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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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rikers guard brutally attacked, what's going on behind bars. >> and new information on when
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now new york's no. 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> did their family know their son was a terrorist? tonight a bizarre look inside the home of the accused california mass murderers. but first tonight we're following brake, another guard at rikers island rushed to the hospital after he's viciously beaten by an inmate. good evening, everyone, at 11:00. i'm bill ritter. >> that guard was rushed to the hospital while trying to lock an inmate in the cell. >> photos were posted of the injured officer a short time ago on facebook. >> josh is in queens with exclusive details. >> reporter: good news first, the officer will be okay, but he's in a lot of pain here at booth memorial where he might actually have a fractured cheek bone or eye socket. wait till you hear what the inmate allegedly told the
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his eyes swollen shut, gash ins a scalp, body -- gash in his scalp and body covered with bruises as an inmate got the drop on him as he tried to close and lock the inmate's cell door. >> the correction is of closed and secured the environment -- correction officer closed and secured the environment the way he's supposed to. the inmate started screaming i told nobody to touch my cell and started savagely beating him. >> reporter: sources say a reputed gang member already in on an assault charge beat on the correction officer with no provocation, the attack just a ambushed officer ray calderon. >> if i would have passed out, this would be a funeral. >> reporter: they pounced on him and slashed his face and artery. the de blasio administration has been trying to bring reform to rikers and reduce violence, but union leaders say it's not moving fast enough and that it's only a matter of time
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>> who is, in fact, running this place? is it the correction department or the inmates that are involved in all of these gangs? >> reporter: this is the inmate in question identified tonight by the bronx da's office as michael gonzalez. they are about to reach arrest him now on a charge of assaulting an officer. he was already in on an assault charge and already being housed in a part of rikers where they house what officers refer to as the worst of the worse. once he's arraigned on this new charge, that's where he'll return free to attack again. the department of corrections has not yet responded to our requests for comments about this story tonight. we'll keep you posted. live in flushing queens tonight, josh einiger. now tonight the latest on the gun massacre in southern california, new clues. >> the fbi is investigating the mass shootings as an act of terrorism. >> officials say there's no indication the couple was part
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a terror cell. >> we did get our first look inside their home. we had the only new york tv reporter allowed in. >> tonight brandy hitt begins our coverage from san bernardino. >> reporter: good evening. she was born in pakistan, moved to saudi arabia and then came to the u.s. on a visa to marry her american fiance. now the focus is on the female shooter in this case after we learned she pledged support to isis. this is our first look at tashfeen malik, the mystery woman now suspected to have been the brains behind the san bernardino massacre. malik and her husband syed farook bursting into a conference firing at least 65 rounds killing 14 people, most of them farook's colleagues. within moments the 29-year-old mother went on facebook and declared her allegiance to isis. >> that's shocking. i mean like why would she do that? >> reporter: soon after malik opened fire on police in pursuit of their suv and died
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shootout that followed. the question now did she radicalize him? >> this is now a federal terrorism investigation. >> reporter: the fbi says now the shooters look like self- starters. >> we have no indication that these killers are part of an organized larger group or form part of a cell. >> reporter: federal agents tore apart the couple's home looking for evidence. inside remnants of what seems like a typical family's life. >> just seemed like normal ordinary people, nice people. >> reporter: but this inventory lists dozens of boxes of ammunition, 12 pipe bombs also left behind. farook's family warned against a rush to judgment. >> every single muslim leader has said this is not a muslim act. >> reporter: the fbi is combing through a large volume of electronic evidence including two cell phones the killers tried to destroy to determine who they may have been communicating with and if there were any accomplices. in san bernardino, california,
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>> we want to go back to the last picture of that bizarre story. the fbi for some reason apparently determined the apartment was no longer a crime scene, turning it over to the landlord who then lets the media come in. how did all this stuff not get quickly determine to be as relevant as possible evident. >> they didn't tell me they were terrorists when they moved in. that wasn't on the application. >> reporter: looking back you see all this, does something trigger you know what? that was kind of weird? >> no. there's nothing weird. >> the modest apartment filled with religious books, driver's licenses, social security cards, child's toys, exercise equipment, dirty laundry and dirty dishes in the kitchen. if you want to see more of what n.j. burkett saw and for the latest
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the investigation, be sure to check out abc7ny on the web and social media. muslim americans are feeling backlash. while many are appearing on social media, many fear things could escalate far beyond word. hoping to temper those fears? mayor deblasio at a muslim center tonight. >> reporter: muslim americans here in queens say they see those anti-muslim attacks on social media and say it feels like they're being wrongly targeted, wrongly blamed and that's why this visit from the mayor is an important step from them. it's the most high profile outreach to this community since the paris attacks and shooting in san bernardino. mayor bill deblasio reaching out to the muslim american community in queens addressing about 100 worshipers packed into the muslim center, some watching from an overflow room next-door. deblasio assured those
