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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  October 30, 2015 12:00pm-12:58pm EDT

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officers now flooding the street, and take a look. this is the building where it happened. we're understanding right now that preliminary results suggest that it may have been a ceiling in the rear of this building that collapsed through several floors. >> rescue crews are searching this building in midtown manhattan after a ceiling collapsed on 38th street between 5th and 6th avenues. >> tell me what it sounded like. >> it was a giant rumble. it wasn't so bad but definitely enough that it made you think. >> you heard that and what went through your head. >> post-9/11, the first thing i did was get very nervous. its after nerve wracking females. >> this man says he was standing less than a block away when the collapse happened. >> i'm really sorry, you know. that's terrible. >> a lot of people who live and work in this area walked over rather quickly to try to figure
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out exactly what happened here. a lot of people heard it and had a lot of questions. again, we have learned that the 19 workers inside of this building at the time of the collapse are accounted for. as you can see this street now shut down, and we've also learned that there are k-9s inside right now trying to make sure that there's no sign of anyone else trapped inside. live in midtown, mallory hoff channel 7 eyewitness news. new to that breaking news in the fight against isis. the united states will send troops into syria for the first time. president obama will order fewer than 50 special forces on to the ground. political reporter dave evans following the developments. >> reporter: we don't yet know exactly how many u.s. troops will be going to syria, probably fewer than 50 but they are special operations forces. they will be in the northern part of syria. we hope to hear from the white house on this soon.
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with elite u.s. troops who will be supporting kurdish forces and syrian rebels. abrash of missiles killed at least 40 people, the latest on this continuing war in that over four years has killed 250,000 people and displaced more than 11 million. to date, 19 foreign ministers including secretary of state john kerry are in vienna trying to hammer out a cease fire that would be followed by the formation of a transition government. it's not clear exactly what will happen now to president bashar assad. it is unlikely that the white house will call this boots on the ground, specially right as the sensitive talks are in vienna. abc news is reporting it will be only a few dozen elite special operations forces, fewer than 50 who will advise and assist others who are fighting isis. now russia and turkey will not be pleased at all about this development. we hope to hear from the white house sometime this afternoon, probably the president will not
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dave. >> i'll take it. thank you, dave. we are following a developing story in possible human remains have been found during the search for a missing couple. the discovery was made inside an abandoned home on no rfield road ins weton. police have been looking for jeffrey and jeanette maven. since they vanished in august the remains have been taken to the medical examiner's office for identification. path service back on track from hoboken to the world trade center. service was suspended on both line after a broken rail was discovered right outside the hoboken station at 7:45 this morning. hundreds of customers were forced to wait on long lines to take buses into manhattan. new jersey transit trains and some ferries also cross-honored tickets. new at noon, a mini school bus collided a car in queens at about 8:45 this morning. news copter 7 was over the scene in little neck. the bus ended up on the sidewalk. the car's front bumper and hood
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ripped off. the drivers of both vehicles are being evacuated. excitement builds in queens comeback. citi field will host its first ever world series game tonight as the mets take on the royals in game 3. >> that's right: the mta will provide special subway and lirr trains to get fans to the stands and billy joel will sing the national anthem. >> amazing. eyewitness news reporter joe torres joins us live at citi field where fans hope things will go better than the first two games. >> reporter: here we are, still eight hours from first pitch, and i can tell you having been here a couple of days ago, a very different atmosphere out here at the ballpark, a very different attitude amongst the fans from ones who were here a couple days ago for the start of the fall classic. the reason for that, our mets down two games to none in this best of seven game series, that
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become a hopeful expectation as fans lean on the memories of reality of 2015. >> all right we lost the first two and then we won the series. happen this time right? that's what we're all hoping go mets. >> hopefully they make it all the way. >> all the way. >> hopefully they there's always -- hopefully they make it 100%. >> we're not losing no more. >> that's it. we're done, finished losing. we're going to win the rest. >> reporter: not exactly the passionate exuberance we saw just a couple of days ago, and relying on the past to carry the team through the future, not exactly a money in the bank philosophy or approach. why? well it's sandwiched right year 2000. out. another live report coming up for you at 5:00 tonight: by
