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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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at 2200 teibot avenue, the screams of this baby's 27-year- old mother. she is seen here restrained by emergency responders. her screams so powerful and irrationale, neighbors raced out of their apartments trying to help. >> they were on the roof yelling at her. >> that's how loud? >> yes, stop, don't do it. >> reporter: it was too late. most couldn't look any further. in the courtyard behind the sixth floor of this building-- >> i see the baby's shoes. i left out of there after that. >> reporter: the six-month-old baby girl died at saint later. residents in disbelief and afternoon. did she actually scream i am going to throw the baby out. >> i will throw the baby out the window and she was screaming we will all die. i figured this is the time to call 911. you hear this. >> while i am on the phone with 911 i heard the thump. >> reporter: just a horrifying
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situation. back live you can see this is an active scene. police and investigators are here. we have not identified the baby's mother because she is being evaluated for psychiatric problems. three other young children were removed from the apartment. they are ages 4 through 10, a boy and two girls. people in the neighborhood try to struggle to understand what happened here. stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> just heart-breaking, stacey, thank you. from the bronx to manhattan, a dramatic rescue on a busy street. a man tumbling through a sidewalk cellar door before 3:00 this afternoon outside of mcdonald's on 5th avenue, 34th street in midtown. witnesses say a pedestrian fell unaware that the door was open. several people that saw the accident jumped in to rescue the man. >> when i went down there, i
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i grabbed napkins as soon as possible and started applying pressure on his face. i told him to lean back. he was shocked. he wasn't in his right state of mind. >> shocked because he suffered a large gash to his head. he is being treated at bellevue hospital. now to a deadly rampage in new jersey. he is accused of stabbing to death his elderly mother and brother. now keith knight is under arrest and charged with murder. cops say when they found him at the crime scene in teaneck, there appeared to be blood on his hands. anthony johnson is there. >> reporter: i had an opportunity earlier today to speak to one of the family members of the suspect and the victims. he tells us that the suspect had some very serious mental issues. keith knight was arraigned in court facing charges for two murders and illegal possession of a weapon. last night police received a frightening 911 call where they heard screams in the
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background. when they arrived, the suspect was at the front door with blood on his hands. once police entered the home, they found the two victims. neighbors say keith knight was a local landscaper. >> i just know keith by the neighborhood because he always cut the grass. i was out here doing my jarred, if i had a problem, he would stop and help me. >> reporter: the two victims have been identified as 84-year- ronald victor knight. victoria knight's grandson spoke to eyewitness news by phone this morning calling this a real family tragedy. >> no real, you know, constant turmoil or anything like that. just one was crazy. so, anything could actually start an argument. >> reporter: the motive for the crime is unclear. family members are stunned. >> a mental health issue.
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he had, i believe, brain damage decades ago and i have never heard in my family about anything like this. >> reporter: family members say that keith knight had a serious motorcycle accident over a decade ago and that lead to his mental health issues. he is being held in the bergen county jail being held on two million dollars bail. that's the latest live from teaneck, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. an arrest in a hit and run in new jersey that left a young woman critically injured. 27-year-old is facing several charges including leaving the scene of an accident. police in clifton say he struck 22-year-old anna seminoli with on the road. she suffered severe injuries and is still in the hospital. a funeral for a pro
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the funeral for michael nolan happened in yonkers. he decide on friday three weeks after he -- died on friday three weeks after he was shot in the parking lot of a burger king. he was just 23 years old. another funeral on staten island where friends and classmates of marcus cost still i don't gathering at a church. he died friday after he fell six stories down an elevator shaft. in new jersey, a fire forced the evacuation of an elementary school in paterson this afternoon. newscopter 7 was over number 4 elementary school as firefighters put out the flames just after noon today. students and staff walked to a nearby school. no one was injured. the fire was limited to one classroom which was empty at the time. about an hour earlier, firefighters were called to a haz-mat scene at the twin oaks tennis and fitness center.
