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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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screaming that he tried to touch her. >> reporter: arcila was off duty and out of uniform but prosecutors say he had his badge clipped to his waistband and left the woman his cell phone number. connie rodriguez said he appeared intoxicated and made lewd comments to the waitresses on other occasions. >> he never tried to touch me but he say dirty words to me sometimes, yeah. >> reporter: are silo lives in this home in rosalyn heights. he is married with five children. the alleged incident happened in june and the officer's attorney said the acting d.a. is prosecuting the case now to bolster her reelection bid. >> this is exploitation of a police officer that did not commit a crime. >> reporter: police are conducting their own internal investigation and arcila has been placed on desk duty. n.j.
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burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. an accused cop killer back in court. tyrone howard appeared in bronx criminal court to face charges from a drug island. authorities say he was caught holding bags of cocaine. he was indicted on first-degree murder and robbery charges in the shooting death of detective randolph holder. fort lauderdale airport back open following a terrifying plane. video shows passengers jumping down slides and running away from the plane as crews rush in to put the fire out. a pilot in the plane taxiing behind the dynamic flight radioed the tower. >> dynamic out of the left engine looks like it's leaking a lot of fuel, fluid leaking
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>> engine is on fire. >> engine on fire. >> one person suffered serious burns. 15 others were hurt. >> regarding the burn victim, we know one person, we don't know if it is a crew member or passenger sustained serious burns and injuries. that was the most serious of all of the 15 that were transported by broward sheriff fire rescue. >> they are still on the scene trying to determine the exact cause of the fire. officials say fire crews arrived within two minutes of the emergency call. diana. sade, three years ago today superstorm sandy hit us hard ripping up board walks, and displacing thousands. today some are still not back in their homes. dave evans is mayor de blasio on staten island today. >> reporter: we are in maple
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terrace. the day after sandy the water was 5, 6 feet deep. i want to point out a couple of houses that were rebuilt. this house has been elevated street level. that is for any possible future flooding. you have to do that if you participate in the built it back program. this house is rebuilt and elevated 9 1/2 feet above the street. it has been a long three years for marilou and frank. they lived out of a suitcase for so long. this is the neighborhood in the weeks after sandy. on staten island sandy killed 23 people, displaced more than 75,000 destroyed hundreds of homes. they are part of the city's once troubled built it back program. they have now elevated their home. the windows and siding are new and so is the kitchen inside. but they moved back in just last week. >> i don't know, nothing like your home. no matter how bad it was, we
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>> when the mayor took office, the built it back program was so badly run not one repair job was finished. 93 homeowners are in the program. more than 5,000 have seen checks finally cut. 1200 homes have been completed. >> that's not enough. we have to finish the job. so, today, we commit to finishing the build it back program for single family homes by the end of next year. >> every single home. >> reporter: everything finished by the end of 2016? a promise hard to keep but why even republican critics of the mayor said thanks. after three long years of all this, finally more and morphin fished homes like this. >> the only way we are going to get folks home as quickly as possible is for the mayor to have done what he did and i am grateful for that.
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it has not been easy. >> so far the build it back program spent about $103 million. it will spend a lot more between now and the end of next finished. the resiliency program is protecting lower manhattan and staten island from future flooding problems. that will take many years to finish and $20 billion in federal money. reporting live, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, dave. new jersey is taking stock of its recovery from superstorm sandy. governor christie's office is citing significant progress. many residents are running into red tape as they struggle to rebuilt. >> 386,000 people were out of their homes the day after sandy hit. i was one of them. i lived down the road here. i lost part of my house. so, i understand how difficult it can be to work with the bureaucracy. >> in new jersey, buyouts are underway in 12 municipality and
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offers were made to 695 homeowners and 526 accepted. breezy point queens, they are recovering three years later. 355 homes in the neighborhood were lost to flooding or fire. remember the big fire there? almost 30 off those homes have been rebuilt. still thousands are fighting with insurance companies over the cost of repairs. part of a building collapsed in queens today. one minor injury reported at the project site in astoria described as partial and happened as a crew was pouring concrete on the second floor. the new york mets are back. within the past hour, mets manager terry collins talked about the first two losses in the world series. it may not team wants but they are not losing hope. rob powers is in the newsroom. >> reporter: first order of business to get home. up next getting back in the world series.