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hopping. live at citi field, i'm joe news. >> thank you joe. we will stay positive. new york city's fire department investigators are looking into what sparked a deadly fire in the bronx. officials say the fire started on the first floor of the building in the mount hope section at about 8 last night. crews found a man inside one of the apartments unconscious with burns on his body. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. the victim's identity has not been released. another resident of the building being treated for smoke inhalation. after several months, mayor bill de blasio has endorsed hillary clinton for president. he made the announcement on a cable news morning show. the mayor said clinton is the candidate who has the right vision, experience, and ability to get the job done. mayor de blasio managed clinton's 2000 senate campaign. he initially refused to endorse her claiming he needed to know more about her vision for presidency. >> filled in the blanks
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economics, on things like mass incarceration, very passionately, voting rights, constitutional amendment to end the efforts of citizens united. this is a very progressive -- >> clinton's campaign has released a statement welcoming the support of dozens of mayors terrifying moments thousands of feet above the ground. a sky diver dangling from a there. what went wrong. >> plus another drone spotting flying near kennedy airport. come from. >> i'm meteorologist bill evans in the weather center. it's a busy weekend in gotham. well, we're going to talk about some cool temperatures, a busy weekend and lots of weather. 60 around newark, 69 around jamaica queens. look at that wind out of the
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president obama says he will sign the budget bill that passed this morning as soon as he receives it. the senate approved a two-year deal. it also lists the debt ceiling. the vote was 64-35. the republican presidential candidates senators rand paul and ted cruz opposing the measure. the deal lifts the so-called sequester spending caps and averts a default and possible government shutdown. the faa says the plane that caught fire at a florida airport had no previous incidents or issues. the dynamic airways flight was heading to the runway at the fort lauderdale airport when an engine caught fire. passengers and crew used emergency slides to escape the 17 people were hurt. the airport director says 45 to 60-gallons of jet fuel leaked on to the tarmac. and federal aviation investigators are also looking into another drone incident
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after the pilot of a jumbo jet spotted one during his approach to kennedy airport. >> it was going roughly towards the west, and it was about i would say difficult to tell the size of the thing, but about 300 feet above us and it was black and sort of -- well looked like one of those things with the four propellers on each corner. >> british airways flight was over floral park long island when the crew spotted the unmanned aircraft. the faa and nassau county police investigating the sighting which is one of more than three dozen in the air space over jfk over the last year. an unruly passenger forced the diversion of a cross country flight. american airlines flight 754 from los angeles arrived in philadelphia seven hours late because it had to land in phoenix. police said the man walked into the first class section after takeoff ask refused to return to his seat. after he made several statements that caused alarm
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crew members and passengers physically forced him to go back to his seat and kept him there. >> extremely scary. the entire plane was nervous. >> the poor guy needs help but he scared the hell out of everybody. >> the man was taken to an urgent psychological care center for evaluation. he faces charges of interfering with a flight crew. >> in entertainment news, justin bieber storms off the stage, what made him call it quits in the middle of a concert. >> and find out why this 5-year- old girl's halloween costume turned her into an internet sensation. >> meteorologist bill evans up next with your spooky accuweather forecast. it looks really nice right there. this afternoon, amy freeze and i will be live from the opening ceremony of the tcs new york city marathon. cannot wait. >> that's going to be some good television there. >> channel 7 is your home for the marathon, and we are taking you mile by mile introducing you to some of the new yorkers
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you'll find on the course. >> this is mile 11, bedford avenue is 10 miles along. at least we don't have to run the whole thing, all of us
