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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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for some people the holiday shopping rush starts tonight. as thousands of shoppers trying to get a jump on the deals and discounts. but first, a developing story in brooklyn. another pedestrian hit by a car and within the last hour we've learned that victim has died. ritter. sade is off tonight. the woman tried to get in to her car. that's when she was hit by a driver who just took off or at least tried to. instead in east
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new york tonight he smashed in to several other cars. eyewitness news reporter cefaan kim is there tonight with our lead story. >> to give you an idea of the impact of the collision, take a look at the white suv sitting on this side of pennsylvania avenue. according to the sister of the woman whose suv that is, she says the crash forced that vehicle to jump the median and land on this side of the street facing oncoming traffic. if you look way over there you can see the suv's tire flying from the impact. police say it happened a little after 7:00 tonight here in east new york by stanley avenue. according to cops, a woman was struck by a car as she was getting in to her vehicle. police say the driver tried to flee the scene. he hit six other cars in the process, slamming in to them, investigators say then that suspect got out of his car and tried to take off on foot but he did not get very far. he was arrested not too far from here. witnesses describe a chaotic scene.
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from the side, then knocked her over the divider and caused the other cars to collide trying to get away. >> reporter: witnesses also say that suspect as he was trying to get away on foot attempted to car jack several other vehicles as he was trying to flee. cops arrested him before he was able to do that. he was taken to an area hospital with unknown injuries. that victim sadly was taken to brookdale hospital where she later died. cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to post holiday shopping. not everyone gets as pumped up about staying up late to go out shopping for items that will most assuredly be in month. it seems to be about the challenge as well. this is toys r us in times square. in bohemia, this is kmart. aj ross she's
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in downtown brooklyn. >> as you mentioned, food comas couldn't stop hardcore shoppers from cashing in on black friday deals tonight. they say these waits. you mentioned from square to brooklyn, big retailers have been doing all they can to get people through even at this hour it seems like it worked. >> he's going to be the man who picks what he wants. >> reporter: tis the season for giving and perhaps getting a little something for yourself. with enticing door busters and limited time offers, black friday shoppers had plenty of options to choose from. >> all the way from scotland. >> do you got a budget? >> not at all. >> so you're buying for me today? no budget? >> grab what you like. no problem. >> reporter: in the heart of times square, families from australia to north carolina anxiously waited for hours to get inside this toys r us where inside they were greeted by fest
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huge deals on stocking stuffers. electronics seemed to be the big draw for shop-holics in brooklyn who beelineed for games and gifts they've been scoping out for a while. >> got a good deal on it. saved about $500. it was my sister's idea. this is actually her tv. >> pretty good when you go for the classics. >> reporter: while a lot of cash is being sent, many say it's not so much about the price as it is the priceless smiles that come with these purchases. >> it is priceless. we will go home smiling so i'm enjoying it. >> i may have to make a couple stops before i get home tonight. live in downtown brooklyn, aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> you just have to stop and shop tonight. by the way, more stores opening at midnight and early tomorrow morning.
