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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this is new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news with joe torres and sandra bookman, laura behnke with sports and jeff smith with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now eyewitness news at 6. amazen grace, after taking game one in the nlcs, the mets return to citi field for another matchup with the cubs. we've got live team coverage as mets mania reaches a fever pitch. >> and developing right now, scary moments at a popular manhattan -- the details live from the scene coming up. >> a live look outside where we are feeling the chill with a beautiful sunset.
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have your accuweather forecast as temperatures take a dive. >> good evening, i'm sandra bookman. >> and i'm joe torres. tonight the mets continue their journey on the road to the world series. how about a live look out at citi field where about two hours from now the amazins will take on the cubs in game 2 of the national league championship series. chicago hopes to even the series after the mets dominated in game 1. >> eyewitness news sports anchor laura behnke begins our coverage from the newsroom. >> joe and sandra, the cubs swept the mets in the regular season, but this is the post season, and last night the amazins halted their nine-game losing streak in chicago in a pretty big way as the mets made a statement in game 1 of the national league championship series, daniel murphy got things started with the first inning home run and matt harvey pitching a gem on a chilly night at citi field as the mets took the game 1 win 4-2. tonight the mets have a chance to take a 2-0 series advantage.
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>> if game 2 goes by the same script as game 1, the mets will have halfway home to a series win before they even leave for chicago, but before they can make it there, they have to make it here again. game 2 of the national league championship series ready to go tonight here at citi field. the mets got the jump with a win in game 1 so things going well so far. it will be cold again here tonight. two big pitchers going at it. this is everything october baseball is supposed to be. the players led by daniel murphy love it. >> you know, there are people in our game who do this because this is what they can do best. player. he loves baseball. he talks baseball 24/7. and that's what i liked about him. he's a baseball junkie, and you know, when you spend as much you love those guys. >> daniel murphy hit a home run again last night. so did travis d'arnaud.
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wall. you see the apple right now today with a bandage on it from where d'arnaud hit it last night. this team has not lost its sense of humor. they hope they don't lose anything tonight. we're live at citi field, rob powers channel 7 eyewitness news. we'll see you back here in just a few minutes in sports. >> thanks a lot. you've got to love that. thanks so much. the mets are already in a pretty good spot head swag tonight in a seven-game series. the team that wins game one of the time. we'll have much more on this big game coming up in sports. joe and sandra i'll send it back to you. >> thank you. with the national league pennant on the line, mets fans are all on board for the ride to the world series. cefaan kim is live in queens where it's blue and orange all the time. cefaan. >> reporter: it's several hours before first pitch, and you can see fans here at mcfadens bar, citi field already pouring in. it will be a chilly night but
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hey that's october baseball. fans say that mets fever has got their temperature rising. >> let's go mets. let's go mets. let's go mets >> that all too familiar battle cry for fans of the amazins this season has turned into a victory cry. the national league championship series of the chicago cubs, the mets are three wins away from advancing to the world series, and now it's time to take care of business tonight. >> strong pitching beats good hitting, so if syndergaard is really good on his game and shuts them down, we have a chance. >> several hours ahead of game 2, a sea of orange and blue. it's been 15 years since the mets last made an appearance in the world series, almost 30 since they last won it. so the moment not lost on mets fans. les nichols one of the many who has been to every home game this season. >> it's been a lot of fun. my son's a yankee fan and i went over to the yankee playoff game, if and it just seems like
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they're used to winning over there. here even when you win you're kind of shocked. >> and the pregame tailgate party starting early in flushing. the brothers arriving more than three hours ahead of first pitch. >> it's a great feeling. we tailgated for years with the giants and to be at a mets game tailgating in october, it's a great feeling. >> and sandra and joe, when fans are this fired up, the cold weather really is a nonfactor, and if the mets pull off another w tonight nobody's going to care what that temperature is. reporting live at citi field, cefaan kim channel 7 eyewitness news. >> good point, thank you. remember channel 7 is your station for the mets road to the world series. stay with us for complete coverage and at abc7ny you can find pictures of mets fans showing off their blue and orange pride. send your pictures to us via twitter or facebook. be sure to use the hashtag abc7ny. switching gears now to a developing story. >> a crime scene investigation after police say a homeless man
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restroom. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff is live there with details. >> reporter: sandra, joe, this is where investigators say the assault happened just after 1:00 this afternoon. you can see this restroom now roped off. this as investigators say a homeless man groped a 63-year- old woman who is from the new york city area. police say she told investigators the man demanded she perform a sex act on him. then there was a struggle and he ran away. investigators say it happened in the women's restroom at 17th street. we spoke with a man who did not want to be identified. police arrived. >> i just showed up when the officer had went in there, and talking to a lady. >> i think she was like >> was she crying? done crying. >> reporter: and investigators telling us this afternoon that
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this woman actually bit her attacker before he ran away. now they say they're looking his hand. they say he has a lengthy beard and was wearing a green jacket at the time. live in union square park, eyewitness news. >> thank you mallory. now to a tragic death on long island, the 12-year-old girl shot by a stray bullet while in her own home has died. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is in hempstead with the latest. >> reporter: sandra, everybody tells me dejah was the kind of little girl if you heard her laugh it would make you smile. her mom, her dad, her family, her relatives are this house in the exact spot where dejah was shot. a 12-year-old who could have done anything with her life so many opportunities missed. >> [ singing ] >> clutching their little
