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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  October 31, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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where we are right now. temperatures started off real economically north and west. we were below freezing in a lot of spots. sussex, monticello and poughkeepsie, we'll see the temperatures slowly making their way into the 50s. stay below average throughout the day. warmer weather is going to be with us for tomorrow. tonight at the ballpark in citi field it's all good but as the winds change up i'll explain how this could actually help the batters tonight as we see the winds change up at citi field later on this evening at first pitch. we'll talk about that, a spotty shower that could be with you tomorrow. the race day looking all right. details explained in the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up next. breaking on that plane crash that happened in egypt, russian and egyptian officials say there are no survivors 224 people were on that passenger plane. metro jet when it went off radar shortly after takeoffs.
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the plane departed from a tourist destination near the red sea. it was bound for st. petersburg in russia. the pilot attempted to land at the nearest airport but the plane crashed in egypt's sinai peninsula, a very mountainous region. all of the victims were believed to be russian. russia has now declared tomorrow a day of mourning. the death toll is expected to rise in the nightclub fire in romania. a heavy metal ban's pyrotechnics sparked an inferno inside of the basement's club in bucharest. the crowd of 400 people panicked at the sight of flames spreading and rushed to the only exit in the club, which was on another floor. witnesses say people were trampled while others fainted from the smoke. rob. switching gears now to those amazin mets and the hometown advantage proved to be
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just what the mets needed to begin leveling things out in this world series. last night a tremendous game, a complete offensive clinic that the mets put on last night. they beat the royals, final score 9-3, pay back for game 2. sports anchor rob powers has the highlights. >> the first world series game at citi field turns into the first world series victory for thes mets at citi field. they served notice to the royals that yes, they are in a series. bottom of the 2nd inning, down 1-0, david wright, long ball. it's a 2-run home run. the mets have the lead. that is huge for the captain. kansas city would regain the lead. the mets go long ball again, curtis granderson with another 2-run home run. it just clears the wall and the mets are back in front. noah syndergaard kept it that way. power pitching in the high 90s. david wright another couple rbi with a base hit, and the mets are on the board. they win game 3, 9-3. still
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a chance to even the series later tonight. >> this game is just as important as the previous one and the first game, but each team is trying to win as many games as they can as quickly as they can. >> i was able to stay locked in for the entire game, just try to keep it simple. me and travis out there. >> running around the bases it's just like floating. you can't describe, you know, the excitement of, you know, hitting the home run, crossing home plate, high fiving your teammates, looking up in the stands and seeing people go absolutely nuts. >> and trying to follow up last night's win is steven matz later tonight. the kid from long island pitches game 4 of the world series, and the mets try to even things up. at citi field, rob powers channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you rob. with citi field now hosting the world series, the only people more excited than the players are the mets fans. today that energy has been sweeping across the city already. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff joins us live from
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citi field. gorgeous sight behind you mallory. good morning. >> reporter: good morning michelle. excited mets' fans this morning, tonight game 4 of the world series. mets fans say they saw what they needed to see last night, and they believe their team can do it again right here at home tonight. i want you to take a look at this video from last night, the hours leading up to game 3. time square was transformed. you can see orange and blue flooding the area. mets towels were handed out to fans. city bikes were decorated with mets spirit as well. meanwhile at mcfadden's mets fans were in it to win it. they came out to the midtown bar to support their team. that's exactly what they did, their energy and enthusiasm could not be missed. they're ready play a game tonight at citi field. >> it's just a great atmosphere to be in, and when you've got 45,000 people getting behind it. >> we're taking it! we're not asking, we're taking it
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>> reporter: and mets' fans tell us tonight's a big night. they say it's the night they're going to tie things up. live from queens, mallory hoff channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you so much, mallory, and let's stay with the mets theme. look, that's mayor de blasio and first lady dressed as mets players to show their support for the amazins. they welcomed hundreds of childrens and their moms and dads for a celebration. the party included face painting and creative costumes on the kids who were obviously having a great time. this was pre-- oh, no, prehopped up on sugar. cute little captain america, scarecrow. i love it. >> so they dressed up as the mets and when the mets actually took to citi field for game 3 of the world series, you guys might remember this, fans heard the voice of a young woman from queens playing in the stadium. she recorded a song for slugger yoenis cespedes and now it
