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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  October 22, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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proving he is the new curse of the cubs finished the mets scoring with another home run. murphy now homered in a record six straight postseason games. the win gives manager terry collins his first trip to the world series after more than 40 years in baseball. >> after all these years, when this has been your whole life to finally get to the ultimate series that every person that's ever played this game wants to get to, it's going to -- i'm going to enjoy it. >> eyewitness news reporter stephan cefaan kim has more details. >> reporter: this modell by penn station opened its doors in the middle of the night last night, right after that last pitch sending the mets to the world series. we are told there were mets fans lined up outside along the sidewalk trying to get in here to catch them some of that mets fever. >> unbelievable.
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>> let's go, mets. >> >> reporter: it's been a long wait for fans, 15 years since their team last won the nl pen -- pennant. last night they pulled it off, sweeping the chicago cubs in decisive fashion showing fans these mets are championship material. >> i know it's happening because it's 30 years later and it's absolutely happening. >> reporter: for robbie hecker, there is no doubt his team has what it takes to win it all, sporting his lenny dykstra jersey, a key player on the mets team that won it all in 1986. >> pitching way too good to be beaten this year, we've already proven it getting through the dodgers and the better cubs lineup. i hate to say it so i'll say it quietly, we are going to win the world series. >> meanwhile the owner of modell's not as superstitious. he says to stay ahead of the curve they started printing mets gear days ago so they could open stores immediately after the last out last night to roll out the amazing gear.
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printing merchandise because we knew it would be a logistic issue so we had 53 stores open last night which was never done ever in the history of our company. >> reporter: and guys, check this out, a lot of talk about the mets playing in this cold weather. that's october and november baseball but check out all these ugly mets sweaters and met scarves to keep you warm just in case that mets fever isn't keeping you warm enough. we are live in modell's by penn station, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. right now there's nothing ugly about the sweaters. we want to see how you're celebrating the mets win. send us your pictures on twitter, facebook or instagram with the #abc7ny. despite winning three consecutive -- don maddingly is out as the manager of the team after the team's crushing playoff loss to the mets last week. he was at the helm of the team with the highest payroll in
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baseball, a record $289.6 million. the former yankee led the dodgers to three national league west titles but the team hasn't made it to the world series since 1988. turning now to the nypd officer killed in manhattan. the case against the suspect, 30-year-old tyron howard will be presented to a grand jury. howard has a lengthy arrest record. investigators say, however, howard shot and killed officer randolph holder along the fdr drive tuesday night. mallory hoff is live at psa 5 in east harlem where the family of a murdered detective is reaching out to officer holder's family. >> reporter: they certainly are. and in the meantime this memorial has grown considerably to the point where people walking by here can't seem to stop but take a look and take a moment to reflect on this situation. many of them telling us they want to make sure this fallen officer's life is remembered. they also want to see justice served.
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family of slain nypd officer wenjian liu who was shot execution style reads in part please stand strong. those who new fallen officer randolph holder continue to chime in, defining him as a man of great character. >> this was a wonderful officer, you know, he tried to keep the young youth off the streets by teaching them and telling them because he have gave my son a number of lessons >> reporter: as brothers in blue remember holder, a case is being built against the man police say killed him, 30-year- old tyrone howard shackled and handcuffed was arraigned last night. he was heard complaining that his leg hurt as a result of being shot by officer holder's partner. >> been complaining of certain chest pains. >> reporter: howard is charged with first-degree murder and robbery, he's being held without bail. in east harlem the night was illuminated with candles,
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then the crowd marched to the psa5 office where he was assigned. a memorial there continues to grow. >> the cops need help from the community to stop guns on the street and get these kids to stop killing cops and each other. truly a shame. >> reporter: clearly an entire force still in mourning this afternoon. this as people in this community tell us they are determined to see justice. we have learned the fallen officer's funeral will take place wednesday in far rockaway. mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a public viewing for officer holderler will be held next tuesday -- holder will be held next tuesday at the community church from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. his funeral will follow on wednesday afternoon. holder will be buried in his native guyana. we have breaking news coming in.
