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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  December 5, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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in orange to be well above the average line. one year ago trending 10 below the average line. if we look at the long-term averages we have not been this warm in quite a while for the stretches of november and december. accutrack showing a beautiful day in front of us. we continue with the trend of above average temperatures. we will see how long it lasts. i will detail the potential for a storm this weekend. until then 48 by noon and a high of 52 in new york city. i will have the details on everything else in a few see you then, michelle. >> amy, thank you so much. a serial armed robber is on the loose on long island. businesses and customers are on edge. >> they held up stores, mostly women's clothing stops and held up victims in suffolk and nassau county. marcus solis is joining us live huntington station. >> reporter: rob and michelle,
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suspect since the summertime when he truck again last night. the second independent in the last couple of weeks in this area where jericho turnpike, last night at this tanning salon around 8:30 the secretary went in. there were two -- the suspect went in. there were two employees in the store. they were restrained and then he cleaned out the cash drawers. this is an image from an earlier incident. police admitted it isn't much. the suspect wears a hood and mask. in late november there was a similar robbery at a pier one imports. the employees and customers held at gunpoint, handcuffed and zip tied. the suspect sometimes forces someone to open the safe. the pattern shows that he is targeting stores predominantly frequented by women, dress barn, destination maternity, a pattern that has changed. >> started out retail
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suspect goes into the stores where he thinks females are working. >> another look at the image captured in one of the surveillance cameras. police believe he has taken the hard drive out of some of the security systems and they haven't gotten a better image. there is a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the suspect. live in huntington station, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> marcus, thank you. a correction officer at rikers is recovering after investigators say he was attacked by an inmate. the officer's eyes are swollen shut. he has a gash in his scalp. he is covered with bruises after michael gonzalez attacked the officer closing his cell door beating the officer and sending him to the hospital. the inmate started screaming i told nobody to touch my cell. place? is it the correction
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or the inmates involved in the gangs? >> the bronx d.a. plans to reare southeast gonzalez who is a reputed gang member in jail on an assault charge. it comes one month after two inmates were accused of jumping officer ray calderon, slashing the officer in the face and neck. union leaders say is the city is not working quickly enough to bring reform to rikers. rob? now we will turn to the latest on the massacre in southern california. isis is praising the attack. it has not yet claimed responsibility for it. the fbi is officially investigating the shooting as an act of terrorism after the agency determined there was extensive planning involved in the attack. officials say there is no indication that syed farook and tashfeen malik were part of a larger plot of members of a terror cell meaning it was likely inspired by but not directed by isis or even al- qaeda.
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about the massacre inside the conference room that left 14 people deed. survivors and -- dead. survivors and first responders sharing their horrific stories. cecilia vega has the latest. >> my supervisor yelled, run, said shooting, gunshots. >> reporter: there were four minutes of sheer terror. jenna was inside the building when the shooting started. people were running from the gunfire across the hall into sitting. >> where i saw the police and the people -- like, yeah, we will leave. >> reporter: syed farook and his wife wearing tactical gear wearing extra ammo armed for a rampage. opening fire inside a packed meeting and holiday party unloading 65 rounds. people, many of them farook's
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amanda gaspar, an environmental health specialist fell to the ground, hid under a table, move. one of the shooters fired at her hitting her multiple times. her family saying they stood over her and could have easily shot her in the head. we are thankful to god that they shot her in the leg and arm instead. annie was in the conference room, too. >> hit straight above her head to the wall. >> reporter: she hid in a bathroom during the gunfire pushing others in saving their lives. >> all the people she was sitting with are killed, all dead. >> those poor people. that was cecilia vega reporting. a go fund me account has been created to support the victims of the shooting. letter the funds will be distributed evenly among the victims and their families via an official trust fund.
