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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tonight an extensive search of the east river leads to the discovery of what police believe is the gun used to kill nypd the details straight ahead. >> plus new jersey governor chris christie dials up trouble while using his phone in the quiet car of an amtrak train. what his camp is saying about the controversy coming up. >> royally ready. the mets leave for kansas city to prepare for game 1 of the world series. good evening, i'm joe torres. we begin tonight
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in the investigation of the shooting death of new york city police officer randolph holder. >> for days divers have combed the east river searching for the gun used to kill officer holder and now police say they believe they found the weapon. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is in east harlem tonight with the details. >> right now experts are testing that weapon to confirm what investigators already believe, that it's a match. divers found it in the middle of the night in the river under anything but ideal conditions. but then again there's nothing routine when it comes to any of this. >> they were down there. it was down in 20 feet of water. and he worfbd -- he recovered it. >> reporter: at 3:00 this morning, a match. members of the nypd's harbor unit found a weapon in the east river. the .40 caliber semiautomatic gun they believe used to kill one of their own. >> conditions down there, it's dark.
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12 to 24 inches out in front of them and they're out on their bellies looking for this. >> digging deep in this water ever since tuesday night when tyrone howard allegedly used that gun to shoot and kill officer randolph holder. >> shots fired. hispanic male. black coat, white pants. he's firing. >> reporter: police say this all started with a gun fight between howard and several others at 102nd street and 1st avenue, and at 120th street he crossed paths with officer holder and his partner and allegedly fired one shot, striking holder in the head. while that bullet is still out there somewhere, authorities once again closed a stretch of the fdr both north and southbound lanes. 100 officers, some volunteers, tried to find what is important evidence in this case. this extensive large scale search centered around where howard would have been standing, the angle he was holding that glock, where the bullet after hitting the officer
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would have landed. to cover all scenarios, the team canvassed an area 200 feet beyond the original crime scene. >> took one step forward and they raised their hand and there were fire analysis behind them. when they raised their hand they'd look at whatever the item was. >> in terms of the tests on that weapon, police are looking for dna. they're hoping to lift any fingerprints that may have been left behind. they're also going to actually fire the gun to see if the bullets and shell casings match evidence found at both scenes including right there next to officer holder's body. for now we're live in east harlem, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. the public viewing for officer holder will take place tuesday at the greater allen ame cathedral of new york in jamaica, queens from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. a funeral service will be at that same cathedral on
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and holder will be buried in his native guyana. in the wake of officer holder's death, community activists want the police force to feel supported. they've announced at nypd headquarters today that support rallies will be held simultaneously in all boroughs tomorrow at 7 p.m. candlelight vigils are planned. organizers say this is simply a gesture of respect. >> we have to show them the support we can, the best way we can, and that's by standing with them in unison. >> rallies will be held at nearly every precinct in the city. they're being coordinated by local clergy. new jersey governor chris christie finds himself on the fast track to trouble while onboard an amtrak train traveling from washington, d.c. to new york. the governor, riding in the quiet car, got loud on his phone. eyewitness news reporter lucy yang joins us from penn station with more.
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be president have to obey the silent rule on amtrak. governor chris christie learned that this morning when he found himself seated in the quiet car. according to christie's staff, he was not yelling nor traveling with secret service but according to one passenger the governor was on his cell phone. that's a big no, no, in the quiet car. it's not clear if the governor was asked to leave the car or did so on his own but apparently he did spend the rest of his ride from dc to new york in the cafe car. christie's campaign spokesperson, quote, on a train this morning the governor accidentally took a seat in amtrak's notorious quiet car. after breaking the cardinal rule of the quiet car, the governor promptly left. sincere apologies to all the patrons who were offended. we understand the governor was on one of the sunday morning talk shows before lucy yang, channel 7 eyewitness news. kansas city, here they come.
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the mets left new york this morning to prepare for game 1 of the world series against the royals. >> i expected you to sing that line. >> i was about to. >> the amazings will practice tonight and tomorrow before the opener. laura behnke is in the news room as the it ride continues for the mets. >> indeed it does. thanks to the american league's win in the all star game all the way back in july, the al was assured of home field advantage in the world series so the mets had no choice today but to hit the road but really this team doesn't care where it plays, as long as it's playing for a title, which would be their first since 1986. the players boarded buses this morning. then they headed to the airport. they're rested, ready to go, and having a blast. >> this is a great deal of fun. and i quo -- i know i've said that before. i'm having a blast. i think those guys are having a blast. we're going to enjoy this.
