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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> never seen anything as far as physical or domestic violence. [no audio]. >> that amber alert has been canceled. that was lucy yang reporting from the bronx. now to the murder in rockland county. tonight a 19-year-old man from manhattan has been arrested and charged with murder. police say he stabbed a 66-year- old man in west nyack. it happened overnight. tim fleischer is in new city where police are nounsed the arrest tonight -- announced the arrest tonight. >> reporter: police say it's an ongoing investigation but are quick to say it came very fast considering the murder occurred a little more than 12 hours ago. >> the suspect is identified as dylan lentini, age 19. >> reporter: who is now clarkstown police say being
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murder of a 66-year-old man in his west nyack home. lentini was fleeing the apartment when he passed a neighbor and yelled call the hospital, call 911. police arrived to find a man tapped to death. lentini was found a short distance away with a laceration to his hand. he was treated then questioned by police. >> unnerving to say the least. >> reporter: when kristin ross woke up she saw the large police presence and suspected the worst. >> they were taking out the stretcher. that is not good because something bad happened. they had the house taped off. >> reporter: numerous elements lead to lentini's arrest. >> he had a laceration on his hand and he was enterer viewed by detective -- interviewed by detectives. based on that we have probable cause to charge him with murder. >> reporter: lentini was arraigned on the second-degree murder charges. his last known address was
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street in new york city. what they are not saying is the relationship between the suspect and the victim. reporting live in new city, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> tim, thank you. something happening in the weather tonight. we haven't gotten much of it this fall. we want to make sure that you are prepped for it. tim fleischer was. it's called rain. streets get wet. lee goldberg is tracking the foreign object outside the studio. >> we have been looking at it all day long. sounds like the umbrella is optional. we have light drizzle right now. the george washington bridge, a little steadier in fort lee at this time. we have occasional rain and drizzle as we go through the evening hours. we are at 48 degrees. a little on the raw side. northeasterly wind feels chilly at 10 miles per hour. rainfall a quarter inch or less so far. no ponding on area roadways. look at toms river. nearly .9. they will push an inch or more
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steady rain over eastern long island and connecticut. a little last burst over parts of bergen and that's why the camera looked worse than what we are experiencing on the west side. there it is a gap during the evening commute before the batch over the virginia's gets here at 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. off and on rain and drizzle. if you head out, you need the raincoat. shouldn't be heavy. early commuters a period of heavy very rain. that is the idea through the morning hours, north and west. the evening commute looks worse than today. a steady area of rainfall. that is the caboose in the train of rainfalls. intermittent this evening. steadier rain predawn. another break hopefully in the heart of the morning commute but then ramps up early. total rainfall approaching an
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a lot of sundown the road in the seven-day forecast. >> lee, thank you. a hit-and-run accident in queens. two people hit before the car slammed into a restaurant. cops not looking for the car because the hit and run drive left the car at the scene before he ran away. eyewitness news reporter n.j. village. n.j. >> reporter: on the corner where it happened, this is springfield boulevard. it's a bus stop. not clear whether the two men were waiting for a bus white happened but they were blindsided when the car came careening out of nowhere. that. >> reporter: residents were surprised but not shocked. the car hurt lettered off the street and slammed head long into afraid chicken restaurant. a surveillance camera down the block captured the car seconds before the impact. it happened about 12:30 a.m. and the restaurant was open. no one inside was hurt. police say two men standing
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by the time police arrived, the driver was gone. other shopkeepers said the entire building shook. >> speed very high. a couple of seconds i had the building -- checking the building. i check everything. i come out. i see the car and i see something crying. i don't know. maybe he is a victim or something. >> reporter: it happened at springfield avenue and hempstead avenue. what caused the crash was still not clear late this afternoon. but residents who have to cross this intersection say careless speeding drivers are a fact of life here. >> all the time. >> reporter: do you get nervous? >> what i do, i used to get off the bus there now i get off on the other corner.