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studio to talk about this is terrorist expert, a professor at new york university center for global affairs. thank you for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> we got to speak with you a few moments. what stands out for you in all of this coverage and what happened after the last 48 hours. >> well, i think -- it is tragic and unfortunate. what we are seeing is home grown cells. they are related to al-qaeda or isis or any other terror groups around the world. they are able enough to act on their own. for example, these young men
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to come to syria to fight. >> the message is kill, kill, kill. isis has become prolific on social media. the husband, farook, seems like they were living a normal life. he was educated in the u.s. he had a good job. they had a six-month-old daughter. what is isis saying or doing that allows their hatred to seep into the life of someone living here to the point that they would carry out something like this? >> the appeal is that many of these people, though some are educated, they don't feel integrated. >> these people, they might say they are part and parcel of the community. if you have real conversations with them, heart to heart, they will tell you about their grievances. what they experience about
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discrimination, 0 fresh chons that take place in many different places. what they are feeling is they want to express themselves in a manner to send a clear message, however distorted it may be to the whole world that we are going through this because enough is enough. this cannot be justified. >> america is filled with groups that feel discriminated against. not every group does this. >> i have to take you back to the colonial period. in the middle east in the wake of world war 2 have kings to do their bidding. what you have is animosity going back decades. that just comes down to 9/11, iraq.
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most cite -- one of the most critical culprits. in terms of outrage, how to begin a process of containing this phenomena. that's why i blame -- i don't mind to say this, the leaders of the muslim community, the i moms who are doing little. i would like to see programs, dialogue between muslims to talk about what is wrong with this phenom men that so they can see and hear with clarity that there is something wrong. there is something that they can do about it. very little is done. that is the problem. >> you need to hear more deradicalization or a conversation making sure that people are not radicalized. >> absolutely. >> the difference with isis,
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the weapons are here, the targets. why travel. >> any time, anywhere, especially in the united states. that's why you need a program whereby, again, religious muslims in their own creating this kind of program, outrage as well as our media. tv, radio, to be able to show, to demonstrate that there is another side to the story. >> to empower good, muslim americans. >> yes. we have seen press conferences that point out the fact separate the religion from are the extremists within it. we have seen a bit of that outreach. >> i would like to see every week a program, a dialogue, a discussion between muslims, on a weekly basis. just about everywhere. you have to make that campaign serious. you have to take it seriously in order to effect the kind of
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to live with this for decades better. >> empower the good majority. >> exactly. >> thank you, sir. >> appreciate you being here. for the latest on the accused terrorist and the investigation, check out abc7ny on the web and of course on social media for the latest information on this quickly developing story. what a rough horrible week for shooting. coming up on eyewitness news on this saturday morning, a bombshell overnight. hundreds of pages of chicago
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>> it is. everyone has a jacket on. but temperatures are already in the 40s here in the city and even where we started below freezing, the temperatures are up like that. >> keep sprinkling magic dust. >> i will help spread the magic. gorgeous, a lot of sunshine as well. looking from the live cameras across the area, nothing but blue skies as far as the eye can see. a beautiful start to the day. lady liberty in the distance raising her hand. another vote for above average temperatures and a beautiful weekend in front of us. it looks like our numbers will stay above average. not just for the rest of the weekend but we could stretch this into the second full week of december with potential for a storm. but temperatures are looking good. 42 the official number with 60% humidity. north, northwest winds at 3 miles per hour and pressure on the rise. looking at the 24-hour temperature change, a few spots
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those are outlined in blue. most spots are above freezing pushing the numbers toward 40 degrees. all. low to mid-50s for today and on the accutrack, it's hard. we have to pull the screen out further to see the clouds. clouds. for this date, normal high is 47. we will beat that. above average temperature trend continues the next couple of days. sunset at 4:28, almost 4:30. november ends up above average november. a handful in blue were at or below average. december sets up the same story, the same scenario. the polar vortex that brings the shots of cold air from the north cannot move south. that is because the jet stream is steering with the strong winds and the high atmosphere.
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we get the influence of the mild air that holds for the next five to seven days. maybe december 15th we see a change in the colder air. eastern half of the u.s. is looking good with high pressure in control. less wind than we had yesterday. still a west northwesterly winds coming in which will be cool. nothing to start the temperatures from getting above average. middle of the week, as early as tuesday, we can see a system out of the great plains then another coastal system meeting up on the shoreline. if that happens, at best, it's rain for the coast. not snow. temperatures are too warm. a coastal storm on tuesday is possible but not probable to affect the entire area. beautiful pattern. even as we get into late monday, long-term futurecast shows not a lot of strength in either one of the systems. clouds may move in monday. monday night this has a push to the east.
