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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> the nypd's harbor unit discovered the 40-caliber glock in the murky waters of the east river early this morning. kemberly richardson is live in east harlem tonight. that significant development went down when most people were asleep early this morning. the harbor unit had been searching the east river right around 120th street ever since tuesday night when officer randolph holder was killed. they were looking for the weapon tyrone howard allegedly used to wound the officer. at 3:00 this morning they believe they pinpointed exactly what they were looking for, a 40 caliber semiautomatic weapon. early indications are it's a match, but investigators stress testing is needed. they'll lift any fingerprints from the weapon. they'll also actually fire it so they can compare bullets and shell casings. initially there was a gun
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between howard and several others. howard allegedly first ran north along the promenade on the fdr drive then stole a bike, crossed paths withholder and his partner around 120th street. police say that's where he fired that fatal shot and then tossed the weapon in the river. >> these guys, i can't say enough about the work they do. they were down there, it was down in 20 feet of water, and he recovered it. the conditions down there, it's dark. they can maybe only see 12 to 24 inches out in front of them and they're out on their bellies looking for them. and they ended up finding it. it's a good find. >> coming up at 6:00, why the fdr drive was closed. what else police were methodically searching for. 100 officers, many of them volunteering their time for a case that has no doubt touched this darpt and many, many people here in new york city. back here live, this memorial is growing all day long. we've seen people come
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they're praying, they're lighting candles and officer holder. for now, we're live in east harlem, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> the public viewing will take place at the greater allen ame from 9:00 to 6:00 p.m. funeral services will be there wednesday afternoon at 3:00. holder will be buried in his native guyana. community activists plan a public demonstration of support for the police with a day of solidarity for officers. rallies will be held simultaneously in all five new york city boroughs tomorrow. >> this gun violence is a pariah in our community and it has to stop. we have to also say our police officers are affect their lifestyles and
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>> rallies will be held outside nearly all the precincts city wide and are being coordinated with community clergy. a grocery store worker was shot and killed. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff is live at the scene in the fordham heights section. >> investigators tell us shots were fired here just before 10:30 this morning. a 46-year-old man is dead and investigators believe his killer left this scene in a gray chrysler sedan. >> reporter: police say the grocery store employee died after being shot once in the chest and once in the torso. he didn't de serve to die like that. >> reporter: shots were fired inside the grocery store at 2345 jerome avenue in the fordham heights section of the bronx. three people were arguing with a store employee. they left. then one of the people came back and shot him. >> what went through your head when you heard about this?
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just like that. >> it's unclear if this was an attempted robbery or if this victim actually knew his killer. in the meantime, i spoke with some kids off camera who actually told me they were standing in this very area when the shots were fired. they said it was a very scary moment and they very quickly ran home. in the bronx, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 5:00, new jersey governor chris christie is apologizing after apparently making too much noise on an amtrak quiet car this morning. the governor's office confirms christie was asked to leave the designated quiet area on the asella express. fellow passengers posted pictures on instagram of christie departing. they say he was yelling in to his cell phone. aides to the governor said he accidentally sat in the quiet car. fire marshals in the bronx
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to a fire that injured four people and damaged two businesses this morning. authorities say the fire started in the back of a laundromat in jerome park and spread to an adjoining deli. more than 100 firefighters responded and kept the flames from spreading. thirty-two firefighters suffered minor injuries. one civilian was seriously injured. and they are off. the mets departed for kansas city this morning. the amazings are scheduled to work out at kauffman stadium today and tomorrow before opening the world series tuesday night against the royals. aj ross was there as the mets boarded buses headed for the fall classic. >> reporter: the road to the world series starts here with mets fans braving the elements early sunday to see their favorite team off properly. two charter buses escorted the national league champs to jfk airport where they boarded a flight to kansas city. >> diehard mets fans, you have to wish them well as they're going out.