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>> yeah, so i don't have to cross the street. >> amazing how fast people drive here and how many people run the red light. what caused this crash is still not clear. police would like to ask the driver bp that but as we said, he is still on the run tonight. the two men struck were rushed to the hospital. their names and conditions could not be confirmed but police said they were expected to survive their injuries. live in queens village queens, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness >> thank you. governor cuomo setting the date for a special election to replace sheldon silver, once speaker of the assembly, now a federal felon after his conviction on corruption charges. setting a date is easy. ridding bean is not. is it time to limit the outside income of legislators? >> the conviction of sheldon silver is the latest in crooked politicians. some call it a water shed moment that must lead to reform
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>> we have had many, other lawmakers get prosecuted and convicted but this is different. this is shelley silver. this is the center of the system. >> reporter: ran against governor cuomo and hammered at the sir should of ethics reform. she and many other want a limit on corporate donations to individuals and ban on all outside income. >> the cleaner solution would be full tim legislature you get one check. no outside income period. >> reporter: today governor cuomo agreed with trying to ban outside income. that's what got silver in so much trouble. silver vowed to fight on. >> disappointed right now and ultimately i believe after we file the legal challenges, we will have a different result. >> reporter: is a ban on outside income realistic? would state lawmakers consider the idea? the governor said probably not.
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to do it in the legislature. >> will you do it again? >> i will keep pushing but you need a constitutional change to do it. >> reporter: if the governor cannot succeed in cleaning up albany, it will be after federal prosecutors who are now prosecuting dean skelos. if there is no change in albany, many call it a shame that silver's conviction lead to not much. >> it was albany on trial. we cannot go on with this corrupt system. >> reporter: i talked to silver's attorney who said an ail appeal or sentencing would take place this spring. the governor said there is no special session needed since a new session starts next month. the election to replace silver is april 19th, election day anyway in new york, our presidential primary. >> david, thank you. rudy giuliani, mayor of new york on september 11th, the latest to dispute claims by
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trump that muslims new this morning jersey city were cheering on 9/11 when the towers were destroyed by terrorists. >> i think what he is doing is exaggerating, right? people were celebrating, he is right about that. >> but you are saying a handful of people. >> i didn't see evidence of thousands nor have i seen it since then of thousands. i don't want to say is not telling the truth about it. >> why not? >> let him explain it, show the evidence. >> trump's staff claims it's working to find the video clips of any alleged celebrations. turning to wall street, take a look, stocks are making significant gains. the dow is up 168 points. nasdaq claiming 47. the s&p 500 22 points up. as we continue with "eyewitness news at 6:00" for this tuesday night on this day of giving, how do you know where the money you are giving is new questions about some veterans groups.
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and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. on world aids day, governor cuomo saying the state is making big strides fighting the epidemic but much more to be done. in harlem, he announced the state will dedicate another epidemic. some will expand the use of medication that can protect people at risk and a milestone in the fight. because of that medication, no reports of infections passed from mother to child in more than a year. new at 6:00, they call it giving tuesday, a way to
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for those wanting to donate to veterans group you have to file with the government but many haven't registered. why not? here is long island reporter kristin thorne. >> reporter: if there is one group of people that deserve a gift on giving tuesday, it's our veterans. in suffolk county, people can go online and see if the group they are donating to is registered with the county. if they did that today, they would find out of at least 20 nonprofits opal eight have permits. >> we are disappointed that more hasn't been done. >> john cuny is with the north port american legion and was instrumental getting the legislation passed in april. it requires groups to disclose financial and be registered publicly with the county. >> suffolk county executives including the suffolk county veterans service agency has been promoting organizations and helping them solicit from
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>> reporter: the head of suv phoning county's veterans affairs services agency said he realized more needs to be done to notify veterans groups about the regulation. >> what that is, we are not certain. we have made every effort to date to reach out into the community meeting with our veteran service partners in the community. >> reporter: ruth brokenner is the commander with the vfw post in huntington. he said legislators owe it to veterans and the public to enforce their own regulation. >> the public is entitled to know what are you doing with the generosity. what are you doing with the funds that they are giving to veterans, agencies. >> kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. when we come back, meteorologist lee goldberg
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the amber alert is over now in new jersey. a father accused of taking his 3-year-old girl after stabbing the girl's mother in the bronx. police found them on the garden state parkway in clifton. reporter anthony johnson is in bloomfield with new video of the van the father used. anthony? >> reporter: outside when we arrived a few moments ago, they were putting that van inside there. let's show you the exclusive video of the silver van being taken and towed into the bar ricks here -- barracks here. they will use that as part of the investigation. it was a 2004 silver dodge caravan k 24 ecs. we understand that the suspect, diomedes valenzuela is here at the barracks. we understand he is being questioned here by police.