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dealers thank you for helping protect our children. you know, this is one beautiful time of the year. take a look at some of the fall foliage photos viewers have shared with us. we cannot get enough of them. so we want you to send us more. post them on facebook, twitter or instagram using the hashtag abc7ny. just gorgeous. >> bill, do they rate how nice the colors are? it just seems like this year's color change is just crisper and prettier and a lot more variety than i'm used to seeing. >> it's amazing. i've had so many people who are just fraught with worry that the colors would not turn out to be great because we had less rain, it was a hot summer, but gets time. they shut down. they save their water. they reserve, you know, and then the colors come out and they're absolutely gorgeous. didn't have a whole lot of heat they are beautiful. we should rate them up the hudson river. >> let's do some kind of system. >> that tree gets a 6, that
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tree gets a 9. here we go, we take a look outside. look how beautiful lower manhattan wall street area is here at noontime. you've got the battery to the far left. you got south street, seaport, bowling green, all looks really good here at noontime as the sea street makes its way underneath the brooklyn bridge. it's a pretty day and a very nice start to our weekend. our temperatures are really nice, 58 degrees, normal high this time of the year 60. we're right where we should be. dry humidity, west wind, pressure rising. all that points to a great day. yesterday it was 73. normal is 60. we're going to be right at that today. might feel a little cooler today to some, and that's because it was 73 yesterday. it's 58 now in kingston, poughkeepsie and newburgh. 60 in norwalk already. 60 around west orange and over towards the newark area, 55 towards toms river down towards belmar. still got that wind coming out of the northwest. it just keeps pouring this cooler air in here. that's going to drop the temperatures a little more as we go into the evening. clear skies, there's a few
12:18 pm
clouds and some lake effect sprinkles, the chilly air kind of pulling that moisture across the lakes created that. if anything happens this weekend, there's this front off to our west, and that would come on sunday. sunday evening there might be a shower, but now let's take a look at our guidance as it's updated. here at noontime, we see these clear skies today, tomorrow, saturday, just a few clouds by 4:00, and then here's sunday. a cloudy day, but then notice now the model is showing that the clouds go by and the front goes by, goes by virtually dry, and then the sun comes out at 2:00 in the afternoon. so it looks like we're going to be dry and nice right on through the weekend. great for the marathon, great for baseball tonight because the temperature should be about 52 at first pitch temperature 8:07, and we're going to be looking at clear skies. now tomorrow night for trick or treating, it's going to be a great evening. you won't have to wear the coat over your costume. watch out for the kids, they'll be out and about. little ghouls and goblins. also saturday night you've got
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to set the clock back. you come in, dump the bag, count the candy and turn the clocks back. that will be the end of daylight savings time. we head towards standard time. sunny and cooler this afternoon, 60, cooler because yesterday we were at 73. that's our normal high. clear and chilly tonight, 20s and 30s in the burbs, 43 around the five boroughs. tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds, a great day on saturday. 56, a little cooler than normal but still the wind dies down. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. well, you know, tonight we've got cool weather, great baseball weather. tomorrow great pumpkin. you know how we're talking about trick or treating. set your clocks back and then sunday we've got a few more clouds with sunny breaks as you see. it warms up above normal. we're at 63. then look at the temperatures as we go into next week. we're looking at 68 on tuesday, 70 on wednesday. hey, this is november; right? >> right. >> this is great. it's the el nino thing. >> i love el nino. >> i do too. >> never met an el nino i didn't like. >> and for the runners sunday, not looking bad.
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>> you know, at about first steps should be about 50 degrees. >> okay. >> runners like that. that's a nice marginal number for runners and spectators. so much going on. >> halloween mayor de blasio and the city's first lady get in the halloween spirit as they welcome hundreds of children to their home. >> gracie mansion, halloween party starts tonight at 5:00. it includes face painting, story telling and a magic show as well as some creative costumes from the mayor and shirleen mccray. i can't wait to see. last year they dressed as characters inspired by greek mythology. who knows what they will be this year. >> i know. isn't it great. there's going to be a lot more to see on halloween night than jack-o-lanterns, nasa says an asteroid will fly past the earth tomorrow. scientists expect it to be traveling at 78,000 miles per hour. the asteroid about 3 to 600 meters wide. nasa says it poses no threat to the earth. >> something to look out for. >> a parachute jump takes a
12:21 pm
caught on camera dangling from a plane. how was he finally able to safely make it to the ground.
