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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 7, 2015 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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for him here at the horseshoe. it will take one snap right now. and it will the be 22 straight wins, long ersest in the nation, and 29 regular season conference game fls a row and that matches what florida state did. they were upset by virginia. unless illinois can pull that streak next week, ohio state will have the longest win streak in college football history. there's what they have done. 29 straight. pretty good company there. >> todd: yep. >> brad: well, it was not much of a contest until about 10:30 in the game when it was 21-0 and minnesota made it interesting but ohio state wins it 28-14. tough loss for minnesota.
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they drop to 4-5. they are 1-4 in the big ten and ohio state, 9-0 and 5-0 in conference play and urban is with holly. >> holly: that was difficult in the first half. what got your team going? >> i think cardale had a couple runs, the big run was the q draw and obviously hit miller on a big hit when we needed it. and the fact that our defense shut them down. >> holly: you won 22 games in a row. it seems so easy -- >> no, it's not. did you really say the word easy? you better show up every day and bumps in the road and the best thing to fight through and win a game. >> rebecca: j.t. comes back to week in practice. how will you approach it going forward? >> i'm going to hang outs with
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>> holly: go enjoy the win. >> brad: win 48 out of 50 games coaches. that is pretty strong. so are the buckeyes. we will see how they do next v next tuesday when the rankings came out. they won it 28-14 the final score. that is going to wrap it up for us. for brad nessler and todd blackledge, holly rowe, so long from columbus, ohio, where they sing the school song. time for the ford wrap-up. we go to cassidy hubbard in the studio. >> thanks, brad. ohio state getting the win on separation saturday. and may have separated themselves a little more in the big ten east after a wild finish in lincoln, nebraska. nebraska, scoring with 1:47 left. back with the ball with 23 seconds to go and tommy armstrong to riley. riley, stelled out of bounds.
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the receiver was forced out of bounds and after review, the touchdown stands. nebraska with a 39-38 lead. sechblg seconds to go. and conner cook with a chance, looking, throws it away as time expires. nebraska upset michigan state. sparty, snapping a streak of 33-straight wins holdsing a fourth quarter lead. alabama hosting undefeated lsu. derrick henry, takes off, untouched for his third td after the day. running for that. 19 carries, 31 yards as alabama, up 30-16. the team that beat 'bama earlier this season, ole miss a wild finish with arkansas. ot, fourth and 25 for the 40. and brandon allen, finds henry who throws it backwards just before he goes down. and alex collins picks it up off the tip. runs it back across the field
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and if that wasn't crazy enough, after that play, allen. finds drew morgan for the touchdown! arkansas down 52-51 and they decide to go for the two and the win. allen, looking, gets sackeddy marquis hanes but there's a flag on the play for face mask. as you take a look, clear face mask by hanes. what do they do? that go for two again and allen runs it in for the win. he also had six passes touchdowns. a single game school records. arkansas no longer controls their destiny in the west. clemson looking to snap a four-game losing streak to florida state. clemson clinches the acc atlantic division and a spot in the conference championship game. and oklahoma state, and boykin,
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picked off. four interceptions on the day for boykin. oklahoma state wins big, 49-29. snapping the 16-game win streak. oklahoma cruised behind ohio state. college game day will be in the house when they visit baylor next week. and iowa looking to remain unbeaten, taking on indiana. and dumps it off to kid the, leaps in the end zone for the score. iowa, knotted up for the first time since 2009. notre dame and mitt. and fuller, a huge game from a pass from kizer, responsible for six tds. notre dame wins 42-30. navy takes down memphis with a 25-point win on the road. they are tied atop the american
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to 3-0 after a three. point win over cincinnati. kevin hogan with a win at colorado. arizona has bounce the back from a 46-point loss in washington to lead usc. and congrats to florida who clinched the s.e.c. east. see you next week. welcome back to the ford explorer post-game show. coach, another loss and yet you still think your team is going to the college football playoff. yes. we've just lulled the other teams into a false sense of security. 10 losses is quite a lull. has it been 10? yeah. we're good. don't let anything stop you from reaching the college football playoff. enter the ford explorer be unstoppable fan challenge. you could win a chance to go, and a new 2016 ford explorer. have you thought about using all 11 guys?