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contractors hired to clean a bathroom were apparently overcome by carbon monoxide. the fumes were produced by a power washer run by gasoline. the victims were taken to a local hospital. they are expected to fully recover. president obama once said he wants all the troops out of afghanistan and soon but now major changes to withdraw troops. the draw down has been delayed. there are about 9800 troops in afghanistan right now. nearly all were supposed to tampa bay home by the end of next year. the president says on the recommendations of his top commanders will leave as many as 5500 troops on the ground in that country. he says there is a big need for counterterrorism operations and assisting afghani forces. >> modest but meaningful extension of our presence. sticking to the current narrow missions can make a real difference.
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leading to the decision is the pentagon deciding that afghanis can't operate on their own and surge by taliban and isis. new developments in the is say lating violence -- escalating violence between israel and palestine. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says a meeting would be potentially useful with palestines president. over the past few days there have been a series of deadly stabbings of commuters and tourists. mayor de blasio is heading to israel. the triple be to a school teaching palestinian and israeli children. >> it has been to be inclusive. this is true in all society. i will be in solidarity with israel but it's important to encourage youth on all sides to work together. >> the region needs peace deeply and the school is a
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hopeful sign. the mets could do something they haven't done in nine years, advance to the play-offs for the national league pennant. they are one game away. one game away from going home for the winter as well. standing in their way, the l.a. dodgers born in new york. that means nothing in this case. sports anchor rob powers with a preview. >> reporter: the season is come and go. mets hope it's not their season that goes tonight. best of five now a best of one. the aim is to tampa bay the best one when it's all over. the mets missed out on a chance to send the dodgers packing when they came to citi field. the winner of tonight's game wins the series and the right to face off against the cubs in the next round. the goal is to keep on playing. that's how this sets up. for more, right to the site with laura behnke at dodger
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>> reporter: mets fans may have trouble. the players are cool. >> when you understand in a five game series that any play, any pitch, any at bat can change the course of the series, it's like you practice the game 5 before you get there. >> must win game obviously. but kind of stay loose, stay positive. have fun. >> >>reporter: if the team needs a reminder, look no further than jacob degrom who won once this series and treats every moment like another game. >> i try to block everything out once i get on the field, the nerves go away and the same game we have been playing all year. i think i am able to think about that and take it one pitch at a time. >> reporter: he can't do it alone. the lineup must help. mets managed six runs total in pitches. >> going into game 5 ready to hit. reporting.
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we will join her next hour in los angeles. no real math to figure out the game tonight. no real complicated formulas, darn simple. win and move on. lose and go home. >> simple indeed. we will be following the game all night on twitter follow rob and laura behnke for updates on how things are going in l.a. for the new york mets. decades after the bombing of a pan am passenger jet investigators identified new suspects in the case. also a former house speaker at the center of an fbi probe planning to take a plea deal. lamar odom is on life support. he went to high school in queens. tonight we are hearing from his former coach. >> a bear problem in new jersey is a big area known for hiking
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tenuous moments for the family of lamar odom. his condition is unchanged, in a coma and on life support. odom's former coach is speaking out tonight. darla miles is in south ozone park. darla? >> reporter: well, sade, no news may not necessarily be
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today is the second day those who saw odom rise to stardom in south ozone park queens and the second day they continue to pray for him and remember the good times. here. a lot of people out here because, like i said, the neighborhoods exception, we loved him. >> reporter: that love so abundantly clear when lamar odom returned to the very basketball court where he learned to play as a kid to commercial. >> we don't care nothing about what he is going through, drugs he used, all that stuff. that. all we care about is the fact that, are you all right. >> reporter: the drugs he ingested the focus of the sheriff's office investigation and how the former nba star ended up be county shows and throwing up at a legal brothel in nevada on his first visit
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>> lamar was acting like a fun guy. he wasn't out of his mind. he wasn't speeding around. he was going to bed at night, getting good sleep. he was eating healthy. >> reporter: on thursday, sunrise hospital was quiet on odom's condition. >> he is very sick. he needs lots of help. whatever lead him to that point, god has a way of getting our attention. >> reporter: this certainly has the attention of those who witnessed his rise to stardom and always wanted only the best for him. >> unsetting even, you know, to talk about it because of the fact that -- it's just a bad situation is all. >> reporter: now, there are reports that odom took cocaine and herbal supplements but that won't be known for sure until toxicology test results are in which could take a few weeks. reporting live in south ozone
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park queens, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. new at 5:00 a woman on long island charged with animal abandonment and neglect. cops say they arrested tamara copeland after they received several tips about the tiny dog dropped off outside a clinic bloody and suffering infections. nino was stolen more than a year ago. a special honor in lower manhattan for former new york mayor dinkins. mayor de blasio unveiled a flake that named -- plaque that named a building in his owner. de blasio, who worked for the former mayor, spoke about how dinkins inspired his staff. >> we felt called to service because we had an example. we had a leader that truly believed and he walked the walk.