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they come back to citi field for games 3, 4 and 5. they chose to forgo the formal workout in favor of rest. a scheduled off day. noah got his work in. royals chose not to have a formal workout either. next game is the next chance to get something going. a 14 inning loss in game one and 16 in game 2. syndergaard pitches game 3. learn from the games in kc, move past, win one game and get on the board. let the royals know they are in a series. >> we are down but not out. we fought back so many times this is another challenge that we have to meet and so far we have met them all. >> same game, just a little louder, different atmosphere. travis is still sitting 60 feet 6 inches away. you have to execute every pitch. >> game 3 tomorrow. no sense getting down.
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opportunity to get on the board. forget the stats you hear. athletes said this for years. you take it one game at a time. you knock them down like the milk jugs at the boardwalk one at time then you go after the next one. more pearls like that at 6:00. >> can't wait. okay, rob. be sure to stay with eyewitness news for game 3 tomorrow. we will have a team of reporters at citi field counting down to the first pitch. turning to the race for president, former florida governor jeb bush trying to downplay what many analysts say was a poor performance in last night's republican debate. bush was in new hampshire where he criticized the debate format saying there weren't sub stan siff questions. bush attacked rubio but that misfired when rubio said his campaign won't be about attacking other candidates. hillary clinton was in new
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the g.o.p. debate. she told supporters she didn't hear much of anything important just insults and back and forth. she said people would have been better watching the world series because the debate was a swing and miss. deutsche bank is planning to shed 35,000 people as it reports a loss of $6.6 billion. 9, 000 full time positions are going economies well as 6,000 contractor jobs. the bank will sell operations people. disappointing news about the economy lead to a down day on stocks. investors were discouraged by a new report that shows the u.s. economy slowed over the summer as businesses cut production and drew back on inventory. the dow fell 23 points closing at 17,755. the nasdaq lost 21 points. point. an eyewitness news investigators exclusive. we take you inside j.f.k.
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for a look at what smugglers are trying to bring into the u.s. the number one item and its connection to terrorism. police released video of a shooting that left a teenager dead as they search for the gunman. >> the white house responded to china's big policy change on the number of children a couple may have.
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police look for the man that tried to rape an 8-year- old girl. she scared him off but it left people in the neighborhood in fear. cefaan kim is in the mount hope section where the search for the attacker continues. >> reporter: parents on walton avenue say they are no longer allowing young children to walk alone outside. what is scarier, there are two schools within a stone's throw of this building. >> my window was wide open. i was cooking for my kids and i heard the mother yelling for help. >> reporter: miguel said there are no words to describe the attempted rape of an 8-year-old girl in front of his building. it happened about 5:30 p.m. saturday. he is uneasy about what happened. he said the 8-year-old victim is shaken up since the attack. >> from what i saw after the incident, she is just -- seemed very uncomfortable to be
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outside. you could tell that, like, some sort of -- her state of mind isn't the same. >> reporter: this is the man police are looking for, surveillance video taken from a nearby business. police say the suspect covered the girl's mouth and restrained her then molested her. he is described as roughlily 5'9", 165 pounds, clean shaven and wearing a dark fitted baseball cap, gray t-shirt, ripped light jeans and gray sneakers. louise not letting her grandson out of her sight. >> i used to let him go to the store. now i'm too nervous. what happened to little girls happens to little boys also. everybody is afraid now. >> reporter: and even more unsettling there are two schools nearby, an elementary school and a middle school across the street. her grandson says he knows what to do if in trouble. >> strangers that you don't
