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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 31, 2015 7:00pm-7:29pm EDT

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breaking news. one person is dead, several people are hurt after a dreadful crash in the bronx on this halloween night. hoping for more in game four. the mets won the first world series game ever played at citi field last night. now the amazings look to even up the fall classic. i'm joe torres. >> i'm sandra bookman. we will get to the mets in a moment, but first breaking news. one dead, six others injured, some critically in that
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it happened just before 5:00 in morris park. >> eyewitness news reporter darla mails at the scene. >> reporter: well, joe, this was such a violent impact, seven people were involved in this accident. at this point one person is dead, and witnesses report one man being severed from the waist down. another victim had his arm severed. i want to point you to the car involved in this accident. walking along morris park there were families out here, women, men, and children. they were trick or treating. and then you see a black car coming through this intersection on morris park, attempting to make a left turn. instead of making a left turn
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where the cars were parked, or possibly even airborne over another car, striking several peep. we're told people ran out to try to help these victims. we're also told that some of these victims, the men from the barbershop were openly weeping because of the gory nature of this accident. the one eyewitness told me she was just seconds away from getting hit herself. >> there were a family of kids trick or treating, walking behind me. and all of a sudden like a car, like i heard the boom, and the car literally, like, jumped over a parked car and flew into the gate, hitting a bunch of people. she must have sped so fast to jump that curb and fly over a parked car, that she landed on someone. >> reporter: at this point ems confirms they have taken seven people from the scene. one person is doa, two in
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critical condition, three are to. kobe bea hospital. hospital. the names of these victims have not been released. the driver of the car, that name has not been released. we're going to be monitoring this accident all night. you can check our facebook and twitter pages for updates. and obviously an update on eyewitness news at 11:00. darla miles, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> stay with eyewitness news for continuing coverage of this breaking story. as soon as we find out more information we will post those details on abc7ny and update you on the eyewitness news app. we are going to turn our attention now to the mets. they managed to sees the momentum bey getting redemption against the royals.
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tonight with another victory. right now mets fans are feeling pretty good. >> laura behnke is here with us. we begin with rob powers at citi field. >> reporter: joe, sandra, the mets had more than enough heroes to go around inlast night's game three. now they need somebody to step up. a win over the royals tonight could change everything, because this game tonight could mean everything. let's get inside. the mets lost two games on the road. now they look for the second win at home. the world series could depend on this game. with all of that at stake the mets hitched their wagon to steven mets, a 24-year-old from long island. he hasn't pitched in 10 days and makes his 9th career start in game four of the world series. >> i think his stuff and what he's done speaks for itself. we're not afraid that we have this young guy going out there with all this lack of
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experience. pitcher. >> it's been an exciting year to watch him and his progress. the best is yet to come. >> reporter: for more on metz and the world series, we'll go back to the studio. laura behnke is there with me. >> as you mentioned steven hasn't been in the big leagues very long, but it did not take the stone knee brac native very long to make his mark. since june his starts have been must-see tv, which is no surprise to the people who watched him grow up on long island. we wept out there to talk to his high school coach would seemed tone vision tonight for june. >> he's going to win a world series game for the mets no, question. when the mets win a world
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>> he will look to get the same type of offensive help that noah syndergaard got last night. back in sports with an final see you then. >> thank you laura. the mets, as you have pointed out, stepped up and delivered in game threshings sending their fans into a frenzy. stopped believing. >> reporter: sandra, mets fans halloween. with a chance to tie the series many of them came dressed in costumes hoping to scoop those royals and send shivers up their spines. >> let's go mets! >> reporter: from scary to villain, the fans are hoping to scare the other team, like this little girl who came dressed as a mummy. >> i'd like to wrap them up and kick them out. >> reporter: then there's keith
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and this woman who came dressed literally as a mets orange. >> yeah baby, aren't you glad i'm meats fan. >> reporter: a little less convincing, k.c. roberts who swears despite his name he bleeds orange and blue. >> make it to home plate on time. >> reporter: but there's no doubt nicholas is a diehard fan and he wears his pride every day, showing off his tattoo that he got when the team was in the basement. he says the mets' bats need to come alive. >> they have to jump on chris young early. he doesn't throw that fast. they've got to go for it. >> reporter: all right so strike first and strike early and hope those mets can replicate what they did last night. in the meantime there will be plenty of ghosts and goblins inside this stadium to give the
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>> thank you very much, stephan. stay with eyewitness news for continuing coverage as the mets try to battle back in this mets pride. share your fan photos with us using the hashtag abc7ny. new details on the deadly crash of a russian plane in egypt's sinai peninsula. a branch of isis is now claiming responsibility. debris from the 18-year-old airbus was found in a remote area. the plane had disappeared from radar about 25 minutes after taking off from the red sea resort. all 223 people on board died. a solemn burial today in guyana for the new york city police officer killed in the line of duty. detective holder was laid to rest with a 21-gun sal liew. scores traveled to the south american country to attend his burial.