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we have a list of the stores and some deals for you on retailers hoping it's a hot time at the cash register. the rest of us happy it's a mild time on the thermometer. in our weather center for us, temperatures unseasonably warm, at least for black friday. jeff smith in for lee goldberg at the weather wall. >> really incredible. middle of the night on thanksgiving, 56 degrees. shoppers do not even need to bundle up in and around new york city but there's a big difference when you head out to the outer suburbs, morristown down to 34. 37 down the shore at toms river. but across long island still in the middle and upper 50s. one other thing we're watching overnight, the fog developing, a 10th of a mile near white plains, down to 2 miles. teterboro, down under a mile like places like toms river and morristown. if you're traveling overnight tonight, be careful. you're going to run in to some spots where the
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visibility quickly lowers. our futurecast showing that fond kind of expanding by daybreak we through the afternoon. temperatures up to 64 for a high tomorrow afternoon in the park. virtually the entire region getting in to the 60s. don't get too used to it though. big changes for the weekend in your accuweather forecast. new and crystal clear video tonight, a man suspected of raping a jogger in manhattan. this man attacked a 26-year-old woman last night while she was running in east river park. the victim dragged in to the amphitheater and police say that's where she was raped. the man stole the woman's credit card and cell phone and then took off on a bicycle. a serial arsonist on the loose tonight in queens. a string of arsons and suspicious fires and now a note from the alleged arsonist. firefighters discovering that note from the torture during the last fire last night. this happened in
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forest hills. it's haunted investigators to try to find him three recent fires in that neighborhood have been ruled arson. four other fires in the suspicious. so far no suspects and no motive. another white house fence jumper tonight prompting a security scare and also new questions about the fence that was supposedly made more secure. apparently not. the man jumped the fence this afternoon, wrapped in an american flag, and holding an envelope of some kind. the incident triggering a house. the man quickly arrested managed to climb over the fence despite recent security upgrades intended to supposedly make the first thanksgiving. earlier at the white house, president obama making 10 phone calls to members of the military. calls to two members president wishing them a happy thanksgiving, thanking them for their dedicated service.
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dished out here in the tri-state, doing it since 1979. my honor to help out along with my two oldest children. proud of them for doing this. we got there for the first service, 8 a.m. that woman was there too, actor bridgette moynahan, one of the many other servers giving back today. now to the big thanksgiving day parade. security tighter than usual thanks to the terror paris. 2500 cops on duty for the parade from the upper west side to herald square. a minor parade. that's a no-no. it did belong to a tourist. it away. for the more than 3 million people at the parade, pretty much a good time was had by all. here's eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson. >> reporter: that's one way to kick off a parade. >> happy thanksgiving! >> reporter: a turkey of a different sort strutted its stuff in new york city today. >> reporter: during
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hands down the world's best -- >> 30 years old, probably 20 of them. >> reporter: thanksgiving day parade. >> are you having a ball? >> of course we are. >> how many times have you heard that one? >> about a thousand today. >> reporter: for the 89th year people lined the streets of manhattan to get up close and personal with all of this. >> do you move to different spots every year? >> for 31 years. >> the same spot? >> right there. grew up on that spot. [ laughter ] >> where many looked up to check out -- balk. >> feels >> reporter: some balloons. there were four. this cute de -- this cute dinosaur, ice age's scrat, and an updated version of ronald mcdonald. >> this is so much fun. we're having a blast. happy thanksgiving, everybody . >> reporter: the 89th annual parade starts here on the upper
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down to herald square. marching bands, clowns, everything keeps everyone mesmerized for hours. this set of twins and three sisters, it's their first time here. >> what is the best part so far? >> all of it! >> good answer. >> reporter: good weather no doubt played bringing out millions to see this extravaganza. one of the largest crowds ever and an undeniable sense of resiliency during these trying times. >> we can't fear. we have to trust everything is going to be just fine and go on living. and that's the spirit of new yorkers. >> reporter: so to your family and -- wait, there's mine. >> happy thanksgiving, everybody. >> reporter: kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> at least kemberly got to celebrate with the family while