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now new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news. a group of suspects jump and rob an elderly man in brooklyn. the attack caught on camera. police want help finding the men. breaking news in manhattan. a pedestrian struck by a fdny ladder truck. i'm joe torres. >> i'm sandra bookman. the fire truck hit the victim as he crossed the street. it is at 8 east 15th street and irving street. >> a.j. ross has the details. >> eyewitnesss call this an unfortunate accident as one man recovers in the hospital. he was struck by the fire truck behind me at irving place and east 15th street which remains blocked off by police tape at
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>> reporter: eyewitnesss say it happened in a split second 8:00 saturday evening. >> i saw the fire truck. >> he says when he looked out his window near irving place he saw firefighters tending to a man pinned under the truck. >> the man got under the truck right away. they backed up the truck and he was there. >> reporter: according to the police the fire engine had the lights and siren on when it was dispatched to a gas emergency and suddenly struck the 34-year-old victim at this intersection. investigators say the man had the do not walk sign but decided to cross the street anyway. he was treated on the scene and transported to bellevue with leg injuries. >> tragedy. it was terrible. >> reporter: they spent several hours interviewing firefighters and collecting evidence. >> and accident investigators are still on the scene. it might be some time before the
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intersection is completely clear. we're working to get an identity on the victim and an update on his condition. a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 11:00, one man is dead after being struck by a j line subway train. he got hit by the train as he stood on the platform at the bowery station in lower manhattan. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. j and z service was delayed but has resumed. a search for suspects who robbed an elderly man. the four males jumped the 78-year-old man from behind in a secluded parking lot in east flatbush before wrestling a way his wallet. cameras recorded the entire crime. cefann kim has the story. >> look at this surveillance video. the police say what you're
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looking at is an elderly man being robbed by four young man in a pay-0-mattic check cashing store. they go through his pockets. >> sad, very you should respect your elders. i was always told to respect my elders. >> he was walking to his car when he was pushed from behind. they stole his wallet with $350 cash, phone and ring. they followed him from the check cashing store. the fourth suspect is not seen in the video because he was acting as a look-out. the parking lot is secluded and despite the fact there are cameras posted everywhere, when it is dark outside and quiet, it is blocked on all sides from the busy street and many say it is not safe. >> you can't see what is going on here.
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i would park on the street and go into the front door. >> they were last seen wearing blue jeans and hooded sweatshirts. there are eight security cameras. but that clearly did little to stop the suspects. >> the camera is supposed to be safe but people don't care for that no more. people don't care whether there is a camera there any more. >> the victim was not seriously injured. his identity has not been released. the police are asking anyone with information with regards to the police to call 1-800-577-tips. stefan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. a long island man lured a woman into his car and raped her. adil raja will be arraigned tomorrow. it was 4:00 in the morning that he posed as a taxi driver and offered the victim a ride. he then pulled out a bb-gun,
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took her to another location and raped her in the back seat. the police in new jersey continue their search for the gunman responsible for a deadly afternoon. investigators say the driver of a car with two other men inside opened fire on evona avenue in plainfield. they rushed 24-year-old anthony bowles to the hospital where he died. a 6-year-old girl and 33-year-old woman were hit by recover. final farewells today to the young girl and her father killed while trick-or-treating in the bronx. funeral services were held in the westchester square section for nyanna akweel and louis per res. a driver lost control of his car and crashed into a group of saturday. the other victim, 24-year-old wednesday.
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the deadly crash of a russian plane confirmed tonight that an unknown noise is heard on the black box recorder just before the crash. experts say it is still too early to know what the source of the noise is but the announcement bolsters u.s. and british suspicions that a bomb egypt. analysis of the recordings is now under way. >> you know what a bomb sounds like, or a fuel tank blowing up sounds like. >> investigators announced debris stretched for eight miles across the sinai desert indicating the plane broke up in the air. authorities have not yet recovered all of the wreckage. all 224 people on board died when the plane went down one week ago. ethanol is leaking into the mississippi river after a train derailment in wisconsin. 25 cars went off the tracks in
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western wisconsin this morning. five ended up in the river. there were no reports of fire, smoke or injuries. about 150 people who live in the area left their homes as a precaution but allowed to return home at mid-afternoon. no word on how much ethanol leaked into the river. turning now to the race for president, hundreds offer people marched through midtown earlier today protesting republican candidate donald trump. the rally began at trump tower on fifth hour and ended at rockefeller center. they say his statements about immigrants are offensive and racist. the candidate did not comment on the demonstration. meanwhile republican presidential hopeful ben carson slammed reporters today over questions about his autobiography. yesterday carson admitted he never applied to the west point
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book he was granted a full scholarship to the school. today on twitter the former neurosurgeon credited what he called media bias for a surgeon donations to his campaign. as for the democrats the leading presidential candidates both campaigned in the south today. hillary clinton and bernie sanders had busy days in south carolina each making a number of appearances. south carolina has the second primary in the nominating process. >> if our democracy is going to survive, we need a revolution of this country. >> sometimes even affidavit you make a lot of prague -- even after you make a lot of progress you have to keep fighting and it takes people in every generation, then, to figure out what their role will be. >> clinton today called for
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relaxing federal regulation of marijuana but stopped just short of short of decriminalization. sanders called for decriminalization. a family in harlem is thanking members of nypd and those who lost their lives for the community. calvin hunt went to the -- holder was shot pursuing a robbery suspect last month. they presented a banner of the four officers killed in the line of duty this year. two police officers charged with murdering a 6-year-old boy. tonight details on what led them to open fire on that boy and his father. a special homecoming for a local wounded veteran as he steps inside a brand new custom-built house. a gigantic gator captured at a shopping center.