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the clubhouse when you have guys that are genuinely rooting for one another, genuinely interested in seeing your other teammates succeed. >> their first order of duty after landing in kansas city, a workout at kauffman stadium this afternoon. that was closed to the media. then tomorrow it's media day on the eve of the biggest game of many of these players' careers, at least so far. we're back with much more in sports. >> we'll see you in a few minutes. still coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00, developing in the bronx, an argument escalates in to the store worker. we're live on the scene next. >> a shooting leads to moments of panic overnight. the latest on the investigation. >> nice weather for now but that rainfall over texas and louisiana, it has eyes on the
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developing right now in the bronx where a grocery store worker was shot and killed. >> eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff is on the scene in the fordham heights section. >> investigators tell us a 46-year-old man is dead and his killer is still on the run tonight. new york police officers have been here on scene all day but in the last few minutes, an nypd crime scene unit just arrived here. you can see officers now walking to this scene. one shell casing here on the sidewalk, at least one more inside of this grocery store.
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now officers continue their search for answers. >> reporter: police say a grocery store employee died after being shot once in the chest and once in the torso. >> i'm really shocked that this went down. like, i'm really surprised. he don't bother nobody. he's always stayed to himself. >> reporter: shots were fired inside the grocery store at 2345 jerome avenue in the fordham heights section of the bronx. investigators say three people were arguing with the store employee. they left, then one of those people came back and shot him. that person likely took off in a gray chrysler sedan. this woman told us she was friends with the victim who she says was a hardworking christian with family in santa domingo. neighbors are still trying to comprehend what happened. >> he didn't deserve that, to die like that. really. >> back out here live, as you can see, there is actually a surveillance video camera set up right outside of the storefront here.
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this hour what, if anything, that surveillance video camera may have captured. live in the fordham heights section of the bronx, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. arrest tonight outside of the house where an out of control party left two people wounded and in critical condition. eyewitness cameras were rolling as a man and woman were handcuffed and taken away. they are reportedly the homeowner's daughter and her boyfriend. police say the arrests are not directly related to the shooting. investigators tell us there were as many as 200 people at that bayside party overnight. according to police sources, it was advertised on instagram and many of the party goers were reportedly underage. witnesses say when the shots rang out people panicked. >> everyone freaked out. like i was going up the stairs to go see what was happening, when the gunshots happened, like everyone just started tackling downstairs. like i fell, mad girls were getting hurt. >> what sparked the shooting is still under investigation and so
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far no word on suspects. a renewed call today for a that call from the famous pair of relatives, comedienne amy schumer and her cousin, senator charles schumer, first teamed up back in august. amy says she was inspired to act after a deadly shooting at a showing of her film, train wreck, in july. >> i vow to never forget the lives tragically lost. pass this law. >> there's only one way forward. >> the schumers say they want a bill that will close background check loopholes, make background checks more effective, and stop the movement of illegal guns. coming up next on eyewitness news at 6:00,
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look at this, close to 6,000 cyclists filled the streets for the 21st annual tour de bronx today. riders can take either a 25, the short one, or a 40 -mile route through neighborhoods and parks through the borough. they celebrated at a happy hour at the bronx beer hall. bet that tasted good after a 40-mile bike ride. [ laughter ] >> it was that kind of day too weather-wise, woo.
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this morning. didn't have high hopes. we're back to the crisp october-like type of temperature for tomorrow and tuesday in to the 50s. but we can't complain for this time of the year. live look over toward central park right now. that temperature, 63, after getting up to 68 earlier this afternoon. the wind coming in from the north at 8, gusting up to 20 miles per hour and it's that northerly wind which will bring in the colder air mass overnight tonight. temperatures were a full 7 degrees above normal for this time of year. 79 the record in 1963. only about .05 inches of rainfall in central park. sun setting just after 6 p.m. closer to a quarter inch up toward poughkeepsie. 64 in newark. you're up to 70 earlier this afternoon. you're also up to 70 at jfk airport, now down to 65 there, but much cooler air off to the north and west, down to 48 at monticello and i think in the city we're going to be dropping down in to the middle 40s. there's the weak system
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that moved on this morning. look how quickly it cleared out as we headed in to the afternoon. our next weather maker on the horizon, one of them causing pretty big problems parts of texas. a lot of flooding occurring in to parts of louisiana. this system is very gradually moving off to the north but it's going to wait till this other system comes in. this one should grab the moisture and accelerate it through the middle part of the week. that's our main timeframe that would be wednesday here in the tri-state area. lows tonight in the meantime getting down to 44 in the park. a lot of 30s north and west of new york city. below freezing at monticello. highs tomorrow only getting up to 56. so a full 10 to in some cases 15 degrees cooler than it was today. only 51 for a high at monticello. under mostly sunny skies, won't feel too bad especially considering the time of the year. high pressure moves off to the east of the area tuesday. that will allow high cloud cover to increase by later on in the afternoon. high