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amazings were more than amazing, winning a dogfight over the they're hoping that royals. we've got a bunch of guys, all they have to do is stay calm, cool, and hit home runs. >> pretty sure at least half parades out in the streets, everything. explain it. it will just be so great. >> reporter: fans have been waiting 15 years for another shot at the world series and they say this team has it all and this year is their year. >> that was aj ross reporting. pep rallies for the mets are being held tomorrow. the queens borough president will host. another rally on long island on roosevelt.
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in mets orange and blue. station. we'll be with the team every step of the way as the amazings take on the kansas city royals in the world series. although patricia weakened to a low pressure system, some parts of texas remain underwater and severe weather watchers are still in effect across the gulf coast. parts of texas are seeing high winds with gusts over 50 miles per hour along with some flooding. the houston area saw a funnel cloud. floodwaters washed away many roads across the lone star state. tonight the heavy rain moves toward louisiana. amazingly authorities report no delths, no serious injuries. first responders rescued many people. >> the current was flowing pretty hard. >> friday emergency crews have made at least 75 water rescues across the state. in mexico patricia left behind some flooding and
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destruction that destroyed a few homes and a plantain farm but no deaths or catastrophic damage was reported. however authorities in mexico say there remains a threat of more flooding and mudslides. early rain gave way to sunshine. jeff smith has the first look at the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> just enough rain to wet the ground. about .05 inches in park. closer to a quarter inch in poughkeepsie, over .1 of an inch. as soon as that concame -- that sun came out it got nice. temperatures in the middle 60s. in newark. down to 69 there. 52 at mont icello. you get 60, low 60s up toward poughkeepsie, upper 50s at newburg as a cooler air mass is settling in from the north and west. there goes that rain. here comes the clearing and drier air from the north. that will get our temperatures well down in to the low and middle 40s.
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eventually some of that moisture from texas will head in our direction. we'll tell you when in your full accuweather forecast coming up. can gun violence be reduced? two famous relatives are renewing their push. comedian amy schumer and her cousin senator charles schumer are calling for gun laws. >> i know the tweets i get say that you want to take away people's guns. i'm saying if you're a violent criminal, a domestic violence offender or severely mentally ill, you will not be able to purchase a gun. >> the schumers first teamed up to address gun violence in august. amy said the issue became personal for her after a deadly shooting at a showing of her movie "train wreck" in july. a wild party at a rented mansion ends in bloodshed. guests were celebrating a birthday but then shots rang out.
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figure out what triggered the gunfire. >> homecoming hor or. new information about the tragedy
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five people fighting for
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after a car slammed in to a crowd at a homecoming parade saturday killing four people. a total of 47 people were hurt from the accident at oklahoma state university. the 25-year-old woman behind the wheel is now behind bars. investigators charge her with dui. she's scheduled to appear before a judge tomorrow. today horrifying ordeal. >> i just saw some black coming at first. i ran and the car hit me like as it was stopping then i flew over some strollers. >> we're learning more about those who died. a 2-year-old, a graduate student from a nearby university, and a professor and his wife. a stunning new look at u.s. troops in action. newly released video takes us inside last week's raid on isis in they freed dozens of hostages and left one american soldier dead. >> reporter: the camera
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captures the controlled chaos, punctuated by the constant crackle of gunfire. men barefoot and splattered with blood running for their lives and elite u.s. delta force in the middle of it all. >> this is an example of a case where we could do something. we alone had the capability to do it and i'm absolutely prepared to do that. >> reporter: the new video shows a rare look inside the daring nighttime raid on an isis prison. u.s. special forces teamed with kurdish fighters racing to rescue about 70 hostages just hours ahead of what would have been a mass execution. the helmet camera shows the soldiers storming the at one point you can see the black isis flag hanging on the wall. u.s. air strikes had cleared roads and surrounded isis reinforcements but as the team got inside the building, an intense fire fight erupted and army master sergeant joshua died.