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the name of the song is the power. >> thena has been a mets fan her whole life. >> i live in corona. i can literally walk through the park and get to the stadium. >> little did she know that world series baseball might help her dreams come true, too. >> what so proudly we hail >> starting with a chance to sing the national anthem at the august 30th mets game. that's where she met outfielder yoenises pedes. >> he's like okay, go for it. >> she did. the corona crooner whipped up an all star walk up jam. by two hours it was done. i sent it over. he loved it, said he's going to use it, boom. >> during the first playoff game ever at citi field, he >> 3-run shot. >> it's your song >> and i'm like shut up and he hit the home run so they did
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the replay ron that's when you can really hear the song. >> her new single was a hit, thena used her own voice to share the song on social media and explained the >> so the power is la portencia in spanish and that's what he was known for in cuba. he literally came out of nowhere and then just got the mets up to a whole other they made the playoffs. >> the inspiration is for her life, too, a person in new york city with dreams using her power to make it happen. >> you're the girl from corona who's living her dream and slowly reaching it. nothing's impossible. work hard. you're in new york, we have the power here. go for it. >> amy freeze channel 7 eyewitness news. >> love that. all right, of course we have everything you need to know about the world series in the special mets section of our website,
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to other news, 15 people including four children killed when a fire ripped through a marketplace in the philippines. the fire touched off in the early morning hours in southern manila when sparks from an electric post, flames quickly spread to stacks of clothing and ignited stalls where vendors and their families were sleeping. one person is in custody after a double stabbing near the rutgers university campus. >> witnesses say the two men were arguing near a residence hall when things escalated somehow and for some reason got physical. at one point one of the men pulled out a knife. >> i saw them sitting on a couch. they seemed pretty casual and like all of a sudden they just got up and started yelling at each other. it was like a big, like fighting match and they started to get physical, and then, yeah. it was like a knife fight. >> both men suffered stab wounds in this.
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no word yet on their conditions or whether or not they are students at rutger's university. coming up, police are ramping up security for several huge events across new york this weekend. of course including that little matchup called the world series. >> huge. but first, yeah a reminder that channel 7 is your home for the tcs new york city marathon. we're taking you mile by mile introducing you to some of the new yorkers you will find along the way. >> we're at mile 18 of the marathon, a local establishment been here since 1902. my grandfather started it, famous for our brownies, cookies, stop in for a snack. >> wow. >> that's what you need, need a little cookie to give you that extra boost. >> the tcs new york city marathon is tomorrow november the 1st, and our coverage michelle will be out there on the route at.
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>> i'll be out there at 61st and 1st avenue. sorry i didn't know if you
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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welcome back everybody, quite a weekend ahead for the nypd. police are tightening up security as they deal with several huge events around the apple including the world series, the halloween parade down in the village, and of course tomorrow's tcs new york city marathon. lots on the city's docket. the department is deploying 1800 officers and setting up thousands of barricades for the marathon tomorrow, and today for halloween added security worries after an fbi warning about an anarchist group that says it's planning to ambush cops on this halloween holiday. police, though, seem to be down playing concerns about that particular threat. >> the group that's mentioned in that threat has no nexus to
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new york city in terms of its past involvement or past actions. >> now marathon weekend did kick off with the parade of nations. it featured 1300 delegates representing about 130 countries, and that was all followed by another spectacular marathon tradition, fireworks that lit up the skies over central park. now on top of all the evens we mentioned to add to those security concerns, president obama will be in our area again on monday. so add that to the roster of things that police are dealing with over the next, what, 72 hours. >> much to do. >> crazy. >> keeping us safe. working hard, and for that we say thank you. >> yes, we do. >> there we go. >> i enjoyed your piece. that's an awesome back story on cespedes' song. >> little cutety from corona. >> about 25 years old, right around in there, darling, so sweet, and did i mention in the piece that she lives like blocks from citi field.