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know talk to you, just run away and scream at the top of your lungs. >> reporter: now, the young victim was taken to a local hospital where she was treated and released. the nypd is offering a $2,500 reward for information that may lead to an arrest. in the bronx, cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. army investigators are heading to the scene where the military blimp came down in trees near muncie, pennsylvania. they will try to figure out how the blimp got loose. military fighter jets followed as the balloon drifted about 150 miles away. >> there is supposed to be a switch that somebody on the ground in an emergency can flip and it will do an emergency deflation and bring it down. they tried the switch it didn't work. >> a 6600-foot cable hanging from the blimp knocked down
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power lines leaving thousands of customers without electricity. pennsylvania police are using shotguns to deflate the blimp. a raging wildfire in southern california. flames charred 60 acres. tankers are dropping flame retardant. so far no homes are threatened but they could be if the wind does change direction. school was canceled in the santa barbara area mainly because of poor air quality. >> hopefully that wind stays where it is. >> the pattern continues to get more favorable for southern california. they will get stormier. hopefully more waves of rain but no flooding. >> we are in a favorable pattern. >> fantastic. >> you will like what i say going into november. not that we have our dips but it overall. beautiful look at central park. walk through this afternoon,
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the mall looks unbelievable. looks like a yellow canopy. gorgeous. westerly wind 10 gusting to 21. pressure on the rise. cool high pressure building in. 73 degrees on the 29th of october. that is 13 above average. on target tomorrow. that is the rainfall from yesterday's storm. there are the sunrise and sunset times. last year on this date partly sunny and warm, 72 degrees. 67 dike kerr heights. belmont 66. you see the cool air in monticello at 54. gusty wind here. winds gusting over 30 miles per hour. you see the change in wind direction where you go from southwest to more west. that is one front here and there are a couple more to the west. wow. 46 miles per hour gust last hour in newburgh. probably delays at stewart airport. 20 miles per hour gusts in most
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spots and the winds will back over the second part of the night. 50 degrees tomorrow morning. 40s in the suburbs. upper 50s and a lot of sunshine. northwest winds 6 to 12 dropping into the 40s during the game. clouds over long island, connecticut. more sunshine to the west. there is still another reinforcing cold front to the west. a trio of fronts here. eventually north and west of the third front you can see snowfall across parts of quebec and ontario. that is chilly air coming in. we will feel that especially by tomorrow night. you will notice tomorrow brisk and bright. a lot of sun. tomorrow night upper 20s in the coldest spots north and west. saturday a nice start to the weekend. good halloween forecast. cool for the costumes. layer underneath will do it. dry forecast. then check out this front. will we have to worry about showers for marathon sunday? 51 for the early evening forecast and a light wind.
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48 degrees tonight. partly cloudy to clear skies. pleasant evening. cooler late. for tomorrow, high of 60. mostly sunny and cool breeze. look at the suburbs, 29 to 37 as we go a calm and light wind and mainly clear skies. seven-day nice halloween. spot shower marathon sunday. nice warm up into the first part of november. will there be a shower in for the wadsworth? the storm on monday will it stay to the south or do we have to worry about rain that day? shot at 70 not out of the question? if you missed the warmth may not be done with it yet. back to you for now. >> you are right. i do like that. a woman driving a school van caught on camera texting and speeding. what one teen did after reporting it and what happened to that driver. >> paul ryon officially the new speaker of the house and emotional send off for john boehner. >> we are getting ready for the
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why this year is proving to be an extra challenge for the nypd. >> we are taking you mile by mile introducing to you some of the new yorkers you will find on the course. >> mile 6 gowanus. gowanus has a rich history, how many of dutch settlers. saw the battle of long island
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>> the tcs new york city way back when, in the neighborhoods of new york... the working people, the people who really make this city work-- the beat cops, nurses, teachers, and engineers had affordable health care thanks to an upstart mayor, and a couple of non-profits called ghi and hip-- now called emblemhealth. because emblemhealth believes that working new yorkers deserve quality care, so new moms and dads can breathe a little easier, and the young at heart can live healthy and strong. and today, emblemhealth is still doing what it did when it was ghi and hip, setting a national standard with neighborhood care-- not because of some new law, but because looking after your neighbors is just right.