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70 people got to go home because of what he did. >> reporter: during his 20-year career in the army, wheeler earned 11 bronze stars. the leading to questioned about president obama's position that american troops will not have a role in iraq. the pentagon calls this an exception but says there will be more like it. >> they will be in harm's way, no question about it. >> master sergeant wheeler is the first u.s. combat death since the fight against isis began last year. american troops are only advisors on missions but combat is always a possibility. we're going to turn now to the weather. we got a pretty nice ending to the weekend today. >> really nice ending. after a damp start, temperatures shot up to the 70-degree mark in parts of the area. can't complain
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about that in the latter half of october. a couple more crisp october-like days coming up. then much needed rainfall by the middle part of the week. a view over central park. the shadows are getting mighty long for this time of the day as the sun keeps setting earlier and earlier. right now that temperature sitting at 66 degrees. wind now coming in from the northwest at 18 miles per hour so the wind picking up for more of a northerly direction and that will propel some colder air in to the region overnight tonight and in the city we're expected to get well down in to the 40s. 61 your normal high. we better that by 7 degrees. 79 was the record in 1963. sun setting earlier. 6:02 now your sunset time this time of the year. rainfall, .05 inches earlier today. highs today got up to 70 at newark. got up in to the mid 60s on the island. once the sun came out, it really warmed up in a hurry. still 69 in newark. still 70 degrees at jfk airport but you're down to 50 at
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57 in newburg. that's where the cooler air is coming from and that northwesterly wind. clearer skies coming in from that direction and along with the clearing skies, drier air. cooler air moving in from the great lakes and canada. we've been talking about the rainfall over texas. part of that from the remnants of patricia that slammed in to mebs a couple days ago -- slammed in to mexico a couple days ago. that rainfall now slowly moving to the north. it needs a little impetus to start moving. we have that impetus moving to the pacific that will move to the east and saw the storm to seaboard. that's why we're mostly sunny tomorrow. the high getting up to around 56. high pressure firmly in control. that high moves just off to our east on tuesday. that will allow some clouds to increase during the day but it's a dry daylight on tuesday, the high getting up to about 59. eventually a lot of
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riding up the eastern seaboard and this rainfall that will be located over the southeast on tuesday will be in our neck of the woods. here's your accuweather forecast. clearing skies. a lot of 30s. mainly sunny day . it's going to be crisp tomorrow. the high only getting up to 56. actually below average for this time of the year. clear and partly cloudy tomorrow night. back down to about 43. here's your accuweather 7-day forecast. clouds will be on the increase tuesday, the high getting up to about 59. periods of rain on wednesday especially from late morning on. might be a thursday. then we clear things out. then back down in to the 50s for friday in to halloween, looks like dry weather for the trick or treaters. lows dipping in to the 40s. we need the rainfall. we're not going to totally bust the drought. but we'll get some. we got about
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up on eyewitness news, katy perry roars for a presidential candidate. >> also ahead, the force awakens director jj abrahams on the question everybody is asking about the new star wars trailer. where's luke skywalker? >> reflections from a champion. marathon winner is in the sports spot light. >> speaking of marathons, channel 7 is your home for the new york city marathon. >> we're introducing you to some of the new yorkers you'll find on the course. >> behind me is st. michael's church. it used to be the second most tallest building in this community. i'm proud to be in a neighborhood that holegd such a historical landmark.