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a blimp forced to make an emergency live at a school. lives onboard were saved. the pilot tells us how he safely brought this aircraft down. >> threats of protest in
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nd presidents of france and russia today agreeing to work together in the fight against isis. after meeting with french president hollande, putin said they'll cooperate on selecting targets in syria. hollande since the attacks in paris trying to unify a multi-country effort to fight the terrorist group isis. he met with leaders
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the prime minister of belgium says the alert level in brussels has been lowered a notch as threat of an attack is no longer considered imminent. the country remains under the second highest alert level signifying an attack is possible, even likely. they did not make any arrests. black friday shoppers in chicago's busy retail district tomorrow may be competing for space on the sidewalk with protesters. angry over the deadly police shooting of a teenager. new dashcam video out today shows the moments before the fatal shooting of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. he runs away and officer jason van van dyke now charged with murder. new at 11:00, an underaged girl repeatedly sexually assaulted and police have arrested and charged a 40-year-old man. police say now held on $300,000 bail repeatedly
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victimized the girl several times. a relative of hers reporting the assaults to cops sunday. aggravated sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child. matthew bowman accused of shooting an 18-year-old boy earlier this week. the victim was a student at a nearby yeshiva shot in the shoulder. he's expected to make a full recovery. high drama in the skies over long island. a blimp blown off course by shifting winds and about to run out of fuel. that's when a pilot makes an emergency landing. video obtained exclusively by eyewitness news shows the blimp drifting perilously close to power lines, homes, and trees. pilot managed to touchdown at an elementary school in south farmingdale where the blimp quickly deflated when the fuel ran out. >> only a mile away from the airport. do you go or make a safe landing? based on the fuel
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i know i can get it down safe and land with enough reserve that if something did go wrong something. >> he's a blimp pilot. the blimp had been hired to advertise over thanksgiving traffic. some residents still without water on this thanksgiving night. dozens of homes in cranford lost water after an underground pipe ruptured. crews were forced to dig around gas and sewer lines. dangerous work obviously. water is supposed to be restored sometime overnight. >> a little late for dinner. but not for breakfast tomorrow. jeff smith in for lee goldberg. tomorrow is a lot like late september. >> a little bit of fog in the morning. a little bit of low cloud cover. when you get up, you might be saying jeff, what happened to the nice day? it will break. the fog will burn off and the sun will come out and really get our temps in to
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the middle 60s. down toward the colorful empire state building. temperature right now, 56 if you can believe it. that wind coming in from the south at 5. it's a light wind. humidity is going to be increasing overnight. with that combination you have fog developing. already developing in some parts of the area. it will tend to expand overnight tonight in to early tomorrow morning. the high on the day getting up to 60 after a morning low 41. temperatures a full 10 degrees above normal for that high. not quite the record. that was 67 set back in 1946. sun coming up tomorrow around 6:55 a.m. look at highs today. got up to 63 at belmar. 64 at toms river. only places stuck in the 50s were areas north to new york city. here's what to expect overnight. those areas of fog forming late tonight in to tomorrow morning and then the sun breaks through those clouds and that will spike highs in to the middle 60s during the afternoon. it is a cooler cloudier weekend as a front passes on through the area late
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tomorrow night in to early saturday morning and it kind of stalls off to our south and it will be close enough through the weekend to provide clouds and a couple chances at maybe a shower or two. talk about that in a minute. right now. newark 45 at teterboro. 51 at white plains. you head father --farther north and west significantly cooler. calm wind and clear skies. that allows the suburbs to get pretty cool. 37 at monticello. down in to the mid 30s at toms river. sitting at 54 at belmar. it's all curt -- courtesy this nice weather. a ridge extending all the way to the edge, protecting this for the time being from this front which is causing a travel mess over the middle part of the country. a major ice storm unfolding here over the panhandles of texas and oklahoma, extending through kansas, parts of iowa. that front has a lot of moisture right now. as it moves off to the east it's going to really lose that moisture and that energy.
