: lamar odom is life support after two employees of a nevada brothel found him unconscious tuesday. >> management came in, called 911. 911 said put him on his left side. and they did. started throwing up . he was still alive. >> reporter: reverend jesse jackson visited odom at sunrise hospital in las vegas. he said kobe bryant went to visit him and his estranged wife khloe kardashian is by his bedside. >> to see him prosper, it means a lot. >> everybody was just pushing for him to just make it and he did. >> reporter: odom did it, overcoming the loss of his mother at the age of 12.
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his grandmother, who raised him, and a son, to win two nba titles with the lakers. he hasn't played in two years, his divorce headlines. >> we don't want people to recognize him as things he's going through. we know the good things he's about. >> and the sheriff's office is expected to hold a press conference in two hours with more information on this investigation. also this afternoon magic johnson tweeting that lamar odom is a better person than he is player. reporting live in south ozone park queens, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> darla, thank you. mean while among those reacting to odom's critical head coach of the knicks, derek odom's with the l.a. lakers. >> he was always willing to sacrifice his own opportunities, his own minutes, shots, and at
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times sacrificing other things in life to do for everyone else. >> coach fisher also saying, quickly adding he's not judging odom for his lifestyle choices. officials in holding an update at 7:00 our investigation. we'll alert you you can see that news conference as it happens on now to our eyewitness news exclusive, dramatic video of a robbery inside a midtown manhattan store. we're hearing from the clerk who was attacked and from the store owner. all this happening between 5th and 6th avenues. josh einiger in midtown with exactly what happened. >> you can see here on the street in front of the store, officers and nypd evidence collection team out front and inside this small newsstand, a series of officers who are right now working the scene. you see that camera way up there on the wall behind the counter? it
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captured this entire brazen crime from start to finish in video you'll see only on eyewitness news. >> reporter: the encounter started like any other on a busy work day in the lunch rush, the man in the pink hoodie, apparently asking the clerk for help filling out lottery tickets. the conversation continued for more than 20 seconds. out of nowhere, he sucker-punched him in the face. the victim went down hard as the suspect reached over him and grabbed handful after handful of quick pick tickets stuffing them store. the clerk says he actually lost consciousness for about a minute before his coworkers came to his aid. >> i had him sit down, put ice on his head, drink some water. >> reporter: she owns a newsstand off 6th avenue and says she's
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>> thank god he's recovered and he's okay, but it's scary for the next person this is going to happen to. >> back live, that suspect was wearing a very distinctive pink investigators right now getting that description out and of course they hope if you recognize him or maybe saw him in this area, this happened at about 12:00, 12:30 today around lunchtime that you will give police a call so they can try to get him off the street. josh news. new at 5:00, police looking for the armed robber who's been targeting women riding along the nypd releasing this sketch of the suspect. cops said he's held up several the crimes taking place between september 22nd and october 6th. crimestoppers offering a $2500 to arrest. the man accused of a triple shooting at a nightclub in manhattan that killed a single
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mother tonight being ordered held without bail. jamison, after getting clicked out of a club on monday, then returned and opened fire. faussette, a young single mom, was killed in the gunfire. jamison faces charges including murder. days after a teenager died in an abandoned hospital on staten island, the city is tearing it down. demolition began today at the tompkinsville hospital. the permit wasn't issued until after marcos castillo's death. today family and friends will pay their respects to castillo from 7:00 to 10:00 tonight. in an hour friends and relatives will attend a wake for a promising baseball prospect who was shot and killed in westchester county. 23-year-old michael nolan died last friday. he was shot three weeks ago in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant in yonkers. a $5,000
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reward is being offered for in this case. we have important new information tonight about a vehicle involved in a hit and run that left a woman badly hurt jersey. a description of that car, a dark colored pickup truck, possibly a ford f 150 that may have front end damage according to police in clifton. 22 yield anna samioli critically hurt last week. her family offering a $10,000 reward for arrest. fire officials trying to figure out how a long island man they rescued had been trapped in a store drain, how long he had been trapped there. firefighters responding to a 911 call discovering a man under the street in the nassau county village of valley stream. this happened this morning. they opened the manhole cover and lowered a ladder down to get him. newscopter7 overhead as the man climbed out. hosed off and examined by paramedics. israel is on high alert tonight, deploying military
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troops in cities across the country amid escalating palestinian attacks. there were two more attacks in jerusalem today including a stabbing on an elderly woman on a bus stop. last few days there's been a series of shooting and stabbing attacks on commuters and tourists. israeli forces are setting up checkpoints and restricting access to palestinian neighborhoods. >> the united states mourns any innocent loss of life, whether it's israeli or palestinian and we continue to stress to leaders on both sides the importance of condemning violence and combatting incitement. >> palestinians say the violence is the result of years of occupation and peace efforts with israel. john kerry plans to travel there soon in an effort to ease the latest round of israeli-palestinian tensions. the biggest news may involve someone who was not at the debate. vice president biden.