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>> so, you know, she's a mets fan for life and here she is. music into the world series playoffs pretty cool. >> never doubt the power of a good theme song or a good looking woman, every time getting things done, making the world spin. >> i think it's about the music. it's all about the music. >> mm-hmm, mm-hmm. >> so the weather's good looking too as well. >> yes, it is. >> good morning, everybody. temperatures are in the low 40s right now in central park. we have blue skies overhead, and some increasing clouds are expected today, but it's all good for baseball. all right, isn't it, for tonight? right. >> and citi field tonight first pitch looking for temperatures in the 50s. we'll get the winds switched out going southwest. that will take the ball out of the park we hope for our team. pressure is on the rise. here are the numbers that we started with this morning, giving us the 30s and 40s as the jumpoff point for long island. if we look at the 24-hour temperature change, it's actually significantly cooler today than it was at the same
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morning started off so mild. we're about 17 degrees colder in poughkeepsie, 15 degrees colder in andover, 5 to 10 degrees colder in most other this morning. we're in the mid-40s. we're not going to get out of the mid-50s in a lot of spots. it stays cool before we get that summer of warm air. what that basically means for us is it's cool and calm and dry for the trick-or-treaters. moms and dads are happy about this. not as gusty for game 4, so the winds were pretty big last night. tonight we're going to settle them down, southwest winds up to 12 miles an hour, and a southwest wind at citi field could carry the ball out to right center field. much nicer this year for the tcs new york city marathon. we have 55,000 runners running the race, so if you're going to be out there early in staten island, which we all are, no matter what corral you're in, you're out there early waiting for a bit, we'll see temperatures in the low 50s to start. that's the overnight low is 50 degrees. that's how we start out there. we could actually get a little
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sprinkle. a large front back here to the midwest, ask overnight tonight, maybe a little bit of that squeezes in, but we don't game. we've got 54. degrees. i do not want late baseball tonight, just win it and let's cool costumes turn into a chance for a little sprinkle with that front that comes in, not a big deal if it happens in staten island. that's just fine. mostly dry, though for the entire race. in fact, this is what i'm planning. by the time i get over there tomorrow, it will be cloudy, and then we get a little break, it looks like, and then 6 a.m. we're clouded over, perhaps a little spotty shower. that would be the time frame early on by 6 or 7 a.m. by the time in the bronx, i think a little bit of sun, sunshine over the bronx is what i'm hoping for. accuweather seven-day forecast looks like this, rain moving in south and east on monday night, then it's warm, above average, a very mild pattern setting up for the second half of the week.
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accuweather seven-day forecast, good for halloween, good for can't beat it. it's good down the stretch for rob who's still holding on. >> he does. he is. >> yep. >> you'll be out on the course >> can't wait. it's going to be great. >> 1st avenue, tcs new york city marathon, 61st street andst 1st avenue. >> you're out reporting, you're out running. >> rob's on the couch. >> i'll be checking you all out. >> p90 couch. >> straight ahead on eyewitness news this saturday morning, the tcs new york city marathon kicks off in less than 24 hours. physical therapist tony deangelo is here to talk about preventing injuries and soothing sore muscles after one
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welcome back everybody, more than 50,000 runners are taking part in tomorrow's tcs new york city marathon. >> ask with less than 24 hours to go before the race, physical therapist tony deangelo joins us with some very important last minute tips to help prevent injuries, soothe muscle cramps and also the post-race suit. >> soreness. >> the post race scoot, what is it called when people are kind of gingerly walking the day after. >> that's just the post-race shuffle. >> if you're lucky. >> why are people sore. i mean 26.2 is a long stretch, but what are some of the body mechanics that cause all this? >> the reason why most people develop injuries after marathons are deconditioning, two flexibility issues and three repetitive motion on an unforgiving surface like a roadway. >> and feet are the worst. >> feet are probably yes the worst. >> speaking from experience. >> you know this far better than i do. walk us through some of the
9:21 am
>> one of the main injuries we typically see is tendinitis, this is a great tool for almost every runner. you can do this for prepping any muscle for flexibility training, so this can be done on any mums followed by a stretch. >> he's on one of the foam rollers here and he's kind of just putting all his weight and pressure on to that area. >> yeah, most runners and most individuals when they first start this exercise they hate it because it's very uncomfortable, but what it does is it preps the muscle with increasing circulation, increasing flexibility, and then the muscle's great and ready to be stretched. >> you're doing a great job. >> and you showed us another exercise with the band. >> lay on your back. rachel's going to do some stability exercises and strengthening exercises. >> come up a little bit so we can see you. >> for his core and lateral hit musculature. he's going to separate his knees,. >> maybe come the other way. >> what that's going to do is we're going to have resistance here at the band, and then he's going to externally rotate his
9:22 am
hip. that's going to work the posterior chain, very important in stabilizing the hip and the low back. next he's going to roll on his back. we're going to do some bridging exercises. this works the core and lateral musculature and posterior chain. these exercises can be held for 30 seconds to build endurance. you can make this more difficult for the advanced runners by doing single leg bridges, holding for 30 seconds to build that endurance. >> that's how they got ready for 50 shades of grey. same thing. >> we're going to do some weightbearing exercises. that's more functional. >> those two were basically knee exercises, and then the hip flexors, so we're really talking about all the parts that hurt post marathon day, the feet, the knees, the hips, but even if you don't run a marathon those are all critical pain parts right. >> absolutely. this is a walking city. those are all very common for the city.
