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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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cuffed, lying on the ground. he later died at the hospital. a short time ago holder's father came in tears. he said my son didn't do this. they are lying. >> i saw him with the gun drawn. that was the only thing. >> reporter: this is what eric was loaning at in this exclusive video. that silhouette in the distance is an off duty nypd officer with his gun drawn pointed at devon holder, a 30-year-old that seconds before allegedly tried to rob the officer. eric didn't want to show his face. >> the gentleman was on the ground saying let me see your hands, let me see your hands. >> around 10:30 last night the officer came to 145th avenue to meet holder and a second man. authorities say the suspects placed an ad on craigslist saying they had a white bmw for sale. one suspect told the officer
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once there there was no car. holder allegedly pulled out this bb gun, grabbed the officer's wallet and tried to rob him. when holder spotted the officer's badge, the officer pulled out his gun and shot the 30-year-old. >> i heard pop pop then three more. >> reporter: eric said the officer was focused on holder. >> he had his gun drawn with the gentleman on the ground. i didn't know he was a cop until i heard him telling somebody maybe his badge number. >> reporter: backup has arrived. holder is on the ground. officers are looking for the bb gun which police did eventually find. eric watched as paramedics took hold ever away. he died at the hospital. >> it's an eye opener. sad, sad. >> reporter: now, at this hour, the second suspect is still out there, left in an older model white bmw.
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nine year veteran. he was not seriously hurt. he was treated at the hospital for ringing in his ears because of the gunfire. kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. a small part of the sawmill river parkway opening tonight after a police chase from the bronx to yonkers turned deadly. the driver of a nissan took off after nypd officers tried to pull the car over and ended up driving in the wrong way on the sawmill parkway. the nissan crashed into several cars. one suspect that tried to run away was shot and killed by a police officer. another suspect was arrested. the traffic situation is still on the sawmill an absolute mess tonight for drivers trying to get home. shannon sohn is over the scene with the latest. shannon? >> liz, despite one lane of traffic open on the southbound side as you mentioned, the damage is done. look at this volume on the southbound side of the sawmill
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it will take you back to the cross county parkway and here is where your real problem is. the cross county itself really isn't getting any benefit from this one lane being reopened. it's too much traffic to filter into that one area there. that is the cross county parkway there. the delays have gotten worse despite that lane being reopened. they are back to the bronx river parkway. we will take you around and show you what it is doing to the thruway as well. new york state thruway is picking up the alternate volume. look at this volume. it takes you bumper to bumper down to mosholu parkway and that takes us to the closure on the northbound side. it's jammed up there as well. reporting live over yonkers, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, shannon, thank you. also new at 6:00 a search for a heartless thief in jersey who robbed a 102-year-old woman and her daughter. they were attacked in their own home in toms river.
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is there with the latest on the investigation. toni? >> reporter: liz, you know, incidents like this,ing you are happy to see that the women were not physically harmed. police are looking for the suspects but someone has already made those women's homes much safer. as of today, there is a peep hole in the front door. hopefully there is a young man feeling awful about what he did to this wonderful 102-year-old mother and her vivacious 72- year-old daughter. they were preparing dinner when the doorbell rang. >> he wasn't in front of the glass door. he was to the side where the doorbell is. when i opened it, he had already opened the screen, the storm door then he grabbed me and turned me around and held me from the back. he put his arms in the front. i pushed her to yell to call the cops. >> she is her mom who wears a life alert type button around her neck.
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it because-- >> he grabbed it off my neck. then he gave it back to me. >> but he was rough and forceful and knocked her down in the process. mom and daughter kept as calm as possible, daughter keeping control as much as possible making the intruder help her mom. >> when i fell down and she yelled at him, he picked me up gently. >> the man in his 30s demanded >> the man in his 30s demanded money until the women complied. >> he didn't have a mask on but a wool hat on. it happened in a matter of minutes. there wasn't a chance to get a fuel description yet. >> the women are okay. besides installing the peep hole, he has given them other home safety devices to make sure that it never happens again. they held their own looking after one another as they have always done. >> i was frightened.