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been described as a largely successful performance by frontrunner hillary clinton who despite a slump in the polls looked like anything but a worried candidate. generally good night as well for bernie sanders. focusing on issues, not attacking each other. even some republicans praising the debaters. >> i can tell you i'm sitting here having debate envy because what we saw today was a master class on debating. >> not all republicans offered praise. marco rubio said the debate seemed like a race to see who could be the most liberal. jeb bush said he'll make sure to clinton's e-mail controversy. 15 years. that's the last time the new york mets won a national league division series playoff. tomorrow in los angeles against the dodgers the mets have a chance to change that, or not. to use baseball cliche number 17, it's do or die
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nailbiting for mets fans. rob powers in the news room now. >> i've got my list of cliches right here. the mets didn't take care of business last night. they go to los angeles for a deciding game 5 against the dodgers. mets left citifield on buses. newscopter7 overhead as the team made its way to the airport then made its way out west. busy schedule on the road today. former teammate justin turner had one of the dodger' big hits. he's 7-15 in the series. just a thorn in the mets' side. but the big story last night, clayton kershaw, l.a.'s ace struck out eight, allowed only three hits. mets lost 3-1, series tied 2-2. it's up to jacob degrom to pitch for the mets in a deciding game 5. >> you feel real confident that he's pitched well out there had, it again. once again this is a time when you need your guys to step up and you certainly think he'll do that. >> we'll have more mets
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coverage on eyewitness news at 6:00 as they get ready for tomorrow's deciding 5th game. we'll get a little deeper in to what happened and what needs to happen tomorrow. >> thank you. some -- laura behnke is on her way to california to cover the game. you can watch her first report tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. he said he was innocent right from the it very start. now charges have been dropped for the man accused of taking pictures of a little boy in the bathroom of the restaurant. we'll tell you why the sudden change and what he's saying now about his new freedom. >> a dog missing for years suddenly abandoned and in bad shape. see the video that could help figure out where the dog was for so long. >> plus, what's in a neighborhood that could kill you, or not? straight ahead in the borough of brooklyn you're more likely to live 11 years longer in one neighborhood than another. and wait till you hear why. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. high energy weather again today. kind of a cooler breeze. managed to sneak in to 70. clouds mixing with a little
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sun. couple sprinkles on radar. we'll let you know if you need the umbrella. >> some breaking news, a live look at the long island expressway in suffolk county. you can see an accident and emergency vehicles. right now the eastbound is closed mere exit 56 in hauppauge.
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new information about a man accused of taking pictures of a little boy in long island. five months after his arrest the charges have been dropped. lewis flores, jr. said he didn't do it just like he said from the beginning.