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thousands of cyclists hit the streets today for the 21st annual tour de bronx. participants can take a 25 or 40-mile route that winds through neighborhoods throughout the borough. the event promotes exercise and eco-friendly transportation. happy hour at the bronx beer hall. >> they earned it for sure. the
5:23 pm
some competition for the city they sure are. as the tcs new york marathon hits the five boroughs. >> two people who will be there, laura behnke, and the person who won the race in 2009. they're in the sports spotlight. >> believe it or not, the new york city marathon is getting closer and closer. meb keflezighi joins us now. >> thanks for having me. this will be my 10th. >> your 10th. so you know a little bit about this race. what keeps you coming back to new york? >> new york is the capital of the world. people want to visit. when you have an opportunity to run the city on foot, it's amazing. the love
5:24 pm
organization, like the new york roadrunners. they make you feel special. not only for me but for the focus that they're doing the work and the masses that come around the world to showcase new york. how can you say no to that? >> definitely. you mike me -- you make me want to run right now. and i don't run. you mentioned team for kids. that's a huge part of the new york city marathon. >> yeah, i will be ambassador for team for kids which is an organization the new york runners have for free classes and fitness groups for young kids because you got to start the foundation early on. that's how i'm going to be an ambassador. i'll be an ambassador meaning i'll be supporting the team for kids, great foundation to have. >> it was just last year that you won the boston marathon. so you still have it. you're 40 now, which is amazing. you seem to be getting better. you don't seem to slow down at all. what's your secret? >> the secret is to be like wine, get better with age. it's
5:25 pm
just doing the simple things that make a big difference, whether it's stretching or icing, doing the drills. go back to basics. there's nothing magic about it. just one foot after another. if you can stay healthy and train consistently, you'll perform at high level. i've been very fortunate to do that for about 24 years now. >> at this point what is your training like? >> at this point right now i'm in heavy training, a lot of miles. i'm doing double days, morning and afternoon. often people ask me do you run every day? i say how does 12 times a week sound? morning and evening. the hardest part is not the motivation but to be healthy and consistent. >> you run a lot of marathons in a lot of different cities and countries. what makes new york unique? >> new york is unique because you go through the five boroughs. people are out there cheering your name on. obviously the crowd is phenomenal always, especially going down 1st avenue. just an incredible place to be. people
5:26 pm
we get the treat to close the roads and run, i said last was so difficult and challenging but i'm back here for the 10th time. says a lot about the organization like the new york roadrunners and community and volunteers, make us feel really special and we enjoy every bit of it. >> we welcome you here with us any time. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. appreciate it. >> good luck with the rest of training. >> it's coming soon. >> it's coming very soon. november 1st is the day the tcs new york city marathon, you can catch it all right here on channel 7. for now we'll send it back to you. >> one week away. a birthday party erupts in to bedlam. coming up, imagine rented out for a celebration but somebody brought a gun and opened fire. now two people are wounded and police asking a lot of questions. >> floodwaters take over texas. cars underwater. dozens of people rescued from dangerous
5:27 pm
rushing water. >> welcome to gracie mansion. a i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground... ...or thrilling sights above it. there's so many incredible ways to experience the fun of fall in new york state.
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a look at tonight's top stories. the nypd says divers searching the east river have found a gun that is consistent with the weapon used in an officer's fatal shooting. that gun was recovered early this morning. the pistol will
5:30 pm
undergo testing to determine whether it is the same gun used to shoot officer rudolph holder in the head on tuesday night. >> new jersey governor chris christie says he's sorry for making too much noise on an the governor's office confirms mr. christie was asked to leave the designated quiet area on the ocella express this morning. fellow passengers posted pictures on instagram of christie departing. the mets should be arriving in kansas city at any moment. the amazings boarded buses to begin the flight. they meet the royals tuesday night. good evening, i'm sandra bookman. >> and i'm joe torres. the wild birthday party in queens that ended in bloodshed. the bedlam erupted after midnight. two guests were leaving when a gunman walked up to them and opened fire.