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terrifying moments for a
12:24 pm
sky diver, justin bieber storms off the stage. >> an underwater jack-o- lanterns, some of the stories that were caught on camera and caught our attention. we begin with a sky diver left dangling from a plane for 30 minutes before he made the decision to cut himself free. the pant leg on fernanda gavis's jumpsuit got caught on a step leaving him suspended upside down. fernando's friends and family watched in agony as he cut off the pant leg and fell towards the ground. he then deploys a second fernando's only injury was a cut to his hand that he got scary nonetheless. pop star justin bieber stopped a concert in oslo norway after he got irritated with fans as he tried to wipe stage. on instagram he wrote he chose to end the show because the people in the front row would not listen. the 21-year-old singer had performed just one song before
12:25 pm
walking off stage. earlier this week, he walked spain. carolina are proving jack-o- lanterns aren't just for dry land anymore. divers at the aquarium at pine knoll shores took their pumpkin carving skills underwater. very cool. they made their creations among the fish and other aquatic residents of the tank and lit up the pumpkins with special glow sticks. no word on what the fish thought of that scene, but very >> bill's a diver. bill, you ever -- easy to do. >> i was just thinking, how does that start. how does that become a thing. >> you're down there. you've got to have neutral buoyancy. that is a talents to be able to do that. the fish are looking at you like why are your waving that knife around at me. >> usually not a good thing. >> thank you very much. a cow in north dakota has become a local celebrity due to her spooky birthmark. check it out, the patch of
12:26 pm
white on the heifer's head they say looks like a skull. i think they're right. this is kind of creepy. look at this. the ranchers who own the animal says people have been coming by all month to get a look at the scary cow. they say some people have accused him of faking the mark, but he insists the skull has been there since it was born like that. very scary. much more news ahead. security concerns in new york city as the nypd prepares for major events this weekend and the fbi has issued a warning to police departments across the country. >> also a battle over airbnb rentals, what new york city's trying to do that has the rental company upset. >> got your costume yet, a special halloween edition of
12:27 pm
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troops will be on the ground in syria. the mets hoping for a
12:29 pm
comeback, game 3 of the world series against the royals is at citi field tonight. kansas city won the first two games of this series, special subway and lirr trains are being provided to take fans to the stadium. hello, i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. we begin this half hour with security concerns in new york city for this big weekend. >> the nypd dealing with several big events, the mets, the halloween parade and the tcs new york city marathon. this as the fbi issues a warning for police officers about a possible halloween revolt they're calling it tomorrow. >> eyewitness news reporter cefaan kim is live in lower manhattan with more on that. cefaan. >> reporter: it's going to be a very busy next few days for law enforcement. police officials say this is what the nypd does. first we've got the world series tonight at citi field followed by another game tomorrow night, and if needed another sunday night. and then of course also on sunday more than 50,000 runners will compete in the tcs new
12:30 pm
all of that is going on the annual halloween parade marches through the village and this year the fbi issued a release warning the nypd of a potentially dangerous anarchist group that says it plans to ambush cops on halloween. nypd officials say they're monitoring the threat and they don't see any cause for concern. >> the group that's mentioned in that threat has no nexus to new york city in terms of its past involvement or past actions. the reason we put out that law enforcement bulletin to members of the service of the nypd was our understanding that once that notice went out from the fbi, it was likely to become public. >> and then to top it all off, president obama on monday visits newark to talk about criminal justice, but afterwards he heads to the city for some fundraisers. police officials say they've got it under control. do expect traffic jams on monday while the president is in town. in lower manhattan, cefaan kim channel 7 eyewitness news.