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a u.s. military advisor died in a hostage rescue mission in iraq. iraqi special operation forces conducted a mission to free arab hostages held by isis near the border with syria. u.s. military advisors were assisting the mission and one of them died. the fatality marks the first u.s. death from hostile fire in iraq as part of that training mission. we are expecting more information about that mission when the pentagon holds a briefing this afternoon. and now to a developing story. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton on the hot seat in washington. this is a live look at capitol hill where the former secretary of state is answering questions about the 2012 benghazi attack that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. abc's kenneth moton is covering the long awaited hearing. >> reporter: hillary clinton was sworn in privately away from the cameras before her marathon day of testimony here on capitol hill. eight hours and no question related to the benghazi attacks is off limits.
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hillary clinton under oath and once again being grilled by lawmakers. >> there are people, frankly, in both parties who have suggested that this investigation is about you. let me assure you it is not. >> reporter: this house select committee created last year under pressure to uncover new information on the september 11th 2012 attack on a u.s. diplomatic post in benghazi, libya. under the former secretary of state's watch four americans were killed including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. >> despite all the previous investigations and all the talk about partisan agendas, i am here to honor those we lost. >> reporter: clinton facing this bipartisan republican led house committee but the hearings described as partisan politics. >> republicans are squandering millions of taxpayer dollars on this abusive effort to derail secretary clinton's presidential campaign. >> reporter: and abc news washington post poll shows 53% of americans believe republicans are using the benghazi investigation to
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she races for the white house. but 54% disapprove of clinton's handling of questions about benghazi. committee chairman trey gowdy says he's only focused on security at the post and what happened before, during and after the attack. >> we owe them and each other the truth, the truth about why we were in libya. >> reporter: this is the eighth committee review of the benghazi attack. representative gowdy says the others were not thorough. there will also be more attention on clinton's private e-mail server after the state department recently released more benghazi-related e-mails sent by clinton and ambassador stevens. reporting on capitol hill, kenneth moton, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kenneth, thank you for that. here is another live look at the testimony on capitol hill happening right now. we will continue to monitor it and let you know any new information as it comes. five members of a fraternity at baruch college scheduled to appear in court in pennsylvania today on charges linked to the death of a fellow student. they are the last of 37
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death of michael deng. police say the fraternity brothers physically abused him during a hazing ritual in 2013 in the poconos then tried to cover it up. the last five suspects who are from queens face third degree murder charges. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is in the court. she will provide updates on social media throughout the day and will have a report on later editions of eyewitness news. meanwhile, two former students at the university at albany have also been charged in connection with a hazing death. prosecutors say they organized a party where 19-year-old trevor duffy was forced to drink 60 ounces of vodka. police say it was part of a hazing ritual to join an underground fraternity. duffy died from toxic levels of alcohol. new at noon, police are investigating how a driver lost control of a van and crashed into a day care center in the bronx. police say the driver jumped
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building in williams bridge about 9:00 this morning. there was minor damage which houses an early education center. no usages were reported. new information about a suspicious fire in brooklyn tuesday. a second person has died in the hospital. flames broke out tuesday night at the building in bed-stuy. tyrone corley was killed at the scene. the second victim was rushed to the hospital and was not identified yet. police say some type of accelerant was used to fuel the flames and that the fire is being investigated as a homicide. and raging -- a raging inferno in new jersey. what's being done to help the people who lost everything. plus how did a baby wind up all alone in the dark at a day care center? we are going to show you what her parents had to do to get her out. i'm meteorologist bill evans here in the weather center. can you believe three days of 70-degree weather in october? well, the temperature is climbing. it's already 68 in the park and 69 at laguardia and newark and elizabeth and staten island,
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school attack in sweden leaves three people dead including the masked killer. trohatan. authorities say the 21-year-old man knocked on doors of classrooms and stabbed the people who opened them. one teacher and one student killed. another student teacher hurt. police say the attacker was not known to them but a search of his home revealed items they say are interesting for their investigation and they are pursuing them. israeli prime minister
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world leaders to tell palestinian president mahmoud abbas to stop inciting violence. secretary of state john kerry is in berlin discussing the escalation of these attacks in the middle east. netnetanyahu explains it is -- third holiest site to islam. meantime an israeli shot and killed a jewish man mistaken for a terrorist. authorities say a fire at a church was set near the church's front door early this morning. no one was there at the time. it is the seventh fire at a church in the area in the past two weeks. most of the targeted churches have a largely african-american congregation. now, a friend of the suspected charleston church shooter will be in court this afternoon for a new bond hearing. joey meek is asking a judge to lower his $100,000 bond. meek is accused of lying to
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what he knew about dylann roof's alleged plan to kill black people. a high school football team in connecticut in hot water. the text messages that got the entire team suspended. home again, a wonderful family reunion for a new york giant who battled a life threatening infection. and taking a live look outside, meteorologist bill evans is alaska. finally. the search for brown bears begins. denali highway. low on gas. pit stop. fill up. double points. yep, that's cold. tired. day 2. coffee. eggs. double points. beautiful.