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the dinkins administration, the safe streets, safe cities program, fashion week and the u.s. open. punishment decided for a coach and two high school football players that tackled a referee during a game. officials suspending the students from playing any sports for the rest of the school year. the head coach getting two years probation. the former assistant coach who denied telling the players to take down the ref was suspended and given two years probation. stocks on wall street, meanwhile, rebounding after a string of positive earnings reports. the dow up 217 points. nasdaq adding another 87 points and s&p climbed nearly 30 points. >> october has been kind so far. >> kind in terms of the weather as well. nice. >> it is comfortable. tomorrow is pleasant then late november just like that. >> but not for long. >> no,ing absolutely.
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a little cold spell. outside we go, skies has been blue, lots of sunshine. a sun glare in the area. roads and bridges, are careful of that. this camera is a good barometer how the wind is. it bounces around on a 10, 15 miles per hour wind. west wind at 14. letter when the sun goes down, it feels chilly. in the 50s this evening. pressure holding steady. high in the middle 60s. a couple of degrees above that tomorrow. right on. sunset at 6:16. a little less than an hour away. last year hit 77. rain cooled us off in the afternoon hours. 58 woodmere. 64 manhasset. yaphank 59. hudson valley numbers in the low 60s. monticello 55. 63 belmar. mainly clear to start the night. a few patchy clouds likely later on. a lot of areas partly to mostly
5:19 pm
cloudy at dawn and a stray shower north and west of new york city. by mid- to late morning the sun should be increasing. a west to northwest wind developing. similar to today. the only difference, you will start out with more cloudiness and a spot shower threat to the north. satellite is mainly clear. we have three fronts off to the west. you can clearly see the first one in western new york state from buffalo to cleveland. you can see how it goes from a southwest wind to a west to northwest behind the front. then a secondary front. you have fairly mild air ahead of it. we are into that today and tomorrow with temperatures in the 60s. brisk and chilly saturday. behind this front, two fronts here, it gets cold. it's in the 40s for the most part sunday. you can see the air. we get one more day where we can tap into this air mass over the ohio valley. in the teens here. this is west of hudson bay. a little piece of that air is coming into the northeast for sunday into monday. 66 degrees.
5:20 pm
mild mix of sunshine and clouds tomorrow. a few clouds early then mostly sunny, middle of the day with another front during the afternoon and early evening, a spot shower to end the day, early evening hours mainly north and west. on saturday, the chill starts. it's in the mid- to upper-50s. sun mixing with clouds. breeze 12 to 25 miles per hour. feels like 50 with a mix of sun and clouds. more so sunday when we were struggling to get to the 50- degree mark. here is the accuweather clear tonight, partly cloudy. late shower north and west. tomorrow a couple of spots. you need the umbrella early. clouds give way to sun. breezy at times, 66. another spot shower in the early evening hours. chilly breeze takes us to 48. at 5:30, are we going to just stay in the 40s sunday? a possibility in spots. how about windchills in the 30s and wrapped recovery to 70 next week. the foliage forecast and noaa released winter outlook. a lot coming up. back to you for now.