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coast. that is something to watch. early chill, sunny and nice. below freezing in the suburbs with clear skies then tomorrow, love it. accuweather seven-day forecast, monday is above average at 53. tuesday is warm, 48. letter that could be the potential for the coastal storm. that will be just offshore. it could present rain at the coast. that will be one to watch for the exact track. thursday more and more that system is trending to the west. we will keep a chance for rain. temperatures in the mid-50s through friday. we take the long-term ten day averages, things will be going above the average line, maybe around december 15th a shot of the cold air and things change up. until then,ing it's warm. >> so far so good. >> like it. thank you. thanks, amy. straight ahead on eyewitness news on this saturday morning, new information about donald trump's claim of seeing thousands of muslims in new
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9/11 attacks.
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welcome back, everybody. documents released by the chicago police department contradict video showing the police shooting death of a teenager. reports filed immediately after the shooting say 17-year-old la kwan mcdonald approached officers in an aggressive manner as he held a knife. those reports lead investigators to rule homicide. but, video released last week of the october 2014 incident shows mcdonald veering away from officers before then being shot 16 times. the officer that shot him is facing murder charges. now to donald trump's claim that he saw video of thousands of muslims in new jersey celebrating the 9/11 attacks. an archive search found no evidence of any such celebrations. the only on air celebration of
9:21 am
report about a van that was searched for explosives after people record seeing three men celebrating in jersey city's liberty park. a new poll is out t. donald trump is leading the pack of republican presidential candidates by a big margin. 36% of respondents say they were likely to support trump. senator ted cruz, ben carson, marco rubio trailed in the teens. everyone else was in the single digits. new jersey governor chris christie got support from 4% of respondents. on the other side of the fence, hillary clinton is continuing to call for stricter gun control in a strategy to combat terrorism. >> part of that strategy, i will say this, again, i have been talking about it the last few days, is to try to prevent terrorists from getting their hands on guns in our country. >> clinton says she does not regret calling for gun control
9:22 am
california shooting now that the fbi is calling that attack terrorism.
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call now. for a limited time, get a free trial of showtime for one year, and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call for more, now. welcome back. >> time for sports with rob powers >> reporter: let's start with basketball. neither team was sure what to make of the rivalry talk. knicks and nets battling not for an nba championship but a win. that is important enough for both teams. ugly early. this is a three-pointer for a knick first quarter lead. 21 points for the nets brook lopez.
9:25 am
knicks scored 42 points in the first quarter. there is carmelo, 28. the highlights few and far between north nets. it did get physical as well. but the knicks roll 98-91. little the nets could do to stop them. >> i thought the guys were very intent on playing together and and sending a message that they are capable of doing that. >> that was a nightmare. i guess everybody can quit talking about rivalries. we didn't come ready to compete early and they jumped on us and knocked us out early. >> sure did. tomorrow at the meadowlands we get two more local teams battling each other, giants and jets. revis for the jets is out. rivalry talk is big for the fans but for the team this is big because every game is big. >> we are in december now. there is not many games left to play. there is no reason not to commit yourself totally and completely to something that you spent your life wishing and hoping for. >> haven't changed.
9:26 am
we challenge every week. we have five weeks left. we have to make the best of them. the nhl, islanders against the blues. blues haven't lost in 4 1/2 years. this is new home ice. the blues first trip to brooklyn where the isles won five in a row. 31 saves. blues up 1-0. third period, michaele evens the score. pretty goal. they go to overtime. they go to a shoot out. postal with the biting goal. the isles get a good one over st. louis. the devils and flyers. no love loss here. devils down. on the power play, this goes to overtime. tied at three. look at this. matt read, whoop whoop, scores the game winner.
9:27 am
>> looks like zack is heading to arizona. finally from us, rutgers women soccer in the college cup, national semifinals. beat penn state and you play for a national championship but unfortunately the scarlet knights gave up goals from the 24th minute and 79th. they got shut out after making it all the way to the final 4. rutgers loses 2-nil. penn state moving on to play duke for the championship tomorrow. whatever else happens this weekend, laura behnke has you covered. me, i'm rob powers. i will see you back here on monday. >> playing duke tomorrow. i never heard of that school. what state is that in. >> blue, unc grad, duke. we are friends. there is peace sometimes. not right now. >> not for the basketball team. after april. >> much more ahead on eyewitness news on this
9:28 am
welcome back. a live look in our neighborhood. we are at 66th and columbus on the upper west side.