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as it heads in to the tri-state area, showers. tomorrow, ahead of the front. nice and mild with that southwesterly wind. the high getting up to 64. some places might even get a little bit warmer than that especially west and south of new york city. as that front limps through the area during the day on saturday, not much energy left over with it or moisture for that matter. just a shower around. the high only still above normal but quite a bit cooler than we've had the past couple of days. that cool down continues as we head in to sunday. the showers tend to get suppressed off to our south by sunday but they're close enough to threaten areas especially south of new york city so we'll be watching that carefully. the front will definitely be close enough to provide cloud cover in to the second half of the weekend as well. accuweather forecast for the overnight period, areas of fog developing. down to about 50. that fog can continue in to tomorrow morning. it becomes partly sunny, high school and mild. the high
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getting up to 64. mostly cloudy. mild tomorrow night. down to 49. could be a spotty shower north and west of the city well over midnight. that shower chance covers the entire area during the day saturday. mainly cloudy day. won't be raining the whole time. just a shower around. 54. mostly cloudy sunday and could be rain to our south. highs only in the upper 40s. mix of sun and a few clouds on monday. 47 should be good for the winter's eve celebration on the upper west side monday evening. periods of rain returning tuesday, probably in the afternoon and night before we clear things out and cool things off middle of next week. >> so mild. >> really incredible. >> thanks, jeff, thanksgiving. new developments in the e. coli scare at costco. >> plus, new video of a medical student's heroic act trying to
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a chilling new video tonight. peter gold rushing to help a woman he saw getting dragged down the street in new orleans. the attacker holding a gun to gold, just before he shot shooter tried to shoot gold in the head. fortunately the gun jammed. the suspect took off. later bystanders tried to help gold, including the woman he saved. a farm in california tonight recalling a mix of celery and onion used in costco chicken salad. that salad linked to an e. coli out break. 19 people taken ill in seven states from california to virginia. the cdc expected those numbers to grow in the next few weeks even though the
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store shelves. in tonight's health alert, a breakthrough discovery that could one day maybe end the need for daily insulin injections for researchers finding injecting billions of immune cells in to the body restored the production of insulin. the treatment lasts researchers now planning a larger trial. sports. >> we get to all those games we watched today. obviously a big football game. big days to start this nfl week. straight ahead, another terrible day for cowboy quarterback tony romo. he didn't play well and took another hit. we'll update the score and what happened to romo. more from the nfl and high
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and football, this is your night to watch rob powers. >> there's no other day, right? thanksgiving, football, this is the day. the game in dallas big today for a lot of reasons. the giants keeping an eye on this one between bites. cowboys hosting the 10-0 carolina panthers, a chance for dallas to get back in the mix for the nfc east. this was a day tony romo wants to forget. 2nd quarter, intercepted by carolina's luke kuechly. he takes it all the way the other way. intercepts it two times today. two went back for scores. cam newton, no such problem. then romo's nightmare continued. he missed seven games with a broken left collarbone. he goes down again tonight. he hurt the collarbone again. he's probably done for the year. we'll know exactly what's up tomorrow. panthers win the game 33-14. they're a perfect 11-0. earlier in this day the lions hosted the eagles in detroit. it was ugly. philadelphia barely put up a fight. matthew stafford to golden tate for the tour. five
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touchdown passes. three of them go to kelvin johnson and lions roll 45-14. the eagles lose their third straight. the late game at green bay. packers host the bears. 17-13, chicago. 4th quarter. they retired brett favre's number 4 at halftime. halftime today with that concussion. nick mangold did some work. still three games to go till game day. this is a biggy against a division rival. they played together last month. >> i'm not going to call it a must win. i'm looking at it as right now we're 5-5. got six we're 0-0. big division game after what happened with the cowboys and the eagles. today that game is for 1st place. jason pierre-paul missed the first
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fireworks accident but he does give thanks today. >> the situation i was in, i could have died, but i'm just thankful to be alive. i don't have to eat or whatever. but i'm going to eat. [ laughter ] let's get to the city's oldest high school rivalry. fordham prep and xavier. dates back to 1882. 2nd quarter matt bellisi hits the end zone. xavier gets a big score in the 4th quarter. right up the middle. 15-7. fordham prep's turn. it's a 2-point game. they're going to go for the 2-point conversion. they can't get it. what a day. xavier wins it 15-13. they get the win. they get the shiny trophy. finally for us, men's college basketball from the bahamas. number 18 uconn against syracuse. five guys hit double digits in scoring including tyler lyden. roberson
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for a 10-point lead. they win by 3. number 18, uconn goes down 79-76. and the big holiday weekend continues tomorrow l. the locals in action. >> college sports. high school sports. doesn't get any better than that. we'll [bark] wait up! c'mon! turkey! whoaaaa. who made all of this? let's go! pea!
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whoaaaa! weeeee. whoaaaa! peas are the worst.
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