9:23 am
>> lateral thera band, the more you squat the harder the exercise. again, lateral musculature, abs are nice and tight. you're working your core as well as those lower extremity muscles, an excellent exercise. there's lots of variations to this exercise. >> is there anything you suggest for your friends and family that have sympathy pains for you after you finish. >> i do sympathize for you. tomorrow i will. >> recovering soft tissue massage, getting a nice massage and helping that muscle get circulation is a good medicine for anybody. >> that's my favorite part, the day after a race massage. >> grab your foam rollers your going to need them. >> for more information on injury prevention go to
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welcome back, 9:25. >> time for sports with laura behnke. >> good morning, everyone.
9:26 am
there are no actual must win games, unless elimination is on the line but last night for the mets it was about as close as it gets because no team has ever overcome a 3 games to none deficit to win the world series. and new york did not exactly want to attempt to become the first as the mets returned home to face the royals in the first game in citi field history. david wright had been quiet so far in the fall classic, not here. 2-run shot. curtis granderson in on the long ball action with his own 2- run homer. second of the world series, while noah syndergaard seemed to handle the royal's lineup. he allowed three runs and struck out six in six solid innings of work. wright was back for more in a huge 6th. the two rbi singles, the mets would get four runs in the frame. 9-3 your final. the mets win, they now trail this series 2 games to 1. >> i said before the game we get our offense going a little bit, you know, we play better baseball like everybody does. >> this is when we rise up,
9:27 am
when we've got our backs to the wall. >> now to what would be the biggest sports story in these part ifs there weren't something called the world series going on. jason pierre paul back with the giants and yesterday he spoke for the first time about his return from a 4th of july fireworks accident that left his right hand mangled. jpp began working out with the team on wednesday. he's hoping he'll be able to return to game action soon. when he does he'll wear a special glove and doesn't expect to miss a beat. >> i'm the same jpp that i was last year, you know. it's not going to be a major adjustment, you know what i mean. but as far as like my hand goes, you know, i'll get used to it. everybody excited that i'm here but as far as like going out there and i'm not going to put myself in jeopardy. >> the lone star state has not been kind to brooklyn as of late. san antonio in particular. in fact, the spurs went into last night having won 12 in a row at home over the nets.
9:28 am
last night brooklyn trying to change that, and crashed san antonio's home opener, tim duncan, the ageless wonder, 15 points for him, brook lopez led the way for the nets. he led all scorers with 17 points and the nets led in the 2nd. all that changed after the break. san antonio went on quite a run. patty mills, his own triple right there, 102-75. the spurs once again roll. it has been a quiet week for the rangers who beat calgary at home on sunday and waited until last night to return to the ice as the blue shirts hosted the maple leafs at the garden looking for the fourth win. this one about mats zuccarello, he was just getting started. it remained 1-0 until the 3rd, guess who, there's zucc again, then in the final minute why not, with the net open, zucc burying the empty netter for the hat trick. the rangers get the win. that's your morning look at sport.