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this began around 1:54 this afternoon. we understand it started in the bronx. that's where this whole incident took place. we understand the suspect at that point attacked his wife then took the little child, rebecca and fled the scene. we understand there were reports that the vehicle was spotted coming across the george washington bridge and also there were a lot of 911 callers along the way that told police exactly where the vehicle was headed. that is the latest live from bloomfield, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> anthony, thank you. before i toss it to lee, this is why amber alerts work. get it on your phone. they do work. let's get to the rain. how long does it last? >> we need the umbrellas through tomorrow evening. then after that, pretty much that is it, all bets are off. outside we go, wet weather. not that heavy in terms of the rain. george washington bridge that camera is worse than it is. obviously with the holiday gridlock and boar weather,
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fort lee side of the toll plaza. northeast wind at 5 managed to creep up to 51 degrees. above average for the first day of december. november was the warmest on record. there headquarter the sunrise and sunset times. have the umbrella handy through tomorrow night. a lull or break in the rain overnight tonight. but it's milder tomorrow despite the fact we are raining. steady yeast will be in the afternoon hours. a little glitch too especially if you are north and west. clearing and a bit chillier when we get to thursday. late in the week, great weather establishes itself weekend. upper 40s from smithtown and brookhaven. steady rain leaving the east end. 42 in danbury. a range in numbers with upper 30s in the catskills. raw north of the city. not as bad down the shore. an early wind here. northeast wind here. we hold steady in the numbers tonight and warm tomorrow.
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coast. i think we have a shot of getting into the 50s tomorrow. that's the chilly weather behind the system. that comes in to thursday. intermittent light rain at 7:00. not much going on at midnight. touch of a drizzle. then in between the two time periods, 3:00, 5:00, 6:00 in the morning there is steadier rainfall. if you are an early commuter or riser you have to watch out for that. steadier rain then in the afternoon hours and for the evening commute tomorrow. there is the rain leaving the east end of connecticut. after that left we had a resure gent in ramsey, briarcliff to greenberg and rye brook to bedford and northern westchester. not heavy but steady to the south and west. this is the lull we go into tonight. this is what tries to come in in the wee hours of the morning. that's what we are dealing with
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yeast rain. -- steadiest rain of the system. break overnight. steady rain before 5:00 a.m. steady rain during the afternoon hours, especially north and west. cloudy and damp tonight. areas of fog. tomorrow 57, periods of rain, steadier in the afternoon and early evening hours then we put it to bed. showers then by 8:00, 9:00 it tapers. on thursday the wind could gust to 30 miles per hour. 50 feels like 45.
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>> we have been waiting for something to happen. the baseball hot stove is turning. late word left-handed ace david price has reached an agreement with the boston red sox on seven year $217 million deal. no big moves by the yankees or mets yet but mets general manager has been named executive of the year by baseball of mets winning the national league pennant. with the weather turning colder, the team doing its part to help those in need. they partner with new york cares for the warm up holiday coat drive. mr. met was there. fans received ticket vouchers for a game next season. it is now official. dave roberts is the manager of the los angeles dodgers. he was introduced today. a scary moment when gouge gears
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he was taken to the hospital. no update on his condition. mets will do something they haven't done all season long, win two games in a row. knicks hope to have carmelo anthony back. the easiest way to snap the skid might be facing the right opponent. knicks meet the worth team in the nba, the 76ers. >> we don't want them to come in here and extend our streak. i would rather extend their streak than they extend ours. that's the mind-set we have to have. >> from the worst to the best, warriors unbeaten streak is getting crazy. steph curry hit the go ahead three-pointer with under a minute to play. jazz improved the nba record best start to 19-0. the giants
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returning to work tomorrow as they put their attention on each other. victor cruz had surgery on his calf and jeff schwartz placed on injury reserve. monday's match-up wasn't exiting but it current opportunity into an entertaining game. you see that kick blocked by the ravens, scooped up who then ran it back for the game winning touchdown as time expired. with the knicks and rangers off it was the perfect opportunity for stars to come together to unveil a brand-new gym for the next generation of stars. the ribbon-cutting ceremony to completely refurbish the gym in drier wood queens. it's the biggest community project to date.
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opportunity to be here together and train and just be in that positive environment is extremely important. >> smiles on those kids' faces is unbelievable. always as a kid i always dreamt of seeing the players and meeting them. so, they have a chance and i'm happy for them. >> all new equipment,ing new everything. >> henrik lundquist -- >> always looking sharp. at 11:00, cop tries to grab a suspect at a mall. both men fall to the ground. how a father's diet could affect his child's health before they are born. those stories at 11:00. that's it for us for now. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. world news with david muir is next.
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