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>> thank you, lee. well, tonight, lousy news about social security. >> millions of americans expecting a race but now that's not going to happen. plus this. >> recognize these windows? they are featured in a popular super hero movie. they are on view for the public this weekend. listen up new york. there's a new drug out there. and it's trying to destroy our generation. it's called synthetics. . .
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former house speaker dennis hastert is expected to plead guilty in his hush money case. his attorneys appeared before a federal judge. it stems back decades with hastert paying millions to cover up sexual misconduct likely from his time as a high school teacher. the terms of the plea deal are not yet known but will likely be revealed during a scheduled court appearance later this month. two new libyan suspects in the bombing of pan am flight 103 over lockerbie scotland. authorities in libya are being asked to help the fbi and scottish detectives interview the suspects in tripoli.
5:24 pm
were killed and 11 people on the ground in 1988. 16 people upset over policing in baltimore facing trespassing charges after staging a sit in at city hall. protestors disrupted a city council meeting about permanently hiring kevin davis. he got the job after the old chief was fired over a spike in crime following the death of freddie gray. demonstrators believe the public should have more input. the federal government says social security recipients won't see a cost of living increase due to the slow growing economy. the annual adjustment is based on inflation. prices in the u.s. haven't been rising much. medical expenses and health insurance premiums keep rising. disabled veterans and federal retirees are affected. the first warning that the holidays are around the corner. >> i really don't mean to be
5:25 pm
that negative. i love the holidays. there they are, the rockettes. this is on the west side. it happened this morning. they performed new york at christmas from the radio city christmas spectacular. live performances begin november 13th. >> >> great, look at that. no argument. >> you know how i love the holidays. black bears are causing problems in a new jersey forest. now a popular destination for hikers is being closed off. >> a car erupts in flames in a long island parking lot minutes before >> burglars targeting not are you getting the internet speed you need? [excited yelling] ah, yes! you cannot stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mom? we all use it differently. so why should we get it all the same way? now you don't have to. with time warner cable, you get speeds from 3 megs, all the way up to
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we continue to follow a developing story in the bonks. a six-month-old girl is dead after being thrown from an apartment building. police are talking to a woman. three other children were inside the apartment but are okay. we will have another update at 6:00. >> welcome back to eyewitness news. new at 5:30, a problem with bears shutting hiking trails. >> black bears, especially frisk sky and present on the trails of the ramapo forest. >> new jersey reporter toni yates is on campus with the story and reaction to the trail's closure. toni. >> reporter: yes, indeed. bill, sade, this problem starts with human beings doing the wrong things, feeding the bears. as a result p the trails are closed and wildlife officials had to put down some bears. >> our professionals never enjoy something like that.
5:29 pm
unfortunately, when it comes to human safety factor, you have to err on the side of people and their safety. >> reporter: the trails are closed indefinitely at ramapo state forest and ramapo reservation. thousands of acres shuddered at the peak of hiking activity. >> the bears started to approach people. where they have thrown rocks at the bear, the bear comes closer. >> reporter: a clear sign that some of the bears have lost their fear of humans, most likely because someone is feeding them. they had to put down four aggressive bears. feeding bears is illegal and in them. >> they look to people more and more for the hand out. although you may want to give it only half your sandwich,ing it will want your whole sandwich. >> reporter: is a popular spot for ramapo college students.
5:30 pm
a text message and a voicemail. it was crazy about the bears but they are just bears. if you don't bother them they don't bother you. >> it's probably right that they would close it. the they are not animals you want to mess with. when it comes down to it, they are bears. >> reporter: they don't need to be fed. the forest floor is covered in accordance and -- a corns and -- acorns and other foods that they need. >> don't do it because, unfortunately, you may have good intentions but it winds us coming in and doing what we have done here. >> reporter: the bears are following our leads. if humans feed the bears, the bears will look for humans then they will follow the hikers and the trail then they get dubed nuisance bears and wildlife officials have to put them down. do not feed the bears. live in mahwah, new jersey, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> okay. thank you. a convicted rapist that recently got out of prison has
5:31 pm
been arrested for another rape and several robberies in yonkers. >> this is a serial rapist, sexual predator. letter as a result of the excellent work done by members of our department, we were able to remove this guy from the street. >> officials in yonkers announcing the arrest of hakeem blount. he is charged with robbing three women and sexually assaulting one of them. blount was released from prison last year after serving more than 7 years for raping an 8- year-old girl. new at 5:00, a 63-year-old man under arrest charged with groping a woman in midtown manhattan. the port authority said jerry salermo admitted that he touched the one man. a -- woman. a port authority officer heard the screams and rushed over. a long island man would have died in an inferno if not for the work of a suffolk police officer.