5:31 pm
cefaan kim is live in bayside with the story. >> take a look at 28th street in bayside where there are still clear signs of a party that went out of control. beer cups cover the front lawn. according to neighbors and a man who says he was at this party last night, they say things did not start out this way. >> like everyone freaked out. i was going up the stairs to see what was happening and when the gunshots happened, everyone started tackling downstairs. like i fell. >> reporter: frankie says it was a peaceful night that turned suddenly violent. he found out about the party on instagram so he said there were several different groups of people who did not know each other. sources say about 200 people packed this bayside home when gunfire rang out just after midnight. cops say the shooter was waiting for his two victims outside the home, a 27-year-old man and a 23-year-old man shot
5:32 pm
in their stomachs, both critically wounded. at first party goers thought it was a bb gun that went off before realizing things were turning violent. >> i don't know, there was like a fight upstairs and i was going upstairs to see the fight and i hear gunshots so i'm like, oh, and everybody is tackling to get out of the way. >> inside or outside? >> i heard two inside and i heard some outside. >> reporter: male party goers paid $20 to get in. women got in free. most attendees did not appear to be from the area. many were underage and the owner of the home had rented the house that owner returned home this afternoon but did not wish to be on camera. neighbors say she was home when it all happened. she only said, quote, it's better if i don't say anything right now. joe mosa is her neighbor across the street. >> how can one family house rent for a party? that's what makes no sense. >> meanwhile moments ago police arrested the daughter of the homeowner along with her boyfriend.
5:33 pm
being charged with domestic dispute. before she was arrested she came home and we could hear her telling her mother she was sorry about last night. her mother would not let her in to the house. she apparently got in to an argument on the corner down the street. she's not being charged with anything related to the shooting at this time. the biggest question of all is what sparked this violence? that's still under investigation. there are no arrests it -- at this time. the 27 years ---year-old we're told is likely to die. the 23-year-old is in critical condition but expected to be okay. in bayside, cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. in manhattan, new york city's first family hosted hundreds of people at an open house at gracie mansion today. mayor de blasio and his wife chirlane mccray welcomed visitors to the redecorated residence. the building has been closed for more than a year for roof repairs and asbestos
5:34 pm
with a new art exhibition featuring items that deflects the city's diverse history. paintings, documents and sculptures have been donated by institutions. the latest on the severe storms pounding texas. remnants of what was hurricane patricia have finally moved out of the lone star state but not before dumping more heavy rain in areas already saturated from earlier storms. >> reporter: overnight more rain soaking parts of texas, already drenched with rainfall. from san antonio to dallas, floodwaters are inundating streets, leading to dramatic rescue after rescue. >> the current was flowing pretty hard. >> we have our hazardous materials experts monitoring the scene. >> reporter: cruise are using berm to control spilling.
5:35 pm
extreme damage to the roadways throughout our county. >> reporter: after heavy rains took out roads, officials are relying on texdot trucks. the severe weather also produced this funnel cloud in harris county, strong winds in the area now being blamed for tearing down fences, blowing off roofs and littering the streets with debris. >> the whole house started to shake. and i look out the window and all you see is a whirlwind of trash. >> this is what's left of patricia moving across texas and with some coastal cities threatened to get a foot or more of rain, houston's mayor is prepared for the worst. >> all our first responders on notice that they may have to deploy. >> a number of the bayous and creeks are still stolen in this area but the floodwaters are quickly receding. this field for example, this was completely underwater this morning and now this. in houston, texas,
5:36 pm
elizabeth hurr. now to the race for president. saying it's a big weekend for democrats is an understatement. hillary clinton brought out her husband and pop star katy perry before she and her main rival bernie sanders strutted their stuff at an influential dinner in iowa. >> reporter: hillary clinton brought out the big guns. including a pop star dressed like a superhero. and a former president now campaigning to be the first ever first husband. >> i've never been the warmup act for katy perry before. >> reporter: this was bill clinton's debut on the campaign trail for his wife. >> i want to thank all of you for showing up and supporting her. >> reporter: katy perry's debut standing up for the clinton campaign. >> i stand and i march with hillary. i believe in her future, her vision. >> reporter: and lending her
5:37 pm
>> you're going to hear me roar >> reporter: at the iowa jefferson jackson dinner, hillary clinton did roar. >> we're going to build an america where a father can tell his daughter you can be anything you want to be including president of the united states of america. >> reporter: but she doesn't quite have the nomination locked down. >> senator, everybody is saying it's all over. did you not get the message? >> reporter: just 7 points behind her in iowa, bernie sanders is still on the march. >> this is a march which will end up in a year when you will join me in the >> reporter: overhead at the katy perry concert, a plane supported the message "feel the burn." >> and that was david wright reporting. one more note, katy perry also took over hillary clinton's instagram account on saturday.
