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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 10, 2015 1:05am-1:35am EST

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trending global videos of 2015. at nine, the dover police officer who couldn't help but shake it off. players gonna play to play play >> reporter: 37 million dancing with him. roman atwood with this crazy plastic ball prank at number three. a whopping 56 million views and counting. number two is the clash of chance revenge super bowl commercial. liam neeson battling it out for more than 83 million views. >> you will regret the day you crossed angry neeson 52. >> reporter: and at number one, if you have an 8-year-old in your life, you have it on repeat. heaven king with this rendition of "watch me." as in whip and nene. taking the crown for 116 million views. but none of these come close to the most viewed youtube video of all-time.
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nearly 2.5 billion views. and no end in sight. got to love the koreans. thanks for watching. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow first thing. as always we're online 24/7 on our "nightline" facebook page and at
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two stories breaking right now. suspected dwi driver loses control and crashes into everything in his path.
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a potentially dangerous situation unfolding now. good evening at 11:00. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm sade baderinwa. crews are now trying to figure out where the gas smell is coming from in the neighborhood of borough park. >> eyewitness news reporter josh einiger at the scene with the breaking news. >> reporter: i have to tell you there is a very heavy odor of natural gas here on 64th street in this block here in borough park. just on the other side of that van. national grid crews are rushing right now. they have broken open 64th street. they're trying to get to the emergency shut-off valves so they can try to shut off the gas mainly a together. only then can owe figure out the source of the leak. the fire department right now is on standby just in case. we will show you video as the crews were starting to jackhammer open this street. this is 64th and 11th avenue in the borough park section of brooklyn.
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odor of natural gas. firefighters rushed here. they were so concerned they couldn't find the leak they were breaking down doors in the bit. s of several of these homes. they could not find the leak. national grid right now is trying to shut off the gas so they can get the work trying to locate the source of that leak. here's what one resident had to say. >> i'm glad they caught it in time. i'm glad that we're not in danger. i applaud them for doing the work they're doing. i don't find criticism with it. >> reporter: back with a live look at national grid workers are trying to get to that shut- off valve. there are four buildings here, multifamily buildings which have been evacuated at least temporarily until they can officially shut off this gas and eliminate danger. there is no real sense of danger now. just precaution as firefighters are standing by just in case. we will continue to follow these developments overnight
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morning starting at 4:30 m live in the borough park section of brooklyn, josh einiger, eyewitness news. our other breaking story, a path of destruction in chinatown. a driver loses control, slamming into cars, poles, and everything else in his way. eyewitness news reporter joe torres is on the scene near the manhattan bridge. >> reporter: sade, a path of destruction for sure for this driver who was coming across the manhattan bridge out of control for one reason or another. perhaps here's why. when you get to this intersection you have to make a decision. you are either going to go right to continue, or veer left on canal street and take it into the heart of chinatown. but this driver couldn't make a decision, and look at this, came right up across the median, took out a massive sign here, continued across the island, uprooted a tree or
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bowery and hit an unoccupied auxiliary police car. this eye-opening scene happening around 9:00 tonight. and remember in this part of the city, chinatown is populated with people and other cars. we know of one injury for sure. the driver who was then taken into custody and may face a possible charge of dwi. but the fact that he made it across and did not hit another vehicle or a pedestrian or two, well, that's more than just good fortune. >> like this could happen and i could have just been walking and fought like walking 20 or happened. that's insane. i should be more cautious now. >> reporter: there have been accidents at this very intersection before. if you think there was confusion before, while this sign was up, there's going to be confusion now while the sign is down. so something to keep an eye on as d.o.t. workers quickly come here to get this repaired, because the
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bridge and drivers not knowing which way to go. joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. new jersey transit service is back on track tonight after downed wires snarled the evening commute. thousands of commuters faced delays in and out of penn station because of downed amtrak wires in long island city. the area is used to store and turn trains around. the wires are now fixed and service restored. a married couple indicted accused of stealing confidential patient information from a hospital in man hat tab. the information. his wife crystal is charged with using the information to orders. the hospital says it is notifying affect patients. new at 11:00 police releasing video of two men wanted for a stabbing in the east village. the surveillance images is
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police say they approached a 49-year-old man on east 9th street near second avenue early saturday and stabbed him several times in the back. the victim was treated at bellevue hospital for his injuries and released. also new at 11:00 an arrest in that terrifying robbery and rape of a woman in a building stairwell inbrooklyn. 31-year-old raji wilson is under arrest. police say he raped a woman in a stairwell sunday night. police say wilson is the man seen in this video shortly after the attack. he is also wanted for robbing another woman less than an hour after the rape. dramatic calls for a safety crackdown on a dangerous intersection in queens. another death there, this time a hit-and-run. this time the victim was a kid. a 17-year-old on his way home from a funeral. the driver on the loose, the community on the rise. eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross at the scene.