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he said it today again. now he'll try to get his life back. here's long island reporter kristin thorne. >> this is without question a beautiful priceless victory. >> reporter: luis flores, jr. knew in his heart that this day would come, when the charges that he took pictures of a little boy would be dismissed against him. >> this is such a blessing right now. now it's just to move forward and get my life back together. >> reporter: it was back in may when an 8-year-old boy at hibachi grill in north babylon said someone reached their hand over a bathroom stall and took cell phone pictures of him. days later police arrested flores, jr. he voluntarily turned over his cell phone to police because he said he knew he didn't do anything wrong. so did his mother. >> we're just thankful that everybody worked out. we knew from the beginning. >> reporter: flores, jr. lost both his jobs and went in to
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revealed they don't have enough evidence to pursue the case, that no pictures or videos from inside the restroom were ever pound on flores, jr.'s phone and number had been deleted either. >> he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. it's another situation where people rush to judgment. >> i don't wish this on anybody. >> reporter: w reached out to the suffolk county police department about this. they said they would have no comment. i asked flores, jr. if he plans to sue the police department. he said right now he's just in central islip, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. in brooklyn a car jumped a curb in borough park hitting two pedestrians. the two men were hit at 18th avenue and 57th street around 5:30 a.m. they were taken to a nearby hospital police tell us it appears the driver fell asleep at the wheel. they don't plan to file criminal charges. power restored tonight
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this morning on long island. a major electrical line failed and most the folks in nassau county village of rockville centre lost power. it created confusion and a few crashes. fortunately no serious injuries. the village has generators and power was restored in about a half an hour. a frightening close call at los angeles international airport. a jet was forced to abort take-off after a car made a wrong turn on to a runway. 78 people onboard, bound for kansas city. after the vehicle made the wrong turn an alarm sounded in a control tower. it came to a halt several thousand feet from the car. no one was injured. >> first they thought it was some kind of security breach. turned out not to be the case but boy, what a scary thing. nice day today. >> outside
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we go this evening where we have some clouds and a little bit of sunshine as we get closer to the 6:18 sunset. george washington bridge, few clouds around. also a little bit of sunshine over the fort plaza. a little hint of leaves changing. it's certainly happening in hudson valley and 66 degrees right now. 43% humidity. northwest wind at about 14 and the pressure is on the rise. high today just shy of the 70-degree mark. average high is 64. we'll be very close to that tomorrow. no significant rain any time soon. there are your sunrise and sunset times. sunset 6:17. sun giving way to cloud cover and 76. it's 64 in kingston and poughkeepsie. 55 in monticello. norwalk, connecticut at 66 right now. 65 in islip. 63, belmar and west orange, new jersey, 66 degrees. the winds could push 20 at times.
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they're going to back off during the evening hours. big flow out of the west northwest. that's where our weather is coming from for the foreseeable future. partly cloudy skies early then those clouds will fizzle. mainly clear skies overnight. cool-ish tomorrow morning. wind isn't as gusty as today but noticeable. mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 60s during the afternoon hours. still looks a little threatening from point pleasant to long branch and over to bay ridge and hempstead. getting tweets from brooklyn. there's a couple sprinkles out there but for the most part we're going to stay dry. clouds starting to thin out over new jersey. going to be a pretty sunset. bc7ny. we'll get those pictures on air. these are going to die out as they get closer to the coastal plain. right now watching a system that's north of lake superior right now. the track of the low curls through quebec. a lot of cold air but it's still locked to the north as long as
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we may lose a degree or two but not the real chilly air that comes over the weekend. that will be unleashed by this front. the cold air will pour in over the weekend especially saturday night in to the day on sunday. great october day tomorrow. 65 degrees. more sunshine than we saw today. lighter breeze looks good. on friday there's a little tweak to that forecast. this front is going pretty far to our north. yes, there will be cloud patches around and there could be a passing shower north of new york city. i can see how many spots stay dry during the day. i bump the temperature up to 66 degrees. looks like a nice finish to the week. patchy clouds early, then clear and cool. 50 in the city. tomorrow, 65. beautiful day. mostly sunny. very, very pleasant. great october day. partly cloudy skies . might be a shower that sneaks in to the catskills and poconos late night. here's what's coming up at 5:30. we're talk about this weekend chill. could it still
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be 60 on saturday? frost or hard freeze sunday night. could some suburbs be in the 20s? how about no significant rain for the next seven days. we need some but we're still in this dry pattern. more on that at 5:30. back to you for now. >> ready or not, here it comes. coming up, the popular spinach being recalled. >> parents under arrest, one of their sons killed, another hospitalized. what cops say happened inside a church in new york. >> families living with no hot water in a brooklyn building. the conditions so bad children got sick. 7 on your side gets answers. >> coming up at 6:00, a big announcement. some popular new
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an upstate couple is charged with beating their 19-year-old son to death inside a church. the victim's brother is also in the hospital. four other church members are facing assault charges. abc's marci gonzalez has more on what happened. >> a disturbing case inside this secretive new york church where police say a teen was beaten to death by his own parents. bruce and deborah leonard charged with
5:24 pm
manslaughter after police say their 19-year-old son lucas was brought to a hospital monday with injuries so severe, doctors at first thought he'd been shot. the teen pronounced dead, the s.w.a.t. teen then surrounding the word of life christian church in new hartford, new york, officers going inside, and after hours of searching, finding lucas' 17-year-old brother christopher also badly beaten but alive. police say the two were assaulted the night before during what church members described as a counseling session. >> both brothers were continually subjected to physical punishment over the course of several hours in the hopes that each would confess the prior sins and ask for forgiveness. >> reporter: four other church members charged in the attack. police say seven children inside the church were taken in to protective custody as detectives try to figure out what was behind the bizarre and deadly violence inside this house of worship.