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and damon joyner try to find strength during what is no doubt their darkest hour, their 12-year-old daughter dejah passed away after being hit with a stray bullet on friday. >> it wasn't a shock because they had said the prognosis was zero. happened. >> even more tragic where it dejah was standing in her living room when someone outside fired a shot. the 7th grader was hit in the head. >> something needs to be done about this stuff you know. it happens too much too often. >> in a tremendous show of support everyone from antioch baptist church where dejah was a member rallied around the joyners. they gathered to raise the level of hope to counter act the fears that exist here, gun violence that has snatched away this couple's child. >> they're in deep pain. they're in deep pain, crying without ceasing, they're broken. >> sources tell eyewitness news detectives are looking at
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surveillance video that shows someone getting out of a car walking towards dejah's home. a second car pulls up, the suspect opens fire and misses the intended target. >> should have done something before this happened because they know this has been going on for months now. >> just last week dejah had a birthday party here, her home now filled with so much sadness. >> she was just a sweetheart. i couldn't be more proud of her if she was my own granddaughter. >> so many people saying the same thing. authorities are offering a in this case. tomorrow grief counselors will be at dejah's middle school as her friends and teachers head student. for now we're live in hempstead, kemberly richardson >> thank you. new details, police say they
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of a woman in queens as a homicide. 28-year-old miriam velez sam owe yay iceboater body was found in a bathtub yesterday morning. detectives are looking to speak with her boyfriend carlos leon. velez died hours before she was set to return to her native guatemala. on long island, suffolk police arrest a man in connection with a burning body in manorville. investigators identified the body as 36-year-old herman guzman. they arrested brian gonzalez meija. he is charged with second degree murder. >> still ahead on eyewitness news at 6, mayor de blasio calls for an end to violence during his visit to israel, deadly unrest. >> and we get in step with the thousands in our area walking in support of breast cancer awareness. time it think pink next. >> and the windchill near citi
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field right now down to 40 degrees and falling throughout the evening. so bundle up if you're headed out there. a freeze warning in effect for
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rigan si ud. mayor bill de blasio has ended his trip to israel. before leaving the country the mayor visited the western wall in jerusalem. de blasio's first time to israel comes amid a time of
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today he met with jerusalem's mayor and tel aviv's mayor and he visited a hospital treating those wounded in recent attacks. the mayor expressed solidarity with the people of israel during this difficult time. >> there's a joke about israel being the sixth borough and particularly jerusalem being the sixth borough of new york city. when you're under attack, we feel under attack too, and i'm honored to be here in that spirit of solidarity and a sense of common destiny. >> de blasio finished his trip with a meeting with the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, and a visit to the holocaust memorial. october is breast cancer awareness month and today we saw seas of pink in my communities, joe's beach, central park, downtown newark, just three of the several places in our area with thousands of people taking part in the making strides against breast cancer walk today. the walks organized by the national cancer society raised money for research, information
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>> still to come on eyewitness news at 6:00, more live coverage from citi field as the mets look to bring the heat against the cubs and the cold temperatures. >> meteorologist jeff smith will have your accuweather forecast. >> first here's a look at abc's tom yamas. >> good evening, coming up on world news tonight, early snow and bone chilling temperatures, is the cold here for good. >> also donald trump saying he could have prevented 9/11 while vice president joe biden says he has a plan to win. >> and incredible video, a
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thcelle? abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. >> people across the area felt the bitter chill that sweeped in this weekend. lot os of people on the upper west side earlier broke out the ski jackets and bundled up to stay warm. you're going to need the extra layers. the temperatures may drop even more tonight. >> nice hat. >> oh, i know, i have one of those. >> do you? >> oh, yeah. later on tonight, i mean this is our coldest night since april the 1st, and guess what. we have some snow that has been going on in the area during the >> yeah, we saw it. >> we have some really great video here from a viewer, and this is actually in stormville in dutchess county, and look at the snow that was falling there, the dogs getting, i guess excited about it is that what we call that or concerned
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maybe. >> mets fans. >> trying to fend it off maybe. yeah, some snow in the higher elevations, especially north and west of the city during the afternoon hours as some of these snow showers moved in all the way from the great lakes and areas just off the great lakes actually had several inches of snowfall. a live look here from new york city. a beautiful look actually at the sun just sinking below the horizon here as we look over toward new york harbor. temperature right now 47. that wind coming in from the northwest at 9 gusting up to 21 miles an hour. the wind is still brisk, and it will continue that way through the evening. the high on the day eked up to the 50-degree mark, way below average. 10 to 15 degrees below average this time of the year. the sun just setting at 6:12. here we go, temperatures tumbling into the 20s, and most of the suburbs tonight with a hard freeze. it's low to mid-30s for new york city and the coast where we could actually see
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conditions, but there could be some frost on vegetation in the five boroughs of new york city. still cool tomorrow, but a big turn around starting on tuesday, and we're talking temperatures in the low 70s by the middle part of the week. 45 right now in teterboro, most importantly, 47 in flushing right near citi field where we have windchills down around 40 with that wind still gusting up to 20. below freezing already at monticello where you're going to be degreesover night tonight. there's a freeze warning for the vast majority of the tri- state area, the only exception being the urbanized five boroughs of new york city. check out the radars enough instability, a couple showers developed. where there was some elevation above about a thousand feet you had some snow showers, and where i showed you that video from earlier was up by stormville in dutchess county. you're still getting a couple showers of either rain or snow this that area. nothing compared to what they're getting off the great lakes.