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again with you later tonight with a final mets royals such good stuff. thank you. news this saturday morning today's top stories. >> mets fans are preparing for game 4 of the world series to be played right here at home. we'll show you what team spirit looks like ahead. thank you mallory. also ahead we're following the latest developments overseas. egyptian military officials now
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you for helping protect our children. breaking right now on that metro jet plane crash in egypt, russian and egyptian officials confirm there are no survivors. 224 people were on that passenger plane when it went off radar shortly after takeoff, the plane departed
9:32 am
from sharm el shake, a tourist destination on the red sea. the pilot had reported tech tall problems moments before the plane crashed in egypt's very mountainous sinai peninsula. . good morning, again, everybody. it's saturday october 31st, halloween morning, thanks for being with us, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm michelle charlesworth. halloween. happy end of october. >> happy game 4, happy everything. >> got lots to talk about. >> oh yeah busy weekend in new york. >> and all good weather for it. >> yes, and for that we thanks the mets blue clad amy freeze. >> rounds out our orange and blue. >> it's all amazin this morning, really fantastic baseball last night. the weather cooperating with whatever plans you have today, happy halloween to everyone. if you're doing trick or treating later or getting the ghost and goblins ready to go, looks like everything is going to be fine. maybe an extra layer under the costume. we will be in the 50s about
9:33 am
trick or treating time. sun going down before 6 p.m. tonight. just a reminder drivers out there we've got a lot of little ghouls and goblins out there. be careful driving. sub freezing still for monticello. we've warmed up in andover and poughkeepsie. we're in the 40s in the suburbs, out on the island, 45 for islip, 43 for belmar. a mixed sky giving away to clouds moving in from the west. even though we do get increasing clouds through the afternoon, turns out to be a beautiful night for baseball. the winds will be a little southwest winds. that kind of helps carry the ball to right center field. we'll see temperatures dropping down to 50 degrees. that's where we start for marathoners tomorrow coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll talk about what to expect during the race. 55,000 runners on standby. you can watch it all right here on wabc. >> thank you very much. let's talk about those amazin mets shall we? they're going to try to keep their momentum going tonight in
9:34 am
game 4 of the world series. they beat the kansas city royals last night 9-3, a blowout in the first ever world series game at citi field. david wright throws over to 1st for the final out. he finished the game with four rbis. captain. the mets trail the royals 2-1 in the series. fans are positive they will eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff joins us live outside of citi field where mets fans are excited. finally some revenge for what city. good morning mallory. >> good morning rob. feeling. as a matter of fact, mets fans have actually been telling the all trick or treating tonight it's got to wrap up by 8:07. again, game 4 tonight, very exciting. it will be played here at home. i do want you to take a look at this video from last night. in the hours leading up to the game, time square was transformed. you can see orange and blue flooding the area. fans.
9:35 am
city bicycles were decorated with mets spirit as well. meanwhile at mcfadden's mets fans were in it to win it. they came out to the mets bar to support their team. that's exactly what they did, their energy and enthusiasm before sunset former metcalfer mike piazza traveled on this decked out water taxi he predicted the team will rally. >> eight years here, it's something i can't describe, the energy and the way -- it's like family now. every time i come back here it's like coming back home. >> reporter: and the big question, will tonight be the night they tie things up, a lot of mets fans have their fingers crossed right now. live from citi field, mallory hoff channel 7 eyewitness news. >> let's tie things up, get this going like 86. thank you mallory. game 4 tonight 8:07 p.m., and remember, to show us your pics showing off that blue and orange pride out there, use the hashtag abc7ny.
9:36 am
the mets trying to even this let's go. a stop work order has been issued against the company in charge of a construction site at a deadly collapse in manhattan. the building is on 38th street in midtown. it was in the process of being demolished when the unplanned collapse happened. one construction worker was killed in this collapse. firefighters rescued another worker who was trapped in debris for more than three hours. we want to update you, he is in serious condition this morning. a 7-year-old little girl from brooklyn who choked on a has passed away. 1st grader. she had been on life support since choking while eating lunch at ps250 in williamsburg. an investigation has now been launched. the city's education department claims that faculty did respond swiftly to the emergency. police in westchester county are now offering a reward to catch whoever destroyed part of a premier basketball facility.