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new information in the child sex abuse case against former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky. a judge ordered the attorney general to turn over information related to grand jury leaks. she accuses the judge that oversaw several grand jury investigation of leaking information. a new jersey man pled guilty to plotting to support isis. he admitted to a federal judge that he conspired to provide material support to the terror group. he was arrested along with his brother and two other men in june. prosecutors say he bought a plane ticket for his brother to
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fly to the middle east to join isis. his layer says he won't cooperate with the government or testify again anyone else. he faces up to 20 years in prison when sentenced. new at 5:00 a dock worker in texas survives falling down 600 feet into a cargo hold. it happened on board a container ship in east harris county before 10 clone 30 this morning. the worker was moving cargo when he fell in a confined space. crew members called for help. firefighters got the man out using a rescue basket. the u.s. house has a new speaker. the 54th. paul ryan replaces john boehner and promises to fix a broken house taking a job he never really wanted. >> reporter: paul ryon elected speaker of the house. >> when they told me yesterday what happened i felt like the moon, the stars and all the planets had fallen on me. we should all feel that way. >> reporter: the family of the
5:25 pm
wisconsin lawmaker sat in the gallery. mitt romney watched as his 2012 running mate became second in line to the presidency. outgoing speaker john boehner, a box of tissues in hand delivered his last speech as speaker listing accomplishments. >> if you do the rights things for the right reasons good things will happen and this, too, can really happen to you. >> reporter: boehner's departure comes after a tumultuous 4 years in the house battling with tea parties and his budget deal with president obama this week has come under fire. >> i leave with no regrets, no burdens. >> reporter: the new man in charge, once a reluctant candidate for speaker said it's time to avoid last minute crises in government. >> we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. >> reporter: ryan is the youngest speaker in nearly 150 years. deadlines are coming up for
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he will hit the ground running. former speaker john boehner will leave his congressional seat saturday. reporting in washington, kenneth moten, channel 7 eyewitness news. an eyewitness news investigator's exclusive. coming up, inside j.f.k. for a look at what smugglers are trying to get in the u.s. and the connection the terrorism. why the timing of this weekend's marathon is a bigger challenge for the nypd. the ultimate shopping month.
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tonight an exclusive look inside a warehouse at j.f.k. airport filled with items that smugglers tried to get in the country. custom agents tell us they have seen it all. >> we are showing you what they are up against. jim hoffer is here with the danger drugs shipped to the u.s. can cause overseas. >> it's stunning the amount of drugs, weapons and counterfeit money that people tried to smuggle through j.f.k. airport. tens of millions of dollars worth of contraband in the last 18 months alone. in the case of one illegal commodity, it's being seized by the tons. amazing the lengths people will go to to smuggle drugs through j.f.k. they hit it in meat, inside a condom and diaper. >> i have been here 13 years. i am still amazed how -- what
5:29 pm
>> reporter: records we obtain show from january 2014 until september of this year, customs and border protection at j.f.k. airport made 246 cocaine seizures and a lot of weapons, 234 to be exact. >> it's a 30 ought 6 high- powered rifle with a high- powered scope. >> reporter: counterfeit money is seized almost everyday at the airport from fake cashier bogus checks. 299 counterfeit seizures in the last year and a half. >> these seizures totaled in the range of $50 million. >> reporter: by far the most seized illegal commodity being smuggled through j.f.k., a narcotic leaf popular in the growing east african communities of the u.s., a drug
5:30 pm
somalia and yemen but illegal stimulant here. >> we see a lot of it from yemen. the amount that comes through unbelievable. >> reporter: more than 24,000 pounds have been seized at j.f.k. in the last fiscal year, most at the airports international mail facility. >> they want you to believe that this is african >> reporter: >> absolutely. >> reporter: we asked the customs office to open it up. >> that is a narcotic, schedule one narcotic. it's something that will give someone the feeling of being invincible. >> reporter: the big concern is that money from the cot trade could be funding terrorist groups. the j.f.k. mail warehouse is filled with cot seized in the past few months. >> this was to be shipped where?