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i just realized mother nature is a mets fan, celebrating with the rest of us. >> next week when the world series gets here on saturday, we got friday, saturday, sunday, maybe just saturday, we got nice weather coming, temperatures in the 60s during the day and then looking at 50s at night. so get your mets ugly sweater. i love those. >> they are awesome. >> take a look outside here at noontime, we are looking from our camera here in brooklyn over to the lower east side and it is a pretty day, as you can see there just a moment ago the circle line went by and the new york water taxi has gone by. you see we got some of these outdoor cumulus clouds that are nice and cirrus on top of that
12:19 pm
west wind at seven, humidity dry, the which is still strong high pressure out ahead of a cold front ahead of us. we will be at 76, 77, maybe even 78 west of the city. sunset at 6:06. riverdale at 66, and ridgewood queens already at 70. normal high is 62 so above that it's because of the southerly wind, the southwest wind that is coming in bringing in a lot of warm air ahead of this front. it will be a big game changer and take everything back to reality of what it should feel like for this time of year. the temperature today is going to be running 15 degrees warmer than normal for this time of year. here's the front back to the west. a couple of showers out in front of that. not much in the way of -- this is not going to be meaningful rainfall. even our guidance is showing a sprinkle going by, lee goldberg will be here first at 4:00 to show you the radar and by 6:00 there are showers to the west, 8:00 here comes the front
12:20 pm
because you see the clear skies in front of it, the clear skies behind it so there goes the front and it's minimal showers. probably the eastern end of long island from riverhead to sag harbor, through the hamptons up to orient point, probably gets more in the way of showers as you see and all this is out of the way by about 2:00 a.m. one more day of 77-degree weather, there goes the front this evening and then the cooler air pours in behind this for tonight and tomorrow. so a warm breeze, clouds and sun, 77 this afternoon and we like sevens. and there's a spotty shower tonight. then overnight looking at about 42 in the suburbs, 52 around the five boroughs and tomorrow is a windy, cooler day and i think it's going to full like it's 20 degrees cooler tomorrow so have the jackets and sweaters and the sunglasses too because there will be a lot of sunshine. then it's 58 58 on saturday, a cool fall day, another front comes through sunday with a sprinkle on sunday morning but by sunday afternoon we are at 66 degrees so the next shot of rain is from a front on wednesday. that gets out of the way just in time for this little
12:21 pm
be playing at citi field on friday which by that time we will be up two games to none on kansas city. my prediction. >> i like how you look into the future. >> he does predict for a living. >> he is a forecaster. >> thank you so much. >> you have some credibility on that front. >> i don't have any good sports cred, though. >> we still believe. that's all that matters. a nightmare for parents. their 1-year-old daughter left behind in a day care alone in the dark. how did this happen? a fraternity's video goes viral winning them free tickets to a taylor swift concert.