5:32 pm
moments before the vehicle burst into flames the officer pulled a man out of the passenger door. police say the 42-year-old parked in a movie theater lot in stony brook then poured a flammable liquid on his lap and lit a may have been. the man is recovering at the hospital. a burglary spree in westchester county. this is not your run of the mill crime. the booty flowers from a handful of public gardens. someone is digging up the colorful flowers. it's costing taxpayers a lot of green. >> reporter: mums provide pops of color in white plains but they have become a target for thieves. >> just pathetic. >> reporter: this garden is dedicated to clarence's late wife hill gay. the flowers were snatched up. >> it was replanned maybe two weeks ago. the day after it was planted,
5:33 pm
plants in the front and half a dozen plants in the back was stolen. >> reporter: the president of the white plains beautification foundation says a variety of flowers has been stolen from five other community areas in recent months. now the foundation is stepping up security. she says it appears -- that the green thumb they have knows what they are doing. >> they know when to take the plant. you can't take it when it's established. you can't pop it out. >> reporter: the foundation run by volunteers and donations maintain 60 community areas in white plants. they are out at least $2,000 in the last year, filed a police report and have a message for the thief. >> you are taking away from our quality of life and we would appreciate it if you would stop doing this. by the way, we are going to prosecute you. >> reporter: while the stolen flowers have been replaced, frustration is growing. >> it's hard to understand.
5:34 pm
mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. former olympic oscar pistorius leaving prison next week to begin four years of house arrest. he will not have to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet but he can't handle a gun and has to undergo psychotherapy. he was sentenced to five years in prison for the death of his girlfriend. prosecutors are appealing his acquittal for murder. a judge in vermont released actor randy quaid and his wife from jail. the couple was arrested after trying to reenter the u.s. from canada. they are wanted for allegedly damaging a house they were found squatting in. the judge said there was no probable cause to hold them. the quaids say they will stay in vermont to care for eddy's ailing father. the once respected but now disgraced entertainer bill cosby facing another lawsuit. this time by a woman that claims he sexually assaulted hire when she
5:35 pm
she said cosby defamed her after she gave an interview claiming thated comedian abused her in the '80s. she said cosby helped pay for her schooling and housing during that time. it's a racy video that had parents feeling uneasy. an assistant principal on long island appearing in a hip-hop music video. now we know what school officials are doing about it.
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new details about an assistant principal at a high school in long island that appeared in a risky video. she was reassigned and will do ununspecified duties within the district. in a music video, the former assistant principal leaves her home to a young man that then has a party with drugs and scantily clad women.
5:39 pm
designer drugs continues in new york and across the country. police shut down the lx deli in east harlem under suspicion of selling the drug called k 2. also today, federal agents announced the arrest of hundreds of manufacturers, wholesalers and dealer across the u.s. new at 5:00, a drunk driver ramming into a patrol car and a mustang stopped for the arrest of another drunk driver caught on camera. you can see it sideswipe a sheriff vehicle. the mustang driven by a man just put in the patrol car for allegedly driving drunk. both men ended up in jail. in this accident, no one was hurt. on long island, a fashion show featuring women that most fashionable accessory i guess actually their strength. pink aid held the second pink chair luncheon and fashion show.
5:40 pm
among the runways were 17 breast cancer survivors. attendees bid on 15 pink chairs created by interior designers for the vent. the money raised goes to the acclaimed author of the novel cancer victims exxon. tvs in the backup taxi cabs have entertained new yorkers for years. that will change for some cabs in about a year. plus this. >> i'm lauren glassberg at what is called the tent of tomorrow.