12:31 pm
>> thank you. confrontation with the nypd says he thinks about the incident nearly every day. the atlanta hawks thabo played the knicks. earlier this month he was acquitted of resisting arrest and other charges when another players after attacked at a chelsea bar in april. he has filed a civil lawsuit against the nypd. he says the department has to be held accountable. new at noon, nassau county prosecutors are charges a suffolk county man in a heroin overdose death. they say 19-year-old joseph juda of islip injected the heroin that ended up killing olivia mcclellan. she was found dead in her dorm room the next day. joda is charged with manslaughter, criminally charges. . we have learned the suspect in a deadly shooting outside a
12:32 pm
caught nearly 150 miles away. garrett warren was arrested in schenectady. he is charged in murder of jose feliciano. police have tied warren to a non-fatal shooting in the bronx last year. three years later there's another sandy related subway closure in lower manhattan. on monday the mta is shutting down the main entrance to the south ferry white hall street station. it is another stage of the nearly $200 million rehab caused by sandy. the storm flooded the station water. watertight doors and other features are being installed. the closure is expected to last nine months. 56 degrees right now. bill evans. he's got that after school accuweather forecast, not to mention some halloween parties. >> there's going to weather for that. look at gotham for the rest of the afternoon.
12:33 pm
57 to 60 degrees, drop it on down to about 51 let's say around 6:00 to 51 degrees around 7:00. first pitch temperature should be about 52 degrees at about 8:00. then it drops on off here after that into the 40s tonight during the game. so you want to dress warmly at citi field. it will be chilly, nice fall weather for the fall classic, and after school we're at 58 degrees today. my daughter's got a big field hockey game at 4:30. she goes to grinnish farms academy -- greenwich farms academy. look out, they call her velvet hammer. can't wait. >> better get some pictures of that. >> oh, yeah. >> thanks bill. new at noon, a prominent pastor found dead in a new jersey church. coming up, what police are telling us about the investigation. >> also ahead, actress leah remini, who was practically raised in the church of scientology if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything -
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medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto , tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. it is for me. with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto ... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . new at noon, investigators in new jersey do not suspect foul play after a pastor was found dead in his church. this is a picture of reverend ron christian from the facebook baptist church. essex county prosecutors say a family member found the 51-year- old dead inside the church in irvington. an autopsy will determine the cause and manner of death. now to new details this afternoon about the convicted rapist on the run in the southeast. overnight police in kentucky say he was killed. he eluded authorities for a
12:37 pm
week before he was taken down last night in kentucky. abc's lana zak has the story. >> a week of terror as the man hunt for an armed and dangerous an end. authorities found 62-year-old floyd ray cook hiding in an kentucky. >> he brandished a gun. he can have one, and shots were exchange -- he did have one, sustained wounds which ultimately led to his death. >> with the help of heat imaging equipment, authorities tracked down cook in the dead of the night. >> tonight was a scary moment because we didn't know where he was and when you're searching in the dark that's an uneasy feeling. >> cook had been serving a sentence of more than 100 years when he was paroled in 2009, his rap sheet including rape of a minor, assault and armed robbery. on saturday cook was pulled over in a traffic stop and responded by opening fire on the officer in nearby all good tennessee. >> shots fired, shots fired.