9:37 am
all this happened at the 4th street playground in mount vernon. a car drove over and then damaged the new mats on the basketball courts. month. the culprit. >> i was heartbroken today when i came in here to see this and to know that we had spent so much time, so much money, so much effort in order to redo these courts to find it in such we did spare. >> the city had used community development block grant funds for the rehab to the park. now taxpayers will have to foot the bill for the repairs. president obama was visited by a wee little pope yesterday at the white house, not the actual pope, but you'll see. an adorable toddler was dressed as the pontiff and was pushing his own pope mobile, attended first family's halloween party. the president was so taken with the pint sized pontiff, he turned to the reporters and declared top prize on this one.
9:38 am
the kid was one of hundreds who came to trick-or-treat at the executive mansion. >> so cute. >> that wins the award for most adorable story of the day. that is good stuff. >> coming up on eyewitness news saturday morning, the rain just the state are already soaked, and it doesn't look like the storms are stopping anytime soon. just a real mess for folks across that state. okay. so everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios!" but why. why fios? well, right now for a limited time, you can get a great deal from fios, the 100% fiber optic network. fios gives you big capacity so you can get 100 percent out of all your devices. that means if you need more streaming for more devices...
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kate murray: "i am not a prosecutor. i am a manager." vo: well, the first part's true. kate murray's never practiced criminal law. never prosecuted one murderer, one drug dealer, or one corrupt politician. editorials call murray "utterly unprepared to serve." and "clueless about pressing issues surrounding criminal justice." there's a better choice. madeline singas has spent two decades prosecuting crime. targeting murderers, drug dealers, political corruption. madeline singas. a prosecutor, not a politician. two people have died and two are still missing after a system of torrential rain swept through south central texas. rising flood waters soaked neighborhoods in houston and austin. a flash flood watch and other hazardous weather warnings are expected to last through this morning in that region. crews are also trying to determine whether or not tornadoes touched down in an area last night already socked by what was left of hurricane patricia.
9:41 am
and those storms in texas brought severe lightning. this tower belongs to the national weather service, ironically enough. a technician was recording last night's storm in brownsville when that bolt burst. thankfully he was not hurt, but the lightning did knock out radar that was tracking flash flooding. texas may get another light show tonight, more storms expected to move in throughout the weekend. >> that's actually a radar that was struck by lightning. >> that's crazy. between texas and south carolina, it's been a rough few weeks in the south with all the rain and flooding. >> horrible flooding. >> sending prayers to those folks kind of makes you feel bad because weaver having great weather here, almost 70 going into november. >> i mean next week we're going to be like what? it's november? it's going to be upper 60s and low 70s. i think today is the coolest day of the entire week ahead. >> the stretch. >> the entire stretch. >> if you've got plans today, even though it's a little cool, it's practically average, average, slightly below average
9:42 am
weather for this time of the year. we can't complain. this is really what we would expect, blue skies, east river here. we get the day going, temperatures in the low 40s right now. a light wind expected today. later on this afternoon out of the southwest, i mention it because at the ball field that means it's more likely for the batters to send it out to right center field with a wind like that at mets stadium. citi field's going to be great for baseball later today. normal october 31st temperature will be 59. we're going to be a few degrees below that. nowhere near the records of 82. warmer weather is coming this week. sunset time at 5:55. keep that in mind, follow the ghosts and goblins running around in the neighborhoods. be aware of those times where the lighting will change. temperatures are just above the freezing point for monticello, poughkeepsie and andover. it's cooler than it was yesterday, significantly so by about 10, 12 degrees in most spots. this afternoon without loot of wind and a little bit of sun it should be okay. 56 degrees, an extra layer under the costumes wouldn't be out of the question.