5:25 pm
>> i'm very sad for everybody because there's many rumors and i don't know what to believe. >> the teen's parents pleaded not guilty and are being held on $100,000 bail. the victim's system is among those other four church members charged and being held on $50,000 bail. marci gonzalez, channel 7 eyewitness news. more problems for volkswagon tonight over its emissions cheating scandal. the automaker admitting to using software to make emissions seem safer, on models from 2009 to 2015. now volkswagon says there is suspect software in the 2016 models as well. the company is only facing a criminal investigation and billions of dollars in fines. speaking of money, stocks on wall street losing ground. investors weighing the latest corporate earnings report including walmart. the retail
5:26 pm
relatively flat this year. a horrifying case of animal abuse. coming up on eyewitness news, a dog so badly hurt, we can't even show you the pictures of its wounds. the strange story of how this missing dog was found and the search for its abusers. >> also ahead, taking aim. we'll tell you how authorities busted an interstate smuggling ring bringing assault weapons into brooklyn. >> one fine play. a new york cop catches a foul ball during the nlds but it's what he did my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. my baby was born two months early and weighed only three pounds. this is the view i had of her in the nicu. my tip to you is speak into the opening so your baby can hear you better. you can quit. talk with your doctor.
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geico motorcycle,
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a dog missing more than a year has been found. >> exactly what happened to nene you don't over the last year? the shih tzu mix missing all this time found abandoned outside a vet's office on long island.
5:29 pm
>> who dumped him there wounded and bloody? n.j. burkett in the nassau county town of hempstead with the story. >> great question. missing for over a year, he turns up abandoned on the doorstep of this animal hospital here in hempstead, long island, abused and neglected, so sick and injured he could barely move. >> he was emaciated. he didn't have any body fat whatsoever. i don't think he had any strength to get up at that point. >> reporter: margaret stadler says the little dog was barely alive. she gently carried him to the examination table and was stunned at what she saw. the tiny shih tzu mix was matted, crusted, and bleeding with deep cuts and rotting putrid flesh. >> supposed to be unconditional love they give to you. and when you give back. >> reporter: when the staff checked their surveillance camera, they saw this. two women apparently abandoning the
5:30 pm
dog in a box. the video was released this afternoon by acting nassau district attorney. >> someone has the capacity to defenseless, innocent animal. >> reporter: after scanning a chip implanted in the dog, investigators discovered he had been stolen from a woman in a disturbing twist that only adds to the mystery. >> small dogs are used often as bait in dogfighting rings, gang members steal dogs, small dogs especially so they can use them as bait as they train their bigger dogs to fight. >> reporter: prosecutors are determined to find the women and prosecute anyone responsible for abusing the dog. and they're appealing to the public for help. >> you need that extra attention from the public, that extra vigilance and extra conscience and compassion to
5:31 pm
pick up the phone and give a tip. >> the dog's name is nino and the pictures we showed you a moment ago were all taken after he was treated and cleaned up. we can't possibly show you the very first pictures taken of the dog when he was found here on the doorstep of the animal hospital. in the coming days the dog and his owner are going to be reunited and anybody with information that could help solve this case is urged to call the nassau county da. n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. authorities in brooklyn say they have busted a gun smuggling ring that was bringing weapons from states with lenient gun laws to the streets of new york city. eight people charged in this scheme. cops say they bought more than 100 guns in atlanta and pittsburgh and they were meant for illegally reselling them in brooklyn. many of those were weapons sold to an undercover cop including several assault rifles. >> this can shoot through a
5:32 pm
bulletproof rest or an apartment door. the ring leader sold a number of our guns to our undercover officer. can you imagine what would happen if those guns, or any of these guns got in to the hands of criminals? >> can you imagine? they used inexpensive buses from chinatown to try to export the weapons over state line. officers recovering a pink handgun after two men in a minivan crashed in to a parked car in brooklyn. while the two men went to the hospital, officers found the pink piece, along with nine forged credit cards, xanax, marijuana. tonight a tale of two cities, not about income but about health. new york is getting healthier overall but for many it is the opposite. lower life expectancy and higher rate of obesity. stacey sager has more from one brooklyn community that seems to be fairing the worst.