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>> reporter: that suspect is described as in his 30s about 5'8" inches tall. he was wearing a black hat, long coat and jeans. police asking anyone with information to contact them. live here in toms river, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. republican presidential candidate donald trump getting universally trashed from all sides for his proposal to ban all muslims from immigrating to the united states. the new york state real estate developer is standing his ground, threatening to run as an indiana. now an antitrump rally is planned for new york city. political reporter dave evans is here with the fallout. >> many think this could be the last straw for donald trump. he has been plenty controversial before and his poll numbers are climbing all long. he is the front-runner for the republican nomination but now more and more in his party are
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this time he has gone too far. critics call it unconstitutional and unamerican. ever since the attacks in paris and more recently san bernardino, donald trump has taken a harsh line on muslims. >> a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> reporter: a day later on "good morning america." >> trump was not backing down. >> we have to look at people, use vigilance or we will have many more world trade center. >> reporter: democrats and the white house condemned the proposal. >> what donald trump said yesterday disqualifies him from serving as president. >> reporter: republicans blasted trump from candidates-- >> you know how you make america great again, tell donald trump to go to hell. >> reporter: to house speaker ryan.
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is for and more importantly it's not what this country stands for. >> reporter: trump's plan would apply to immigrants. across the muslim world many called him a far shift. >> he is like hitler. >> i think it's the most ridiculous thing i have heard in my life. >> reporter: trump has his supporters who see nothing wrong with targeting and punishing one religion. >> i like what he had to say about the muslims. we have to get control. >> donald trump says muslims should not be allowed to enter the country until the u.s. figures out what is going on. do you agree with that. >> i do. >> also why? >> i don't want them here. >> reporter: the fear is that if they blast trump he do bolt and become a third party candidate that would likely
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election. the mayor of st. petersburg florida, the mayor wanted to ban trump from their city. >> he has no power or ability to make this happen but it is causing a firestorm in new york. in the city's muslim communities, men making their way to midday prayers said trump is blaming all muslims for terrorism and that is wrong. a spokesperson for one muslim community said trump's proposed ban is what extremists want because it divides communities. >> we know americans don't hate muslims. we know that although these statements are decisive, we know we can unite. >> people should go to a mosque for themselves he says before they judge all muslims. as dave evans mentioned, michael nutter was among those calling to ban muslims ignorant and he said he would ban trump from his city if he could. of course he can't.
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what do you think of all of this and mayor nutter's statement that he would ban trump. is it rhetoric or are we evolving into antisocial abyss. a program reminder, this just in. exclusive interview with donald trump. barbara walters sitting down with trump since the comments last night about muslims. that begins at 6:30 after eyewitness news. well, investigators in california are looking at a $28,000 deposit made to a bank account of one of the attackers in the deadly mass shooting in san bernardino. the fbi obtained surveillance video of the couple doing target practice around the los angeles area. the investigation is concentrating on possible accomplices of both of those shooters. >> as we continue with "eyewitness news at 6:00" for this tuesday night, bricks come
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side of manhattan. the streets are closed. the building department taking more answer.
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protective netting is going up on manhattan's upper east side. a large chumping of the brick facade -- chunk of the brick facade came loose and fell. some of it 30 stories. fortunately no one was hurt. the building department says a
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the building's masonry. it cited the owner for failure to safeguard the site. in manhattan, a case of road rage. new york cops are looking for the driver of a minivan that shot another driver and took off. it happened in a meat packing district about 4:00 this morning. detectives say a 27-year-old man pulled out of the spot when his car collided with a gray minivan. the drivers got in an argument and it escalated and the driver of the minivan shot the other guy twice. he is expected to survive. nypd turning to the community for help as they try to catch a serial arsonist terrorizing a neighborhood in queens. police held a meeting in forest hills to give information and to ease fears there. seven homes in the area have been torched the past six weeks. police put out a video of a suspect seen walking near the scene of a fire. detectives and patrol officers are working around the clock on
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>> tap into community sources that we need to solve the crime. we made a statement that we will solve the crime together, not just the police but everybody. >> we live in trying times. this should gratify us that we can sight here and ber ready -- can sit here and come together. >> the structures are jewish owned but there is no evidence to suggest that any of the arsons are hate crimes. >> oh, my goodness. straight ahead, usually this time of year lee goldberg gets kudos for how he is handling the temperatures. ment now he is getting kudos for his beautiful sunset videos.
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you can smell it in the air. now it smells like spring. >> it's shampoo. >> this is where we are at. this is what we have come to, nice shampoo. >> outside we go. we have a mainly clear night to cloudy over parts of eastern long island and another beautiful sunset. 90,000 people saw the sunset time lapse yesterday. >> how many would have seen the snowstorm. >> last year we were waiting on one inch of snow on the tenth. we lost winter was over and what happened? 50 inches of snow. we are at 45. calm wind. pressure on the rise. high just shy of 50 degrees. next seven hours in the middle 40s. calm winds. average high 45. way above that the next few days. we may get to record highs over the weekend. patchy fog late tonight into tomorrow morning. a gradual warm up as we go through the week.