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>> we also have an important mission to deepen the relationship between the muslim community and the city government. we believe that is important for all. we believe that wasn't done enough in the past. >> reporter: the mayor making a veiled reference to the nypd's conducting of surveillance in muslim communities after the september 11th attacks. after religious and racial profiling the nypd suspended that practice. community leaders say the mayor's visit is a step in the right direction. >> we're all concerned about what is happening. so once again he assured us that we're all well in the eyes of the law. >> reporter: the nypd has 900 muslim officers and is using its community affairs bureau to treat the muslim community as an ally in the fight against terror. these teen-agers say the majority of muslims are peaceful law abiding people, but they see a lot of anti-
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and it hurts. >> as a human being i feel upset about this. it kind of makes me angry inside. >> our prophet taught us to never spread hate. if you do really hate us, the last thing i can do is hate them back. >> reporter: city officials have been urging muslims to report any hate crimes. the nypd says the number of hate crimes reported this year is sharply lower compared to the same time last year. >> in that same vein new video of a man suspected of burning hindu prayer flags in queens walking in the video in the woodhaven section in the early morning hours of thanksgiving soon after the fires occurred. surveillance video shows a man starting a fire outside a house of community members coming together to rally against the hate they think the arson represents. refugee families arrive in
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texas to stop them from going there. new york mayor deblasio saying we welcome the seven families with open arms. texas cited concerns about security screening, but the obama administration tells a federal judge the refugees pose no risk of. construction equipment worth more than 100 -- risk. construction equipment worth more than $100,000 has been stolen by two years. the men used a white ford pickup truck robbing six construction sites in brooklyn and queens between july and october. there's video of the suspects at one of the sites. it's hoped somebody will recognize them. video of a bizarre robbery on staten island, two men and a woman wanted for robbing an 18- year-old young man without arms. it happened outside a strip mall on staten island last month. two robbers distracted the man while the other one grabbed his cell phone. new information about donald trump claims that he saw
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of muslims in new jersey celebrating the 9/11 attacks. an abc news archive search has found no evidence of any such celebration. the only on air mentions of celebrations of any kind in new jersey was a report about a van searched for explosives after people reported seeing three man celebrating in jersey city's liberty -- men celebrating in jersey city's liberty park. donald trump is now leading the pack of republican presidential candidates by a big margin. 36% of responders said they were likely to support trump. new jersey governor christie, for instance, got support from just 4% of respondents. as we continue on this friday night hang onto your wallets, toll hikes about to go into effect and if you drive, you will not be happy. we'll break down how much more it will cost you starting this weekend. >> new information on a flu season that could get bad, a
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lot of people are not doing this year. are you one of them? >> make it four above normal
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get ready to fork over more starting on sunday. the port authority is raising tolls at bridges and tunnels once again starting on sunday. driving from new jersey to new york now costing some drivers 15 bucks. the toll hike may force some commuters to turn to other a.j. ross at the holland tunnel. >> reporter: that's right. buckle up commuters and get pockets. beginning sunday it's going to
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through area bridges and tunnels. here at the holland tunnel we're talking $15. that's a $7 markup from just four years ago. it really is. >> for the drivers it's just unfortunate. >> reporter: it's the last of a series of annual port many drivers are breathing a sigh of relief. >> 20 years ago it was only $3. now i'm paying $15. that's insane and where we are getting? nothing. >> reporter: that's not the sound of mufflers. it's the unique mix of grumbles and curse words expressing how drivers feel about the pending a.m. ez pass customers will pay 12.50 during peak hours and 10.50 during off peaks and those paying cash will fork over 15 bucks at all times. >> people aren't earning enough to afford these hikes, so i think it's nuts.
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were approved in 2011 for major projects like the world trade center and the lincoln helix. >> it just feels like we can't really do anything about it, which is the sad part. >> reporter: a lot of commuters say they're now considering changing their driving patterns to offset these additional costs. >> i don't commute every day, but still i feel it and it's going to make me less likely to want to go into the city. >> reporter: now with that all said there may be a silver lining. the port authority says they do not foresee any new increases in the near future and hope to pursue other streams of revenue for future projects. live tonight in jersey city, i'm aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. the brother of the singer nikki ma imagine free on $100,000 -- nicki minaj free on $100,000 of bail, charges of
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year-old cleveland several times between april and november in -- child several times between april and november in nassau county. police found cocaine on the tour bus in minnesota where yesterday. weiland openly battled addiction problems throughout his career as the front man for revolver. he was 48. new at 11:00. some young balance -- ballerinas from brooklyn getting to perform the moscow ballet from the brighton ballet theater, other companies as well picking up 30 for a special performance of the nutcracker. we caught a dress rehearsal tonight, just fantastic.