5:33 pm
the residents here living below the poverty level, it's not terribly surprising new york city's health department ranks brownsville the most unhealthy community in brooklyn. question is will the city's new study make a difference? >> all of this is something we can change. >> reporter: but talk to people in this community and you get one message loud and clear. >> we are what we eat. and healthier food is expensive. >> i just spent $400. >> these two wagons? >> that's it. >> my sugar is going through the roof and my blood pressure you go in the school, most of the food is processed. >> reporter: there are many other factors the city looked at, everything from air quality to the accessibility of good healthcare and in browns ville, for example, new hiv diagnoses are more than double the overall rates for brooklyn and the city. and hospitalization for substance abuse also more than
5:34 pm
>> bad health is as contagious as a cold. you could independently be healthy as an individual but if you're living in an unhealthy environment, your health status will decrease just as the individuals who are around you. >> reporter: bottom line, life expectancy is less. 11 years less in this part of brooklyn than it is in the financial district of manhattan, for example, which is ranked best. still, ask brownsville's lester mcqueen, age 72, and he says attitude is everything. >> they say the average life expectancy is about 74 years. >> you're going to beat the odds? >> i want to. [ laughter ] >> no matter where you live in brooklyn, you can go to our story on and find out how healthy your community is. the rest of the city's 59 communities will be posted online by the middle of next month. in brooklyn, stacey
5:35 pm
sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. the autopsy of a body of a child found dead in new jersey proving inconclusive tonight. a police dog found a young boy's body in a wooded area. this happening in haddon township. police investigated him as 3-year-old brendon link. the boy apparently wandered away from his father's home. no one has been charged. a bar in connecticut burglarized and ransacked. now police need your help to find the crook. early tuesday morning a man broke in and stole cash and liquor before tearing the place apart. he drove away in a pickup with side apartments and wood extensions. call police if you know who this man could be. >> a new york city police officer doing something really great during the playoff game monday night. officer sean zeal standing on the sidelines with when a foul ball came right down the 1st base line. this happened top of the 9th. he reached out, caught it. instead
5:36 pm
of keeping the ball, cop tossed it to an overjoyed young pan. rob powers will have much more on the mets' do or die game, game 5 against the l.a. dodgers coming up in sports at 6:00. a warning about vegetables that you might have in your fridge. why a certain brand of spinach is being recalled in the tri-state area. >> why 30,000 drivers are now on the lookout for missing children. >> and the deli is an iconic
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there's no risk, no contract, no catch, no kidding. i switched to time warner cable and knew exactly when they were coming. thanks to their one hour appointment window. switch to time warner cable today. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call today. uber drivers now being enlisted in the fight to keep new york city kids safe. it will give its drivers amber alerts. the app based ride hailing service has 30,000 drivers in new york city on the lookout for missing kids. the official residence of new york city mayors will soon
5:40 pm
be a place to see art. the gracie mansion conservancy announced it has a new installation of paintings, objects, and historical documents. the house has been closed for repairs but will once anyone have guests starting with an open house. november 10th public tours will begin. bags of spinach are being recalled in 13 states including our area. dole has voluntarily recalled the greens because of concerns about salmonella. a random test was positive for the bacteria. new york, new jersey, and connecticut are all affected. no illness have been reported. if you have a bag of spinach, check the upc code on our website, an iconic taste of the lower east side now expanding in to brooklyn. katz's deli, famous for its ginormous beef and pastrami sandwiches, will have a first expansion since it opened over a century ago.