9:29 am
they are bundled up to see us. hi, wave. >> there they go. >> a scarf, sunglasses, too. i like that. >> sunny is better than gray. we will take it. a great november and december had a cold start. cool in a good way. no complaints. good morning. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm michelle charlesworth. saturday, december 5th. >> have fun at your family reunion today in jersey. >> it will be fun. >> toni yates will join us tomorrow. amy freeze is joining us for saturday weather. >> good morning to the both of you, comfortable. if you have something outdoors that need done -- holiday lights -- this will be the day to do it. long term of a rams, through the next seven days, temperatures will be above average. maybe one more weekend to sneak it by. you can say the weather looks like it will be okay next weekend.
9:30 am
looking at the numbers, temperatures are rolling above average. 42 in central park. hardly a cloud in the sky. high thin clouds. overhead looks like a beauty. sunshine will allow the temperatures to crank. we started in the 20s for areas north and west. we are at the freezing point in white plains. winds will be lighter today out of the west and northwest. so, that should help the feel of the atmosphere as well. we have low 40s. high of 48 by noon. 52 is the forecast high. in a few minutes, a look at the long term trend. in the accuweather forecast, storm. i will have details of that straight ahead. >> thank you. topping our news this morning, 12 stores robbed in five months and the incidents are all being linked to one man.
9:31 am
been on a crime spree spanning two counties in long island. he has a pattern that helped police make a connection. eyewitness news reporter marcus solis joins us live with more station. good morning, marcus. pattern. victims mainly women tied up at gunpoint by the suspect who has he loaded police for -- eluded police for months. he struck last night huntington station, two employees inside. the women were restrained, taken to the back of the store while the suspect took cash from the business. the women were not hurt. the suspect was described as wearing a hat and a scarf. this is a surveillance image from an earlier incident, not a good one but the only one police have right now. they say the suspect removed the hard drive from the security systems on his way out. this has gone on since late
9:32 am
robberies started at places where now the tanning salon the latest in the growing list. police are asking anyone with any information to contact them. there is a $5,000 reward for information in this case. live in huntington station, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. mayor de blasio is reaching out to muslim americans living in new york city in hopes to calm the fear from backlash from recent terror attacks. he visited the jamaica muslim center in queens telling more than 100 worshippers gathered that he is working to improve the relationship between the city and must limbs. >> we also have an important mission to deepen the relationship between the muslim community and the city government. we believe that is important for all.
9:33 am
crowd say they have seen antimuslim statements made on social media in recent weeks. the nypd which has 900 muslim men and women serving on the force is encouraging the crimes. three syrian families have come to new york city amid a fight in texas keeping them from going there. the mayor de blasio says they welcome them with open arms. the until it is solved in texas. in queens we are seeing video of the man suspected of burning hindu prayer flags in queens. he is seen walking in the woodhaven section soon after the fires occurred. surveillance video shows the man starting a fire outside of a house.
9:34 am
came together to rally against a hate they think this arson represents. construction equipment worth more than $100,000 is what cops say has been stolen by two men over a crime spree. they say they used a white ford pickup truck and robbed six construction sites in brooklyn and queens between july and october. investigators have video of the suspects at one site. take a look. they are hoping somebody out there knows who they are. a bizarre robbery on staten island. two men and a woman are wanted for robbing an 18-year-old man who does not have any arms. it happened outside a strip malice month. detectives say two of the robbers distracted the man while the other grabbed his cell phone. get ready to pay more if you drive. the port authority is raising tolls. the hikes take effect tomorrow at the george washington bridge, the lincoln and holland tunnels, bayonne and goethals
9:35 am
crossing. e-zpass rates go up 75 cents. cash tolls $1. e-zpass 10.50 during off peak hours. 12.50 during peak hours. cash russ officers will pay more -- customers will pay more, $15 to cross at all times. >> $15 toll. >> we knew it was coming but -- >> it is hard to get your head around that. 15 bucks to cross a bridge. >> to go. >> insane. >> coming up next on eyewitness news on this saturday morning, the final good-byes are given for an american victim of the attacks in paris.