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holder was shot and killed in east harlem last week, allegedly by a career criminal. well, friday night gets festive. >> yep. coming up on eyewitness news, one spook-tacular celebration. costumed new yorkers take to the streets in the nation's largest halloween parade. we're watching the ray damplets rainfall headed our
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halloween is always guaranteed to be a ghoulishly good time. >> and new yorkers are celebrating by dressing up and having fun. in harlem young trick or treaters put on spooky and spectacular costumes and walked the neighborhood looking for candy. >> of course. what else can you do on halloween? on the upper west side is companies tiewmed kids filled lincoln center. >> and mayor bill de blasio and the first lady turned gracie mansion into a haunted halloween mansion. there was face painting, story telling, and a magic show on the front lawn. >> any halloween costume you can dream up you are going to find it tonight in greenwich village. thousands are going to take
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halloween parade which kicked off at 7:00. the streets, of course, packed with hundreds of puppets, dozens of bands playing live music, and anybody who wants to wear a costume, they can just march on down the street, too. this year's grand marshal is the most interesting man in the world. you remember him from those dose he dos xx's beer commercials. a business on staten island was surprised by a deer that
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had broken through the window. the deer had to be put down. thousands participated in carb loading prior to the new york city marathon tonight. speaking of the marathon, coming up at 7:30 is our countdown to the starting line special. >> eyewitness news anchors are in central park with a preview. hello, guys. >> hey, joe, sandra, the runners here joined a pre marathon dinner. >> reporter: on the menu we've got veggie lasagna, chick in provide me vera -- primervera. coming up, what's inside these goody bags. >> a lot going ton. behind the scenes story as well.
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a look at what rung -- a look
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trick or treat weather looking g. what are you going to do for the marathon? >> first of all it is a nice night, temperatures in the low 50s. for the marathon temperatures in the 50s, and i think there could be a sprinkle or two mainly north and west of the city. so it should be mainly dry morning tomorrow. for that we head outside of our
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studio and there are a ton of great costumes. this is probably one of the best outside shots we've shown this year. very eager crowd there enjoying this halloween night. temperature down to 53, winds south around 3 miles per hour. there. the high getting up to 56 after a morning low of 42. 59 is your normal high for this time of year. so we're a little below that. the warmest halloween on record, 81 in nineteen 46, the coldest in 19 25, all the way down to 29. don't forget tonight to set those clocks back one hour. what that means is the sunset that was 5:54 today is going to be 4:53 p.m. tonight. right now 53 at newark, 53 at jfk airport, low 50s on the island. what we've been watching is we started the day off fairly sunny but it's pretty overcast.