5:41 pm
the market will feature 55 vendors slated to open in downtown brooklyn's city point next fall. yum. coming up on eyewitness news, the quick thinking boy from new jersey who saved his mom's life. >> also ahead, a grizzly encounter. students get a firsthand lesson in wildlife when a bear walks right in to a school. >> it's cold season. imagine having no heat and no hot water. that's what 32
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i'm bobby flay and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state has to offer. like this famous winery nestled in the hudson valley. or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame. you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone. caught on camera, students at a high school in montana got bear. members of the booster club as boseman high school 7:30 this morning. then the
5:45 pm
bear as you see made it inside the school and just casually stroled down the hallway. it left after a few minutes and someone outside captured it running toward the woods. >> lots of bears in montana, however, and bozeman is the middle of montana so no surprise. wow. >> familiar with montana, are you? >> i've been there several times. they probably wanted sweet rolls for a snack. did you see the leaves on the ground? of course you did, because you're a meteorologist, that's why. [ laughter ] >> getting chilly. >> bear we'll go to >> you did this on purpose. >> it just happened, i got a i pictures. notice great cul olor near the bridge. we're at a real midpoint here in the hudson valley closing in on peak. although we may be a week
5:46 pm
away from true peak, they're going to knock a lot of leaves down. now is the time to get a colors. looks like the oranges that's great news after all the dry weather we've had. it's a slow go inbound here on the george washington bridge. skies are 66, partly sunny. around 14. we were close to 70. we kid hit is this going to be our last run at 70 degrees? typically it happens later. the average is november 5th but i can tell you looking at the weather pattern, next week we're definitely getting in to the 70s. we're going to clear out tonight. 40s in many suburbs. planner for tomorrow, bright sunshine. a few fair weather clouds. a breeze but not as much wind as today. we should be in the mid 60s after a cool start. should
5:47 pm
had clouds around over the island. sprinkles are falling apart. they may reach the catskills and poconos. we'll drop in to the 50s by 10:00. upper 40s by then. by morning definitely chilly but the breeze is lighter. even upper 30s in poughkeepsie, monticello, sussex. 50 in midtown. during the day tomorrow, gorgeous afternoon. mostly sunny and pleasant. low to mid 60s. here's a live look at the futurecast. a shower sneaks in to the northwest suburbs in the morning. looks like most of the moisture is going to stay upstate. we're forecasting a little bit more sunshine, bumping up the forecast highs and saying limited showers. i don't think it's raining at all south of new york city. air quality is good. uv index, 3, going to 5 at times. pollen counts moderate. here's your 7-day forecast. ups and downs. over the weekend 59 or 60. not terrible cool on saturday. a chilly breeze
5:48 pm
day you feel it. 52, feeling like 40s. 38 at night. some 20s in the coldest suburbs. still chilly but sunny on monday. look at the bounce back. we're around 70 by the time we get to sunday. this cold is not here to stay. >> that's good. >> we like that. we do lots of stories about how nina pineda and 7 on your side get money back for people who are ripped off. >> tonight nina gets back something different. hot water for families who have very little of anything. >> families shelter in brooklyn without hot water for a week until 7 on your side got involved. >> dealing with sick kids is no picnic. they say they had nowhere else to go and no one to turn to for help.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: at just 10 months, ariana flores is one of the littlest residents and her mom is sick with worry. the asthmatic baby is going to get sick. >> we're all asthmatic in the house so we all caught a cold. >> reporter: all four of her older kids caught colds when the building's boiler broke last week. >> i kept on complaining every day, they keep telling us the next day, the next day. >> the showers were cold. >> reporter: down the hall another mom says she's had it with only freezing water for her family. >> i have to sit there and boil enough water for all of them to take a bath. >> what? are you kidding me? you've got to respect people. >> reporter: dianne webb wound up in the family's shelter with her son after losing everything in a fire. >> it's just not fair with normal children, imagine a mentally challenged child that loves the water.