12:38 pm
officer down, officer down. >> the officer wearing a bullet proof vest survived. >> i have no comment, talk to me brother, okay, i know you're hit. they're coming. >> authorities described him as dangerous and desperate. nearby schools had canceled classes out of fear for the safety of their students. >> police began to zero in on cook after he knocked on a door asking for a ride. the residents there refusing and instead called police. eyewitness news. newly obtained video shows the scene inside a waco texas restaurant where a shootout among rival biker clubs came to a deadly end; a fight and then a shootout erupted off camera between a group of motorcycle clubs last may at a restaurant. panic suddenly erupts. the video shows some motorcyclists ducked for cover while others pull out guns. nine people were killed and 177 others were arrested. investigators are now trying to figure out who leaked the
12:39 pm
video. about scientology and tom cruise's role in the church in 20/20. remini was raised as a scientologist but left the church two years ago after she began having serious doubts cruise. she says she quickly learned that being critical of cruise is the same as being critical >> he was like forcibly kissing katie and i said hey, get a fricken room and i was written up for that. >> if you say something that is critical to the church you will be written up. husband, wife, mother daughter, it's what the group does to regulate itself. >> remini has written a memoir called troublemakers surviving hollywood and scientology. month. you can watch leah remini's exclusive interview during tonight's especially 20/20 at 10 p.m. right here on channel 7. you can also see it on the abc watch app. there's a masked man roaming a neighborhood in
12:40 pm
the man goes by the name guardian shoulder and patrols parking lots and other areas of an apartment complex wearing a red and black costume and carrying a ballistic shield. he also carries pepper spray, a kit. >> i want to be taken seriously. everything that i do i try to be legit as much as possible. i make sure no one's breaking into cars or no one's fighting is people are getting home to their families after a long day of work. >> guardian shield says at first people were scared to see him, including one woman who screamed when he greeted her. now as the residents are being thanked for his service. >> he wants to be taken seriously, that's why he's wearing that outfit. halloween weekend. for you. >> just ahead, the special halloween edition of live with kelly and michael. what costume stole the show.
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dealers thank you for helping protect our children. well, there are lots of events in new york this weekend, but if you're still looking for options, hollywood wants you to put their movies on their list. >> bradley cooper is back on the big screen. this one also a story of redemption as he molds into a top chef. here's sandy kenyon with his review of burt. >> my parents started food and wine magazine so i was brought up to appreciate the best of both, food and drink. fine cuisine is tough to translate on the big screen but the new movie called burnt does a decent job even if the story amounts to pretty thin soup. >> service. >> burnt is a feast for the eyes and bad reviews shouldn't necessarily stop you from enjoying its pleasures. bradley cooper isn't quite believable as a bad boy chef, and the script is weak. >> i want to make my kitchen
12:44 pm
>> but the chemistry between the two leads makes this film worth seeing, and it's further proof sienna miller is one of the most underrated performers working today. >> she doesn't know how good she is. >> the chef is trying to go straight in london after a career in paris he barely remembers. >> there were at least a dozen people who tried to have you killed. >> he owes money to a drug dealer in a plot point that goes nowhere, ditto his relationship with a therapist, a story so insignificant it doesn't even make the trailer, and there's a rivalry with another chef that's pure corn ball. >> you're the best. the rest of us need you to lead us to places we otherwise wouldn't go. >> we have seen this before again and again, but i can't hate this movie because of the relationship at its core. >> if i was your girlfriend you'd probably hold my arm. >> no if you were my girlfriend we would have gotten in an
12:45 pm
argument in the taxi. >> i never bought bradley as arrogant but their relationship seemed real to thanks to a couple of stars who as foodies like to say elevate the dish. >> we can keep on cooking and be interesting but i want people to sit at that table and be sick with longing and i need you to do it with me. >> watching this one is going to make you hungry for a good meal, but with so many good movies in theaters this fall, you may want to see them first and wait for burnt to pop up on video in your home. foodies can go and see it and have a good time. coming up on you eye at 4, i'll be reviewing the new movie starring sandra bullock as a political consultant. will her fans be pleased or disappointed. find out at 4. >> getting back to burnt, there's so many food movies that have been out. you have a high expectation now don't you of what can be done.
12:46 pm
movie babett's feast, and i saw that followed by the feast itself. now nothing's going to that. >> water for chocolate. >> that's another great one. >> there's a bunch of them right? >> doesn't take much to get my stomach growling. >> it's a good time at lunch. >> let's check to halloween for a second. this is the day all of us here at channel 7 wait for because right in our building, costume clad fans fill the audience on live with kelly and michael. >> only one person won for the best halloween look. check it out. >> i'm so nervous. the grim reaper [ cheers and applause ] >> the grim reaper was floating. i don't know if you saw that. it was a great effect. but you know what, i just love kelly and mike. the fans are great but watching these two, they really step it up. look at that. >> oh, really? i didn't see that one. it's great.