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where it came from and the huge
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fuel the journey. two louisiana police officers remain in jail tonight on second-degree murder charges for the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy. investigators say derrick stafford and norris greenhouse, junior, opened fire on an suv driven by chris few in marksville on tuesday night. few's 6-year-old son was ms in the vehicle. both were shot multiple times. the boy did not survive. authorities are trying to determine what led to the police chase. investigators say few had no outstanding warrants and was not armed. as the country prepares to honor the nation's veterans next week, a very special home coming this weekend for a wounded marine on long island. a life-changing gift from family, friends and volunteers.
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>> reporter: three and a half years ago a community on long island came together to welcome a hero back home from his service in afghanistan. today they welcomed him to his own home. marine corps corporal kevin vaughn got the keys to his new house in merrick. >> it doesn't seem real. it is too good to be true, but it is and i love it. >> reporter: it has been a long journey for vaughn. during his second tour of duty in 2011, his armored vehicle struck an explosive device. he suffered back and arm injuries and spent 15 months in walter read military hospital. his new house was designed and built with all of this in mind by the non-profit building homes for heroes. the long island-based organization builds houses that accommodates the physical challenges facing many veterans. >> there so much technology in this house and it is going to be so easy for me to get around.
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>> reporter: the non-profit's founder, joined family, friends and neighbors for the celebration along with donors and volunteers who made the project possible, all proud to give back to the young man whose courage and sacrifice inspired so many. >> for us to come together in the country is a beautiful thing. >> vaughn is grateful for the new beginning in his new home. >> thank you for helping me out and sticking up for me and taking care of me all these years since i've been home. >> since it was founded in 2006, building homes for heroes has completed nearly 100 homes for injured veterans and is on track to finish another 31 houses this year. they say everything is bigger in texas and some folks of that today. this giant gator showed up this morning in the back parking lot
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it may have wandered up from a creek. it was 12.5 feet long. it was estimated it weighed 800 pounds. >> it was exciting. it was exciting to see something that large and it is also really good to see this lady who is a young -- she petite and here she is wrestling this alligator. >> a 50-year-old baby. >> exciting, yeah. they had to use a forklift to get it into the back of a pickup truck. it is at an alligator farm where it will be used for breeding. >> and that is near high home in texas, where i grew up. >> and your nickname was? >> gators. still to come. people up and down the west coast spot a mysterious light in
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what is behind it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you.
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people along the west coast freaking out tonight over this mysterious streak in the night sky. the bright light was spotted from southern california to arizona, even nevada. some thought it was it was a ufo, some thought it was a comet. what was it? a rocket. the u.s. coast guard in los angeles confirms it launched the rocket from a naval base. >> it was iron man.
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unidentified flying object. >> you are so smart. >> that didn't take any smarts. i'm not having to dig deep for nice weather as we head into the day. temperatures even though they're cooling off from the highs we had the past couple of days, they will be in the upper 50s which is above normal for this time of the year. looking toward midtown manhattan , the temperature 53. wind northwest at eight miles per hour. the temperature of 72 occurred after midnight last night and temperatures tumbled during the day with the northwest wind coming in eight miles per hour coming in stronger earlier. 57 is the normal high for november. 77 was the record in 1938. the sun setting at 4:46. the highs occurred after midnight last night. mid-highs were 60s and lower
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50 in white plains, pair of 5s's at jfk airport. the growing season actually continues by the twin forks. that growing season will come to an end late tomorrow night. we have a freeze watch in eastern suffolk county through early monday morning. here is the radar showing rain touching parts of the jersey shore earlier. that has since moved off shore. drier air moving in from the north but this is only temporary. for a couple days we'll have nice weather and then we have to watch this system over the gulf of mexico. this will eventually migrate up the atlantic seaboard and be in the tri-state on tuesday. that will spread at last some rain in here. 47 in the park tonight. 30s west of the city. above average tomorrow even though we're cooling off we're not cooling off by much. 59 for a high under a lot of sunshine.
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