9:43 am
you may want to know. trick-or-treaters, cool, dry, pretty calm during the time you'd be trick or treating. get home early. mets are playing. they're actually in the favor of hitting the ball, that should make for an exciting game. quick spotty showers are possible before dawn tomorrow. it's ideal running weather really. we get the spotty shower coming ahead to the front. it's not a big deal. in staten island we may see a drop or two. that's it, and then we have a beautiful day in front of us. so temperatures climb from today's 56 to 66 tomorrow under mostly dry conditions, and so that sets the stage for really a terrific finish in central park. we'll have more clouds and sunshine through the afternoon, but if you watch the futurecast here, saturday afternoon for the trick-or-treaters, those cool temperatures overnight down to about 50, which is mild for this time of the year, by 6 a.m. tomorrow morning there's just these little spotty chances that we can't completely rule out seeing raindrops. some places may get no rain at all. by the time we finish the
9:44 am
marathon, skies are looking good, maybe a little sunshine peeking through. first pitch 8:07, 54 degrees with southwest winds. by the 9th inning 52 degrees, and i'm emphasizing 9th inning. we need an early finish tonight. we're getting up early for the marathon. here's the accuweather seven- day forecast for you. the week ahead looking fantastic as far as mild conditions, worry-free weather, and high comfort if you will. monday we could see some showers afternoon to evening, 64 degrees, and then it's 70 on tuesday. 69 on wednesday. 71 on thursday, 69 on friday. that's all the way down the stretch how the weather is just going to be easy to take basically. >> right. >> my bib number is 19717. there's a free app that you can download the tcs new york city marathon app. >> yes, i love doing that. >> it's a free app. you download it, just put my
9:45 am
name in and it comes up. you don't really need my number. i'm going to depend on the banana on 1st avenue. >> she wants all stuff. >> when i think bib, i think lobster. >> what is the banana? >> potassium, it makes her more -- it gives her energy and she won't be as sore. >> very nice. >> i don't want charlie cramps. that's why i want to eat the banana. >> i'm going it picture michelle handing you the banana on the roof tomorrow morning. >> before we go to break, let's go the community calendar. >> i was out in kansas city. i was there for that very ugly game 2. i stayed up late last night to watch that miraculous game 3. this community calendar is a remix of the james brown classic the big payback. >> head craft purchased in westchester, the fair features 100 elite artists and offers the first look at one of a kind items. >> don your costume for lincoln
9:46 am
monsters and music festival at this first ever halloween, enjoy activities throughout the culture hub plaza. >> bird bug and wildlife enthusiasts at queen county museum is for you. get up close with frogs, insects, even birds of prey. >> it's the largest dog costume event in brooklyn. join hundreds of canine lovers for the 17th annual great pup- kin festival this. >> a community comes together for a twist on halloween to keep kids safe. trunk or treat in new jersey promises to be filled with fun and sweets for all. >> at halloween festival at the stony brook village center enjoy free mini pumpkins, games galore and the best scarecrow competition on long island. for more information about
9:47 am
9:48 am
welcome back everybody, triple crown winner american
9:49 am
pharaoh may be ready to close out his racing career in style. today the champion horse is preparing for his final run at the breeders cup classic in kentucky. american pharaoh is coming off a narrow loss of the travers stakes in august. that's his only defeat in seven races this year. what a remarkable run that horse has had. win or lose the 3-year-old colt will end his day at a nearby farm where he will live out his life as a stud. >> living the dream. >> living out his days as a stud. anyway, moving on. mets fans really are wearing their orange and blue with pride as they should right now. >> but i love this guy. for one diehard mets fan it's about more than a hat or a t- shirt. he has an entire basement dedicated to his team. i checked out his amazin man cave. >> mets memorabilia, meet the man cave.
9:50 am
my uncle got me an autograph of my then favorite player greg jeffries. i have an autographed ball and card. i have a picture of me holding it on my 9th birthday. >> then there was a jacket he received when he was 5. no picture though, the mets fan who started all of this. >> all of this stuff takes up the entire downstairs basement. he says a basement was a must when they moved to a new house. >> i had all this stuff in our guest bedroom, and i painted the walls met blue and met orange. when we were trying to sell it the real estate agent's like this isn't going to fly. >> it flies here though and his wife jackie, here she is at a game the day they got engaged. >> that is the 69 and 86 world series team, that is a complete autographed photo of each member of the team. those ticket stubs over there that is every ticket from the 69 world series and every ticket from the 86 world series. i've got a rookie card of every single player on the 86 world series team and the 69 world
9:51 am
series team. >> what makes a mets fan a unique breed of fan? >> we're very loyal. it makes it even harder not just being bad for so long, it's being bad while having the yankees in your city. that makes it even sweeter now that we're good. >> well said. >> well said. >> to have such an incredible team right here all these years doing so well and still being a fan. >> that's why i think people like the mets because they're coming into their own out of the yankees shadow. >> some hard years. >> enjoy the spotlight fellas. let's win this thing. >> love the man cave. wife loves it too. super cat saturday. >> lots of costumes coming in via twitter. i love it, a cape and everything. true super cat sent in by marjorie. love it. thanks for sending it in. >> it was a big hot dog. we've got janine wearing a kerr
9:52 am
chief or something, we've got spiders and witches. it's all good. honey sent in this morning with a milk mustache, get it, got milk. costumes. jersey. phoenix, another black cat hanging out by the pumpkins. they're super lucky this time of year. lulu of course, another dog, morning. send in your super cats. this is bella sent in by dana. any twitter handle for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting...