5:38 pm
she posted a photo of a gold potus necklace with the caption, my birthday gift to fellow scorpio, hillary says it all. on the republican side, a switch in paul later for two candidates. ben carson just edged donald trump for the top spot in the most recent poll. trump while talking about the flip-flop says he's better equipped for the nation's top office. >> i had a lead and it flip-flopped a little bit with ben carson. i like ben but he cannot do with trade like i can do with trade. he can't do with a lot of things what i do. >> it's a marathon, not a sprint. polls will go up and down over the next year. nobody should be terribly alarmed and nobody should be terribly excited. >> during a tv appearance this morning, trump discussed other topics including super packs which he called a scam. he said the lengthy benghazi hearing last week seemed too partisan and hurt both democrats and republicans.
5:39 pm
still ahead on eyewitness news, robin thicke's revelations. >> for the first time you're going to hear and see the pop singer coming clean about his
5:40 pm
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"blurred lines" is the hit single that led to a landmark plagiarism trial for robin thicke. >> we're seeing the video of the deposition he made ahead of the trial. the star's very candid remarks. >> reporter: it was one of the hottest songs of 2013, spending 10 weeks at number 1 on the charts, selling more than 7 million copies according to nielson sound. with that success came a whole lot of controversy. overnight newly unsealed tapes released showing the embattled pop star robin thicke admitting in a deposition that he was drunk and high when he recorded the 2013 hit song "blurred lines." >> i was high and drunk every time i did an interview last year. >> reporter: in the new footage, thicke also admits when he said he was high for every interview -- >> were you drunk and on
5:42 pm
vicodin when you did the oprah show? >> yes. >> reporter: he really meant every interview. >> one of my favorite songs of all time was marvin gaye's got to give it up. >> when you give the interview and on vicodin? >> i didn't do a single interview last year without being high on both. >> reporter: his co-writer pharrell williams also deposed, looking angry, firing back at lawyers. >> what are the names of those notes? >> i'm not comfortable. >> i'd like to know what cords you used. >> i'm not a teacher. >> reporter: the duo was ordered to pay $5.4 million to marvin gay's estate after a jury decided they had ripped off elements of his "got to give it up." coming up on eyewitness news, most star wars fans agree
5:43 pm
the new trailer is exciting but something is missing. what director jj abrahams is saying about the absence of a key character. >> also, a crisp sunny day
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the trailer for the next star wars movie, the force awakens, premiered to universal but who is not featured in the clip is raising questions. >> it didn't take long for mega fans to notice luke skywalker does not appear in the trailer for the new sequel or even the movie poster. however the film's director, jj abrahams, was vague when reporters asked about actor mark hammel's absence from the trailer. >> i can't wait for you to find out the reason.
5:47 pm
>> so there's a reason? >> it's no accident. >> star wars is set for release on december 28th. >> i guess i don't rise to the level of uber fan because i haven't even thought about luke skywalker. >> they kind of scare me. [ laughter ] >> going to come to work dressed up. it's perfect fall weather. not bad. you can't complain about tomorrow and tuesday either. be cooler. can't expect 70 spots. we're back down in to the 50s tomorrow and tuesday before much needed rain returns to the region on wednesday. a live look right now. a little glimmer of sunshine reflecting off some of those buildings in lower manhattan. the sun going down at 6:02. 66 degrees. partly sunny skies out there.