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th a 1-year-old left alone in a day care center, a heart warming homecoming for a new york giant and a mega mets fan just some of the stories that were caught on camera and caught our attention. beginning with a father in chicago forced to get the help of police and firefighters to free his baby girl. cornelius jones said he went to pick up his daughter at a day care facility on tuesday and could see from his position that she was found locked behind the door. he actually couldn't see it, he could hear his daughter's cries and that was enough. scared him, he called for help immediately. the firefighters ended up breaking down the door, helped
12:25 pm
well, after battling a life threatening mrsa infection, the reunion between daniel felds and his children was especially heart warming. here it is, the video posted on instagram. felds says he is now back where he is supposed to be and thanked everyone for their love and support and i just love the daddy scream. comedian jim brewer, he isn't shy about sharing his love for the amazing mets. he has been documenting his reaction to the team's postseason glory when the mets clenched the series against chicago, secured their ticket to the world series right there. he just couldn't contain himself. >> i just found out you are off to the world series to represent the national league because you are the national league championship group, the mets. >> there you go, there you go. it's good thing he had his goggles, right? you can bet there will be a lot
12:26 pm
and a lot of new york's other folks when the mets win the world series. back to you. >> because they will win the world series, can't wait to see his reaction. october 21st, 2015 wasn't just the day marty mcfly went back to the future but also the day he went to brooklyn and ended up on tv. michael j. fox stepped back into character last night to visit jimmy kimmel and he brought doc brown with him and kimmel talked politics with fellow brooklyn native, presidential candidate bernie sanders. tonight bradley cooper, joy behar and paul shaffer will
12:27 pm
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go long. you're watching new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news at noon with david novarro, shirleen allicot and meteorologist bill evans. now eyewitness news continues. our top stories this afternoon, the murder of an nypd officer, the memorial in east harlem for officer randolph holder continues to grow. this morning the family of officer wenjian liu who was killed last december left this message saying, please stand strong. the suspect, tyrone howard, is charged with murder. hillary clinton currently getting grilled with questions on capitol hill. the democratic presidential candidate testifying in front of a house committee about benghazi attacks. democrats claim this is a smear campaign, republicans deny that. this is the eighth committee
12:30 pm
review of the benghazi attack. and mets fans are on cloud nine this afternoon. the team is headed to the world series for the first time since 2000. they beat the cubs last night sweeping the series. right now they are flying home and will arrive at citi field this afternoon and we can't wait to see them. hello again, i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm david novarro. we have new details about an eight alarm fire that ripped through an apartment building. >> it happened last night in passaic, new jersey. hundreds of people are displaced and some spent the night at a nearby school. two firefighters were hurt and taken to a hospital. eyewitness news reporter toni yates in passaic with the new details. toni. >> reporter: good afternoon, we are expecting a press conference sometime this afternoon to hopefully address one of the concerns that we are hearing out here from tenants that there were no smoke alarms going off when this fire began. the fire began just before 8:00 last night, it quickly spread throughout this six story building sending tenants
12:31 pm
>> once we evacuated the building, every fire escape was full of victims so all our resources were put towards rescuing and removing all victims. >> everything, me and my husband don't have anything no more. >> nothing. >> nothing, except the clothes that we have on now. >> reporter: fire investigators are still trying to find the cause of the blaze that went to eight alarms and left three firefighters injured. >> firefighters probably seen the worst scenario they had. this type of building has a common -- contributed to rapid fire spread. >> reporter: today the red cross is working to help 300 to 400 people who lost everything. >> disaster action team is back again today meeting with the families, doing case work to provide emergency assistance for things like food, clothing, helping people replace medications if they were lost and guiding them through the next steps toward recovery. >> reporter: the red cross set
12:32 pm
up a center inside city hall to address tenants' needs finding them places to stay temporarily, given vouchers for food and other necessities. it has been a long night for all and an even harder morning as they try to figure out how to move forward. >> got to try to rebuild. >> wow. >> stretch. >> my great grandmother's things, everything. things cannot be replaced, ever. >> reporter: now, one of those firefighters is being treated at st. barnabas hospital because of burns he suffered on his neck and because of all of those firefighters who responded to this fire last night, none of the tenants were injured. of course the fire marshal is out on the scene looking for the cause of this fire and we hope to hear later in that news conference more about this equation with the smoke alarms. for now we are live here in passaic, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. we have new details about the search for a suspect who escaped from police custody in brooklyn. a $2500 reward now being