5:41 pm
day in the 1960s. should you get a flu shot? here's what one new yorker has to say. will you get your flu shot this year? i sure will! and why? well, because of my job. i come in contact with a lot of people that have the flu so therefore i try to protect myself. so you're a firefighter and you're out in the public and you want to make sure you're protected and probably they are too, right? correct. yes. if you have the opportunity to get a free flu shot, why wouldn't you?
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firefighters in central texas struggling to get the upper hand on a massive wildfire. it is about 45 miles east of austin growing 10 times the size and burning more than six square miles. nine homes have been destroyed. 400 homes have been evacuated. it was 60% yesterday but now it dropped. migrants in france jumped in a truck and came face to face with a polar bear. the bear was in a cage. the three migrants were inside the truck for about 10 minutes before police came and took them away. he finished his journey that started in moscow. he will settle in a new home in england. there were bumps and bruises but no hard feeling
5:43 pm
after london's mayor knocked over a 10-year old during a game of rugby. he helped the boy up and made sure he was okay then he apologized. this isn't a first. last year he knocked over a 9- year-old during a soccer match. and we now have lee. i want to mention quick i will be going to a book signing, michael strahan as a new book, wake up happy. the dream big play hard guide to accomplishing your goals at mist in harlem. i will be out there. go and see michael. >> he has quite a story. >> fascinating. >> great guy. well, great guy, great weather? >> thanks. i appreciate that. >> it is nice out this evening then nice tomorrow then things change. outside we go,ing the park looks fantastic. little in the way of foliage on
5:44 pm
we have a couple of weeks until the park peaks. the next couple of days it will be fantastic. 62 right now. letter westerly wind 14 miles per hour. noaa released the winter outlook. earlier in the week, accu weather called for not as brutal a winter but potential to be snowy. above normal in terms of temperature, good news. doesn't mean we will be cold but at the same time you see el nino pattern. for california and the southern tire of the country. coast. maybe the frequency of east coast systems is higher. are we cold enough to snow when that happens? it could be snowy even though milder than last year. clear skies. showers maybe north of new york city and west.
5:45 pm
then clouds should break up late morning into the midday. partly to mostly sunny the majority of the day. then another front comes in in the early evening and could spark a shower for early friday evening plans. three fronts the next 24 to 36 hours. notice the futurecast. evening hours low 50s. upper 40s north and west. tomorrow morning, there is the passing shower especially north of the city. clouds should clear out late morning and midday. nice afternoon. probably a degree or two higher than today. partly to mostly sunny, a little on the breezy side. next front sparking a shower in the early evening hours. that will clear out after 8:00 or so. look at the lows saturday morning. 38 monticello. 40s widespread. that is the beginning. saturday during the day we will stay in the 50s. mid to perhaps upper 50s. at worst a sprinkle the north.
5:46 pm
snow showers upstate. we don't see snow showers but we get the cold air especially saturday into sunday and monday then we recover. foliage is peaking. getting in the hudson river valley is great. we have a few weeks to go for peak color down to the i-95. typically late okay to early november to central park. here is the forecast. tomorrow is a mainly dry day but a book end shower threat. in between unshine and 66. 58 saturday. sun mixing with clouds. blustery sunday. 30 miles per hour wind. 50 feels like 40 and upper 30s. a frost if not a hard freeze. allergy season will come to an end. still 50s, cool monday. but what a bounce back. 64 tuesday and 70s for wednesday, thursday and maybe friday of next week.