5:31 pm
if we look at tags, addressees are five boroughs. atlanta, nebraska. >> reporter: it represents a tiny fraction of what is getting through with millions and millions of dollars flowing back to africa. >> coming consistently, the room may empty then gets filled up again. >> reporter: in the last 18 months, custom and border protection seized almost ten tons of cot at the j.f.k. mail facility. they are concerned about drug money passing through groups with possible terrorist ties but arrests of those in the drug trade are very back to you. >> fascinating. the nypd released surveillance images of two suspects wanted for an apparent random shooting in harlem. they approached the victim in front of his building on west 118th street.
5:32 pm
it grazed ralph benjamin's head. a 16-year-old girl's cell phone video captured a substitute school van driver in new jersey speeding texting. tonight that driver is fired. she sent these videos to her mom while she was riding home from the academy charter high school in lake como on tuesday. it shows the driver going up to 80 miles per hour on the garden state parkway. then the driver takes photos of a stuffed animal. it's unclear how many students were in the van. well, runners are picking up their bibs for the tcs new york city marathon. today the finish line was painted in central park. stacey sager is there. stacey? >> reporter: well, you know, sade, they don't call this new york's biggest block party for nothing. more than 50,000 runners are expected here in central park this sunday. hopefully all of them make it here to the finish line.
5:33 pm
planners -- the planners have certainly hit the ground running. it is a colorful start to the weekend marathon festivities. the ceremonial painting of the line at the finish in central park where spike lee, a true new yorker is going to do the right thing as grand marshal. >> we love new york city. >> reporter: even produced a short film to kick off the marathon broadcast. >> statue of liberty. >> reporter: but this year's tcs new york city marathon has plenty of noteables. all of the defending champions are back. men's wheelchair champ from down under among them. that is despite last year's painful conditions. >> last year the hard part was 40 miles per hour headwinds. that was uncomfortable. >> reporter: like the others, he wouldn't dream of missing it. also running in the race this year, tennis pro james blake in the news after the nypd
5:34 pm
blake will be running on behalf of his foundation for cancer. the president and ceo of the new york road runners club will be running in between working. >> this will be the 24th consecutive marathon. >> but he has him beat. he lead the marathon for 34 years. this is his last. >> at the end when i cross the finish line i will be a winner. >> reporter: as the start approaches, the stage and security set firmly in with 1866 officers to be exact. >> in addition to that, there will be a lot of what you don't see behind the scenes, the counterterrorism people. >> reporter: now, the police commissioner made it clear there are no threats of terror to this event. nevertheless, the nypd must make it secure. it is not very often, by the way, that the commissioner releases exact numbers of police officers to be stationed
5:35 pm
such a busy weekend in new york between the halloween parade, world series and the marathon, he wants people to understand the magnitude of security for the nypd. live in central park, stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> stacey, thank you. channel 7 is your marathon station. tomorrow at 5:30, we will air the opening ceremony live from central park. saturday night we will bring you the count down to the starting line special at 7:30. marathon sunday, live coverage begins at 7:00 a.m. we got a developing story. the sentence is in for a prep school student that sexually assaulted a classmate as part of a sex contest. we will tell you about that. and police in connecticut just releasing video of a murder in action. we will show you who they are looking for tonight. >> about 19 minutes to sunset and it will be a pretty one. so nice.
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listen up new york. there's a new drug out there. and it's trying to destroy our generation. it's called synthetics. . . so, some guy thought it might be a good idea to spray poison on some herbs, and then sell it to you. no, it's not marijuana. it goes by names like k2, spice, rocks. causes hallucinations, rapid heart-beat. vomiting, seizures. and it can kill you the first time you smoke it. we gotta have each other's backs. this is our future. and the future of new york is saying no to synthetics!