9:53 am
at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
9:54 am
welcome back everybody. russian and egyptian officials say there are no survivors from a plane crash in the sinai peninsula. 224 people were on that passenger plane when it went off radar shortly after takeoff. the plane departed from a tourist destination near the red sea. it was bound for st. petersburg in russia.
9:55 am
the pilot had reported tech tall problems a few minutes into the flight. moments later that plane crashed in egypt's sinai peninsula. a fire on a stage of a nightclub in romania killed 27 people. officials say that death toll could still rise. a heavy metal bands pyrotechnics sparked an inferno inside the basement club in bucharest. the crowd of 400 people panicked and rushed to the club's only exit which was on another popular entirely. witnesses say people were trampled while others fainted from the smoke. 15 people including four children were killed when a fire ripped through a marketplace in the philippines. the fire touched off in southern manila when sparks shot from an electric post. flames spread to stacks of clothing and ignited stalls where vendors and their families were asleep. 9:55 right now in our top stories, the mets are looking to even the score in game 4. they came back home, brought a win with them against the
9:56 am
kansas city royals last night. >> yes, indeed, smell that revenge. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff is live at citi field with the very latest. good morning again mallory. >> reporter: good morning. yes, mets fans are very excited about tonight, game 4 will be played right here at citi field at home. take a look at this video from yesterday. this was that moment of game 3 when the mets took the win. david wright throws over to 1st for that final out. mets fans celebrated well into the evening. tonight mets fans tell us they believe their team has it in them to do it one more time right here at home. live from citi field, mallory hoff channel 7 eyewitness news. all mets. quite a weekend ahead for the nypd, so much going on. police are tightening security as they deal with several huge events across new york including the world series all weekend, the halloween parade in the village, the tcs new york city marathon tomorrow. the department is deploying
9:57 am
1800 officers and setting up thousands of barricades for the marathon and on halloween added security worries after an fbi warning about an anarchist group that says it's planning to ambush cops this halloween. police, though are down playing concerns about that particular group. channel 7 is your home for the tcs new york city marathon. catch countdown to the starting line tonight at 7:30 and our marathon sunday coverage kicks off tomorrow morning at 7. amy's going to be running all five boroughs with 55,000 of her closest friends. >> and you'll be out there on our roof for the coverage. >> you're running, looking good. >> i'm looking forward to it. last year the weather was so crazy with the wind. it was, and so to see this forecast settle in i'm very excited. tomorrow morning in staten island, there could be a drop, a spit, a drizzle. that's it. it won't last long. many people will see nothing at all. expect today to go very nicely. increasing clouds we go from the temperatures in the mid-40s right now to a high of 56. great for the trick or
9:58 am
treaters, and then tomorrow that little drip or drizzle in the morning is out of here by the time we start taking off the waves at 10 a.m. 66 is the finish line. i mean, early to mid afternoon is fantastic weather, down the stretch, yes, we'll have showers on monday night in your accuweather seven-day forecast. we're actually looking at numbers well above average, almost 70 degrees tuesday through friday next week. >> bring it on. >> four runners from madagascar, welcome. >> hey, welcome, nice to see my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. my baby was born two months early and weighed only three pounds. this is the view i had of her in the nicu. my tip to you is
9:59 am
hear you better. you can quit. talk with your doctor.


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