5:47 pm
we are not done with the warmth yet. >> that's really good news. >> you are a great guy. >> oh, shucks. new york is a city of great architecture and great sites from got thick to art deco. >> you can see it walking around. this weekend up close and personal from the inside. the 13th annual open house new york that opens doors to places that are usually closed. lauren glassberg with a sneak peek she got inside. >> they are the key to some of the sites. if if you are a little bit of a voyeur, this is a perfect event. hidden spots, great architecture and sometimes in to private homes that will leave you with real estate envy. >> this was the green goblin's lair. >> reporter: her apartment featured in spider-man. maybe the windows look familiar with views that make you go wow. >> i am the luckiest girl in the world, that's for sure.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: the annual event allows the public access to places they don't normally get to go like the gould memorial library at the bronx community library. >> the most important is the architectural, cultural or historical significance. >> reporter: gregory westner narrowed down the sites. some locations that are normally open to the public will feature rarely seen areas. >> it's about opening up the city in a way that people don't otherwise get to see it. >> reporter: like the old twa terminal at j.f.k. the flight center was built in 1962. it has been closed for nearly 16 years. it was restored. it will be used for a jetblue hotel and museum. construction will begin soon. you will be required to wear a
5:49 pm
tomorrow built by phillip fair. mostly in disrepair. >> it has been closed for many, many years. with the anniversary of the interest. we want to give people an opportunity to see behind that peek. >> reporter: some sites require tickets but most are totally free. go to abc7ny and we will have a link to open house new york and you can fill your entire weekend with sightseeing. >> cool stuff. the world fair sight. >> i love looking at that. >> they need to fix that. too much money, though. thank you, lauren. you are about do see in a year a small percentage tvs in the backs of taxis. >> that is not the only change. what else you could notice next. >> i'm liz cho.
5:50 pm
investigators say they serves as fronts for brothels. >> a high ranking government official arrested in charge of perjury. join the millions who have already switched. we switched. and now, we're streaming netflix. who knew time warner cable's internet was so fast! mom switched. and now, we can watch our favorite shows together, on demand. i switched. so i can connect to the internet just about anywhere
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the taxi ride for new yorkers is about to change. the tlc approved a trial program that will mean fewer tvs in the back of taxis but it will come with high-tech changes. a.j. ross explains what will be different. >> this is a chance to improve upon what we already have. >> reporter: your typical taxi experience could be shifting innovative technology. >> yeah, i personally always use whatever technology is available in a cab. great. >> reporter: the taxi and limousine commission voted in favor of giving the green light to a pilot program that would replace traditional fare meters with taxi meters.
5:53 pm
i commute from manhattan to brooklyn. so, a tv is a nice little gadget to have. >> i never liked it. i put it on mute. >> this is a chance to have a control group and see if you don't have that at all, are people satisfied with the amount of information that they are getting. >> reporter: tlc leaders say the pending changes are necessary to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. while there is no set timeline, pilot participates will test it out which is cell phone and smartphone friendly over the next year through a small sample group of cabs with a max up to a thousand. >> i think updates are great. it provides more tran pattern see and the rider will feel like they aren't getting ripped off. letter i'm a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> there is still much more ahead.
5:54 pm
starts right now. hotels raided by new york city police and accused of serving as fronts for prostitution. >> the second time in a month, a child has been thrown out of a window in the bronx. tonight the baby is dead and her mother is in custody. >> good evening at 6:00, i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. witnesses say the mother screaming dangling the baby out the window then letting her go, a six story drop in section. >> jim dolan is at the scene with the lead story. jim. >> reporter: neighbors say the woman was screaming much of the day, mostly incoherent. around 2:00 it got louder and it got much worse. people started watching and listening. the woman was screaming about satin and the end of time.
5:55 pm
suddenly the neighbors saw something they will never be able to forget. for those who saw it, time seemed to stop. >> please, please, please, stop, stop, stop. >> reporter: looking out her window when a 25-year-old woman started screaming about satin and the end of the world and dangling her six-month-old baby from the window. >> i was looking up. when i was looking up, she grabbed the baby, had the baby hanging out the window. i started screaming please, please, please, no, no, no, then she dropped the baby and started screaming freedom, freedom. >> reporter: there were many that saw it and nothing anyone could do. >> the neighbors were screaming no, no, no. they were yelling at her don't do it. think about it. >> when you see it for yourself you feel so helpless. there was nothing i could do. by the time i ran downstairs and came in the back of the building to do anything, it was too late. it was just too late. it's horrifying.
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