5:48 pm
the wind fresh ening up out of the northwest, 18 miles per hour. moved on. not much in the way of rainfall but just enough to dampen the ground. .05 inches in central park. closer to a quarter inch at poughkeepsie. we got temperatures up to about the 70-degree mark in newark and jfk airport. got up to 70 during the afternoon. right now down to 50 in monticello. 58 in middletown. it's dragging the colder air down from that 66, belmar. 64 on the island. there goes the rainfall from this morning. wasn't much. clearing skies now approaching from the north and west. our next system we have to watch, the one causing all the havoc over texas. yes, it will weaken by the time it gets up here but it will provide a pretty good dose of rainfall. here's our futurecast during the next several days. tomorrow is a great day, high pressure in control. even by tuesday, just high clouds starting to increase. we have to really
5:49 pm
wait till wednesday for this rainfall to approach from the south and west. could begin as early as daybreak on wednesday down toward philadelphia, probably late morning in to the afternoon here in the new york city area and could be heavy downpours that last in to wednesday night. lows tonight in the meantime getting down to 44 in the park. a lot of 30s north and west. below freezing at monticello. only recovering to about 56 or so during the day. decent day tomorrow considering the time of the year with a lot of sunshine. accuweather forecast for tonight, clearing skies. we're down to 44. tomorrow, mainly sunny up to 56. clouds increasing on tuesday especially late in the day. the high getting up to 59. periods of rain begin, especially late morning wednesday, lasting right through the afternoon and evening. the high getting up to 66 and then drier air coming in thursday. could still be an early morning shower especially north and east. breaks of sunshine, up near 70. back in to the 50s for friday, saturday, sunday. looks dry for the trick or treaters saturday night. by then we have mets games as well.
5:50 pm
>> we got a lot of stuff. thank you, jeff . a new look at genetic mutations and their links to cancer. >> coming up on eyewitness
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breast cancer awareness and fundraising efforts continue this weekend. in inglewood, new jersey ken rosato fired up folks for the walk for awareness. the money raised helps pay for diagnostic testing and care for uninsured women at inglewood hospital. since the walk for awareness began, it has raised more than $1 million for the inglewood hospital foundation. >> keeping with the breast cancer awareness theme, a new documentary takes on the important subject of hereditary cancers in both women and men. >> that film is called pink and blue. sandy kenyon takes a look. >> it's really not about a color. >> reporter: pink and blue is a good movie that's good for you, as interesting as it is enlightening and so necessary as could be transformative. >> brca stands for br, breast,
5:53 pm
>> reporter: angelina jolie revealed she carried the genetic mutation that places those who have it at much greater risk for developing breast cancer. >> for braca carriers, they finally felt they had a voice. certainly didn't expect the connection and response to other women. and how much it would mean to me. i didn't realize what we were all apart of together. >> reporter: and it's not just women who are affected. >> there's a completely lack of understanding that men also carry a braca mutation and therefore can get breast cancer. >> reporter: this documentary was made by a guy with a personal stake in his subject, which is why called "pink and blue." >> it's really not about a color. it's not about a color, it's about a conversation. >> reporter: that's our own stacey sager who survived cancer
5:54 pm
on abc 7. and so saved the lives of others. >> i know if stacey hadn't have been brave enough to document her journey, i wouldn't have learned about the test and done it myself. >> reporter: their tale is but one of almost a dozen told here, without exception they are moving. >> i'm not worried. you don't be worried. >> reporter: we watch as kelly roth becomes the youngest person ever to have both her breasts removed upon learning she is carrying the braca mutation. >> i'm choosing to have a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy at 20 years old because i feel there's a bomb attached to my body and tomorrow that bomb will be dismantled. >> reporter: the way it reverberates down through the generations made me recall my
5:55 pm
lindy kenyon lived a long life. but watching pink and blue helped me put her death in to perspective. >> a personal story for a lot of us. that was sandy kenyon reporting. a major clue turns up in the investigation in to the shooting death of new york city police officer randolph holder. >> plus, why the new jersey governor chris christie was forced to leave an amtrak car. >> neighbors react to the shooting death of a grocery
5:56 pm
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