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breaking news in the j.f.k. airport. the crew of a british airways plane saw a drone. they were coming in for a landing at the time. the crew says the unmanned aircraft was flying five miles away from the airport between 1800 and 2200 feet. the faa notified the nypd and police are investigating right now. diana. >> caught on camera, bullets flying in the streets killing a teenager. take a look. you can see the teenager, we will show you that video. you can see the teenager walking to the back of a house at madison and frank street. this is in bridgeport, connecticut, last month. shortly afterwards, three suspects are seen running toward them. they pull guns and fire rounds. the teen is hit multiple times taken to the hospital where he died. if you have any information about this, call police. a developing story. the sentencing of a man
5:40 pm
a prominent investigate prep school while he was a student. he will spend a year in county probation. he is a registered -- registered as a sex appeal. during his senior year prosecutors say he forced himself on a 15-year-old girl. he said the encounter was consensual, part of a ritual of man. the u.s. is praising china's decision to end the one child policy but says that it does not go far enough. the chinese government will allow families to have two children. the white house says that the u.s. is looking forward to the day when china ends its altogether. in the health alert, a study finds a racial gap in breast cancer rates has closed. for decades it was less common in black women than white women
5:41 pm
but the american cancer society says that is no longer the case. a leading reason is the obesity rates. coming up, 7 on your side with witch items to avoid and which to get deals on heading into november. >> and meteorologist lee
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a hempstead police officer arrested. louis arcila is accused of sexually abusing her in front of her children. >> a passenger plane caught fire at fort lauderdale airport. it was ready to take off to venezuela when an apparent fuel leak started an engine fire. paul ryon succeeds john boehner. >> we have lee back with the weather. we were talking about a tree in your yard. >> favorite tree in my neighborhood. took a time lapse of it. i posted it on facebook and twitter.
5:46 pm
it waved the white flag with the 30 miles per hour wind last night. i don't know if you ran into this with the wind blowing around. incredible scene with leaves everywhere. leaf blizzards this time of year. beautiful sunset here. sunset 5:56. some of the high clouds disbursing the colors here. call it mostly sunny. this is a three-year anniversary of hurricane superstorm sandy. you heard dave evans and amy freeze over the past couple of hours talk about the reports. a storm that was a depression in the caribbean, a hurricane in jamaica. critical time over the bahamas. forecast dilemma, would it go to see or take the dreaded left- hand turn to the tri-state area making landfall on october 29th. 12 1/2 foot storm surge. flooding in lower manhattan and the subways. 96 miles per hour gusts some of the low lives of this amazing
5:47 pm
storm that we hope we don't repeat the track again. our own forecast is quiet. patchy clouds giving way to clear skies. the breeze felt good. tomorrow any breeze will feel cool. we may get to the 60-degree mark but it won't feel that warm. nice for baseball. it should be dry. no rain threat. futurecast after the mild numbers right now, about four, five hours from now, definitely the chill in the northwest suburbs. 58 belmar. 6 o in the city. late tomorrow morning in the low to middle 40s. afternoon plenty of sun but upper 50s. 60 tomorrow, brisk and bright. then we go into halloween. 56 by day. trick or treat planner looks good. increasing clouds around. temperatures around 50 with a light wind. marathon sunday, that's after we turn the clocks back, don't forget that.
5:48 pm
63 is the high. sunset at 4:52. at the start of the race probably 52. i would say a 10 to 20% chance of a shower. light winds as well. planner from last year had 40 miles per hour winds. nothing like that. monday a storm will stay to the south leaving us with sun and clouds. beautiful first week of november. we could touch 70 again. if you missed the beautiful day today you have a chance to enjoy this into next week with temperatures around 70. right now partly cloudy skies and 68 heading out the door now. have the heavier coat later on. >> did you look at the tree on facebook. >> the tree is dead. >> not dead just losing its foliage. >> i thought that is not a dead tree. >> tragic to me because i don't get to see it. >> all is well. >> didn't mean to mislead you. >> clean up the leaves. >> the whole family is out there now. on to the mets.