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8 inches of snow during the past 24 hours in mexico new york. that's just off lake ontario not too far from syracuse. 45 degrees, it will feel more like the 30s out there. there's your accuweather forecast for tonight, a chilly breeze this evening, the wind calms down a little bit overnight. it's cold out there, patchy clouds. we're down to 36 in midtown. all the suburbs will dip down into the 20s. still cool tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. less wind. that will make it feel better. 52, clear not as cold tomorrow night, 47 midtown, 30s in the burbs. look at tuesday, 68 degrees. that's room temperature. 71 on wednesday and thursday. could be a sprinkle or shower late thursday with front behind it, a little cooler, closer to normal by friday into saturday. update tonight at 11:00.
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the regular season and the post season are two very different things. >> yes, they are. >> right lauren? >> there is one thing in common. in the regular season, there are very few days off in major league baseball. why should the post season be any different. tonight the mets and cubs back at it, it's been a whirlwind. after new york struck last night, the excitement level it's pretty high out at citi field.
6:25 pm
he's live in flushing with a final preview. bob. >> laura, the way the mets can make last night's win even bigger is to win tonight's game 2 taking both games here at home would be huge. they took care of business last night, they look to do the same tonight. >> back to the bam park, back to -- ballpark back to work today. matt harvey kept the cubs off balance. >> i'm getting the ball the first game. i wanted to start things off the right way and get us rolling. >> even after a batted ball came right back at him. >> the ball kind of dented my arm a little bit. >> that the the pitcher he is, that's the person he is. no matter what the situation is believable in himself. out shaky. he pitched a great game. >> the crowd lifted the mets to a series win. you better believe the fans do help the players. >> they're cheering because we're still getting to play. there's only four teams right
6:26 pm
now that are getting to play baseball and we're one of them. >> there is work to be done, pitcher. >> just another cy young award winner, you know, it's kershaw greinke, lester, arrieta, we're not seeing any slouches. that's for sure. >> we've still got some work to go. this team's not going anywhere. the only thing left to do now play ball. play ball. we're live at citi field, rob powers channel 7 eyewitness news. we'll have everything wrapped up for you tonight at 11:00, laura. today about more than just baseball. last week the jets had a bye week. next week they face the division rival and reigning super bowl champion patriots so this week had the makings of a trap game, returned home to host banged up washington. a nice pickup here, 54 yards on the run. he finished the day with 146 yards on the ground to go along with a touchdown, but the jets
6:27 pm
kept beating themselves in the first half, just before the break ryan fitzpatrick picked off. that wases third turnover of the half. the jets trade by 3 at half- time. all of that changed after the break. in the second, third quarter rather fitzpatrick keeping it for himself. 18-yard scramble. the jets they did not look back. hooks up with brandon marshall. 35 yards for the touchdown, 34- 20. the jets eventually ruled 4 to 1. >> every win is not going to be pretty. we're going to make some mistakes. how we come back from it and how we grow as a team going forward is what's going to make us a decent team. >> even at half-time, let's stop shooting ourselves in the foot. >> after starting the season 3 and 0 the rangers are stumbled losing two in a row. after four games the devils were winless.
6:28 pm
at the garden, blue shirts getting on the board first. it's 1-0 rangers. the 2nd, and the equalizer beats henrik lundquist. that made it a 1-1 game. we go to overtime. with the new 3 on 3 format, it is fast. lee zip it is past the king. the devils get their first win of the season. the nets beat the 76ers in preseason action. >> hockey and baseball together. >> i know, crazy. >> thank you laura. >> that is the news for now. thanks for joining us.
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