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welcome back, everybody. santa is getting ready for his busy holiday season by losing the sled and taking a dip. visitors at the adventure aquarium in camden, new jersey, got a look at scuba diving santa as part of the christmas celebration. he brings his elf as he swims stingrays. adrenalin junky. >> trying to sit on his lap, kind of hard. i should have laminated by list, sir. >> that's funny. >> tis the season. >> great aquarium up there. >> the best. >> the new jersey state aquarium.
9:39 am
went in to has about 40 species of different types of sharks. >> i have been in there before scuba diving. i put on a mask that you could talk with. so, you could hear me outside of the tank. >> you weren't scared. >> i was terrified after it happened but at the time it seemed cool. >> glad you lived to tell the story. >> they had volunteers from all over south jersey that go in the tank and take care of the aquarium, scrub the sides. i trained with them before i went in the tank. >> and take out a hefty insurance pole. >> it was a one time thing. >> well done. >> i like clear your way. i don't like the dark -- i like clear water. i was probably closer to a shark there. >> you are a braver soul than
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>> we have above average temperatures. low 40s in the city. climb. above average weekend as well. lots of sunshine. humidity 60%. winds out of the west-northwest at 3 miles per hour. the pressure is on the rise. if we look at the overnight lows, you will see our temperatures were below freezing in the city again. the first time we have a freeze it usually is in november. that is the case the last couple of years. the average first freeze happens november 22nd. still hasn't happened for us here in the city. doesn't look like it will be happening any time soon. the outlying areas, some of the northern counties have seen temperatures below the 32- degree mark. in the city and the boroughs, temperatures are mild that it has not dropped off much. 24-hour temperature change, an area that is cool over andover compared to yesterday with the same time. the difference we will warm up
9:41 am
will feel good. lots of sunshine. we are sandwiched in between high clouds and other than that the entire eastern seaboard stretching through the eastern half of the u.s. look good back to the rockies. temperatures are easy to take. seasonal. we have got cloud free weather thanks to the dominant high pressure system. that stays in control through monday. no major changes until at least tuesday. the reason, where is the cold air, the polar vortex with a chuckle, it's always there. but we tap into the cold stream when we get a jet stream that is different. we have mild air from the south influencing the weather. that's how we turn out 52 degrees, delightful december weather. it feels like october when you look at the numbers and averages.
9:42 am
both days over the weekend are looking good and nice. we hold the weather through monday before we see a change. early chill today, 52 this afternoon. sunny and nice. tonight clear skies. below freezing in the suburbs. in the city, 38 for the overnight low. then tomorrow temperatures 34. warmer with more sunshine. i think it feels better tomorrow. the accuweather seven-day forecast, monday we stay with the trend of 53 degrees. tuesday we are at 48 degrees. but look at this. the coastal storm that comes in, this could potentially stay offshore but present rain at the coast of the jersey shore, parts of long island seeing wet weather from that one. partly sunny and 49 wednesday. chance of rain but looks like this will go west, too. the seven day stretch here looks above average. even the ten day they are above the average line. we could look at warm
9:43 am
december 15th we could tap into the cold. that's looking at the long-term situation without giving exact nobles. we think the mild trend continues. >> not cold until ten days before christmas, hey, hey, we will take that. >> you got it. >> thank you, miss freeze. coming up on saturday morning, the entertainment world says good-bye to a well- known voice and face. robert loggia. big scar face, great character actor. >> chipotle's e. coli scare did more than impact a few storm makes. >> before we go to break, channel 7's community calendar. >> here is what is happening in your community. in new jersey, hark the herald christmas bazaar features a booth for angels and a roomful of gift items and treasures.