5:49 pm
fans will hear the voice of a young woman from queens playing in the stadium. she recorded a song and now it plays every time he walks to the plate. >> reporter: she has been a mets fan her whole life. >> i live in corona. i can walk through the park into the stadium. >> reporter: little did she know world series baseball might make her dreams come true what so proudly we hailed >> start wearing a chance to see the -- sing the national anthem. she met the outfielder. >> i think i can do a better one. i'm a singer. >> he said go for it. >> reporter: she whipped up an all star walk up jam. >> in two hours it was done. i sent it over. he loved it. would use it, boom. >> reporter: during the first
5:50 pm
and blasted a three-run homer. >> three run shot. >> it's your song. >> i was like shut then he hit the home run and they did the replay. that's when you can hear the song i got the power, you know the name . >> reporter: her single was a hit. she shared the song on social media and explained the lyrics. >> the power is [foreign language]. >> that is what he was known for in cuba. i came up with that because he literally came out of nowhere then got the mets up to another position. they made the play-offs. >> reporter: the inspiration is for her life, too. a person in new york city with dreams using her power to make it happen. >> the girl from corona living her dream and slowly reaching it. nothing is impossible. work hard. we are in new york. you have the power. go for it. >> amy freeze, channel 7 eyewitness news.
5:51 pm
the mets are down but not out. model's sporting goods is boosting fans spirits by holding a meet and great with the '86 mets. they got to rub elbows with darryl strawberry and jessie orasco. they were down two games in the world series before they came back against the red sox. >> amazing to see those guys. november bringing deals you won't see any other time of the year. >> nina pineda shows us your best bets next. >> i'm david novarro. at 6:00 an interesting poll. new york city voters let us know if they think mayor de blasio deserves a stunning term. a stunning claim in the case of a police officer drunk driving fatal wrong way crash. does this $20 family fill up meal have eight pieces of original recipe chicken? yes. [ding] two large mashed potatoes and gravy?
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yes. [ding] and are you the real colonel sanders? yes... [buzzing]
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we are approaching the holiday shopping season. november is full of good deals. important to know what to buy and when to buy it. nina pineda is here with the best bets.
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>> reporter: sade, black friday is more of a season with competition pulling prices low by the time you can say trick or treat which means by this weekend you will see deals leaking out of stores and yes some are out there online already. this $60,000 screen and projector is out of most of our holiday shopping budgets. >> maybe donald trump. >> reporter: but fear not this month is bound to bring you deals, steals you won't see any other time of the year. >> single best time of year to buy a laptop. we see the best value with 15- inch laptops. >> reporter: aside from laptops, deal says look for another staple to hit rock bottom tvs. >> blank friday is the time to buy an hdtv. that is the meat and potatoes of black friday. >> reporter: not just the low end brands will be discounted. >> 60-inch tvs. low prices of $549.
5:55 pm
if someone on your list wants a gaming system to go with the tv, your best bet is a bundle. >> we expect $300. for comparison, a refurbished console will be 250. >> reporter: he warns not to get even snared by low prices. >> your phone has as much memory as this computer. >> i ipad mini 4. ipad air 2 you will see about $100 off each of them. that puts them in the $300 range. >> reporter: now is the time to act on appliances large and small at annual all time lows. >> virginia coaches clean up. >> reporter: even dyson. >> black friday up to 50% off. >> reporter: and kitchen equipment. >> these are quality items that last generations. black friday is one of the few times that they might be within
5:56 pm
>> reporter: to save even more this season, look for refurbished models on tech and appliances. reputable retailers make them as good as new. you can get a refurbished computer and vacuum. >> i need a new vacuum. new york city voters weigh in on if mayor de blasio deserves a second term. "eyewitness news at 6:00" starts right now. we will win. >> mets fans staying positive hoping their team can pull off a come from behind win in the world series now that the amazins are down by two games against kansas city. >> three years after superstorm
5:57 pm
state area, some residents are struggling to return to their homes. first a stunning twist in the case of a police officer accused of drunk driving in a wrong way crash that killed two people. his attorney seeking to obtain evidence that he believes his client was deliberately drugged behind the wheel. i'm david novarro. >> i'm diana williams. the tore for pedro abad says a stripper may have slipped a drug into his drink to get him to spend more money. >> shortly after leaving the strip club last march abad drove the wrong way on the west shore expressway heading crash -- crashing head on into a tractor trailer. two people in his car was killed. >> darla miles is at the club on staten island with our lead story. >> reporter: pedro abad junior faces a 27 count indictment that includes aggravated
5:58 pm
vehicular homicide and
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