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gets up to about 59. after that, here comes the rainfall which would be over the southeastern part of the country on tuesday. moving in during the day on wednesday. right now i'm targeting late morning in to the afternoon lasting right in to wednesday night. i think daybreak wednesday might not be too bad for the wednesday morning commute. but it's a lot of gulf moisture and could be heavier downpours in the area. accuweather forecast for tonight, clearing skies. we're down to about 44. mainly sunny tomorrow. a high getting up to about 56 tomorrow night. similar to tonight. clear to partly cloudy, down to about 43. forecast. clouds increasing on tuesday. up near 60. periods of rain developing on wednesday from late morning on. might be a lingering shower very early thursday especially north and east of the city. then we clear things out, get breaks of breezy. again. 59 on friday. then over the weekend, next weekend. a few sporting events going on. >> yes. >> 56 on saturday. also halloween on saturday for the
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trick or treaters. should be nice saturday night. crisp out there. temperatures in the 40s. for the maur -- marathon sunday, 60s. runners like those kinds of temperatures. >> a lot of candy in there too. laura behnke up next with sports. >> it's kansas city or bust for the mets today who took another step toward their first world series appearance since 2000 and they took that step by getting on an airplane. now it gets real. the mets arrived in kc where the world series veteran royals await. a rivalry game and battle for first place. the jets, patriots had it all today. >> channel 7 is your home for the new york city marathon. >> we're taking you mile by mile, introducing you to some of the new yorkers you'll find on the course. >> this is mile 5 at sunset park, used to be known in the
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>> the tcs new york city marathon is sunday, november 1st.
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the mets right now should be waist deep in kansas city barbecue. >> get it out of the way now. don't do it the night before the game. next stop, kansas city. the mets are getting set up in kc in advance of the world series. festivities getting underway tomorrow. today the team boarding buses at citifield to make their way to the airport. the mets have been off since clinching the nlcs wednesday night in a sweep of chicago. don't expect the world series to be so simple with the royals making their second straight appearance in the fall classic. >> seems like they never go away. seems like they always find a way to win. no matter what the situation is, they grind it out and they never die. compliment for a team. we're sure. >> this is the way it should be when the jets and patriots meet. it's been a while since the stakes were this high. gang green finally had a chance as they met in foxborough.
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ryan fitzpatrick to curley. tom brady on 4th down diving over to tie the game. the pats would lead at the half but hear from the jets in the 3rd. 9 yards. the jets take the lead so the patriots entered the 4th trailing for the 1st time this season. brady to amendola as the pats retake the lead and added to it. rob grankowski was a beast. the jets trying to make it quite enough. 30-23, the pats are 6-0, the jets 4-2. >> thought we had a good game end up adjusting a few things by the way the game is going but i thought we fought all day. >> frustrating because we lost, us. but we got to look at the film, get over it. it's one game. can't hang my head on it too much. rivalry sunday continuing in to the evening with the focus
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shifting to the modolands and the giants who had a chance to remain in 1st place in the wide open nfc east if they could take down the last place cowboys. that's something they haven't done in three years. dominique rogers-cromartie started with a pick six. that gave the giants a 17-13 lead. that's where we stand in the 3rd quarter. rex ryan may have switched teams in the offseason but his vibrato never changed. today buffalo is struggling against the one-win jaguars in london. first ever nfl game streamed online. pass intercepted by tel --telvin smith. blake bortles. go ahead strike , 34-31 the bills now 3-4. and ever since the dolphins fired joe philbin, than been on a mission, today meeting the texans and dominating the texans. ryan tannehill put on a
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show, completed his first 18 passes to set the nfl record with 27 straight completions going back to last week's win. he also tossed four touchdowns. miami led 41-0 at halftime. they cruise to the 44-26 win. they're now 3-3. that means the bills are now in last place in the afc east. elsewhere around the league in your early games today, the saints pick up a big win on the road against the coleths and the chiefs meet the steelers were without ben roethlisberger again. the rams top the browns in st. louis. the vikings get a win against the lions on the road. the redskins get their biggest come from behind win in team history. on friday the timberwolves said flip saunders would not return as head coach this season as he underwent treatment for hodgkins lymphoma. two days later, he's passed away. saunders tallied more than 1,000 victories over a 35-year coaching career. he announced his diagnosis in august which at the time was described as very treatable and curable. after a setback in september, today he
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lost his fight. saunders was only 60 years old. story we hate to say. that is the news for now. we thank you for joining us. stay tuned for abc world news. that's coming up next. i'm joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman. we're coming back
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