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off to the west there is a system moving through the ohio valley, another piece of that system down over louisiana and texas. you can see it's breaking up in the middle. we're going to be fortunate enough to get into that break overnight into the day tomorrow. so we're not looking for much if any rainfall as indicated on the future cast. there could be a shower or sprinkle early tomorrow morning, mainly north and west of new york city. but for the marathon we should be fairly dry. overcast, though, then we break out in a little bit more sunshine by the afternoon. so at the start line at fort wadsworth on statten island, southwest wind 4 to 8 miles per hour. what a difference from what we had last year. if you remember the marathon last year we had temperatures in the 30s with winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour. so this is going to feel a whole lot better for the spectators and the runners alike. milder but cloudier, the high getting up to 66 when we get that sun in the afternoon. by monday limited sun because we'll have a system off to our south.
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we'll have to watch and see if by monday night. check out this temperature november. it's going to feel more like late september. accuweather forecast, cloudy, 50. over at citi field 52 for first pitch with a light wind. 66 for tomorrow, clouds and some sun. 50s at the start of the marathon. mostly cloudy tomorrow night. down to 55. tomorrow there could bea sprinkle in the morning, mainly north and west of the city. monday 64. check this out. unbelievable for november. low 70s. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, wall-to-wall sunshine. maybe a few more clouds bey next weekend with temperatures in the upper 60s. 10 to >> good job. >> thanks. >> laura behnke next with sports. >> all right, a little story going on right now. the mets knew they dug themselves into a hole to start this world series. tonight a chance to give
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themselves a fresh start. just stand between new york and a shot at tieing up this fall classic with the royals. we're going head back out to citi field. that's next in sports. and channel 7 is of course your home for the t c s new york city marathon. >> we are taking you mile by mile introducing you to just some of the new yorkers will you find on the course. >> mile 19. the best -- the best pizza in the city. >> the t c s new york city
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a good night to wear orange. not just for halloween. here's laura. >> i notice a little bit right there. i like it. turns out all the mets needed was a little home cooking. as they returned home last night and earned their first win of the fall classic. tonight we're going to find out how much that home field advantage comes into play. rob. >> reporter: that's exactly
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what we find out tonight. last night the mets do get on the board. now down in the series two games to one after that big win, the mets now have momentum on their side as they come back here tonight for game four. batting practice late tonight at citi field. game four is the pivotal game for teams that trail 2-1. the royals know bert than any team that it can be done. they led the giants 2-8 last year only to watch san francisco win it all. an uphill battle, you bet, but at least now it is a battle. mets hope to use last night's win. >> we still have a lot of games to play. i don't think we're any higher or any lower. i didn't sense anything more last night than a game that we won that we needed to win. i think now they're talking today, hey, this becomes the biggest game in the world series for us. >> our coverage of the world series game four continues. laura behnke, back to you. >> tonight after the game,
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as for last night's big win, it was noah syndergaard who finally got the best of that royals' feisty lineup. at odds, the first pitch of the game. cinder guard sent a message showing he's not afraid to pitch high and inside. he never actually hit anyone. the royals, though, still did not appreciate it, so thor had a message. >> certainly wasn't trying to hit the guy, that's for sure. i just didn't want him getting too comfortable fcht they have a problem with me throwing inside, then they can meet me 60 feet six inches away. i got no problem with that. now to the news that has nothing to do with the world series. the islanders crossing over new jersey for halloween hockey. a little spooky. rebound bouncing to bobby farnham. the islanders would even it up.
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devils on the power play but the islanders the odd man rush. devils twin shoot-out. it's rutgers second season, but the first keep on coming. today another as the scarlet knights made their first trip to camp randall on a rainy day in madison. 4th and 8, so you go for it. well, that happens. 31 yards made it 17-3 badgers. ran for 115 yards and three touchdowns. 48-10. badgers roll. syracuse looking for its second acc win. florida state not interested in that. after the orange struck first the seminoles had this answer. rudolph muscles his way in for the touchdown. we go to the third. mcgwire with another one of his three touchdown passes. this one to rudolph again. 35-14. 45-21 your final as syracuse falls.
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prove any more, but, hey, why not. the triple crown win hear raced twice, shockingly losing at saratoga. he wasn't about to go quietly at the breeders country. that's the american pharoah we know, destroying competition for the stung win. >> he can run. thank you laura. that is the news. thank you for joining us.
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