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pros taking the stage tomorrow afternoon at kings theater. they will never forget. >> that is so exciting for them, fantastic. >> what an honor. nicer in brooklyn tonight than in moscow, 34 there and a couple snow showers. >> you are totally amazing. what about boise? >> boise right now, probably around 37. >> the man is amazing. >> go ahead and go outside right now and check out what is a mainly clear sky. everybody at home is checking. let's wait till we get the seven-day accuweather forecast in new york first. central park nice place to be tonight, lot of shoppers in columbus circle at the shops, really fun. 45 degrees, north wind 3, barometer on the rise and the high today 51 comfortable degrees. if you're headed out overnight tonight, the next seven hours are quiet with a light wind on the chilly side. average high 47, way above that
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compared to last year, december was 3 degrees above average. we're almost 8 degrees above average and the next three days in the mid-50s. headlines look like this. nights. that's when you have the chill in the morning hours as well average by day. i can't rule out a coastal storm next week, although i don't think it's a direct hit. 31 andover now, 36 in belmar, lots of sunshine, light wind, chilly morning and low 50s during the afternoon hours. a couple patchy clouds in the northern suburbs. we'll see a lot of shine tomorrow because a huge area of high pressure is building in that wants to stay through emergency. then we'll watch this moisture down in south florida that's been soaking there for a couple of days now and you get a little help from that pacific system and a storm will go offshore. we'll definitely get some cloud cover by tuesday and maybe some rain along the coast. tomorrow morning rewind,
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north and west, 38 islip, 36 belmar and warming up in the afternoon hours. delightful tomorrow and even better sunday after a cool start, southwest wind, mid- to maybe even upper 50s, people like late october. i wouldn't be shocked to see 58 to 60 across interior parts of new jersey. december football at metlife 54 degrees for jets/giants. here's your accuweather forecast, clear, chilly, 40 to start the day tomorrow but 27 to 37 in the suburbs. it's 38 as we go through tomorrow night and again temperatures still in the mid- and upper 20s. 52 tomorrow, early chill, sunny and nice and down to 40 tomorrow night. here's your seven-day accuweather forecast. we're watching the coast on tuesday, storms offshore, may rain at the coast, especially in the morning. wednesday is quiet and the storm on thursday and friday, new information may be able to back up some of that information as well. it just does not want to storm or get cold around here.
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the centers for disease control urging americans to get their flu shots before getting into the swing of the holiday season. the cdc says not much flu activity nationwide so far, but that they say is expected to change. experts say normal holiday activities like shopping, traveling, parties all excellent ways to be exposed to the flu virus. new tonight another sales record for adele, her album 25 sold more than 1 million combs in the u.s. this week, its second -- copies in the u.s. this week, its second week available. it's the first time an album has had 1 million plus sales in
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last week 25 was the most selling album in its first week with nearly 3.5 million copies sold. >> keep your eye on this young woman. >> don't need a prognosticator for that. turns out basketball for the city could have been decided early. straight ahead on eyewitness news the knicks and mets get together at the garden and it got out of hand pretty early. we'll see which side has
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people get bonked in the nose under the basket. looks pretty serious when they get together.
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that happened it's just basketball. knicks and nets battling at the garden for a win and now that it's important enough for both teams. this is ugly early. a three-pointer for a knick, 15 point 1st quarter league. arron afflalo was big scoring 18. the nets scored 42 1st half points. the knicks scored 42 points in the 1st quarter. carmelo anthony 28, porzingas, a double double. that was thad young and yes, it did get physical, but the knicks roll 108-91, very little the nets could do to stop them. it's the knicks' night at the garden. >> you know, i thought the guys were very intent on playing together and really sharing the basketball and sending the message that they're came of doing that. >> well -- came -- capable of doing that.
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we didn't come ready to compete early. they jumped on us and knocked us out early. sunday at the meadowlands we've got two more local teams battling, the giants and jets, no revis for the jets. he's out. rivalry talk is big, but for the teams this game is big because every game is big. >> we're in december now. there's not many games left to play. there's no reason not to commit yourself totally and completely to something you spent your life wishing and hoping for. >> hadn't changed. it's the same message. we're challenged every week. we've got five weeks left. we've got to make the best of them. the islanders hosted the blues. the blues haven't lost on the isles' home ice in 4 1/2 years, but this is new home ice, first trip to brooklyn. the blues were ahead 1-0. 3rd period the score is evened, pretty looking goal. take another look. shootout.
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isles get a good -- big save, isles get a good one, 2-1 in the shootout. let's go to the flyers, no love lost her. devils down, sent to overtime. matt reed eventually scores the game winner 4-3 flyers in overtime. hey, it sure does look like free agent pitcher zack greinke is headed to arizona and finally from us the rutgers women's soccer team in the college cup, the national semifinals. beat penn state today, play for a national championship sunday. unfortunately the scarlet knights gave up goals. they led the nation but get shut out themselves tonight after making it to the final four. rutgers loses 2-0. penn state plays duke for the championship, but you got to the final four.
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