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time we get to sunday. speaking of the weekend forecast, let's get to it. the weekend. 64 conservative. i could see a 66 or 67 there. in 1923. chill in the air tonight. if you look at middletown, and dover new jersey same thing. the clouds thinning out and numbers dropping close to freezing, more patchy fog north and west. that could mean patchy spots. 41 islip and 43 belmar. partial clearing overnight. low clouds form by morning. clouds mix with sun throughout the day. at times mostly cloudy. at times partly sunny. a few degrees milder tomorrow. low 50s. we missed out on a big storm in the atlantic. now we have cloud patches. look how the clouds are thinning out over eastern pennsylvania. that will come in here and plenty of stars the next few hours. a warm front coming in later tomorrow and tomorrow night.
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and maybe a stray shower. this cold front washes out. we get the mild air. cloudy skies early thursday morning. breaks of sun, up to 58. weekend warm. could be 10 to 20 above our average. mid- to upper-60s over the upcoming weekend. partly cloudy, areas of fog. 39. 52 tomorrow with clouds and sunshine. slick spot north and west. isolated shower tomorrow night as the warm air comes in. 52 tomorrow. look at futurecast on thursday. a stray shower. most are dry and clouds break for sunshine. friday 60. i think we are around 60 on saturday as well. sunday could be the warmest day in the mid- to upper-60s then rain monday. i don't know if it's first thing or waits in the letter end of the day. i will have more at 11:00. three straight days in the 60s in december. >> wow. >> i believe you. >> and your hair smells good, too. >> thanks. laura behnke is up next with sports.
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holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games.
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...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my stop & shop. i'm expecting -- >> a joe johnson bobblehead give away. >> i knew that is what you would say. >> i can't top it. nets earn the first win of the season over the rockets in november but it will be a different houston team they see in brooklyn. they are looking for a fourth straight win and the nets lost two in a row.
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the knicks hosted the mavericks. the two had not met night. he is striving to be like dirk. the two battled each other all night. mavs won the game. >> it was a lesson for me. i have somebody to learn from now. i have been learning from him. so, it was fun playing against him. >> well now to the crazy nfc east. the giants get a way to try to figure out the three-game losing streak when they travel to face the dolphins. as for last night, big blue and its fans have no choice but to be cowboys fans. the extra support seemed to work. dallas and washington battling it out. had the redskins won they would have taken a lead over the giants. in the final minute, the two
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would tie with under a minute. that was plenty of time for dallas to move into field goal range. dan bailey kicking the 54-yard field goal with nine seconds remaining to seal the win. washington loses 19-16. that fur officer complicates the nfc picture. that is fine for the giants. they were rejoicing and this would be why. the division standings are crazy. basically the nfc east is wide open. washington, philadelphia and the giants tied for first 5-7. yes, two games below .500. 4-8 cowboys are one game out with four games to play. the jets meanwhile are fighting for a wild card spot in the afc. their two-game win streak helped. they have to beat many hoped they could select in the draft a few months ago.
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they are a disappoint 3-g-9 but the qb has shown flashes of promise. today the browns made it official. the johnny manziel era is back on. he will get the start this sunday generals the 49ers. he was supposed to take over two weeks ago but he was suspended because of his partying antics which he then lied to the catching staff about. the sixth qb change for the browns this season. the hot stove is on full blast. it has been about the big name pitchers an infielder could be on the move to new york. according to reports, the battle for ben zobrist is coming to an end. he is looking for a four-year deal which the mets would do. nationals and giants in the mix and cubs could be soon. a decision could come as soon as tonight. the chapman trade we reported
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the all star closer was supposed to be going to the dodgers but there is an alleged domestic violence incident. he is accused of pushing and choking his girlfriend. no arrests were made. major league baseball is investigating. that trade is on hold. >> understandably. >> thank you. time to take a look at some of the stories we are working on for "eyewitness news at 11:00". >> bill, tonight, first responders to last week's deadly san bernardino shooting speaking out. they talk about what they witnesses when they first arrived. also, new hope for women undergoing chemotherapy. the fda approving a new device to help prevent hair loss. more on "eyewitness news at 11:00". >> thanks, sade. that's it for us for now. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. >> coming up, world news with david muir. barbara walters sits down with donald trump. eyewitness news returns at
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