5:50 pm
for the autistic teen who's most calm after his warm bath. >> we were told it would be on in a couple days. that extended to almost a week. >> reporter: when families contacted us, we got in touch with hpd. city housing preservation and development right away. it was aware of the problem explaining a part for the broken boiler was causing the repair delay. after we contacted hpd they sent a crew out here within the hour. a contracter with a new pump to repair that boiler. >> i was ecstatic. >> thank you so much for helping us and the kids in the building. >> is it on? >> it's on now. are you happy it's on? >> a hot shower for aiden tonight. help usa which operates this transitional housing safety net for families told us they were on top of this ordering that boiler part the day it broke and it was scheduled to be repaired with or without our involvement. hpd thanked us for bringing this to
5:51 pm
their attention and letting them know this was happening and we're rate grateful to both agencies for this great action. >> you do so many things for people. this is a different feeling. >> of course. >> those precious children. thank you for that. the new jersey boy being hailed as a superhero. >> coming up on eyewitness news, a brave boy springing in to action, when out while driving. we'll show you how he was able to get help despite not being able to read. >> breaking news, a live look from newscopter7 at the long island expressway in suffolk county. let's get an update from shannon sohn. >> what a mess here. you're looking down at exit 56 where there was an accident involving a police car and at exit 57, a serious accident involving a motorcycle. eastbound side of l.i.e. completely shut down. your delays are a good 7 miles back. avoid this at all costs. you can even
5:52 pm
see on the left side of the picture the service road is jam packed with the alternative volume. this is a disaster and will be closed for the rest of the rush hour. >> we'll have much more on that story coming up at 6:00. the man charged with shooting in a club faces a judge. we'll hear from his family. >> plus a well known group that owns more than a dozen
5:53 pm
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tonight the story of a boy wonder in new jersey. >> a 7-year-old being hailed a hero for saving his mother's life. >> his name is brandon. he jumped in to action after his mom suffer an allergic reaction and fainted behind the wheel.
5:56 pm
brandon is already a hero to the woman who brought him in to this world. last month they were headed to the park when mom started to feel ill. >> i took an antibiotic and i had a really bad reaction and i wound up unconscious. >> reporter: she was able to pull her car off the road and her condition only got worse. brandon had to take action. >> so you guys were driving to the park then what happened? >> she pulled over and fell asleep. >> reporter: marilyn of course had no idea what was going on because she was passed out. but her son, he remembered what she taught him. he remembered to call 911. >> 911, where's your emergency? >> can you come? my mom passed out. >> how old is your mom, honey? >> i don't know how old she is. >> how old are you? >> 7. >> reporter: brand on was able to describe to emergency responders the area where his
5:57 pm
>> what else does it say? main entrance. okay. >> reporter: they found them within minutes and as the story goes, the rest is old news because marilyn has fully recovered and brandon is officially a hero. >> you always teach your kids 911 but you always hope you never have to use it. you never think you're going to have to use it. and we don't ever want to do that again. >> reporter: brandon was hailed by the mayor. he earned a superhero certificate and a special honor coin from police from being the little kid that could and did. in beachwood, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> just incredible. there's still much more ahead. eyewitness news at 6:00
5:58 pm
starts right now. hurt me, hurt my family. >> he's been saying for months he did not do it, didn't take pictures of a young boy in a restaurant bathroom. tonight he has been proven right. charges have been dropped and now he'll try to get on with his life. first new information in a deadly nightclub shooting as the alleged gunman faces a judge. good evening at 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. jamison being held without bail. >> his family suggests jamison is innocent. a young mother was killed. two others were wounded. tonight we found a fourth person had a close call. kemberly richardson with the lead story. >> that fourth person was standing right in front of this club directly in the line of fire. today in court prosecutors revealed for the first time a bullet actually ripped right through the top of that person's baseball cap. as
5:59 pm
for jamison, he seemed unphased as he faced a judge. his family was here for support. >> i think he's innocent until proven guilty, point blank, period. >> reporter: the family has not talked to the 26-year-old in days but heard an earful in court as he faced a judge for the first time. prosecutors maintained there's powerful proof jamison pulled out a gun and opened fire outside of club mativo monday morning. his good friend, walikque faussett, was killed. she was not the intended target. jamison's uncle tells me if his nephew did do this, it was a big mistake. >> he's a good kid. he's not a gang banger. he's a family man, that's it. >> reporter: he has a child. authorities paint a much different picture of him, saying he's an ex-con, part of a gang. they maintain monday he got in
6:00 pm
to an argument with people


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