12:47 pm
>> i know. all kinds of different outfits including movie characters. >> when michael does kanye west, when he comes up, he's got the walk. >> it's good and kelly as trump. it's too good. it's too good. >> a few people showed up outside and then it just snowballed. >> every year. >> and they get there so early. they're in the dark lined up down 67th street. >> i know. it's great. >> so awesome. >> enough of that. let's talk a little weather before we end this newscast. >> it's going to be great weather no matter what you want to do this weekend, if it's going to a movie or going to baseball, halloween, trick or treating. going on. for those of you in town watching us, your weather's going to be great for the marathon, really nice. seven times. i've run it in 78-degree weather, i've run it in 40- degree weather. i ran it in pouring rain,
12:48 pm
this is going to be great. are you talking about a wonderful day this is going to be for the marathon. it will be spectacular, and this evening for baseball game 3 of the world series it's going to be wonderful. temperature now 58 degrees. the humidity dry, the winds are west at 8 and the pressure rising. all this points to what's going on a beautiful afternoon with the temperature near 60 degrees. sunny and cooler this afternoon, we're at 60 degrees. tonight it's clear, it's chilly. we're talking about 20s and 30s in the suburbs and 43 around the five boroughs and then tomorrow a great day. great for baseball tonight, game time temperature 52. overnight 43, and then tomorrow sunshine and 56. great weather for trick or treating saturday night. a little cooler in the suburbs. you know, you don't have to have the jacket until late if you're going to be out. breaks of sun and 63 on sunday. we're taking the rain out of there. lee goldberg will have more coming up on first at 4. we're going to warm up to 70 next week. oh, november, where is thy sting? leave it at home.
12:49 pm
clocks back saturday night, change the batteries in all of those things around the house, smoke detectors all that kind of stuff. >> good reminder. the battle over airbnb short-term housing rental heating up. the city council considering stricter penalties for people. it would increase the fines from 1,000 to $10,000. this also includes new penalties for landlords who evict tenants in favor of airbnb renters. we will be right back but first here's michael simon with a look at what's coming up next on the chew. >> hey david and shirleen, today we're going all out for our halloween spooktacular. we're vealing our amazing top
12:50 pm
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special edition of the feed. we're turning orange today for halloween, and you know it's important because, look, we really spend every dime we had on the graphics so we could turn this into a halloween little segment. >> we couldn't afford a costume. >> today it's all about viral costumes. let's tell you a little bit about this. they're popping up all over social media. with so many costumes getting slammed for being inappropriate, it's nice to see that one is being applauded for being inclusive. a mom posted pictures of princess elsa from frozen complete leg braces and crutches. s. the mom wrote including children with special needs makes them less and normalizes their challenges. >> absolutely. >> good job on their part. >> no one is going to try to steal candy from this little trick or treater in pennsylvania. >> okay. 5-year-old eloise chesney is dressing as mixed martial arts champion ronda rousey.
12:54 pm
pictures of the pint sized ultimate fighter went viral when her father posted them on instagram. he says the 2nd grader is a big fan of rousey and wanted to dress up with her for halloween. >> his mantra when life gives you lemons, make halloween costumes. one man is inspiring us as he wows this. you have to see this. john sunquist has one leg, taking a bit of the gingerbread man from shrek, to dressing up as the -- from christmas story. this topped it from the year. he transformed from a hopping ihop sign. hello. >> that is good. that is pretty good. >> we're not going to top that. one last one to leave you with. have you seen those smart balance boards popping up. you stand on them and they zip around. >> sure. >> back to the future hover board. one guy had the brilliant idea
12:55 pm
to throw a tiny carpet on it, dress up like aladdin and voila, viral costume, going shopping, stopping at drive throughs, entertaining social media along the way. this is pretty brilliant. >> that's j afar. >> and that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm david novarro. >> and i'm shirleen allicot. make sure you're back this afternoon for eyewitness news first at 4. have an amazing halloween and a great weekend overall. >> we'll see you for look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know - and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? whether you're new to medicare or not, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. it's up to you to pay the difference. so think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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