12:33 pm
to the capture of gerald brooks. brooks was handcuffed when he shoved a detective in east new york and took off. he is the fifth suspect to escape nypd custody since june. commissioner bratton says the officers involved will be disciplined. the search is on for two teenagers accused of attacking a woman on the number 2 train in the bronx. police say two males approached the 50-year-old woman as the northbound train neared the allerton stop last monday. the woman was reportedly hit with a bag and punched. the suspects are between 15 and 18 years old. one wore a red sweatshirt, the other had a black hoodie. new york lawmakers are working on new legislation to create a statewide licensing system for app based car services like uber and lyft. right now those companies are limited to operating only in new york city. governor andrew cuomo says expanding the policy to the entire state would make it less complicated to license drivers. we are learning more about the arrest in a deadly road
12:34 pm
rage case. a 4-year-old girl killed and now her family speaking out for the first time. this happened in albuquerque, new mexico. abc's elizabeth hur has more. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. police tell us their suspect was taken into custody without incident yesterday afternoon. well, today he sits in jail and police say he has confessed to killing the young girl. >> she just grabbed your heart the first time you met her. >> reporter: heart broken over their sudden and tragic loss. >> you would see her and just smile and she would just smile at you. >> reporter: lilly garcia's parents are calling the death of their 4-year-old little girl their worst nightmare. >> i wouldn't want anybody in my shoes. >> reporter: the man responsible for shooting and killing lilly, according to police, is tony torrez, who police say has confessed and now charged with first-degree murder. >> we received an anonymous call from a person who reported
12:35 pm
they knew who had shot lilly. >> reporter: the arrest coming the day after the deadly encounter on this new mexico highway on tuesday. >> i was the only one there with my kids. >> reporter: lilly's father had just picked her up from school. she was sitting in the back seat with her 7-year-old brother when police believe garcia and torrez kept cutting each other off and police say their suspect drove up next to garcia and opened fire. her family now determined to get justice for lilly. >> we are going to make sure that whoever did this is going to pay. i'm not going away. my family is not going away, her face isn't going away. mark my words, you guys will see me again. >> reporter: as for the 32-year- old suspect, according to the mayor, he is a repeat offender and right now he is being held on a $650,000 cash only bond. i'm elizabeth hur for channel 7 eyewitness news. new at noon, a warning for long island railroad riders. prepare for major service
12:36 pm
there will be no trains between hicksville and mineola on saturday and sunday. instead, shuttle buses will drive the route and connect riders back to rail service. this is due to the ellison bridge project in westbury. we made it easy for you to find the change. head to or click on this story in our mobile app. new at noon, key food announced plans to buy 23 stores from the bankrupt a and p grocery chain. the new locations would bring the number of key foods to 212. the company says purchasing the stores in new york and new jersey will save nearly 2000 jobs. the sales will be complete next month with grand opening celebrations planned for the spring. 68 degrees right now. let's turn to meteorologist bill evans and find out if this is going to last for the after- school crowd. >> certainly is. look how the temperature goes to 73, probably 77 in a lot of spots this afternoon, maybe even west of the city in the urban areas of new jersey, 78
12:37 pm
degrees and then cools into the 60s tonight. after school great sport weather, kiddos, looking at 77, for after-school practice. this is the third 70-degree day in a row because tomorrow is going to feel like the 50s. 20 degrees cooler. talk about that next in your accuweather seven-day and weekend forecast. back to you. >> enjoy it while we can. >> yeah. high school football scandal brewing in connecticut. the entire team suspended. the messages some teammates are accused of sending. volkswagen.
12:38 pm
why the automaker may have so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue.
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a sexting scandal involving football players at plainfield high school in connecticut prompting the suspension of the entire team. a student who only wants to be identified as kevin told school officials about the group chat on social media. it involved naked pictures of female students as young as 14 years old. the student kevin says that he believes the photos were inappropriate but he thinks the school's decision to cancel friday's game is unfairly punishing all the students. >> i think the people that got in trouble or that should be -- that were a part of it should be suspended from the game but the other kids, let them play. >> there needs to be consequences for it. it's obviously not legal. it's against the law. >> the school district is still looking into the incident but no other discipline has been announced at this time. local police say there is no criminal investigation underway. new information on the volkswagen emissions scandal.