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nature there has been an outpouring here with family, friends, even strangers paying their respects to the 17-year- old. there are some candles, handwritten notes, even pictures. it's been just over 24 hours since his life was tragically taken by a hit-and-run driver. his loved ones are praying the person responsible will step forward. >> someone who destroyed a family like this, it's sad. >> it's crazy because like he just wept away like that. >> reporter: loved ones say this small memorial appeals in comparison to the light the 17- year-old reflected into so many lives before his life was tragically taken by a hit-and- run driver tuesday night. >> he was a really good person to a lot of people. >> he was just starting. it was just the beginning of his life. it wasn't tending. he didn't did he serve it.
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family members say he was walking home from a funeral when he was struck by a black toyota camry just before 11:00 p.m. while some witnesses say he was crossing against the light police say the driver of the car never stopped after the collision and continued west on northern boulevard before disappearing. >> it really hurts me because it could have been any of my kids. >> now as the search for that driver continues with police posting these signs in the area, hoping to generate tips, neighbors are calling for more cameras near what they believe is a dangerous intersection. friends and loved ones say they're holding on to the shared. >> i don't understand how someone could take a life like that and as of now feel no remorse. >> reporter: here is another look at those traffic signs police have since posted at this very busy interest section. they are hoping anyone who may have seen something or who knows something will call 1-
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live in corona, queens, a.j. ross. businesses on the upper east side near the scene of brick facade collapse are reopening tonight. the businesses were allowed to dismantled the remaining bricks in the facade. a large section of the bricks fell from a high-rise on 64th street no. one was hurt. an apology and a promise for police reform apparently not enough to stop the calls for the resignation of the mayor of chicago. tonight a state lawmaker has introduced a proposal to have the mayor recalled. protesters clashed with police on the streets today. they say the mayor tried to withhold video of the shooting of a black teen. donald trump today here in our studio refusing to back down on his plan to ban all muslims from entering the united states. the republican presidential front runner insisting such a ban is necessary, especially after the recent terror attack
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>> you have to say it. look, we're a country of laws. we're a country where you have to behave. you can't knock down buildings. you can't do the kind of things that have been happening in our country. what happened in california. what happened with the world trade center twice. >> we asked trump if he would run as an independent as well. he down played that possibility saying he's sure he will not only get the gop nomination. he thinks he can win the whole thing. we've posted dave evans' full interview at abc7ny. a quick look at what's happening on the democratic side of all this. bernie sanders is pulling ahead of hillary clinton in new hampshire. a new poll shows sanders with 50% to clinton's 40%. martin o'malley virtually out of this race garnering just 1%. we're learning the couple what carried out the san bernardino terror attack used
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abc news has learned much of their communication on cell phones and computers was encrypted. authorities are working around the clock to decode ten clippings. meanwhile authorities are stepping up efforts to solve murders. no leads, no arrests in the murders. happening tomorrow, suffolk county police are joining forces with the feds inhopes of cracking the case that is virtually stagnant. the department will announce a closer collaboration with federal officials and other law enforcement to try and root out new leads. the remains were discovered in the area december 11th, 20 10. nine more bodies were found in followed. before you go to bed tonight meteorologist lee goldberg says some folks could wake up to a little rain tomorrow. >> the rain is holding together through parts of pennsylvania. we will let you know if it survives the trip. it's 55 degrees at 11:00, and we're just getting started with this warm-up.
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>> reporter: in his mind it's december 1st, 2013. his commuter train is off the rails. riders are screaming and bleeding, and some of them are dead. >> it fees like i want to climb out of my skin. it's horrifying to me. i just wish it never happened. i'm sorry for it happening. i'm sorry for everything. i just see the faces. i can't stop seeing the faces. i'm just haunted by those faces. >> reporter: rockefeller told federal investigators that he fell into a trance moments before his train hurdled into a sharp curve at 82 miles per hour. four people died. 60 were injured. it was later determined that rockefeller suffered from an undiagnosed case of severe sleep apnea, and prosecutors declined to press charges.
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until now. >> it's been two years. it two years is a long time, isn't it? >> it feels like yesterday. it really feels like yesterday. it feels like it just happened. every day feels like it just happened yesterday. >> union leaders insist that safety on metro-north has improved dramatically. all at-risk train crew are now being tested and treated for sleep apnea, but that's little consolation for william rock feller who credits his wife cathy and his boston terrier mickey for keeping him going. >> there's some deep, dark times i was thinking about just ending it. i don't know if you want to call it punishment, but i just can't shake living with this. >> reporter: rockefeller has been suspended since the crash and hasn't been paid in two years. his departmental trial has been put on hold because his doctors say he's still too fragile to attend it.