9:44 am
show, ceramic artists show their designed pieces. the holiday boutique at saint luke's school in manhattan has something for everyone. snug harbor, join the staten island museum for a day of shopping, cheer, tree lighting ceremony and live music. snowflakes and sleigh rides. you will get into the spirit of the holiday season. coney island, pin up mermaid contest brooklyn museum is the place to be. for more information about
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it's the shortcut to priceless. environmental leaders and foreign ministers from around the world are working out the final points in a blue printed drafted to fight climate change. >> the draft was completed this morning before the deadline set for noon paris time. it highlights multiple sticking points that have to get work out, most dealing with how to define the obligations of countries in different stages of fighting climate change. senator booker is in paris to stress the urgency of the ongoing talks and for an agreement to come out of them. the brother of hip-hop star nicki minaj is facing rape
9:47 am
he repeatedly raped a child. jelani maraj is accused of raping a 12-year-old between april and november. he was released on $100,000 in bail. the age of 85. in southern california. his wife said he was struggling with pneumonia. he is well known for his roles in scar face, big, independence day and received an oscar nomination for work in jagged edge. family and friends said good-bye for the american who died in the paris terror attacks. the call state long beach student was one of 130 people that were killed when gunmen attacked several popular spots in paris. she was eating at a restaurant when she was killed. chipotle is seeing sales
9:48 am
outbreak left 56 people sick across nine states. shares for the restaurant fell 7% yesterday. chipotle says it can no longer estimate sales for next year after seeing sales plummet by as much as 22% since the outbreak began. even with lower sales, the chain is pumping more money into food safety with better training and more in depth testing of food. it's super cat saturday. >> amy freeze, what is shaking. >> get your paws up. i thought it was a dalmatian they used at the firework but the catwalk is going big with the fdny. another cat showing up in the bronx at engine 63. hello. good to see you this morning. gorman's cat. i think michelle met the family earlier this week. >> yeah. >> sometimes it proves who you
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the owners -- some friends or viewers. >> i don't know. they didn't send it to me. they did say hi. >> romeo looking beautiful. keep the cats out of the tree. ment this one is taking a bite out of that one. sent in by jose on twitter. thank you for sending them in. uper cat saturday. my twitter amy freeze 7. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed. that's why we switched to time warner cable. you can too. call now. now we can connect more devices,
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welcome back. one suspect is linked to a dozen armed robberies on long island, the most recent at a tanning salon. >> marcus solis has the latest. hi, marcus. >> reporter: rob, michelle, throughout this, no one has been hurt but shaken up by the suspect who ties up his victims, holds them at gunpoint. the latest happening last night at a beach bum tanning salon on east jericho turnpike. it happened around 8:30. no customers in the store. he forced them to the rear of the store, restripped them then stole all the cash on the premises. there is an image from an earlier incident. this doesn't show much. police say the suspect has been removing the hard drives from some of the commuter systems in some cases. before this one there was a similar robbery the pier one imports around the corner. police say the gunmen targeting
9:53 am
shops, handcuffing employees and sometimes customers would zip tie. the incidents date back to late august. there is a $5,000 reward for information in this case. marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, marcus. thank you. police in new jersey say students at clifton high school were never in any dean danger after -- danger after several school. they say the attempt was nothing more than an altoid continue, vegetable oil, salad dressing and a few cinnamon sticks. they came up with the plan after a bullying incident known to students. get ready to pay more if you pay tolls. the port authority is raising tolls tomorrow. they take part at the george washington bridge, lincoln,ing holland,ing goethals and
9:54 am
$15 if you are paying cash. >> more and more expensive to make this place home. don't make it easy, do they. >> can you get a discount or is there a coupon. >> promo code. all you got is the e-zpass. >> if you come frequently, not frequent fryer but -- >> frequent crosser pass. >> only e-zpass. >> weather is easy. it's beautiful. why do to another state. temperatures are in the low to mid-40s across the board. the entire tri-state benefiting from the sunshine and northwesterly wind overhead. above average again. it will feel nice the next couple of days. the high today 52. letter tomorrow above average again 54. nice on monday, 53. then tuesday, the possibility
9:55 am
places east of the city, jersey shore. partly sunny on wednesday with a high of 49. we are watching a storm on thursday that is close by to the west of us. so, that is what is happening for now. jeff smith will be back here tonight at 5:00. >> beautiful thing. >> thank you, amy. >> thanks. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news saturday morning. have a good one. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> i'm rob nelson. for the entire news team,
9:56 am
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