12:40 pm
officials say the problem may be wider than previously known. the german automaker said today it is investigating whether more of its diesel cars featured software used to cheat emissions tests. volkswagen previously said about 11 million cars that were fitted with a certain diesel engine could be affected but a new probe is targeting older versions of a different engine. the company has already issued recalls for more than 8 1/2 million diesel cars. new research suggests the use of hands-free technology is causing more distractions and danger than intended. a study from aaa found that even while using hands-free devices drivers can be distracted for as long as 27 seconds. that's after sending a text using voice command, dialing or even changing music. researchers say a driver traveling at 25 miles per hour could go the distance of three football fields while distracted. happening today, bruce willis is taking a break from the silver screen and bringing his talent to broadway.
12:41 pm
the die hard star makes his debut tonight in stephen king's suspense thriller, misery. it will star willis as a novelist finding himself in the care of a deranged fan. previews start today and the play opens november 15th and this is one i cannot wait to check out. >> you and a lot of people. that was a fascinating and disturbing movie when i first saw it. >> very. a playground in connecticut is built on smile. it's made of recycled dental products. >> the children at flanders elementary in southington won it in a contest and it was a tough task. first they had to get people to vote for them online, then they had to bring in old toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes and boxes of floss to recycle. the company that turns the products into playgrounds tara cycle was on hand for that ribbon cutting. good for them. sesame street has been educating parents and children for decades. now the popular show hoping a new character will help create
12:42 pm
and a fraternity's viral video lands them free tickets to a taylor swift concert. not bad.
12:43 pm
evo personaje another change to sesame street. elmo is getting a new friend. the popular children's show is introducing julia, the first muppet with autism. creators say they hope julia will help increase understanding among parents and children. abc's john donovan has the story. >> reporter: the street, yes, this street, is getting this new face, julia, hair of orange, eyes of green and what you cannot see right off, with autism. >> she has some behaviors like not looking at you directly in the eye and she is more sensitive to noises and lights, but when she comes together with abbie and elmo, she shares not only these challenges but also what she shares in common. >> reporter: of course
12:44 pm
introducing julia, a girl with autism who can speak and not all can, to sesame street's digital programming and into this story book called we are amazing one, two, three is well in keeping with the tv show's mission, different but the same, old news on sesame street that a show that as it happens a lot of kids with autism love to watch. >> sesame street campaign is helping them see that they are not alone and for kids that don't have autism in their family they are learning about what autism is and how kids with autism are not that dissimilar to themselves. >> reporter: which is important because, sad to say, bullying is so common. >> kids on the autism spectrum get bullied five times more often. so it's really important that we have characters like julia so children can learn to be accepting and understanding of one another. >> reporter: it's notable that sesame street picked a girl for this character since girls with autism are outnumbered roughly
12:45 pm
their challenges get less attention. this little muppet may help change that and if she does, a few years from now we will be thinking of julia the girl with autism as just plain julia, part of the gang on sesame street. john donovan, abc news, washington. >> julia an awesome addition. we know a lot of people celebrated "back to the future" day yesterday. they did it in a lot of different ways but one couple will never forget their tribute to the movie. >> it was for them their wedding. the bride and groom decided to get married yesterday, 4:29 p.m., the minute that marty and doc arrive in 2015 "back to the future 2", there was a "back to the future" cake and a delorean for the photos. i think the groom is behind a lot of this because he is a big back to the future future -- back to the future fan, said he met doc back then. >> she is a keeper. the fact she played along with that, she is a keeper.