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burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. "i'm a warrior for the babies." that declaration in court from the man accused of the killing. >> kill the babies, that's what planned parenthood does. that's what they want to keel, the babies. >> robert dear formally charged with murder. he told a judge he is guilty and does not want a trial. three people were killed during the attack in colorado springs last month. new at 81, you might not remember his name but will you likely remember his campaign slogan. the rent is too damn high. >> but it all boils down to one thing. rent. it's too damn high. >> mr. mcmillan became an internet sensation when he ran for new york governor in 20 10. he won less than 1% of the vote. he also ran for mayor.
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look of public support for his agenda. >> some people would say that the temperature is too damn hot for december. >> 10 degrees above the normal daytime high at 11:00. >> no worries. >> you okay with it? you don't need a coat, i'll tell you that. outside tonight, we're looking at 55 degrees. there is the manhattan skyline. if you look closely you can see the empire state building in yellow and green. that's because elf the musical opened on broadway. the barometer on the fall and the high today, current, 55 degrees. over the next seven hours we will only inch to the low 50s. the key time, 6:00 a.m., a couple of showers could pass through the area. i think the window for that is 3:00 to 6:00 in the morning. the average high is 45. way above that. we will be looking at records for our temperatures over the weekend. so a touch of light rain or a passion shower is possible through early morning. some of us are going to miss that. near 60.
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few degrees of sick degrees. and then maybe record warmth by the time we get to sunday. rain is likely to return on monday. we will time that for you. a cooler wind will follow early next week. here's the weekend outlook, staying with the low and middle six. i may have to raise that forecasting a tie with that record high. we're running 22 degrees warmer than last night at this time. we were dipping into the 20s and 30s. we're going stick in the 40s north and west. 44 montgomery, 53 new york. it's still 50 in andover. in the mid-20s last night. lots of clouds at 8:00 in the morning. by that time showers are probably east of the city. skies try to brighten slowly. upper 50s to near 60 during the afternoon. so just clouds right now. look at the band of rain. steady near harrisburg, pennsylvania. so that's moving east. it is going to weaken and lift to the north but a few of these showers will arrive from 3:00 to 6:00 in the morning along with a wind shift and
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temperatures climbing. 7:00 in the morning notice how on futurecast there's not much sign of shower activity. the clouds thin out, upper 50s in the afternoon. so any showers will make an early exit, and we're 58. even milder on friday after early clouds. mostly cloudy with a couple of showers. 7:00 up to 58 taifn. very mild. tomorrow night partly to mostly cloudy, still around 50 degrees. on friday you see how it's clearing out in the afternoon. the weekend is incredible. 64 degrees, tieing a record or breaking on sunday. monday, it's a warm gusty wind with the best chance of rain in the afternoon and evening hours. hopefully that is a good soaking. we need it. then turning cooler, but not that chilly. bill evans will have an update in the morning.
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a horrific accident turns a teenager's first day on the job into his last. the 19-year-old was pulled into a wood chipper and killed. police say mason cox was working with a tree trimming coming in north carolina when he kicked a limb into a wood chipper and somehow got pulled in. within seconds his coworkers shut the machine off but it was too late. cox's death was ruled an accident. gain health alert, a possible link between contaminated dairy products and parkinson's disease. researches in japan found men what drank more than two glasses of milk a day had residue of a certain insect side that contaminated the milk supply decades ago, that insect side no longer used in the united states but it does linger in soil and water tore many years. scary.
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>> all has not been well for the knicks as of late who were hoping a trip out west might help shake things up. yeah, about that, the road trip started and unport you the nutley there's no do-over button to press. while yesterday the mets lost out on one player this off season, today they made up for
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so i'm just guessing that when you tease the knicks and say could they have a do-over, that's not a good thing. >> no, it's not. i'm going to show you. after a promising start the knicks have stumbled losing
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they headed out west for a road trip. tonight trying to get back on track as they face the jazz but what an awful start for new york. thanks in part to gordon heyward who was bur reg threes. 23-8 jazz. in the third this sums it up. carmelo anthony the air ball, then the outlet. elijah millsaps for the alley- oop. 106-85. the knicks lose in an ugly one. the yankees have had a busy couple of days. tonight the yankees send justin wilson to detroit but as for the mets, they brought in another infielder swinging a deal with the pirates for second baseman neil walker in exchange for jon niese. the 30-year-old had 71 rbi last season. turns out they weren't dunn because a couple hours later the mets reportedly signed
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cabrera, all this pending a physical. it the 30-year-old is expected to see time mainly at shortstop but he can also play second and third. the jets will meet the last place titans at the meadowlands. gang green is tied for the wild card spot in the afc. for the first time since covering concussion darrelle revis with them. the team is hopeful he will be able to practice. >> i'm hopeful he can do more tomorrow than today. he ran around today so that was encouraging. he's got to do more play in order for me to have a little more confidence in hit. if he doesn't have any set- backs today he will progress tomorrow. the giants must wait an extra day to attempt to snap their three-game skid and keep their spot at the top of the nfc east when they face the doll tins monday.
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football action right here on
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