12:46 pm
>> good stuff. >> the delorean, come on now, that is so cool. >> it is, right? well, bill, now, give us a look into the future. >> yeah, can you? >> oh, yeah. >> forecasting powers. >> give us a prediction. >> trust the future, marty. take a look outside. we do have high clouds, cumulus clouds and cirrus clouds, all of these are sheared off by the upper level winds that's pushing a front our way that will get here later on today. look underneath the brooklyn bridge right there as a barge makes its way down and headed back toward staten island. we are looking at what's going to be a pretty afternoon. current temperature 68 degrees, dry humidity, west wind, pressure falling but it's at 30.20, still above 30.00 which is our mark of fair weather. it's 72 now at ridgewood, 66 at cambria heights, sunset park 69. southerly wind bringing in the warm air. it will make it a little cooler on the shore, water temperature still about 61 to 65 degrees. here's the front that we are
12:47 pm
winds will carry clouds across -- out ahead of the front which is really back here still around toronto and towards saint catherine's, ontario, canada and there's going to be this front sliding through the area this evening and tonight. this is our last 70-degree day for a while. looking at a brisk and much cooler day tomorrow. the temperature 60 but the winds out of the north tomorrow at about 10 to 20 so that's going to feel like -- a mixture of sun and clouds, 77. did i tell you we like sevens? spotty shower tonight, cooler, 42 the suburbs, 52 around the five boroughs. and tomorrow a cooler day and 60. 20 degrees cooler for the real feel. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast, here we go into the weekend, well, friday sunshine, 60. 58 on saturday, a little cooler. a front is going to come by, a fast mover on sunday with a sprinkle and then breaks of sun, 66 in the afternoon, but next week there's not much in the way of bitter cold or
12:48 pm
toward halloween and toward the world series. wow, that is going to be exciting here in town. >> daniel murphy halloween costume. >> that's a great idea, right? >> daniel murphy the goat. >> right. >> that's the name of the original goat. >> there you go. i like it. i'm ready to go now. >> good stuff. we will be right back. but first here's a look at what's coming up next on "the chew." >> hey, david and shirleen. today we are showing you how to spend less and eat more. mario and michael are putting their spin on a classic dish. carla and michelle geller are making halloween treats and
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this morning, people on medicaid who might otherwise be struggling to care for themselves won't have to. because homefirst, a product of elderplan, is there... helping them with bathing, dressing and meals so they can remain safely at home. homefirst, a product of elderplan continuing the work of the four brooklyn ladies caring in so many ways. call 1-866-386-4180 or visit hi, everybody, i'm diana williams here in the newsroom and here's what's coming up later on eyewitness news. dozens of schools getting rid of the metal detectors. also food events inspired
12:51 pm
so what is geto gastro all about -- ghetto gastro all about. those stories and more on eyewitness news first at 4:00. and as always we hope we get free samples but -- >> you guys always get free samples. >> that's for friday night neighborhood eats. >> thank you for the distinction. >> you know, our newsroom, we will eat just about anything. >> not just about. >> everything. >> we do in television, we eat just about anything. >> that is true. >> thanks, diana. it is time for the feed the stories that got their start on social media and are now getting shared and retweeted on social media. sometimes soar just don't cut it -- sorry don't cut it. >> no. >> especially after you go on a temper tantrum over mac and cheese. >> this guy. >> this is the university of connecticut student who went on such tirade. there was no coming back after this viral video showing him demanding jalapeno bacon mac and cheese, even shoving an employee. the 19-year-old apologized but
12:52 pm
that wasn't enough. uconn gave him his walking papers saying he is no longer enrolled at the school. >> trouble kid. you can see that. >> yes. canadian mom was ready to defend her daughter against a group of boys who had taken over a skate park but what happened instead was a big surprise and good one. janine thomas posted a picture of her daughter at the skate park on her social media page. she begins by talking about how much her daughter was looking forward to skateboarding but was intimidated by all the boys who claimed it and when a young man approached her daughter she was ready to defend her daughter's right to be there but instead of bullying the boy gave advice on how to stay on the board and how to make it right and the on mom was touched by the gesture and how much help the boy offered her, she thanked the young man for his kindness. i love that story. >> me too. >> were you in a fraternity? >> i was not. >> sorority?
12:53 pm
>> i was a lambda ki. >> the delta sigma phi, the brothers there lip sync'd a version of shake it off. swift gave them tickets to the concert. they donated the tickets to the big brother, big sister program in lexington and each took a kid to the show. >> love that. >> you see. >> i'm sure your fraternity did a lot of good too. >> we did a lot of good thing. i can't think of anything right now. >> we will try look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know - and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? whether you're new to medicare or not, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. it's up to you to pay the difference. so think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans,
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